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2023.06.01 17:26 Drakos8706 Powerless (part 36)


Admiral Shane stood in the room usually used for training, but had been cleared out so he could make the conference over holophone, and a larger room helped with the scale when they were addressing the entire Federation Council. It had taken only about 2 ½ days to get to the Golden Egg’s position, as with their progress in the uplifting process - and the fact that they had access to FTL technology - they had been allowed to send a ship out into the Federation, albeit supervised. As such, they decided on sending a military ship, seeing as there was a much smaller chance of an interstellar incident happening with disciplined Marines. The chamber was a semicircle, with the Chairperson’s seat at ground level, in the center of the floor, with each next row elevated slightly, so that the gathered Representatives were situated in a step-pattern, ascending to the top row of the chamber. He noticed that the ‘insectoid’ species all were situated to his right of the chamber, if he was looking out at them. Beside him stood Admiral Ree’Scote, being his ‘escort’ into the Federation; Kyle, as the boots-on-ground witness; Officer Kit’Ahnj, being the Federation’s liaison officer; and Captain Vohr’Doe, as the commander of the vessel that found the planet. But of course, it was him that was currently the center of attention. He had reviewed the team's video logs, and he agreed that whatever was on that planet was likely hostile; the sounds that came from that darkness - not to mention the fear he felt when looking into it - were so… wrong, he didn't feel any other classification would be right. And - after the testimony of Officer Kit’Ahnj, backing up Kyle’s report, and the video - the Council felt the same way; however, they were less inclined to destroy the planet. He was currently being addressed by the Council Chairwoman, a bipedal crocodile, whose title was Chairwoman Hahss’Chom, (which - when she pronounced it - was little more than a hiss, followed by her snapping her jaws shut.) “We have ways to prevent… whatever this is - from ever being able to exit their system, even if they were to develop FTL technology.” “With all due respect, ma’am,” he said, keeping his focus on her, and not the - obviously - judging races that surrounded him, all of whom represented different animals from Earth, each one the Speaker for their respective races, “We’ve dealt with a mindless force of nature that was only intent on killing… “Europa was one of Jupiter’s moons, and was roughly 90% the size of Luna. When we began spreading out from Earth, the question of drinkable water became a problem. And while it's - relatively - easy to make it from its base components, Europa was almost entirely water, though not all of it was liquid. “Once we had developed the technology to land there, we set out drilling to the ocean, which was located beneath a shell of ice that was estimated to be between 10-15 miles deep… We made it four miles before we lost all resistance. The drills were shut down, and new readings were taken; but by the time they realized what was happening, it was too late. “At first, the teams thought that it was a geyser, which are - were - a fairly common thing, though there had been no signs that one was building up there. Well, they managed to get far enough away before… The ice where they had been working melted, but there was no geyser. What came out of the hole resembled, well, it most resembled a machine AI that humanity dreamed up as a monster in a movie. The one I reference here was basically a metal ball with countless metal tentacles from its ‘back’, and what came out of that hole looked remarkably similar. “And it wasn't alone. About a dozen of those [‘squids’] came out, and made straight for our people. It was… a massacre; our weapons had no effect on them whatsoever. And after they were done killing everyone, they began dismantling and consuming the ships and equipment. And afterwards, they turned their gazes upwards, launching themselves from the surface of the moon with the force of their limbs, alone. “Judging from the fragments of their bodies we were able to recover after encounters with them in space, we determined that they were of the Fe oxidized variety, so the metal of their bodies didn't interact with the water. They were also incredibly light, especially for how dense they were; it took several missiles to destroy each, and we had no other choice, as they were heading directly at the ships in orbit. “We retreated to a tactical distance, and while we tried so many different ways to communicate, we found nothing. We even captured one alive, and still, there was no way to communicate. Every attempt was met with the utmost hostility. And throughout this process, they continuously sent out others from beneath the ice, most of them sent towards our ships, yet others were sent out towards the asteroids that share Jupiter’s orbit around the sun. We had no idea what they were doing with the asteroids, whether they were mining them for food, or using them as places to reproduce - or both - so we eventually decided to bombard them with munitions until they crashed into the planet. But this was after we had exhausted every possible avenue of communication. “We eventually came to a decision - as a people - to destroy the moon, but we had to be smart about it. The Europans had already proven they didn't need to breathe, as they could survive the cold, irradiated vacuum of space without any external protection, which took blowing Europa up off the table.. So - after much deliberation - it was decided to create a ship that could use tractor beams to move the planet. For this, we converted another of Jupiter’s moons - Ganymede - into a ship, and once the construction was complete, we renamed it the Europa Contingency. “From there, we caught Europa, and towed it to Sol, where we cast it in, to destroy the Europans, down to the last one… It's not something that we’re proud of - as a people - but it was what we needed to do, in order to survive.” There was a resounding silence after he finished with his speech, and he allowed them the time to process what he'd just told them. He was suddenly very self-conscious, and he felt as if he hadn't explained their plight sufficiently. They were already classified as the most aggressive that their measurement system could register, what must they think of humanity after this. Finally, the Chairwoman broke the silence. “Though it sounds as if you may have committed genocide on a sapient species… This Council can claim no better. While we have ways to contain FTL travel, this was only put forth as a possible avenue to explore after our predecessors had glassed multiple planets who had turned out to be too hostile to conduct civil interactions with. To have that threat in the same system as you, with no real barrier between your peoples, well, I don't believe any here could truly blame your people for coming to this decision… However, we can't be sure that we face the same threat. Nor can we order anyone to go into the darkness to find out.” The suul’mahr representative, Grol’Rosh - a solid white coloration to his fur - spoke up, his voice playing out over the speakers, as he was sitting in the topmost row. “We could send a probe into the midst of it; that could tell us what we're dealing with. And if they are entirely hostile, we could take a specimen up to the atmosphere, to see if it survives.” He heard a strangled sound of protest, and he didn't need to look around to see the fearful look on Kyle’s face; he gently held up a hand to assuage the Ambassador, as he knew full well what his concern was. “We believe that the contents of the darkness are… harmful to the generally accepted term of ‘sanity’. And not in the sense of ‘it would be dangerous to any non-human’; as in, to anyone. If - however - you should need a volunteer, then-” “I will watch it,” Grol’Rosh cut him off. Admiral Shane merely looked at him, sighing lightly as he nodded once in acknowledgment to the suul'mahr. Captain Vohr'Doe stepped up at that point, calling to the hangar to release the drone, and to program it to enter the darkness just beyond the leading edge. A small communication satellite was set out after it to retain contact with the drone when the curve of the planet would render it beyond their scope of reach. It took several minutes, during which Grol’Rosh inserted earbuds into his ears, and had his personal screen connected to the probe's camera. While he was watching the drone's progress, it was also taking its own readings, and sending them back as text. Which is how they knew when it was breaching the atmosphere, and when it encountered the darkness; Kyle had been right: it wasn't natural. The reports coming back from the drone were confusing, to say the least; firstly because ‘the darkness’ was actually solid material, though ‘solid’ was used loosely here, as it was more like a ‘dust storm’. Except that it wasn't just dust - as there were readings of sand, and soil in the mess - because nanoscanners inside the drone determined that each grain of soil was coated in a thick, viscous material that absorbed all light that hit it. The material was what caused the confusion, as when it was analyzed, it was determined to be… everything. There were traces of all genus of races, from canines, to felines, insects, to pachyderms; there was even all manner of aquatic animals, as well. There was no plant life detected in the sludge. As imagined with readings like that, the drone had more difficulty descending to the surface of the planet than it normally would have, but strangely, not as much as one might expect; it was only when the craft sped up that they realized it was being pulled. The altitude of the drone continued to drop at a steady rate, until it was about 50’ from the ground, according to the readings from the expedition team, as it was heading for the exact location they had originally made camp. However, the drone was sending even more confusing information, as it was now reading the ground to be 25’ away, and moving quickly. The drone was about 10’ from the ‘ground’ when Grol’Rosh began howling like he’d been stabbed. Looking up in his direction, everyone gasped in horror as he began clawing at his eyes, quickly rending his face, and entirely destroying the delicate orbs within. He wasn't done, however, as he then began clawing at his ears, his Gift obviously activated, as he tore straight to his skull in only a single swipe, the unnerving sound of claw scraping bone filling the room. Two suul'mahr guards rushed towards him as soon as he'd begun clawing his eyes, and were almost to him when he reached his hands out to the sides, and brought them together - with his head still between them - with obviously tremendous force. One of the guards - a dark gray specimen - leapt forward at the last second, tackling him by leverage of his left arm. That still left his right arm free, though it had only succeeded in a glancing blow, which still knocked him unconscious with a sickening *thud*. There was a stunned silence that followed that ordeal, until Chairwoman Hahss’Chom shakily gave an order for medics, who soon arrived, two kanfi’doe that - after stabilizing his wounds - quickly carried Grol’Rosh down the stairs, and loaded him onto a stretcher they had brought with them. The silence reigned for a long minute after they’d wheeled him out, broken finally by the Chairwoman’s subdued voice. “I call a vote: all in favor of allowing the humans to bring their ‘Europa's Contingency’...?” She tapped a few commands into the datapad in front of her, and there was a quiet flurry of movement as the rest of the Council cast their votes. “It's unanimous: Admiral Shane, we hereby give the Europa’s Contingency permission to travel to this system, and then to return to Sol when the job here is done. Are we clear on this?” “Crystal, ma’am. I can have the orders dispat-”

He was cut off as a keen'yohng appeared by his side.

Commodore Vah’Rin came out of subspace, his prey already in his sights. The eight other captains under his command confirmed lock-on status, and his communications officer informed him that they had an opening into their link, though it was protected by an unusually strong defense system. “Well,” he replied, “We did intercept the report on humans; they have artificial intelligences. They probably have one with that cylindrical ship that has too many guns to not be military. Well, this certainly changes things: an a.i. would be by far more valuable than an entire hold of drahk'mihn. If we can capture it, and reprogram it to obey us, we could drop down far enough into subspace that we could make a trip of several months cut down to as many weeks… Patch me into their communication; I’m done hiding…” He let a cruel smile play across his face as his entire bridge turned into the Federation Council Hall; his ship would project his image into their conversation, but not those of his crew around him. And there in front of him were the objects of his focus, as he was certain he appeared before them, wearing his black Commodore’s jacket. “How nice of you to join us, Commodore.” He turned to the owner of the cold voice that ‘greeted’ him. “Ah, Council Member Toss’Vah,” he replied cheerily to her, “Good to see you again. How are things back home?” She regarded him coldly, then almost spat, “It was widely believed that you were still alive; I regret to have that theory confirmed.” “What can I say?” he asked, smiling, “This ship was just too good to not take it. Give my regards to the president; this ship truly is state-of-the-art… But, I didn't break into this conversation to speak with you.” He turned to the humans, who regarded him with wary expressions, if his experience with the suun'mahs and kanfi’doe was anything to judge by. “Greetings,” he began jovially - no reason not to be civilized, “I - as you may have gathered - am Commodore Vah’Rin, and I regret to inform you that you are under the guns of 9 ships, all of which are heavily armed. Now, this is normally the part where I tell you that if you cooperate, then we can get through this with a minimal amount of casualties - someone always has to try to be the hero, don’t they? - but I have a different proposition for you, today: give me you a.i., and we’ll leave this system - and your ships - without any hostilities. Refuse, and… Well, I think you get the idea.” He smiled a predatory smile that was more of a leer than anything. “This is outrageous;” the current Councilwoman stated, righteous anger evident in every syllable, “We not stand for-” but he cut her off. “We’re too far away from any Federation outposts, and the nearest suun’mahs patrol is… well, right here.” He gestured to Admiral Ree’Scote. “So, no matter how this plays out, there’s really nothing that this council can do about the goings-on here. So - as I said earlier - I’m not speaking to you; this has nothing to do with any of you.” He turned his attention back to the humans. “So, what is your answer? And might I remind you, while you may - or may not - be able to take on our ships at 3-1 odds, one of your ships is not only not made to fight, but is also filled with civilians; are you willing to risk all of their lives?” “How about this,” the human who was obviously military began, “You choose six of your ships, and use those to square off against us; the other three can hang back, and guard the Golden Egg from leaving. If you win that battle, you can take the A.I. stationed there. If not, then your other ships have to leave us in peace.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name and rank.” “Admiral Shane of the Sol Defense Force.” “Ah,” he continued, “Well, Admiral Shane, I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way. It’s all, or nothing, which means that even if you feel comfortable taking on all of our ships at once, we will still target the civilian vessel. There is no other option; sometimes you only have bad paths to choose from, and you must take the lesser of the evils.” Admiral Shane stood taller, and defiantly responded with, “We of the Sol Defense Force cannot - in good conscience - hand over a single soul to slav-” But he was cut off by the other human behind him, the one he actually recognized. Reaching into his pocket, he retrieved a small blue cube, which he held out as he angrily stated, “You can have mine.” “Ah,” he replied jovially, turning to the smaller human, “Mr. Redding, I believe?” “It’s Ambassador.” The defiant little monkey at least seemed pretty fearless in the face of life-or-death negotiations, so he figured that he deserved at least that recognition; he certainly seemed to realize the value of diplomacy over fighting. “Ambassador, then; good to see someone here has a level head on their shoulders.” The cube reformed into a small human, as the Admiral rounded on his civilian counterpart; they both started talking at the same time. “Excuse me?! You have no right to auction me off like some- “... hell do you think you’re doing?! How dare you offer up a Sollian to a slaver?! I ought to knock the sh-” But they were both cut off as Ambassador Redding simply stated, talking louder than both of them, “Artificial Intelligence Override Code: JKJKLOL69!” The small android stiffened up, and remained rigid, as if it were a simple robot, while the Admiral recoiled, raising an arm slightly as if to defend himself. “How dare you?” he said with disgust to the Ambassador, “That’s only to be used in the event of a rogue A.I., this-!” “This,’ the Ambassador interjected angrily, “Is bigger than all of us! I know what I’m doing.” He turned to address the Commodore, “You will take it, and you’ll leave. In peace. Give me… 12 Standard minutes - I have to collect the memory core - and we’ll meet halfway between the 'civilian’ ship, and your group, ‘cause you sure as hell aren't coming aboard either of our ships.” “That sounds acceptable; however, once the transfer is made, you will keep your shuttle in position until we have determined that the package is authentic, at which point, we will leave. If it is a fake, then I won't hesitate to blow your little shuttle to dust, and then I’ll take everyone I can get my hands on; and with 9 ships, we have more than enough space to hold you all. And we will both come unarmed.” “I’ll be accompanying you,” the Admiral said sternly to the Ambassador, “I need to document everything that happens so I can send it back as evidence in your hearing.” “Yeah,” the smaller primate answered testily, “You do that…”

With a vindictive smile, Commodore Vah’Rin motioned to end the transmission.

