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2 weeks post surgery

2023.05.30 22:20 zaken 2 weeks post surgery

Previous post: https://www.reddit.com/valvereplacement/comments/1363zn2/surgery_in_2_weeks/
Bio: male, early 30s, bicuspid aortic valve, severe aortic regurgitation, severe 6.9cm LVEDD, 3.5cm mild ascending aorta aneurysm, no symptoms other than a significant heart murmur and a visible bounding pulse in my neck. I had the David procedure done, which is an open heart surgery where they repair the aortic valve and replace the aorta root with a synthetic graft. The native valve is placed inside the graft.
Day before surgery: I spent the day hanging out with my wife and daughter. My parents also flew in the night before to help take care of my kid while my wife and I would be in the hospital. I'm quite fortunate to have had essentially no anxiety leading up to the day. From my point of view, I didn't really have to do much of anything so there was nothing to be anxious about :) I tend to only get anxious before a performance or presentation or things like that where I'm responsible for executing something.
Before bed, I washed with the special antibacterial soap and we changed the bed sheets, pillow cases, and my PJs. Chugged a good liter of water before going to bed.
Day of surgery: Woke up at 4:30am. Showered again with the special antibacterial soap. Said bye to my parents and drove with my wife to the hospital for 6am check-in. The surgery itself would start at 8am. They called my up at around 7am to start prep. I hugged my wife in the waiting area and followed the nurse into the pre-op area where they shaved my chest and legs, wiped me down with some antiseptic wipes, and placed an IV. I waited for about 30 minutes once I was prepped, mostly browsing reddit on my phone and sending funny faces to my wife since I was wearing a dorky shower cap thing, before a team of 2 anesthesiologists came and confirmed all the details about the procedure. They wheeled me off into the OR. The last thing I remember is an anesthesiologist apologizing for all the "stickers" (ECG electrodes I think?) they were putting on me. I have no memory of them starting the anesthesia itself (like the mask or IV; no memory of counting down from 5 or anything like that).
A blink of an eye later, I had teleported to the ICU and woke up with a breathing tube, 3 chest tubes, a Foley cather, and like 3-4 more IVs and arterial lines that I had no memory of (left wrist, right wrist, right elbow, right side of the neck, possibly left elbow? Can't recall). It was slightly uncomfortable but absolutely no pain at all. The most uncomfortable thing was that the breathing machine seemed to have its own cadence for breathing and I wanted to breath my own way. I asked them to remove it but the ICU nurse said it was still too early and they wanted to wait another couple of hours. I was still pretty out of it and I'm pretty sure I was falling asleep here and there. My wife told me that the surgeon had come by and said the surgery went very well, and they were able to repair my valve. There was still some mild regurgitation remaining apparently, but nothing to worry about.
That evening, they removed the breathing tube and I had a bit more awareness. The anesthesia was wearing off and I was starting to feel pain in my lungs, which turned out to be from the chest tubes. Initially it wasn't too bad but over the next couple of days it got quite painful if I ever tried to take a deep breath. So I was taking quite shallow breaths and didn't really want to use the incentive spirometer
Woke up in the middle of the night with severe pain in my right lung and summoned my nurse, who administered dilaudid through my IV and it quickly got better.
Day 2: I was surprised to learn that the pain meds weren't scheduled, and they would only administer them if I asked for it. I was approved for 650mg Tylenol every 6 hours, 10mg oxycodone every 6 hours, and some amount (can't recall) of dilaudid and gabapentin. My recommendation would be to set some timers to ask for the pain meds on a regular cadence to avoid it getting out of hand. My right lung was by far the worst, spiking up to 7-8 on the pain scale whenever I took a deep breath, and holding at 3-4 during shallow breaths. No real pain anywhere else, including the incision.
One of the medicines they administered twice was a day was a Heparin shot, which reduces blood clots. It has to be administered subcutaneously which I found to be quite painful, and I grew to look forward the least to this medication. They also had me on metoprolol for blood pressure.
Around mid-day, they removed the Foley catheter which I would miss -- it was quite nice not to have to worry about urination. They had me get up for the first time, drink some chicken broth, and get weighed. I had gained 16lbs in fluids (160lbs -> 176lbs) so they started me on lasix to eliminate some of that. A PT guy came and had me walk to the neighboring unit and back (about 1 minute of walking) and told me to start practicing my incentive spirometer. I wasn't able to get it any higher than 500 before my right lung would start to hurt.
Soon after, they said I was ready to move out of the ICU. A transport person came, helped me into a wheel chair, and wheeled me off. I settled into the new room. Someone came to take some chest X rays with a mobile X ray machine. It shows I had a mild pneumothorax in my right lung; maybe that was why it was painful. They didn't seem concerned about it and said it would hurt less once the chest tubes came out.
Day 3: One of the chest tubes seemed to be done draining, so they came to remove it. It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They had me exhale and hum while they pulled it out in one go. Took about 3 seconds and felt funny, but no pain. My right lung pain immediately got better. I was suddenly able to breath a lot deeper than before and was getting my incentive spirometer up to 1000.
After this point, I never really experienced much pain ever again. Except for the god damn Heparin shots.
I kept drinking chicken broth and apple juice as my only source of calories, and the lasix were in full effect at this point so I was getting up every couple of hours to pee. I was something like 168lbs at this point (lost 8lbs of fluids).
I did 3 walks around the nurse station. About 5 minutes each. Had my first bowel movement somewhere around here. By evening time, my doctor cleared me for a regular diet and I ordered a bunch of fruits and a barley soup.
Getting in and out of bed was a chore -- I had to get help from a nurse every time. It took a good 5 minutes to organize all the tubes every time.
Day 4: The other 2 chest tubes came out, and also the pacing wires. Again no pain, just feels strange and ticklish. Easily tolerable. I suddenly had a ton more freedom. Without the chest tubes, I no longer needed the nurse to get in and out of bed. Tried to get in a couple of longer 10 minute walks, but it was definitely a lot harder. My heart rate would go up to 130 and I would need to go back to bed and lie down to get it back under 100.
I also noticed that sitting upright in a chair and eating food would also spike my heart rate, up into the 120s. I would be a little bit out of breath after eating and would need to lie down.
At mid day, they wheeled me off to get my first post-op echocardiogram. The echo results were very surprising: it showed mild-to-moderate regurgitation, and a completely normal LV size -- 4.5cm LVEDD. My surgeon's PA came by to talk about it, and said that the surgeon disagrees with the echo tech's interpretation of the images and would still classify it as mild regurgitation. More importantly, during surgery when direct visual inspection is possible, it apparently looked quite good. They think once the lasix fully drain me of all the excess fluid, there will be less regurgitation. I asked if it's really possible for the LV to shrink so dramatically in just 4 days (6.9cm to 4.5cm) and she said yep, and in fact it's a sign that the valve is working well. I think I wont really find closure on this until my next echo which is probably many months away so I'm putting it out of mind.
They did say they would switch me from metoprolol to hydralazine, which also reduces blood pressure but has the side effect of increasing the heart rate. Apparently a faster heart rate would be good in my situation to help the valve heal (I guess because faster heart rate = lower volume of blood that is pumped?).
To my surprise, the PA said they were going to discharge me ahead of schedule since I met all the necessary criteria. My blood pressure was pretty steady at around 120/80. I was a bit conflicted since it felt safe at the hospital, but I also did not want any more god damn Heparin shots so I agreed to go home.
At home, I had a wedge pillow but it was a royal PITA to get in and out of bed so I impulse ordered an power lift chair rental which they dropped off the next day.
Day 5: The lift chair arrived, which was amazing. I no longer needed help from my family to get in and out of a horizontal position. I did find that it was important to be horizontal to get my heart rate under control with the hydralazine. Lying completely flat, I was at 100 BPM. Sitting up would take me to 110. Eating would get me to 120 and walking would get me to 130. I would need to go lie down after eating or walking to catch my breath and get my heart rate down.
I went for my first outside walk, where I walked about 4 houses down and back (5 minutes).
I took my first shower sitting on a shower stool. I was very cold after -- probably another side effect of the hydralazine as well -- and struggled to warm back up in bed. I was shivering and was worried for a bit whether I had an infection, but my temperature was normal so I think I was just cold.
My appetite wasn't very good and didn't want to eat what my family had cooked for me. I preferred cold, sweet things and ate a lot of honey net cheerios with cold milk.
I filled my hydralazine in oxycodone prescription, and picked up some tylenol as well. I used the oxy once on day 5, and didn't find the need for it after. I was able to get by just fine with tylenol.
Day 6-10: More of the same. Appetite got a lot better and started eating normally. By day 10, I was able to slowly walk a good 15 minutes in one go, about .5 miles. Around this time I also stopped using the lift chair and was able to get in and out of bed solo without too much difficulty. I also no longer needed the shower stool. It was a bit of a regret to spend a bunch of money on the stool, wedge pillow, and lift chair only to use them for 3-4 days, but they did make those few days quite a bit easier so I'm convincing myself it was money well spent.
Day 11-14: Rapid improvement -- on day 14 I was able to walk 1 mile in 20 minutes, and did it 3 times that day. Heart rate is down to 90 at rest now, and eating doesn't really increase it much. I feel good enough to go back to work honestly (just a desk job, and can work from home). I was half thinking I should try jogging, but I have cardiac therapy starting in a couple of weeks so I'll save my energy for that.
I'm still on the hydralazine and tylenol. I have essentially no pain as long as I'm maintaining the sternal precautions. I'm considering stopping the tylenol to see how it goes.
All in all, I have to say it was a pretty smooth experience and wasn't that bad at all. It seems like it's not completely unlikely that I'll need another surgery in the far future, though hopefully it's at least 15-20 years away. But if it's going to be anything like this, then I really have nothing to worry about. My wife tore her ACL in a skiing accident a few years ago and I have to say the recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery was a lot harder than this!
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2023.05.29 15:57 wporter99 Events on a long timer kill interest in the activity

Dragonflight has been incredible, but events having 30 minutes spawn timers (or more) isn't fun or engaging. I dont engage with weekly activities on a timer because they are inconvenient with little reward and force me to not do content i enjoy. Between the diablo event, Soup, assault on Dragonbane keep and the elemental event; There are too many timers to keep track of. The hunts are great because there is always one up and going. I feel like i only do the others events when i log in and its up currently, or for the weekly rep bonus. It's a shame because I would do them more if giving the opportunity. The diablo event should be a 15 minute timer MAX, but realistically a 5-10 minute timer for people to get to the next location. It feels bad not running content like M+ or raiding because I don't want to miss out on limited event items. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk about a minor inconvenience over digital items.
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2023.05.26 06:33 Minimum-Salamander-5 A cadre of Smolibris in the microwave

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2023.05.25 21:56 bringthelight2 Random historical raid mechanic questions

List of raid mechanics by expansion:
(Only including mechanics that weren't typically encountered while leveling)
Player Knockback (Onyxia)
Clickable items to control (Razorgore, later on Chess and Razuvious 10 adds)
Buff / Debuff lets you see invisible things (Jin'Do)
Damage split between all people soaking (Meteor)
Shared Health Pool (Twin Emperors)
Dynamic Line of Sight (Sapphiron)
First Dungeon Objective (Baron Rivendare 45-minute run)
First Timed Run (also Baron Rivendare 45-minute run)

Debuffs limited to 8 at launch, raised to 16 in patch 1.7
Crushing Blows (causing warriors to be the only real tanks)
Parry haste
Execute abilities
Weapon Skill used for parry / glancing blows
Five second rule for spirit-based mana regeneration
MP5 as a stat
Spells have 17% chance to miss baseline
Spells have a 1% chance to miss regardless of hit chance
Taunt counts as a spell
Spell hit and melee hit were two different stats (until Wrath)
Absorbs counted against rage generation

Potions could be chugged every 2 minutes (regardless of being in combat)
Different loot for killing boss in a different order (Vem, Kri, Yauj) Heh I guess you could argue this was the first hard mode.
Tier Tokens (AQ)
Weapon Stones / Weapon Oils
Flasks were considered absurdly expensive to make at the time, typically main tank only
Certain enchantments very expensive to make
World Buffs work in raids and are enormously powerful

Significant attunement questlines
Raid teleporter

Burning Crusade:
Do damage to nearby players (Gruul)
Two bosses that merge (Attumen and Midnight...although maybe Viscidus?)
Soak the beam (Netherspite)
Pinned until someone frees you (Warlord Naj'entus)
Phased Fights (Kalecgos, later on Herald Volazj, Sartharion, Algalon, Mythic Denathrius P3)
(generally I'm not mentioning things that were just in one fight, but I think Lady Vashj and Kael'Thas get special mention for the ball throwing and legendaries)
Heroic Dungeons
Ratings for stats
Armor penetration as a stat
Spell penetration
Debuff limit raised to 32
Expertise added in patch 2.3
Shamans for Alliance
Paladins for Horde
Notable new abilities: Mass Dispel (Priests), Spell Reflect (Warriors), Seed of Corruption (Warlock), Lifebloom (Druid), Tree of Life (Resto Druid), Bloodlust/Heroism (Shamans), Spellsteal (Mages), Cloak of Shadows (Rogue), Devastate (Prot Warrior)
Stackable HoTs (Lifebloom)
Crushing Blows disabled for some raid bosses (Archimonde)

Daily quests
Flasks slightly less expensive

Wrath of the Lich King:
Collapsing Floor / Dynamic fight arena (Lich King)
Lasers follow the player (Kologarn)
Chain Lightning that gets stronger for every person it hits (Thorim)
Faction-specific fights (Deathbringer Saurfang)
Heal the boss (Valithria)

Debuff limit removed
Maximum spell hit % raised to 100 from 99
Spell Hit and Melee Hit merged in to one stat
Potion cooldown no longer starts until exiting combat
Death Knights
Ability to move mobs (Typhoon, Thunderstorm, Death Grip)
Shamans can drop totems all at once
Dual Spec
Inscription / Glyphs / Darkmoon Cards
Raid attunements removed
Ability to extend lockouts
Attempt limited bosses
Multiple raid sizes
Multiple raid difficulties (started with Sartharion)
Cinematic after killing boss (Lich King)
All tanks get a taunt
Most bosses become tauntable
All healers get a resurrect
Some weapon speed corrections
Raid wide buffs and lots of them and they made a huge impact on DPS
Heroism/Bloodlust raid wide…err wait was that Cata but changed for classic?

