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Nearly Impossible Odds

2015.06.06 21:01 RoonilWazilbob Nearly Impossible Odds

Nearly impossible feats of achievement, those with great degree of difficulty or incredible odds.

2008.03.20 20:38 Oil, gas, and other products that keep the world flowing

Oil, gas, seismic science, engineering, and cool pictures of rigs. Everything you need to know about exploration, recoverable assets and pipelines.

2013.05.15 07:25 Willo444 Oddly Satisfying

For those little things that are inexplicably satisfying.

2023.06.01 18:55 Boostaroo [SELLING] 🦘 Boostaroo 🦘 🌎 NA - EU - OCE 🌎 Unranked → Grandmaster Solo - Duo - TFT - Wild Rift - Coaching ❤️ Loyalty Program ❤️ EST. 2017

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Boosters requirements:
Servers: NA, OCE, EU, JP
Coach requirements:
Diamond 1+ with coaching experience (Any regions)
Any questions or information not covered here can be answered on discord.
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2023.06.01 18:54 allstater2007 Elon Musk the subject of third amendment in $258B Dogecoin lawsuit. "Musk is again being accused of using Twitter posts, paying influencers, and using his 2021 appearance on Saturday Night Live, along with other “publicity stunts,” to surge the price of Dogecoin and sell it for profit. "

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2023.06.01 18:54 Sufficient-Top2183 I love cocktails but I hate the prices in Vegas…

(well NYC is no better)What do you guys do to save money on cocktails (besides gamble…I don’t gamble but seems to me that the few times I ordered a drink it cost me way more than $20)
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2023.06.01 18:54 TheBlur11902 Just in Time!

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2023.06.01 18:54 scoopthenews Top 10 Hacks To Make Money Online From Home

Are you the one who wants to stand for all of your expenses? If yes, then you can be the one with the help of latest tech news and in turn with the help of your skills. No wonder each one of us has some or the other skills at present time. All we need is to come out with the right track. In turn earning money can be easy.
but before starting with the work you need to own comfort. So get the best comfort.
However, at present time, there are number of methods available online and offline as well to earn money in the easiest method. This means, Top 10 Hacks To Make Money Online From Home- Tech News.
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Earnings- sale price of $2.99 means a royalty of $2.09.
At present time content writing and web development job role has tons of potentials. If you have one of those then you can work for different companies towards enrolling you as a freelancer. hence this is one of the best way to earn money online right from your home.
Earnings- $51,000-$80,000
Adverting your podcast is also what trends is setting to and hence podcast is one of those. Choose your favorite topic and get started to circulate the information you want to. This is becoming one of the best way to earn money online.
Earnings- $500 to $900
But what’s more? Yes this is not the end as there are many other ways to earn money online and in easiest manner so READ MORE HERE
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2023.06.01 18:54 MatsuoManh BSM - Am I missing something?

I bought into Black Stone Minerals ($BSM) a couple of months ago. While it is not a "growth", the dividends provide a nice return. I look at them as a "defensive" component of my portfolio. Whatdaya think?
What they do & who they are:
Black Stone Minerals owns and manages oil and natural gas mineral interests. It owns mineral interests in approximately 16.8 million gross acres, nonparticipating royalty interests in 16.8 million gross acres, and overriding royalty interests in 1.8 million gross acres located in 41 states in the United States. Black Stone Minerals, L.P. was founded in 1876 and is based in Houston, Texas.
Current price: $15.77 / share
Currently on track for paying a 12.35% dividend this year.
0 Net debt.
P/E (forward): 8.68
Market cap: $3.3B
The company hedges oil & gas, to provide predictable results. It is a “limited partnership”. I went deep at $15.00. I see the main risk is the price of oil/gas, but it seems like their active hedging of oil & gas mitigates a big downward movement.
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2023.06.01 18:54 T_Q_L Optimizing Discover Q3 categories

Just wondering how people are planning to get the most out of the upcoming gas and digital wallet categories for Discover Q3.
Obviously you can use Apple Pay to get 5% cash back in places you normally wouldn’t, but what about places that don’t accept digital wallets?
How about buying gift cards at staples (possibly without an activation fee) and using your phone to pay at checkout? Then using those cards at the places where you can’t pay with Discovedigital wallets (Costco, insurance, utilities, etc)
Curious to see what ideas or strategies people have!
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2023.06.01 18:53 AdaptivePerfection Need to dynamically update the price of 80,000 books from a website

