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2023.06.01 16:47 Representative_Cod56 Help! Neon Tetras keep dying one by one

Hello! Two days ago I added some rummy-nose and neon tetras to my tank (drip-acclimated). In the span of those two days I’ve already lost three neons, all with the same symptoms: they all seem perfectly fine, and then within the next few hours one splits off from the main group and starts swimming weirdly as if it has swim bladder issues. When it stops/pauses swimming it looks like it’s “falling over”. Eventually, it’ll start losing color and laying on the bottom for short periods of time, and in the next few hours or by the next morning it’s dead.
I haven’t been able to notice any symptoms of anything before they separate from the group. No discoloration, no signs of ich or fin rot, no gasping, no glass surfing, etc. They seem fine up until the point that they aren’t. The rummy-nose tetras do not seem to be affected; not a single one has died or has shown any similar behavior of the dying neons.
I know that neons are notoriously overbred, and considering I’m having no problems with the rummy-nose, could that be the issue? Is it neon tetra disease, even though only one is dying at a time? A bad batch, maybe? Am I missing something?
The tank is 36 gallons, planted, cycled for 5 weeks w/ quick start, been running (after cycled) for about 2 months. Has a bubbler (so I don’t think oxygen is the issue), heated at 78°F, parameters (taken with api master test kit) are: Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 50ppm (writing this before the weekly water change today) pH - 6.6
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2023.06.01 16:45 Prestigious_Fun_3495 The newly elevated Archbishop of Las Vegas supported the Latin Mass, and basically expanded the services that the Las Vegas Latin Mass apostolate offers.

The newly elevated Archbishop of Las Vegas supported the Latin Mass, and basically expanded the services that the Las Vegas Latin Mass apostolate offers. submitted by Prestigious_Fun_3495 to Catholicism [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:44 Pantsu-King My new CRT setup after a month of hunting!

My new CRT setup after a month of hunting!
So I've owned a SONY PVM 20M4E for years and use a Bandridge manual Scart switch and a small Ali amp connected to 2 speakers.
Totally happy with it has perfect convergence and geo but you know...I've just got that itch.. So as you do, I decided to expand my CRT family around 3 weeks ago. I needed just ONE for my non RGB consoles and stuff and before I knew it I got myself three CRT's 😂 Had to get new TV furniture (need to replace the top for something a bit wider).
I noticed that second hand shops etc. don't accept CRT's anymore so people tend to bring them to dumps so I just wanted to stock up on some for the future.
Below are the "just the one baby I swear" CRT's I've been able to get my hands on in 3 weeks of daily monitoring our version of 'craigslist' in acquisition order:
  1. SONY KV-14FV1B
  2. LG NeTee CE-20J3GGX
  3. SONY KV-21FQ10B
So here's some (probably obvious) buying tips: - Don't be stingy; Ask what amount the seller has in mind on a bidding ad. When I found this TV some one had already a 5 buck bid on it. Now I could up it by 2,5 and we could have had a bidding war but I just immediately asked what the seller wanted and 20 bucks was a no brainer for this set and I just snatched it under the other fella's nose.
  • Do not search only for super specific model numbers or terms like CRT or tube etc. I found this 14' KV-14FV1B]( under 'old tv'. Just think like some one would do that really does not give a sht and just wants to get rid their set.
  • Always ask the seller if they can provide some info on usage, there's always some cosmetic indicators like worn paint on the power off button on the TV that tells you it has been used A LOT but I always ask before I bid, what you like to hear; It's been untouched for 15 years and not; Yeah we've been using it since 2003 till last year.
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2023.06.01 16:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jason Wardrop – Real Estate Agency Accelerator (

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2023.06.01 16:39 PersonalityWarm9835 Rodeo Bag Policy: Embracing Clear Bag Policies for an Unforgettable Experience

Rodeo Bag Policy: Embracing Clear Bag Policies for an Unforgettable Experience

As the thrilling world of rodeo unfolds, many rodeo events across the United States have implemented clear bag policies to prioritize safety and streamline security measures. For most rodeos with a bag policy you can only bring clear bags that do not exceed 12” by 6” by 12” . In this blog post, we will explore the significance of the rodeo bag policy, the importance in rodeo venues as well as provide a list of notable rodeos that have implemented clear bag policies, including the NFR, California Rodeo Salinas, Cave Creek Rodeo and others.

