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We should not see Isle of Man from Blackpool. There should be a 2,636 bulge(obstruction) in between the two points at a 66 mile distance at 6.5 feet. Snaefell – is the highest mountain and the only summit higher than 2,000 feet on the Isle of Man, at 2,037 feet above sea level.

2023.06.01 18:02 Impossible-Change-39 Why is the KonMari method so popular?

Why is the KonMari method so popular? The KonMari method is popular for several reasons: 1. It's simple: The KonMari method is easy to understand and follow. By focusing on what brings you joy, it simplifies the process of decluttering and organizing. 2. It's effective: The KonMari method has been shown to be effective in helping people declutter and organize their homes. By focusing on keeping only what you truly love, you can reduce clutter and create a more peaceful home. 3. It's holistic: The KonMari method is more than just a way to organize your belongings. It's a philosophy that encourages you to consider what truly matters to you in your life. By creating a home that reflects your values and brings you joy, you can create a more fulfilling life. 4. It's adaptable: The KonMari method can be adapted to suit your individual needs and preferences. You can apply the principles of the method to any area of your life, from your relationships to your career. Overall, the KonMari method is popular because it offers a simple, effective, holistic, and adaptable approach to decluttering and organizing your life. https://honesthoneyreviews.blogspot.com/2023/05/the-art-of-decluttering-happy-home.html
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2023.06.01 17:59 CaterpillarFamous834 D&D Subclasses being Forbidden in my D&D Lore

In my D&D lore, casting necromancy spells and some certain subclasses are illegal. I’m trying to figure out what subclasses should be illegal. Examples include: Paladin Oathbreaker, Cleric Death Domain, Wizard School of Necromancy, Rogue Thief, Druid Circle of Spores, Druid Circle of Spores, Warlock of the Fiend, and Warlock of the Hexblade. What other subclasses should also be illegal in my D&D lore. If you want your character to be in these specific subclasses and cast necromancy spells, than he/she is gonna be an outlaw.
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2023.06.01 17:59 LynxAirSound Best for me?

Best for me?
I have an important event coming up and I would like to go as well as possible.
What look do you recommend?
I understand that these are not the best pictures but it's just to get a general idea. It is of little use if all the photos are with good lighting and posing. I'm trying to see what would look best on me!

Thank you. Help is appreciated.
Classic cut, hair to one side and 2mm beard
Hair a little longer than the previous one but 6-7mm beard
Shaven face but with obvious very long and short bangs on the sides.
Shaven face but with bangs not very long but down.
Face with a 6-7mm goatee but with long bangs down.
Similar to the other full beard photo but it is a more outlined beard. 6mm length.
Shaved and hair to one side although it is somewhat disheveled as well.
Face with a3-4 mm goatee but long upturned bangs.
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2023.06.01 17:58 DopePanda42069 Make your case!!

I originally was going to follow the plan I had in Diablo 3. Create a Barbarian as my first character. During the Diablo 4 beta I decided to try a class I was interested in, but wasn’t probably going to main. I didn’t want to burn out of Barbarian before the actual game and decided to pick Necromancer. I absolutely loved it, but I’ve heard they have been nerfed into the ground. I still kind of want to main Necro still. Not only this, but I have budding interest in Druid and Rogue. Sorcerer is also pretty cool but hold my least interest of the five.
I’m curious what everyone else’s prideful opinions are of their chosen Day One class in hopes that it’ll sway me in one direction, or another before Launch Day. Super excited, but my overthinking brain is pulling me in every direction.
Make your case for why you think your class is the best, and why you’re excited to start with it! Im very curious!
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2023.06.01 17:58 Artemis231997 AITA for talking bad about a “manager”

So, to start off this “manager” is not even a manager, but a service lead (L). She had been there for 3 yrs and she doesn’t even work or has authorization in my department. Yesterday we got a new Assistant Manager (AM) at the store that I work at. I was in my furniture department that I have been running for 7 yrs after losing about 8 furn. M doing inventory prep with the General Manager (GM), AM, and L, but L was making it very difficult. GM had asked me what we have on the floor and what we need but L kept on arguing and was being very condescending towards me about the stuff we got. AM had asked if L is always that way and I tell her yes, but I warn her to stay away from L because she is nothing trouble. Last night the new AM was closing with L and AM came to me while I was on my lunch break with another Cashier (C) fuming about L because L was telling her that AM is doing her job wrong and making her feel like she was stupid. I tell her that L see‘s herself as the greatest employee ever and that she does no wrong but in reality many people have quit or refuse to work with her. There had been many complaints made about her ever since she got the position and we’ve tried taking this matter to HR but as a retaliation she made claims that everybody in the store did drugs. Obviously, they were false. C leaves but AM and I are still there. A couple of hours later L and AM, who looked upset, pulled me aside and L asks me if I have a problem with anybody in the store and I tell her no. Then, she tells me that she was will not tolerate employees talking bad about other employees or management. And I say “okay. Why are you telling me this?” and she says “well I’m going to talk to everybody about this and I could have you written up for insubordination but I’m going to let you off with a warning.” AM says nothing and after that conversation I run to back fast and start having a mental breakdown for about 15 min that consisted of me crying in a corner in a fetal position while biting my fingers. What a lot of people in my job don’t know other than my GM is that I am autistic and I cannot handle being talked to in an authoritative manner or being told that something bad is going to happen to me due to some childhood trauma I have. AM finds me completely red and puffy and she tries to hug me but I shake my head no. AM tells me that L chastised her too about talking bad about employees and she takes full responsibility for it and she told L that it was all her fault and she deserved to be in trouble and not me. And it turns out that C told L that we were talking about her. I tell AM that I was only upset with L because she is pathetic. It was already the end of my shift and I wanted to go home but L finds me and she tried to hug me but I told that I didn’t want to talk to her. I walk away and she shouts ”well I don’t understand why you’re mad at me.” I clocked out and I cried for another 20 min in my car. Was I the ah?
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2023.06.01 17:57 ZeroKilo9 First Bike - Tall Rider

Hi all! In advance I appreciate all your sage advice on this topic.
Real quick, I am a new rider, just passed my safety course and got my endorsement. I’d like to get a sporty bike to mainly learn on and commute/joy ride with. I want to buy a brand new bike, top limit is 15k.
My main issue is that I’m a big guy, 6’ 5” and 260lbs, medium build, 34” inseam.
I have done a ton of research on tall riders and checked out the riding position websites too. I have sat on a Ninja 650 and I just barely fit in the tank grooves on that and a Z900 that seemed to be a decent fit.
I know a lot of the advice is to just get an adventure bike, but I really want something sportier.
I’d really appreciate any of you taller riders chiming in on what I should be looking at, there’s so many options that going to sit on every single bike isn’t really a reality.
Again, thank you for your time and input and I look forward to becoming a fellow motorcycle rider with you!
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2023.06.01 17:54 Beginning-Handle-377 Have you ever been in a situation where you had to use your street smarts to survive?

