2021.08.15 12:05 SuitablePlayer footballia


2023.05.31 17:04 Illustrious_Host_502 Where to watch full old Riverhounds' games?

As a long time fan of the Tottenham Hotspurs, I sometimes use to go back and relive the good times under Pochettino. acts as a fantastic free platform to rewatch old football matches. Unfornately, because of our low-status, Pittsburgh Riverhounds games are not uploaded onto the website. Where do Riverhound fans rewatch old matches, or matches they missed watching live? Does the ESPN+ subscription archive our old matches?
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2023.05.25 18:47 Ashamed_Ninja8080 Request - Fluminense vs river plate ūüėÖ.

It isn't available at footballia right now
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2023.05.25 16:32 JotaJota912 Final 2018 en HD?

Hola amigos miyo Me estoy armando un servidor de Plex con grandes partidos para repetir y estoy buscando para descargar (o rippear de alguna plataformad de streaming) el partido que jugo el Club Atletico River Plate el 9 de diciembre del a√Īo del se√Īor 2018. Alguien sabe donde esta? La de Footballia ya la baj√© pero esta en 540p. Busco la mejor calidad posible. Graciasss
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2023.05.23 00:20 sspctrr Where can i find southamerican old football matches?

Is there any page or any site you know(except footballia, i know them already) where i can watch old southamerican football matches in the best possible quality ? Thank you!
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2023.05.17 05:51 PurpleOpposite2954 Websites and streaming services to watch past football matches

I am a big fan of football, but just starting recording full football games this year. I’ve been following football since at least 2008. I would like to recover the most important football games since that year, with English or Spanish commentary. Games from the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, Euro, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Copa Libertadores.
I am aware of, but that website has many of their matches in Russian, Portuguese and other languages that are not Spanish and English. I emailed the administrator of that website to also have matches with English commentary, but they responded rudely that the language chosen is random, so all the audience is included. I understand that, but then why not to make multiple versions of the same match for the different languages. Anyways, do you guys know a website like Footballia but with all the games with English and Spanish commentary?
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2023.04.30 19:58 sspctrr Arsenal invincibles

hello! I would like to get all the complete matches of the 2003-2004 Premier League season for Arsenal, that beautiful arsenal of the invincibles. I would like to know where I can see the FULL 38 matches. in footballia there are some but many are missing
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2023.04.24 23:39 sspctrr Help with FIFA+

Hello, I would like to ask if any of you have any method, application or way to download Fifa+ archive videos, for example; the Brazil-Uruguay of the world cup in 1970. This originates from the fact that the best quality of this type of matches is on this platform and in footballia it looks worse, any application, program or system that lets me download these videos directly from fifa+ works for me Thank you!
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2023.04.09 00:47 rilesscott Is there a website like footballia but for women's matches? I missed the uswnt game today

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2023.04.04 23:08 Sawido Is there a way in which I can watch past football seasons?

I don't mind paying. I really struggle to find past football matches from recent years (I'm really eager to watch more from the 11/12 season), even from Footballia. I was wondering if there are any DVDs with the season match replays, or some website with full match replays of some sort.
Thanks and CTID!
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2023.03.25 20:22 Bangersandmash96 1954 World Cup Final full match

I was under the impression that parts of this tournament were televised live. Does anyone know if a full match replay of the final exists? Can't seem to find one on Footballia. TYIA
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2023.03.06 12:50 Sigmabond69 Where can I get past matches in English Commentary?