Understanding the Rodeo Bag Policy:
  • Safety First: Rodeo organizers prioritize the safety of attendees, participants and staff members. Implementing clear bag policies allows for efficient security screenings, mitigating potential risks and ensuring a more secure environment for all.
  • Streamlined Entry Process: Clear bag policies facilitate quicker and smoother entry into the rodeo venue. By eliminating the need for time-consuming bag checks, attendees can spend more time enjoying the thrilling rodeo action.
Rodeos with Clear Bag Policies:

  1. National Finals Rodeo (NFR): Held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, the NFR is one of the most prestigious rodeo events in the country. It enforces a clear bag policy to ensure the safety and convenience of its attendees.
  2. California Rodeo Salinas: As one of the largest rodeos in California, the California Rodeo Salinas prioritizes the safety of its guests by implementing a clear bag policy.
  3. Cave Creek Rodeo: Located in Cave Creek, Arkansas, this popular rodeo event has also adopted a clear bag policy to enhance security and create a safe environment for spectators.
  4. Cheyenne Frontier Days: Known as the "Daddy of 'em All," Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming has a rich history and attracts thousands of rodeo enthusiasts. To maintain a secure environment, they have also implemented a clear bag policy.

Remember, this list provides just a few examples of rodeos with clear bag policies. It's essential to check the specific policies of any rodeo you plan to attend, as they may vary depending on the event and venue.
Tips for Navigating the Clear Bag Policy:
  1. Choose the Right Clear Bag: Ensure your bag meets the specific size requirements outlined by the rodeo. Typically, clear bags that do not exceed 12” by 6” by 12” are accepted. This is standard for stadium bags.
  2. Pack Essentials: Optimize the limited space within your clear bag by packing only essential items such as identification, tickets, a small wallet, and personal belongings. Leave unnecessary items at home to streamline the bag inspection process.
  3. Explore Alternatives: If you prefer not to carry a clear bag or the rodeo allows alternatives, consider transparent plastic freezer bags or small clear pouches that comply with the specified size restrictions or a clear stadium purse.
As you gear up for an unforgettable rodeo experience, be prepared to embrace the clear bag policies implemented by many rodeos across the United States. These policies prioritize safety, streamline entry processes and help create a secure environment for all attendees. Check the specific policies of the rodeo you plan to attend, choose an appropriate clear bag, and pack your essentials wisely. With these measures in place, you can immerse yourself in the electrifying world of rodeo with peace of mind and a clear focus on the thrilling action that awaits you.
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2023.06.01 16:39 quewasoeseman Feeling detached and paranoid about the people that sorround me.