I have 80,000 books total split up into groups of 100 or so to represent a shelf in a warehouse. I would like to price check a whole shelf of them once every few months from a particular book selling website. If I could somehow connect the price of these 80,000 books from this website to my excel sheet and manually check the price when I want to, that'd be ideal.
The issue I'm running into looking into the cost of services to do this is that I don't need to refresh the price of the books often. Maybe once every few months. Most services seem to be oriented towards many queries a month, but instead I need to do it infrequently, so the price becomes pretty outrageous for my needs.
Anyone have ideas?
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2023.06.01 18:53 mothernatureminerals Happy Pride month loves! Enjoy 20% all products in my pride month sale collection on my website! No code needed, price discount reflected in cart! Happy shopping my lovely LGBTQIA loves! Crystal website: 🛍

Happy Pride month loves! Enjoy 20% all products in my pride month sale collection on my website! No code needed, price discount reflected in cart! Happy shopping my lovely LGBTQIA loves! Crystal website: 🛍
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2023.06.01 18:53 UnluckyLeadership436 I just became a Star Rider for life...A day before it went on sale

Hiii, this situation is funny, but I'm kinda mad. The thing is, I was debating on whether to get the for life star rider subscription, and i finally did two days ago. Imagine my reaction when I log in the day after and see that all memberships have a discount! And I paid full price!!! I chose to laugh it off, but it makes me a little mad :)
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2023.06.01 18:52 fpl_nobody Is it guaranteed that I will get Messi and Mbappe card in that price?? I can wait few days if it’s for that price. It’s my first time buying like this.

Is it guaranteed that I will get Messi and Mbappe card in that price?? I can wait few days if it’s for that price. It’s my first time buying like this. submitted by fpl_nobody to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:52 Eastern_Demigod Oppo... Avoid it like the plague.

Hey guys/gals/helicopters,
Ive bought an Oppo find x 5 Smartphone at the end of March. Intially, I was almost happy with it. The phone came at a decent price (~435£), with an improvement in camera quality (came from Xiaomi mi 9, which has served me for roughly 3,5 years) a better quality screen with higher refresh rate, more space (256gb) and what seemed at a time, a great battery (4800mah) which charged really quick (with the help of the 80W charger).
However, after no more than a few days ive realized just how wrong i was. Battery was not holding charge nowhere near to what id expect from a new device. In order for it to be somewhat decent (wanted for the device last at least 1,5 days with semi-intense use) I had to get rid of all of the interesting, new (at least for me) and fun features (5g, 120hz refresh rate, auto brightness, Edge lightning, apps running in the background, high performance mode, ensure all apps are optimized, deny all of them access to the foreground, etc).
This removed most of what seemed to make the device unique (have i mentioned i turned off Bluetooth and kept the device in battery saver mode all the time?) but that gave me a possibility to get over 7 hours of screen on time. That was only possible with me using no pretty much no social media (i only do whatsapp and a little fb but still). With this the device only lasted about close to two days ( it might sound a lot, but keep in mind i would barely ever turn on the screen during that time, and of course used no always-on display).
Since i did not want to replace my phone any time soon ive only charged it when it dropped to 20% and unplugged it when it reached 80-99% (as most of you are probably aware its necessary to ensure the longevity of the battery).
So having pretty much everything off helped, I thought maybe the device would now be usable. However, heavens had other plans. A week or so ago, before the device has even reached 2 months of usage, ive noticed that if I charge the device to 99% and go about my day i would usually find it at 86-90% within 15-20 minutes! With screen only on for like 9 minutes, no apps running(aside crom those that i constantly have to turn off again and again) and even mobile data off! I have literally seen the percentage drop from 95 to 90 in under a second and then proceed dropping to 89....
Clearly seems that the device (already!) has some dead cells and thus are they not really charged (hence the jump). Ive seen that with the devices that been used for 2+ years but never in a new device! AcuuBattery seems to imply it still has 96% of battery health (though that quickly changed to 95% with just one more charge!!) so this is either the absolute worst device to plague the smartphone marketplace or ive been sold a defected/refurbished device.
To any one considering this (and potentially any) Oppo device i say STEER CLEAR my friend, unless you want to spend your free time dealing with never ending issues instead of actually using the device. Hands down the worst phone ive ever touched.
To anyone knowledgeable, is it possible to get a refund from Oppo after the initial 30 days? Is there anything i can do to get this sorted (without repairing it, definitely not worth it in this case)?
Something tells me OPP0 will want me to send them the device in order for them to "inspect it" for a couple of months before they actually do anything.
Ive waited for over a month for redmi note 12 pro+ to come out (after when my trusted xiaomi mi 9 took a dive into the water filled sink). I guess I should have kept on waiting.
Any sort of help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 18:52 wongchoy168 Inadequate response from FA flying from jfk - lax red eye re: drunk passenger

