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2023.06.01 18:07 Lucairo012 Bosses adapt to the number of heart containers you have

I noticed while fighting my last regional phenomena boss that all four bosses had an attack that left me with a quarter heart if I had full health and realized there must be some damage scaling going on . I died anyway so I decided to do an experiment . Since I only took the heart container from tutorial island and those from the other 3 bosses and only took stamina from the shrines I wasn’t sure if the game was scaling the damage based off of the amount of heart containers I had or the amount of bosses I had defeated . So I abandoned riju in the room with the boss in order to complete four more shrines and get another heart container for science. I went back to the boss and it still left me on a quarter heart when it hit me from full health. So yeah getting more heart containers isn’t going to help you against the bosses , in fact in a way it’s a disadvantage because it’s harder to make food that will heal you to full hp .
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2023.06.01 18:07 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Programs (Build Agency)

Contact me if you are interested in Iman Gadzhi Courses by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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The courses of Iman Gadzhi include the following:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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The core concepts in Iman Gadzhi’c courses include:
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2023.06.01 18:07 TitanEris More charters should try doing Full Difficulty charts (not a complaint, but a recommendation!)

So I picked up charting a couple months back, because I recently had an abundance of time on my hands and there were some songs I wanted to play that didn't already have charts. Recently though, I've had a bit of burnout. After charting about 7 songs, I haven't felt the same drive to make any more; I've started plenty of other ones, but the number of roadblocks in a given song just outweighs my drive to play them—trick fret patterns or odd rhythms that I simply don't have the patience to deal with. Which sucks, because I love charting (otherwise I wouldn't have started or planned so many other projects).
To scratch that itch while I've been out of commission, I've recently been doing Full Difficulty charts of the songs I've already done. I've seen a lot of posts lamenting the fact that most custom charts are Expert Only, and let's face it, it's a lot easier to reduce the complexity of something you've already charted than it is to chart something new. Normally if you want to chart an Expert level song, the best option is to look up the tabs of the song in question and transcribe it from there. But not every song is tabbed out, and a majority of the ones that are tend to be chords only; you'll be lucky if they include a strum pattern. At that point, all you can do is try and listen really closely, but depending on the mixing, the part you wanna chart can be nearly unintelligible. All of it just makes it really difficult to find a song that: A) you want to chart, B) that can be charted with relative ease, and C) hasn't been charted already.
In contrast, I've just about completed my first Full Difficulty chart, and I can't recommend the process enough. Instead of having to figure out new patterns or what sequence of chords plays best while still matching the pitch of the song, you get to reduce what you already have, distilling it to its core elements; the answer is laid out in front of you, you just have to find it.
Of course, Full Difficulty charting has it's own challenges, particularly figuring out how to simplify note/strumming patterns into a Difficulty that, let's be honest, most of us haven't touched in a long time. (I'm planning on making some follow-up posts regarding certain speed bumps, but this post is getting long enough as it is).
But if you're a charter and you've never tried Full Difficulty charting, give it a shot! You may just surprise yourself with how fun it is.
Heck, even if you've never charted before but are curious to try your hand at it, you could practice by simplifying other Expert Only songs for you to play (although the ethics of posting it are a bit dubious; make sure to contact the original charter if you want it uploaded to see if it's okay or if they want to upload it for you?)
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2023.06.01 18:07 PurpleSolitudes Best Cheap Flight

Best Cheap Flight
Travelstart is a leading online travel agency that offers a wide range of flights, hotels, and car rentals at competitive prices. They have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals on flights, and they offer a variety of features to make booking your travel as easy as possible.

Some of the ways that Travelstart can help you find cheap flights:

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  • They offer a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search, such as price, departure and arrival times, and airline.
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Book Cheap Flights
If you are looking for cheap flights, Travelstart is a great option. They offer a wide range of flights at competitive prices, and they have a team of experts who are always on hand to help you find the best deals.