It's a really long story so bear with me. For as long as I (M25) can remember I've always had trouble making and maintains friendships. As a kid growing up in a super toxic and abusive household I've always been reserved and shy, terrified of people. And what little friendships I've managed to procure during that period always ended because I got a little too much (just this year I've learned that I have ADHD), that's to say, when I found something I got passionate about it was the only thing I talked about. To the point where I pushed people away because it got really annoying. Maybe that's why I always feared talking my mind or about things that I like. Out of fear of being rejected for just being myself. Plus an unhealthy relationship with my parents (specially dealing with an alcoholic mother and an emotionally distant, workaholic father), a troublesome school life (I was angry, and always got into trouble because it was the only way my parents paid attention to me) probably didn't help. Adding to the fact that in my country (Bolivia), specially during that period, mental health is a non existent concept. So I've always kind of "adapted" never truly speaking my mind and just going with the flow of things just to survive the ruthless social ambiance I grew up in. Adding to the fact that both my parents, my school an many of my "friends" gaslit me into thinking that I'm always the one at fault. When I reacted angrily I was being "overdramatic", when I felt sad I "had no reason to be", when I felt happy there was always someone to burst my bubble. So I grew up lonely, because everytime I tried to open myself up I ended up getting hurt, I grew up at first pretending that I didn't care about anything because that way I seemed invisible and unbothered (when deep down I died a little bit), never showing my true self out of fear of being rejected, as I had everytime I showed it. It took me many years of therapy to finally feel comfortable with myself, confident in my abilities, my looks and my decisions. I've never been more assertive and confident in my life. But I think it's also why my social circle has been reduced from, not many friends, but a stable number of around 6 to 7 to just 3. Funny thing is, when I was depressed it felt like I had people behind my back, that took me out of my house or came to my place to check in on me. Yet now, I get ghosted, everytime I reach out to do something I get rejected. The "friends" I had during that period go out almost weekly and don't include me. And I fear it's because I'm getting a little too much again. I fear I give the impression of a really arrogant man for just showing my successes and achievements. I fear that everytime I show my interests (gymnastics, guitar and car culture) I end up looking like an asshole or some fuck boy, shallow and with nothing to really write home about. I've also had my closest relationship gaslight me into assuming blame for things I had no control over. For example I had two "best friends" who ended the relationship because one got jealous of me for just talking in a friendly manner to his crush and the other because I was dissociating one time he got drunk and got himself into a fight (it was the first and only time I wasn't there to help him with whatever problem he faced) and the latter one reacted by punching low, accusing me of "always playing victim" (and as a victim of gaslighting and abusive relationships it really got to me). So now I'm in a position where I feel paranoid of the people around me. Waiting for them to leave o with me leaving before they get the chance. I'm in a position where because I have an avoidant type of attachment I isolate myself and loose contact with the people close to me. I'm in a position where I crave for companionship yet I'm terrified of reaching out, out of fear of getting hurt again.
Edit: added sex and age.
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2023.06.01 16:39 user4302 i cant seem to get any outputs even close to the samples

so i started using SD via Automatic1111 last week.
and basically i just got some LORA models on CivitAi, added them to the models/Lora folder and used the EXACT prompts, negative prompts, steps, scale and seed (thats all, i didnt adjust any other settings)
im using sd1_4, cos 1_5 failed to download correctly and i already had 1_4 from a previous setup.
but ive never gotten anything close to the samples. what am i doing wrong?
do i need that "VAE" file as well?
some samples have a "model" mentioned in the requirements which have a different name from the lora model that im looking at, but theres no source for it anywhere that i look for it
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2023.06.01 16:38 ConsistentlyBetter The Idea that will Change the World - Measuring Your Positive and Negative thoughts 🙏