Most legendaries become shard based
Parry haste removed from most bosses
Attack power also scaling spell power

Dungeon Finder
Smart Heals (Prayer of Mending)
More thought was also put in to what/how abilities were dispelled (gradual)
Notable new abilities (TBD, Shield Slam dispelled a magic effect, Chaos Bolt)
Flasks and potions no longer a significant expense
Weapon stones and oils removed
First Wintergrasp / Tol'Barad type zone

Paladins get Beacon of Light
Discipline priest becomes a viable PvE raid spec

Special Action Button (Ultraxion)
Casting while moving (Spiritwalker's Grace)
Something does less damage the further you are away from it (Ragnaros Seeds)
Ragnaros Meteors / Knockback
Talent tree overhaul, had to pick a spec then put 31 talents in it.
LFR (and personal loot didn't exist in Dragon Soul, I think the raid lead could even select master loot?)
Spirit no longer increases health regeneration
MP5 removed
Resistance fights removed
All healers get dispel magic
Every type of weapon has its own designated weapon speed
Mass Rez
Hybrid tax removed
Healing power of hybrids in DPS spec reduced
Hunter resource changed to Focus
Paladins get Holy Power as a resource
Warlocks get soulstones as a resource?
Shamans can move totems with one GCD
Discipline Priests get Atonement
Holy Priests get Chakras
Priests get "Life Grip" aka Leap of Faith
Interrupts go off the GCD
Interrupts don't cost resources?
Special "Meter" (Lord Rhyolith, Deathwing's roll meter)
Raid elements spawning on the ground (Alysrazor's feathers)
"Form a Chain" mechanic (Hagara, later Mythic Jailer)
Patch 4.1:
Interrupts off the GCD no longer miss
Soulstone and Raise Ally become Battle Rezzes
ZA and ZG become 5 mans

Mists of Pandaria:
Removed talent trees
Specific "Active Mitigation" abilities for tanks (coulda sworn it was Cataclysm)
Tanks have much more control over their own health, less of a distinction between tank healers and raid healers, although this was a gradual change over many years
Expertise gives spell hit (I don't remember this at all)
Flex raid sizes (Siege of Orgrimmar or earlier?)
Personal Loot
Speed Run dungeons for transmog
Legendaries for everyone
Symbiosis (druid ability)
All warrior abilities could be used in any stance

Warlords of Draenor:
Falling through the floor between stages (Rend Blackhand)
Hands come from the earth and hold you in place (Kromog)
The Floor Moves (Hans'gar and Franzok)
Pushback waves (High Imperator)
First item that worked when other people in the raid did different things / synergies with what other people were wearing (Legendary ring)
I think Warlords is when raid mechanics started having arrows and pointers showing you what to do

Reforging removed
I think this was the first expansion with Thunderforging
Expertise removed completely
Hit removed completely
Dodge and parry no longer itemized, but old items continued to have it
Spirit changed to a secondary stat
Agility and Intellect no longer add to crit %
Several raid buffs / debuffs removed

Warrior rage generation changed so they weren’t always weak in the first patch and completely off the charts by the last patch
Gladiator stance added, Berserker Stance removed
Marksmanship hunters get a bonus to damage for standing still for 3 seconds
Abilities that do bonus damage to high health targets (Aimed Shot, Evokers later on)

Mission Tables

Ability to hide some raid elements (Kil’jaeden)
Triple cast tank swaps (Aggramar, later Skolex & Rashok)
Dispel an ability that doesn't show on the raid UI (Attumen in Mythic+ Lower Kara...god that sucked, the ghost was so hard to see)
Icons above the players head (possibly earlier) (Odyn, Star Augur Etraeus)
Spirit removed as a stat
Spellpower removed as a stat
Bonus Armor removed
Multistrike removed
Change spec any time out of combat
Glyphs removed
Cloaks and rings no longer itemized with a primary stat
Legendaries functioning like a talent / like Diablo 3
I think the middle of Legion is when items changed their primary stat
Battle Rezzes on timers
Removal of most raid buffs
Legendary weapon system / Artifact Power
Demon Hunters
Combat spec replaced by Outlaw for rogues
Survival hunter becomes a melee spec
Druids get Displacer Beast (this always made me laugh, they were always so mobile to begin with and then they get a Blink on top of it)
Druid tanks get multiple stacks of Ironfur
Gladiator Stance removed

Dynamic mob level in patch 7.3.5

Battle for Azeroth:
Hidden auras / One person sees the "correct" thing to do / Different people see different things (High Tinker Mekkatorque, later Hylbrande in Taza'vesh, Lords of Dread / Among Us)
Entire raid gets lifted in to the air (Jadefire Masters)
Master loot removed?
Specific abilities for "Active Mitigation" removed
Stat Squish
First expansion with Upgradeable gear?

Instant raid teleportation (Xy'mox, Denathrius, So'leah)
First boss that moved an enormous amount during the fight (Sylvanas, Halondrus)
Raid buffs re-added
Covenant trees
Ability to melt laptops (Blood Price Denathrius P1)
Level squish
Torghast and The Tarragrue

Empowering abilities (Fire Breath)
Trip the mob (Neltharus)
Return of talent trees
Bards aka the Evoker support spec in development

And of course, the number 1 ability of all time:

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2023.05.25 14:44 gentle_pencil City of Exiles (Chapters 1 & 2)

Hey hey people
I've been working on my fantasy webnovel City of Exiles for awhile now. I originally started posting chapters on Royal Road, which as of today has around 21 chapters posted. I'm posting the first two chapters together since they are relatively short. I hope you enjoy them!
Chapter 1 - The City of Exiles
Upon the glistening waves of the Jade Sea sits Issei, the City of Exiles, a radiant bastion, ever-glowing upon the moonless sea. An island metropolis, home to wanderers and vagabonds across the known world, never sleeping, never resting. Even though the sun has long since set, its streets still bustle with life and light.
Cheeks flushed red from a night of drinking, Andros stepped out into the humid nighttime air. Music and the sounds of drunken revelry stifled as the door closed behind him. Pushing through the crowds of the narrow street, he clumsily made his way back to the dusty attic he called home. Pockets filled with coin, and he was still living on the Spared’s charity, some sorcerer he was.
Still, soon enough he’d show those blowhards at the academy what fools they had been. He was on the cusp of a breakthrough! The first person to physically break into the cognitive realm, the place where Gods are born, where dreams reside, where the hearts and thoughts of mortalkind could be made manifest. And it would all begin within a dusty spider-filled attic.
The Sunflower Temple sat at the entrance of a small cramped alleyway, surrounded by dense apartment blocks and street hawkers. A packed crowd of the city’s poor and destitute gathered around the main entrance of the temple, forming an unorganized line, hoping to get a bowl of soup, and/or a bed for the night. There were scarce few places in Issei to find honest charity, and the missionaries of the Temple always seemed overwhelmed. Not enough hand to help, not enough resources to give, and not enough space to truly operate on the scale they desired.
Some of the temple’s missionaries resented Andros for taking up space in the attic, where more beds could be placed, but he had made a deal with the local chapter master. Room and board in exchange for occasionally “running errands.” The chapter master wasn’t above bending the law for the grater good, and Andros was the only willing adventurer that wouldn’t cost the Temple a fortune. After all, why work for charity, when any of the local gangs or guilds offered more lucrative work?
As Andros passed through the crowd, and made his way towards the attic, he felt a sudden pain in his head. It couldn’t be from his drinking, the pain came and went in barely half a second. No… somebody had tripped one of his security wards.
Why now?
Composing himself, Andros darted upstairs, and climbed up the ladder that led to his attic. Pushing the trapdoor open, he saw a cloaked figure at the end of the room, about the abscond with a sack filled with… something of his. Andros didn’t know, but whatever it was he certainly wasn’t going to let some thief take it from him.
“Stop!” Andros shouted, reaching his palm outward to shoot crackling bolt of blue energy at the thief. Perhaps if he was sober he would’ve made the shot, because instead of striking its target, the bolt broke a decent chunk out of the window frame. Before Andros could let loose another, the thief leapt out of the windows, scrambling down to the streets below.
The sorcerer darted to the window, peering out at the crowd beyond. He could make out the thief’s outline in the distance as they quickly attempted to blend in with the crowd. Andros took in a deep breath, and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he was suddenly on the streets below his attic, surrounded by a thin layer of blue mist.
And thus the chase began, which was, to Andros’ disappointment, a short and dismal affair. The thief was quick, nimble, and knew the city, darting into alleyways, climbing onto roofs, and knocking over and throwing anything and everything in Andros’ path. The sorcerer, though not as quick or nimble, tried to compensate by making quick and short teleportations, disappearing and reappearing into and out of blue mist as he did so. To make matters worse, it appeared that rapid teleporting while drunk tended to give one both whiplash, and motion sickness. A fact made all the more apparent after Andros teleported onto a nearby roof, and immediately vomited down onto the streets below.
Needless to say, Andros returned to his attic with a deathly headache, defeated, and absolutely exhausted. Hopefully the thief didn’t steal anything too important… He thought, collapsing onto his sleeping mat in the corner of the room.
When Andros awoke the next morning, tired and hungover, he discovered that the thief had only stolen one thing. Unfortunately for him, this particular things happened to be the very artifact that was central to his research.
“Not again…” He grumbled to himself. “Time to get the team back together."

