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Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

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Listings of new homes for sale.

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A community for those in, around, and interested in, the Fine City of Norwich, UK.

2023.06.01 18:43 tropicalasparagus Umoja Springboard Academy Sale & Deals

Check this out for Umoja Springboard Academy Sale & Deals. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.01 18:43 Anxiety-Disorder-75 City of Ir

The City of Ir is starting to grow. There tower of knowledge has expanded the books it offers and the armor smiths have come down in pricing on their wares. There is plenty of country side yet to colonize, as long as you watch for those deep pits. Still looking for people to build in a fantasy / medieval style. There is a community base camp that has now been lit up and a Nether hub with less than 100 Piglins looking to poke you with sharp sticks. If anyone is interested in helping the realm to grow, basic rules apply: No stealing people's goods, no destroying people's builds, anything within 100 blocks of spawn is community ground.
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2023.06.01 18:42 bigolthrowawayhaha Handling arguments and getting our marriage back on track [28F/28M]

My wife and I have been together for about 5 years, married for 2.
We have been running into issues where, when I make any kind of mistake, my wife becomes extremely upset. However, she doesn't tell me she's upset until it's too late.
For example, we are painting my wife's office (which is in our spare bedroom). I work 8-5 on weekdays, so I can't help out until 5pm, and my wife is disabled, so she has to wait on me to do certain things.
Yesterday, after finishing work, I realized we didn't have dinner plans, so we took a break from prepping the room to be painted and put together a short grocery list and a plan for dinner, and I went to the store. This was my idea and my wife seemed receptive to it.
When I got home from the store, I found my wife enraged that I had gone to the store instead of helping to get the room painted. It turns out, she actually thought this was a terrible idea, but either did not realize in time (because it all happened pretty quickly), or did not tell me.
My wife and I are both autistic, and something I am still learning to work with is that my wife is extremely sensitive to plan/schedule changes. I derailed our plan by making a trip out to the store and this left my wife distraught. On the other hand, I am extremely loose with scheduling, and my plan was simply to ensure we ate a good dinner and then got back to work, and if that meant we stayed up late, then so be it.
This turned into an hours-long argument about my wife feeling like she has no control over the situation or my actions, like she can't stop me from suddenly being overcome by this notion that I NEED to go to the store right now. I'm not sure what to do about this, because from my perspective, I raised the idea and she didn't object to it at all until after I'd already done it. Was it a short-sighted plan that didn't take into account her needs regarding not having last-second changes to our plan? Absolutely. But I didn't catch it.
This happens frequently. I will do something that she disagrees with, but she isn't capable of telling me in the moment. After it happens, she is upset both that I didn't consider her enough, and that she didn't stop me. I apologize for my part in it, but these situations are extremely triggering for her and it seems to inevitably derail our entire day once it happens, as neither of us can pull her back out of these feelings.
I understand my wife's frustration in these situations, but I am doing the best I can, and I fully intend to take her feelings into consideration, but I slip sometimes. When I slip, it feels like there's nothing I can do or say to bring us back. Nothing I try works. It feels like my only option is to behave perfectly and never slip up, but this isn't possible.
tl;dr: My wife and I have major trouble addressing problems in our relationship when they occur and we're not sure how to continue. I cannot calm my wife down when I've done something wrong.
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2023.06.01 18:42 TheOneThatGotOhHey Allow me to be your latest distraction from whatever you should be doing instead of sitting on Reddit

I’m just a stupidly tall, self-consciously nerdy, outgoing introvert of a 25-year-old guy from the USA. I work from home and am looking for some new friends to chat with 😄
I don’t care where you’re from or what age you are (just please be an adult, for hopefully obvious reasons). If you’re reading this, I’d love to talk!
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2023.06.01 18:42 JDubManc1282 [WTS] G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1A