What's the most meaningful or impactful experience you've had with a particular season or time of year?
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2023.06.01 17:54 SpiderTingle How can I (22M) tell my girlfriend (20F) to regulate how much she vents to me?

I (22M) love my girlfriend (20).I care about her so much. We met on February and started talking March 20 after spending a few weeks together in lab class. We clicked instantly and have been inseparable since. She has a tough life at home with her parents, at work, and other stuff. I’m always there to listen. But I feel like she does a lot of dumping rather than venting? idk. When she vents, I either just listen, or provide a solution to her problem. Most times both.
But what if she keeps bringing up the problem I already listened to and gave her a solution for? What can I possibly do? It’s taking a toll on me, not because I’m “tired” of listening to her, but because it hurts me to know she’s hurting too.
Example: Last night she texted me “I’m stressed” because she was at work and her managers are overworking her and making her do jobs she’s not supposed to. I’ve told her multiple times she has to put her foot down and speak up, she’s the only employee they do this to because she has a hard time saying no. I texted her back “I don’t know what else to tell you”. Because I don’t know. So what do I do with the information she gives me?I lay in my bed, not being able to sleep, headache, and stressed and angry that my girlfriend is at work being taken advantage of. And I can’t go to her job and tell her managers to fuck off.
I live with my mom. My mom loves my girlfriend because she really is the best and cares for me a lot. She’s helped me with so so much. But my mom knows me well, she says that my girlfriend’s problems are affecting me too much and that’s why I’m dealing with insomnia again.
How do I tell this to my girlfriend without making her feel bad? she cares for me, but it’s like she doesn’t notice how much her struggles affect me. I feel like we are one so I feel everything she feels. How could I not? I don’t even know what to ask or tell her. I’ve already said she needs counseling but she won’t do that either, it has a lot to do with her upbringing. But she doesn’t go through with any of the solutions I offer. I know they’re tough for her. But what do I do?
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2023.06.01 17:54 cjvivi I have a few questions for mod and history

I recently got the impression that I made it well while playing the dhr game. There is a question during the game.
The main causes of Germany's defeat in the original history were industrial power shortages, wars against three fronts and powers, internal control and operational performance, and the big ones were the defeat of U.S. war and the soviet war.
In the game, the eastern war was easily ended by creating a diplomatic option and avoiding conflicts with the U.S. when cooperating with China.
In reality, I wonder why the germany. has declared war rather than a way to cut ties with Japan while being moderate in its notification of US. Of course, the ultimatum is not acceptable to Germany, but it is dangerous to move seriously about something political voice and support, such as World War I and the modern Russo War, but I wonder why Germany, with experience in World War I, had to choose that option and turned the dual attitude of selling war supplies to Germany.
Of course, I know that World War II leaders are not very reasonable or very good leaders, and it's no wonder that Hitler is less competent than Stalin or Roosevelt, but Hitler's insight is not just crazy or stupid, but he's a man who established a major role and strategy in World War II What's the reason for this decision?
  1. I know that Operation Babarosa and Operation Blue are very important in the eastern front, so I'm wondering what the main actions Germany should have taken in the soviet War, and I heard that the concentrated Stalingrad, the Volga River, and the reserve forces rather than trying of full occupation in Caucasian could change the situation.
Last thing I want to know about das vaderland mod is that I introduced mods that inherited dhr2 fatherland in a teaser 3 years ago, but since I can't see it now, did you postpone or cancel mod development? If so, is the reason for this a matter of time and manpower or is it because it overlaps with the town and rich?
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2023.06.01 17:52 Life_Corgi_8813 People who are paying houses 100k+ over asking , why?

I’ve recently moved back to family in Rochester and my wife and i are doing light house hunting as we would love to have our own place but are in no hurry, and dont mind renting for a while.
We’ve previously lived in Austin TX and are familiar with the current home prices there. The houses here being sold in the east side suburbs of Rochester are going for 100k+ making these houses close to being sold at comparable levels to what we saw in Austin. But Austin is a high price booming city so it makes it seem ridiculous if prices are even comparable. The taxes are also wayyyy higher here, the tax burdens in buying houses this high is equivalent to buying million dollar homes in nyc.
We recently checked out a house where a local appraiser appraised it at no more than 300k, was listed at 230k and sold for over 400k cash.
There is no money incentives when you buy this high, you’re losing money, you’d make more money renting and reinvesting that 300k+ cash. You can rent a large house in a nice neighborhood in the school district you want and make more money off your re-invested cash. Usually you’d rather pay for a mortgage and taxes than sink money in rent but in this case your monthly payments + cash lost makes it utterly nonsensical.
It just boggles my mind and would like to get an understanding why people feel pressured to pull the trigger on these crazy offers.
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2023.06.01 17:51 Able_Possession8736 Defending the Draft 2023: WASHINGTON COMMANDERS