Kahv’Hosh sat in the pilot’s seat, having been chosen to transport the humans out to the meeting spot. They were both currently silent, and the air was so thick with emotion that you could cut it with a knife. They were already in place, and were currently waiting on the pirate ‘commodore’ to reach their shuttle, with an estimated thirty seconds until they made contact. With a solid *thud*, they were connected, and Kahv’Hosh equalized the pressure in the sleeve, and soon heard a slight knock on their door. Kyle and the Admiral had already moved to the door - the large metal cube with the interface screen sitting beside it - and Kyle reached forward to open it. The keen’yhong walked onto their shuttle, and his eyes immediately fell to Kyle’s waist. “I thought we agreed no weapons.” The man’s voice wasn’t as hostile as he would have expected, as he stared at the big gun on Kyle’s waist, and the smaller - but still obviously deadly - pistol on the Admiral’s. “Yeah,” Kyle replied sarcastically, “Because you don’t have some hidden weapon on you…” The ‘commodore’ simply smiled, and turned to the box. “This is my a.i., I take it?” he asked, still smiling. Kyle’s mood seemed to darken further as he reached into his pocket, pulling out the cube that became Kay’Eighty at his command. “Begin downloading into the core, and commence factory reset.” He set the cube down on top of an open slot beside the monitor, and a loading screen immediately came up. It only took a few seconds, but it was still a tense few seconds; soon, the box chimed, and Kyle removed the cube. “I’ll be taking that, as well,” the ‘commodore’ replied, reaching a hand into his jacket; Kyle simply scoffed. “No, you want to make your own mithril, then you figure out how to make it. You’ve already got the core, that’s all you need. And that’s all we agreed on. If you wanted the mithril, too, then you should’ve said so; not my fault you failed to specify that point.” There was no amusement as he said it, though it was obvious that he enjoyed that little stunt. And while the ‘commodore’ obviously had his hand on the handle of his gun, he wouldn’t be able to move faster than two humans; the two suul’mahr lurking just beyond the airlock wouldn’t be much help after he was already riddled with bullets. The ‘commodore’ regarded him for a few moments, then began laughing a cruel, calculated laugh. He gestured behind him, and one of the suul’mahr - all-brown fur - came aboard, carrying the large box onto their shuttle. After he’d observed its successful transfer of the package onto his shuttle, the ‘commodore’ turned back to Kyle. “As stated before: you will hold this position until either my flotilla leaves, or destroys you for trying to trick me. And this time, I expect you to follow my directions, because you’re already targeted by my lead ship… Well, until next time.” With that, he exited the shuttle, their airlock door closing behind him, both humans remaining staring at the door. They finally turned away when the shuttle disconnected, moving to look out the viewport to watch the other shuttle go back to its ship. Finally, his nerves got the better of him, and he asked to no one in particular, “Do you think he will truly spare us?” “There’s a chance,” Admiral Shane replied, “Depending on what kind of pirate he is; they can have varying codes of honor. He does - however - self-admittedly sell people into slavery, so I don’t know how strong his sense of ‘honor’ may be.” They were all quiet for a while as he considered this, until Kyle’s soft voice - filled with sorrow - broke the silence. “I’ve never killed anyone before. I mean, the mahn’ewe were all in a fit of rage; and while I’d fantasized about it, I didn’t exactly plan it. Now, though - with all this time to stop and think about it…” He fell silent at that, watching the shuttle go, though Kahv’Hosh wasn’t sure he was actually seeing it. To his surprise, Admiral Shan reached up and grasped Kyle’s shoulder, his voice gentle as he replied, “It’s never easy. And while the mahn’ewe can probably be overlooked by your conscience, this is - obviously - a different situation entirely. There’s a chance that you never truly recover from this, but just always remember the innocent lives you’re saving by doing this; They’re what’s going to get you through the low points.” Kyle nodded in acceptance, and then his face contorted, and a predatory smirk lit up his countenance. “Have you ever seen one go off?” he asked, not taking his eyes off the viewport. “Well,” the Admiral replied, a mischievous note in his voice, “I have seen a number of tests; of course, there was that pirate faction that we traced to their base in an asteroid. One on each side, and it was history.” Kyle let out a cruel snort of laughter, and - not taking his eyes off of the viewport - said, “Kahv’Hosh, did you ever get around to reading about the women of Weinsberg?” He wasn’t sure where this was going, but he decided to play along. “I did,’ he replied slowly. “And if you knew nothing else about humans,” Kyle began, a cruel smile on his face, “Would you have accepted that deal?” He managed to take a breath in before something in his mind clicked. Something had seemed off from the beginning, but he couldn’t place exactly what it was. He’d been given clearance to review the transmission from the part where the ‘commodore’ broke in, and he had been replaying it in his mind ever since then, trying to figure out what was gnawing at his mind like a pup with a bone. But nothing came out at first, as his mind struggled to form words; he managed simply to point out the viewport to the shuttle - that was almost to its ‘mothership’ - and to look back and forth between him and it, before he finally managed to spit out, “Wh-... you-... why would the ar-... the ‘override code’: why would it be in Galactic Standard?!” The smile on his face widened, and he was suddenly aware that he was on a small shuttle with two Class 12 aggressors. Kyle - however - merely pulled the cube from his pocket, and said, “Kay’Eighty?” The cube began to dissolve, reforming into the humanoid shape that was her android form. “Yes, Ambassador Redding?” she replied in a distinctly… robotic voice. Kyle merely scoffed, however, and rebutted with, “Aw, come on; it’s not like he gave us ample opportunity to talk: I had to think of something on the fly…” She suddenly became much more ‘sapient’ crossing her arms, and looking off to the side as she sighed. “Fine,” she replied, “Whatever; what do you want?” Kyle snorted in laughter, and asked, “Has he made it to the optimal range, yet?” Kay’Eighty sighed again, and looked out the viewport. “Just about, yeah.” “Then I leave the honors to you,” he finished, holding her up for a better view of the viewport. “Detonation in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” Kahv’Hosh found that though he was sure this was going to be on par with their aggression level, he also couldn’t look away; like watching an asteroid impact a planet: he knew something bad was coming, but he just couldn’t bring himself to break eye-contact with the nine ships in formation, the middlemost one having already received the shuttle. And even as he watched, the ships seemed to draw closer together. At first he thought that it must be his eyes playing tricks on him, but soon enough, not only were they drawing closer together, but they began to spin around the central ship, as if caught in the gravity-well of some insanely dense celestial body. He saw small explosions issuing from the sides. with little bits breaking off into the void of space, only for the expanding singularity - for that was obviously what it was - to suck the life-pods back into its center, where everything seemingly disappeared into nothingness. Soon, the ships themselves began breaking apart, still doing their destructive, tumbling dance around the spot where the ‘commodore’s ship used to be. Piece by piece, the ships began to break apart, ‘falling’ into the center, where they were obviously compressed beyond what physics would normally allow. He tried not to think about the fate of the people aboard the ships, gravity increasing to the point that you were crushed under the weight of your own skin, having to watch - if they could even survive - as the ship around them broke apart, exposing them to the blackness of space. He managed a quick look back at the humans, and was granted some small consolation in that the evil smiles had left their faces, and both had looks of somber determination gracing their features. And at that moment, he believed he knew what it was that set them so high on the aggression scale; even they were appalled by their actions - by their own weapons - and yet not even the prospect of becoming a monster would stop them from removing a perceived threat. Soon, all pieces of the ships were gone, and about a Standard minute after that, the anomalous gravity readings disappeared. And suddenly space had returned to ‘normal’, as if nothing unnatural had just happened. Kyle broke the silence in a neutral voice as he said, “Well, let’s get back to the ship; Cap’m’s gonna tear me a new one for this…”

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2023.06.01 17:24 ElYewii Semper Imperialis - [Ch. 4]

