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2023.06.01 18:51 Sea-Initiative3462 Why Do Scary and Crazy Occurrences Keep Happening With a Specific Person?

Hello all and thank you for your time,
I 21F have a best friend, Louis M22, and we have been best friends for several years and I would consider him my closest friend. Our friendship is extremely intense and rocky at times, sometimes we go months without talking and connect again like nothing ever happened. We talk and call all night until the crazy hours of the morning but that’s how fun our conversations are. We understand eachother COMPLETELY and when ever we don’t talk for months because we fought, we cannot get each other out of our minds (this is not from love we just long to be in connection because we share the same sense of humor, opinions, etc), but what is weird is that everytime we hang out in person, the most insane and scary things happen to us. For instance, last night a bunch of crazy things happened. I was driving us around last night (i am a good driver by the way i never get into accidents or anything), but we almost got into a fatal car accident but at the last second I saved us, then we kept getting lost in these terrifying dark lonely roads in the middle of the woods, and then a few hours later, a possum randomly ran out in front of my car and i killed it :(. But looking back, it seems that we are always getting in situations where we almost die, we are trapped in creepy situations and someone is following us, we almost get into car accidents, we get flat tires, and now because of the possum my car brakes are screwed up. And honestly most notably, he saved my life once because i tripped and almost fell several stories off a building but he grabbed me before i fell. this doesn’t happen with anybody else. Can someone please explain this?
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 18:51 srjoxo Is this a corn? It’s painful when I walk. How do it get rid of it?

Is this a corn? It’s painful when I walk. How do it get rid of it?
It’s painful when i walk barefoot, doesn’t hurt as much in shoes. It’s hardened and sometimes burns outta nowhere. Tried corn caps but they doesn’t seem to help! How to get rid of it other than seeing a doc?
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2023.06.01 18:51 Dar3dev1l Need some help to improve writing, especially in task 2!

I believe I can definitely write a simple essay that is grammatically correct and has coherent sentences. My biggest issue is that I take way too long in thinking up big words/ adjectives or synonyms for words in the prompt, and also in forming complex sentences.
How much does this aspect affect the writing score? Am I better off writing a simpler but grammatically correct essay rather than using big words and complex structures that sometimes mess up my sentences?
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2023.06.01 18:51 sushilover4life My (21f) boyfriend (22m) is against commenting on my social media posts but does for others.

I feel so silly for making this post but I am not sure whether I am overreacting or right in how I feel. My (21f) boyfriend (22m) doesn't comment on my instagram or facebook pictures. One time I've asked him to post a nice comment on a selfie, he doesn't because he says he doesn't use social media that much (which is true to an extent. he uses it everyday but just doesn't post himself). We have been together for over 1.5 years. Today I posted a collection of pictures to my instagram (he was in a few of them) I asked if he could comment something nice, he refused and says he doesn't like 'advertising himself' online. Its kinda become an argument now. I asked him why he doesn't want to comment on my posts, i asked if it makes him uncomfortable and said to him i was just trying to understand. He says the reason he doesn't is because 'youre demanding i do it'. I just don't understand, i wouldnt ask if he did, and he does to other peoples. He commented one time on a mutual friends picture, complimenting her and saying she looks glowy on a selfie she had posted. Then sometime later i posted a selfie and he refused to leave a nice comment. i'm not aggressively asking but i can understand it being annoying. i just don't see why saying 'you look pretty/nice' on his gf's picture is such a big deal if he can do it to friends of ours. I kind of feel like I might be overreacting or behaving like a 'crazy' girlfriend because he seemed to react as if my ask was demanding and annoying.
TLDR: boyfriend doesn't comment on my posts because he says i demand it of him, but he posts on other people's.
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2023.06.01 18:50 jcvd-fan How do your parents annoy you?