I'm reaching out to Everyone with an Idea of Changing the World.
I know my Mission in Life, and I know the Work it entails. If someone tries tackling this Idea 1000%..... Even Better!
I would Humbly Help in providing a clearer picture of My Vision, To someone who I choose is 1000% Committed and wholeheartedly wants to Help Change the World.
I have so MANY more ideas as well.
Even writing this Post is Cheating Life's work. But...
The Sooner this idea gets out to the World, The Higher the probability of my idea being Funded / Created / and Hopefully integrated into Ones Daily Life.
You will be The Bridge of the Glitch in the Matrix. The Gratitude app I have Envisioned is Comical, Simple, and will make Billions.
I Have the Idea that will Link the Past to the Present. I will Create the FREE Mobile phone app that will enable people to acquire "The Laws of Attraction", "The Secret", Enlightenment, or Born Again.
The Universe Gave me Tools to Collapse Space and Time. The Bridge between Mind and Matter is a click away. The Mind, subconscious Mind, and Energy are the Driving factors of this app I will be Creating.
I'm New to this Frequency and could possibly write a book on this app. I come from a Hall of Fame Polynesian Athletic Family. I'm the Black Sheep. I recently started coding, and will turn my Vision into Reality regardless.
The Main app gives Awareness of a individuals Emotions, whether Positive or Negative thoughts w/ a click of a Button.
It will Chart a individuals Positive and Negative thoughts in Real-time in: mili seconds, seconds, minutes, hours to 24hr, weeks, months, years.. etc.
It will be Aligned with their Energy, and be able to Precisely calculate How many Positive and Negative thoughts, an individual chooses to Have within a Minute, an hour, days, weeks.
It will give a Blueprint Chart in Real-time of an individuals Mind, subconscious Mind, and Energy.
With a Chart of Your personal Beliefs, and Your Belief of Change for Wholeheartedly Goodness... if The goal is to Change for the Good. This app will Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually Satisfy your Soul.
We will be Able to Flip any Negative thoughts based off Mind, subconscious Mind, and Energy based off an individuals Chart... AND Based off the Willingness to Change.
This app Will Be The Answer to Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Jealousy, Greed, Envy, Diseases.. and So Much More.
We'll also have a FREE Real-time Weight loss program. FREE Real-time diet program. FREE fitness program. FREE mental Health program. ALL in One app.
We'll Be Giving a Chart in Real-time of Your:
[ ] Choices of Positive & Negative Thoughts.
[ ] Energy Output / Input (metabolism rate / food intake)
[ ] Sleep Energy
[ ] Diet Plan (calculated with AI, based on macronutrients of specific individuals Height, weight, and Age. to precise timing of water, of food, and of exercise.)
[ ] Meditation Time
[ ] Overall Video Game Point System, that accounts ALL Energy Points.
*If Gratitude app is Synced to Main app:
[ ] Added Gratitude Points to Overall Game Point System.
[ ] Custom made Watch tailored for Both Apps. $10 - $29⁹⁵
*For Those Not interested in The Laws of Attraction.... it will be a FREE (Mental Health app / Gratitude app / Fitness App / Diet App ALL in One.)
The First app I will create will Cost a fee. It will be a Daily simple app of Gratitude. It can also be synced into the Main app, if chosen too.
The Goal in Life is to Live in the Now. Live in the Moment. Be 100% Aware and Conscious of ALL Thoughts Positive and Negative.
Main Goal is to Flip ALL Negative Energy thoughts to Positive. Clicking the Reset button in Your Soul to Positive. Developing untapped Gifts inside of Yourself. Creating Oneness in the Universe. Hopefully inturn, Creating an Ocean of Like-Minded individuals with Positive untapped potential.
This app Will Be My legacy to the World. This app will be on Earth, until Earth is No more. It will be Made with Love and Gratitude. Thank You for Your Time and Energy Reading this Far.
With this statement, 99+% of Healing money received will be used as Healing money to help 8 billion people across the World Change Frequencies. I will Open up Free Autistic Daycare centers across the Country and Hopefully World.
Blessed Day 🙏
Twitter @Consistent143
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2023.06.01 16:37 Bluest_waters Did you know there was a Cheers spinoff show called The Tortellis? Nick Tortelli, the loutish ex-husband of Cheers waitress Carla Tortelli, moves to Las Vegas to try to reconcile with his bimbo second wife Loretta

Nick (Dan Hadeya) moves to Vegas and tries to start some kind of repair business and tries to get back together with his second wife.
Only one season. Crazy that I literally never heard of it, like at all. I guess they all can't be a Frasier.
After the series was canceled, all four Tortelli characters returned to Cheers, where it was revealed that Nick's TV repair business in Las Vegas went under, but also that Nick and Loretta were still together (albeit somewhat shakily) and were still living in Las Vegas.
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2023.06.01 16:35 FunAppointmentz Aiden Cicchetti Video Las Vegas On Twitter & Reddit

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2023.06.01 16:34 nevetz1911 Added an Eliminator squad to the teal marines from some weeks ago

Added an Eliminator squad to the teal marines from some weeks ago
A little Eliminator squad that still needs the grimdark treatment to be paired with the Gravis marines you guys really liked some weeks ago. Definitely looking forward adding more with the release of Leviathan!
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2023.06.01 16:33 SurpriseGlittering26 $6,400 rent raise in Las Vegas landlord says it's their right to name price

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2023.06.01 16:31 CorruptPond Is my mead infected?

