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Gannon Stauch

2020.02.11 22:27 sunzusunzusunzusunzu Gannon Stauch

💙 Gannon Stauch, 11, was murdered in Colorado Springs, CO on January 27th 2020. He was found deceased in a suitcase in Florida on March 17 2020. His stepmother, Letecia, was found guilty of his murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole on May 8 2023💙

2010.08.03 16:38 kanez Lawn Care

Lawn care guides, pictures, and discussions.

2011.11.15 16:00 tophergz Pembroke Pines, FL


2023.06.01 18:31 BitterFuture Oh, c'mon. You think these people are capable of shame?!

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2023.06.01 18:31 eSportsStats The Monsters Attack! Championship shattered viewership records, becoming the most-watched Teamfight Tactics tournament ever!

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2023.06.01 18:30 Infinite_Cabinet_678 Chance me (fine gpa, good ec, meh sat)

Rising senior
Major - Computer Science
GPA - 4.9 weighted 3.9 unweighted
Class rank - 100/800
AP Classes - Human Geography, Computer Science A, Psychology, Seminar, Calc AB
Intended AP Classes for senior year - AP Calc BC, Physics C, Research, Gov/macro
Dual Enrolling - One CS and english course each semester of senior year
SAT - 1300 (taking another on June 3rd and have a school wide one in October)
Extracurriculars -
Schools I'm Applying to (I'm aware some are a long shot)-
Thanks for looking at this! Appreciate it!
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2023.06.01 18:30 aaronfinch1982 How do you read a Copeland compressor number?

To read a Copeland compressor number, you typically need to identify and understand the different sections or digits within the number. Copeland compressor numbers usually contain important information about the compressor's specifications. While the specific format may vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer, here is a general guide on how to read a Copeland compressor number:
  1. Identify the brand: The first section of the number usually indicates the brand name, such as "Copeland." This part may be abbreviated to "COPE" or similar variations.
  2. Determine the compressor type: The next section typically represents the compressor type. For example, it may be denoted as "R" for reciprocating or "S" for scroll compressors.
  3. Identify the application range: Following the compressor type, there might be a section indicating the application range. It could be a single letter or a combination of letters and numbers that signify the intended usage of the compressor. Some common examples include "A" for air conditioning, "R" for refrigeration, or "M" for medium-temperature applications.
  4. Note the capacity or displacement: The next digits often represent the compressor's capacity or displacement. This value indicates the volume of gas the compressor can handle, typically measured in cubic inches or cubic centimeters.
  5. Look for additional specifications: Depending on the compressor model and intended use, there may be further digits or letters that provide additional specifications. These can include information about voltage, refrigerant type, motor type, special features, or other specific details.
Remember that while this guide provides a general overview, the format and interpretation of Copeland compressor numbers can vary. It's always advisable to consult the manufacturer's documentation or contact Copeland directly for precise information about a particular compressor model.
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2023.06.01 18:30 betico219 Who had the better season between Salah, Saka and Rashford?

Salah in my opinion. Absolutely stepped up for a really poor LFC, with the greatest G/A contributions of them all. Saka had some great games stepping up for Arsenal, and Rashford was amazing in February/March, but slightly average the rest of the season. Opinions?
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2023.06.01 18:30 Patient_Time7933 Florida faces ‘mass migration’ as trans people flee state in fear of Ron DeSantis’ ‘hateful bills’

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2023.06.01 18:30 Unforgiven712 HDMI No Signal Pc Restart

Hello guys,
I have no plan about computer and components and Im glad this community exists. My problem is as follow; Whenever Im playing some low graphic needed game, sometimes just watching movies, my asus monitor turns blue with this textbox "HDMI 1 No Signal". The game, movie or music is still running in the background. After few seconds the monitor turns dark and the computer restarts itself.
There is no problem report at all, neither does something not work afterwards. Even after searching online for hours, I have no clue what the problem could be...
here some points that I can give
- my pc Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz - my graphiccard NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - new high quality HDMI cable, still same problem - GPU CPU temperature is all fine - Only the monitor is "older"
I appreciate every advice. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.01 18:30 AvvYaa Educational AI channel - I gained 1K subscribers with my last 3 videos in a month!