Defending the Draft: 2023 Washington Commanders 8-8-1
This 2023 season will be the most interesting for the Commanders franchise in a long long time. We enter this season with more uncertainty than I have ever been a part of, however, the one thing the fan base is certain of... is the future is brighter. Dan Snyder purchased the franchise in 1999 and subsequently done nothing but run a blue blood franchise into the ground. This team has lacked direction for a long time and a large part of that was due to Dan Snyder's meddling in the day-to-day football operations of the team. Starting his ownership with signing washed up HOF veterans, to then overspending in free agency (Albert Haynesworth is arguably the worst free agent signing of all time), drug scandal with thetraining staff, the mishandling of the RG3 and Kirk Cousins situation, Not resigning Trent Williams, and lastly we've now reached tumultuous time where his off the field issues have hung a dark cloud over a once proud franchise. Although, lol, his most egregious mistake may be hiring Jim Zorn as head coach. It's egregious that his only punishment is a 6 billion dollar payout for his franchise. I hope the banks bury him and he faces the deserved legal actions. As of now there had been an agreement to sell the franchise to 76'rs and NJ Devils owner, Josh Harris.... and is 20ish members of his parliament. We await to hear news of the reviews from the NFL financial committee to close out the process. Last news I came across was he has cut down the number of minority owners to 20. It will be a pleasure when this agreement is finalized. He could be a terrible owner, but it would still be an upgrade from Synder. Harris, seemingly has been a hands off owner and properly allows the people he's hired to operate the team. This last sports season he's had both of his teams deep in the playoff hunt. This season will be interesting. A lot of questions all around: Sam Howell? Chase Young? Ron Rivera? Eric Bienemy? Josh Harris? I'm not sure of those answers, but I'm very excited to find them out.
HC- Ron Rivera OC- Eric Bieniemy DC- Jack Del Rio
Key Additions: Eric Bieniemy
Ole' Riverboat Ron Rivera is back and going into his 4th season with the Washington Commanders, hopefully his last. I believe Ron Rivera is a leader of men, but I highly question his actual coaching skills and team building. I've currently seen enough of this coaching regime and front office to safely say let's move on. There's been several things that I believed were firable offenses.... the Carson Wentz trade. Some rumors have said that this was a Snyder push. Not entirely positive, but Ron bragged that it was his call. Our team at that point was not a qb away from being really good, let alone a Carson Wentz level of qb. The next fireable offense was starting Wentz over Hienke when the playoffs were on the line. Wentz ended up being benched for Hienke, but it was too little too late. The next fireable offense was not realizing we were eliminated from the playoffs. Going into the last week of the season Ron planned on starting Hieneke. Pretty odd to not know you're out of the playoffs, let alone to test Sam Howell out for next season. Additionally, there's been some pretty questionable roster creation decisions. I absolutely hate the versatile secondary and offensive line philosophy. We currently have a patch work offensive line that has the means to fluctuate between average to below average. Not a single player on the line is top 5 at their respected position. Two years ago we had a top 10 o-line, but that had Brandon Sherff playing like a top 5 guard and Charles Leno having his best season. Our o-line took a significant step back this past season and now looks to be our biggest weakness. Ron has shown to trust his own board and has reached (according to the consensus big board) with every single pick so far. People mistake 2019 as one of his drafts ( Sweat, McLaurin, Holcomb), but he was hired at the end of the season. Take this with a grain of salt as it takes at least 3 years to properly review a draft. Rons 1st round picks have been the following: 2020 pick 2 Chase Young- the correct pick at the time, but hard to botch the 2nd overall pick, 2021 pick 19 Jamin Davis- hated the pick at the time, too early for a linebacker... let a lone a project. On tape he looked lost a lot and made up for it with his elite athleticism. He's shown progress, but nothing showing he's worthy of the pick. 2022 pick 16 Jahan Dotson- looks to be an absolute baller, had him ranked above Olave in the pre-draft process. Was a slight reach above the consensus board, but flashed high end ability. Davis has been the only mistake in the 1st round thus far. When I say mistake I don't necessarily mean player, but the roster building philosophy. Whether reaching on Phidarian Mathis in the 2nd round of 2022. Lol, he was older than Payne coming out of the draft, one year of good production, and was taken a round too early. In the next round Brian Robinson was taken and was really just a body. Haven't really seen anything elite with him so far and was a meh pick. John Bates in the 4th round was egregious. Now I have to give credit where it's due. Kam Curl was an absolute steal and can solidify himself as top 5 safety this season if he continues to play this well. Our other starting safety in Darrick Forest also had a lot of bright spots playing this past season.
Arguably, our best offseason move was signing Eric Bieniemy. I'm absolutely excited. Forget everything about him not calling the plays. Reports from OTA's shows his hands on approach and full control of the offense. One of my favorites things I've heard is he is using OTA's to see what the players can do and crafting the offense to their abilities. Time and time again (Scott Turner) you see coaches say this is the offense and not change anything to match the players strengths. We don't know for sure how the offense will look, but if it's anything close to the motion west coast offense the Chiefs have... boy lessssss gooooooo. Jack Del Rio has been up-and-down in his time in Washington. He's had two very slow starts with the defense to start year, however, they've finished strong and kept his job safe. This is really the no excuse year and everyone needs to show up amd show out.
Free Agency:
Key Departures:
Taylor Hieneke- signed with the Falcons
Cole Holcolm- signed with the Steelers
Bobby McCain- signed with the Giants
Carson Wentz- TBD
J.D. McKissic- TBD
Trai Turner TBD
Andrew Norwell- will be released when he passes a physical
In my personal oppinion, the only player that hurt losing in free agency was Cole Holcolm. Linebacker is our one weak spot on defense, however, not resigning Holcolm shows Ron's belief in Jaymin Davis's progression. Cole was limited to 7 games last season and has yet to truly break out. Always played very solid and losing him downgraded the position. We've moved on from both starting guards from last year in Norwell and Turner (previously on the Panthers). Both players were liabilities last season and the guard position was easily upgradeable. Bonny McCain was a solid do it all for is player. Lined up at corner, safety, and nickel throughout the season. Hieneke was a big fan favorite, but was never the answer. We thank you for your service though. Carson Wentz, fuck you. Loved J.D. and his time here, suffered a major injury. Not sure if he gets picked up hy another team.
Key Additions:
Andrew Wiley- 3 years for 24 million, 12 guaranteed. Previously on the Chiefs
Nick Gates- 3 years for 16.5 million, 8 million guaranteed. Previously on the Giants
Jacoby Brissett- 1 year for 8 million, 7.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Browns
Cody Barton- 1 year for 3.5 million, 3.5 million guaranteed. Previously on the Seahawks
Simple. In free agency the Commanders did not overspend and tackled positions of need. None of the players signed are top 5 at their position, however, they could all possibly end up being upgrades to what we have. The most interesting is Andrew Wiley. He allowed 9 sacks (tied for 3rd most)... but man he put on the performance of his life in the superbowl. Another stat that favors him is pass block win-rate, which measure if a lineman can sustain a block for 2.5 seconds. Wylie ranked 9th in that stat last season. I translate that stat to mean can a lineman sustain a block against thr initial rush and counter move off the snap. After that 2.5 seconds the ball is thrown or the play breaks down. Another key factor to this signing is it kicks Samuel Cosmi inside to guard. Cosmi has shown flashes being a high end lineman and I expect him to be even better kicking to guard from right tackle. Guard was our weakest position on the line and Wylie signing helped to upgrade the RG position. Nick Gates is expected to he our starting center. He's coming off of a brutal leg injury that made him consider retirement. Has played guard and center and has some positional flexibility. Jacoby Brissett is the best backup qb in thr league. A solid signing if Howell doesn't pan out. Just a solid game manager that doesn't commit many turnovers. Cody Barton is another unproven guy. Last year was his first year with significant reps. Bobby Wagner leaving in FA and Jordyn Brooks injury made em the guy. He showed flashes of coverage abilities and had a lot of tackles. The tackles weren't necessarily a product of his abilities and more so of cleaning up on a bad run defense team. I've read some notes that he has trouble getting off of blocks. Honestly, haven't watched much on the guy, but reports were he played solid down the stretch.