Tips for finding cheap flights on Travelstart:

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  • Consider flying into a smaller airport. Sometimes, you can find cheaper flights if you are willing to fly into a smaller airport that is located further away from your destination.
  • Book your flight in advance. The earlier you book your flight, the more likely you are to get a good deal.
  • Sign up for Travelstart's email alerts. This will allow you to be notified of any special deals or promotions that are available.
  • Use Travelstart's price comparison tool. This tool will allow you to compare prices from a variety of airlines and travel agents to find the best deal.
Book Cheap Flights
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2023.06.01 18:07 Defiant-Inflation336 Pedophile exposed

Pedophile exposed
Selling her daughter for drugs to grown men so she can buy fake lashes, fake tans, drugs and alcohol. She's been exposed many other times for also being racist on tik tok her account is gemini.bxby
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2023.06.01 18:06 gmtgeek78 Mark of the Beast randomness today

Mark of the Beast randomness today
One of my duties at work is to print morning letters / reports. Today as I'm printing and thinking about what class I'm going to play tonight, I finish printing this one group of letters and after counting twice, I get 666 letters printed. Talk about on point. This isn't me just saying this. It's literally how many pages were printed. Just thought I'd share the irony of today.
By the way I'm torn between necro and sorceror to start with tonight.
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2023.06.01 18:06 shipwreckedgirl I'm sitting in the car in the garage...

How long would it take to d** after turning it on? It's not got much gas because I don't want it overwhelming or seeping in the house... I taped off the door as best I could. I don't know, it just seems like the only way. I'm in so much physical (Endo, heart probs, etc) pain and mentally I'm fading into nothing... and I have no friends irl... And nobody I can talk to about hard stuff, or anything really... I tried meetup but there's nothing around me, I can't find any social groups so I'm just alone all day. I'm such a fuck up... I can't believe i can't keep a friend... I must truly be awful. I hate myself... I hate my ex for sexually abusing me and cheating twice, and now he's becoming famous again even though he abused me on his film set... He should not be allowed in Hollywood. I'm too scared to do a metoo thing because I've had ppl defend him because his film was so beloved (it had Robin Williams.)
Sorry for the nonsensical rant I'm just so lost and I just want to turn on the ignition... I don't want to to be in pain anymore. I know nobody will see this but if you read this thank you, I don't want to die alone... I'll be sitting in the car crying for a while. I also have some meds, but I haven't had success with overdosing yet....
If this is my last post I'm sorry and I hope all of you heal. ❤️
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2023.06.01 18:06 General_Confusion995 AITA?? One condition before my civil wedding.

I’m 29 (F), my husband is 45 (m) and he has a 7 year old son. We got married a few weeks ago and chose to have a symbolic wedding for now and decided on having a civil wedding in the future.
I met him when I was 21 years old. After 3 years he realized he was all in - this meant introducing me to his son. For context, the mother of his son and him broke up before he was born and had a toxic relationship prior to that. They didn’t plan on getting pregnant together, but it seems like she hinted at wanting to get pregnant until it happened. Due to the volatile and negative nature of their relationship, he called it off and they have never been together again except for one or two hookups they both regretted, allegedly. They never set up any kind of custodial agreement but he always makes a great effort to see him, pays for his very expensive private school, sends her like 3x the recommended child support and whatever additional costs she may ask for. She had been telling him for years that she would be very accepting whenever he started dating again, even inviting his girlfriend to family gathering etc. When he told me this information I believed it.
When our relationship began to get very serious, he decided he would give her a call (i thought this was weird as fuck) and let her know he would be in a serious relationship and their son would potentially meet me soon and she started bawling. A couple of months later, he introduced me to his son and that’s when shit hit the fan. His son apparently had a wonderful time with me and went home to tell his mom about it. She would not let him see his son for weeks and when she finally allowed him to see him it was only close to her house or under the premise that my husband SLEEP OVER her house, nasty drunk text messages, emails and called with disgusting insults constantly, told her entire family that I’m a stripper or sex worker (nothing wrong with that but I’m not either), and convinced her son that I might be a pervert. After six months, she began to let him come over but he was scared of me, wouldn’t sit on the same couch as me, would act out constantly, it took him years to give me a hug (something he would give strangers constantly), he would think I was randomly going to barge into his room or bathroom, or repeat the nonsense his mom would tell him to scare him or make him hate me. All the while she was still drunk texting/emailing/calling calling my husband a piece of shit, midlife crisis, pedo, pervert, psychopath, coward etc. and still sometimes does this. (It’s been 2.5 years since this began)
I was patient and understanding the first year, respecting her boundaries as extreme as they seemed, and giving my husband the space to figure out what he wanted to do. But sometime around the 2 year mark when I saw the same cycle of abuse where she treating my husband like shit, talked horrors about my husband and I without regard of how it would affect their child, and then ask for money or leave him for 6-10 days at a time when she feels like taking a break from motherhood - I lost my patience, with both of them. I decided that I needed to ask him to set certain boundaries for me to feel safe in this relationship and I believe that having a custody arrangement would be the best for all involved. *not to mention we live in Florida where she can just up and leave at any point with her child .
After months of arguing about it, he told me he would do it - he showed me emails between him and his lawyer and between him and the mother of his child. I trusted his word, I had no reason to believe this was a lie. However, weeks after our symbolic wedding I am realizing that this was a big sham.. he never planned on actually filing for custody, he was just pretending to shut me up and even admitted to it. He blatantly tells me he doesn’t believe this is a lie at all and it’s not my problem. I’m livid and I told him until he figured out his custodial agreement I will not feel comfortable having a civil wedding. AITA?
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2023.06.01 18:06 lekongster Help! Bunny’s litter habbits are worse after neutering