Is my mead infected?
Hey everyone. I've just recently started getting into brewing, and a few weeks ago I put together my very first few batches of mead. I'm making 3 one gallon batches using 3 lbs of honey per gallon jug, water, black tea, and yeast nutrient. All three had a starting gravity of around 1.120.
Just a few days ago, my meads hit the 3 week mark of primary fermentation and built up around half an inch of sediment. I thought I would rack them for the first time into clean jugs (everything sanitized of course, all tools, jugs, etc etc.) using an auto siphon. It went well except there was a little mead at the end and I tried to pump the auto siphon to get that last bit into the new jugs, but unfortunately I accidentally pumped a bit of oxygen into my mead. I stopped immediately. Other than that, everything went well, all my meads now had a gravity around 1.020-1.000.
2 of my meads I added berries to when I racked them, 1 I wanted to keep traditional. So I go downstairs to swirl my 2 meads with the berries and on my traditional I notice some white things on the surface. On one hand it looks like bubbles, on the other hand it could be something else. So I would love a second opinion from the folks on here.

tl;dr - What is this white stuff on the surface of my mead?
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2023.06.01 16:31 SkilledPepper How do you even follow ice hockey in Britain?

I discovered ice hockey by happy chance in 2017. As a poker player, my favourite player is Daniel Negreanu and I always enjoy watching his WSOP vlogs on his YouTube channel. He's an ice hockey fan who now lives in Vegas and was really excited about this new team called the Vegas Golden Knights.
It all seemed pretty exciting so I checked them out, watched a match. I love football and ice hockey had everything I love about football but with even more speed, power, fighting and drama. I kept watching. I was fucking hooked. Then of course the VGK has a big first season and made me a fan for life.
Fast forward six years and the only ice hockey I've ever watched is the NHL. For me: ice hockey is the NHL.
This season though, for some mysterious reason which can't possibly have anything to do with the Golden Knights making it back to the SCF, my enthusiasm has skyrocketed and I find myself bored waiting between matches. So I'm there on YouTube watching ice hockey videos to get my fix and I go down the rabbit hole of learning about ice hockey beyond the confines of the NHL. It's pretty interesting stuff to me and although I live in London which doesn't have a team, I do plan to watch more ice hockey next year on the telly cause I'm enjoying it a lot.
So my questions are as follows:
1) Why does London not have a team? I'm not trying to sound entitled but surely the city with the largest population would have a team? Same goes for Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds. For example, it doesn't make sense to me that Coventry has a team but Birmingham doesn't. No offence to the good folk of Coventry, I thought you were all awesome people when I was last sent there.
2) Is Viaplay going to show ice hockey games next season now that they sponsor the league? I have a subscription for the NHL anyway but there's no way in hell I'm paying £15 for a pay per view. I know it sounds like a stupid question but I read a comment in this subreddit when browsing earlier this week which said that it's "basically a con."
3) Who has the broadcast rights for the CHL and have I got it right that this is basically the ice hockey equivalent of the UEFA Champions League?
4) How many other ice hockey fans do you think there are in the UK who watch the NHL and don't even know that the EIHL exists? Maybe I'm the most unobservant person on the planet but I find that unless you actively go looking for this information you ain't gonna find it. Feel like some targeted advertising could go a long way. Not a criticism but just saying.
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2023.06.01 16:31 CS_masters_LS_PS cum slut summer...