Sorry for the delay, had things to do yesterday and didn't want to upload too late.
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March 21, 2019
When I got to the pool, I couldn't believe my eyes on what I was seeing, the thing I had only ever dreamed of before and maybe seen in one or two videos, it was a shirtless male, and it also was Jerryl, Jeerial, Jeriel? She honestly couldn't remember, but there he was sitting in the same spot he was before but now he was reading some kind of book, while being SHIRTLESS, 'The goddess must be looking out for me' I thought as my upper and lower brain started a really heated argument.
'He is obviously doing it on purpose, he wants you to make a move.'
'Or maybe he is just reading a book and is shirtless because is hot today and it's normal for males to be shirtless around here, and you are just a touch starved pervert.'
'Then why would he be seated at the same spot?'
"I don't know maybe he just LIKES that spot, do you ever think on something that is not sex?'
'Can't blame me this planet is full of sexy space babes.'
'Quit it you two' I said to myself trying to get control of the situation and organize my thoughts.
'He is an alien from the alien planet in which we are on, even though they are weirdly similar to us,'
'We are going to approach with all the normalcy in the world, because the last thing I want is to scare him off'
'We just need to walk to the door and start from there'
"Hey there cutie." was what I heard coming from my left side, I turned to see one of the marines, but none of the ones I knew, she was bigger, and not just in height, you could say she was an unit, a purple unit.
"What you doing alone here at night?"
'She doesn't even know proper english, but knows the word cutie?' I asked myself as she approached.
I sat up as I didn't know where this was going, "Uhh well jus- just reading"
"Reading ay? With no shirt in the middle of the night all alone by the pool?" She asked while licking her lips in a not so attractive way, more in a disturbing way.
"Well, yeah." I said, now a little uncomfortable with how close she was.
"Reading is boring, I know something better that we can both do." She said as she stroke my hair, even though I tried to shrink to get away.
"I- I'm sorry, I d- di- didn't get your name" I said now being really uncomfortable
"Oh yeah, I guess such a beautiful sight made me forget, the name is Margna." Margna said as she leaned in even closer
"You know what I think m- my mom is calling, she must be worried of where I am." I said as I tried to get up but was unsuccessful when Margna's Shaquille O'Neal's size hand pushed me back into my seat.
"I don't think they would worry too much, I am here to protect you, and have a good time." Margna said while having her hand still in my chest, even though now she was more of roaming over it than pushing me down.
Then I heard screaming from the door, and it wasn't any human language, when I turned I saw Delara, and she was heavily walking this way, then an argument started, one I could obviously not understand.
"YOU GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW" Delara said in an angry but almost crying voice.
"Ugh, Piss off small tits, this one is mine and it's none of your business."
"Oh please a shirtless lonely guy in the middle of the night, he is asking for it, but you wouldn't know anything about it, now piss off before I demolish you, before he can demolish me."
Delara was ready to jump at Margna, when suddenly we all turned our heads to a new voice that screamed from the door.
It was Sergeant Lyria and she looked pissed, not even that she looked beyond pissed, in that moment Margna removed her hand and stood up, both of them doing what I assumed was their way of saluting.
"Margna was molesting the human, ma'am." Delara said while pointing between Jeriel and Margna
"She's lying ma'am, she's just jealous that I was talking to the human." Margna responded while looking desperately between Delara and Sergean Lyria.
"You two come and stand here." ordered Stg Lyria as she made her way towards me.
"Hey uh- Jeriel am I right?" she asked after she kneeled to which I nodded.
"Where them two harassing you or causing any trouble?" she asked in what sounded like the tone of a caring mother talking to a scared child, which to be fair felt that way, because of the size difference.
"Uhm her, she was touching me." I said while pointing at Margna, which in return made her look at me but quickly returned to facing forward when Sergeant Lyria stared back, "Delara was even defending me."
"Are you sure?" She asked.
"Yes ma'am."
"alright thank you and I am really sorry that you had to go through this." Sergeant Lyria said as she stood and turned to face them, and spoke again on Shil.
"Private Margna follow me, and Private Delara, I summon you later, now let's go."
Then she left the are with Margna following her, and just left Delara standing there, that now that I could really take a look at her I noticed that she was wearing a two piece bathing suit, to be honest it looked more like gym wear, it looked quite like a sports bra and workout shorts rather than swimming wear, but dear lord that uniform, or armor that she always wore, didn't do her body justice, my annoyance grew legs and walked out of my mind when my eyes took over, now, other than her magnificent assets, seeing her without her armor really showed how attractive purple skin was
"Heyyy Delara." was what I said as the gears in my brain started turning.
She was just standing there, she didn't seem to be staring at anything specifically, if anything it reminded me of the people in Inside out when they are thinking.
"Do youuuu want to sit?" I asked her, unsure of how to act.
"Oh ah- thank you." she said as she sat down kind of trying to avoid me or at least trying to avoid my gaze.
'Alright the crazy bitch is gone, what do we do now?'
'Whe ask him about something, but what?'
'The night? No too basic, the weather? no what is this high school? Maybe his book, yeah ask him about his book.'
"Ahem, what is that you reading?"
“Oh this? It’s called ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth'."
"What is it about?"
"About a journey, to the center of the earth..." I responded unsure of how to answer that.
"Oh yeah that makes sense" Delara didn't really understand what that meant but she understood Center and earth, so maybe it was a geology book, maybe he was the nerdy type.
"But what about you? What brings you here?" I asked trying to keep the conversation going.
"Oh me? I got off my patrol job and wanted to go for swimming, Shil'Vati really like water, we swim really good"
"Didn't know that, interesting." I said while still looking at her still trying to avoid me.
"Is there something wrong? You seem trying not to look at me." I asked if there was something wrong maybe I could fix it.
"Well uhhh, Shil men are never without shirt, so it's weird seeing you without shirt on."
"oh, OH" I said as I scrambled to put on a my shirt, 'was I flashing her?' I thought as I turned as red as my face allowed, which passed more as pink than red.
"You can look now" I said as I finished putting my shirt on.
"Uhh thank you, I guess?" Delara answered as she turned showing her deeply blue face.
'So they flush blue huh?' I said to myself
"Soooo do you want to jump in the pool?" I asked her because that was the main reason I came out here in the first place.
"The pool?" she said as she looked around, her eyes eventually landing on the pool, "Oh yeah the poooool yeah yeah, sure."
"Alright then" I said as I got up and jumped right in.
After resurfacing I turned to face her, but there was no one it was completely quiet except for some crickets somewhere, that until she landed on a cannonball next to me, which could have killed me right there and there with a heart attack.
Then after clearing the water off my face I tried to look for her but she was no where to be seen then looked down to see if she was still submerged, but what I wasn't expecting was for her to poke me from behind, to which I jumped, jumped more than I would like to admit.
"How did you get there?" I asked after catching my breath.
"I told you we swim really good." Delara said while chuckling.
"Could you swim to the other end of the pool and back?" I asked her, I wanted to see this properly.
"Uhm sure." She said before submerging and torpedoing to the other end and on the way back, it was impressive for also not having fins or anything that could help her swim.
Delara emerged from the water and turned to me while fixing her hair "How did I do?"
"Really well I guess, at least compared to humans, are you considered good for other Shil'Vati?" Water sports would be crazy if there were people better than her, which I assumed there were, or maybe she used to be a professional swimmer.
"Oh no I just swim for fun, there are people way faster than me, but there is this species the Helkam they are REALLY good swimmers, they are like what you call fizh."
'Wait are mermaids real?' was the only thing that crossed my mind.
We swam for a while then we spotted Sergeant Lyria approaching our way.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your swimming but I need to take Private Delara with me." She said with that same motherly tone, but now was like telling their kid that they had to leave and go home, to which we got out of the pool and dried ourselves, said our goodbyes, but before leaving Sergeant Lyria approached me.
"Is everything okay?" she asked.
"Uhh yeah, everything's alright." I answered a little confused on why she was asking me this.
"I am deeply sorry again for Private Margna's behavior, I took care of her."
"Oh uhm thanks?" I responded not sure if it was the right answer.
"Alright, on a different matter, the lockdown is coming to an end and we still need to discuss your family's situation, so I need you and your mother to come see me tomorrow at 10 after breakfast, we need to discuss relocation and other pending matters." She said with a more official tone.
"Sure I'll tell her."
"Very good, Good night Jeriel." She said as she turned to start walking to the door taking Delara with her.
"Oh uh- Good night Sergeant." I said as I waved at Delara goodbye, gesture which she returned.
I got out of the elevator and walked towards Mom's room, then I knocked, to which surprisingly she answered instead of Miranda.
"What's the matter son?" She asked in Spanish.
"Uh I wanted to check on you and tell you that Sergeant Lyria wants to talk to the both of us tomorrow morning after breakfast." I told her.
"Did something bad happened?" She asked, her tone jumping from half asleep to fully worried.
"Uhm no nothing happened, but she wants to talk to us about where are we gonna go after this, she talked about some kind of relocation."
"Oh alright, is that everything?" She said her tone shifting to a different kind of worried.
"Uh yeah that is everything."
"Bendición ma." I told her as I went in for a hug.
"Dios te bendiga hijo, buenas noches."
"Amén, buenas noches." I answered as she closed the door and I headed for my room.
When I got inside the first thing I did was take a shower to get the chlorine out of my body, followed by me laying on bed with the television on watching Pair of Kings which is one if not the best sitcom Disney ever came up with, well watching is a bit of an overstatement, I was more concentrated on the ceiling above me and what Sergeant Lyria had said, where were we going to go and what were we going to do? I really had avoided thinking about that let alone discussing it, but tomorrow it would all have an answer.
First / Previous / Next
What would happen on the next chapter of Semper Imperialis? Tune in next time to find out.
Again sorry for the delay, but the important thing is that we are here, on another note thanks to everyone for the support so far, I really enjoy reading the comments.
As always if there is anything to correct or any suggestion you can go right ahead and leave it in the comments.
Thanks again.
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2023.06.01 17:24 californiabeth Boston Globe reporter looking for people trying to rent apartments

Hi all, I'm writing about the new trend of would-be renters offering more than the listed monthly rent in hopes of securing the apartment. If this is you, or you've been beaten out by someone who offered to pay hundreds more per month I'd love to talk for my Boston Globe story. I'm at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) thanks!
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2023.06.01 17:24 OkCupcake1594 Need Help Finding Used Car Under $5000

I need to find a used car ASAP under $5000 that is half decent, either with or without safety. I've been looking high and low everywhere, I've had two sales fall through were I put a deposit on to hold the car only to go back and find the owners sold the cars to someone else for a higher price. I don't WTF is going on in this city with used cars but it's as bad as housing rentals. I do not know what to do, insurance company is telling me I have to surrender my car soon (it was hit by another car, no fault of mine the other driver was in error), I've even checked out Winnipeg but not much there either.
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2023.06.01 17:23 Alarmed-Occasion9609 AITAH for the way I’m defending myself from my abusive exs family who has been attacking me

I recently broke up with my ex of 5 years, the relationship was extremely abusive and toxic , he also cheated on me several times and I realized I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life together with him when he treated me badly.
He kicked me out the house and I moved somewhere else and this is where the problems arise is getting my personal belongings back from him. It took multiple attempts at this point to receive everything the first time I went over to get my things they had stolen a phone they gave to me for Christmas and I had been in ownership for several months after being kicked out at that point. The sister had to assault me and strangle me to receive the phone. I never once hit them first, nor ever wanted to fight but my ex did strike me as well during the assault.
Half of my belongings were still missing due to the fact I had to leave for my own safety. I recently came to the home to retrieve my things after they had torn up my stuff and smeared hair dye over everything and threw them out on the lawn.
Now for context The mother is an illegal immigrant she’s been living in the us without legal documentation for years now. She has encouraged and condoned both the abusive ex behavior towards me and her daughter behavior of assaulting and trying to slander me. Along with this context I keep my name anon online to protect my online safety unlike them who put their full name on everything. Recently the family is trying to take personal matters to online by framing me as an aggressive racist who is attacking the poor family for nothing and releasing my full name online well knowing I kept it private. (Which their not innocent at all)
At this point I had been just trying to get my things from them and I have been assaulted, and harassed I finally gave up getting my wallet which has my credit card and I’d just called immigration on the mother so they hopefully lose their home. As I am done being the only civil person in this conflict seeing it as only fair they are trying to ruin my life so I ruin theirs in return.
I wouldn’t have wanted to come to this point as I never wanted to deal with messy breakups and I can’t help but feel bad for going this low at my first strike AITAH?
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2023.06.01 17:23 seaturtle8476 Guide to a 524 from an overstudier

Hello Mcat-ter's! I wanted to give my guide to how I got a 524 (132/130/131/131) last year (august 2022). I improved from my diagnostic which was a 497. This sub has been super helpful to me, and instead of writing secondaries I'm procrastinating by writing this post. So, lets get into it!

0) A bit about me.
I'm a mostly traditional applicant (taking a one year research year (like 95% of applicants these days)). I took the test between junior and senior year over the summer. I go to a t20 school where I got pretty good grades (~3.9 gpa). Majored in humanities (not bio) so was a little weaker on the science parts, but really good at reading. Have always been a good test taker (34 I think on the ACT, 5's on all the AP's I studied for et.c.). Tutored students in chem. Tutored my siblings in like every science subject / math. I also REALLY knew my amino acids.
1) Disclaimers
First, I want to start of saying that this technique may not work for everyone. I put in a lot of time into studying, which may not be feasible for non-trads, those who have to work full time, those with families, et.c. Second, as you will see, I bought a lot of resources (like a lot). This was NOT cheap. Fortunately I saved up a lot of money before / during college and had my parents to help me out. Third, I was really determined to get an 99th+ percentile score. While a 520+ score is not going to hurt anyone, the amount of time / energy it takes may not be worth it for your application (another 200-300 clinical hours or volunteer hours may be better for your application)

2) Non-Study Stuff that Set me Up for Success
My total study time was ~8 months. I studied part time during the spring semester, and then basically full time during the summer. I had a three day a week research internship (~20 hours per week). I basically studied 40-50 hours a week when I was studying full time. I deleted all social media. Blocked it on my phone (i think my total phone use per day went down to <2 hours a day (and that included using it for GPS to get places)). While this is probably not possible for most applicants, my internship was in a new city I had never been to / lived in. I therefore only knew like 2 people there (one of whom was my roommate). This meant I had to say no to basically no social engagements because, well, I didn't really have any friends there. While this was definitely super lonely at times, this also meant I wasn't getting pulled to go out and party (I'm usually pretty extraverted, so saying no to social events is hard for me). Obviously, moving to a new city is probably not in the cards for most people, but it was probably cheaper in the end than staying in my college town (where rent is not only higher, but the cost of going out / hanging out with friends).