Before neutering he was using the litter box regularly, he would never pee on the bed except for one time where he was left alone in the room and pooped sometimes but I could safely wake up to a poop-free bed, I would see him jump off the bed and go to the little box. Now after neutering almost every night he poops and pees on the bed. I can’t discipline him right away cause I don’t know how long had it been but I know he knows he did something wrong cause when I wake up to clean it at 3 am he runs near the litter box and seems nervous. When I’m awake I always shoo him from the spot when I see him digging on it but I can’t do that when I’m asleep and I don’t wanna leave him in the pen cause I put him there while I work in the morning and that would equal to a lot of hours locked up, before neutering he would get his exercise while I slept and then chill in the corner of my bed until I woke up, then turn around and greet me, now I wake up sleeping next to a pile of poop. Is this behavior gonna stop or do I have to start putting him on his pen before I go to bed? I neutered him cause he was circling and honking a lot, that got fixed and I thought that would also make the litter habits better but they got way worse.
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2023.06.01 18:06 Single-Impress153 Cross-chain evolution: Meet DeCommas Pathfinder

Cross-chain evolution: Meet DeCommas Pathfinder
DeCommas (a defi project in the 3Commas ecosystem), just announced a major development — Pathfinder.
Like a search engine for the best deals on the market for crypto traders, DeCommas Pathfinder algorithmically scouts the best routes in the realm of defi. 💸
Whether it’s bridging, swapping, lending, borrowing, or anything else required to get you the best yields as cost-efficiently as possible, Pathfinder will get you there.
Currently, Pathfinder is supporting routes to AAVE. In the next few weeks and months the team expects to add routes to Stargate, GMX and Lido. Try Pathfinder now:
Plus, currently live on DeCommas: Send your first transfer super fast with their stand-alone user-friendly Multichain Swap tool! Totally free to use!
Try MultiChain Swap -
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2023.06.01 18:06 nyj69 DIY Router Replacement?

DIY Router Replacement?
I just moved in to a new place and the technician installed the router in a closet at the front of the home. It’s pretty far from where most of my devices are. I am getting poor download and upload speeds most likely due to the distance.
There’s a coaxial output in the living room. Could I buy a cable and connect that to the router after moving the router to a more central location to remedy the problem?
In the current set up, there’s the black Verizon modem in the closet and it is connected to the router via Ethernet. The other solution I see is to just get a really long Ethernet cable and run it across the floor and connect it that way once the router is in a more centralized place.
The router is CR1000B. The yellow Ethernet cord in the photo is what is connecting the modem to the router.
Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.01 18:06 ProfessionalAZ1 Finishing my degree after leaving due to mental health. Needing advice on how to address this in an interview.

I left my university in 2019 after a traumatic event. I am returning this fall to finish my degree as an engineer, with less than a semester worth of credits needed.
Since leaving the university I have done small jobs here and there, most was not directly related to engineering.
I am preparing to inevitably be asked about my leave, and I am wondering how to best approach this answer.
I have a lot of passion for engineering but not a lot of evidence to back that claim up over the last couple years. I am working to get involved in more relevant opportunities now.
I am more than willing to share details in the comments if it will help provide better context or give more insight on how you might approach this situation.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.01 18:06 thecarrotflowerking What's your workflow for revisions when designing a web page in both desktop and mobile?

I've heard that it's best practice to design desktop and mobile simultaneously so that neither is the afterthought of the other, which makes total sense in theory. But in practice, when I get revisions on a design (especially extensive revisions & rearrangements), revising both the desktop and mobile seems like doing double work. If revisions are very extensive, I often completely delete my mobile design, revise the desktop design, then re-make my mobile design based on the revised desktop.

What's your workflow? Is there a better way? Something I'm missing?
I'm working mostly in Figma and sometimes in XD.
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2023.06.01 18:06 80sChocolate Should I reach out?