Chapter 2 - Little Crow
Overlooking the water on Issei’s northern docks, The Royal Vagrant Lounge & Tavern served drinks, food, and moody atmosphere to its clientele of adventurers and sell-swords. Inside, a pianist played a soothing melody from a corner of the tavern’s large common room. A bulletin board sat at the room’s center, attracting a small crowd of novice adventurers with the promise of odd-jobs offering poor to decent pay. For many, the Vagrant’s bulletin board was a good place to get established in Issei. An adventurer picks up a few jobs, does well, and will eventually get noticed by the owner, who passes down more lucrative work.
Akaja couldn’t help but to feel a faint twinge of nostalgia each time she passed the board. She liked to watch all the little ‘baby adventurers’ gather around, all eager to make some coin, or earn some glory.
Speaking of coin…
Akaja strode up to the bar, playfully tapping her knuckles against the counter. “Ryoma! Over here!”
Slowly pouring a mug of coffee for another patron, a tall middle-aged human turned to look at her. A red patch over his left eye, he gave Akaja a knowing grin. “Be right there!”
When Ryoma finally came over, Akaja was playfully spinning around on her bar-stool. With a crank of a lever, the stool raised itself, so that she could be eye level with the man while siting. “Got the thing for the job,” She said softly, patting the sack which she placed on her lap. “Felt a little too easy, you know? Guy I nabbed this from was sloshed out of his damn mind! Like stealing candy from a baby!”
“And in record time too,” Ryoma said. “Client isn’t due to pick it up until tomorrow night. Easy money, eh?”
“Easy money!” Akaja grinned, opening her sack to take a peak at the object she had stolen.
It was a pretty orb the size of her head, rough in texture, but always seeming to shift between different colors. The thing was strange. She thought she could see… pictures inside of it? Whatever it is, that wasn’t her problem. She wasn’t paid to ask questions, and she didn’t really care enough to ask anyway.
“Got any more work for me?” She asked, glancing up from the orb.
“Already?” Ryoma sighed. “Kaja… this is the fifth job you’ve taken this week. You sure you don’t need a break?”
“Thanks, but I’m fine, Ryoma.” Akaja said, waving him off. “I like being kept busy anyways…”
“You sure it’s not because of…. him?”
Akaja scoffed. “NO!” She lied. “I haven’t even thought about him ONCE today until you went and brought it back up!” Another lie. “The only thing I’m concerned about right now is getting paid. I want to buy a ship one day! Go treasure hunting! Become a pirate! Get a little parrot or monkey and have it sit on my shoulder.”
“Just don’t work yourself too hard. My daughter it worried about you.”
“Yukiko is just a little worry wart! She just gets anxiety about everything. I’ll be fine…. so no job?”
Ryoma sighed. “I’ll have to speak to my contacts and see. Anything else I can get you?”
“Give me an egg pie,” Akaja said. “A WHOLE egg pie. Oh, and some rum. Actually the whole bottle too… and a tray of shrimp and oysters. Just take it out of my share when the client comes for the orb!”
“Really?” Ryoma shook his head. “You’re going to throw up again.”
“Don’t care!” Akaja beamed. “Chop chop, old timer! It’s my money, and I get to spend it how I want!”
Tonight was a celebration for a job well done, and a victory over Yu. She didn’t need him, and his stupid family. She could take over this whole city if she wanted to! No matter how handsome or funny he was in the past, Akaja was on a new chapter of her life! The chapter of independence, and wealth!
Finally, the first course of her feast had arrived. A bottle of Estrellian rum, and one of Ryoma’s famous egg pies all to herself. She poured herself a tall mug of the rum, before preparing to chow down on her pie, which was, essentially, a giant deviled egg inside warm pie crust, topped off with parsley and a creamy sauce.
Absolute heaven…
“Ms. Akaja…” She heard a familiar voice behind her. Groaning, she turned around.
“Talai…” Akaja rolled her head at the woman, who stood at least a head taller than Akaja, with long crimson hair, and a sharp scar across her left cheek. “Did he send you? I told you last time, and the time before that - I don’t want, or care to speak with him! Tell him he can go die in a hole, or something! I have more important things to do…”
“Don’t play stupid, Akaja…” About a half a dozen armed thugs approached her as well, standing beside Talai, their glaring down at Akaja. “We know you killed him.”
“Killed who?”
“Your precious Yu… our boss.” Talai frowned. “I didn’t think a lover’s spat would be the thing to do him in, but I shouldn’t be surprised… come quietly now. Perhaps quick retribution can be earned.”
Murder? Yu? The last time they spoke she did feel like strangling him, but she wouldn’t have actually done it. Her heart sank at the news… she had hoped the man would come crawling back to her, flowers and sweets in hand, begging for her forgiveness, but… that would never happen. “No, no… Talai you have the wrong gal!”
Talai ignored her, and instead, slowly began to reach for her weapon as the other thugs began to slowly close on her. It was clear that Talai wouldn’t listen to a word she had to say.
Akaja attempted to leap over the bar, and away from her attackers, brushing away any dishes, bottles, or trays in her path, but before she could even get over the bar, she suddenly felt her muscles tens. A burning excruciating pain shot all throughout her body, feeling as if molten iron were seeping through her veins. She tried to call out for help, but found herself unable to scream.
Her body began to contort itself, like a twisted puppet, and she stumbled over to Talai, who’s palms were out, hands moving in motions that simulated her own movements.
Blood magic? Akaja thought. No… how?!
“Come quietly, Ms. Akaja…” Talai’s voice echoed within the back of her head. “The pain you’re feeling… ‘tis only a fraction of what I have in store for you.”
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2023.05.23 20:36 Kingsly2015 Shot an X-Ray damage test - question before I develop

Update w/ results here
A few months ago I went though a few airports with my 4x5 kit and decided to intentionally allow a loaded film holder get scanned, for science.
One side got hit, then loaded the other side and went back through on the return trip to see the cumulative effects of 5+ scans. HP5 was the sacrificial emulsion, being the fastest sheet film I had and therefore more likely to show fogging/damage.
Yesterday was finally the perfect combo of dry and overcast enough to expose the sheets with consistent light, so I did both sides of the holder as well as a fresh sheet from the same batch.
Now, unfortunately, I had been shooting portraits moments before and in my haste didn’t reset the ISO in my meter - all three sheets are ~1-1/3 over. Typically I wouldn’t give that a moment’s thought - we’re still well within the acceptable range of what the sheets can handle, but in the name of science, and because I’m decision fatigued as it is, I wanted to put it to the community:
Should I pull the development a little to get closer to “correct” exposure, or dev normal? My inclination is that we’re so close to box speed at that point it’ll be fine. Plus, this is more in line with how I shoot anyway - mentally skewing my meter readings towards over - but I’d like to make sure these results are as helpful to the community as possible!
EDIT: Developed as normal -> HC-110 Dilution B, all three frames souped together in the same stearman tank for 5’, inversions done to the massive dev chart app’s built in timer. Fixed in TF-4.
Preliminary results are encouraging! There doesn’t seem to be any appreciable difference between the clean, x-rayed, and heavily x-rayed frames. This is naked eye as they hang dry, but still… I expected noticeable base fog on the most heavily zapped frame - and I mean ZAPPED! 5x hits with a carry on scanner and 2x hits with a larger checked bag scanner!
Once they’re dry I’ll copy stand scan them with my Z5 and start a new post. Thinking I’ll lock the exposure and scan all three full frame, then again at 1:1. Any suggestions re scanning that help y’all’s analysis are welcome. :)
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2023.05.23 14:21 CatFoodSavvy Top 7 Best Vitamix Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: Vitamix 5200
"This versatile blender can be used to make almost anything, from cold refreshing smoothies to hot hearty soups."
Premium Pick: Vitamix 36019
"Incredibly quiet while still powerful, this smart blender lets you choose between ninety-three variable speeds."
Great Warranty: Vitamix 7500
"It’s a professional-grade blender that’s easy to use, and it requires no special knowledge with its simple speed control and self-cleaning technology."
Smart Technology: Vitamix A2300
"This blender is all about modern technology with such progressive features like built-in wireless connectivity and digital timer."
Best Value: Vitamix E310
"This professional blender has a large capacity, hardened stainless-steel blades and thermal protection system."
Pre-programmed: Vitamix A3500
"Touchscreen control, smart timer and five versatile program settings are among other great features this blender can offer."
Most Powerful: Vitamix Professional Series 750
"This blender is sturdy and durable thanks to its hardened stainless-steel blades, while still very easy to use and maintain."
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2023.05.22 21:54 elghufs Season of Ultimate Potential (SOUP)

\*Copium, hopium and trigger warning***
I’ve been thinking of a revamped vanilla ever since I heard the first discussion of classic+ a while ago and what new content would look like. Thus, I wanted to share my ideas on what new content could potentially look like for a classic+. Most of these ideas are based on unfinished plans for OG vanilla (check out WillE’s video The Unfinished Side Of Vanilla WoW We NEVER Saw), which was included in later expansions. A Season of Ultimate Potential, or SOUP, if you will. Or, a clickbait title. Vanilla originally was planned to have 70 as max lvl, but all of this is planned for a max lvl of 60. First, two FYI points:
  1. 1: I don’t think classic+ is ever gonna happen. However, I love discussing things I care about, so let’s huff that copium and hopium and discuss a potential release of a revamped/alternated reality of classic.
  2. 2: this is just a brief idea I had that could be a potential outline for a reworked classic with extra content. My thoughts are based on existing content down the line in WoW patches, which might make it easier for developers and blizzards time investment. Not saying that it would be easy to implement these changes, but at least they don’t have to create all the new content from scratch. That said, the last phase might be the hardest one to make, which is why I left the first 6 phases untouched so that it would give developers more time to work on what’s to come.
Even though I like the 40 man raids, I think it would be nice to scale all raids to 20 or 25m, which coincides with future raiding beyond vanilla. This also makes gearing significantly easier and helps new players, ppl getting alts or making it easier for guilds to maintain their roster. However, this is not set in stone as scaling for x-amount of players should be doable.
I haven’t added much detail to the phases in general, as I think this is the perfect topic of discussion with you guys. I know the suggestions are a lot of reuse of content, but this would enable developers to use of loot and dungeons that are already in the system making it a more plausible option on Blizzards end.
Phase 1: MC + Ony Phase 2: World bosses and all three bgs (addition of rated bgs?) Phase 3: BWL Phase 4: ZG (and maybe ZA?) Phase 5: AQ40 + AQ20 Phase 6: Naxx
Phase 7: The corruption of the Black Dragonflight: Grim Batol + Ony heroic (anniversary version). (No new tier set) The return of the dragons! Have the Grim Batol area be an instanced zone/raid at the first gate. The red dragons in the first section of the raid could be recolored to fit the theme. The first boss is Axtroz with a similar mechanic as Vaelastrasz. After the players have fought through the corrupted red dragon flight they enter the fortress of Grim Batol. It has the same blueprint and bosses as the Cata dungeon, fighting the Twilight Hammer and the Black Dragonflight. Upscaled to fit a 25m raid. Could potentially add the base of old ironforge/hall of thanes (seen in WillEs video at 10:05) with Cho'gall as the final boss. Get rid of vehicle combat ofc. Heroic Ony is added as more content, since the Grim Batol raid is potentially a short raid. Good for catchup.
Phase 8: Secrets of Medivh: Karazhan 25m + Magtheridon (Tier 4 added). Upscale Karazhan to fit a 25m roster. Have Hellfire Peninsula be an instanced zone/raid, where most of HP is removed except dark portal, legion front and hellfire citadel. First the players have to fight their way down the stairwell of the portal before they fight the first boss: Pit Commander. The players have to fight their way through the path of glory (gauntlet type) until they have to fight the Fellreaver at the entrance to Magtheridons Lair. This section of the raid remains the same. Karazhan is also included, as it is located on Azeroth, but the element of Karazhan Crypts could also be explored.
Phase 9: Lost in the Hourglass: Caverns of Time and Mount Hyjal (no tier sets) Straightforward. Add the caverns of time dungeons, and upscale them to 10m, similar to Upper Blackrock Spire. Catchup dungeons for alts or new players. The Battle of Mount Hyjal is added as the phase main raid. No need tier sets. More as a waiting room for the last phase.
Phase 10: The Siege of Tyr’s hand (Tier 5 added - cosmetically equivalent to recolored tier3 to fit raid feeling?) Finally, a Scarlet raid. After the players have pushed back the scourge forces through clearing Naxxramas the Scarlet Crusade has used this time to grow their forces. We have to stop them before their grand crusade through the Eastern Kingdoms. Have the area of Tyr’s hand be an instanced zone/raid. Have 1 boss in the Abbey (High General Abbendis), 1 in the Barracks (Crusader Lord Valdemar) and the others in the Cathedral. When the players enter the final cathedral it has the same blueprint as SM. But instead of Mograine and Whitmane as the last encounter, the players fight High Commander Goodchilde (which in lore replaced Mograine as leader). Alternatively, you drop the SM section and add the Scarlet Enclave as the rest of the raid. Here the players need to eliminate objectives (strategic buildings) with bosses inside them. Final boss is still High Commander Goodchilde.
What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy such a phase release, or do you have any other ideas of phases?
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2023.05.20 06:59 Beneficial-Diamond83 Fruit And Vegetable Dryer – Drying The Fruits And Vegetable

Fruit And Vegetable Dryer – Drying The Fruits And Vegetable
Food made in a dehydrator is frequently referred to as "raw food" due to the low temperatures. In contrast to the heating process, which is said to eliminate or deplete these nutrients from food, a raw food diet is said to preserve the living nutrients and enzymes in fruits and vegetables. This diet has many benefits.
There are two fundamental kinds of electric dehydrator. The heat source and fan in vertical dehydrators are either at the top or bottom, and they blow air vertically. The trays of this type can be added as needed by stacking them on top of each other.
Therefore, a Vegetable And Fruit Dryer is a better option than any other kitchen appliance for preparing foods at a temperature below 46 degrees Celsius—the temperature at which enzymes and nutrients are maintained—if you are on a raw food diet or just trying to eat more raw foods.
Food dehydrators give you the flexibility to make fruit leathers, activate nuts, or make a batch of veggie chips all at the same time. You can also run the machine for hours or days at a time!
Flat dehydrators send warm air from the back to the front. Energy efficiency, uniform heat distribution, and faster drying of food are all benefits of these units, which are generally better insulated than vertical ones. When drying various foods on various racks, the horizontal airflow also reduces flavor mixing. Compared to vertical dehydrators, horizontal ones are more expensive.
Dehydrating any food that contains water is technically possible. In fact, you might be able to dry soggy tennis shoes in your dehydrator as well. But let's stick to things that should be dehydrated, like foods that people will actually eat, are good for the environment, and are healthy.
So straightforward and simple to utilize, food dehydrators are basically secure! You simply slice your food into pieces, place them on the trays, set a timer, and leave with the simple set and forget system. It is just simple!
Natural products are amazing dehydrator material. You can cut a few natural products daintily or cut them into little pieces, like apples, bananas, strawberries, pineapples, pears, peaches, and kiwis, for instance. Berries can be left whole, and when dried, raspberries and blueberries have a wonderful concentrated flavor. Fruit leathers can also be made by blending some fruits with a little water and drying the puree on sheets.
Because the Fruit And Vegetable Dryer remove the water content of foods during the drying process, the risk of bacteria growth or spoilage is very low, in contrast to other methods of preservation. Truth be told, parchedness is generally utilized by campers, explorers and even space travelers on account of the protected idea of the safeguarding technique!