3) The Resources
As I said above, I used a F*** ton of resources:
  1. Princeton Review 513+ Guarantee Course (ok, I know people are probably going to think I'm a troll for this, but I really found it helpful (for the most part). Personally, I found their cars strategy to be super helpful (again I know people are going to think I am a troll, I promise I'm not). I also found their science videos / the biology classes to be super helpful (I knew actually 0 anatomy before studying). Our physics instructor was great, the psychology one was kinda meh. This class included all of the princeton review text books + online quizzes + vides + all the AAMC resources+ a couple other things I'm probably forgetting. If I had to do it again, I would probably have done a slightly slower paced class ( I did the five day a week, 3 hour a day class (probably would have done 4 days a week)). I also would NOT have gotten the 513 guarantee .
  2. Princeton Review Science Workbook (This was also from Princeton Review course). This was probably in the top 2 most helpful resources (besides AAMC). This book is probably 1000 pages of pure practice passages. I legitamately did every single bio / biochem passage and I credit it for 5 points on my MCAT. If you can only get one resource (besides AAMC) this is what I would get.
  3. Kaplan Review Books. Pretty Self Explanatory. I would rotate between reading these and the Princeton. These are less dense than the princeton ones and are pretty good if you already have a strong foundation. These also came with a qbank and some practice tests which I found super helpful.
  4. Kaplan quick sheets. This was included in the Kaplan Review Books, but also deserves its own line. This does a great job of summarizing all the major topics. In all honesty, if you are good at test taking and have this thing memorized fully, I truly think you can get minimum 508 on the test
  5. Blueprint full lengths + qbank. I found this one super helpful. I probably wouldn't have bought 10 tests in retrospect (they were having a sale), but I found that you could do sections of the tests to be super helpful for practicing sections of the test I was weaker at.
  6. Blueprint half-length diagnostic. It's Free! and a great place to see what your baseline is (don't waste an AAMC test on that)
  7. Berkeley Review (I got these for free from a friend). I found their cars practice to be super helpful. Their explanations are super in-depth which are really good if you are not getting a topic. I found their physics questions to be super good practice. I leafed through the biochem book a couple times, but otherwise didn't use them too much (mostly because I had so many other resources).
  8. Khan Academy. These have good videos for when you are not understanding something. The practice questions / passages are also pretty good.
  9. JackWestin Cars Pretty good to get a hang of timing, but the logic is not super reminiscent of AAMC. I did them for the first couple months of part time studying, but stopped for the most part once I got to full time studying
  10. AAMC content outline and Jack Westin Content Outline. Probably most underratted resource. The content outline gives you everything that could be on the test. You should at least look at it. Jack Westin has filled the entire thing out for you. It is SOOOOOOO clutch (literally this made up the other 50% of my success on B/B.
  11. Anki / Flashcards. I used milesdown. Thought it was good overall (didn't get through all the cards). Milesdown also has a review sheet that is REALLY good. 100% recommend. I also used an amino acid deck to really drill them (this I finished, and probably reviewed all the cards 5-10x). I also did a physics / chem equations flashcard deck.
  12. 100 page psych doc. I thought this was good overall. 300 felt too long / too detailed for me
  13. AAMC resources. All of them (except for ¾ sections of the sample, but that was because I was too tired, and found resting to be more important for my success). I also reviewed every answer.
What I didn't use:
Given the gigantic list of resources, you all are going to laugh, but probably the only thing I didn't use was UGLOBE, lol. Mostly, its because I ran out of time + I felt really good about my level of prep. A lot of people like UGLOBE but it wasn't for me. YMMV and it probably is a good resource, I just didn't use it.

Study Methods:
I studied about 700 hours total (a lot, I know).
about 1 year before start of studying I took the Blueprint half-length. I got a 497 on this (125/126/121/125). I hadn't taken all the pre-reqs yet so I was pretty content with this score (ngl), but I def needed more content review.
Start of Part Time Studying:
I started part time studying over winter break. I started with a diagnostic test (Kaplan). I got a 506 on this (127/127/125/127). From there I started by reviewing the Kaplan books (reading them through and writing notes). I would take the end of chapter quizzes. I would make a flashcard for any question I got wrong. I also did the Kaplan science assessment which gave me a better idea of my areas of weakness in the sciences (my scores were between 8/30 for biochem and 25/30 for psych). I also did daily jack westin CARS.

When I went back to school, the pace of studying definitely slowed. I studied less. I took another kaplan FL in feburary and got EXACTLY the same score again, which was disheartening. I pretty much took all of march / half of april off, and then restarted studying end of april. I then restarted studying in april, still part time. During this time, I continued reading kaplan, doing Khan academy practice questions, and anki.

Full time studying:
I started full time studying May 1. On average I studied 5hours a day on the days I had work, 8 hours a day on the days I didn't, took a practice test on Saturdays (reviewed half of it that evening (I really think you should review cars right after you take it, otherwise you loose understanding of the reasoning you thought). I would usually review the second half of the exam the following day, and only study 3-4 hours on Sunday.
This was a very succesful strategy for me. The PR class has you take an AAMC practice test as your baseline and I scored a 513 on this (130/129/127/127) which obviously I was stoked about and gave me a ton of confidence.
When my princeton review class started, I did the 3 hour class, the majority of the reading, and about 50% of the suggested practice. Occasionally, during parts of the class I really understood (like gen chem), I would practice other sections. During this time, I took a full length every week, did flash cards, read berkely review for the stuff I didn't understand, did KA practice questions, did the Kaplan / Blueprint Q-Banks. I did this for about six weeks.

For the last 6 weeks of studying, I finished up the PR class, and started AAMC. The other important things I did (which are kinda unique?) which I truly think helped me succeed are 1) I wrote out every single word of the Kaplan quick sheets by hand, 2) I wrote out every single word of the Miles Down quick sheets by hand, 3) I looked up the weirdest mnemonics for everything and texted them to my long distance SO / told them over facetime; Laughing over them and sharing them really made them stick 4) I read every single word of the JW content outline aloud. My roommates definitely thought I was crazy ( I definitely sounded it) but this definitely helped like 1000%. Legitimately, the bio question I am 100% sure I got wrong (and likely the reason I got a 131 and not a 132) was from the one sub-sub-sub section that I said screw it, this isn't going to be on the test.

I continued doing a practice test each week. I reviewed all of the AAMC materials.

For the week before the test I took things pretty easy, I reviewed everything super leisurely. Bio was still what I was struggling with so the only thing I did practice test wise was take the Sample Bio (which I got a 58/59 on so a 132). I didn't do the rest of the sample because I was feeling kinda burnt out.

A note about full lengths:
I took full lengths almost exactly in testing conditions: no referencing notes, wearing the same outfit (down to the socks), eating the same meal, same time of day, same weird whiteboard thing, wore a mask (you had to when I took it, not sure if its still the same) et.c. However, I did practice with certain (distractions). I tried to mimic, what happens if I had five minutes fewer due to a malfunction, what if my pen doesn't work, what if a loud alarm goes off, et.c. This allowed me to prepare incase anything went wrong.
My Practice Tests (in order, including ones where I only did a section):
Blue Print Half Length Diagnostic 497 125 126 121 125
Kaplan Science Assessment N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kaplan Practice test 1 506 127 127 125 127
Kaplan Practice test 2 506 127 127 125 127
Blueprint Practice test 10 126 127
AAMC FL1 513!!!! 130 129 127 127
Blueprint Bio Only practice test 1 129!!!
Princeton Review FL 1 512!!! 127 129 127 129!!
Princeton Review FL 2 508 :( 126 127 127 128
Blueprint Chem/Phys Only practice test 1 129!!!!
Blueprint Cars Only practice test 1 128
Blueprint P/S Only practice test 1 129!
Blueprint Practice test 2 517!!!!!!!! lets go! 131 (WTF, how????) 128 129 129
Blueprint Practice test 3 515 129 128 129 129
AAMC FL2 519!!!! 130 130! 130! 129
AAMC FL3 519!!!! 130 128 130 131!
AAMC FL4 524!!!!!!!!!!!!! 132!!!!! 132!!!!! 128 :( 132!!!!!
AAMC Sample, biology only 131!!!!!!!!

AAMC average (519)

Test Day
The day before test day I slept in a motel Literally in the same strip mall as the testing center. I went there the day before to ensure that I knew where it was and to ask them a couple of questions. While you only need one form of photo ID I made sure I had two just in case. I woke up early, did a couple jumping jacks, chugged an iced coffee (big mistake, I had to pee SOOOOOO badly during C/P (but maybe thats the reason for the 132, who knows)). Got to the testing center early (was the first one). I had pretty good timing for the test (except cars, had only like 4 minutes for the last passage). I finished P/S 40 minutes early, because I was tired and just done. However, I thought I FAILED when I came out of the testing center. No lie, I almost voided (THANK GOD I DIDN'T). I went back to my hotel, cried my eyes out, and went home.

Score result day:
Again, I thought I failed, I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my score back ( I also cried). Was super happy to NEVER have to take this stupid test again.

whew! That was long. Super happy to answer questions you all might have on my (insane, ngl) study schedule.

Wishing everyone 528's
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2023.06.01 17:23 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Get Course)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
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Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 17:23 samerkia I might need to buy a new car, what do yall advise?

I just graduated college a little less then a month ago, I start a new job on the 12th of june making 70k/year. I have 24k saved, 27k in student debts.
I live with my parents, I can live here for a year at 250/month for rent. My other costs are pretty low as I only have to pay for my cars insurance and gas, my insurance is 55/month, gas varies. I spend pretty frugally, so only on things I know I want and my needs.
I currently have a 2013 Chevy Malibu with 175k miles I bought 2-3 years ago for 7k. However, it needs about $2400 dollars in repairs that need to be had as I just got it inspected as I thought I needed a new wheel bearing turns the control arms are bad, breaks are worse then I thought even though I looked at them the other day and they looked fine to me but I'm also new to car stuff, and some other things like a bad sensor and wheel a bearing replacement. I might get a second opinion else where too.
I don't know if it's really worth getting it repaired at this point, I mean it looks like it's in great condition no accidents or damage like that, only a few minor scratches that can be easily buffed out. I have some issue with coolant and oil burning fast (no leaks so I have no idea, I replaced a coolant tube that wore out a year ago, so it's not leaking anymore it's just I need to re fill the coolant and oil semi frequently [like every 3k miles]). Plus, Kelly Blue Book says I can private sell for 5k, and trade in for 2-3k. That's with it being in perfect condition.
So I'm like, do I put 2.4k in repairs or do I buy a new vehicle? What are y'alls thoughts?
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2023.06.01 17:22 MLowther1214 My husband (m30) is typing all the time to "noone" and it bugs me (f32)

My husband (m30) always seems to be typing on his phone, he always says he's not talking to anyone, not commenting on anything or saying anything to anyone. I (f32) realize it sounds crazy, cuz I am I do have issues one of them being my intrusive thoughts tend to become my only thoughts. However hes obviously typing something his keypad is yellow and black it illuminates his face yellow as I see typing.......while he's saying he's not typing anything. I feel like this wouldn't be a big deal to me if he hadn't made certain comments on peoples lewd content that he loves (he's said he's trying to stop and I see progress....but I also see that it still happends....which is a completely different issue on my end and I understand that) he's been 100% physically faithful to me as far as I know, but hes also accepted numbers from people with intent to hit them up (that was a long time ago) accidentally brought girls home from the bar (again a long time ago and not for him, he thought he was wingmaning good until they didnt want to go upstairs to the friends apartment) He started up a dating profile on fb under "casual friendships" which i told him ment like casual hookups and he didnt believe me but deleted it and left the 2 people he was trying to talk to in, the dust so to speak.
Besides liking a bunch of photos and a couple (public) comments theres no reason not to trust him, so why do I still feel like he's trying to find someone else, someone less crazy and more attractive (ive had 4 kids and no amount of working out can make me look like the pictures he saves or the videos he downloads) yes ik im insecure and I have low self-esteem and a lot to work on, how do I move past being bugged by his typing, how can I feel like he's not going behind my back?
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2023.06.01 17:21 Pallodoc “Kendall’s Revenge”

Kendall Roy stood at the edge of his penthouse balcony, staring out at the city skyline. The weight of defeat hung heavily on his shoulders. He had lost control of Waystar, the media empire his father had built, to his ruthless siblings. But Kendall was not one to go down without a fight. He knew he had to find another way to bring justice to the corrupt forces that had consumed his family's legacy.
Driven by a burning desire for revenge, Kendall hatched a daring plan. He would start an online publication called "The Hundred," where the best journalists from around the world would band together to expose and dismantle the corruption that plagued society. It was his chance to strike back at the very heart of the corporate world that had betrayed him.
Kendall scoured the industry for the most talented and relentless investigative journalists he could find. One by one, they joined his cause, each carrying their own personal grudges against the powerful and the untouchable. They were united by a common goal: to bring truth to light, no matter the cost.
As the team at The Hundred delved into their investigations, they stumbled upon a shocking revelation. The new owner of Waystar, a man named Matsson, had been secretly manipulating the stock market to his advantage. With the evidence in hand, Kendall and his team set out to expose Matsson's illicit activities.
The Hundred's exposé sent shockwaves through the financial world. Investors lost faith in Waystar, causing the stock to plummet drastically. Matsson's carefully crafted empire began to crumble, and Kendall reveled in the sweet taste of victory. But he knew his revenge wasn't complete.
Just as things seemed to be falling into place, Kendall received a call from his cousin Greg. Greg had stumbled upon damning information about Tom, the CEO of Waystar Gojo and Kendall's former brother-in-law. It turned out that Tom had been involved in a series of abusive practices, exploiting his power and mistreating his employees.
Greg, torn between loyalty and a desire for justice, decided to come forward with the evidence. The revelation sent shockwaves not just through Waystar, but through the entire industry. The public turned against Waystar Gojo, boycotting their products and demanding accountability.
The company crumbled under the weight of the scandal, and Kendall watched as the empire he once coveted turned to dust. He had won, but at a tremendous cost. The collateral damage was immense – careers destroyed, lives upended, and his own family left fractured and broken.
As Kendall stood amidst the ruins of Waystar, he couldn't help but feel a sense of emptiness. His revenge had come at a great price, and he wondered if it had all been worth it. The lines between right and wrong, justice and vengeance, had blurred beyond recognition.
In the end, Kendall Roy emerged victorious, but the cost of his revenge would forever haunt him. The Hundred had achieved its goal of exposing corruption, but Kendall couldn't shake the bitter taste of regret. He had fought fire with fire, and in doing so, he had burned everything to the ground, including himself.
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2023.06.01 17:21 WaxWalk HELP! I will be staying in Saint Petersburg for 3 months. I need help finding an apartment to rent