So I am a full-time Machine Learning Scientist, and I started my YT channel back in January. I was originally posting game dev content on Unity (I'm a complete beginner in Unity, I was using the channel to keep me motivated to learn game development). In 4 months, I had released about 6 videos and gained 40 subscribers, with an average view count of 200-300.
It was then that my GF told me to put out ML/AI content in the channel. At first, I was wary of it (I work on ML all day, and didn't want to spend my ML cycles on YT too), but I eventually came around and gave it a try. After all, that is my primary skill, and it comes more naturally to me.
I did not want to do the "AI news" and other clickbaity content, there are a lot of people doing it, and I don't enjoy many of the over-the-top propaganda takes out there. Instead, I chose to do more technical/educational/informative videos which not many people in the AI community is doing. I try to explain evolving concepts so a beginner could understand them, but I try to keep it deep enough to make researchers feel nostalgic. I also try to explain stuff more visually than most educational channels of my size do. Not just a talking head, but slides, paper-quotes, illustrations, etc. My videos take about 10-14 days to produce coz of the research, scripting, animating, and editing (oh god the editing) I do.
My first video did the best numbers I ever did at that point with 4k views, the second one did 2.5k too, the third one (which explained the evolution of LLMs covering a decade of cool research) did about 13K views, and my latest one has started off (kinda sluggishly) at 400 views in 3 days.
I gained like 1000 subscribers in 20 days, with 1050 subs now... Got so many kind comments from the viewers. My engagement numbers are up from the game-dev content I was doing earlier. I am still a baby-ass Youtuber... and I am still learning new things, figuring stuff out, and trying to improve something in each video. I thought of sharing it here as a time-capsule of my progress, and because I have gained a LOT of insights from this subreddit in the past few months.
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2023.06.01 18:29 guidefru How are you outcompeting pre-existing articles that are ranking?

I used to do a SERP analysis, a huge part of which was taking the top 5 relevant ranking articles and doubling their average word count. With quality content of course. This worked for my previous niche.
However, I now have to create content in a new niche and content longer than 2-3k words would be too much for my target audience.
So without my go-to strategy of a creating a more comprehensive resource, what are some ways I can outcompete pre-existing articles?
I know this seems very similar to, how do I rank, but I mean this specifically in the context of outdoing my competitors. What else can I do except serve more interesting content?
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2023.06.01 18:29 toomanyjobs77 I’ve been fired plenty and I feel lost. What should I do?

I’ve been a sales analyst since 1999. I use Excel and other reporting tools to demonstrate where my companies are doing well and where they are not. I love what I do.
A career counselor suggested helper jobs. I’ve thought about sales because the harder I work the more money I make and my family needs money.
I would love a great career book recommendation, but how much stock do I put in something written by someone who’s never met me?
I have had 31 jobs since graduating college:
• 6 permanent (one resigned for graduate school after three years, one laid off after three years, three fired for performance, one I was on a Performance Improvement Plan and took a new job)
• 25 contract (ranging from 30 days to two years, five ended well and 21 were bad fits)
• I’m obviously the problem but I don’t know where to start.
• I survived eight suicide attempts from 1996 to 2001 due to severe emotional abuse in my birth family. I don’t consider this to be irrelevant. I have had no suicide attempts since meeting my wife. Our son just finished fourth grade.
• We owe $95,000 to Nelnet. My wife makes $45,000. I was fired on May 4th from a job that started in January 2023 and paid $87,000. We have had countless forbearances. Her hours have been cut to 24 hours a week.
• I have eleven references on LinkedIn, four of them are sparkling, the other seven are more casual.
• I have a bachelors degree in Statistics and an MBA
• I have a math tutoring business since the 90s, but I don’t really enjoy it. It’s fine for in between getting fired and getting fired.
• I have won Employee of the Quarter at five different companies
• I have done extensive volunteer work
Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 18:29 This-Just-In-11-18 I cannot figure out how to set up my entries and exits