I wasn't paying too much attention to it in the past but for the last several months I've been so annoyed by my parents' singing, especially my mom's. I get it she likes to sing but you know when you're having a shitty day and generally don't feel good it's so irritating to hear someone sing some bs songs over and over again. Sorry mom but your singing sometimes is very annoying.
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2023.06.01 18:50 00crashtest Availability of 240 V-only Dryers in North America

I am considering buying a house that has 2 unused NEMA 6-30 receptacles, each fed by its own 30 A branch circuit, in the garage with adjacent standard NEMA 5-15 receptacles, cold and hot water hookups, and drain hookup. I am considering to place the electric clothes dryer and washing machine there in order to turn the laundry room into additional open space within the air-conditioned zone. I also want to add an electric cooking range there because I plan to occasionally cook smelly foods and don't want to stink up the habitable rooms of the house. The clothes washer is no problem because it is powered by a standard NEMA 5-15R. However, I see online that most electric clothes dryers, electric ranges, and electric ovens sold in the US and Canada use 120 V for the controls in addition to the 240 V required for the heating element, so they need the neutral in addition to the 2 hots. However, I could not find any information regarding the availability of dryers, ovens, and ranges than use only 240 V. Home Depot appliance staff was of no help because they just said such electric appliances use only 240 V because they only have 1 plug, even after I told them the controls use 120 V. I left immediately because of their huge ignorance of the neutral slot on the standard NEMA 14-30R or 14-50R installed since the adoption of the 1996 NEC (NEMA 10-30R or 10-50R pre-1996 typical).
So, what is the price and availability in the US (specifically California) of such appliances that run on 240 V only, implying not using the neutral, even if only sold online? Assuming a run of 50 feet for the neutral of each receptacle, will it be cheaper to 1) add 2 neutrals and replace 2 receptacles, or 2) buy a 240 V-only range and a 240 V-only dryer?
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2023.06.01 18:50 Champagne_Candles Looking for more girl friends! 21F

My interests include sewing, video games, reading and movies! I would love to have a movie buddy or just gossip for coffee sometimes!!
I also love going to Starbucks and jumping from winners to winners location!
I work a 9-5 so my life is p. boring. my only person right now is my bf soo trying to expand my horizons lol!!
Girls only. Please pm me !
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2023.06.01 18:50 bleeding_dying_love Bride at every wedding, corpse at every funeral

I've posted once or twice about my sometimes justnoMIL. But I feel like recently her antics take the cake.
Tuesday evening we lost one of our cats to old age. A cat that we loved, who slept in our bed every night, and who cuddled and just loved us. Over the years that we have had him, MIL has only been around him every so often as they live 3 hours away and don't visit a whole lot (thank god). Well, my husband called his mom for support. And while she paid for everything regarding cremation, she also called the vet crying about our baby because he's gone. While we are standing there, signing the paperwork for the cat who my husband held as he passed, she's on the phone sobbing about him.
She later tells me in text that she wanted to drive up and be there because her son is her one and only, but that he told her no and that she's crying too much to drive. Like, wtf, this isn't her cat, he didn't sleep in her bed every night, she didn't feed him wet food near the end as he started losing weight, she didn't have to watch him in his final hours as he was so weak he couldn't move, or lick, or really even meow. But she's sobbing because she lost her grandcat.
How is it that she takes anything big in our lives, or tragic, and spins it to be all about her. I can't even talk to DH about this because he belonged to that cat. His bond was even stronger with him than mine was, he fell asleep holding that cat against him most nights. But it just pisses me off so much that she's soooo fucking grieving that her son has to comfort her on the phone.
He won't put boundaries in place because his parents "gifted" us a down payment on the house, which she also made sure everyone knew they helped when I posted thanking our friends for helping us move, because she couldn't be patient enough for the thank you post I was going to make for them, so ya know, edited the post to have small blurb at end that they gave us money. Because bitch about it, and you get tossed in as an after thought. But I got away from my point. He won't put up boundaries, but also doesn't realize that her attachment to him isn't healthy, because he thinks my opinion is skewed because I have shitty parents.
Idk, I don't really want advice on this. I just needed to vent to people who will be able to understand, especially because I'm in the anger stage rn of grieving.
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2023.06.01 18:49 MonsterHunter6353 When are the peak hours/days for bo3 on ps4?