I'm a foreigner and I will be in Saint Petersburg. How much will it cost to rent an apartment for 2 people(Me and my girlfriend). I'm looking for something simple but not Soviet vibes(as my gf calls it). Budget around 20k-30k rubles. What websites can I look at ? What red flags should I be on the lookout for? Do I need special documents to rent as a foreigner? Which side of the city is best?
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2023.06.01 17:21 adilahmadbaba Pashmina Shawls: The Epitome of Elegance and Luxury

Pashmina Shawls: The Epitome of Elegance and Luxury
In the world of fashion, few accessories rival the timeless allure and opulence of a Pashmina shawls. Renowned for its exceptional softness, exquisite craftsmanship, and rich cultural heritage, the Pashmina shawl has captivated hearts and adorned shoulders for centuries. Originating from the majestic landscapes of Kashmir, this fine textile has transcended geographical boundaries to become a coveted symbol of sophistication and luxury. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of Pashmina, its origins, manufacturing process, and enduring popularity.
The Origins of Pashmina
The word "Pashmina" is derived from the Persian word "Pashm," which means "soft gold." It refers to the fine cashmere wool obtained from the underbelly of the Himalayan mountain goat, Capra hircus. The harsh climate and extreme temperatures of the region force the goats to develop an incredibly soft and warm fleece, which acts as nature's armor against the frigid cold.
Pashmina Shawls Production
The production of a Pashmina shawls is an intricate and labor-intensive process, involving the dedicated hands of skilled artisans. It begins with the careful combing and collection of the softest and finest Pashm fibers from the underbelly of the mountain goats. Due to its scarcity and limited availability, Pashmina is considered one of the most expensive natural fibers in the world.
Once the raw Pashm is obtained, it undergoes a meticulous sorting process to remove impurities and separate the coarser fibers. The remaining fine fibers are then spun by hand, using traditional spinning wheels, to create the delicate yarn that forms the foundation of a Pashmina shawls. These fine threads are meticulously woven by expert weavers, who employ traditional looms and techniques passed down through generations.
The Making of a Masterpiece
What sets Pashmina shawls apart is the skillful artistry and attention to detail that goes into their creation. The shawls are renowned for their intricate and ornate designs, often featuring delicate embroidery, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors. Traditional motifs inspired by nature, such as flowers, paisleys, and vines, are painstakingly hand-embroidered onto the fabric, elevating the shawl to a work of art.
The Ethereal Charm and Versatility
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Beyond its functionality, a Pashmina shawl is a versatile accessory that can effortlessly enhance any ensemble. Whether draped over the shoulders, elegantly wrapped around the neck, or used as a stylish headscarf, the timeless charm of Pashmina adds an aura of elegance and sophistication to any outfit.
Preserving a Cultural Legacy
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Visit Pashmina Vogue to buy authentic pashmina online.
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2023.06.01 17:20 DillonFromSomewhere Restaurant Resignation Letter in Academic Essay Format