I'm new and have very little knowledge of strategies and have not yet implemented my own in trading. But, because of that I keep losing money and it is very frustrating. I know that it will take time and I need to keep learning (I only started in January), and I keep positive about my losses because I'm not blowing my account, but it is so disheartening to spend all the time learning and trying new approaches just to keep failing. Just wanted to share I guess haha
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2023.06.01 18:29 OnMyReddit01 Question About Total Calories and Active Calories

Hey needed some advice when I’m doing calories in an calories out mostly about the calories out my track majority of my calories through my Apple Watch. I’ve been trying to educate myself on how this all works. I’ve tried caloric deficit before school got in the way and I got really stressed. I kind of started gaining weight again but recently been on the right path but I’ve been really confused on how I count my calories out. So I try to stay in the pocket of 1500 to 1700 a day. I’m 5’10 243 lbs Male and I’ve been told I should eat more calories, but I’ve never really had an issue with not eating as much it’s just staying active, OK I’m getting sidetracked. My question is when I’m counting my calories out do I count the active calories, so the calories that I’m typically Bernie from exercising and staying moderately active or do I kill my total calories calories? I just burned all together whether I’m just moving my hands or getting something to drink? I’ve been really confused because. It’s really hard to actively burn more than 1700 cal so sometimes I feel like I’m just really lazy or I’m just not putting in enough work. But when I look at my total caloric burn it’s typically around 2000 to 2700 on average in a day. Thank you to anyone in advance that is able to give me my answer!
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2023.06.01 18:28 SamTheArse She's here!

She's here!
Ordered mine in January, came in this Tuesday. (It's also my first car)
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2023.06.01 18:28 tepara Are there any special card CBs for my Silver Team?

Are there any special card CBs for my Silver Team?
Got into the game in January and they don't seem to release any. Couldn't find any on the transfer market either.
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2023.06.01 18:28 Dovid_1 Back-of-the-Envelope Calculations and Wallet Seed Phrases

I fell in love with "back-of-the-envelope" calculations (sometimes back of a napkin) back in university where they were introduced. These are a way to use simple calculations to approximate something within an order of magnitude. They can be used to highlight the absurdity of something without having to get any real math involved.
Last week there was a post about seed phrases and the possibility of finding a used wallet from these and I thought this is a perfect opportunity to showcase some of these calculations.
Some background: Seed phrases act as a mnemonic sentence, which are far easier for humans to remembestore/interact with, without making errors. These sentences are comprised of typically 12 or 24 words, randomly chosen from a list of 2048 words. A wallet is deterministically created from this list of words through a number of operations. This means the same list of words will always produce the same wallet.
The issue: A wordlist of 2048 doesn't seem like a lot and 12-24 words taken from this list doesn't seem like a lot either. So it might seem reasonable to think that this isn't very secure.
Back-of-the-envelope calculations: We will produce a number of simple calculations to estimate the time it would take to brute force one of the many BTC wallets on average (e.g., find a list of words that had already been used to create a wallet). We will grossly over-exaggerate our abilities and under-exaggerate the task. This way the result will be better than real-life and if still absurd will show that real-life is even more absurd.
We will assume that the created/used wallets are nicely distributed among the total wallets, which is ok since hash functions are good for this (the backbone of BTC's PoW algorithm). So our calculation becomes:
Total wallets/Created wallets/Wallets checked per second
12 words: 1x1039/1x109/1x10^21 ≈ 1x10^9 seconds (>31 years)
24 words: 1x1079/1x109/1x10^21 ≈ 1x10^49 seconds (>3.1x10^41 years)
Humans are typically terrible at being able to understand the actual scale of large numbers, so here is a table of how long it would take on average to find a wallet in terms of **ages of the universe (≈ 13.7x10******9 years). Table shows this for a number of different seed phrase lengths and wallet checking ability:

Seed Phrase Length 1* 1x109** 1x1021*** 2x1023****
12 2x1012 2300 <1 <1
24 2x1012 2x1012 2x1031 2x1029
48 2x10131 2x10122 2x10110 2x10108
\ - Pen and paper? 1 check per second (maybe you're really good at math??))\* - Gross over-estimation of the best GPU hashrate*** - Same as above, current estimated BTC network hashrate**** - Estimated number of stars in the Universe)
This is all rough estimation (that's the whole point) and doesn't take into account some other aspects of seed phrases (like passcodes). Ultimately no one has to worry about someone else using the same seed phrase, other than from implementation issues. As long as you keep it safe (e.g., offline and in a safe place at a minimum) then you should be good! If you see anyone irl with these concerns then you can get an envelope/napkin out and go through this with them to put their mind at rest!
1 - https://statoshi.info 2 - https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/bitcoin-addresses/
Edit: some formatting issues
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2023.06.01 18:28 New-Library-5177 Dont wanna go to a family function!! Help!!

One of my toxic uncles have kept a house warming party in the native place. This is from my mom’s side.
Its peak summers and my native place has even higher temperatures. Its also very generally inconvenient with no network connection, no space, no proper electricity.
But the biggest problem of all, I find my moms side of relatives very irritating. They judge, gossip, behave stupid all the time. I just dont like spending time with them and 3 days with them, in that kinda place is giving me nightmares.
My mom and dad are hell bent on taking because everyone else is going (all my cousins) and because log kya kahenge. My mom is scared of her respect going down.
Its a weekend so I cant give work reasons too. Today was my first day of period and I cried real hard because of it.
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2023.06.01 18:28 packmanwiscy r/NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season - HUB POST

Welcome to the Hub Post for the NFL Top 100 Players of the 2022 Season!


Several years ago we made a decision to focus on ranking just the previous season based on feedback. This year we continued that plan and only ranked players based on their performance during the 2022 regular season, since that is an equal baseline for all players. Post Season play was not considered in the rankings which is a continuation from last year per sub feedback. Additionally, we have increased the games played requirement from 10 games to 11, to be closer in proportion to the prior standard of 10 games in a 16 game season.
NOTE 1: There were no individual player threads submitted by users discussing the merits of players for or against their placement on the list. Users were also required to complete roughly 80% of these tiers prior to submitting their own lists for the overall average. There were breaks built into the process to allow everyone time to do the work and catch up (if necessary) but inactive users were removed periodically. Hence the difference in the total number of people from the start of the process and the total number of submitted sheets.
NOTE 2: No ranker was forced or encouraged to rank a certain numbelimited number of positions on their list based on some arbitrary formula or idea. For example, NO ONE was told they need to limit the number of QBs on their Top 100 list. No ranker was directed to ignore any positional value; users were encouraged to factor positional value as they saw it into their rankings since it is a largely subjective measure.
NOTE 1: Rankings are submitted via individual Google Sheets and auto-compiled into a master list. We reviewed each list for outliers with the help of former rankers to catch individual ranks that are far off the players calculated mean, whether intentionally or accidentally. We calculated a mean rank then the standard deviation for each player. After that, we automatically flagged all ranks outside 1 standard deviation to ensure I caught user submission errors using built-in Google Sheets conditional formatting functions. We also flagged ranks 2 standard deviations or more from the mean to ensure rankers intent with their own list. This was done to ensure flags were identified with as little bias as possible. Conditional Formatting formulas were used to highlight cells to verify automatically to remove subjectivity. Users then had the opportunity to correct any submission errors found prior to finishing the list. We used 1 standard deviation in addition* to 2 since some players had large standard deviations and I wanted to be certain I caught actual mistakes. Rankers were only required to justify ranks 2 standard deviations from the players mean; the keyword here being justify as they weren’t directed to correct them. The entire spirit of this list is to take several individual rankings and find an average.
NOTE 2: All rankings will be made public. That may obviously bring some unwanted heat. But we don’t believe in skirting transparency for convenience sake. This was made known in the Call for Rankers and during the ranking process. This sub will only see the ranks for each post during the reveal. The final post - The Post Mortem - after all reveals will have a data dump with all ranks, individual sheets, and outlier ranking data made available.
For the second straight season, myself and u/mattkud have been honored to run the ranking process. We cannot thank our predecessors, u/MikeTysonChicken , Mister_Jay_Peg , u/Staple_Overlord , and u/skepticismissurvival , enough for building a platform that allows us to run this list as thoroughly and efficiently as we did. I’d also like to thank all the rankers, both the ones that finished the list and even those that didn’t. Overall they did a great job (except for the ones that mixed up Quincy Williams and Quinnen Williams on their ranking sheet)
After three years of ranking myself, I can tell you this is a fun way of spending the offseason regardless of the praise or scorn you get for the list. You get to interact with people and fanbases that you might not otherwise pay attention to, and analyze and watch players who you might know only in passing. Sometimes I say the final ranking isn’t the most important part, it’s about the journey of rewatching all these great players and having a newfound appreciation for them. I know I’ve become a more knowledgeable football fan since I first signed up to join the list, and I’m sure most rankers would say the same.
The rankers had a number of strategies for how they ranked the players and each was allowed to follow their own personal guidelines within the given parameters and as long as they were not simply using derivatives of other outside rankings. Basically, have your own positions and beliefs. As the reveal progresses, the rankers will have the ability to volunteer their player lists for the revealed numbers and/or where they ranked the listed players as they wish and you are free to engage with them.
Lastly, players will be revealed on the teams they played/finished the 2022 season with.