Flew D1 last night, red eye flight. The passenger in front of me about 3 hours into the flight started acting up...talking loudly and flailing and bouncing in her seat. I'm assuming since she seemed ok in the beginning of the flight, she was drunk. She woke my baby up, who can usually sleep a full 4 hours on this flight. There was a dog sitting on the floor across the aisle from her and she was bouncing and flailing around trying to pet the dog...I could feel every movement on my toes and this was also preventing me from sleeping. Also the guy sitting next to her...they were all over each other, it was gross. I got up and asked the FA to ask her to stop. The FA response was that's not usually our job. I was thinking wtf...this is a red eye flight...on both coasts it is the dead of the night. Why would you allow this passenger to behave this way?
I called to tell delta this happened and they extended 5000 skymiles to both me and my son, but I don't feel that is is adequate. Anyway, can anyone tell me how they usually handle a situation like this? I didn't want to bitchy on the phone to the delta person but that the same time, that FA was a total bitch to me when I asked for such a reasonable request. I feel like delta is just going more and more downhill...higher priced flights for shittier and shittier service. What a terrible letdown.
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2023.06.01 18:52 ASTL-Token Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) fell during Thursday morning trading.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) fell during Thursday morning trading, along with most of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin fell 1.81% to $27,163. The daily decline positioned the world's largest cryptocurrency as the biggest loser among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the last 24 hours, with a total loss of 2.31%. Litecoin followed suit, dropping 2.27% to $89.51. “Bitcoin needs to break the big $28,000 figure. To be optimistic, the weekly candle should close above $28,000,” said Konstantinas Sizovas, CFO of ASTL investment project. Ether fell 1.31% to $1,870 since 10:00 am, dropping below the $1,900 psychological benchmark.
XRP was the only green-colored token among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, climbing 0.91% to $0.5074 after rising yesterday. The coin began gaining momentum after Ripple advocate and supporter John Deaton tweeted on Sunday that the court would release internal documents from 2018 in which former Securities and Exchange Commission director William Hinman states that the Ether token sales were not transactions. with securities, which could undermine the regulator's case against Ripple Labs. The US Securities Regulator sued the San Francisco payment firm in December 2020, alleging that XRP was a security and that Ripple was conducting unrecorded securities transactions by selling the cryptocurrency.
Sale of secondary non-fungible bitcoin tokens (NFTs) rose by 5.42% to $4.6 million in the last 24 hours. Interest in Bitcoin NFTs is on the rise after the new BRC-721E token standard was launched on Monday. The token standard allows Ethereum-based ERC-721 NFTs to be permanently transferred to Bitcoin, where they become BRC-721E tokens. The launch of the new Bitcoin-based token standard has propelled Milday's NFT collection into the top 10 in daily sales. Initially based on Ethereum, Miladay Maker was involved in the creation of the BRC-721E token standard. Ethereum 24-hour NFT sales rose 10.25% to $19.1 million, boosted by Bored Ape Yacht Club, which rose 1.32% to generate $2.6 million in sales for the network. Sales of the NFT Open Pen Edition also rose 79.15% to $868,963.
According to our experts, crypto markets are bracing for a downturn as liquidity shrinks resume after the US debt ceiling is lifted. Topping up the US Treasury general account and the Federal Reserve (Fed) winding down its balance sheet will take hundreds of billions of dollars out of the financial system, putting pressure on cryptocurrency prices in the coming months.
Improved liquidity conditions earlier this year have helped lift the prices of risky assets, including equities and digital assets. The market-wide crypto rally took bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, to $31,000 before turning into a speculative meme-coin frenzy reminiscent of a sugar rush near the tops of a bull market. However, the trend will change once US lawmakers approve an increase in the government's ability to issue new debt, putting pressure on risky investments. That being said, to begin with, the US Treasury will have to replenish its almost completely depleted Treasury General Account (TGA), which means replenishing about $500 billion in cash from the financial system. "This event is likely to hit risky assets especially as they tend to be more sensitive to liquidity conditions than safer games such as bonds and many stock groups," Konstantinas Sizovas said. "The Treasury's shrinking of its Fed account was one of the tailwinds for the market earlier this year as money that would normally just sit there was put into the economy as government spending," he explained, "Now the opposite is likely to happen: the government needs to replenish the balance of this account by issuing debt, which will take liquidity out of the market and back into the Treasury account."
The replenishment of the general account coincides with the fact that the Fed continues its quantitative tightening campaign, briefly interrupted in March due to the regional banking crisis, in order to reduce its bloated balance sheet and not support the economy. The US House of Representatives is ready to vote to raise the debt ceiling. Tighter liquidity conditions, reduced likelihood of a Fed rate cut this year, and the current trading environment of reduced volatility and volume are making crypto markets poised for a shock.
As such, investors are advised to take some time to think before making any investment. One of the legitimate forms of investment is, for example, the ASTL investment project, which allows investors to have the opportunity to directly invest fiat and cryptocurrency assets in a stable passive income that obviously exceeds inflationary expectations and is not subject to any sanctions, blocking and confiscation. The ASTL project is a simple and elegant solution for potential investors - an investment in the development of the real sector of a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, with a fairly high ROI (up to 14% annually) with payments in stablecoin (USDT) and the possibility of a full return on investment through the subsequent sale of accrued ASTL tokens on leading crypto exchanges. Details can be found at
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2023.06.01 18:52 lovin193 How do you feel about customers doing all the setup so you just come by and install the equipment?

