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Koe No Katachi

2014.11.19 03:00 TurtleANDTortoise Koe No Katachi

Koe No Katachi is Ōima Yoshitoki's second manga that tells the heartwarming tale of Shouya's reunion with Shouko and his honest attempts to redeem himself, all while being continually haunted by the shadows of his past.

2014.04.24 08:34 Sirlaughalot Silent Mobius

A place to discuss the universe of Silent Mobius. The manga and anime are both welcome!

2021.01.24 00:06 dany69420 AShapeOfVoice

A community for the manga/movie A Silent Voice.

2023.06.01 01:48 TicklishGyarados [F4A] Fandom verses - romance Oc x canon

I am looking for Rp partner and new friends. Indeed, I am looking for partners for Rp on the long term only. Please don't ghost, if you're busy let me know. Just as I would for you. I am looking for people who are sympathetic, kind, and understanding of my handicap.
I'm looking for people who would accept to play canon characters for my Oc women. I can do double Rp without any problem. Please don't play the canon too OOC. I would also make efforts on my side. We will always find an arrangement 🙂
I am French so please be patient with my English.
Some of my scenarios require the person to play multiple canon characters, as some of my Oc's are polyamorous. But in very unic case I'll be ok for you to play just one.
Lot of my prompts are alternative universe and I don't follow the canon stories 100%.
I am only looking for people 18+ because I am an adult myself.
Here are the fandoms I'm looking for:
*****Video games *********
***Manga/Anime *********
*****Movies************ - TWD: I'm looking for Daryl Dixon
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2023.05.31 15:24 Difficult_Fly7411 Hanako/Amane's been really depressing (In a good way)

I just noticed how people haven't really talked about how silent and emotionless Hanako is especially in chapter 101. I kinda miss him being so talkative and smiley. Seeing him now and comparing how he was on the early chapters is really saddening and as I said, depressing.
I really want us to get to the point where we finally see Hanako much happier again like he was before. But knowing how the manga's going right now, I think it's clear Hanako's gonna get done much dirtier from here on out and the manga might even end with him still emotionless. Which ofc makes me sad
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2023.05.31 14:59 GumballBrando Courage

I didn’t exactly notice this in the manga the first time I read Vinland saga, but after this weeks episode I realised an absolutely fantastic contrast.
In Olmar’s monologue, he says that he “didn’t have the courage to silently accept their mockery” and a few scenes later we see Thorfinn surrounded by the Thegns and Jomsvikings doing just that, being mocked and laughed at but he doesn’t have a hint of aggression or malice in him.
I absolutely fkn love this story.
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2023.05.31 11:07 FocusAny1808 Trip report - 16 days in Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto with a 3.5 year old