[WTS] G-Shock Mudmaster GG-B100-1A
For Sale is a GG-B100-1A Mudmaster
Like New - comes with Watch, Tin, Warranty Card, and Manual
Will ship in GA-110 box
$225 shipped via USPS Priority
PayPal, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle accepted
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2023.06.01 18:42 jewnupe [H] Amazon Gift Card $25 / eBay $25/ Google Play / Target / Best Buy / Home Depot / Uber / Apple [W] 85% USD PayPal FF / CashApp / Zelle

Cash App Preffered * Post reply here 1st. *If FLAIR next to your name says BEGINNER please do not message me
Lower rep goes first Price firm Different amounts available later.
Also have Ebay, Lowes, Home depot, Target, Best Buy, Apple, Uber, google play all $25 85%
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2023.06.01 18:42 indegoafrica1 COCOKI'S YOUNG LEADERS


On August 2nd, Indego will celebrate the success of 25 young artisans as they graduate from Indego’s second semester of Young Leaders Academy and improve the operations of their cooperatives across Rwanda!
The Young Leaders Academy provides graduates of our Vocational & Business Training program in Rwanda with the advanced business education and intensive technology training they need to enhance the productivity of their cooperatives and spearhead change in their communities. From marketing and accounting, to supply chain management and product innovation, Indego’s YLA students not only learn the ins and outs of running a successful business but also get the opportunity to apply those concepts in real time to their own artisan enterprises.
Ali Nzabarinda and Jennifer Musugi, two graduates of Indego’s inaugural semester of Young Leaders Academy, are using what they learned at YLA to help boost the creativity and sales of their artisan cooperative, Cocoki.
Soon after participating in Indego’s education programs, Ali, Jennifer, and other members of Cocoki Cooperative began posting pictures of their hand-sewn apparel on Instagram and Facebook in the hope of attracting new client attention. It wasn’t long before Cocoki received inquiries from a range of clients, including a buyer from Switzerland and a well-known dance troupe in Rwanda. The cooperative was even approached by a client in Germany who paid Cocoki to teach some of its employees how to sew. Ali attributes this success to Cocoki’s use of strategic social media marketing.
“I learned both practical and digital skills during YLA,” says Ali. “But the training really helped me implement new ideas at Cocoki, like using social media to market our products and become more competitive.”
A longtime partner of Indego Africa, Cocoki produces hand-sewn shirts, men’s suits, and women’s apparel. With Rwanda’s recent emphasis on local production and the consumption of goods and services Made-In-Rwanda, social media has been an integral part of the sewing cooperative’s marketing strategy.
“Young people are the ones who use social media the most, so our target market is usually sewing shirts and other clothes for them,” says Ali. “It’s a great way to show people where they can buy clothes locally.”
Since participating in YLA, Ali has also helped Cocoki think more creatively about its production. Some of the cooperative’s new designs have received much local attention, earning its members accolades on social media and invitations to participate in fashion design competitions in Rwanda and neighboring Burundi.
“I feel proud when I meet someone wearing the clothes that I sewed,” says Ali. “It feels good to have your name known here in Rwanda.”
After six months of advanced entrepreneurship training, our second graduating class of 25 talented and ambitious artisans is off to do great things. We can’t wait to share what our graduates do next as we continue to welcome new students to the Young Leaders Academy and help build the next generation of changemakers in Rwanda!
The Young Leaders Academy is generously supported in part by the Ann B. Zeis Scholarship Fund established by Marta and Jeff Zeis to help honor the memory of their daughter, Ann Bernadette Zeis- a passionate supporter of Indego Africa.
To celebrate the life of this remarkable young woman, Indego has released a new basket handwoven in Rwanda that displays a sunflower motif in honor of Ann’s favorite flower. Each purchase of the Annie B. Plateau helps carry on Ann’s legacy by providing women with the knowledge and skills they need to grow their own businesses and improve their communities.
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2023.06.01 18:41 Skye-Hi A rant because I don’t know anyone who has experienced what I have