Fruit And Vegetable Dryer
Leafy greens like spinach and kale can be dehydrated as is. Wash them, cut, or tear them into pieces that will fit on your dehydrating sheets or in your dehydrator, and then remove any thick stems. The volume of greens will significantly decrease as a result of their high-water content. You can store them as entire leaves, or transform them into a supplement thick and flavor-pressed powder utilizing a blender or food processor.
In soups, stews, and portable dehydrated meals, add dehydrated vegetables. You can marinate the sliced vegetables before dehydrating them to make things like mushroom jerky and carrot bacon, among other meat-like dehydrated vegetables.
Spices are perfect for drying out in an electric unit. Additionally, compared to store-bought dried herbs, which are rarely as fresh or flavorful as those you dry yourself, making your own dried herbs gives you a significant culinary advantage. You can use dried herbs in teas, baking, and even crafts like sachets and eye pillows, whether you grow your own or buy fresh herbs at a supermarket or farmer’s market.
Before storing, allow the food to cool and ensure that it is completely dry after it has been thoroughly dried. Check for condensation on the lid of a tightly sealed jar after lightly packing the product to determine its dryness. If you find condensation, you need to dry it more or put it in the freezer or refrigerator to keep it from spoiling.
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2023.05.17 00:35 OneBoredMan02 Time to be a Hero Volume 20