The Draft:
Round 1 Pick 16: Emmanuel Forbes- CB
Round 2 Pick 47: Jatavius Martin- NCB/S
Round 3 Pick 97: Ricky Stromberg- C/G
Round 4 Pick 118: Braeden Daniels- T/G
Round 5 Pick 137: KJ Henry-DE
Round 6 Pick 193: Chris Rodriguez-RB
Round 7 Pick 223: Andre Jones- DE/LB
Link to all RAS scores for our draft class
Round 1:16 Emmanuel Forbes 6'1" 174 lbs. Mississippi St
Stats: 58 targets, 31 catches allowed for 284 yards (23 yards a game), 3 tds allowed/ 6 ints, 9 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 46 tackles.
PFF Grade: 87.2
If being a 160 pounds is your only knock then I think you're doing something alright. The word on the street is he is already up to 174 pounds. You wouldnt realize hes only 174 pounds by the way he plays the run. Hes not scared to hit and flies ro the ball. Although, he does struggle to get off of blocks. Emmanuel Forbes, per PFF, had the highest rating in man coverage last season, albeit the snap count was very miniscule. Emmanuel Forbes is a lanky corner than played a lot of zone coverage and is a very good scheme fit for what we do. I like the pick and I'm not upset about taking him over Gonzalez, who also had his own question marks. Forbes set a NCAA record with 6 pick sixes. A lot of those were the right place at the right time, but when you have that high of a number than you're doing something right.
Forbes is one of the best ballhawks in this class. Over the course of his three-year career, he came down with 13 interceptions. That’s four more than the next closest Power Five cornerback since 2020. Forbes was unbelievably dominant in man coverage in 2022, giving up only three catches while also snagging three interceptions. He also only allowed a 20% completion rate in man, the lowest among FBS
Remarkably lanky frame. Limbs for days — ideal for a corner.Has bounce like a hooper. He can challenge any catch point necessary. Elite ability to locate the football. All six of his interceptions came in man coverage.
Still a stick. Not much mass on his frame. Has eyes that get him in trouble. Some freelance tendencies on tape.Can get bowled over in the run game. Mediocre tackler over the course of his career.
Round 2: 47 Jartavius "Quan" Martin 5'11". 194 lbs Illinois
Stats: 74 targets, 42 catches allowed, 611 yards allowed, 3 tds allowed, 3 ints, 15 forced incompletions, 2 dropped ints, 4 missed tackles, 64 tackles.
PFF Grade: 73.2
Quan is a beast. I thought he was the 2nd best nickel prospect in the draft and a better deep safety than Brian Branch. Martin absolute rockets around the field in the run game. He started his career at cornerback before transitioning into the safety/nickel position. Another elite athlete that is a perfect fit for our Buffalo Nickel defense.
Martin came to Illinois and immediately started as a true freshman in 2018. He originally started off as an outside corner before becoming more of a slot corner recently. He had arguably his best year in 2022, as his 15 forced incompletions were tied for the sixth-most among Power-Five corners. Martin’s 91.0 run-defense grade also led all Power Five cornerbacks. While he played corner at Illinois, we project him more as a safety for the next level.
Explosive flat-foot breaks. Tremendous burst. Forceful and reliable tackler - 7 misses on the last 129 attempts last two seasons.Fills like a mac truck in the run game. Wants to come downhill and play in the backfield.
Pure man skills are work in progress. Overagressive and liability to bite on fakes. cons On the lighter side for an around the line of scrimmage player. Gets caught with his eyes in the backfield on run
Round 3: 97 Ricky Stromberg 6'3" 306 lbs Arkansas
Stats: 9 impact blocks, 11 qb hurries, 0 qb hits, 0 sacks allowed
PFF Grade: 82.4
Nasty. Another guard experience player that spent his last two years at the center position. Award winner of the Jacob's Blocking Trophy for the SEC'S most outstanding blocker award. This is a solid player that has started since he was freshman in the SEC. He's been battle tested since he was kid and has improved every year. He has some knocks about his play strength, but a NFL program should get em to where he needs to be.
Stromberg was a three-star recruit in the 2019 class and started for the Razorbacks as a true freshman, mostly at right guard. He moved inside to center for his sophomore season and spent his final three college seasons there. Stromberg’s 82.4 overall grade and 83.7 run-blocking grade in 2022 both ranked fourth among all centers in college football, and his nine big-time blocks were tied for fifth among FBS centers. Not to mention, Stromberg had an incredible performance at the NFL combine.
Does not want to let blocks go. Can see him straining his butt of to stay engaged on tape. Tons of experience against top competition. Four-year starter with 3,121 career snaps.
Forward lean gets going on the move, making him liable to topple over. Has wide hands to initiate contact in pass protection before resetting. Leaves himself open for stronger rushers.Unimpressive musculature, which leaves questions about how he'll anchor against NFL strength.
Round 4: Braeden Daniels 6'4" 296 lbs Utah STATS:
0 sacks allowed, 1 qb hit allowed, 14 hurries allowed.
PFF GRADE: 72.2 at tackle, 2021 84.4 at guard.
Braeden Daniels is another tackle/guard hybrid, with starting experience across his college career. This guy is on the lighter side but that allows him to be an Explosive athlete. Very raw at the tackle position and will be a developmental guy. I'd like to give em a try as our swing tackle and see how he performs. He was one of the quickest offensive lineman I've seen off the tape and that athleticism will let him climb to the next level. Even on the lightweight side I'd hate to see this guy running at me on the second level.
Daniels is an experienced veteran who commanded the Utes’ offensive line for the past few years. He originally started as a guard before switching over to tackle. His best season came in 2021, as he put up an 84.4 PFF grade. Given his time on the interior, Daniels is at his best when run blocking, and his run-blocking grade in 2021 was an elite 89.1. He still held his own as a pass protector, allowing only five sacks in his Utah career.
Explodes out of his stance. Arguably the quickest get off in the offensive line class. Linebackers don't want to see him climbing. Gets on them before they can even react. Drive in his lower half to still move the line of scrimmage despite being under 300 pounds.
Wild into contact. He approaches blocks with the adjustment ability of a freight train. consDoesn't bring his hands with him. Clean engagements are rare on tape. Very light by NFL standards (294 pounds at combine).
Round 5: 137 KJ Henry 6'4" 260 lbs Clemson
51 tackles, 3.5 sacks, 1 FF, 6 pass deflections, 50 qb pressures, 31 qb hurries, 14 qb hits.
Loved this pick. Henry was a 5 star recruit coming out of high-school and decided to attend Clemson University. With Clemson having deep lines it took him a couple of years to get on the field. The stats look odd when you only see 3.5 sacks, however, the 50 qb pressures is the key stat. Seems more like bad luck that the sack numbers weren't high. Clemson's whole d-line underperformed (Bresee, Murphey) and they should have picked up more sacks from Henry who was the best DE on that team last year. The team clearly liked him as we traded back up for him. He's not elite athlete, but he is an elite hands guy. Almost had that veteran presence in college. High motor and will immediately make an impact as a rotational de, a position that sorely needed an upgrade.
On a team with Myles Murphy, you can easily make the case that KJ Henry was Clemson's best defensive end this year, as he posted better PFF grades than Murphy in every category and even generated 19 more pressures. The only problem is That Henry is 24 years old while Murphy is only 21. Therefore, Henry was expected to produce this well against younger competition. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that he can’t still improve. If Henry's play this season is any indication of his potential, he can still have a great NFL career as an edge defender.
Heavy hands that are so well refined. Uses them independently to use combination moves.Utilizes hesitations and head fakes so well to catch linemen off-balance. Coaches rave about the type of teammate he is. He is the type of player you want in the locker room.
First step that's unimposing for a rusher on the smaller side. Late bloomer. Wasn't even a starter until this past fall. One of the oldest prospects in the class. Already 24 years old.
Round 6: 193 Chris Rodriguez 6'0" 217 lbs Kentucky
STATS: 8 games played, 175 attempts, 904 rushing yards, 6 tds, 5.2 ypa, 5 catches, 41 rec yards.
Chris Rodriguez is a PFF darling and was rated as the 7th best running back. This guy's is a pure one cut, run you over, power back. There's not much finesse to his game, but there's highlights of dragging guys 10-yards down the field. He does not posses break away speed, but he will get you 40 yards. He was suspended 4 games due to a dui and he may have been drafted higher on am abysmal Kentucky team. An extra 4 games of stats against SEC competition and no suspension may have jumped him into the 4th round. This was an Eric Bienemy guy and they brought him in because of that. Isiah Pacheco was another EB guy.