The Honorable Mentions (125-101) will be released Tuesday. June 6th. The reveal will begin on Thursday, June 8th with spots 100-91. From there we will release a list every Tuesday and Thursday. The Post Mortem will follow the week after all reveal threads.
If you want to follow along with the schedule here it is:
Date Post Link Date Post Link
June 1 Hub Post THIS POST!
June 6 Honorable Mentions link June 8 100-91 link
June 13 90-81 link June 15 90-71 link
June 20 70-61 link June 22 60-51 link
June 27 50-41 link June 29 40-31 link
July 4 30-21 link July 6 20-11 link
July 11 10-6 link July 13 5-1 link
July 18 Post Mortem link
With all of this out of the way, I’m ready for some agreement and/or disagreeing, probably a dash of rage, with the rankings. Hopefully civil but heated discussions on why [insert player here] should/should not be ranked above/below [insert a different player] shall emerge and how it is an absolute travesty/surprise that [insert a totally different player here] is/isn’t included.
See ya Tuesday for the honorable mentions!
packmanwiscy & mattkud
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2023.06.01 18:27 Itsyaboifam Damage resistances arent an issue, the way they stack are.

Woven mail is great, it is truly the beating heart of strand
Void OS feels great with dr
And dr made resil great
Individually these sources of DR are not an issue, where they become an issue is when they are stacked together

I will use 2 examples here to demonstrate my point

  1. Woven mail + Void OS + 100 resil
Woven mail: 60% dr
Void OS: 50%dr + 45 hp shields
100 resil: 30% dr
So, this is a bit harder to calculate, but here we go:
The full brunt of our DR is only present while we have our 45 hp OS up so let's calculate the EHP of this OS
DR: 0.4 × 0.5 × 0.7 = 0.14 (An 86% damage reduction)
EHP= 45hp/ 0.14 = 321EHP
Not we calculate the EHP for the normal guardian health with all DRs except for the OS
DR: 0.4×0.7 = 0.28 (a 72% DR)
EHP: 200hp/0.28 =714EHP
This means in this scenario the total HP of the player is 1035 EHP
For reference that is a 617.5% increase in effective health compared to NO DR
Yes you can
  1. Navigator + void subclass (this gives access to devour even lol)
  2. Strand subclass + repulsor brace (with destabilizing rounds) for Void OS
But... hey sure, this is a hard set up
You know what isnt hard? Example number 2
  1. Woven mail + 100 resil + 3 resist mods on master NF (resist mods paired with the threat)
The total DR here is: 0.4 × 0.7 × 0.7 = 0.196 (80.4% dr)
Considering that the element of our resist mods also has a 25% damage increase due to threats, this results in a total EHP of:
200/(0.196 × 1.25) = 816 ehp
"What about the other damage types?"
I gonna skip the math here since it is pretty simple.
For the other elements:
Dr: 0.28 (72%) Ehp: 714
To understand truly how much health it FEELS like we have in an activity like this, we an average out these values between the 3 elements
So lets assume in this hypothetical NF that each element is 1/3 of the damage you take.
Disclaimer: This is basically never the case where normally the threat damage is vastly more present, I did it like this to make the final result SMALLER than what it actually is so that people, hopefully, realize how broken this is
Average EHP in example 2:
AVG_ehp = (2*714 +816)/3 =748 ehp
This is, compared to base hp values, a 474% increase in HP