I know quitting your job as a cook usually simply comes with two weeks notice or a ragequit walkout, but for eleven months I worked at a new franchise that had such potential which was being squandered by the incompetence of upper management. I present the nearly 6000 word thesis I turned in on my last day. Locations and names have been changed to cartoon references. Brackets represent ambiguous information in place of specific details.
Krusty Krab Careers Jobs
Opening in [Month/Year], Krusty Krab (KK) Bikini Bottom is on its 4th kitchen manager in less than a year. Krusty Krab O-Town has recently let go its inaugural kitchen manager and sous chef. Almost no member of the Bikini Bottom opening management team remains employed by KK. There is a pattern developing where one must question both the choice of employee and the directive given to new franchises. These lingering issues I brought concerns about in the first weeks of opening but was disregarded at every turn despite my experience with festival traffic. As a result I decided this was not a place I wanted to advance, but with a good-enough paycheck I’d be a lowly grunt in the kitchen four days a week, at five days a week I would have quit or been fired over a public outburst long ago. If Krusty Krab alters course slightly while being true to the brand this could be a successful chain.
My unique employment history in brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, pop up culinary concepts, trade shows/conventions, and the film industry make me an ideal candidate to be on the opening team for new KK locations. My outgoing nature and foresight are valuable assets. For example, on training week before opening when I was standing around idly without a task I took it upon myself to organize the disarray that was dry storage. Overhearing Krabs tell another manager where he wanted the cleaning products placed, I had a jumping off point and the organization I created nine months ago is still largely in place. Since returning from my vacation in early February I have made it my mission to keep the storage area organized because it was again starting to resemble a hoarder’s house rather than a commercial kitchen. This is now part of my weekly routines because every time I turn my back there is more product being placed haphazardly just anywhere with little regard. I also recently reorganized the walk-in cooler because of problematic stocking with items being placed on the same shelf or below raw proteins. I also simply put all the like products together such as cheeses or fruits that were scattered amongst several shelves. With recent overordering I cannot keep up with the organization of the walk in cooler. The pattern recognition of food types and even simple shapes appears to be lost on the Bikini Bottom crew. My daily reorganization of containers is proof of this. Most days I’ll take a few minutes to put all cylinders together, all cambros together in descending volume, all deep and shallow pans next to each other rather than intermixed. My decision to be a kitchen manager at age 19 from 2005 thru 2008 and rarely enter restaurant management since is very calculated.
With my prior knowledge of professional kitchens I was becoming Bikini Bottom’s resident nag to coworkers as I made note of health department violations on a daily basis. I stopped after being largely ignored for two weeks. My regular health department nags include; a battle with jackets and hats being placed only in the designated area (a designated area that did not exist until I created a place for personal items a in January by neatly organizing the dry storage area again), waiting until prepped items are cooled before a cover is placed on top, placement of raw seafood, open containers (very often sugar, flour, and pancake mix bags ripped open and left), and dirty dishes/containers placed back in rotation. The dirty dishes and containers in rotation with the clean ones are at an atrociously high number. I have given up on making the 4th fryer seafood allergy safe too. With the low volume of seafood allergy safe items Bikini Bottom should purchase smaller baskets to visually discourage cross contamination with the other fryers and baskets. My skills to organize the kitchen do not end with simply where to store products to meet minimal health department standards.
Half of the space in the Bikini Bottom kitchen is completely wasted on an ill-advised walkway to the dishpit. An intelligent design would place a second doorway directly to the dishpit connected to the bar or where the bathrooms reside. Numerous times during the opening week of KK Bikini Bottom I said, yelled, sang, and muttered that we have too many food items for the amount of space we have. Icus stated that there was more space than Bluffington. Is Bluffington intelligently designed? Because Bikini Bottom most certainly isn’t. So Bikini Bottom actually has less space even if there is more square footage. See the attached diagram for an intelligent design that could potentially house a menu of this size. Bikini Bottom forces a line design on this kitchen when an open concept is needed for this menu. It’s as if this floorplan was created by a person who had only ever seen one commercial kitchen previously and couldn’t think 4th dimensionally to understand the needs of the workers to smoothly serve customers.
There is not enough counter space for pizzas without getting off the line, the microwave is placed completely out of the way, the freezer’s curved design is a waste of potential counter space and a falling hazard for containers stored on top of it, the toaster is an overcomplicated and overexpensive piece of machinery that serves exactly one purpose when a flat top could be used to toast bread and other purposes like a quesadilla special, sautee was designed without an overhang for spices, the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter for seafood allergies, there are no Frialator fryers which I have worked with at every single kitchen job previously instead we got the cheap Vulcan model (is that logical), the cheap low boy in pantry that doesn’t drain excess water anywhere it’s just supposed to evaporate somehow but doesn’t, the grill and fryer should be placed next to each other (with a higher volume of crossover than other stations), the floors are flat instead on having a mild decline towards the drains (just look at the standing water residing behind the oven right now), in the dishpit the spraying area and the filled sinks are backwards of a logical dipshit, the ramp to the back door is on the wrong side, there is no refrigerated place downstairs to stage extra food for busy shifts (the beer cooler is once again used for such food items because of this massive oversight), the prep station is an afterthought and miniscule, the dishes on the line are difficult to grab for anyone under 5’11” and inaccessible for anyone under 5’6” (instead of putting them underneath tables that also give that desperately needed counterspace I spoke of), there is not enough space to store to-go containers or boats behind the line, expo is lacking a low boy for the numerous items that are supposed to be cold but are instead kept at room temperature all day long, no one in management thought about buying shelves until right before Bikini Bottom opened as a result the clean full sheets sat on the floor for days, we had only the exact amount of 1⁄6 pans for an absurd amount of time making it impossible to rotate and clean them when necessary (which is daily), we still struggle with 1/9 pan supply. And just when I thought I documented all the poor design choices possible I stumbled upon a person whose office holiday party was booked at KK Bikini Bottom. The deck space works just fine as a deck. It does not double well as a gathering space. The space is too long and narrow for parties, it promotes little splitoff groups rather than a coming together of a larger gathering. It may be advantageous to contact a social psychologist for help designing a private party space that promotes intermingling rather than enforcing small pockets to form. The reorganization of the physical kitchen isn’t all that screams for an overhaul.
There are six positions on the line at the Krusty Krab; expo, oven, grill, sautee, fryer, and pantry. But the pantry and fryer positions are forced together like a bad remix. Everyone who mainly works pantry deserves a $6 raise immediately because it is a station and a half. Both Icus and Krumm, while kitchen manager, kind of acknowledged the pantry is too big for one station without outright mentioning the lopsided distribution of work. I imagine in the only location where this works, Bluffington, a second person joins the pantry at noon because of the unreasonable amount of items one person is tasked with. Bikini Bottom only has one person in this position at all times, maybe modify it for one person? The excess of items on the pantry position largely resembles a position I would call “set-up” or “build” at a previous job that made sensible choices. This build position should have tostadas, tacos, butcher’s blocks, toast, salads, lettuce wrap set ups, and preparing plating for whichever station is most bogged down. I have absolutely lost my mind yelling about salads at least once a month, ranting that they do not belong on the fryer position because of how illogical it is that five salads are included on the mountain of other items the pantry has. I have always considered working in a kitchen a kind of dance, and the pantry station demands an unnecessarily convoluted dance to keep up with the demand. Without the salads, tostadas, and tacos the station is already the busiest. Do we really need to combine ballet and swing by including these extra awkward dance steps in this single station? For a kitchen designed this poorly I suppose it is. Again, see attached document for an intelligently designed kitchen that might be able to accommodate this menu. Unless Bikini Bottom is going to close for a month to fix the baffling floor plan design the menu is shouting to be reduced to 30-36 items.
The menu is too big. Krusty Krab is the jack of all foods, master of none. In general I believe individual locations should be allowed 18% omissions, and 18% unique items to this wildly unwieldy menu sitting around 50 food items including sides. The insistence on keeping menu items that don’t sell at Bikini Bottom because of Bluffington is mind boggling. Chicken tenders do not sell at Bikini Bottom. fried sushi does not sell at Bikini Bottom, not enough to justify their place on the line. I don’t care how well these items work in Bluffinton. They. Do. Not. Work. At. Bikini. Bottom. If the KK location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sells an incredible amount of live krill does that mean Bikini Bottom and O-Town must sell live krill too? Take the fried sushi off the menu. I had a complete meltdown about this during a Dimmadome service and my valid point was met with indifference. Replace the kid’s tenders with a kid’s fish sticks. We already have the tilapia fish sticks on the line for tacos. Or make the kid’s fish sticks cod. We cut cod to order for fish tacos in spite of health code violations because it is too rare of an order to make beforehand. Saffron in mashed potatoes? If you must. Why are green tomatoes only on the menu during lunch? Bikini Bottom throws away a sizable amount of spoiled green tomatoes each week. Have green tomatoes on the menu all day long or don’t have them at all. The smoked salmon could go on salads or a special taco to justify its place on the line. The corn pico’s place on the line is unjustified. It only goes on one item, tostadas, which are not particularly popular. If we had a taco salad we could throw the corn pico on there. We also have unreasonable waste from unusable taco shells, smash up those imperfect taco shells and throw them on said taco salad. But before we add salads, let's get rid of the pear and kale salads. The pears' position on the line are unjustified, if we threw them on a taco variation maybe their place on the Bikini Bottom line could be argued but for now they only go on a salad that isn’t particularly popular. The kale salad is an issue of space for a 4th green for salads is too much. The krusty salad is my most hated house salad of all time. And it comes down to the toast with goat cheese. This ancillary step of spreading goat cheese on a cracker is an unnecessary step for an overly complicated dance and should be part of the expo dance if expo wasn’t a shoddily designed afterthought lacking a low boy.
There are a plethora of squeeze bottles on the pantry station that have no place on the overloaded station. They belong to an expo station with a low boy to keep them cold. Pantry has an overwhelming ten squeeze bottles: chipotle crema, sweet chili vinaigrette, buffalo, korean bbq, ranch, caesar, wine vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, honey mustard, and lemon aioli. Only the first four are justified on an intelligently designed fryer section, the second four belong on the build station, the last two have no place anywhere but expo. With this extra space sautee could keep their bottles and two purees cold in the fryer's lowboy instead of leaving them at room temperature all day inviting a pathogen party. This theorized intelligently designed expo would have room to keep these four squeeze bottles and a double of every sauce chilled to pour them into ramekins, a move that is highly common in the expo dance. The fact that expo doesn’t have a double of all squeeze bottles is foolish. Expo has to bother an overloaded station to pour these side sauces instead.
How many gallons of basil aioli has Bikini Bottom thrown away in 11 months? Four aiolis in general is way too many and most go on a single item; basil aioli on the incredibly unpopular veggie burger, lemon aioli for calamari, sweet chili aioli for the BLT that is only served half of the day, and garlic aioli actually goes on two items…I believe. What a colossal waste of precious little space, lose two aiolis and then you can sing the logical song with me. Perhaps we can put garlic aioli and sweet chili vinaigrette on the BLT separately and accomplish the exact same thing the sweet chili aioli does. The wings too have unneeded complications. Having worked at a sports bar specializing in wings for the better part of a decade I find KK’s plating of wings to be overly pretentious. The carrots, celery, and blue cheese have lost function. Heffer Wolf always said no one eats the carrot/celery julienne with blue cheese. It’s a complete waste of all the ingredients because you’ve gone too far with the presentation. Wings aren’t fancy. Wings are supposed to have a small pool of sauce and be sloppy. It’s like a sloppy joe that’s not sloppy, an unsloppy joe is a failure to sloppy joes just as the KK presentation of wings is a disparagement to the dish. Ever since training week back in 2022 I have used a scale to give Bikini Bottom a passing or failing grade.
Chokey Chicken to Chum Bucket is the scale I use to judge efficiency and sanity at Bikini Bottom. Both establishments are upscale casual dining experiences in Capitol City in the same vein as KK. Chokey had high employee retention and relatively smooth openings for new locations. Chum Bucket’s employee turnover was high and every location opening was chaotic. Which one sounds closer to KK? Chokey Chicken was filled with chefs I respect including Chef Ren Hoek who remains a close friend to this day. Ren lost his lifelong passion for kitchen work after working management at Chum Bucket. He’s actually seeking work in Bikini Bottom. Call him up at [phone number], but KK will give him Nam’ flashbacks of why he chose driving for a living rather than cooking for five years. The pair of us together helming Bikini Bottom with the ability to omit and create 18% of the overloaded menu can bring success to this franchise. We have worked well numerous times in the past on various concepts in the past including creating The Attack of the Pickled Tomatoes Burger for [Promotional live performance of a TV show] at the Capitol City Theater. We served 100 people in 60 at the [sitcom filming] lunch. That’s physically impossible but somehow we did it quite a few times.
A fun anecdote about Ren Hoek’s KK experience from the soft launch; on training week numerous times I brought concerns about being seafood allergy safe that were dismissed. As mentioned earlier the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter, one each of which seafood never touches. Before the soft launch Chef Stimpy from Bluffington insisted all customers just kind of know everything is prone to be seafood contaminated. Well, chef Ren was a customer that night and this absolutely was not communicated to customers. He claimed to have a slight seafood allergy and was not informed of what the crab soup was. In reality he does not have a seafood allergy. I didn’t discuss the seafood issue with Ren, separately we noticed egregious violations of food safety standards and we each responded in our own way. The soft launch service was so awful that night Chef Ren walked out of a free meal to pay for some ramen, never to return to Bikini Bottom. I attribute this oversight, and many of Bikini Bottom’s (and probably O-Town’s) problems to hubris over the Bluffington location.
Chef Chokey would also be hesitant to join the KK team. It will cost a finder’s fee just for me to reveal Chef Chokey’s name. Chef Chokey was a lead in the rapid expansion of Chokey Chicken restaurants. He opened numerous restaurants and was big on the philosophy that each restaurant must have its own personality in order to fit the unique local culture and the variety of working spaces. This is in direct conflict with the KK way that everything must be exactly like the Bluffington location no matter what. There was only one Chokey Chicken location that had the full menu, Chokey Springfield. Chokey Springfield had a large space which was intelligently designed to accommodate such a large menu. The KK menu is all over the place, closing in on 50 menu items which comes up as a failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale. This is not the only area KK comes up as a major failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale.
Has anyone in this company ever worked festival traffic before? Does anyone have the experience of working next to a major venue with 8000 seats before this one? The way Bikini Bottom handles Dimmadome services it certainly appears that the decision-makers fall on the wrong side of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Having all 50 items available during such massive traffic is completely asinine. An unwillingness to serve a partial menu is hindering the Bikini Bottom kitchen staff. I have worked festival traffic before, and Dimmadome events bring in festival traffic. I’ve worked inside a festival whose line never ended but every customer got their order in 5 minutes or less because the line kept flowing with only four items on the menu as that’s what was warranted at the B-Sharps Music Festival. I refuse to be set up for failure the way Bikini Bottom sets up Dimmadome services for failure. The entire week of concerts in [summer] 2022 I was set up for failure every day (it was after this I modified my availability to keep my sanity and my paycheck). When I brought my concerns about running efficiently during Dimmadome services I was labeled a B-worker for the first time in my employment history by Icus and Krabs. It is that moment which I was either going to holler at them both for being 2-dimensional thinkers who were obviously unqualified for the positions they accepted in this company, or just put my head down. If Bikini Bottom has a successful concert day service, hail your team because they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. They swam with concrete shoes. I often wonder how many customers had bad experiences and never returned after concert days. A Dimmadome service should have no more than 25 items and have one or two specials to divert traffic towards an area the kitchen can keep moving. An Open Cup Open Plate (OCOP) special for foot traffic is absolutely needed. When I suggested OCOP special, Heffer was intrigued by this idea and immediately named burgers as the special to keep foot traffic flowing. Smithers wouldn’t hear this idea, babbling on about what’s advertised instead of hearing out a sound idea. This prattle despite radio commercials having inaccurate hours and social media promoting Bikini Bottom’s steak tacos to this day. I always found Smithers to be a better fit as a middle management office pencil pusher than as a hands-on restaurant manager. Overall I find KK managers are selected to be automatons not to question their orders rather than critical thinkers who could take the restaurant to the next level. During brunch service is another period of time that must be modified to lessen the heft of items. Having a full menu that barely works plus brunch is so deep into Chum Bucket territory, in my opinion we now have to use the Tropic Thunder scale of full retard to describe a 60-plus-item brunch. Chef Ren hired back a Chum Bucket cook who had a mental breakdown and stormed out during brunch (plus full menu) service because Ren knew the employee was justified and upper management was completely unreasonable in their brunch requests. It’s not just questionable decisions that hinder KK staff but improper equipment as well.
This is the first restaurant I have worked at which uses a touch screen on the line rather than tickets. From day one I found this to be technology for technology’s sake inferior to tickets. Chef Ren forced a new Chum Bucket location to rip out touch screens from the line and bring in ticket printers because of the higher efficiency. The touch screen is a great idea for expo, not the entire line. My biggest gripe is that each station does not get all the information. Early on I was regularly yelled at for not staggering my items, well I can’t see the rest of the order; a problem I have never had with a ticket system. Touchscreen software is also much more prone to errors and glitches. When I reported an error during a heavy service Icus and Krabs blamed my skills on the line without looking into the malfunctioning screen further. It was glitchy for weeks before the two finally investigated and corrected the issue I brought to their attention long before. Those two gave me an immense amount of ammunition to dislike them in the opening weeks until I stopped caring. The issue I had with being unable to scroll beyond the bottom of a completely filled screen has returned and is still there as of [my last day]. There are also important details that get buried. A frequent meltdown I have is that sauce on side requests and other important modifications are not capitalized or in red to catch the eye as they have been at jobs with tickets. These details get lost on Bikini Bottom’s touchscreens. A sauce on side salad made by me will be wrong 50% of the time because of the instructions being camouflaged in a word salad. This goes for coleslaw on the side and drizzle on the side too. Drizzle in general I dislike because of the pretentiousness, but whatever, drizzle it on top rather than putting it in a ramekin if you must. There are numerous places where Bikini Bottom overcomplicates matters for reasons I cannot ascertain.
Why is there such a large variety of plates? Why do we have a medium circular plate for salads and a large bowl for salads with protein? This just confuses the simplest of matters. I was told this is done because of the high price hike with protein, a larger presentation was desired. But that price hike is the price of protein in 2023. Bikini Bottom should put all salads in the large bowls and use all the circular salad plates in a skeet shooting promotion. I understand why we have both a circular platter plate and a pizza plate but in my restaurant the circular platter plates must go...or maybe the large platter plate instead. Is the large platter used for anything besides fish and chips? That extra space on fish and chips plates are only used for side sauces which can easily be delivered to customers on small circular plates. What is the medium oval plate doing that the medium rectangular plate isn’t? And vice versa. Why do they both exist when they are approximately the same size? Let me write an internet commercial where we break a lot of plates so we can get some logical use out of the superfluous plates. I don’t care which one is destroyed, the ovals or the rectangles but one of them is an unnecessary redundancy in excess done again. Speaking of commercials, the unimaginative radio advertisements for Bikini Bottom are doing little to lure new customers to the restaurant.
The three radio spots I have heard on KBBL all sound like they were produced by a marketing 101 student who wasn’t a natural in the field. The voiceover actor was so uncharismatic I was certain someone from the office was chosen at random to read the copy. Then I heard that same voiceover actor selling pool supplies on another radio station so I concluded that Bikini Bottom must have hired the cheapest guy in town to produce the most basic of commercials. Perhaps there is someone else you could hire more qualified to voiceover these commercials, an actor with experience on an Emmy award winning cable program whose unique place in the film industry was written about on [website] would be a much wiser choice to be the voice of the KK? (See external link). In the ad there was no catchphrase, no jingle, no music whatsoever. This simple approach to commercials lacks the pizazz to catch the attention of radio listeners. The first two commercials I heard would get a C in marketing 101 as they were nearly the exact same and accomplished the bare minimum to sell wares, the third one would maybe get a B- because there was some sort of attempted gimmick with the voiceover whispering to represent thinking inside his head about what he was going to eat later at KK. Not only does this commercial give no reason for the man to think inside his head, the outside world still and unpopulated. To see what a creative person would do with this concept see the attached script. There is an attempted slogan that could become part of an ad campaign. Commercials aren’t the only lost opportunities in promotions.
There are numerous promotional celebrity tie-ins at Bikini Bottom’s fingertips with Dimmadome performers. The restaurant could have a Phish sandwich as a OCOP special on [Phish performance dates], or a pretentious Jelly Roll on [Jelly Roll performance date]. Has anyone reached out to the Dimmadome theater or talent management for approved special menu items to be promoted inside the dome? Perhaps a special 20% discount to ticket holders? Is Bikini Bottom capable of getting permits to extend Open Container hours beyond [cutoff time] for an afterparty or block party throughout a Dimmadome concert? I see additional marketing opportunities left on the table for all new locations.
I believe new KK locations are missing out on a marketing campaign by opening with the entire cumbersome 50 item menu. This is a staggering amount of menu items which is too much to ask new staffers to perfect all at once. After a few months expanding the menu by approximately ten items is catching to customers who haven’t returned after a single visit or infrequently stop into KK. There are ten new food items that might appeal to them. Just like it appears KK doesn’t know what it’s looking for in a good commercial spot, this company doesn’t appear to recognize a talented from an untalented worker until it’s too late.
It is my understanding that KK had a headhunter to find Icus, the first Bikini Bottom kitchen manager. If it were up to me I’d hire someone to break the legs of that headhunter for bringing in a subpar kitchen lead. We are still attempting to recover from the lousy choices she made in the floor plan. If anybody responsible for Bikini Bottom’s floor plan is still giving input, stop them immediately. Once the doors were open to the public Icus had his head in the clouds to a point where I questioned if he saw the writing on the walls of an imminent demotion and stopped trying as a result. I had a full deck of 3x5 cards in an archaic powerpoint presentation bringing numerous concerns to light that he kept putting off listening to until he was fired. Those same cards were broken out for this essay. The second kitchen manager, Krumm, is a good lesson in honesty. According to Heffer, Krumm was given a bill of goods about how smoothly KK Bikini Bottom was running. Since Krumm stepped into a latrine pit which he was led to believe was a heated pool, he left in short time. Krumm also had plans to modify the menu but when his bosses told him to be a rodeo clown rather than a cowboy Krumm didn’t take too kindly to that. Meanwhile Heffer was the savior of the Bikini Bottom kitchen. I didn’t agree with every single decision he made, but I did with a majority of them. Heffer’s overhaul was such a blessing so I didn’t have to fiddle with the organization of 60% of the equipment anymore, only about 20% now. Too bad Heffer’s crippling depression came back after bashing his head into the wall out of frustration with the shackles KK restrained him with.
The current management team is enthusiastic but inexperienced. I see an accumulation of small infractions that might bring down Bikini Bottom’s health department rating significantly. I see the entire management team being inattentive or unaware about organizational issues. Whatever bureaucratic nonsense corporate tasks everyone with from the original sous chef Skeeter to Patty Mayonnaise that makes them walk away from the line between 11am and 1pm especially is infuriating. I have never been left alone on a multi-person line during peak hours so regularly, and I won’t tolerate it anymore. As much as I believe in his drive, I imagine our current kitchen manager SpongeBob will be let go after a disastrous service during the Dimmadome concert season that someone has to take the fall for. Chef Ren and I could help bring experience in management and dealing with festival traffic...if corporate does not force us to follow a failing strategy.
After working nearly a year at KK you may ask why I’m not proficient on more than one station. Excellent question. First, when I move over to another station the squeeze bottles are never labeled (until Stu Pickles was hired, now they’re sometimes labeled), so I always looked at the glut of unlabeled sauces and I’d go back to my station because the basic information is missing (also a health department violation for having numerous unlabeled, unchilled bottles). In his first week the new general manager Stu Pickles pulled out 90% of the containers under the grill station because they were lacking labels despite an expected health department visit. The second reason for my menu ignorance is the mountain of prep for my own and upcoming shifts I have piled up on my station throughout service. My attention to detail appears to be next level with my ability to anticipate stocking all items for all shifts including the weeknd. The third reason I wouldn’t learn multiple stations is a defense against the afternoon conference calls. In [month] the Bikini Bottom line was unprepared for a busy post lunch because one cook was cut and our expo person was busy with a conference call. The two of us remaining on the line had a miserable slog through an unexpectedly busy afternoon. When I brought this up to Krabs he disregarded me, being a good bean counter he quoted the cost percentage. What he didn’t take into account was the missing expo person who could have jumped on the line and expo to help the understaffed two man team. That person was stuck on a conference call. Just recently I saw the company actively lose money because of this poorly thought-out meeting during business hours. A customer wanted to order a dessert that was 86ed but had been restocked by our prep cook an hour before. The server was unable to sell them their dessert because the only person in the building who could help un-86 an item was on a conference call. This conference call calamity is another bone-headed choice that speaks to a larger decision-making problem within the corporate structure. Finish the conference calls by 10:45 am eastern.
In conclusion, I quit my position as a lowly grunt for this company because of its unwarranted perplexing dance steps and below average management. I don’t care how much varnish and lacquer is supplied, I refuse to polish this Bikini Bottom turd as a manager or full-time employee under the current circumstances. You would have to take a pickaxe to the floor, possibly relocate the bathrooms to add a door to the dishpit, get rid of the cheap low boy that doesn’t properly drain excess water, and Mr Gorbachov knock down that wall in the middle of the kitchen to give the proper amount of space to work. Or simply reduce the menu to 36 items (including sides) because that’s the amount of space this dreadful design can comfortably output. Would Gordon Ramsay compliment KK for all the unnecessary convoluted complications abound, or would Chef Ramsay yell about keeping it simple and demand KK chuck it in the flip? Thanks to the numerous pop up restaurants I have been a part of and the hectic world of trade shows/conventions, I may have more experience than anyone else employed by KK in smoothly opening a new location. I would enjoy being part of the opening team to ensure new locations have an efficiency Bikini Bottom lacks, and to keep upper management away from their worst instincts. Work with me and Chef Ren and we will help you become a well oiled machine like Chokey Chicken instead of the Chum Bucket cesspit Bikini Bottom currently embodies.
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2023.06.01 17:20 CroninChris Breaking News: Christmas Tree Shops Taking Out a Loan to Finance The Company