Rodriguez is a powerful runner, but he lacks the burst and creativity to become anything more than a downhill grinder. He has the size and mentality to do the dirty work between the tackles, but it could be a challenge for him to get to and through the hole quickly in the NFL. He’s a physical blitz protector, so teams might envision a role for him as a second-half battering ram and third-down quarterback protector.
Two-time team captain. Thick frame with ability to pick up tough yards. Makes tacklers feel his size at impact. Stays square getting through downhill cuts. Low success rate guaranteed for arm-tacklers. Stays on his feet through heavy angle strikes. Allows lead blockers to do their work. Steps up with force against incoming rushers.
Below-average burst getting through line of scrimmage. Lacks finesse to navigate tight run lanes. Change of direction is heavy. One-speed running style is easy to track for linebackers. Pad level is a little tall as run-finisher. Inconsistent finding assignment versus blitz.
Round 7: 233 Andre Jones 6'4" 248 lbs Louisiana
STATS: 7 sacks, 5 qb hits, 20 hurries.
Andre Jones was another hybrid de/lb player coming out last year. He possess 34 1/4" arms which is an elite number for his size. May move to LB, but I'm not sure that's the right move with a 4.71 40-yard dash. He doesn't have much a pass rush move set playing a hybrid role, but does use length to his advantage. A solid developmental pick.
Shows a natural feel for setting up blockers and getting them off-balance. His hands are active and violent, and Jones quickly disengages with blockers and counters when his initial move stalls. Possesses accurate snap anticipation and timing to beat blockers off the edge. Offers some versatility, rushing from a two-and three-point stance with the playing speed to stand up in space.Flashes strength as a bull rusher and his energy doesn't plateau. Showed initial quickness and good flexibility to dip and bend. Jones has active hands and suddenness to his movements, demonstrating the ability to counter inside. Has fluid footwork to redirect, reverse momentum and close with a burst. Regularly first off the ball with good snap anticipation. He’s a high-effort pass rusher with an impressive combination of length and speed.
Jones has to develop a counter move or two in the pass rush, and Jones needs to make better use of his hands. He lacks the speed of a chase and- tackle guy. He lacks twitch as a pass rusher and lacks the feet and flexibility to threaten around the edge. Jones also shows some stiffness when trying to bend the edge, often getting pushed past the pocket — he seems more comfortable countering back inside.
Draft Summary:
This was my favorite Ron Rivera/Martin Mayhew draft thus far. Going into the draft, offensive line, cornerback, and quarterback were our three biggest needs. Drafting in the middle of the round really took us out of the olineman race. The last one that interested me was Broderick Jones and he went off the board when the Steelers traded up. At that point in the draft it really left us with going cornerback. The Forbes pick was received negatively due to Christian Gonzalez being available. Both players will be viewed under the microscope throughout their careers. I'm fine with Forbes pick though. Another lanky cornerback who was an elite athlete. I did have Gonzalez rated higher going into the draft, but he slid for a reason. A lot of his tape shows him not necessarily being an elite cornerback, but being an elite athlete that plays corner. Forbes actually showed the athleticism, corner skills, and ballhawking ability. Some additional knocks against Gonazalez and his love of the game. Quan Martin was our biggest surprise pick of the draft. A lot of people had him going in the 3rd round, but I think the 2nd was a fine spot. Mayhew after the draft said he wish we were more aggressive at times, which I translated as not getting Brian Branch that went several picks before us. I think Quan was the backup option, but I like him as much as Branch. I think Quan will be a better deep safety and Bramch will be a better nickel. Liked Quan alot, but felt we should have gone o-line at this pick. Ocyrus Torrence would've been a sweet pick here. I think if that happened, the consensus view on our draft would shoot up. Quan will immediately via for playing time as our base defense is essentially a 4-2-5. Kendall Fuller was our only above average corner and now we turned our secondary into a strength. Ricky Stromberg and Braeden Daniels were our next two picks. I like Stromberg’s tape a lot and think by next he will be a solid starter at guard or center. Braeden Daniels will be a nice depth piece and if he's able to tame his play he could develop into a starter. Fun player to watch. KJ Henry was an awesome pick and can see him being a nice rotational piece. Good pick at an underrated area of need on our defense. RB wasn't a pressing need, but it's an underrated area of weakness. I think Brian Robinson is about as average of rb as you will see starting in the NFL. I wouldn't be surprised if Rodriguez slowly cut into Robinson's role over the next two years. Antonio Gibson has had some solid season, but has a severe fumbling problem. Andre Jones will be a depth piece that will need development moving forward.
Offseason summary:
The biggest question of our offseason was our owner, which now appears resolved. Our second biggest question... was who was our starting qb? Sam Howell. Ron preached all offseason that he was going with Howell and I'll be damned, he did. Brissett was good qb to bring in, not someone that would necessarily turn the offseason into a battle, but can be a starter if called upon. Really a true backup qb. I'm all in on the Sam Howell train. I love it for a multitude of reasons. One, he balls out and we have our qb of the future, two he plays well enough we give him another season and maybe Ron is out and we get a high draft pick, three he bombs and we fire Ron Rivera and go for Caleb Williams next season. If anything, it gives us a direction for our future. I'm ready for Ron to go and think he's only as good as his coordinators. I'm concerned that EB AND Howell turn the offense around Ron gets resigned and EB takes a head coaching role... then the offense regressed. Additionally, I don't want Ron to get credit for drafting Howell. It was 5th round pick, you and every team passed on him for 4 rounds. If Howell is that good... it's not because Ron was a genius and drafted him. Very similar to Seattle taking Russel. I am excited about EB being here and think he's the real deal. I will give Ron credit for allowing him to run his own offense as he sees fit. OTA's have shown that EB is pushing his guys hard and is trying to see what he can do with the offense. We really do have elite playmaker and I'm most excited to see what he can do with Antonio Gibson. I can see his role being that of Jerrick McKinnon, with more athleticism. Sam Howell has shown a lot of progress since his rookie season. Had issues with his foot work, but has shown vast improvements. We only have 1 preseason game and 1 NFL game of tape on him. I liked what he showed. When watching tape you could see him going through his progression, man absolutely saved the day wish his escapability- was under pressure the whole game, threw two beautiful deep passes, and won the game. He did throw one bad pick, but was under pressure and playing hero ball. He had one week of practice with the starters, now he has a whole offseason. Our defense should be a top 5 unit next season and we only got better. Chase Young should be fully healthy and he's the X-factor for the number one overall defense. He comes out plays to his full potential then he could be a mid teens sack guy. If we have that sort of production and Sam Howell plays well than we can compete for the decision. Big if though. Our secondary really lacked a 2nd option, Benjamin St Juyce has shown some flashes but didn't seeze the role last year. Now on paper he's the number and that's very solid. We return two top 6 defensive tackles and Montez Swear is one of the most underrated players in the league. He's yet to have a high sack season, but is very much that Jadaveon Ckowney type of player in the run game. Big question mark season for Jaymin Davis. We knew he needed development, but it's been slower than previously thought. Down the stretch he showed flashes that he was coming into his own and now is his year. He's one of the best athletes at linebacker in the league and his ceiling is very very high. Overall I predict we will go 10-7 and challenge for a wild card spot. That record can fluctuate each one, but I'm calling the improvement now. We went 8-8-1 with bottom 3 qb play. The defense got better, we hired a better offensive coordinator, Howell will at the minimum be slightly better than Hienke last season, we didn't lose any major pieces and had a solid all around draft. I'm truly excited to watch how our future plays out.
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2023.06.01 17:50 turbo_the_turtle Yet another Logitech G500 replacement question