This might be a little lengthy as I have ADHD and tend to go on tangent… I do not get along with my mother very well.
From birth to 10yrs old, me and my mother lived with my grandparents. My mother was young when she had me, 22. She was never around much and I have no memories of her looking after me, that was always my grandparents. When she was home, it was late and I was supposed to be sleeping but I couldn’t as she was yelling at my grandparents. Looking back probably about her money issues but I can’t be sure. We moved out when I was 10 years old. That’s when things started to go wrong. She works as a mental health nurse, 9-5/6 and makes a good wage. It was my job to look after the house. I’d clean, cook and go to school. However, she was angry at me all the time. no matter what I did or how hard I tried, something was always wrong. Now, as I mentioned… I have ADHD. I was diagnosed at 7. But, my mother refuses to accept this diagnosis and allow me medication and care. Given that I have ADHD I am forgetful. Incredibly. So, if I ever forgot a chore I didn’t get let off for it despite it not being intentional. My mother would scream at me. “You’re a stupid girl.” “You’re useless.” “You can’t do anything right.” “Why can you do simple things right?” “Why can’t you be like everyone else?” She would grab me and drag me out the house, leaving those red marks that fade away after a few hours. She did this over even something as minor as crumbs being on the counter. My granddad would give me pocket money as a child. My mother knew this and would constantly ask me for money for things from food to got out with her friends. I couldn’t say no. If I did she’d yell.
As I got older she stopped laying her hands on me, but the emotional abuse never stopped. We moved again and the house chores continued to be my responsibility.
At this point, I was in secondary school. I developed anxiety and experienced frequent panic attacks. When the school phoned my mother about them, that got me in deep trouble. I wasn’t allowed to see or talk to my friends for weeks. I’ll never forget what she said… “How do you think this makes me look? How will I look at work if my daughter is having fucking panic attacks? You’re so selfish. So pathetic.”
She had made friends where we lived. She was going out more. Buying expensive clothes (she’s always has a taste for what she can’t afford). Using my money more. And the fridge got emptier and emptier. I started having to contribute to the bills.
When I turned 16 I got a job at the local pub. She got me the job. I didn’t want one, but she threatened me if I didn’t, so I did. Luckily, I ended up enjoying it. I was one of the youngest there and I found friendship with the older girls. This is when I found out my situation with my mother isn’t normal. I shouldn’t have been responsible for the house. The fridge shouldn’t have been so empty. She shouldn’t have been leaving me for weekends alone with nothing to eat. I shouldn’t have been contributing to bills.
However, I was too scared. Too scared to change. To fight her. So, it continued. 16-18 were the worst years of my life. I worked 30-60 hours on top of 42 hours in school every week while trying to find time to maintain the house. I could never do it right. She got worse. Yelling at me almost every time I saw her.
This has all taken a major toll on me. I moved back in with my grandparents a couple weeks after my 18th. I got fired after a mental breakdown. I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety and me and my GP are working on an ADHD diagnosis.
But she’s still there. She’s always texting me about how sad she is I’m gone. She’s trying to get me/ buy me back. I don’t think I can forgive her. I hate me self and I’m so depressed because I believe all the negative things she has said about me. My psychology teacher said her treatment of me is textbook emotional and financial abuse. What do you think?
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2023.06.01 18:41 Garion76 Laptop for medium gaming and general Internet, Excel, Word, etc.

Hi all. I'm seeking a laptop (duh!). I've got one for work but I've never had a personal one before. I have upgraded my desktop as much as I can and want to downsize to laptop. I'm replacing this -
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz / 24.0 GB RAM / 64-bit operating system /
Windows 10 Home / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / 2TB solid state.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.01 18:41 Fluid-Depth I (F24) need help with my potentially narcissistic sister (F25)?