A bit of background, I'm experienced in construction, mechanics, and some electrical. I've been remodeling my house for the past 5 years and it's time central air. The house is only 925 sq/ft I'm not remodeling a mansion or anything.
I had a new furnace installed about 2 years ago. I did all the duct work and ran the wiring for it. The HVAC company said my work was correct and all they had to do was bring the furnace to hook up the gas and wire everything in.
I'd like to do the same for ac, partially because of budgeting and trying to keep it low cost. I can't use the same HVAC company because it's owned by my now ex's uncle so that's a burned bridge.
So if I do the same for ac which would pretty much be running the electric, would another HVAC company think I'm some kind of schmuck and nitpick everything or have issues using my setup?
Thanks in advance
Edit: I should mention that the breaker box and much of the existing wiring was updated by myself and my friend who is an electrician.
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2023.06.01 18:52 lostytranslation [WTS] Ganymede, Aventus for her, Chopard, B*men (Bottle)
Got a few bangers for sale
Ganymede 100ml see level - $185
Aventus for her 75ml 99% - $160
Chopard Or de Calambac (this one has real oud in it, look it up) 100ml missing a couple of sprays - $85
Mugler B*men aprox. 30/50ml- $55
Prices are shipped
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2023.06.01 18:52 Ok_Unit_8350 Expanding from my last post about garage doors. This spreadsheet is the most affordable reputable electricians in the Arlington area. Will be organizing and ranking about 30 of them on a website shortly. Column I is the price to hang a chandelier. Column H was the trip or estimation fee.

Expanding from my last post about garage doors. This spreadsheet is the most affordable reputable electricians in the Arlington area. Will be organizing and ranking about 30 of them on a website shortly. Column I is the price to hang a chandelier. Column H was the trip or estimation fee. submitted by Ok_Unit_8350 to arlington [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:52 RS12481 South County Cultivators - Caribbean Breeze

South County Cultivators - Caribbean Breeze
This is the first review of South County Cultivators, went with the Caribbean Breeze flower, not disappointed.
Open the Mylar bag and you are immediately flooded with the scent of this flower. It’s warm and inviting. Tropical fruit salad, rum drink, rock candy, berry jam and a cedafresh snapped evergreen smell. Lots of layers. Very well balanced nose, nothing overpowers the others, they flow. There is almost this pipe tobacco sweetness to it.
Grind it up and you find that nice tropical fruit note, but the gas / evergreen wood sting comes through more. Beautiful colors ground up, forest green and purple salad.
The nugs’ are very dense. They break up well. Coated with trich’s, and VERY sticky internally. Green and purple flower with beautiful orange stigma. Bud structure is very firm.
The smoke is warm and candy. Full bodied, again that pipe tobacco vibe comes out. No sour to it, a very creamy and sweet richness on the hit. Smokes well in a bowl as well as rolled up. Very intoxicating scent on this flower. 👍
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2023.06.01 18:51 Willem_Dafuq How is the Bud Light boycott going?