Hey! I want past Barcelona matches from 2011. Footballia has in Spanish commentary. Any free site for English commentary?
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2023.02.28 23:48 sspctrr Best site to watch matches

Hi guys, i have a question; what is the best site to watch old matches or the best site that has a lot of content about football; im talking about documentarys; old matches in the best qualities, something like that. Like where is the biggest archive of football in the whole internet.
Pd: i know Footballia; im asking about another site
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2023.02.28 03:51 Longjumping-Stand705 Xbox 360 collection

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2023.02.01 13:23 Medical-Teaching-155 footballia

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2023.01.31 17:10 DONZ0S If Champions League had finals MVP

I did my research via YouTube,footballia media and using old newspaper outlets to see who would most likely win Finals MVP if it was given like they do in NBA.
Document link: (
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2022.12.29 22:02 StormTheTrooper Uma ótima pedida para todos que não viram o Rei

Footballia, um dos melhores sites para o amante do futebol, tem 43 jogos do Rei na íntegra, incluso toda a Copa de 70, as semis e a final de 1958 e alguns jogos sensacionais do Rei pelo Santos, como contra o Milan de Maldini (o pai do Maldini que nós vimos), Mazzola e Rivera e uma final de Libertadores contra o Boca (com Sanfilippo, um dos maiores artilheiros da história argentina).
Pra quem está atoa hoje, vale o tempo investido. Eu vi a Copa de 70 na íntegra e ver o Pelé atuando é algo absurdamente especial. O Rei, em carne, osso e drible.
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2022.12.29 16:55 BaconKing96 Went to a pawn shop yesterday, and scored this massive haul! The $25 Ps4 is having some software updating issues, and all of the ps1, ps2, PS3, and ps4 games were 50¬Ę and the Xbox 360 and Xbox one games were $2 each. Total was about $55

Went to a pawn shop yesterday, and scored this massive haul! The $25 Ps4 is having some software updating issues, and all of the ps1, ps2, PS3, and ps4 games were 50¬Ę and the Xbox 360 and Xbox one games were $2 each. Total was about $55 submitted by BaconKing96 to ThriftStoreHauls [link] [comments]

2022.12.25 21:18 levivagyoklol [FULLY LOST] Hungary - Romania European Championship qualification football match, 2015

This match was played between the Hungarian National Football Team, and the Romanian National Football team, in Budapest, on the 4th of September, 2015. It was televised all over Europe, as it was a match, that contributed to the qualification campaign for the European Championship in France. I was a child mascot at that game, I went onto the pitch with the Romanian players. I am 100% sure that the match was televised because my family had a phone recording of the TV, that recorded the match, but unfortunately, that recording is lost. I have searched for it since 2018, but not extensively though. I would love to see that match again, and me and my teammates. During my search, I only found some videos that were taken during the anthems of the countries, some pictures that were taken mid-game, and an article from UEFA themselves, with a video, that has the broadcast hud on it, but it is not the full match. I will link this article. Even Footballia, a well-known football match archiving website has nothing archived about this match. Any broadcast of the full game from start to finish would be amazing. Thanks for your help in advance!
Link to the UEFA article:
Link to a Hungarian website, containing some pictures of the game:
Link to Hungary's matches archived on Footballia:
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2022.12.03 00:19 dieze Anti-World Cup: replacing all 2022 World Cup matches with classic ones - Knockout Stage

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2022.11.20 20:45 Effective-Emu-5583 buen d√≠a, pregunta futbolera (no del mundial), ¬ŅAlguien conoce una p√°gina para ver futbol online?

Por suerte encontr√© footballia que tiene una cantidad insana de partidos. Pero tienden a subir por equipo 6-7 partidos del a√Īo, ejemplo: arsenal 2007, solo su en unos 6-7 partidos de todo el 07, ¬ŅAlguien conoce una p√°gina que tengas m√°s partidos? Tengo ganas de recordar viejos tiempos.
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2022.11.18 19:06 dieze Contre-Coupe du Monde : remplaçons les matchs de cette CdM par des matchs de légende

Contre-Coupe du Monde : remplaçons les matchs de cette CdM par des matchs de légende
Ça s'adresse aux fans de foot qui auraient décidé de boycotter cette coupe du monde : l'idée est de remplacer tous les matchs de cette CdM par les meilleurs matchs des éditions précédentes, tous visibles gratuitement et légalement sur Fifa+ (certains aussi sur YouTube)
J'en avais déjà parlé ici, et donc voilà le calendrier mis à jour !
Je posterai également sur twitter (si ça existe toujours) les liens pour chaque match, et la suite du calendrier après les poules.
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2022.11.09 16:44 combat-ninjaspaceman Donny van de Beek and Ajax Match Rewatch - Analysis and Takes