Hi everyone. I need some support as I am struggling to deal with my sister (25) who I think has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My sister is a year older than me and has never liked me. I think we were born too close together and took the limelight from her which is why she despises me. I have just recently graduated university and have come back home as my dad passed away. My sister and mum currently work in a family business that was founded by my parents. My sister currently does menial tasks in the family shop that my mum cannot do, since my mum has no IT skills. My sister does help out frequently and is very useful, but my mum depends on her a lot since she can’t use a computer etc. Because of this, my sister is fully aware that my mum and the business are almost fully dependant on her. She regularly throws temper tantrums when she does not get her own way, where she screams at everyone (usually my mum or late dad) and then refuses to speak to anybody. She will refuse to do her part in the business and will not open the shop, or do any of the online side, so the business struggles for that day.
Since I am a graduate looking for work, I decided I want to temporarily assist in my dads legacy and help with the business. My mum was pleased with this idea as it means I can take over my sisters role during times when my sister is throwing a tantrum. However, my sister has caught wind of this conversation and has somehow convinced herself that me and my mum are planning to replace her. Now she isn’t speaking to me and speaks to me with malice and is extremely aggressive towards me. Everything discussed about my sister wasn’t malicious, me and my mum just went over how her behaviour is a risk to the business and she is not reliable.
Yesterday, my mum started giving me small tasks to do online, which was aside from my sisters role so I don’t step on any toes. But my sister got angry and said she was planning to do all those tasks and I should do something else. So I just didn’t do anything. My mum and I have decided that I should get a small part time role elsewhere and also do part time in the shop.
My sisters problem is that she is struggling to let go of the power she holds. She thinks the whole business is hers to inherit and that I am trying to worm my way in with bad intentions. However, I just want to relieve her of some of her duties and ease my mums stress of worrying whether or not she is going to be able to depend on my sister for that day. My mum owns the full share of the business and is more than happy to let me assist, but my sister doesn’t approve.
My problem now is that I don’t know how to handle her drama. We are a traditional Muslim family, so moving out isn’t an option, and I don’t want to move out from my family home. I have two younger siblings who get along with me and my older sister relatively well, it’s just me she has a problem with. When my dad got his diagnosis and we found out he was dying, I got scared, because my dad has always been the mediator to protect me and put my sister in her place. Now am I really frightened of her and what she could potentially do. I am scared she’s going to ruin my life because I am her prime target. I really miss my dad and I wish he was here to keep her at bay, but now he’s gone I feel like she is going to lose control and just become a monster.
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2023.06.01 18:41 Alternative-Lion-489 1981 GMC Sierra C10 1500 short bed restomod for sale Survivor Classic Cars

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2023.06.01 18:41 EmberJuliet Struggling with a chronic irregular cycle and a perpetual feeling of “constipation”

And I don’t mean regular constipation. My whole body just feels off, or stuffed up in some way.
I’ve had irregular periods forever. Sometimes I’ll have a 33 day cycle, sometimes it’s 80-100. When my cycles are longer, I start to feel really weird. It’s classic PMS symptoms, just perpetuated.
I feel gross. I’m overly emotional- I cry about everything. Sometimes I’m depressed and my life is over. Sometimes I’m hysteric. And my body just feels CLOGGED! I don’t know how to explain it, I just never feel balanced.
Sometimes it gets so bad I beg for my period to come. Paired with having IBS, my life can be a living hell sometimes. I miss a lot of school because I have to go home to shit my guts out and because I feel faint or just exhausted for no apparent reason.
I’ve gone to the doctor for my irregular cycles before, and they just told me I’m skinny and that it’s normal when I’m skinny. But I’m not underweight, I’m 5’8 and 145 lbs. I got some chub on me! They just prescribe birth control just made me feel astronomically worse.
Anyone else struggle with this?
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2023.06.01 18:41 ThrowRAattempt2 My (29M) pregnant girlfriend (22F) went behind my back and asked her sugar daddy for money