One of the more interesting subplots of the conservative world over the past few months (at least to me) is the boycott of Bud Light and the rigor at which the boycott is pursued. For example, nearly everyday there are posts on conservative keeping a running tally of the decrease of parent company Anheuser-Busch's share price or decrease in sales of Bud Light. I do have a couple questions:
  1. Whether in response to the boycott, or just as we're getting into Pride Month, Bud Light is announcing a $200k donation to an LGBTQ organization: Does this signal that the Company does not appear to be taking the boycott seriously? I would think the donation would be seen as significantly worse than just making and sending a promotional case of beer.
  2. Many organizations, including rival beer companies such as Coors, have a long and storied history of supporting the LGBTQ movement. Here's some articles about those:, What was worse about what Bud Light did that the conservative community has come out so uniformly against it, while ostensibly the conservative community accepts these other LGBTQ acceptance efforts? Ron DeSantis had a bit of miss on this too, saying he prefers Guinness, which itself has a history of standing up for the LGBTQ community.
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2023.06.01 18:51 Possible_Fisherman_7 Trailing limit

Just wondering if anybody could help me set my preset trailing limit in the TWS for IBKR, there is too much in it, instead of just having a check box that states trail by this amount, they have too many options, offsets this, offset that, stop, stop trail, stop this, stop that, offset around the corner, offset across the street. Just too much in there, when a simple trail by this amount is all that is required (simple mode ) ( me, simple idiot ), but noooooooo, one mode for preset trail, Masters of know everything and some! I simply want to trail the amount up and have a set to sell within $.50, $.10 or $1 depending on the price of the stock
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2023.06.01 18:51 Slight_Extent_9799 [Hiring] Independent Installer Needed

Independent Contractor wanted: We are a nationwide, residential garage storage rack company and we are seeking a part-time installer for 2-5 days per week. The work includes installation of overhead garage storage racks and wall shelves for our customers in the suburbs around Chicago (you don't need to go into the city). This position is for part to full time independent, installation work. You must have your own tools to accomplish the job. (Independent contract work paid under 1099)
Minimum Tools Required to Apply:
-Reliable Truck or Van
-ladder (must be able to install in at least 12ft ceilings)
-Usual Standard tools: Hammer, Screw driver, Flathead, etc...
-Cordless drill and driver
-Stud Sensor or magnet
-Smart phone internet connected, tablet or laptop (Iphone or Android to run Company Field Software)
-General liability insurance policy
If you don't have any of these things, I'd be happy to offer guidance.
Skills Required to Apply:
-Have your own mobile internet access for our calendar and payment software
-Forklift experience is a plus but not required.
-Customer interaction experience. Able to work with and satisfy customer needs and communicate with the corporate office.
-Some level of mechanical ability.
Payout is $80 per rack.
Most of our installers take 2-3 hours to install a rack the first time, however our experienced installers can all do 2 racks in an hour. We are looking for long term hires, and can offer free training and tips if you find you're not learning fast enough.
^ that is our standard job posting, I thought I would add extra here for reddit: This is our first time posting to Reddit, so if anyone has tips on how we should better recruit please let me know. This is a legit job with a lot of earning potential. Many of our installers break $100,000 within 2 years of working for us.
Note that you're independent so you need to cover your own tools, gas, and insurance. I mention this for full transparency.
This is not a sales position, we have customers that need installations, and you just go out and do them.
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2023.06.01 18:51 lmtsings Hey! I'm Lauryn, and I'm a New York actor, singer, and voice teacher!

I'm an EMC actor who does a LOT of musical theatre and TYA (last show was I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change at Act II Playhouse in Ambler, PA!), and teaching is my other passion. During the pandemic I opened my fully virtual voice studio and started working with students all around the world on Zoom! I love collaboration, exploration, and having fun in the theatre setting, and meeting new people and creating community with other singers and actors is one of my favorite ways to connect. Looking forward to meeting some new musical folks!
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