I've seen a couple of these posts, but nothing matching what I'm looking for exactly.
I've been using a G500 for....13 years now, I think? Love the little bastard, but it's showing its age. Scroll wheel is gummed up a bit, and I don't want to risk breaking it with cleaning without something as a backup.
Unlike most people though, the scrolling of the G500 isn't my favorite feature. It's the extra thumb button. I use it for push to talk, and it's so heavily ingrained in me at this point that any other mouse just feels wrong when trying to use a mouse button for PTT.
Specifically, I'm talking about the "middle" thumb button on the G500, which sits just below the forward/back buttons. I've not been able to find any mouse with a similar layout, so I'm hoping someone here can point one out?
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2023.06.01 17:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Cardone University Full Course by Grant Cardone. (Genkicourses.com)

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2023.06.01 17:46 Haruzion Chest pain and other concerns

Hello docs, I (M17, 5'7, around 130 lbs) have been experiencing some concerning pains around my left chest for almost 4 months now (it happened around the first weeks of March)
I've actually posted this last March. Tl;dr Chest pain right under my left breast in between but didn't really experience any negative impact on my performance aside from the cough and pain.
I talked last time about how there wasn't any issues when the pain started so wasn't really too much concerned but recently its been getting worse, especially the past two weeks where I've been feeling fatigued easier even when walking on short distances, easily short on breathe, have lost some weight unintentionally(like 6-8kg) and the pain has been getting tighter and sharper and have been overall feeling like trash.
I have not smoked, I've been eating healthy and exercising as my routine but this recent thing really steamrolled over that. Luckily, I'm not coughing as much and the worse can be a yellowish pleghm but haven't really coughed out something concerning.
I've been wanting to visit the doctors this week but due to my final exams I haven't been able too, so I just want to know what I should expect before I do go and would really like to know if its worth it being worked up on getting hooked up to some tests. Would really appreciate the replies.
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2023.06.01 17:46 Temporary_Noise_4014 Element79 Gold Announces Execution of Agreement with Centra Mining Ltd. for Sale of Properties from Battle Mountain Portfolio in Nevada (CSE: ELEM, OTC: ELMGF)

Element79 Gold Announces Execution of Agreement with Centra Mining Ltd. for Sale of Properties from Battle Mountain Portfolio in Nevada (CSE: ELEM, OTC: ELMGF)