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 10 months now and she is almost 7 months pregnant. The pregnancy was not planned, but we both saw a future with each other and decided to keep him and start our little family. She told me early in her pregnancy she didn't want to keep working while pregnant and I supported her in her decision to quit working. I was very clear that we would have to make changes to how we live because I am in my last year of graduate school full time and we will have to be more responsible with how we spend money because we had had fights about money earlier in our relationship that were red flags that I hoped we had worked through. Before we met she was used to a lifestyle of spending money carefreely because she had multiple sugar daddys that financed her lifestyle. But when we started dating I made it very clear that this was not something I was ok with and that if she wanted a relationship with me she would have to cut these men out of her life to which she agreed. I was very serious about her and the relationship and was looking for a life partner, someone I could say we made it by leaning on each other and our families not on some strange creeps who want to bang my wife. She also had her own dealbreakers like asking me to stop smoking weed (I was a daily smoker which I haven't done since) and cut out my ex from my life (blocked and haven't heard from since). But since then we had two fights because she was upset that she had to 'give up her pretty privileges'
We live in my family home so we don't really have a lot of expenses besides food and her phone bill. She even applied for food stamps and was approved. We were doing well about being responsible but between out of pocket prenatal care charges and unexpected issues with my car that cost us more than $1.3K we haven't been able to do much over the past month. She also spent most of our food stamp on one shopping spree the first week of the month because she met another pregnant girl while shopping and decided to talk and shop with her for several hours. Even after that she refused to listen to me when I kept saying we needed to budget what was left so we don't run out before the end of the month and would go shopping to try out different meals she would see on tik tok and that money ran out two weeks ago as well.
Current situation:
When I come from school yesterday I told her my parents were sending me some money so we should be able to get some things she wanted, and even maybe eat out instead of eating the food my mom has been making like we have been the last 2 weeks. But when I spoke to my mom about the money she told me she needed it for an emergency and she would send it to me either friday or saturday but that she was planning on going food shopping so we have new things to eat in the house. I told this to my girlfriend and apologized for getting her hopes up only to let her down, but after that her energy was completely different and I could tell she was irritated. We were both hungry so we went looking for what to eat - there were still food items that she bought but never ate, food in the house, and I offered to make her a couple of things with what we had in the house but she didn't want any of the things and went back to our room. I had a big presentation due today so I told her to let me know if she wants anything, made myself a small meal and focused on my work. I went to check in on her an hour later and she asked for a plate of food. I went and got it for her but she proceeds to yell at me because it was not warmed up enough and proceeds to leave the house to buy food. On the phone she tells me she is tired of not having money and not being able to do anything and why should she struggle when she doesn't have to and she was hungry so she asked one of her sugar daddys for money. She explained she has tried respecting my wishes but she doesn't like not having money and it's very easy for her to get it from these men because of her pretty privilege so she doesn't see why she has to stop just for my sake. She says the conversation was very short and he just sent her money. I tried having a conversation with her after she returned home and she made it clear she won't promise this was a one time thing.
I'm torn because this just breaks the trust and confidence I have in her. She has lied to me and broken my trust in the past but I just thought that she would know not to cross this boundary because of how clear I was about it in the beginning. At the same time it was a really humbling and painful moment of feeling like I can't take care of my pregnant girlfriend and my unborn child the way she wants me to but it's simply chump change for another man. Obviously my priority is to create the best life for my son and to build a life with her but I just don't know how we can proceed forward when this is clearly an issue for me but she doesn't intend to respect it. Am I even entitled to feel this way when I can't provide for her the way she wants, though it is only temporary and I will have a high paying job in less than 12 months?
Damn, sorry for the wall of text
Tl;dr - my pregnant girlfriend crossed a clearly established boundary and asked her sugar daddy for money but she doesn't think she has done anything wrong because 'why struggle if she doesn't have to'
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2023.06.01 18:41 AcronymTheSlayer I am done with this country. It has failed it's students, it's adults and especially it's women.