This forum has given me so much good advice, thought I would return the favour if you’re ever in Japan with a small human.
Stroller and getting around
We hired a stroller from a nice lady (cash only) and it was a lifesaver in that it was extremely foldable so we could get it into restaurants and up and down stairs if we needed to. Generally speaking, the metro in Tokyo is accessible and there are lifts everywhere — just follow the signs. (If you use Google maps, it won’t tell you where the accessible exits are - only the nearest exits). However the JR isn’t accessible at all and lifts are almost non existent. A foldable pram works well in a taxi if the walking gets too much. We took buses in Kyoto with the pram and it was not my favourite as the buses get really crowded and you have to try and “sumimasen” your way to the front to pay the fare (don’t sit in the back of the bus.)
In Tokyo, everything opens at 11am. So we relied fairly heavily on the local 7/11 for breakfast and snacks. We did do a few restaurants that had lines and had to rely on electronic distraction (ie Octonauts on the iPad with headphones) to keep the small human occupied. Every restaurant will give you wipes so I stashed a lot of these in my bag for future use, you will need them. Not every restaurant will give the kid a fork (or think to give the kid a fork) so there was a few times when I used a plastic one stored from my bag. There really weren’t any high chairs (not that we needed one anyway but it occurred to me that we never got an offer) so either he had his own seat or was propped on my lap if it was a tight restaurant.
Take a stash of garbage bags with you, there are no bins anywhere. You’ll need them for stashing snack wrappers, empty bottles, whatever refuse your toddler dreams up.
Luggage forwarding
I had visions in my head of never having to move luggage the entire time. But it turns out that we were in an apartment/hotel/rental in Osaka that didn’t accept forwarding so that popped a hole in that dream. Check with your hotel!
Pokémon Centre
The kid loves Pokémon but I didn’t like my chances of booking a space in the cafe (there was no space). We went anyway and worked our away around the massive gift store which he was just as happy with. Came out with a whole bunch of Pokémon merch as the centre intended. It is hilariously noted that the same merch was cheaper in Yobodashi. Oh, and the kid lost the Eevee figurine several times (showed up in the pram cover and then lost forever in the streets of Harajuku) so if your kid is particularly attached to small pieces, I would consider getting duplicates (after Harajuku, we got Eevee triplicates)
Disney Sea
I guess the only thing I can say is: don't go when it's raining? (We had booked on Klook in advance and were locked in.) Everybody else had the same idea and the park was pretty empty. I think it might have been nice on a sunny day. All the stalls were closed, lots of rides were not possible or at least looked incredibly uncomfortable - the people on the Gondola looked pretty miserable. We mostly did the mermaid lagoon section which was targeted towards young kids and luckily undercover (not much wait times either) but all in all it was probably the shortest Disney trip I've ever done and we were out by 2pm.
As an observation, I thought it was interesting there was not much in the way of modern merch? No Frozen at all, no Encanto, no Moana etc etc you get the drift. Not a complaint, just interesting. Lots of headbands though.
Giant toy store with six different levels. We amazingly didn’t buy anything there but you might want to hold onto your wallet. I think we were an anomaly.
Booked Teamlabs pretty early on and so we had reserved tickets for the opening 10am session. It was pretty fun and definitely interesting. He wasn’t too thrilled with some of the darker rooms but worked his way through it. Wear shorts as there are some rooms where the water reached his thighs. If dark rooms and wet rooms are not your kids thing, the staff offer kid-friendly detours.
Osaka Castle
Spent a full day in the parks around Osaka Castle. Lots of park to run around and rocks to climb. With the castle, noting that the castle exterior is stunning however the interior is not for kids. It’s a museum for history buffs (so all me.) lots of reading and some photos and he bored of it really quickly. We ended up having to speed run down the floors. So not worth it with kids basically, he was much happier outside doing his thing. We also did the boat ride and it was eh.
Osaka Aquarium
We had high expectations that it would be as good as Monterey. It was really fantastic and had an awesome time but it’s a whole day excursion. All the kids had play passports that you can get at the front to stamp what animals you’ve seen. The kid was “fished out” by the last half an hour, he wanted to look at something other than fish and was (slightly) relieved to get out.
The kid loved the deer, and for the most part they were pretty gentle with him. They 100% were not so gentle on my husband and he got chased around. The temple was pretty amazing but the kid did not care so much about that and just wanted to go back and hang with the deer some more.
Umekoji Park
Took the small human to Umekoji Park and it was lovely with a creek that he could wade in (the Japanese kids brought toys and nets to scoop tadpoles) and a playground he could play in. Lots of greenery he could run around in. It wasn’t remarkable for me but he loved it so if you need green that doesn’t involve temples, it’s a good kid-friendly choice.
Arashima Bamboo and Monkey Park
We got up extra early to beat the crowds. The small human enjoyed the Bamboo Park and picking up sticks, it wasn’t too intensive for him as it was pretty pram-friendly. It turned into a thirty degree day as we headed to the Monkey Park. It’s a really steep incline 450m up so we didn’t bother to take the pram (although we saw some parents who did), he did really well and walked all the way up but I can understand that there are lots of kids who would not be thrilled with the idea. All the way up the top is a playground area so he glommed onto the playground and not so much the monkeys (ask me how thrilled I was that we walked that distance in steaming hot weather for him to be distracted by a shoddy seesaw)
I dragged him to see the monkeys and we kept a safe distance of 2 metres, but his heart wasn’t in it anymore.
Where we stayed
Mimaru Akasaka - Tokyo
Bon Condominium Umeda - Osaka
The Blossom - Kyoto
We did our best to stay in places that were 40sqm and family friendly. We knew that it would be pretty stressful to stay somewhere where we would be tripping over each other. As a result, our hotels required a little bit more in travel time (extra five to ten minutes?).
Our hotels were pretty great overall. Just a note though - Bon Condominium needed to turn on a boiler before we could get hot water for a shower. If you’re at The Blossom, make sure you check out the basement floor for free snacks.
Random bits and pieces
Random busty ladies
I have been to Japan a few times before (but never with a kid) and in those previous times, I have very distinct memories of lots of random not-quite-clothed manga statuettes everywhere I went. So I was all prepared to talk to the small human about what they were doing and why they were semi-dressed. But in my two weeks, I never saw a single one so my prepared speech never happened. I have no idea where they all went. Maybe they all migrated to Akhibara?
It’s random but you can buy this rub at any pharmacy and it saved my legs considerably on days when I walked 20kms.
Electronic distraction
I’m that parent. When the lines or the public transport ride was too long, I popped some headphones on and gave him an iPad. It saved my stress levels and from him getting completely rowdy. I think particularly the restauranteurs appreciated for the most part a silent child.
Most people speak English. They really appreciate it when you try to speak to them in Japanese though.
Mask usage has dropped considerably, even on public transport.
Kids clothes
Was all set to buy the kid a new wardrobe annnnd there’s not that many obvious places to buy kids clothes other than H&M and Uniqlo. Sometimes not even Uniqlo - the Roppongi store has no kids section as a case in point. H&M overall had the better selection.
Bathrooms are everywhere and they’re all extremely clean. We never really worried about finding one. We just made him go every three hours or so to avoid any potential issues or leaks. We only had one real emergency where I had to run him through a department store but got there in time and crisis was averted.
Happy to answer any questions or help where I can!
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2023.05.31 07:35 LoveMangaBuddy Read The President Is Too Hard To Deal With - Chapter 33 - MangaPuma