Why this is an issue

This is something I want to elaborate on, this isnt a matter of asking for nerfs for the sake of it... I am asking for DR to be looked at because it creates bad design on activities.
What do I mean? There are 2 ways to create challenging content with these levels of DR
1. Nullifiers: enemies with the ability to remove buffs and abilities from players. This is like the nullifiers fron warframe for reference... one of the most disliked enemies in that game... this would be even worse in destiny, where these enemies would LITERALLY be anti fun/ anti build enemies, how fun does that sound? An enemy whose mere presence throws your build out of the window.
  1. Re balance game around DR: Remember when LF launched and people complained about content feeling too brutal? Like Neomuna and legend avalon and such? Imagine that, but rather than a bunch of tanky enemies, we have a bunch of tanky enemies that are balanced to 2-3 shot an 85% dr guardian... we call these one hit kills. We have already seen design similar to this in the Reckoning activity days, I am not making this stuff up, we already lived it.
Both of these solutions are anti-fun solutions, and even though they solve the issue they, literally, arent beneficial to either casuals or hardcore
For casuals, shit just becomes unnecessarily balanced towards min maxed builds.
For hardcores the game just becomes unbalanced and everyone will be running a SINGULAR build everywhere
No one wants these solutions, but all that is left is to nerf
If bungie wants to nerf it right, they need to future proof this dr system... rather than nerf woven mail (which is a whole other discussion) they can tackle the true issue

Diminishing returns

Diminishing return in this case could come in many various ways, but I am gonna tackle it in a very specific way, because it is simpler to explain effects and understand the workings behind
DRV - Damage resistance value
P - Priority List
N - Number of DRV element in list P list
TDR - Total damage resistance
The system could work like this:
Your TDR would be equal to multiplicative stacking DRs divided by their respective N value, which is determined by an established P list
"Wtf did you just say?" Here is an example
When stacking Woven mail (60%) and max resil (30%) the game would set Woven mail as the priority, as it is the higher value, so, it is attributed as the firs ELEMENT of a list, the second element is of course the 30% from resil
Your total DR would then be:
Woven mail 60% divided by N; since it is the priority it's N = 1 so the DR is 60%
100 resil 30% divided by N; since it is the second highest value N = 2, so the DR is 15%
This way:
TDR = 0.4 *0.85= 0.34 (a total 66% DR)
On the previous system this resulted in 72% DR
This results in a ~20% reduction in effective health from previous to the "new" system
Following from the example, if we added some other source of DR (like a 25% dr source) it would be divided by N = 3, since it is the 3rd in the list of priority, so the actual DR is of 25%/3, so the total dr value is:
TDR = 0.40.850.92 = 0.3125 (68% dr)
As you can see, the more DR buffs we add the less it affects our total damage reduction

The positives

This would result in a couple of things...
Firstly and most important, absurdly high DR are much harder to achieve, but at the same time, this still allows high DR buffs to have value, and some other dr sources to have a place too, but the more you stack it the less effective it becomes
Secondly, it would allow for more diversity in mods
Chest mods are basically governed by resit mods in most high end activities, since well, 30% dr is insane to pass on
But in theory, if you have 100 resil and another source of DR the effects of the chest mods would become very minimal, and so could be swapped for something else allowing for chest mods to be more diverse
Thirdly, this is future proof, since no matter hoe many new sources of DR are added, the system is built to reduce their effectiveness as you stack more and more
Hope you liked the read
If you dont agree with this, please tell me I want to understand people's points of view
Be respectful
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2023.06.01 18:27 ZenBassGuitar [GCSE Biology: Nitrogen Cycle] How do I answer this question?