This is going to be an angry rant. Feel free to skip if you have better things to do and before you say then LeAvEee it then fuck you too. You are part of the problem.
India and it's government-it's people who elected the said government and the sheer population. They have all failed us. The number of medical seats in this country is a fucking joke. The pacing at which medical colleges are being opened or should I say being 'built' is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. The construction is still going since 2012 and half are stuck with regulations 'cause guess what? They need staff, teachers, equipment and patients but lol who cares about students who are increasing day by fucking day. Let's build vanity projects and then 'Feeling proud India' tweet and WhatsApp 'cause that is the only thing we are good at.
Lord knows where engineering students are gonna be in 10 years. The job market is bleak and in India labour is cheap yet cost of living is going up. If you have anyone in real estate business in your family, they'll let you know how dire the situation is going. Not everyone is gonan land in FAANG or tier 1 colleges.
Coming to my main source of frustration is the fucking shit show that is going up. Girls know what is going up and if you guys haven't heard just look up the absolute horror show it is being a woman in this shit hole. Now, if you are gonna go and write 'ooohhh you get reservation in IIT' then fuck you. No body wants reservation agar this is our fucking reality. Rapists are running around in this country on tax payer's money, getting legal protection, threatening victims, taunting how 'they will kill themselves' if found guilty. But how will they ever be found guilty when they have the government backing, a sellout jury and the police refuses to arrest them meanwhile paid media keeps brain washing gullible people, huh?
Being a woman in this country means you live on luck. The public will look the other way when you get fucking murdered or rape. Hell, they will actively start voting and doing a rally to support the said rapist. It sucks to know that half the population does not fucking matter. I long to go out outside and not get fuckin harassed on the street. Public transport is a nightmare for women. An old man literally tried to feel me up and snap my bra buckle the other day when I was standing in a line to get a fucking kit kat. Reacting and escalation gets nothing done, you want to know why? 'cause you never know he may start stalking you home if you are alone. Hell, he might fucking have a weapon on him and stab you 20 times 'cause god knows people won't bat an eye.
And please don't start saying be the change you want. Let's be fucking honest for a while half of this sub is filled with people who don't care 'cause they are in a privileged position to not care. Do you honestly think things will get better for women in our life time? Everyday there are multiple rape, assault, harassment, murder news. A day before a seven year girl was sold in Rajasthan for marriage for 4.5L. That money won't even pay a year's fees in a good college, that is a woman's cost in this country.
I am fucking done. Absolutely fucking done. I don't owe this country shit when this country and it's people are openly shielding rapists and a woman's dignity is a laughing stock here. We are desensitized to a woman's pain and don't you think that your mum, your sisters, your partner or the random girl walking to the street at least deserve to walk peacefully without the always looking over their shoulders? This country is going down, at least for women.
I'd rather take some stranger's racist remarks or 'go back' than be subjected to this horror show by my own country men. I am already below a second class citizen in my own country what difference would it make to be an actual second class citizen anywhere else, huh? If you think from Indian women's POV, I reckon it's a better deal. It's not an utopia but it's leagues better than India is for it's women.
Those who are thinking of getting out, I finally understand you all. You were right and I was wrong to be skeptical y'all. It will takes another millennium for our people to get their shit's together. It's better to cut our losses short and get the fuck out.
Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2023.06.01 18:41 MochaInc I made a free demo on itch.io for my ragdoll sandbox game, City Slickers!

I made a free demo on itch.io for my ragdoll sandbox game, City Slickers! submitted by MochaInc to indiegames [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:40 TheAceOfSkulls Your Favorite Allied Units?

Ah the Allies mechanic, a mechanic most of us ignore (calm down Cities players, I know you exist). Mostly because the way Battle Traits are so key to running units, losing that often makes a unit extremely overcosted in an allied army.
But still, there's some units that you just love running who bring enough with them on their card that you can't help but grab them by the scruff of their neck when you list build a completely different faction.
So what are your favorite ally units to bring, even if it's just a fluffy list you've never run?
This was inspired by me making my 4th aelf list where I was wondering if I should splash stormcast or bring a different flavor of elf along for the ride.
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2023.06.01 18:40 Commercial-Canary-15 NEW TOUR