Element 79 Gold Corp. (CSE:ELEM) (OTC:ELMGF) (FSE: 7YS) ("Element 79 Gold", the "Company") announces that, further to its November 17, 2022 release, the Company has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (the "Agreement") for the sale of two properties from its Battle Mountain Portfolio located in the gold mining district of northeastern Nevada, US to a subsidiary of Centra Mining Ltd. ("Centra").
Under the terms of the Agreement, Centra has agreed to purchase all of Element79 Gold's interests and obligations in relation to the Long Peak Project ("Long Peak") and the Stargo Project ("Stargo") in exchange for a total consideration of CAD 1,000,000 payable by the issuance of an aggregate of 2,500,000 common shares of Centra at a deemed price of CAD 0.40 per share (the “Payment Shares”). The transaction is expected to close on or before June 30, 2023, and is subject to regulatory approval.
"The sale of Long Peak and Stargo to Centra marks another milestone in Element79's journey for the strategic development of its high-grade gold assets," commented James Tworek, CEO of Element79. "Centra realizes that these projects have great exploration potential along with the rest of their portfolio and it will be exciting to see what their near-term development plans are. We are excited to maintain our exposure to the very promising development potential of these properties through our equity participation in Centra."
Tworek added, “We have been working at the sale of the non-core assets in the Battle Mountain for over a year now, and it feels great to confirm that we have one package of properties now signed up and pending their closing date. This achievement further helps to highlight the currently-unrealized value of the individual properties in the Battle Mountain portfolio, helping to re-envision a benchmark for corporate valuation and enabling us to unlock additional value from our extensive portfolio of prospective properties while increasing Element79 Gold’s focus, energy and capital flows on developing its flagship Maverick Springs and both defining a resource at and bringing production online at Lucero in 2024.”
Element79 Gold’s Battle Mountain Portfolio
The Battle Mountain Portfolio was originally comprised of 15 separate projects totaling over 44,478 acres across 2,203 unpatented claims in five counties: Elko County, Eureka County, Humboldt County, Lander County, and Nye County. Most of the Battle Mountain Portfolio is located within the Battle Mountain Trend, with several projects close to globally reputable gold deposits including Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.
The Battle Mountain Portfolio is comprised primarily of early-stage projects. While drilling has been completed at some projects, such as Elder Creek (155 holes) and Clover (104 holes), many have only surface sampling and geophysical surveys completed. Of particular note are the Long Peak, Elephant, Elder Creek, North Mill Creek, Clipper, Pipeline South, West Cortez, and Walti Projects, which are interpreted to lie along the northwest trending fault that hosts the high-grade Pipeline deposit, which is included in Nevada Gold's Cortez Mine.

The Long Peak Project
Long Peak is comprised of 34 unpatented claims located near Copper Basin and the Copper Canyon Mine in Lander County, Nevada. Long Peak hosts significant historic prospects, warranting further exploration at Long Peak.
The Stargo Project
Stargo is comprised of 337 unpatented claims located south of the Battle Mountain Trend in Nye County, Nevada. The large claim block contains attractive host rocks, tertiary age intrusives, and appropriate aged structural preparation to represent an attractive area for exploration target development.
About Element79 Gold
Element79 Gold is a mining company focused on gold, silver and associated metals and committed to maximizing shareholder value through responsible mining practices and sustainable development of its projects. Element79 Gold's main focus is on two core properties: developing its previously-producing, high-grade gold and silver mine, the Lucero project located in Arequipa, Peru, with the intent to bring it back into production in the near term; and its flagship Maverick Springs Project located in the famous gold mining district of northeastern Nevada, USA, between the Elko and White Pine Counties. Maverick Springs hosts a 43-101-compliant, pit-constrained mineral resource estimate reflecting an inferred resource of 3.71 million ounces of gold equivalent "AuEq" at a grade of 0.92 g/t AuEq (0.34 g/t Au and 43.4 g/t Ag) with an effective date of October 19, 2022. The acquisition of the Maverick Springs Project also included a portfolio of 15 properties along the Battle Mountain trend in Nevada, which are non-core to its primary business focus. In British Columbia, Element79 Gold has executed a Letter of Intent and funded a drilling program to acquire a private company that holds the option to 100% interest of the Snowbird High-Grade Gold Project, which consists of 10 mineral claims located in Central British Columbia, approximately 20km west of Fort St. James. The Company also has an option to acquire a 100% interest in the Dale Property, 90 unpatented mining claims located approximately 100 km southwest of Timmins, Ontario, Canada in the Timmins Mining Division, Dale Township. The Company is analyzing the non-core Nevada projects, The Dale Property and Snowbird Property for further merit of exploration, sale or spin-out.
For more information about the Company, please visit www.element79.gold
Contact Information
For corporate matters, please contact:
James C. Tworek, Chief Executive Officer E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
For investor relations inquiries, please contact:
Investor Relations Department
Phone: +1 (613) 879-9387
E-mail: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.01 17:44 PetrLouu Why are there such 'strange' and alternated chords in bossa-nova music? :)

All guitarists probably know what it means to learn to play chords like Dflat 6/9, E minor 5b/7, A7/5b etc. on guitar:). While I love discovering this harmony and learning the chords, I often wonder where it all come from, if it is something essential in Brazilian music or rather something added by Gilberto, Jobim later on.
Would appreciate some insight of someone who is more familiar. Thank :-)
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2023.06.01 17:43 whutwhut65 how does The master sword work in totk?

so i killed phantom ganon, the deku tree gave me the location of the dragon, i got the sword, and now what? it doesn't say how much damage it does, but you can fuse it with stuff
submitted by whutwhut65 to Breath_of_the_Wild [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:42 THRIVING-SEAL I’m becoming scared of the workd6

The world has changed and I do not feel safe anymore. Things have been done out of spite to hurt my emotions and I’m sick of it. I’m over my head thinking about what I should do next time I am confronted with a bully. At time I do even feel my own phone is safe nor do I put any trust into my computers. I get teased by women and I think to myself. I recently moved states and the people here assume it isn’t my fault then people get paranoid and throw the blame at me for some reason. I’ve been a victim for a long time and I ready to give up.
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2023.06.01 17:41 Historical-Scale-332 Kettle Ram"bell"ings.

Today's work. KBOMG 10 min EMOM with farm walks and swings. Followed by another 10min EMOM of single-arm snatches. Finisher of push-ups and renegade row ladders.
I don't want to come off as a walking billboard for Joe Daniels but I really enjoy his programming. I have done a fair amount of fitness programs in the past but few have stuck as well as recently. This go about started with Joe Daniels' Simple start program https://kbmuscle.com/free-kb-workouts#584b43fb-1106-4da9-858d-478f7e20f489 .
After completing I did DFW. I found this https://www.reddit.com/Kettleballs/wiki/recommendedprograms/ on kettleballs.
I finished strong and thought I'd do "The Wolf" by Geoff N. I got to week three and called it quits. I am on week 3 of KBOMG. I really enjoy the variety and challenges. I have one more workout tomorrow before I go into a "deload" week. I can't wait. I feel like I have been pushing hard and it's catching up.
All this has me thinking of some of the next inevitable "what's next". KBOMG had been on my radar ever since I started back up with kettlebells. Before kettlebells, I had been on a barbell thing. One of the programs I did was Tactical Barbell. One of the things this program does is create phases through strength, hypertrophy, specialization, and without neglecting some form of cardiovascular.
All that being said I am looking at some of my work as phases. I see a base building in Simple Start, a Strength phase in DFW, and cardio work in The Wolf. I am currently in a Hypertrophy phase.
As much as I am enjoying what I'm doing it's more of a "bus bench" program. The next thing I have my eye on is easy strength.
I have watched this silly video of Dan John giving some version of kettlebell easy strength. The part I keep missing is how frequently. It seems like the answer is every day. Is this a 40-day program? Easy strength seems like it would be a fun "park bench" style of programming to "solidify" some gains before jumping back into what will most likely be another round of KBOMG. I would like to hear any feedback on easy strength if you've done it. Thanks.
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2023.06.01 17:41 gemino1990 Just got back home- here’s my review