Link to the video:
Law360 (May 31, 2023, 5:09 PM EDT) -- Christmas Tree Shops got final approval Wednesday from a Delaware bankruptcy judge to take out $45 million in Chapter 11 financing after resolving objections from landlords concerned the retail chain had not budgeted enough cash to pay its rent.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas M. Moran approved the financing after Christmas Tree Shops agreed to set aside enough cash to make a partial payment on the rent its landlords say it owes for May before its Chapter 11 case ends.
Christmas Tree Shops filed for Chapter 11 protection May 5 with about $44.4 million in secured debt, $90 million in unsecured debt and plans to close 10 of its 82 stores and reorganize.
At Wednesday's hearing, the company was seeking final permission to tap into $45 million in debtor-in-possession, or DIP, from Eclipse Business Capital and ReStore Capital, along with approval for procedures for closing the stores and disposing of their inventories.
The motions had brought objections from the unsecured creditors' committee, but counsel for Christmas Tree Shops said it, the committee and the lenders had reached a deal to resolve the objections, which included an increased percentage of certain sale proceeds for the debtor and an increased budget for the committee.
This left objections to the DIP from multiple Christmas Tree Shops landlords, who said the budget in the DIP did not include the approximately $4.7 million in post-bankruptcy "stub" rent they are owed for May. The proposal instead called for the expense to be paid out of the exit financing the company will receive when it leaves Chapter 11, they said.
The landlords argued they were at risk of not getting the payment, saying the debtor has not shown it will be able to pay the "administrative" expenses — such as legal fees, salaries and rent — that it will incur during the bankruptcy.
"We're looking for some assurance of payment. The risk of administrative insolvency shouldn't be entirely on the landlords," said Robert L. LeHane, counsel for the landlords.
Counsel for the debtors and the DIP lenders argued the company does not have the cash to make the May payments without slipping into a liquidation and that the company is seeking to exit bankruptcy within four months.
"This is not a long period to wait," Christmas Tree Shops counsel Harold Murphy said.
The landlords argued that if they don't get a payment guarantee, the DIP order should not include a lender-requested waiver of section 506(c) of the Bankruptcy Code, which says debtors can't be stopped from using collateral for expenses involved in maintaining their assets.
Judge Moran said he would not require the payment of the rent, but that he would also not approve the waiver.
"I'm not going to permit a 506(c) waiver where there's no provision for stub rent," he said.
The hearing adjourned for two hours, and returned with a deal under which the 506(c) waiver will be allowed and the debtor will make weekly payments into an escrow fund sufficient to pay half the stub rent by the projected end of the case.
"It's what we were looking for, some fairness and balancing of the risks," landlord counsel Douglas Rosner said.
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2023.06.01 17:19 AltExplainer Cardano: An in-depth look at its advantages an disadvantages

Cardano is perhaps one of the more controversial cryptocurrencies in the space. Many people absolutely adore it and believe it’s the future. Many completely despise it. In this post I will go over the advantages and disadvantages of Cardano
If you prefer to read on substack, here is the link


Parallel processing from the UTXO model

There are 2 ways to store users’ balances. The simpler and more intuitive model is the account model. This model is like how you have an account with a balance at a bank account. It’s very simple and easy to understand.
The other model is the UTXO model which is what Cardano uses. This model is more like a list of coins with the current owner of the coins. When users want to spend a coin, they will destroy the coin(s) they own and create new coin(s) with new owner(s). The new coin(s) need to have the same value as the destroyed coin(s).
This model is more complicated to understand at first, but when it comes to parallel processing, the UTXO model is much simpler. If you have 2 transactions trying to spend different coins, you can easily have different cores of a processor process each transaction. It’s only in cases where two transactions are trying to spend the same coin that you need to have agreement between the nodes on the order they came in.
With the account model it is more complicated to parallelize transactions but newer chains like Algorand and Solana have done it which makes the UTXO model less of an advantage compared to before.

UXTO’s and state bloat

The UTXO model also seems like the easier model to prevent state bloat. Cardano has set it up so that the more data you want to store in the UTXO set, the more ADA is required in the UTXO. This sets a limit on the maximum state size so prevents the state from growing too large. State bloat is a big issue with EVM based chains so this is a big advantage.

Native assets

Compared to the typical ERC20 style smart contract for managing secondary tokens in the network, native assets are a nicer solution.
Native assets have a much better UX as they are treated as first class citizens of the chain and don’t need things like setting approvals which is an annoyance with ERC20 tokens.
They are also much cheaper to use than ERC20 tokens as they are just a field in the UTXO instead of a smart contract that you need to interact with.

Easy to verify (Good decentralisation)

It’s very easy to verify the Cardano blockchain. Block sizes are small and occur roughly every 20 seconds. To verify the correct staker posted the block, you just have to verify a simple verifiable random function. This means you can run a Cardano node on lightweight and accessible hardware which allows for high decentralisation.
Currently the node specs might actually be too low. One of Cardano’s main selling points is using the UTXO model so it can do parallel transactions however nodes only require a 2 core CPU. Parallel processing is not much of an advantage with only 2 cores so I’d expect node specs to increase a bit in the future.

Low to zero inflation rate

Cardano’s current inflation rate is only 3% and is expected to slowly drop to 0% by around the year 2050. This inflation rate is already pretty low so gives Cardano good tokenomics for potentially being a store of value.

Fairly good distribution

It’s not as well distributed as Bitcoin or Ethereum but compared to the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, Cardano tokens are well distributed. Distribution tends to get better over time and generally more distribution happens when the price goes up. ADA is now a fairly old token and has gone through multiple hype cycles so should be fairly well distributed.
The initial distribution of tokens is not bad either. Again, not as good as Bitcoin or Ethereum who mainly distributed via mining but compared to most cryptocurrencies, not too many tokens went to the founders and VC’s. Most tokens were distributed via a public ICO which is the second best way after mining.

Large development fund

If you are not the first mover who already has the majority of developers, having the funds to develop the protocol and ecosystem is important.
Network effects are incredibly important for blockchains. Dapps and users attract more dapps and users to a chain. However it’s incredibly difficult to attract developers and users away from the status quo in the first place so being able to tempt them with money to bootstrap the ecosystem is a valid strategy. Cardano has a sustainable source of funds to do this through its treasury which gets built up through fees.

Designed for robustness

Cardano uses a consensus method called Ouroboros which is based on the longest chain style of consensus methods. Longest chain methods tend to be more robust than BFT based methods as they don’t need to receive a vote from every single participant to stay live and instead just use probabilistic finality based on how the recent participants have voted with their blocks. BFT style methods will shut down if more than 34% of the participants are offline but longest chain methods will keep going even if 99% are offline, albeit at a much slower speed.



When you use the longest chain model for consensus, you get improved liveness but generally sacrifice speed. However, even taking that into account, Cardano is slow to reach a solid level of finality.
Consensus methods are voting models. With longest chain models, every time there is a fork, each validator votes on the chain they want to win by adding a block to the chain they prefer. Whichever chain ends up longest will have had the most votes so will be the winner.
The problem for Cardano is that only 1 validator votes every ~20 seconds and each vote doesn’t have much voting weight behind it. Ethereum also uses the longest chain model but each block added has many validators attesting to it so has much more voting weight behind it.
With Cardano, every epoch, a random set of validators, based on their stake, are selected to produce blocks/votes. These chosen validators will have 100% of the voting power within this epoch. For Cardano, an epoch 21,600 blocks. This means there are 21,600 votes over the epoch, each one represents 1/21600 or 0.0046% of the voting power for the epoch.
Ethereum has 100% of validators split into 32 equal committees every epoch and each committee is responsible for producing a block/vote. For Ethereum, an epoch is 32 blocks. This means each block represents 1/32 or 3.1% of the voting power.
It would take almost 4 hours for Cardano to have the same amount of voting weight on a block as Ethereum does after one 12 second block making it 1200x slower.
This method of comparison probably isn’t the best but it’s very hard to find a good way to model the voting weight for each Cardano block.

Low Throughput

Cardano is currently not scalable at all and is in fact one of the lowest throughput chains in the space being only able to handle around 7tps of basic transactions and more like 1-4tps when smart contract transactions are mixed in. Bitcoin which is known for low throughput does 7tps.
Increasing the node specs and future updates like Input Endorsers should increase the throughput significantly so it should get better over time. However, it’s unlikely to compete with high throughput chains like Algorand or Solana unless it makes the same sacrifices to decentralisation as them.

Lack of actual finality

Longest chain models do come with the major advantage of being robust but this comes at the cost of only having probabilistic finality.
More modern PoS longest chain models such as the ones used in Ethereum, Polkadot and Near, tend to use an Ebb and Flow model where they use the longest chain model to produce blocks but also have a BFT finality gadget running on top of it to provide finality. These models get the benefits of the longest chain model whilst also being able to provide finality.
Cardano does not have this and should think about adding a finality gadget on top of Ouroboros. There’s little to no downside of the Ebb and Flow model compared to a pure longest chain model.

No priority mechanism

Cardano has static fees. If there are more transactions than the network can handle then people don’t pay higher fees but instead join a queue and just have to wait. The mempool for Cardano is not that big so the queue gets full quickly. This means people have to keep posting their transaction over and over until there is room in the mempool again. There is no in-built method to guarantee your transaction reaches the blockchain during times of congestion.
If this scenario were to play out for a significant length of time, you will end up with users contacting stake pools directly and giving them a fee to guarantee their transactions will be included in blocks. If there is demand for block space, people will be willing to pay extra to get it, even if it’s outside of the protocol.
Fee markets are inescapable if there is not enough supply to match demand so whilst Cardano may not have an on-chain fee market, an off-chain fee market would develop if people actually used the chain. If a fee market is inevitable, it’s better to have it on chain where it’s transparent and fair.