...i know summer has not started ...(mf 4 f & mmf)...but me and my big blonde...drove out to las vegas ...she has an old friend who like to party and was intersted in a fmf with me and blonde...that was later so we check in and clean up...i tell my blonde to wash up make up and head to a casino floor bar and find i was hoping to spilt roast her a cowboy gambler and me getting so nice oral and more if the gambler had ...well he did and her and the two guys up on the room and shes was getting banged i did not get off into her mouth until the next morning....
....i shot my morning ...into her sperm loving mouth...her head on my chest and like a nice cs gave good warning ..put your lipps around my cock and swallow every drop...good girl. .... before i get to the money shot...i did something ive not done in a while?...early morning turn me time and i fine a nice looking gal .in her bio she stated her man to women transfer .nice face.. answered me fast and asked if OK and then sent me a foto of her nice pointing tits...ubered to my place and we had some hits and we were half way spun...and in my bed room ..we made out ..felt here titis sucked them. .spit into mouth ...some my nipple clips and did some titty slaps i take out my cock she was surp..sucking playing and licking my really hard i reach into short.. i feel a semi erect thin mushroom cock...she said being in pre-op she had no sperm and could only get semi hard..asked about her ass and she said maybe ...we are making out and i ask her suck and nibble my left hand into her hair and my right hand jerking off...again i gave her my favorite..i love to jerk off into all womens mouths and now even trannys ...the tranny told me she was surprised about the volume of my cum and said it tasted good...i did lick the tranny mushroom cock and fingered ass...not deep...just enough with my lubed finger to gear a soft moan.....
.....the next day early blonde as told invited her old good friend and we came down to the elevator lobby area and brought her up to our room...we had drinks and weed and even had some vitamin m...and we were in a good groove ad we all landed into a row of kissing ad touching thing....i had the gals lay on there backs legs spread wide open. . .i dipped my middle finger into both of the and.made each gal taste the other and the had the spread the pussys open for me so i could lick the fuck out.of theses 60year old cunt. .they delicious and made each get wetter. ....i moved up the middle and let each suck my cock and then i took to my back and let the gals use sitting on my face the riding my cock or sucking me off...each getting off on me as the other tried for my their cunts or waniting mouths....i got both women onto the couch as i jerk off and had the get there faces together wide both begging for a taste of my old it is and i had a good 6 to 7 medium ropes of my man spray...then we all shared into a 3 way cum was hot...i had both gals spit into my mouth and then had both ladies ...go butts up and i tongued both of there nice virgin assholes...the one gal said jackpot on the dirt road...there ass tasted good...i layed back in the middle and smoked a cigarette... .
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2023.06.01 16:29 Melodic-Public8856 15f looking for real, longterm friends <3

hey! i don't really how where to start, but i'll guess i'll begin with just saying that this post may be very long hahah. sorry in advance lol
sooo i'm 15 (soon to be 16) y/o girl from sweden. i've been feeling extremely lonely lately and i can't stand it anymore. i just need someone i can talk to whenever i want about whatever i want. someone i can fully trust and be myself with. it's also really important that this person won't judge me or push me to do things i don't wanna do. i'm not feeling my best as of now, but i'm working on myself both mentally and physically and the least thing i need to make improvements is someone pushy and stressing who's shaming me. some days the only thing i do is sitting in bed and scroll on my phone and it really pisses me off when people (and when i say people it's especially guys my age i mean) tell me how shitty my personality is and how i should fix my life or no one will ever like me. i'm really sorry for all this rambling but i'm just sooo sick of all this.
maybe i should talk about some things i like now? sooo one of the things i really like doing is writing and my biggest dream is to get published in the future. probably won't ever happen but it doesn't hurt anyone to dream a bit, right? :') i also really like shopping, especially for clothes. my fashion sense sucks but i still think it's really fun picking out outfits for the week and adding some new pieces to my wardrobe when the season changes.
and some more things i wanted to say is that i won't send photos of me until i feel fully comfortable with you. I have no idea how long it will take but except a few months up to a year. i also love voicecalling so if you'd be up for one rn please tell me!! and i always get super happy when i see that i've got a new message. just please write something more than a boring hi, i won't answer that. oh, and also. i don't care about age. sooo yup i think that was it. hope to hear from yaaa <3
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2023.06.01 16:26 Mindless-Warthog1727 Has any driver ever experienced this?