Sick Day - Time to be a Hero - Volume 20
Tuesday 4th June 2017
B: "Uhhh, let's see? Do I need anything else?" I check my basket again. Lentil soup for me. Vegan soup for Monika. Hay fever tablets. Vapor rub. Bottle of energy juice. Finally, some kale and spinach! I think I have everything I need? I walk back over to Sayori as she's still browsing the sweet section of the store? "Sayori come on, you can't stand there and gawk all day!" She turns to me with a cup?
S: "There's a pick and mix Botan! Don't rush me! I have to be precise with my choices." I sigh as she carefully selects various type of sweets, slowly filling her cup. I can't be here all day! I need to get back to Monika! She's not feeling well!
B: "Sayori come on! Monika is waiting for us!"
S: "Exactly! She can wait!" I sigh, Sayori doesn't know it but I'll get my ass ripped out by Monika if I take too long! She's stuffed up with the cold right now, so me and Sayori thought it would be a good idea to go to the store so we can get her some things to help her recover. Well, I got some things to help her. Ever since we came in Sayori went straight to this stupid pick and mix! I don't understand how she can't just fill a cup with random streets and just move on already, why does she need to take five years?? 'Botan...' Oh shit- Yes, Monika darling? What is it? 'What's taking you guys so long...I'm starting to get anxious, did you run into trouble?' She sounds terrible right now. I thought it was just the common cold but she's hit down with some sort of fever. Sayori did a quick once over on her and she said it's not anything serious but Monika's really weak right now so she has to stay home for the time being. 'Botan?' Oh! Sorry Monika! We didn't run into trouble and we're both fine right now! 'Where are you then...' We're still at the store, Sayori's being glued to this pick and mix stand. 'Tell her to hurry up, I need-aCHooww! sniff, my tablets now...'
B: "Right Sayori come on, my patience is just about up here!" Especially when Monika is needing us to return quick!
S: "Just a second man calm down! I'm almost finished..."
B: "Almost isn't good enough Sayori! Come on!" I grab her hand causing her to lose grip on her cup and all the sweets. They fall to the floor and spill everywhere.
S: "Look what you did! Now I have to start all over again!"
B: "No you don't! My girlfriend has been waiting patiently for about twenty minutes now Sayori! I'm not making her wait anymore!" I drag Sayori away from the stand as she tries to break out of my grip.
S: "Botan let go!! Let me get my pick and mix!!!"
B: "You're being very childish right now Sayori! Just come back when we're done with Monika alright??" She shakes her head.
S: "I need it now!!"
B: "Urgh..." It's like taking a spoiled child to the toy store. I walk up to the register as Sayori huffs in defeat. "Are you done throwing a hissy fit??"
S: "Shut up Botan!" The cashier laughs at us.
K: "ohoho! You must not know Botan~" I turn to Kotonoha with a raised eyebrow?
B: "What?" She leans into me as she smiles.
K: "Sayori here has a famous sweet tooth~" Well that explains her need of sweets so much? "Don't ya' Sayo~?"
S: "Don't I what??"
K: "Love sweets~" Sayori stands there for a second before sprinting away back to the pick and mix. "ohohoho! Classic Sayori!"
B: "Urgh, you know what? She can pay for the sweets herself." I was going to buy them for her but this is getting ridiculous now.
K: "Sometimes I think I only bought that pick and mix stand for Sayori, and if we're being honest here?" Kotonoha smiles at me as she grabs a bag. "Sayori alone has almost made me a profit on that stand~" What?!
B: "You're kidding me right?! There's no way just one person can give you that sort of money just for a full stand of sweets?! Besides she should be a balloon if that was the case!"
K: "I know right? It's like whatever she eats, she'll won't put any weight on. It's really weird?" Kotonoha looks at my tablets and vapor rub? "Oh? Is someone not feeling well?"
B: "Yeah, Monika's not feeling too great sadly..."
K: "Oh no! What's wrong with her?"
B: "She's came down with the fever. Me and Sayori-..." I turn around back in the direction Sayori went off in. "Well I came here to get her some stuff that will help her recover."
K: "Awww~"
B: "Don't awww me..." I say with a blushed face.
K: "You're like a doctor taking care of her! You're such a sweet boyfriend Botan! I wish I had a guy like you~" What do I say to that?
B: "Well, thanks Koto just don't let Monika hear that..."
K: "I know! Me and sis well get in trouble!" We both smile as she presses a few buttons on the cash register. "That will be 3129 yen please!" I hand her the money as she takes it. "Thank you~"
B: "Hey Koto have you been getting anymore grief from robbers lately?" She shakes her head as she hands me my change.
K: "No not recently, not ever since that Sparrow guy helped me! I like to think he scared them all away from here!"
B: "Have you not seen him since then?"
K: "Sadly not, I haven't had a chance to ask him out..."
B: "Aww, well maybe one day he'll just swing by~?" I say as I take the bag of things.
K: "Maybe? We'll just have to wait and see!" I nod as I turn back to Sayori.
B: "Okay Sayori, I'll see you later!" I turn to Kotonoha. "Take it easy Koto~"
K: "You too Botan, give Monika my best!" I nod as Sayori sprints back to us? "Oh?"
S: "Wait! Why are you going??"
B: "If you didn't remember Sayori, my girlfriend is ill. We came here to get her stuff so she can get better. Now I am leaving to go back to her place. So, I will see you later~"
S: "But my pick and mix! You're going to pay for it right?!" I just shake my head as I leave the store. "Ah....well..."
K: "So Sayori~ Ready to give me even more money~?"
S: "eheheh...I don't really have any money on me right now...."
K: "....really?"
S: "Yeah. I think I'll just...you know?" Sayori leaves the sweets on the counter. "I'm just going to go Koto...bye!" She sprints out of the store.
K: "Sigh, that makes cup number twelve left unpurchased. Damn." Making sure the bag of things is safe in my school bag, I pull myself up and swing down the street. Monika's place isn't far from the shop so it shouldn't take me long to get back. Do you hear that Monika?? I'm on my way now! 'Oh thank lord, I thought you just forgot about me....-aaCHoooww! ugh...' Oh nonsense! How can I forget about my gorgeous and loving girlfriend~? '...hurry back you!' I giggle as I hear something nearby?
N: "Come on Yuri help me out here!" I stop to see Natsuki and Yuri at the scene of an accident trying to pull a car from underneath a truck! What happened here? There isn't any people nearby but I can see three men at the scene of the accident? One near the truck, two in the car. All knocked out?
Y: "Ok I got it. Ready?" They nod. "Three, two, one, lift!" They lift the truck with all their strength as I land beside them. "Oh my god!"
N: "Jesus Botan! Don't come flying in there! Help us out!"
B: "What happened?"
N: "These two idiots jumped the red light and got hit by the truck, we were just making sure they're okay before we go off. Ambulance and police are already on their way." I nod as I see the truck driver lying on the side of the road.
B: "What about him?"
Y: "He's fine mostly. Just a broken nose and a cut on his head. He'll live." Yuri and Natsuki grab the truck again.
N: "Give us a hand here would you?"
B: "Of course." We all grab the truck and lift it up off the car! Right then. The back of the car is mostly crushed but luckily for both passengers they were sitting in the front. I force the doors open as Natsuki and Yuri drag them out of the car.
N: "hmmm, smell that Yuri?" Yuri sniffs the air.
Y: "Alcohol."
B: "They were drunk driving?"
Y: "Well at the least driver was drunk, I don't know about the passenger though?" She sniffs again. "Yeah, they were both drunk."
B: "Just lucky that were both sitting in the front of the car, otherwise they'd be squashed by the truck mounting the back of the car."
Y: "Well let's see..." Yuri inspects the damage both on the car and the truck. "Okay I think I have a picture?" She looks at us. "The two in the car were coming down the road to the west of the junction going by these tire marks and the direction of both vehicles. Now they passed the red light at around seventy? Maybe eighty miles per hour when the truck caught the back of their vehicle, the truck going around forty? The collision and sudden force knocks the truck driver out as the front of his truck mounts the back of the car and crushes it. Thankfully the truck stayed up on it tires as it skidded and grinded to a stop with the back of the car still being crushed. The two drunk drivers would've been still conscious in the collision with the driver being first to get knocked out after his air bag deployed and finally the passenger when he hit the window with his head, shattering it all over the ground." Yuri points to the glass on the road? "They then came to slow stop here and that was that." Me and Natsuki look at Yuri as she looks at us? "What?"
N: "You're such a know it all!"
Y: "I am not! Just because I have an eye for details!"
N: "Why don't you go sit with Sayori and nerd out for a few hours??"
Y: "That's my power Natsuki! I can put a crime scene together and just figure out what happened with some investigation!"
N: "You know who else who can do that??"
Y: "Who?"
N: "Sherlock Holmes! Did you really just fantasize him so much you just became him??"
Y: "No!! I would never do that! ..."
N: "Don't tell me you actually fantasized about you being Sherlock!"
Y: "uh...well I do like his stories and well..."
N: "for god sake Yuri."
Y: "Hey that's not my fault! My heightened senses are very useful! Take that time we were fighting Botan!" They turn to us. "Remember when you dropped that smoke bomb??"
B: "Yeah?"
Y: "Who knew exactly where you were?!"
B: "...Natsuki, she has a point."
N: "Oh shut it you walking 3D printer!" I shake my head as Yuri smiles to herself in pride. 'Botan. Where the fu-aaaCHHooww! Are you?!' Oh fuck!
B: "Shit! Sorry guys but I need to run!"
N: "Where are you going??"
B: "I got to go to Monika's place on the double, bye!" I swing away as Natsuki and Yuri watch me go.
N: "Huh? Well see ya'?"
Y: "Speaking of going we should, before people start getting the wrong idea about this."
N: "Right then, come on-"
S: "Hey guys!!" Sayori lands in front of them as Natsuki jumps!
N: "Ah?! What's with people we know coming out of nowhere?!"
S: "Have you seen Botan??"
Y: "He was just here? He just left to go to Monika's place? Why do you ask-"
S: "No time! Bye!!" She takes off again as Natsuki gives her the finger.
N: "Yeah fuck you too! I mean seriously, what are we some check point??"
Y: "I don't know? Maybe something is going down?"
N: "...."
Y: "You want to follow them right?" Natsuki's bike appears.
N: "sigh, get on."
B: "Hold on Monika, I'm on my way now for real!" 'what do you mean, for real??' ...uh, I didn't mean to word it like that! I was just helping Natsuki and Yuri at the scene of an accident. I'm coming to your place now. No delays, I promise! 'you better get here, I'm getting awfully lonely with my cooling water bottle...' Just hold on, I'll be two minutes! I land and run across a roof as I see her place in the distance. Almost there! Just a few more roofs and I'll be there beside her! Gosh, I've never been like this? But that's maybe because I've never ran to the place of the person I love with some medicine? Huh, first time for everything! What's that grey blur in front of me?
A: "Surprise spar!" Alex clotheslines me as I almost flip and land on my face. "Come on then Botan! I need to test you~" ...I stand up and turn around to face him. "Come on it'll be fun! I won't use my katana!"
B: "Not now Alex."
A: "Please?? Come on Monika said we had to train more so-"
B: "Not now!" I swing away as Alex watches me and then teleports right in front of me! He grabs my arm and tosses me over his shoulder! "Argh!"
A: "Come on man! Don't admit you're scared of losing~" 'Botan what's going on? I sense you're in pain?'
B: "Alex back off!" I stand up and push him away. "I'm trying to-"
A: "That's the spirit!" Alex kicks me in the face as I stagger back. "Come on!" ...Monika I- 'Kick his ass Botan. aaCHHooww! Kick his ass.' Yes ma'am.
B: "Fine then."
A: "Here we go! About time-" I pull myself in and crack his jaw as he goes spinning to the floor in a heap. "aaaa..."
B: "Spar over. Thank you now bye!" I swing away again. 'Is that it? Is it over already?' I just swung a hard fist and probably broke his jaw? 'Good. Now come home.'
A: "Ow! Aw, wha ahe fack?" Alex holds his jaw as he stands up. "Wha ahe fack?! Boaan?! Wha ahe fack??"
S: "Oh hello Alex- oh my god?!"
A: "Sayoai?! helf...helf! ah husas!!!"
S: "Okay come here, I'm been training my ability to heal and I think I can mend bones now? Or make it worse?"
A: "Wha?!"
S: "Oh well let's find out together shall we??" Sayori grabs Alex's jaw and closes her eyes. "oo..."
A: "Ah? Ah? ow?" Sayori removes her hands and Alex's jaw was back in place! "Oh?"
S: "I did it! It worked! I can fix bones!"
A: "Thank you Sayori! That's amazing!"
S: "How did you break your jaw by yourself?"
A: "I challenged Botan to a spar and he just sucker punched me to the ground and my jaw...kinda....you know?"
S: "Just hanging there uselessly?" Alex nods. "Just like you then~?"
A: "What-"
S: "No time! Bye~" Sayori flies off again as Alex stands there.
A: "Well then? I guess I won't try that spar again anytime soon? Or least not hand to hand? But I don't know if it'll be wise to use weapons against him? Maybe I shouldn't challenge Botan if he's in a rush?" Just then Natsuki and Yuri flew by? "Oh? Hey!!" Alex teleports over to them. "What's good~?"
N: "Honestly?! What is everyone's problem?!"
Y: "Oh hello Alex~"
A: "Hello Yuyu~"
Y: "Oh stop it~"
N: "Only two people are allowed on the bike! Get your fat ass off!" Alex and Yuri look at Nat. "...don't even think about it! This is my bi-ahhhhHHH!!"
A: "I've always wanted to try this~" Alex says as he takes the spot Natsuki just had.
Y: "Do it Alex! Go!" Alex revs the bike as it stalls. "Oh?"
A: "It's not supposed to do that?"
N: "You fucking idiots!! Only I can drive the bike!! Intruders will set off the-" A timer appears on the speedometer. "Remote bomb."
A: "..."
Y: "Maybe you should-?"
A: "I should." Alex and Yuri teleport off of the bike.
N: "Thank god, to me!" The bike comes back down to Nat as she takes a seat. "Voice protocol override." The countdown stops as Nat nods. "Oh thank god, I wasn't going to lose you today~" She takes off again by herself.
B: "Almost there...almost there." I'm almost there! 'I know, I can see you from the window...Botan look out!' uh? I see someone point a gun at me as I dodge it and immediately pull myself in and knock him out.
T: "ah...Terry?"
B: "I'm giving you five seconds to run."
T: "What do we do Dave??" ...."Dave?"
D: "Run for your life!!" Says Dave as he's already down the street.
B: "Three seconds."
T: "Wahhhhhh!!!" The other thug runs as I tie up their friend and finally get to Monika's place.
B: "Right okay, I'm here." I'm going to come through the window in the bathroom okay? 'Right I'll open it for you.' No, no! Stay in bed, I left it open so stay put. 'Okay honey...' I wiggle my way in as-
S: "You!!" Sayori grabs me and pulls me back out! "Give me money for my pick and mix!!"
B: "Are you still on about this?!" We fly through the air as her rocket boots take me further and further away from Monika's house. "Sayori let me go. I promise I won't crack you in the jaw!"
S: "Just give me money and we'll be good!" 'Botan?...did you-aaCHooww! did you leave again??' Monika's....crying?
B: "Sayori you let me go right now!"
S: "Give me your money!" I start seeing red as her face goes from anger to terrified. "Oh no, Botan calm down! I'm sorry!"
B: "Let me go..." I grab her hands as I yank her off of me. I land on a roof as Sayori looks down at me. "You...dare...make her sad?!"
S: "Botan calm down!"
A: "Oh, you're here? I was wondering- oh no..." I feel it slipping!
B: "rrgghhhh!"
Y: "Uhm?! What do we do!?"
N: "Oh fucks sake! This again?!"
A: "Oh I know!"
Y: "Where are you going- he's gone."
S: "Did he just abandon us?!"
B: "You will pay...all of you!"
A: "Sort that out! Sort it out! Sort it out!"
M: "you fucking idiots... acCHoow!!"
A: "Hey watch the coat!" Monika walks up to me as I regain some control.
M: "Botan darling, it's okay...you're okay..."
B: "Monika?"
M: "It's fine, I'm here...just calm down~" I regain control and start breathing again.
B: "I...almost lost control again?"
M: "It's okay you didn't lose control! You were able to hang on this time! I'm so proud of you~" Monika hugs me. "now let's head back, I'm-aaCHoow! oh..."
B: "Oh right! Alex!" Alex jumps behind Yuri.
A: "Don't kill me!"
B: "Teleport us back to Monika's place please."
A: "Oh? Right..." Alex walks up to us still looking worried as he grabs us and takes us back to Monika's room. "Here we are." I pick Monika up and put her back in bed.
M: "thank you darling..."
B: "Right let's get you some of these okay~?"
M: "yeah I need those..." I take out her things as she smiles at them. "I have never been so happy to see some tablets in my life..."
B: "Take two for now alright~?"
M: "mmhhmm..." She takes them and smiles. "I feel better already-aaCHooww! Uh..."
B: "How about some vapor rub?" I hold up the tub.
M: "Yes please..." She lifts up her shirt but stops midway to look at Alex? "...why are you still here?"
B: "Good question."
A: "Sorry! I will leave!" Alex leaves as she lifts her shirt up fully and I apply the vapor rub.
M: "mmm, your touch is soothing~"
B: "I just wish you would stay ill forever, I could take care of you like this everyday~"
M: "mhmhm! That's very tempting~"
- Alex's p.o.v. -
I go back to the roof to see the girls in a small huddle?
A: "What's going on?" They look at me seriously?
S: "Alex...be honest with us?"
A: "What have I done now?!"
N: "Nothing it's....actually Botan."
A: "Huh? What about him?"
Y: "That power he has...it's dangerous...Monika won't accept this but...we might have to...take care of him if he loses control like that. Especially against us."
A: "Come on guys! Botan is our friend! He's Monika's boyfriend! What will happen to us if we...off him?"
N: "Well...we might have to off her as well?"
S: "Natsuki!"
N: "Sorry! I was just...what else are we supposed to do?? If we cut them loose then Botan might get people killed one day with that power, if we do something then Monika well have vengeance! If you hadn't noticed, she's crazy in love with him!"
Y: "But she's also the only one who can bring him back from that state." We all look at Sayori.
A: "So? What do we do?"
S: "...as much as Natsuki's idea is rather harsh...we might have to consider dealing with him if he endangers human lives, Monika may stand with us or against us but at the end of the day, Botan is still a threat, as much as it pains me to say it... I really do wish that he's not a danger but...there's always that what if." We all look at Sayori as she thinks. "I don't want to kill him, I don't want exile them...but we need to do something sooner rather than later..."
Y: "What are you thinking about Sayori?"
S: "...we might have to use the prototype Yuri." Yuri goes pale?
Y: "W-w-what?"
S: "That one Yuri. The one we promised to never use or tell anyone about." What are they talking about, whatever it is has Yuri scared good?
N: "What fucking prototype? Are you keeping secrets from us??"
S: "Yes. Who doesn't?" ...
N: "Hmph!"
A: "What is it?"
S: "It's a weapon...or...like a laser gun? It's like a zapper?"
Y: "I'd say it's-"
N: "Don't throw something out there that's ten lines long Yuri. Zapper will do for me!"
Y: "Okay..."
S: "But it's a gun that you can shoot that can..."
N: "Kill people?"
S: "...make them normal."
N: "Normal?"
A: "What does that mean?"
S: "It means if I shot myself with it, there would be no more medic." ...what??
N: "Impossible!"
A: "A gun that...makes us lose our powers?! For how long?!"
S: "Forever."
A: "What the fuck Sayori!? Why would you even make that?!"
S: "As a contingency plan. Just in case anyone would think about betraying us."
N: "Why didn't you use it on the duplicate Sayori?!"
S: "It wasn't ready Nat. I only got it working last week."
A: "Does it work??"
S: "I don't know, does anybody want to volunteer?" ... "I thought not, it might not work. It might do. We will never know. But I keep it locked away, only me and Yuri knew about it. We worked on it together."
A: "Yuri??" She looks very guilty.
Y: "I'm sorry Alex...Nat..."
N: "Why didn't you tell us?? We...I'm your best friend! Alex is your fucking boy-"
A: "We're not a thing!"
N: "You fucking are just kiss already! But still, what the hell??"
S: "I swore her to secrecy." We turn back to Sayori.
N: "Sayori what the fuck?!"
S: "Ever since I lost Manato...I thought about...just stopping...there's been plenty of nights were I thought about shooting myself with the zapper and just moving to a new place to start again."
A: "What about your parents??"
S: "I'd just say I'm moving out, I'm old enough to right?"
N: "Sayori this is just...fucking insane!"
S: "It's not insane, it's a guarantee. Or at least, it should be? But I'm not saying we use it but....we will if we're forced to. Both on Monika and Botan."
Y: "I don't know...they'd hate us, all of us!"
N: "I don't want Monika after me! Powerless or not!"
S: "It's just...a final resort is all. I'm sure it'll never come to that. We can trust them! Monika is our leader and Botan is our friend. Just...keep an eye on them is all."
N: "Jesus...I have to go, this...is far too much." Nat gets on her bike and leaves without another word.
A: "This is just...holy shit."
S: "Don't tell a word to either Monika or Botan. If they find out we're keeping this secret from them, we'll be in the shit okay?"
Y: "You got it Sayori..."
S: "Alex?"
A: "Yeah."
S: "Good. Just...I'm not trying to overthrow Monika just....trying to keep you all safe." Sayori hovers in the air.
Y: "We know...we know..." She leaves as I sigh. "That was...rather intense for Sayori..."
A: "Don't tell me twice! I felt like I was face to face with the devil! Sayori would really leave us powerless if we act up??"
Y: "It's...I regret my part in making that awful thing..."
A: "It's okay Yuri just...let's go home and watch a movie hmm?"
Y: "Okay Alex..." We leave the roof.
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2023.05.14 22:40 zlenity Poro herder champion? (New champion idea) (Fanmade)