Donny van de Beek and Ajax Match Rewatch - Analysis and Takes
Watching Ajax games has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while now and yesterday I got to rewatching the UCL Group E game between Ajax and Bayern Munich in the 18/19 season that ended in a 3-3 draw. Moreover, in light of the recent VDB sentiment on the sub, I tried and analysed his performance on that night. I'm not a in-depth analyst but I tried to summarise how he performed and how Ajax played.
Ajax set-up in a 4-3-3 on paper which is the most common Dutch formation, but EtH had them play differently than it would seem. As you can see below, Ajax set-up a four man defence and midfield three.

Ajax Line-up
To begin with, the fullbacks were given free-license by EtH to overlap and get involved high up the pitch. This meant that Daley Blind had to stay slightly deep in the area that Tagliafico was supposed to be in during goalkicks and when building-up from the back thus leaving De Jong as a deep progressor and passing option in front-of a back 3 of De Ligt, Wober and Blind. Next, Ziyech played on the right but operated more coming inside than playing wide. Him and Mazraoui linked up well, with the fullback often overlapping and underlapping Ziyech. Tadic operated as a more as a False 9 than a striker, often dropping to link-up play or drifting wide left to create chances from crosses. David Neres played like a regular winger would, trying to beat opponents in 1v1s using his dribbling, driving with the ball and making runs in-behind. Although playing under a tactically-tweaked EtH team meant that he was required to join the opposite wing to overload the flank. When he did this, Ziyech switched play with accurate long-balls to Tagliafico or Blind, who were freed/unmarked on the wing Neres had vacated.
This leaves Van de Beek. Where did he operate from? What role did he play? What areas did he cover? The answer was not quite obvious to me at first, but as the game progressed, it began showing. In my view, EtH instructed VDB to operate freely, especially in the final third. He was to offer passing options to midfield players, play one-twos to open up space and constantly give movement so that Ajax's progression from back to fron through midfield did not die out when they reached the final 3rd. Remember, Bayern had set-up in a 4-4-2 and were very dangerous going forward when they got the ball in transition. VDB was also part of a 4-man press that applied pressure on Bayern when they had the ball.
Ajax often dominated the ball and built-up their play nicely since their players were very comfortable when in possession. However, they were punished when they left space open and opponents unmarked in the box, such as when Lewandowski was free to blast past Onana for Bayern's first goal. But that was to be expected, even when facing a Bayern team that had been recently unconvincing.
OK, Back to VDB. We now know what he was doing, and where he was told to do it. But how well did he do it? My answer is kinda good, but mostly OK. In the 1st half, he recieved a pass from Tagliafico into the box, layed it up for Neres with one-touch, got a return pass from Neres then dragged a shot towards Neuer. It was a good chance but the shot was underwhelming, nevertheless, VDB had not done too badly. He had not expected the return pass, but Neres had quickly realised the angle was too tight to generate a decent shot with his weaker foot, so he squared it back to VDB. In the 61st minute, Ajax got a goal back through Tadic , and the assist came from VDB. Ajax had been probing Bayern's half for the better part of 3-4 minutes, patiently possessing the ball, moving it around and trying to stretch the German low-block. FDJ plays a pass to Ziyech, triggering VDB to move into an empty space near the byline, Ziyech immediately loops a ball into his path. Tadic makes a run and VDB squares him the ball to tap into an empty net. Ajax have a goal back through a beautiful move, of the calibre that EtH had looked to achieve when he set-up his team. The game would change in the next 6 minutes as Wober received a red card for a dangerous tackle on Goretzka, and eight minutes after that when Muller also saw red for a flying kick on Tagliafico's head that perfectly recreated the Bundesliga logo.
After this, EtH went for a more direct approach to try and get something before the game ended. He took off Donny and played Kasper Dolberg on. He also brought in Klaas Jan Huntelaar for Neres. Dolberg earned a penalty after making a run in behind and getting tackled, sth that I don't think VDB would have done. Tadic buried a penalty to make it 2-1. 5 minutes later, Lewandowski did the same to make it 2-2. This triggered EtH to make his final push for a winner. In a move that many Utd fans would recognise from a recent match with Real Sociedad, ten Hag instructed his CB, Mathjiis De Ligt, to play as a striker next to Huntelaar. FDJ and Blind were left as cover for him. Bayern capitalised on an FDJ misspass and got one back to make it 3-2. Still clinging to some hope, Ajax played on with De Ligt still upfront and rained balls and shots into the box, eventually one fell to Huntellar in a position similar to the one VDB had found himself in for Ajax's first goal. Huntellar fired the ball across and a sliding Niklas Sule pushed it into his own net. The match ended 3-3.