Has any driver ever experienced this?
1st month dashing.. I made top dasher by last day of month of may... I met all criteria.. I didn't get top dasher.. I contacted support they told me to wait till the 4th? I literally met all criteria 200 lifetime deliverys.. the acceptance rate... the minimum stars everything.. just wanna hear some other drivers feedback
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2023.06.01 16:26 DriverRehabLasVegas Drive Safe and Sound - Essential Driving Tips for Las Vegas Elderly Drivers

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2023.06.01 16:25 Gunmetal2187 Inspection on new build quick move in?

We are under contract for a quick move in new build home. I have a relocation package with my company that includes coverage for inspection on a home purchase. Is it weird to get an inspection on new build home? Is there anything in particular we should be looking at with a new build? This is in Las Vegas
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2023.06.01 16:22 WZHUB DMZ Missions list, guides and rewards

DMZ Missions list, guides and rewards
Hello DMZ Grinders! Reddit removed the unfair shadowban from me and I can again entertain you with new features that will be useful for the game.
English version ➡️ ⬅️
Lemme introduce you the newest feature - DMZ missions list! Translated into 8 languages: EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, RU, PL, PT Fully optimised for desktop and mobile browsers. iOS version - coming soon.
DMZ Missions list by wzhub
This list consists of missions in which you will probably need help. We didn't add absolutely all of the missions as it makes no sense, because there are a lot of simple missions that don't require any hints.
You can use filter to search missions: - by Faction - by Tier - by Mission name
Click on the mission and you'll get all the information you need to complete the mission, all the locations with the ability to display them on an interactive map, all the items, hints, and rewards that you get on completion. Click "Show on map" to open interactive map with mission on it OR click "Share link" to copy mission URL and share it with your friends/audience.
Mission details by wzhub
We know that in season 4, the game will completely reset progress and there will be a reworking of missions, new ones will be added and so on. We are fully prepared for this and will update the section immediately on the Season 4 release.
Next season is less than 2 weeks away, you can use our list to pass what you couldn't pass before.
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2023.06.01 16:21 sarahlynn0831 Bicornate uterus?

Any twin moms also have a bicornate uterus? I go to the specialist in two weeks but my regular Ob advised me today how rare/high risk this is. I knew twins were high risk to begin with but now I’m worried about this added layer. Looking for anyone with a similar experience!
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2023.06.01 16:20 THR20293993 Should I message my ex best friend telling her to back off

Let’s call her amy. I have known amy from primary school and she used to make fun of me and technically bullied me but let’s move on. We became friends over social media 4 years ago and we’re best friends through most of that. I started to distance myself because she would always start arguments and she would go off topic and would say stuff that never made sense that I apparently had done and keep in mind I am a very forgetful person so I assumed I did it but didn’t remember it and apologised. Another point is she was very hypocritical I was talking to this girl who didn’t treat me very well and would say we were dating then not and I made a joke of a tiktok meme saying something about an ex and she went crazy. Calling me names ect for not telling her we were dating however she actually fully dated 2 other people and didn’t tell me about them so tell me how that works? Other then that she was an amazing friend till I just gave in and started to pull away when I started to notice that I never did any of these things.
Comes to birthday party we were drinking and she made me quite uncomfortable and I told her about this and she apologised and it was fine. She started leaving me on delivered and not speaking to me I thought it was because I said she made me uncomfortable because I get like that I get embarrassed so I left her to come around.
Long story short I message her something about her friend (not anything bad) and she starts going crazy calling me names saying she left me on delivered to see if I would notice. Then again she does the same thing and lies about me doing something and lies that I was talking badly about my other close friend. I ask what have I said she she said ‘I’ll tell her that xx” I knew that was fake because she is my friend and I don’t talk badly about my friends. She started the whole name calling ‘freak’ ect again and brought up mental health so simply just blocked her. This happened in February. Couple weeks ago amy called up from another persons phone with no called id to my mate and was carrying on the argument because my mate tried sticking up for me even when I said not to because all she will do is calling you names and not even argue. She called up from a different phone because we both blocked her number. Turn to today she added me back on snap. I don’t know should I just add her back for a quick second and tell her to leave me alone or just leave her to harass me?
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