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2023.06.01 18:40 martynpd I angered Elon, and now I feel his wraith. (they do throttle download speeds)

So I got my kit a week ago. set it up, boom was getting 20-35mb/s download speeds, was very happy, tried playing games on it, still very happy. Naturally I wanted to download all of the things, and managed to download 600gb of data in 3 days.
The next 3 days barely anything but the usual working from home / youtube sometimes.
Started to download a new release game today and got almost 1/3 of the way in... Then disaster, locked to 6mb/s, on the dot no more no less. I paused the download and decided to try again later on.
later on came, was going good started off at 30mb/s, 5minutes later locked in at 6mb/s. At this point I had realised that they were throttling me and they must of picked me out as a Gigauser and decided to slap me with the wraith of the bandwidth cap.
Which is exactly 50mbps.
I know what most of you will say, "You are the bottleneck", "serves you right for downloading too much". The problem is in the UK we're not used to download caps, most ISPs let us download as much as we want, if they're following a US model as they're conditioned to lump it with usage and throttling then that probably will be an issue for a lot of Europeans,
It was fun while it lasted, please use Starlink responsibly.
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2023.06.01 18:40 rustbelt38 No one told me being an adult would be so lonely.

My kids are getting older, I’m extremely busy with work and so is my wife. I’m in sales so always on the road. The only conversations I seem to have these days is “what’s for dinner” or “did you sign the permission slips.” I’m starving for good conversation. I enjoy talking about finance, music, and good food. DM is open.
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2023.06.01 18:40 xxsaramazingxx Caught my (35f) husband (35m) stealing my pain meds... This is the fourth time. Can't file a police report because if he gets fired from his job I lose insurance. Only one place else to go but it would be a 5hr round trip for all doctor appointments... Kinda stuck and just sad.