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2023.06.01 18:27 bewise123456874feff Choosing the Right School for Your Teaching Job: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Right School for Your Teaching Job: A Comprehensive Guide

Finding the right school for your teaching career is a critical decision that can greatly impact your professional growth and job satisfaction. It requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a fruitful and fulfilling experience. This blog post will explore a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice when selecting a school for your teaching job. For detailed information about Pathway to Teacher jobs and career development, you may want to visit and sign up for free early access at WiseConnect.
Research and Self-Assessment
Begin by conducting thorough research to deeply understand your teaching philosophy, goals, and preferred teaching methods. Reflect on your strengths, areas of expertise, and the age group or subjects you are most passionate about teaching. This self-assessment will serve as the foundation for finding a school that aligns with your values and teaching style.
School Culture and Values
Consider the school's culture and values, as they significantly impact the teaching environment. Look for institutions that foster a positive and supportive atmosphere, where collaboration, professional development, and student well-being are prioritized. Visit the school's website, read mission statements, and reach out to current or former teachers to get a sense of the school's ethos.
Student Demographics and Classroom Environment
Understanding the student demographics and classroom environment is crucial. Consider the age group, socio-economic background, and cultural diversity of the students. Determine whether you prefer working in a small, intimate setting or a larger, more diverse school. This knowledge will help you assess how well you can connect with and meet the needs of the students in a particular school setting.
Curriculum and Resources
Evaluate the school's curriculum and resources to ensure they align with your teaching goals and methodologies. Look for schools that offer a well-rounded curriculum, including opportunities for creative teaching approaches, extracurricular activities, and access to educational technology. Adequate resources such as teaching materials, technology tools, and support staff are essential for effective teaching and student engagement.
Professional Development Opportunities
Continued professional development is vital for teachers' growth. Explore the school's commitment to ongoing training, workshops, and conferences. Consider whether they offer mentorship programs or opportunities for collaboration with other educators. A school that invests in its teachers' professional growth indicates a supportive environment that values the development of its faculty.
Work-Life Balance and Compensation
Consider the work-life balance and compensation package offered by the school. Evaluate factors such as the average workload, class sizes, and administrative support. Additionally, analyze the salary, benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is crucial for sustaining a long and satisfying teaching career.
Choosing the right school for your teaching job is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. By conducting thorough research, considering the school culture, student demographics, curriculum, professional development opportunities, and work-life balance, you can make an informed choice that aligns with your values, teaching style, and long-term career goals. Remember, finding the right school is a vital step toward building a rewarding and successful teaching career. For detailed information about Pathway to Teacher jobs and career development, you may want to visit and sign up for free early access at WiseConnect.
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2023.06.01 18:26 RelationFuzzy47 Work Trip in North Carolina

Just wanted to thank y’all in North Carolina for showing me a good time. I’m on a work trip from North Florida and as I joked with y’all I’m a Floridian who is not moving to your state so I’m not raising the cost of living lol. Thanks for being so good to me North Carolina y’all are always welcome to North Florida anytime!!
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2023.06.01 18:26 Still-Inside-9509 Which device can I choose in 2023?

Hi, Now I have triton 300 se with rtx 3060 and i5 11300h. Performance is quite good at the expense of temperature and noise. I am searching for sth quiet, portable and with small touch screen (sth around 13 - 14 inches) and good performance (60fps, 1080p, high quality in every new game). I saw that rtx 40 laptops are so expensive, but maybe you know some good laptops which are not cost more than 1700$
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