I'd like to play bo3 with my friend sometime but everything we go to play it on ps4 there isn't anyone on no matter what time/day we've tried it on. I have the game on my Xbox as well and there's always full lobbies on there but my friend doesn't have bo3 on xbox so that doesn't work.
I assume there must still be some people playing since Infinite warfare, WWII, Bo4, and Bo2 (on my xbox) are all still super populated.
So what times/days are best to get on bo3 on ps4 to find lobbies?
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2023.06.01 18:49 jellyfish8779 should i invite the guy i have a crush on to eat ?

Hi, i'm an exchange student and i met a guy through doing group work. He's very nice and kind and is always helping me (sometimes he's doing too much). I wish we were closer but don't know how to. He probably doesn't know i have a crush since we've been doing group work for 3months and he thought i didn't know his name lol. I want to invite him to my appartment to lunch/dinner since we never get the chance to really talk in class. I live w a roommate but sometimes they're not here. What should i do ?
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2023.06.01 18:49 Seep0zoid Droopy Shamrock + Back of leaves turning purple

Droopy Shamrock + Back of leaves turning purple
I recently repotted my shamrock and it looks like it’s pretty upset. I read online that they can go dormant sometimes when they’re repotted. I was wondering if this is normal as well as if I should be concerned about the purple on the back of the leaves?
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2023.06.01 18:49 prophet_elisha Advice on introducing two reactive dogs?

Hey there! Sorry for the huge wall of text, trying to set up the background properly.
My partner and I are the owners to a 2.5 yr old female Pembroke Welsh corgi. Mocha is pretty much your typical teenage corgi. Lots of energy and super food motivated. We've had her since a puppy and have taken her to a lot of obedience classes and a couple agility classes and she's super smart.
She's come a long way but we're still working with her on her behavior particularly with greeting dogs. It's a bit of a mixed bag - sometimes she'll be polite, sometimes submissive, a lot of times friendly but too energetic, and sometimes something triggers her and she lashes out. We've noticed with the latter that it's generally when the other dog is also reactive and the two just escalate each other's reactivity.
So we generally tend to avoid greeting strange dogs when we're out in public and we'll do focus exercises with treats.
However, we have a friend who recently adopted an ACD/kelpie mix and we really want them to be friends (we want to be able to hang out with them with the dogs and also trade dog sitting). They adopted him when he was about 8ish months and now he's about 1.5yrs. They've been working with a trainer with him but it sounds like he's extremely reactive to dogs and they haven't been able to socialize him with another dog at all.
We'd like to slowly introduce our dogs but ensure that it's a positive experience for everyone involved. Any advice on how to do this? It seems the internet advice is mostly around introducing a reactive dog to a calm dog in a very controlled environment but we have two energetic and reactive dogs. Is this even possible? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 18:49 BenchLivid3837 Ring cameras, sorry

I’ve tried Homebridge and I’ve tried Scrypted. When I add the ring plugin, I can add cameras just fine and I can see the snapshots. But when I click to load live stream on my iPhone from the Home app, it just spins and spins. The Homebridge log file shows Activating Session, iceConnectionStateChange: new, then Connected, then Received Live Stream from Front Door, then Closed. The live stream never loads on my iPhone, although sometimes if I keep clicking and closing on the Home app I can get it to live stream (or it acts like it) for about 10 seconds and then it goes back to spinning, disconnects, and then shows “camera unavailable” for about a minute in the Home dashboard. I’m stuck and can’t figure out what I’m missing. Thoughts?
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2023.06.01 18:49 letitburneracc Do you have a fear of parenthood? Or how you’ll behave?