Concurrency issue

Every block, each UTXO can only be spent by 1 person as when they are spent, they get destroyed. For simple transactions this is fine. If you own the UTXO then being the only person who can spend it is not an issue.
However smart contract UTXO’s are UTXO’s that can be spent by anyone. If more than one person within a block wants to interact with a DEX to buy a token, they can’t. The first person will spend the UTXO destroying it so the second person can no longer interact with it. This means you can’t have multiple people concurrently interacting with a smart contract per block.
To get around this limitation, apps have had to force users to interact with them off chain using centralised services. Here they are more prone to censorship or things like sandwich attacks.
The concurrency problem is not something that is unavoidable with the UTXO model. FuelLabs have created a smart contract language using UTXO’s that don’t suffer from the same issue but they sacrificed being completely deterministic to do it. Cardano could go in the same direction to get rid of this issue. The current situation where users are forced off chain already sacrifices determinism for users so FuelLabs’ UTXO model seems like the better option.

Hydra as the main scaling method

If you are unfamiliar with Hydra, I have a video explaining how it works here:
Hydra can give potentially unlimited scaling between a small group of users as long as they are all online, have powerful enough computers to do it and are in complete agreement with each other. However the use cases for this are limited.
It’s very difficult to keep a large group of people in complete agreement over something for long periods of time and you are always prone to trolls who just like to disagree for no reason. This limits the number of people per Hydra head to around 10 people which limits its use cases.
Many dapps have community owned assets like liquidity pools which users interact with for things like trading or taking loans from. You can’t move these pools to hydra heads so the heads are limited to whatever assets the group of users bring with them. This means that the majority of defi is not possible on Hydra.
State channels like the lightning network (BTC) and Raiden (ETH) have largely been a failure but it looks like Cardano is still pursuing them heavily with Hydra. It’s hard to see why Cardano has so much confidence in a technology that doesn’t have a good track record.
Hydra is meant to be made up of two parts, Hydra heads and Hydra tails. Very little information has been revealed on Hydra tails so maybe they have something up their sleeve that will solve the problems with Hydra heads but we will have to wait and see.

Sidechains for scaling

Sidechains also seem like a big part of Cardano’s scaling roadmap. Sidechains don’t share security with Cardano and each sidechain needs to find its own security. This is incredibly difficult. Not only do side chains need a token with a large market cap, they need it to be well distributed as well if they want a good level of security. This is not an easy problem so the number of secure side chains will be limited.
Again, this is another technology that the rest of the crypto ecosystem has tried and deemed not good enough but Cardano seems to be spending a lot of resources pursuing them.

No slashing

If you are a staker then no slashing will be an advantage for UX but staking is meant to be about security first and foremost. and slashing brings added security to the protocol. Proof of stake protocols that don’t implement slashing are more open to bribe attacks or collusion between validators. In Cardano, if a validator adds a block to 2 conflicting forks there is no punishment.
If consensus methods are voting models and validators are being paid to choose a side, shouldn't there be a punishment if they vote for both sides?

Delegated stake being more prone to bribery attacks

If I am running a staking pool I may have staked with just 1 ADA out of my own tokens and have 64,000,000 ADA delegated to my validator node. In this scenario, I will have little alignment with keeping Cardano secure and yet I will have quite a bit of power within the ecosystem.
If an attacker came along with a large bribe for helping with an attack, it would be rational behaviour for me to accept the bribe. I don’t have a lot of tokens locked up that can be slashed and I don’t care if my 1 ADA loses some value.
No slashing combined with the majority of stake being delegated and not owned by the validators makes Cardano more prone to bribe attacks than other proof of stake protocols that do have slashing and don’t have delegation.

Untested by actual users

Cardano may spend a significant amount of time researching the best ways to do things but this has meant it doesn’t really have real world experience on what is needed. When I look at Ethereum or Solana’s roadmaps I see things addressing MEV and fee markets due to the unpredicted ways in which users used their chains.
For Cardano there’s nothing on MEV. Barely anyone is using Cardano so they don’t have a problem with it but if they ever start to get an active DeFi economy they will realise it’s inevitable and something that will need to be researched. We’ll then have to wait years for a solution to be researched and built.
When I look at Ethereum L2’s, I can see they already tried building state channel solutions and plasma chains which failed. Them failing with these experiments completely changed their roadmap and was one of the best things that happened because these failures eventually developed into rollups.
Cardano decided it wanted to use state channels with Hydra years ago and is only trying it now. The ideas it is developing haven’t actually been tested in the real world.


Despite listing a lot of disadvantages here, I actually like Cardano. The tokens are fairly well distributed, they prioritise keeping node specs modest and they value robustness. Their core values are great.
They also actually try different things. They aren’t trying to recreate Ethereum with slight improvements. They have their own methods for trying to achieve the same goals.
Unfortunately, different is not always better and they have been very slow to implement their ideas. To me when I look at Cardano I see a chain that is trying to become the ideal cryptocurrency from the ideas available in 2015. The rest of the space has largely moved on from experimenting with side chains and state channels but Cardano has not.
So whilst the core values may be good, they are too slow at implementing them. The rest of the space is racing ahead. By the time Cardano will have completed its roadmap and realised it’s not good enough, other projects will already be far ahead.
Looking at it as an investment, Cardano has largely lived on hype. Reality will never match the hype so when it launched smart contracts that didn’t solve all the world’s problems, it was seen as a disappointment.
I struggle to see Cardano being able to generate as much hype as it did in previous bull cycles. It can no longer live on the promise of smart contracts and Hydra solving everything as these both now exist on main net and neither have lived up to the hype. For this reason, I see it struggling to reach the same heights in the next bull cycle unless it gains significant adoption.
If you enjoyed this post, check out my previous posts for other cryptocurrencies. I’m planning to create posts like this for all the major layer 1 cryptocurrencies so subscribe to my substack if you don’t want to miss them.
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2023.06.01 17:19 AutoModerator [Full Course] Agency Navigator - Iman Gadzhi

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2023.06.01 17:18 gggggfskkk My house is recovering from covid, how to know when you’re no longer contagious?

My grandma was the first one to get covid and because she was brain washed by taking a million covid booster shots she thought covid was impossible for her to get. So she refused to take a covid test and continued to not quarantine/spread it to the rest of us. We all got sick shortly after.
The only one who has been completely negative and not sick is my mom. She has been sleeping in a different room and staying away completely from all of us.
My grandfather was sick with covid and has since tested negative after having it.
My dad is on day 8 and still has some symptoms and is getting fainter lines but still testing positive.
But my grandma she tested positive today and it’s been more than a week since she’s been sick, is she still contagious? She still coughs but claims it’s her allergies (she’s very much been in denial about this the whole time).
From what I researched, if you take a test every 48 hours and get two negatives sequentially 48 hours apart, you should no longer have covid in your system. But I’ve also researched that sometimes you can still test positive for months as it’s still lingering in your system.
How would you know you aren’t going to spread it anymore? How would you know you’re not contagious? I really do not want my mom to get sick.
I’m only on day 6 and haven’t tested yet as I’m still feeling sick. When I start to feel better I’ll see if I’m still positive.
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2023.06.01 17:18 dumbdonutboy Recently inherited $20k, best option for securing my future?

Hello, I'm 24 and recently inherited $10k with another $10k from life insurance following my mother's death. Due to circumstances, I'm going to be evicted from the home where I lived with my mother now that she's no longer here, so that leads to my question.
I know I need to move, and I live in Florida where even a studio apartment is comically expensive at $1800/mo so I'm most definitely moving states. Would it be in my best interest to:
A. Move to a cheap state, rent a place to live and invest around $5-10k into my IRA.
B. Move to a cheap state and a buy a house using the $20k as down payment?
I'm open to any other suggestions as well, these two just seemed like the most feasible choices for me if I'd like to really to buckle down and get my life sorted now. I'd been taking care of my mom for 3 years prior to her death, so I never really had a chance to get my life together as an adult and now is the time to do so.
Thank you!
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2023.06.01 17:18 CroninChris Breaking News: Christmas Tree Shops Taking Out a Loan to Finance The Company

Link to the video:
Law360 (May 31, 2023, 5:09 PM EDT) -- Christmas Tree Shops got final approval Wednesday from a Delaware bankruptcy judge to take out $45 million in Chapter 11 financing after resolving objections from landlords concerned the retail chain had not budgeted enough cash to pay its rent.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Thomas M. Moran approved the financing after Christmas Tree Shops agreed to set aside enough cash to make a partial payment on the rent its landlords say it owes for May before its Chapter 11 case ends.
Christmas Tree Shops filed for Chapter 11 protection May 5 with about $44.4 million in secured debt, $90 million in unsecured debt and plans to close 10 of its 82 stores and reorganize.
At Wednesday's hearing, the company was seeking final permission to tap into $45 million in debtor-in-possession, or DIP, from Eclipse Business Capital and ReStore Capital, along with approval for procedures for closing the stores and disposing of their inventories.
The motions had brought objections from the unsecured creditors' committee, but counsel for Christmas Tree Shops said it, the committee and the lenders had reached a deal to resolve the objections, which included an increased percentage of certain sale proceeds for the debtor and an increased budget for the committee.
This left objections to the DIP from multiple Christmas Tree Shops landlords, who said the budget in the DIP did not include the approximately $4.7 million in post-bankruptcy "stub" rent they are owed for May. The proposal instead called for the expense to be paid out of the exit financing the company will receive when it leaves Chapter 11, they said.
The landlords argued they were at risk of not getting the payment, saying the debtor has not shown it will be able to pay the "administrative" expenses — such as legal fees, salaries and rent — that it will incur during the bankruptcy.
"We're looking for some assurance of payment. The risk of administrative insolvency shouldn't be entirely on the landlords," said Robert L. LeHane, counsel for the landlords.
Counsel for the debtors and the DIP lenders argued the company does not have the cash to make the May payments without slipping into a liquidation and that the company is seeking to exit bankruptcy within four months.
"This is not a long period to wait," Christmas Tree Shops counsel Harold Murphy said.
The landlords argued that if they don't get a payment guarantee, the DIP order should not include a lender-requested waiver of section 506(c) of the Bankruptcy Code, which says debtors can't be stopped from using collateral for expenses involved in maintaining their assets.
Judge Moran said he would not require the payment of the rent, but that he would also not approve the waiver.
"I'm not going to permit a 506(c) waiver where there's no provision for stub rent," he said.
The hearing adjourned for two hours, and returned with a deal under which the 506(c) waiver will be allowed and the debtor will make weekly payments into an escrow fund sufficient to pay half the stub rent by the projected end of the case.
"It's what we were looking for, some fairness and balancing of the risks," landlord counsel Douglas Rosner said.
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2023.06.01 17:18 Youkilledpaula I would dispose of all my current belongings and start fresh.

I kinda have a tendency to buy things over the year, some are essentials, some are stuff I’m never gonna use again. Some are stuff I **haven’t** used again so far. It’s sort of a hoarding problem, but nothing near what you would see on those hoarding TV shows. Like bruh if I have some trash lying around, I throw it out lmao. Do the house cleaning, all that. Just the occasional things that sit on the couch, and you chuck it on the bed if ya wanna sit there. Vice versa. Chuck it in the closet so it‘s out of the way.
Anything NOT essential . I would biff and start clean. Become minimalistic and admire all the available space my “crap” isn’t piled up on. Donate all my clothes, buy new ones. Donate all the stuff I plan to biff.
I’d live that life with all the basic technology essentials like tablet/computephone/TV. Buy full on new kitchen appliances and all that stuff. Love my cooking. I would move to Australia and rent out an apartment on a floor >70. Looking at around 70 thousand AUD a year in rent (give or take), quite cheap if you’re a millionaire. I would buy an electric car. And I would invest money into trying to achieve my career goals I have in mind so if that works out, then I‘m easily confirmed/set for life with the additional earnings. I would work out in the gyms they have in the building, achieve physique goals. Enjoy the infinity pools with the amazing view of 70+ stories high. Enjoy the gourmet service of the chefs here n there.
Yeah funnily enough, I wouldn‘t have a shopping spree type addiction. Anything that can be purchased virtually, I’d buy that over physically. I would definitely go visit my dad and told him I won the lottery. Probably would be the one of the first things I do (tied with financial advisor and lawyer). My dad definitely won’t be that stereotype who betrays you and sucks the money out of you. He’s worked his whole life and is past retirement age but with some unlucky investments, he still has to work 7 more years to pay the rest off. He loves travelling and does it maybe once a year. He’s never taken sick leave. Telling my mum, brother and sister would be a little more complicated. Can definitely see them being greedy and wanting me to buy them everything. Since they don‘t live with me, I’ll just say some white lies that I’ve started working over full time and making hella more than I was previously. Chuck em thousand dollars here n there at a steady pace so they don’t suspect anything.
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