Aside from that exchange with Neres that resulted in a shot in the first half and the assist for Tadic in the second, VDB was not a very imposing contributor to this match. He pressed and offered movement but aside from that, the play seemed to flow through him the least out of all Ajax midfielders and forwards. This is further corroborated by his touch and heat map.

Van de Beek pass map

Van de Beek touch map

Van de Beek vs Thomas Muller heat map
Van de Beek's involvement is mostly off-the-ball. His touches and passes are sporadic and scattered and moreover, very few. His 31 touches of the ball were the fewest out of all Ajax players that started the match with him. What he did best was make runs, offer passing options and move into space. These are things he does well and maybe that is the reason that EtH told him to do it. Ajax looked to move the ball around and attack by opening up the defense, not through crosses to Tadic into the box. The patient breakdown approach was worked well on that night, though it crumbled in the dying stages of the game. And when EtH decided to go for a rather direct approach, he took Donny van de Beek off and replaced him with a player that was suited for that particular task.
This is of course a very small episode from which to draw concrete conclusions on VDB. Moreover, I may have misinterpreted what his role in Ajax was when he played under EtH (If I have done so, please shed light). But what can we learn about VDB from this? One is that he's a good off-the-ball player. This is why during the match, when the commentators were describing how he was playing, they used phrases such as "drifting into space", "arriving into the box", "making clever runs", "superb movement" I think with the right conditions, VDB can bring what few other players can into a game. There's a genuinely good player in there somewhere.
But there are times when I wish his ability with the ball were on par with players whose ability off it resemble his own, such as Thomas Muller, Reus, Delle Alli. My feeling is that VDB needs a good run of games and familiarity with consistent play time. Not just 2 games in a row every 15 gameweeks to replace injured players and redeem his arc. Bruno and Eriksen need rotation and EtH should find a way to work his third AM into his games. If in the end nothing works out for player and club, parting ways is the only good thing that can happen, both for our sake and the player's career.
Finally, I want to end with EtH. From this game, I suppose we have seen his best and also his less glamourous side. He can set up a team to play very sexy football. The kind that we only see better teams than us display week in-week out, especially when they play against us. But we have also seen that he is not afraid of changing his approach when he realizes that things are not working out and he needs results. His "Play as Striker" instruction for De Ligt in this game and for Maguire vs R. Sociedad recently shows this. The only problem that I think will hinder him this season, is that playing in transition and counter-attacks is engrained so deep in our players that getting them to play the way he wants will take some doing. We have seen shades of "Ten Hag Ball". But the complete picture will take time to achieve. Expecting him to immediately come and overhaul us into a decent side, especially with the Glazer problem looming over his shoulder, is wishful-thinking.

Edit: For those who wish to know, the data and stats were obtained from
I watched the match on , a football archive website where you can re-watch past matches.
The link to the Ajax-Bayern game is given below

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