For her family, she endured 3 years of humiliating marriage, and the derailment of her husband becomes the last straw that presses the camel to death;The silent volcano erupted at last! This time she decided to live for herself!After a night of indulgence, she finally felt the thrill of revenge. What she didn’t know was that she was messing with someone she couldn’t mess with!The CEO’s ObsessionSu ... Read The President Is Too Hard To Deal With - Chapter 33 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 06:05 LoveMangaBuddy Read Phase - Chapter 110 - MangaPuma

Min is unique. Plagued by debts, misfortune and a troubled past her life has been anything but normal. When she has the opportunity to earn a great deal of money, 50 million dollars to be exact, she would be a fool to refuse. Despite the odd conditions she takes a chance with Shuu, the handsome, irritating billionare who can change her life. Can she keep her secrets close to her chest or will she ... Read Phase - Chapter 110 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 04:07 hinode_hime (F4A playing M) A variety of cravings inside!

hello there everyone ❤
my name's hinode and i'm looking to get back into roleplaying and flexing my creative muscles!
ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙ i've had to take an extensive hiatus due to some issues in my personal live but i've been seriously craving a good, relaxing, and simply enjoyable story to create with someone. i have a few ideas that have been floating around in my mind, but please let me know if there's anything else you might be interested in! i like a wide variety of anime, manga, videogames, genres, etc so feel free to communicate with me!
who am i as your potential writing partner?
-- i'm in my mid-twenties and would only feel comfortable writing with someone who is eighteen or older, preferably twenty or older.
-- i'm fully aware of my grammar and lack of capitalization! i just thinks it looks pretty to use all lower case + i'm lazy with my grammar rn :3 in character i can promise i'm a fully capable writer
-- i've seen the phrase 'lazy-lit' thrown around the roleplaying community and i would have to categorize myself with this group! i can promise at least one post a week and said post is typically around four to five paragraphs. i've been roleplaying for about fourteen years and i'm not too interested in novella style, so i firmly believe in quality>quantity.
-- i'm also huge on working together collaboratively to create something cool -- whether that be gushing about headcanons, creating pinterest boards, or sending inspirational songs. some of the best parts of roleplaying is sharing an experience with someone else (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡
-- i will not harass you for a reply or get upset if you take a leave of absence or ghost me! life happens and i'll never hold a grudge. all i ask if you do the same <3
some of my plots/cravings!
-- the princess and her pitbull: my character is a princess, the only child to the king and queen of a rather large and prosperous kingdom. for most of her life, the kingdom was in a sort of 'golden era', the crops were plentiful, tension was low, war was unheard of, and the people were generally happy. because of this, and the doting of her parents, my character is rather sheltered and innocent — sweet and naive. blind to the horrors of humanity (and monsters, should we choose to go down that path.) however, as she grew older...the king's greed grew as well. A sense of malevolence had overtaken the King and he began committing atrocities(which we can both decide on) and the people have grown unhappy, violent, and various rebellions have had to be squashed throughout various provinces. But, of course, the sheltered princess is kept from these facts...but the anger of the people keeps growing. this is where your character comes in. he's a knight, one of the top knights in the kingdom, and had been serving on the king's guard for a few years before he was assigned a prestigious task — becoming the protector of the princess. your character has been the princess's personal guard for a few years now. accompanying her almost wherever she went, riding alongside her when traveling outside of the castle walls. shadowing her... silent like a ghost. because of his well-known reputation as a top fighter, his cutthroat fighting style, and his unwavering loyalty to the princess, the people and nobility alike often refer to him as 'the princess's pitbull'. however, behind the scenes and out of the public eye...they're best friends. they share inside jokes, and it isn't unheard of that one might prank the other. after a stuffy dinner with elites, he might have her in a giggling fit as he mocks and imitates the rich nobles. she might have him chuckling when she pretends to be a powerful and frightening knight — frilly dress and all. and this, of course, would potentially lead to romance between a rather forbidden duo. and the plot could branch from here! we could deal with 'arranged marriages' and potential suitors visiting. as well as the potential of a full-blown rebellion taking place. what if they seize the castle? will the knight escape with the princess in time? what will become of them, living life on the run?