21F I can honestly say my biggest goal in life is to be a wife and a mother. I know that is not the life for everyone but I dream of it always. Everything I work for now is for the future of myself and my future children
But with my diagnosis I often wonder how I’ll be as a parent, that plus postpartum?? My goodness
I’m more on the mild Bipolar side according to my psychiatrist but I notice things within myself that I don’t like or that concern me. Like when I have pets and one minute I love them to death and the next i get so upset that they even NEED me and I’m having a depressive episode and getting angry at it for meowing because it’s hungry…. I just always hope I have more patience with my children. I never want to hurt them or traumatize them but sometimes my brain gets the best of me.
I’m still trying out meds so hopefully that will stabilize me more and I won’t have to worry about my episodes when I’m a mom. But yea just on my mind
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2023.06.01 18:48 Independent_Algae358 I use ChatGPT to help me understand some complex content

I am from an Asian country, and English is not my commonly used language. So it is challenging for me to understand some content that is written in fancy words.
Sometimes, I will be worried if I understand one paragraph correctly. So I will send this paragraph to the ChatGPT and ask it to explain this paragraph to a child. Based on its explanation, I will send my summarization again, and ask if I understand correctly.
I hope I did not use it wrongly.
P.S. Sometimes, I truly do not understand why people use many words to express one simple content and extend the paper longer.
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2023.06.01 18:48 RenaissanceMasochist I stayed friends with the guy that rejected me months ago. Now I'm doubting the relationship as we've become "best friends"

Long post but I'll post a TLDR below
I became best friends with the guy who rejected me and I think the friendship is hurting me. We’re both queer and POC at the same college, so I felt like this was a friendship I should save regardless of him rejecting me. This is my first formal rejection too so i thought it would be healthy to salvage this. Immediately after rejection, I stayed friends with him. He asked if that was okay and I lied and said that's fine and I'm just glad we're friends. I shouldn’t have done that because I still had feelings. While he moved on right away talking about other guys a week later, I found myself very hurt.
Now, it's many months later that we’ve become “best friends.” He’s told me how much he appreciates me and introduced me to his friends, but he always centered me in those spaces. He invites me to so many group events, but spends so much time with me compared to his other friends and made me so much more confident and outgoing in terms of dancing and partying, something my introverted self from months ago never would’ve done. He also met my family, we almost had a sleepover, and I became very close to his friends. I’m very grateful.
Today I believe that I no longer have feelings for him, but I find myself being jealous of him when he talks about other guys. I also feel like there’s a power imbalance. A month ago he mentioned about how weird people who crush on him get, but then immediately apologized because he realized I used to crush on him. It got awkward and I just smiled, but we later talked about it and I just said that I didn’t know what to say at the moment but I’m glad we’re friends (it still hurt). Another example of me not being honest but trying to suppress my feelings.
I also find myself caring a lot about his opinion and feeling sad when he doesn’t respond right away. I disappointed him the other day when I got in a risky hookup and I felt more guilty about him than the hookup situation.
We’ve only gotten closer with time, and while I was happy, I realized I’ve been suppressing a lot of the grief I felt in the hopes of making the friendship work. Whenever I fuck up in the friendship, I apologize but I realize I don’t communicate the same back to him when I feel hurt. I also realize that I overthink what I say and sometimes I feel like I have to be at my best self so I seem interesting or cool enough. We also tease each other a lot but sometimes I get insecure because him being able to reject me will always be a power thing he'll have over me. Currently, I’m studying abroad which allowed me to re-assess our friendship. He actually convinced me to go and told me it'll be fine. I spoke to another friend about it and they recommended that I distance myself from him. I just feel bad because he made me so much more confident and outgoing since meeting him. He also helped me unpack a lot. Thoughts?
TLDR: I became best friends with guy that rejected me. I'm realizing that I can't be honest with him and that a power imbalance exists in our friendship. I value him dearly and I feel about distancing myself from him.
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2023.06.01 18:48 testingtesting4343 Vent

Not much to this post. I'm just really frustrated. Had this damn disease for about 30 years and it still feels impossible sometimes.
I think the last two weeks have been my worst control in years. Felt like I was doing better today and then my numbers just started going up out of nowhere.
In summary... Fuck this disease.
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2023.06.01 18:48 techT2 HOW CAN HABITS CHANGE ONE