The idea of a poro herder champion has always been on my mind since joining the league community in season 6. Although the idea of a older champion doesn’t seem appealing I think the roster could benefit from having more elderly champions (like Zilean). Here is my fan made suggestion for a Poro Champion:
Personality: Wise and friendly. His champion interactions can be full of advice to younger champions, and encouraging statements to champions who might need it. Because he is a Poro Herder, he will mostly dislike champions who are violent and bloodthirsty. To sum to personality, he is the cute grandpa with lots of life experience and great advice.
Nationality: Freljordian
Age: Somewhere between 50-65
Physical Description and Unique Silhouette: Muscled, with big forearms. He is shorter than most champions. He would have a wide frame with a long beard. His base skin would have him look like his LOR art, with a nomadic rope draped across his body. His head would be naturally balding and white in color. His beard, also white in color, would be where most of his hair is and be big and full. Compared to Zilean, his hair texture would be frizzier and eyebrows would be thicker to differentiate the two old men. Additionally his beard is much smaller and closer to his face.
To give him a unique silhouette, make him hunched over with a walking stick to support his walking animation. No other champion has a walking stick, or is hunched over. (Not even Zilean, who is an older champion)
Role and Gameplay identity: He would be a support role. (Or possible jungler)
His gameplay identity would be a champion who gets a stronger herd with every level. For every level he reaches, he would gain an extra poro to his flock. When he gains a new poro all poros gain enhanced stats. His herd would max out at 15, 1 per level. (Max = 15 poros). Poros would also have health bars and be able to be knocked out. When a Poro is knocked out it returns to the fountain.
At level 1 the Poro Herder would not have any Poros yet.
Aging Poros - Poros will be able to get bigger the more they are given Poro Snacks. For every snack a poro is given, it grows into its next size. Sizes will start at size 1 then grow to size 10. The bigger the poro is, the stronger it will become. Smaller poros will be faster and more fragile while Bigger poros will be slower but stronger. The Poro Snacks will be tied to his passive and will scale in cooldown based on level.
He will be a champion who will scale based on level, and if he can keep himself alive long enough for his herd to reach its full power.
P - Poro Snack Pack Passive: At the start of the game start or on respawn start with +1 Poro Snack. Every 10 seconds gain +1 Poro Snack. The cooldown on Poro Snack Pack will scale with ability power.
When a Poro is fed a Poro Snack, it will grow in size. Sizes will range from 1 - 10 and poros gain strength and health with their size. Smaller size poros will be able to run faster to compensate for their lack of strength. Poro Snacks will be an extra 7th special item slot that holds Poro Snacks only.
Every time a poro is knocked out, it will return to base. When Poro Herder is back at base, the Poro will return to following the Herder.
Active Passive: Poros will follow the Herder in a line (similar to how Pikmin follow Olimar) and can be rearranged in order by pressing P. When P is pressed, the poros will line up (military style) and the herder can walk up to a poro to select the order. If the poro herder does not complete the selection order or walks out of range, the poros will stay there.
Q - Poro Roll / Staff Whack Poro Roll: A poro rolls to an enemy. If it hits them, they are stunned for small duration. This ability has a short cooldown and can be recast quickly if the Poro Herder has multiple poros in his lineup. While poros are being rolled they are untargetable for the duration. Stun duration can scale with Poro Size.
When hitting an target, that Poro will begin to attack that enemy. Can be turrets, minions, or monsters.
(Poro Roll cannot go through minions)
If the poro herder has no poros in his lineup, this ability changes to Staff Whack
Staff Whack: Poro Herder swings his walking stick in a circle around him and pushes away enemies while during a small amount of damage.
W - Roundup the Herd Press W to whistle and recall all active poros on the field back to Poro Herder. They will line back up in whatever order they run back in. While running back they can still be attacked.
Poro herder can run towards his Poros to get them into his herd lineup faster. When a Poro reaches the Herder and joins the lineup, it is untargetable until Poro Herder sends them into combat again.
E - Warm Soup Click on an Ally or a Poro to heal them and give them a brief defensive buff. Poros who are targeted are healed to full. This ability will have a long cooldown but scale with level.
R - Poro Assault / Poro Party Poro Assault: Click on 1 enemy champion to send all poros to them. The poros will all lunge at the selected enemy and attack with increased attack speed.
This ultimate will have a short cooldown to compensate for the vulnerability it puts on all the Poros.
If there are no Poros, this ability turns into Poro Party
Poro Party: Summon your herd from the fountain and line them up next to Poro Herder.
Additional Thoughts: In a 25 minute game Poro Herder should have at least 150 snacks which is enough snacks to size up all 15 Poros to full (size 10). Any additional snacks can be used to buff/heal an already full grown Poro slightly to give Poro Herder better scaling potential.
To give Poro Herder a more unique feel, his Poros can stay alive after his death. Similar to Tibbers but with no timer. If the enemy decides to not kill the Poro, the herder must go back to where he left his poro and whistle it back when within range. Lost poros will make it so that every poro feels unique and valuable to the herd, so when it is lost there is incentive to get it back.
Poro Herder has some jungle potential with his poros being able to attack jungle camps and monsters. He could also position his poros to stay in certain bushes for vision on the map.
When alone, Poros could attack enemies who get too close to them, or enter their bush. Poros would have melee attack range and stop chasing enemies who run too far or are out of vision.
Poro herder could also work as a female champion with grandma vibes, giving out warm cookies and soup to those on the field.
Conclusion: Poro Herder will play as a scaling disruptive supportive champion who uses his Poros to stun and attack enemies. His goal would be to run around the battle field, healing allies and Poros from the back line. He could also be used as a utility champion for vision by stationing his poros in bushes and across the map.
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2023.05.12 13:50 Darian_CoC Builder Base 2.0 Sneak Peek #1 - Battle Copter & Troop Abilities

Builder Base 2.0 Sneak Peek #1 - Battle Copter & Troop Abilities
Hey Chief,
The Builder Base redesign update is right around the corner! So you know what that means, right? It’s SNEAK PEEK TIME!
We’ve been sharing the journey of how we’ve been developing the new Builder Base on our Builder Blog over the past few months. While we’ve discussed some of the major changes coming in this update such as multi-stage attacks, changes to O.T.T.O, etc., it’s time to get down to the details!
New Hero Machine - Battle Copter

Master Builder is the Hero of Builder Base who tirelessly spends his days upgrading your village with the help of his trusty sidekick, O.T.T.O and Hero Machines are the mighty contraptions Master Builder rides into battle.
A tinkerer at heart, he’s built some pretty impressive creations such as the Battle Machine - a powerful exo-suit designed to smash through enemy Defenses with his lightning powered hammer. This time, Master Builder takes to the air…
Introducing Battle Copter. This new flying Hero Machine has a ranged attack that allows it to deal damage from a distance while its Bomb Rush special ability charges up. Unleashing Bomb Rush will create a nosedive attack that surges Battle Copter forward to its target where it deals powerful explosive damage beneath it.

Hero Machine Charge Levels - Risk vs Reward
A new addition to Builder Base battles is that your Hero Machines can now charge their special ability up to 3 levels. We didn’t want to just give Troops new abilities to feel more heroic; now Master Builder charges into battle even more powerful than ever!
The longer you wait to use your Hero Machine’s ability, the higher level it will charge to with Level 3 being the most powerful. Now your strategies will need to consider whether or not you should use the ability as soon as it’s at Charge Level 1 or do you risk waiting longer for the ultimate Charge Level 3!
Hero Machines in Multi-Stage Battles
When you find an opponent for Builder Base multi-stage battles, if you have Battle Copter unlocked, you can select either Battle Machine or Battle Copter for Stage 1. At the end of Stage 1 and before you begin Stage 2, any Hero Machine abilities not used will automatically trigger to take advantage of its HP recovery effect.
Before starting Stage 2 of your multi-stage battle, you can either continue using the same Hero Machine with the same amount of HP it had at the end of Stage 1, including any HP restored by its triggered ability when Stage 1 ended, or you can select your other Hero Machine which starts completely fresh at 100% HP.
This will give you greater tactical flexibility in how you mold your attacks. Give your ground Troops air support with your Battle Copter, or perhaps use your Battle Machine to clear out anti-air Defenses so your air Troops can clear out the enemy base!
Builder Base Troops - Now More Heroic Than EVER!
When Builder Base 2.0 is released, you might notice that each Army Camp has reduced the number of Troops per Troop slot. This makes every Troop more important for the success of your multi-stage battles! We’ve also added UI elements such as number designations for you to keep track of which Troop is on the battlefield. This becomes important when using your Troop’s special abilities!
In the new Builder Base update, even interacting with your Troops becomes an important part of your multi-stage attacks. Many of the Builder Base Troops now have different special abilities that allow you to activate them when it’s tactically advantageous, whether it’s a one-time use ability such as Boxer Giant’s Boxer Block that renders him temporarily invulnerable or Cannon Cart’s Change Mode that lets you toggle between Cart mode or turning it into a stationary Mortar to reach longer ranges.
Builder Base Troops’ abilities give you greater control over your attacks, inspires new strategies, and provides more interaction than ever with how you conduct your battles!
Here is a list of the Builder Base Troops and their abilities:
  • Raged Barbarian
    • Passive Ability: Rage - Speed and damage are increased for the first 22 seconds.
  • Sneaky Archer
    • Passive Ability: Cloak - Invisible to defenses for the first 11 seconds.
  • Boxer Giant
    • Passive Ability: Power Punch - The first attack deals extra damage.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Boxer Block - When activated, Boxer Giant becomes temporarily surrounded by a protective shield that renders him invulnerable.
  • Beta Minion
    • Passive Ability: Power Shot - The first few attacks of Beta Minion shoot faster, have longer range, and deal extra damage.
  • Bomber
    • Cooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb - When activated, Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very high damage to Walls. This ability can be used multiple times once the cooldown timer has refreshed.
  • Baby Dragon
    • Passive Ability: Tantrum - When no other air units are in close proximity to Baby Dragon, his damage is increased.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Fiery Sneeze - Baby Dragon will launch a cone shaped attack of fire, dealing damage in front of him. Additionally, Fiery Sneeze does extra damage while his Tantrum is active!
  • Cannon Cart
    • Mode Switch Ability: Mortar Mode - Cannon Cart can quickly alternate between its mobile shorter range but higher damage mode and a stationary, long-range artillery mode that deals less damage. You can toggle between each mode for greater tactical advantage!
  • Night Witch
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Bat Swarm - This ability summons a swarm of enraged bats that deal extra damage for a few seconds.
  • Drop Ship
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Skeleton Bomb - Drop Ship will drop a bomb directly below its current position, dealing area damage along with extra damage to Walls. Additionally the explosion effect will summon Skeletons that continue attacking as ground Troops.
  • Power P.E.K.K.A (formerly Super P.E.K.K.A)
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Overcharge - You can now manually activate her explosive ability that deals area damage around Power P.E.K.K.A.
  • Hog Glider
    • Passive Ability: Stunning Glide - Stuns the target for 6 seconds on impact.
New Building - O.T.T.O’s Outpost
With O.T.T.O taking up permanent residence in your Builder Base, we figured he has worked hard enough over the years to deserve his own commode. An Outpost is the main Building of the second stage. Like destroying a Builder Hall, destroying an Outpost will earn you 1 Star for your attack. You will still need to reach 50% destruction for the next Star and 100% destruction for the final Star.