-- naruto: so fair warning! i have NOT finished the anime or manga! i'm currently watching shippuden and am still relatively in the early part of the series. however, i love naruto and would absolutely love to roleplay a plot in the ninja world :3 i'm 1000% fine with spoilers and, honestly, i've probably had almost all of the series spoiled for me already anyways hehe. i would like romance to be a focal point alongside the action, drama, angst, and fluff that comes along with what you envision naruto to be. i have an OC that i've been brewing -- a female hyuga who actually tends to show personality traits and a demeanor that isn't typically seen in a hyuga, especially a female one. if you're interested please let me know and we can get to planning! also i think it's fair to mention that i don't mind if our characters are powerful and strong -- i think i'd prefer to just have lots of fun ^3^
-- avatar, the last airbender: i will always and forever cherish the ATLA series and hold it close tomy heart. which, in my later years especially, has made me come to the conclusion that it's absolute sacrilege that i've never done a proper avatar roleplay. truly heartbreaking, i must admit. i would really love for this to have a nice balance between romance and adventure and i'll be the first to admit that i'm a huge fan of 'opposites attract' dynamics. ESPECIALLY firebender x waterbender - that is absolutely my bread and butter. we would have to discuss what time period this would take place in as well as motivations and overall plotline for our characters. maybe one is an avatar? we'll see! i'd also really love to draw inspiration from the spiritual side of this show as well, especially considering it's full of spiritual references.
-- harry potter: character A(the character whom i will play) is muggle-born and completely dumb-founded by the magical world — all this 'magic business' were things she had only seen on television or read in books. this spurred on her love for magic, a world she only imagined in their dreams. despite her passion for magic, she's not particularly gifted and left in the shadow of their peers. however, her warm personality spoke for itself. well loved and openly friendly, character A didn't mind her lack of magical prowess. being a hufflepuff was a surprise to no one. character B is as pureblooded as they come, from a long line of powerful and successful witches and wizards that were proud to be 100% pureblooded. maybe sometimes a little too proud. it was only natural that character B would be placed in the house that they were(slytherin or ravenclaw, up to you!). though they felt an inexplicable pull to one another, catching eachothers glances from a far, character B and character A never quite interacted. that is, until one year they were placed in the same classes and clicked almost instantly. however, at the end of sixth year and beginning of seventh, blood feuds began brewing and an intense prejudice against muggle borns began bubbling to the surface. as time moves on, perhaps it even grows violent. maybe even deadly. will these two characters withstand the prejudice? will character B choose the love of character A over their prejudiced family?
-- shoujo/anime setting: okay so i definitely don't have a plot in mind but i would really really love to come up with something with a partner that would fit the 'shoujo' theme! something set in japan with heavy inspiration from anime. this could be a very light-hearted plot or one that's rather dark and angsty, i would just like romance to be involved. some inspirations include anything created by studio ghibli, kamisama kiss, orange, ao haru ride, inuyasha, fruits basket, lovely complex, beyond the boundary, etc!
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2023.05.30 16:34 LoveMangaBuddy Read Legend of the Northern Blade - Chapter 158 - MangaPuma

When the world was plunged into darkness by the ‘Silent Night’, Martial Artists from all over the place gathered to form the ‘Northern Heavenly Sect’. With overwhelming strength from the Northern Heavenly Sect, the Silent Night was pushed away and the people began to enjoy peace once more. However, as time passed the martial artists from the mainlands began to conspire against the ‘Northern Heaven ... Read Legend of the Northern Blade - Chapter 158 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.30 15:31 LoveMangaBuddy Read Silent Heartbeat - Chapter 1 - MangaPuma

not found... ... Read Silent Heartbeat - Chapter 1 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.30 13:50 Useful_Pop_7981 19F. A friend would be niceeee