Hi, recently got dumped after two years in a “perfect situation” relationship. By perfect I mean we loved each other, had fun together, families loved each other.
We started dating when she was finishing school and I was already employed. She had to move to NYC for the last few months of her degree and I visited a few times. When she came back, she had to immediately study for the bar exam and I gave her all the space and time that she needed to do that, never put my priorities over hers. She failed the first time and she was upset. So round 2 of bar exam studying and again I gave her all the time in the world and cared for her. Over time she wasn’t able to prioritize our relationship as she once did and I grew frustrated that we weren’t getting enough alone time. I never told her that I was frustrated and I guess I let it bottle up inside. When she only made time for her family events and things that involved other people I calmly lashed out saying I didn’t want to do those things. She said “sometimes thats the way life goes”. Eventually she broke up with me because she wanted me to do more, as if I didn’t sacrifice so much of my time for her. I felt unappreciated the last few months of our relationship and she seems to be blaming me for everything. At the end of the day I wanted to work it out but she didn’t. Maybe I’m just venting but would appreciate anyone’s input. She was my best friend and now we haven’t spoken in 3 weeks.
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2023.06.01 18:05 rickxsike69 [Question] I am struggling to read a book consistently

I am unable to keep up reading consistently
Do note that I use a PDF to read it,
But I just can't keep up with it, it goes well for 2-3days and then I get distracted
Am I just lazy or I'm not disciplined enough?
I also am on a dopamine detox, I really want to change my way with books and reading.
I would appreciate if you can help me in any way, thank you.
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2023.06.01 18:05 gewbarr11 Trouble sharing splitting attention between both kids

Hey Daddit, so I have a question for y’all. I have two incredible young boys, ages 3 and 1. I love these two dudes more than life itself, working from home since they’ve been born due to covid has been the GREATEST thing to ever happen to me, I love being their dad and watching them grow and learn and become their own little people. My 3 year old, our first, is legitimately a spitting image of me down to his personality, quirks, looks, etc. even so much that he inherited my difficult tendencies I apparently had at his age lol. This has caused a lot struggle and triumph between he and I, where it’s hard to help him through his emotions but so rewarding when things click for him because of the effort. Because of this, I have an incredibly strong bond with him. Our second on the flip side is a spitting image of my wife, even down to looks and behavior. He is as easy as they come, always happy and always goes with the flow. We got lucky that we get to see this dynamic. However, because of my bond with our first and, and the fact that he’s so interactive now and can have convos, learn, is able to experience so much more with his level of maturity, I feel like I’m not giving my second child the attention he deserves. I think the bond isn’t as strong either because my second is so easy to deal with that the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” situation happens frequently too.
If you’ve felt this way, how do you deal and make sure both kids get equal and adequate attention? I love both kids so much, but want to ensure our second is getting all the attention we’ve given our first.
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2023.06.01 18:05 MyceliumConscious Lim Tae-Gyu. I need to know more?!

I just finished Solo leveling started it 2 weeks ago and it’s OVER!! NO!!! One thing I wish we got more of was the system being used by other hunters and going into what there specific powers and level ups did for them. The system had SO much potential and it was really cool to follow the players level, titles, and stats it was done in such a great way. I just wish we got more the 1 character using it. I would have loved to see what the Rangers abilities would have been fully leveled up or the healers abilities maxed out.
I really appreciated getting to see his son use the system I wanted that for so many other characters.
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2023.06.01 18:05 xxDuzeRxx How do you chat?

Not quick chats, rather the ones where you actually type the words in. Occasionally I am able to type something in randomly, but I am still unaware of the consistent way to get the chatbox open. Playing on PC btw
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2023.06.01 18:05 Think-Concert2608 Tired of this divide (but still has hope for us) [Pride edition]