For sometime now, I have been taking a new trajectory towards a new idea
And working on "a new idea" myself before telling someone about it is kinda principled for me
and that "idea" is the one of HABITS
I recently took sometime to look at my past and the troubles I've had overtime
And arrived at the truth that if I had built some habits steadily, I would have become a better person
And avoid many problems that caught me by the neck years ago.
Can habits really change someone?
Does it matter to even have habits?
Habits can change someone and proves evident in the life of people you admire and want to be like
Who is that one person that you so much want to live like?
Do you think you'd admire that person, weren't it for some little changes made that has turned him/her into an admirable person, not just for you but for thousands of others?
Habits have proven, to be the one tool that many a thousand need, to change their lives effectively
Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur? Habits
Do you want to become a great content writer for real estate developers? Habits
Do you want to become a great footballer? Habits
Do you want tot become a great leader? Habits
And talking to you, I am talking to myself
To fix better habits
To make that 1% change that will matter, not in 30 years to come, but for my whole life
Think about it, just as I am.
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2023.06.01 18:48 ChrisWincent Help with Big Fat Mama intro?

Long story short I’m playing Status Quo covers this weekend, and most of it works fine…but then there’s the intro to Big Fat Mama (studio version).
There’s this bass/guitar line (that switches) for a couple of measures and then a snare buildup is also added. Soon the snare plays a couple measures with a single sustained tone and then crashes out to the song proper.
I just can’t find the count in the intro; I’ve tried listening on varying speeds and sometimes when I start smack-on when the snare starts I hear the beat clear as day, but never when listening from the start.
I would really like help to learn the intro and not skip it; if this is the wrong sub I’d be grateful for alternatives. (Also sorry if the terminology isn’t correctly translated (I’m Swedish))
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2023.06.01 18:48 Every_Buy_720 "Failed to check registry.npmjs.org..." error

I've been running Homebridge for a couple years now, mostly without issue. A couple weeks ago I updated to node.js v18.16.0, and since that time I can't do anything. I get the same thing from a fresh install (several, actually) via the Raspberry Pi Imager. The log shows a constantly repeating error:
[Homebridge UI] [homebridge-config-ui-x] Failed to check registry.npmjs.org for updates: "timeout of 10000ms exceeded" - see https://homebridge.io/w/JJSz6 for help.
I can't even search for plugins without getting a similar timeout error. I've tried everything in the Troubleshooting page, and the only thing that works at all is disabling ipv6 on my Eero Pro 6e network, which seems like a less desirable option. The Pro 6e doesn't have Homekit security features, and I don't have advanced security turned on. I've tried disabling ipv6 on the RPi and in Homebridge, but I'm only following random posts I find online, so I'm not even sure if I did that correctly. Sometimes I make a change and can no longer get into Homebridge through the portal, then I have to reinstall.
And again, everything has been working perfectly up until 18.16.0.
I currently only use it to connect my security system to HomeKit, and while it's not a huge inconvenience to just use their app or the keypad, I liked being able to automate some of the functions. So, anyone have a suggestion?
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2023.06.01 18:48 theseatiger121 Virus by pirating

Ok so i think i have a trojan on my computer bcz i was stupid and after 2 yt videos i tought the website was safe and now sometimes when i click on stuff it opens another website how to fix for free
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2023.06.01 18:48 alexkat514 Please help me care for my nipples. They are about to fall off

Hello everyone! I am currently 4 weeks PP. My baby has a shallow latch (I suspect due to a lip tie) and my nipples are suffering. I am looking for suggestions on nipple care and increasing supply. When I nurse her I don’t see her top lip flaring out, and when I try to do it myself I can’t manage to do it. Sometimes im able to get a good latch that doesn’t hurt, but usually my nipple is on fire for the whole session. I’ve tried nipple shields and they don’t make a difference with the pain and the baby won’t latch at all with them. Also, I think my supply suddenly tanked overnight. I went from pumping 4 oz during my daily pump session to 1 oz. So I’m trying to do a “nursing vacation” which involves only on demand BF (I was supplementing with formula before due to her being premature and having low blood sugars) and one power pump session for 3 days straight. Please help me heal my nips and make it through the next few days 😭😭
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