New Building - Reinforcement Camp
Reinforcement Camps are similar to Army Camps in that they expand your available Troops during your attack with extra Troops slots. However, Reinforcement Slots are only usable once you complete the first stage of your attack. You can pre-select what reinforcement Troops you want to use before you begin your attack, just as you would select Troops for your normal Builder Base Army. Additionally, once you reach Stage 2, you are able to swap your current Reinforcement Troops out for any other Builder Base Troops you have unlocked. Just be mindful that once you begin your second stage attack, your Reinforcements can no longer be changed. Each Reinforcement Camp gives you one Reinforcement slot per Camp.
  • First Reinforcement Camp - Unlocks at BH6 and is already automatically accessible.
  • Second Reinforcement Camp - Unlocks at BH9
New Building - Healing Hut
You would never expect amazing culinary creations to come from something called Healing Hut, but then again, they do say mom’s chicken soup is good at healing what ails you. Healing Hut is a unique kind of building that helps heal your surviving Builder Base Troops after you complete Stage 1 and before starting your Stage 2 battle. The higher the level of your Healing Hut, the more your surviving Builder Base Troops are healed. The soup is just that good.
  • Unlocks at BH6
Multi-Stage Battles - What Happens to Surviving Troops?
When you complete the first stage during a Builder Base battle, any surviving Troops and Hero Machines will progress to the second stage and return to your Troop deployment bar where they can be used in the next attack.
Any Troops that you did not deploy during Stage 1 can be swapped out for another Troop choice before you begin your Stage 2 attack.
Your Healing Hut will recover some HP for damaged Troops to help them out for your second Stage battle. Additionally, depending on how many Reinforcement Camps you have, you will be aided by additional Reinforcements. Reinforcements are extra Troop slots you will gain access to when you reach the second stage. These Reinforcements can be incredibly helpful in increasing your attack power during the next stage of the battle.
Changes to Building and Editing Your Builder Base
Stage 2 of Builder Base features its own central building that serves the function of your stage’s “Builder Hall”. The second stage features O.T.T.O’s Outpost. Destroying any of these buildings will earn you a single Star, just as destroying the Town Hall does in the Home Village.
When you unlock the second stage at Builder Hall Level 6, Stage 2 will contain these buildings immediately at Level 1:
  • O.T.T.O’s Outpost
  • Reinforcement Camp
  • Elixir Storage
  • Gold Storage
  • Elixir Pump
  • Gold Mine
  • Archer Tower
  • 10 Walls
There is a limit to how many Defenses, Walls, and Traps each Stage is able to be placed and that limit is determined by your Builder Hall level. For example, at Builder Hall level 10:
  • Defenses per Stage: 14
  • Walls per Stage: 100
  • Traps per Stage: 12
The Layout Editor will also instruct you on which Buildings can be placed in each Stage. If you reach the maximum number of possible Buildings for that Stage that can be placed, the rest will be grayed out denoting they cannot be placed in that Stage.
Production Buildings such as Resource Storages have a limit to how many can be placed on each Stage, determined by your Builder Hall level. As an example at BH6 you have 2 available Elixir Storages, requiring you to place 1 Elixir Storage on each Stage.
Changes to Builder Base Walls
Builder Base Walls are no longer 5-segments long. Walls are now individual segments, similar to your Home Village, giving you greater flexibility in how you design your defensive layouts!
On to the Next Sneak Peek!
Over the past few months we’ve been discussing some of the changes coming to how Builder Base multi-stage battles will work in the update, including some changes to how earning Builder Gold and Builder Elixir will be earned from attacking and defending, respectively. In tomorrow’s sneak peek we’ll take a much closer look at this system along with how Trophies are earned/lost.
And thank you to Ninja for these awesome graphical tables. Make sure you use creator code Ninja to show him appreciation for these images!
Stay tuned for another exciting peek at the new Builder Base 2.0 update!
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2023.05.12 07:10 Big_Top_5577 Toxic Positivity in Keys

I've been pugging my way through keys in Dragonflight as a Tank. And I have to say, the one thing more common than people having no clue what they're meant to do during any given encounter is the idea that I'm wrong to bring it up, or even expect otherwise.
I don't want to flame people or tilt them and I've been trying to keep my mouth shut. But most of my keys this week, between +8s and +13s, have been disbands bc we fail the timer when we wipe repeatedly bc half the group doesn't understand the mechanics.
This is especially frustrating as a Tank, bc I'm expected to know the route and each pull before I even step foot in the dungeon. Whenever I do bring it up, people act as if it's no big deal and even laugh it off and after I leave the group on occasion they taunt me in whispers.
I'm putting in a lot of time outside the game just figuring out optimal strategies for each boss and trash pack and how to use my class to its full potential.
I understand it's a new season and new dungeons for everyone, but I think the culture should be one of self-accountability and if you sign up for a key, it's better to know the mechanics inside so that you don't waste the time of others.
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2023.05.11 23:55 arasitar Hallelujah! Emergency M+ hotfixes to dungeons

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2023.05.10 19:24 RU4realRwe Still going Strong

Still going Strong
I moved into a new apartment in 1989 and an retired lady next to me bought a new & smaller microwave. She gave me her old one that she said she'd "had forever'' To this day this microwave, despite several moves, still works fine today. I've not even had to replace it's light bulb! I wish all my appliances worked this well.
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2023.05.09 21:50 Distinct_Account_496 7 DEADLY SINS Unofficial pc sessions

Unofficial pc sessions for xbox and PC
Official Server Settings
8 Man Tribe Limit
Armor, weapons & saddles at official cap
Map Info
10 maps 16 slots - 2 with 10 slots - and still growing
7x XP
10x Harvesting
30x Maturing
50x Taming
2x Wild Dino Food Drain
50x Player Weight
75x Dino Weight
2.2x Dino Stamina
2x Crop Growth Speed
200 Turret Limit {official dps}
All supply/loot crates are 1.5x
Player Stats
- weight +500
- dam +5
- health +10
- stam +20
- oxy +500
- speed +1.5
- craft +12
- fort +4
Dino Stats
- health = 0.2x
- stam = 2.2x
- damage = 2.1x
- Max lvl 150 {official lvls}
30 Min imprint timers, most dinos imprint in 1-2 besides larger dinos such as gigas.
Admin & BBS Shops
BBS fun in discord & in-game {alphas & drops}
Drop Info
- ⚪️WHITE: Taming kit
- White Ringed: Starter kit
- GREEN: Kibble/Taming
- Green Ringed: Soup, Brew & Tonics
- BLUE: Boss Supplies
- Blue Ringed: Crafting/Building supplies
cap for armor and weapons
We have Griffins for starters, only one per player. Randomly posted events, admin raidable bases, in-discord events.
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2023.05.07 16:38 GutesAngebotNet Severin MC 2448 Multikocher edelstahl/schwarz Angebot

Severin MC 2448 Multikocher edelstahl/schwarz Angebot submitted by GutesAngebotNet to u/GutesAngebotNet [link] [comments]

2023.05.06 17:58 theeverydaykitchen Top 7 Best Vitamix Blenders 2023

Editor’s Choice: Vitamix 5200
"This versatile blender can be used to make almost anything, from cold refreshing smoothies to hot hearty soups."
Premium Pick: Vitamix 36019
"Incredibly quiet while still powerful, this smart blender lets you choose between ninety-three variable speeds."
Great Warranty: Vitamix 7500
"It’s a professional-grade blender that’s easy to use, and it requires no special knowledge with its simple speed control and self-cleaning technology."
Smart Technology: Vitamix A2300
"This blender is all about modern technology with such progressive features like built-in wireless connectivity and digital timer."
Best Value: Vitamix E310
"This professional blender has a large capacity, hardened stainless-steel blades and thermal protection system."
Pre-programmed: Vitamix A3500
"Touchscreen control, smart timer and five versatile program settings are among other great features this blender can offer."
Most Powerful: Vitamix Professional Series 750
"This blender is sturdy and durable thanks to its hardened stainless-steel blades, while still very easy to use and maintain."
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2023.05.05 04:14 Zachscott32 How Powerful is Four from Bfdi (Battle for Dream Island)

How Powerful is Four from Bfdi (Battle for Dream Island)

Powers and Abilities:
Ultipotence (most likely): Four possesses seemingly unlimited power in the series. Four's powers could have a galactic to multi-galactic, possibly even universal scale of power if fully used.
Ultimate-level reality-warping: Four is truly a mighty being. Being able to control most if not all existence. Letting them do practically anything they want.
Screechy: Four can use screechy, which stuns any contestant who's targeted by said screech. It can also generate hearts when Four shows love or excitement towards something, which can fling a contestant as shown with Eraser.
Zappies: Four can shoot beams out of their hands and electrocute anybody who is hit by them, making them lose health. Although Four has to seemingly charge up at times (possibly for a longer duration, constant beam), they can also fire them instantly. So far Gelatin and Stapy are the only ones to get zapped.
Creation: Four can create objects such as cakes, buttons, pillars, Paper Planes, Buzzer Boxes, soup, orange dye, and jawbreakers out of thin air.
Gravity manipulation: Donut, while inhabited by the factor of Four, was able to turn on and off the effects of gravity. This ability can be refined to only affect certain entities, as Donut only manipulated gravity's effects on the Moon. Four was able to crush down a planet-sized Black Hole into a significantly less voluminous state and near nullifying Black Hole's normally intense gravity, allowing Black Hole to compete.
Shape-shifting: As shown in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", both Four and X can shape-shift, or change their physical appearance. Also, they can change the shape of other characters as well.
Size manipulation: In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Four grows to an absurd size in response to Pillow's criticism. In "Take the Tower", Four grows to a large size when stopping Blocky and creating the towers. In "The Tweested Temple", Four grows to an extremely large size after Four receives Gelatin's cursed totem and declares he is up for elimination. Four can also grow up to the size of a large planet. In the case of Getting Teardrop to Talk they grow to a size big enough to fit Black hole who was the size of a planet in the palm of their hand.
Brain manipulation: In "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Four displayed the power to augment and transfer the brains/personalities of the contestants into each other; however, instead of going back to their original bodies, the body that the person's mind was in shape-shifted into that mind's original body.
Perspective violation: Four can violate common 2D perspective laws such as sliding in front of objects on the ground and suddenly switching to behind objects on the ground.
Volume amplification: Four can raise their voice so that it can even be heard through the far reaches of space.
Controlling and morphing clouds: Four can create a timer made out of clouds to time contests that require a time limit to show how much time is currently left.
Donut is seen doing this in "Four Goes Too Far", but it's most likely via the "factor of Four".
Earth manipulation: In "Take the Tower", Four rose their hands up to cause two hills to rise under the team's towers.
Physical video conversion: In "Chapter Complete", the BFDI was revealed to be BFDI and BFDIA converted into a deep-fried box by Four.
Warping: Profily is killed in "Chapter Complete" touching a Four cactus. They ascended, warped, and popped.
Mutilation: Turns any contestant into an abstract version of themselves, killing them. A harp strum plays in the process.
Inception/Astral projection: Four cannot only enter themself to talk to the "EXITors", but is also able to still do that when they are already inside themself, as shown when they inserted their arm inside themself again to pick up Leafy in "Get to the Top in 500 Steps". Their arm also appeared to be larger than normal, which suggests that anything that enters shrinks (except Four).
Teleportation: He can teleport whenever a "4" has been played shown in "Today's Very Special Episode". They could also teleport others with a snap of their fingers in "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", "A Taste of Space", "Uprooting Everything", and "Chapter Complete".
Thought manipulation: During the Cake at Stake in "The Four is Lava", Four displayed the ability to create positive thoughts (or happy thoughts) and send them to the safe contestants of Bleh. It is unknown if Four has the ability to create other kinds of thoughts at the moment.
Possession: In "Chapter Complete", Four possessed a tree, the courthouse, the High Speed Express Train, the BRB and the sun. When doing so, the things he possesses become blue.
Assimilation: As shown in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Four was able to merge with the Desert and reshape it closer to their own appearance.
Air manipulation: As shown in "A Taste of Space", Four can give people air, even in the vacuums of space.
Black hole immunity: Four is able to physically interact with Black Hole. He is able to grab and move Black Hole around and suffers no effects when doing so.
Memory reading: As shown in "Who Stole Donut's Diary?", Four shoots a laser (similar style to Zappies) at X's head and receives their thoughts to find out who stole Donut's diary.
Telekinesis: Just like X, Four can make things float by snapping his fingers, as shown in "The Game Has Changed".
Nigh-omnipresence: Four can make himself virtually omnipresent, such as still being able to enter the Eternal Algebra Class Withfour and still being present in the real world, with the exception of not being conscious in the real world while being inside the Eternal Algebra Class Withfour. In "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", Four could implant themself in the landscape making him virtually omnipresent.
Malleability: As seen in "Enter the Exit", "The Four is Lava", and "Take the Tower", Four's body and limbs can stretch to extreme distances and can change shape at will. They can also contract extremely thin in "The Escape from Four".
Recovery: Four replaces the Recovery Centers from previous seasons by using only their hand to recover contestants and numbers, and also teaches X how to master said ability in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning". Not only can they revive contestants, but they can also revive them in a place other than their hand, as seen in "Lick Your Way to Freedom" when they revived the contestants in giant jawbreakers.
Elimination: Four replaces the Tiny Loser Chamber and Locker of Losers from previous seasons, by sucking up eliminated contestants or "eating" them. From there, the eliminated contestants are sent to Eternal Algebra Class Withfour (EXIT). EXIT also appears to be an alternate plane of existence, because the contestants probably shrink.
Superhuman speed: Four can fly at extreme speeds, as shown in "Enter the Exit". Also, in "Chapter Complete", when they merge with the Big Rotating Building, they can travel from the Earth to the Sun in approximately 12 seconds, flying at a speed of approximately 45,000,000,000 km/h, or 27,900,000,000 mph. This means that Four can travel almost 42 times at the speed of light.
Superhuman strength: In "Questions Answered", Donut is seen pushing the entire Earth (the Earth's weight is 5.972e+24 kg, or 1.3166e+25 lb) into his camera using only his feet via the factor of Four. This trait also applies to Four's ability to warp reality. Four was also able to stop the FreeSmart Supervan just by putting their hand out, crushing it in the process.
Dismemberment: This happened off-screen when X interrupted Four, who snapped off X's leg. This is unknown to be a power or not, however, as it wasn't known exactly how Four snapped X's leg.
Flight: In "Enter the Exit", Four was able to fly over to the Waterfall to eliminate Roboty.
Regeneration: In "Enter the Exit", when the contestants were recovering Four, they were in a liquidated state up until the point when they were reformed back to normal.
Fire resistance (external): Four is able to stand on the lava and dig their hands into it as well. They were also able to survive standing on the sun and even merging with it without any issue, as shown in "Chapter Complete".
High intelligence: Four can understand Insulavoric (Dora's language), Roboty's Morse code, Teardrop's sign language, and Woody's speech perfectly, even though Insulavoric is supposed to be one of the hardest languages to learn.
Incredible hearing: As shown in "A Taste of Space" and "Fashion For Your Face!", Four's ears are able to hear from miles away, up to the sun.
Despawning: As shown in "The Game Has Changed", Four can "despawn" a contestant by bringing them off-screen which results in them dying. While the method of how they do it is unknown, we see a white glow where they are despawning them. This ability was further explored later on. As shown in "The Tweested Temple", laser gun sounds play when Four despawned X. This ability was revealed and confirmed later on. As shown in "B.F.B. = Back From Beginning", when X despawned Teardrop, it has been revealed that both Four and X have white laser eyes that make a character look black and completely disappear when it hits them.
Musical Hand: As implied in the title of the BFB Opening music "music of four's 3D hand", Four can effortlessly make music with their hand.