I'm not even where to start, this is long I apologize in advance for errors, I'm on mobile...
Please bare with me as I have multiple chronic illnesses which cause my brain to be mushy 200% of the time... But I'll try to be as detailed as possible, I don't want to give too much away as this is a very serious issue and could get my husband in some serious trouble. Which he deserves to be in, BUT I'm currently waiting on a decision from social security disability so his full time employment means we have a home, food to eat and food for my 3 fur babies. He is supporting me and I do not have anything to fall back on in terms of support so I'm stuck still living with my husband.
The backstory: we've been together for almost ten years now, married for about 3. I have multiple slow progression painful chronic illnesses, I've been sick my whole life and he's taken on a huge responsibility being my partner... And I thought he accepted me for who I am not what I can offer. Mind you I'm not completely disabled, I'm able to do light housework, make his lunch for work, care for our pets and make simple dinners daily... So from chronic illness standards I'm doing pretty well for how progressed they are. Multiple of my illnesses causes severe pain so I take high dose pain meds to regulate myself on top of getting regular epidural steroid injections and ablations of the nerves in my spinal column to be able to walk. Back to the story, about 3 years into our relationship, the first time I noticed my meds were going missing I was on a low dose pain med called tramadol, he lied but eventually admitted to taking "a few". We moved forward but I had to hide my medication. The second time, fast forward a few years and we had moved into our new house. At this point I was taking lower dose Norco, but I was noticing I was light when I shouldn't have been. Confrontation again and I got a lock box. Third time I was spring cleaning and I found an empty checkbook full of my USED fentanyl patches, I had started using those due to not being able to keep my meds down completely. He had shaken them out of my sharps container then stored them away... Still not sure what he was going to do with them, it's basically skin cells by the time I take it off. I was ready to leave at this time but my parents had just moved 2 and a half hours away in a two bedroom small home. I had/have no where to go and no money to use to do anything about it... Things seemed fine for a couple years. The lock box was protecting my meds and things seemed ok... But I was still weary... Unfortunately my room in which I stored my lockbox got really cluttered due to many reasons so it became hard to use. Another part of me wanted to trust my husband. Stupid me, right?
Well to break down my dosage - I am prescribed a medium dose Norco 4x a day. Usually I only take 2-3 depending on pain and ration the rest in case of med shortage. But I was noticing my extra earrings were not as abundant as they should have been but I thought maybe I was taking a bit extra that month since it was winter. Due to recent medication shortages, my dose was increased but for 3x a day. Which I downgraded my dose to 2x a day to make sure I had extra as my pharmacy warned me they still can't get any in.
Come to the other day and I open my bottle to notice I only had a small handful... So I emptied the bottle and counted, i only had enough to take 2 a day for the next three days leaving me not only 3 Norco short for those days, but three days worth was completely gone... My heart sank because I knew what happened... I confronted my husband who lied about it at first but I asked him again and he finally admitted to taking "a few". I screamed at him for awhile before telling him to get out of my face and go to work, so he left. Sitting there I calculated not only did he steal about a months worth (1 a day) for May but he had to of stolen another two months worth during the previous months my meds weren't in the lock box... A MINIMUM of 90 Norco was taken from me when I absolutely needed them.
I wanted to file a police report that morning but was stopped by my mom who reminded me that I'm currently depending on him to survive. Only when social security goes through do I have any options of leaving... I currently pay about $315 a month on a student loan I'm not even able to use. It's not for not trying, I started working at the age of 14 but had to stop in 2020 due to multiple flare ups ending me up at 93 pounds plus in and out of the hospital on the regular.
Current situation, it's been 5 days, I asked him if he had anything to say to me at all, he said no. He still says I love you and tries to kiss me... I lean away in disgust... I'm disgusted with his audacity to take the medication that helps me be a person. I'm disgusted with myself that I do still love him but all feelings have been burned from his actions. It's obvious he has no respect for me and I'm not even sure if he married me because he loves me or if he just thought he'd have easy access to my medications for the rest of his life... Well my life. I feel obligated to continue my "wifely duties" such as making his lunch, picking up the house to the best of my abilities, make us dinner at night as he is the only one on the house so it's his, he's letting me stay despite my cold demeanor... Kinda keep the peace until I can figure a way out... It's selfish but so is he.
I do not have money to move on my own and I have to take my two large dogs and cat with me as he will neglect them, not intentionally, he has ADHD so he just forgets things. I absolutely refuse to leave my pets, they are top priority to me. My parents said I could come up there but that means every doctors appointment I'm driving 5 hours both ways... And I have 5-7 a month. My best friend is in another state, my other bestie has 4 kids a husband and allergic to animals, 3rd friend lives with her aunt and uncle. I could crash at my brother's for a few days but not any longer... And my neighbor can't house my animals... That is my list of people, I have nobody else... Though who would want to roommate with someone who can't pay rent but can contribute to groceries, cook and light cleaning...
I'm not even sure why I'm posting... I'm very lost and confused. I've officially taken off my wedding band, I know I should file a report but he could lose his job which means he loses insurance meaning I lose insurance... I should leave him but I have nowhere to go... I told him the only way I'd even consider working on our relationship again is if he goes to therapy or rehab but he's said he'd go on the past just to not go or go once then never again... his catch phrase is "I'm sorry, I'll do better"
My only plan I can think of is wait for social security to hopefully approve me then I can get my student loan waved, then I can look into low income apartments or housing... But who knows how long that's going to take, it's been in reconsideration since October of last year (22).
I'm gonna go potato now... Any helpful advice would be magical. Thank you
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2023.06.01 18:40 wheezysm too early to put the C on beniers jersey?

know there’s been great discussion on this. but the kraken store won’t let me walk away with the letter even if i pay for the name numbers etc. nbd if it were home/away jerseys but i’m rolling with a rev retro
gourde would be a solid captain choice, but so would beniers 😱
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2023.06.01 18:40 Lo-fi_Vibes Experience the soothing sound of rain 24/7 with our live video stream. Ideal for sleeping, relaxation, and peaceful meditation. The enchanting view of the city lights at night provides a serene backdrop to help you relax and fall asleep

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