The country is so divided. The world is so divided. Always some bad news on the very first day of pride month. Always some bill that pushes us back 50 years. It seems our brothers and sisters can have a break. Allies can’t cheer as they win more equality and gain more support. It all feels so hopeless……
Until I realize
Look where we are in human history- after thousands of years of this subject. Thousands of years of oppression and other atrocities. If I were to list them all I’d never recover. Human history has truly been awful for everyone on this earth the more I read. We try to pin point cool historical facts and look for secret allies of years past, but it’s okay to admit human history has just been dog shit. We made it that way out of fear and power.
But when I accept that, it makes me ASTONISHED where we are now. Within less than of 100 years or so out of ALL human history, we are supporting and saying things out ancestors couldn’t even begin to imagine. Gay couples are on tv, women are fighting back like never before etc. We are living in such a VAPIDLY growing supportive society.
It sucks donkey ass but it makes sense why it feels so shitty the country and others feel stuck in this oppressive past: we are literally living in the oppressive past! Just with more electricity.
After this realization it blows my mind to see what 100 years and less has brought us. Yes we can say “not much” but i’m going to look at the glass half full and say quite a lot compared to where all of human history has shown.
We are the first breath of a new life, the first breath of real advancement. And while assholes who try to pass bills to oppress people, make songs about boycotting LGBT allies, try and make us feel like the world will never be accepting and inclusive for anyone who’s not a straight white man or a couple who only see sex as for making hundreds of babies, I just like to remember:
If we developed some form of equality before we can do it again. If we were able to bring LGBT issues to the table- as far back as the 50s, where everyone was rigorously uptight + religious and get society to change their attitude within a few decades- imagine society tomorrow. If we got this far despite that, I’d like to think political assholes don’t know history. I like to think political figures need to remember all it takes is for people to stand up. To vote. To not be discouraged by every asshole who claims we are snowflakes but then cries like a baby when a store or company supports LGBT people. My god they get so triggered by the word gay huh? These snowflakes. See, I can use that word on you too!
So you want to bring us back to the 1950s? Go ahead. Look where it lead to. It lead to a society where we are more open to lgbt than ever in ALL human history. I see no reason why my country or even those oversea can’t follow suit considering how America used to be about this.
Maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about, but i’d like to think i’m not naively hopeful as I see a whole list of lgbt movies on netflix ready to watch, a steady growing support for gay rights, and even people who are just plain tired of people trying to make “woke” or “progressive” a bad term.
So instead of downing all my cbd gummies or worry about the next election, i think ill spend today watching cute gay proposal videos- especially where both parties just so happen to have a ring and planned to propose to one another so it turns into a double proposal?! My god that’s so cute
This is something i needed to write in words, otherwise my ocd would be kicking into overdrive.
I’ll continue to have hope and support those of the lgbt community in every life I’ll ever have.
Happy pride
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2023.06.01 18:05 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (it's here)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
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Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.01 18:05 Weary-Marionberry429 Music Class

My MB really wants to socialize NK which is great, but she signed up NK for a 6 week baby music class. It is in the middle of her nap time and I have to put her to bed early so NK can get at least 45 minutes of what should be a 2 hour nap. I have to drive NK and do the whole class since babies obviously are not able to keep a beat or whatever so the moms/nanny’s are the ones playing the instruments the whole time. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s extremely overstimulating for me hearing 10 moms shake instruments and 10 babies crying and the teacher has a speaker that’s so loud I would never use that with babies, my ears are ringing after the class. I love my NF but I hate this music class and I do a lot of extra stuff for them like washing the parents dishes, folding the parents laundry, on top of NKs dishes and laundry and running errands for MB like picking up prescriptions while NK sleeps because I think MB thinks I’m bored? But at least half of her nap time I’m cleaning and I want a break. I do not want to do this music class and she signed up for 6 more weeks and I’m really upset. I don’t know what to do because I don’t have a contract and she wants her baby to be in a music class but I don’t know if she’s ever been and I think in part of not having a contract (even though she’s lovely) she thinks I’m generally at disposal for whatever they could possibly need. The only thing I haven’t done that she’s asked me is to pick up their 2 large really poorly behaved dogs from the groomer?? I am their nanny for their baby, I have literally no desire to put their huge dogs in my car or risk driving her very expensive car when I just want a break. Is there a way I can tell her I really do not want to be a part of this music class and it’s not what we initially discussed when I interviewed with them?
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2023.06.01 18:05 Co_McNeill Sales and marketing background looking to get into supply chain (have an unrelated bachelors). What would be your path?

Hi, sorry for another “how do i get into the field” post. I really want to get into the supply chain field, but I’m unsure of how to break in. I have experience in the SaaS space doing sales and some marketing. Most recently i worked in the e-commerce sales space. I also started my own (albeit tiny) e-commerce company so i have a bit of experience dealing with suppliers overseas and ordering product.
I’ve considered going back to school through western governors university and getting the supply chain degree through there. I know it’s not the most prestigious, but the ability to complete the degree quicker (with my transfer credits) is the ideal. Or should i try and find some sort of procurement/buyer role and work my way up that way?
Thanks I’m advance
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