Four Power Level: Universal-Near Planetary Level. Four is From The Popular Youtube Cartoon, Battle For Dream Island created by Micheal and Carry Huang. Four debuted in a short Called X finds his value made in 2008 on youtube, making him and X older than the bfdi multiverse. According to the bfdi wiki, four is genderless. I see him as a male. Also, Four has two whole dimensions inside his mind, called Eternal Algebra Class Withfour (or its official acronym, EXIT,) that he can put anybody in. Let Me Explain, Eternal Algebra Class consists of two parts within Four's Mind. The outside of the room is a dark and endless dimensional-like plane, with strange, blue tree-like growths with the shape of Four on top. This area is known as The Fourest. A in-dimensional door connects called the Fourest with the classroom. The classroom consists of pale blue painted walls, a chalkboard, a teacher desk, and numerous student desks. Lining the walls are multitudes of corkboards and posters. Oddly, the environment is completely rendered in three dimensions, whilst the characters remain two-dimensional. Elongated fluorescent lights brighten the room, attached to the ceiling. The wall adjacent to the door holds two long windows, yet only pure white can be seen "outside". The E.X.I.T is guarded by the "Exitors". Four can control both of the dimensions by speaking with the exitors telepathy and sending:
to the fourest.
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2023.05.04 04:57 DTreatz Dragonflight question

Is this dragonflight epic deal worth it and does the 30 day timer start the moment i buy it?
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2023.05.03 09:50 Woomy935 Ah yes, J-pop

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2023.05.01 17:00 Arhqirah All the known upcoming mounts of 10.1 and how to get them

Heya fellow mountfarmers! So, I obtained quite a few mounts on the 10.1 ptr, and figured out how to get the rest & wanted to share a quick guide on how to obtain all of them. I’ll include both written & video guides.
Keep in mind that more mounts may actually be found once 10.1 goes live. I already have 1 on this list that can't be found in the mountjournal on the PTR, but I've found ingame, so they may or may not be hiding some mounts. Also ofcourse all information is based off of ptr and might be sligtly changed before release, but i doubt it.

Winding Slitherdrake (New Dragonriding Mount)
You get this from doing chapter 3 of the new campaign available. Doesn’t take too long.

Big slick in the City.
Video Guide: https://youtu.be/RyOB0PtkLL8
Written guide:
This racing snail mount comes from a Secret reputation called Glimerogg Racer. It starts from Briggul in the southern part of Zaralek Caverns in the small town Glimmerogg, located at /way 44.24 79.95
First you’ll get a quest that requires you to get introduced to Slick, and from there your training of your diamond snail begins.
(Prerequisite to get introduction quest: Complete 📷 Pay to Play & 📷 Favor on the Side from Brogg the Beast at /way 43.79, 82.97)
After this, you’ll get 1 quest a day from Briggul all with the one purpose in mind, to train Big Slick in Da city. You’ll get a Conch whistle so you can summon him as a non permanent mount. Sometimes you’ll need to Kill Djaradin to get snail supplies, sometimes you’ll have to race train your Big Slick in da City around the track nearby, sometimes you Ride on slick in the other Dragon Isles zones to get him accustomed to being your mount, and a ton of other activities.
The quests give you 100 rep each, and they DO benefit from rep increase buffs like the Darkmoonfairebuff & the human racial ability diplomacy.
There is another way to obtain reputation, and that is by showing briggul different Battlepet snails from outside Zaralek Caverns. Once you summon a max level Snail battlepet near briggul, you’ll be offered a onetime quest called Snailspiration:& then the snails name. Completing this will give you 100 reputation. Keep in mind the pets needs to be level 25, or you will not be offered the quest.
Here is a list of all 15 battlepets that help you gain reputation.
Amethyst SoftshellArchetype of VigilanceBlackchasm CrawlerMicrolicidMudshell ConchPredatory HelicidPrismatic SoftshellRapana WhelkRusty SnailScooter the SnailShellyShimmershell SnailSilkbead SnailSpireshell SnailZoom
Anyway. To get Slick as a mount you need to max out this reputation, and you start at rank 1, and need to reach rank 5. Every rank needs 700 reputation, so it’ll take you around 4 weeks without reputation buffs & battlepets to reach max rank. & the fastest you can reach max rank is 1 week and 2 days with all reputation buffs and all battlepets. Once you become a professional Snailracer, Briggul will simply hand over Big Slick in da City to you as a reward.

Boulder Hauler
Video Guide: Boulder Hauler 1 Minute Mount Guide 10.1 Embers of Neltharion Barter Brick & Boulder
This version of the Shalewing mounts comes from a vendor called ponzo located at
/way 58.09 53.82
in the city Loamm, to purchase it you’ll need 84 Barter Boulders & 99 Barter Pebble.
The barter boulders have a couple of different Sourcers
First you’ll need renown 12 to be able to obtain boulders from any source.
But Before you reach renown 12 you’ll receive barter bricks instead of boulders, from all the sources that i’ll mention now, which can be traded for boulders at ponzo at renown 12.
Once you reach renown 3 with the Niffen you can get Bartering quests in Valdrakken from Kayann at
/way 36.47 62.47
Two of these reward you with 5 boulders and can be obtained weekly. What you need to do is bring profession materials & items and trade them with the different profession people in Loamm for barter boulders.
You can also get some from bonus quests that you receive while Sniffenseeking, which is a treasure room hunt you can start here in Loamm.
Furthermore you can get some from treasures around zaralek Caverns & you can also purchase barter boulders for dragon isles supplies from the Niffen Quartermaster
/way#2133 56.38 55.63
You will also receive some barter boulders as rewards for progressing the Niffen renown.
To get the 99 pebble, you just need to trade 1 boulder to 100 pebble at ponzo.

Seething Slug
Video Guide:
This mount is a reward from a hidden treasure in the Zaralek caverns.
First thing you wanna do is head to Zaralek Caverns and to the westmost area, the Zaqali Caldera. The treasure is located in this area. To find it you’ll have to gather three Seething Orbs. Whenever you click one of these orbs you’ll gain 1 stack of Insidious insight. Upon reaching three stacks you’ll see a system message across your screen saying “ You hear a dark hiss from the Northern Shrine” and the treasure will be visible to you. But first you have to find the orbs, they are quite small, and they don’t shine at all, unlike most interactable objects. Also they have several different spawnpoints. So far 7 different spawn spots have been reported, included the spots i found, and there’s probably even more. I’ll have coords for all the spots listed at the end of the post, and i will update whenever a new spot is found. Anyway, these are the 7 known locations so far. If you’re having trouble locating the orbs i can recommend dying and flying around as a spirit, as the zaqali caldera is an area that is filled with elite mobs, and has a semi flight restriction in form of a stacking debuff that will demount you when it reaches 10 stacks. Also all mobs disappear in the zone when you are dead and far away from your corpse, so your vision will not be blocked by mobs. On top of being hard to find, they are sometimes not up at all, but if you find 1 orb, there will guaranteed be 3 orbs up. So when you’ve found 3 orbs, and gained the three stacks of insidious insight, head to /way #2133 32.33 39.35 and you’ll see i bigger orb inside a shrine. Click it and you’ll get the Seething Slug mount straight into your bags.

Coords for Seething Orbs:
/way #2133 28.75 55.30
/way #2133 29.95 47.97
/way #2133 34.41 45.71
/way #2133 36.20 44.01
/way #2133 31.18 51.95
/way #2133 30.2 40.0
/way #2133 27.7 49.0

The IMO easy to get mounts of 10.1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw1_-XkOeZM

Igneous Shalewing & Subterranean Magmammoth
These are bundled as they have the same source, but different amounts of currency needed.
These mounts are sold by a vendor called Saccratos in Loamm, the Niffen city at
/way #2133 55.9 55.37
The shalewing is sold for 400 Coveted Baubles & the Magmammoth is sold for 100 coveted baubles. The Coveted baubles are bought, from a vendor right next to Saccratos, called Spinsoa. He sells them for Unearthed Fragrant coins. Unearthed Fragrant coins are primarily earned through rare public events in the zaralek Caverns. These events range from a ton of different stuff, but primarily feel like funny worldquests. They reward with dirt-covered pouches, some of which are rare quality and some of which are epic. The rare pouches contain 2-3 unearthed coins each, & the epic contains 5-6 each so you’ll have to complete quite a few. You can find the rare events pretty much all over the Zaralek Caverns, you’ll have some in Glimmerogg, some in Loamm, some at the zaqali Caldera and some around Aberrus. They can be completed daily and will be marked on your map with a little horn when you’re close to an ongoing event. Another way to get some Fragrant unearthed coins is the public event Researchers under fire. This even happens once every hour, in the middle of Zaralek Caverns
At /way 47.58 56.75
For completing this event, the first time every week you’ll get a bag called researchers gift, and in this bag you’ll find about 15 unearthed fragrant coins.
And while we’re at the researchers under fire event, i might as well mention

The Cataloged Shalewing.
This mount has a chance to be contained in the researcher’s gift, which was the first treasure you get weekly from the researchers under fire event, which means You can only get 1 researchers gift every week on each character, much like the grand hunts, you’ll get a worse treasure for repeat completions, where there is not a chance to receive the mount
Video Guide: Cataloged Shalewing 1 Minute Mount Guide Easy to get 10.1 Mount Researchers Under Fire

Morsel Sniffer
Can be purchased from the Niffen renown quartermaster at renown 18 with the Loamm Niffen, for 800 Dragon Isles Supplies

Cobalt Shalewing
This beautiful nightmare inducing sporebat is a mount that comes as a drop from the rarespawn called Kairoktra, located in the Zaralek Caverns at this location:
/way #2133 42.23 65.26, you can kill this Rarespawn once a day per character for a chance of it dropping, the dropchance is presumably around 1-5% as with most previous rarespawn mounts. The respawn timer is unknown, but it seems to be extremely long, as i usually only saw this rare twice a day on the ptr. I suggest using the dungeon finder tools to see if any groups are up for Kairoktra, if it’s not up on your layer.

Felcrystal Scorpion
This will show up in the trading post at some point. For now it’s been officially added to the mountjournal.

Shadowflame Shalewing
Glory of the Aberrus Raider.

Vicious War Snail
Fill the bar mount reward for PvP wins above 1000 rating

Inferno Armoredon
Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season 2. Get 2k M+ rating, which translates to about all dungeons times on a +14 on both tyrannical & fortified weeks.
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