My family of four stayed at the Conrad which is really close to Akumal for 6 days and then one night in Cancun before we left.
We rented a car from easyway which was no problem at all except I am still waiting to get the deposit back. I was really paranoid about being pulled over after reading some posts on here but we never had an issue. Renting a car was nice, but driving into Tulum was kind of a nightmare with the car. Parking was extremely hard to find and the cops at the beginning of town really made me nervous. The other drivers in Mexico are really aggressive so you have to pay close attention to avoid accidents.
The resort we stayed at was beautiful and the seaweed really wasn’t an issue until a storm came in on one of our last nights and then we could really see what everyone was talking about. There was tons of seaweed floating and the water looked brown instead of the pretty blue that we saw all the days before. We did have an issue at checkin where our room wasn’t ready at 6pm which was extremely frustrating considering we had been traveling since 3am that morning and we were wearing sweatpants and tennis shoes. We also brought a 12 pack of beer to the resort and the staff misplaced it. I had to ask about it and then they figured out where it was and brought it to our room. Our problems were resolved with a $100 credit to our bill. The restaurants and alcohol on our resort were extremely expensive. Luckily the 2 adults got free breakfast every day and we mostly went off the resort to stock up on booze and snacks and sometimes ate a late lunch in town.
We visited Akumal and I loved it much more than Tulum. It was much less stressful to park and we took the snorkel tour with the turtles and the beach was nice there.
We also went to casa tortugas cenotes which was a really great experience just make sure you bring a waterproof cellphone case and cash rather than card.
On our way back to Cancun we stopped at playa del Carmen which was really beautiful and had tons of shopping. Lots of people thought we were Canadian and we constantly trying to pull us into their shops placing necklaces on my daughters and pressuring us to buy shit we didn’t want. We ended up avoiding 5th avenue on the walk back to our car so we wouldn’t get hassled.
Cancun was actually really awesome because everything was so convenient. ATMs were easy to find and the hotel we stayed at was walking distance from all the cool stuff.
The cons:
Not following advice on how to convert money was super annoying. We found ourselves searching for a working atm multiple times and we were paranoid about using the random ones in Tulum. Our hotel had two machines but the pesos machine was out of order and the usd machine charged us nearly $30 to take out $200. I got ripped off $20 at a money exchange in playa del Carmen where the lady said I gave her $20 less than I did and then when I called her out she said “no ingles” I realized I shouldn’t have tried to convert as much money as I did and that would have helped in that scenario.
Also got ripped off at the gas station. I gave the guy a $20 and turned around and he had $1 in his hand instead. At the time I didn’t realize what had happened so I didn’t know until we got back to the hotel and I read the post on here and realized that’s a common scam.
In Cancun we were set on eating tacos and we found this little taco shop that we had to go get money out for. We came back and sat down and started to order and the lady told us all the prices on the menu were actually 20 pesos more than what was listed. It was a slap in the face but we paid it anyway.
And the last downside is that because we did eat off the resort a few times, my husband and I are suffering from diarrhea still.
Overall we had a great time but it does feel shitty being taken advantage of because I’m a white tourist. I want to support these Mexican vendors but found myself sticking to shops where prices are listed to avoid being haggled and ripped off. Oh an we never had any moment where we didn’t feel safe.
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2023.06.01 17:40 KHighMountain Retroactive Interest!

"House Republicans just approved a plan to repeal key Biden student debt relief initiatives. Advocacy groups are warning that if the plan is ultimately enacted, millions of borrowers could have their student loan forgiveness credit voided. And thousands who already received loan forgiveness could have their discharged debts reinstated." -Forbes; House Passes ‘Catastrophic’ Bill Nullifying Student Loan Forgiveness Credit For Millions
I am sick to my stomach. Tacking back on the interest from the COVID pause? What was even the point for the pause? The red might just lose my vote if this happens.
What do you all think?
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2023.06.01 17:38 Williamtoomuch Reported a dasher for being rude, he shows up at my door afterwards.

The title says it all. The other night, I was feeling hungry so I figured why not get something to eat? So I ordered a couple things from Taco Bell. Did the usual waiting for it. Well I get the notification that the driver is nearby. Sweet, chow time! Get the notification that it has been dropped off, excitement intensifies. Open my door expecting a beautiful sadness bag was there, but to my disappointment it was not. Look at the picture of the drop off location and it's neither my door step, nor on the same street. So I figured I'd let the dasher know. " hey man, I don't see my order at my door. You dropped it off at the wrong house, my house is on blank street. ". Now mind you, I put in the notes for delivery the house number and everything so that it's easier for the dasher. I get that sometimes the GPS can be weird. Well instead of them being nice or civil, they said " it's where the GPS took me, not my problem, contact door dash. ". Oh really now mother fucker? I think I will. Reported that I did not receive my food, got a refund. But that's not where I stopped. I then reported the dasher for being rude to door dash. Thought that was the end of it. Continued on with the rest of my night watching anime and whatever rabbit hole youtube was taking me on. About 30 minutes after I reported that dasher, I get a loud knock on my door. I did not answer said door cause I could see through the window who it was. Now you might be thinking " if the dasher didn't drop off your order to you, how would you know it was them? ". Who else would knock angrily and loudly almost directly after me reporting them to door dash? So after the first knock, I thought maybe they'll go away since I didn't answer. They knocked again but louder this time. I grabbed my pocket knife and walked away from the door just in case this guy would've been crazier than he was being currently, also not going to engage since I just wanted my night to just resume. After an hour, I look outside carefully to make sure they were gone. Didn't see any sign of them or a car parked that I didn't recognize. I then continued watching youtube until I could fall asleep since my anxiety had shot up a bunch. Well, that's not where I wanted to leave it. I reported that dasher again, and since there's no regular harassment option, I chose physical violence considering that's probably what would've happened if i answered the door.
Tldr; reported dasher to door dash for being rude, dasher shows up at my door acting crazy, I reported them again.
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