Hello! Genuinely never know what to write here soo um hi. I'm Hannah (U.S, Midwest) and I'd love to get to know someone and connect in the long term! I'm a huge nerd, and so most of my interests include:
Books- Fantasy, science fiction, horror, history. Mostly fantasy tho! Some of my favorite authors are Tad Williams, R. Scott Bakker, Steven Erikson, Stephen Donaldson, Tanith Lee, Janny Wurts, and Glen Cook
Movies/tv- I watch so many movies and shoes but i could not make a list if my life depended on it haha. My mind goes so blank for some reason- but I'm open to watching most things and have a preference for horror! As for TV shows, some my favorites are The Wire and Breaking Bad. There's also this reality tv competition show called "Big Brother" that I'm irrationally obsessed with, so please dm rn if you watch that lmao. I watch anime and cartoons too (:
Manga/comics- current favs; Chainsaw Man, One Piece, Dandadan, Sakamoto days, Vinland Saga, Slam Dunk, Hajime no Ippo, Alice in Borderland, Kaiji
Music: I mostly listen to metalcore/posthardcore! Way too many bands to list, but a few favorites are Veil of Maya, Invent Animate, Periphery, Silent Planet, and Dance Gavin Dance. I listen to a lot of.rap top, and some kpop!
I love basketball as well.
Already wrote too much I guess so feel free to dm (but please, introduce yourself. Don't just say hey- it never works)
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2023.05.30 13:18 viking-hothot-rada I am just starting reading webtoon and so far, i feel that WEBTOON IS MID

If i were compare webtoon to japanese manga like shuesha magazine, the quality in webtoon so far i have been reading is not that great.
I am sorry, it just that i feel like there is something missing from webtoon, something that doesn't make intrigued me.
Most of webtoon that I encounter are: cliche, lack of interesting characters, lack of intersting hook, amateurist and boring narative.
I am not saying it is bad, i am saying it is not masterpiece or special. It feel like this is something everybody could come up with.
It didnt make me feel sad like silent voice It didnt make me feel scared like junji ito inazuma It didnt make me feel interesting like one piece It didnt make me impressed at the art like vagabond It didnt make me laugh like gintama It didnt hype me up like one punch man It didnt make me invested like kaguya sama
All I am saying is, there is no true Masterpiece, only mediocre.
But hey i am just started, maybe you guys could recommend me some good webtoon. I am quite a critical in my reading so i am sorry if my word are too harsh, i think webtoon have a chance to become great. it just that so far all i found are the mediocre one.
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2023.05.30 08:27 prest1977 Watch the emotionally intense anime movie A Silent Voice before it leaves Netflix

Watch the emotionally intense anime movie A Silent Voice before it leaves Netflix
Naoko Yamada’s emotionally intense 2016 movie A Silent Voice, leaving Netflix on June 4, focuses on specific areas that most high school stories won’t touch. It’s a particularly raw look at the damage young people can do to each other without intending to, and without any way of predicting the scope of their actions. Plenty of high school media addresses bullying, but Yamada’s adaptation of Yoshitoki Oima’s manga veers away from the pat and familiar narratives, and dives so deep into teenage emotions that the weight is almost staggering.
A Silent Voice can be emotionally racking: The movie doesn’t steer clear of suicidal behavior and even suicide attempts, and several different characters break down weeping under the tension of the things they’re going through. Yamada contrasts all the dark impulses and bleak moments with a bright, sunny palette, returning often to images of light glimmering off water, and bright koi swimming to the surface of that water to be fed. Everything on the screen in A Silent Voice is glowing with sunlit energy — even the moments of despair and anguish. It’s almost perversely beautiful as it explores human ugliness. Even tiny details, like the way Ishida’s T-shirt tag is perpetually curling upward from under his collar, are used to tell the story.
A Silent Voice is a strange movie to watch for people who’ve been bullied, given how sympathetically it views its central bully, and how empathetically it explores the ways that being called to account for his behavior made him suffer. But it also openly suggests that everyone is capable of redemption if they do the work, and that the causes of bullying are much more complicated than “some kids are just bad and need to be defeated.” The filmmakers here understand that the path to being an emotionally complete adult is rocky for everyone, and it celebrates the young people making an authentic effort to navigate that path. It’s a singular and striking movie, and well worth catching while it’s still easily available.

How to still play A Silent Voice with 1080p Quality after leaving

Firstly, you need a tool - Kigo Netflix Video Downloader to download the movie to your PC / Mac. You may know that if you download the movie with Netflix app, after leaving, you still can't the movie. Kigo can still enable the downloaded movie play and transfer.
Steps Guide
  1. Click the setting icon to set the output format, video quality and so on.
  2. Input “A Silent Voice” and click to search on Kigo
  1. Click on the red circle in the picture above to continue “Advanced Download” setting, including video quality (different bitrates), audio language / audio quality (different audio format), subtitle language.
  1. Start downloading A Silent Voice.
Please note that even with Kigo Netflix Video Downloader,you want to keep the movies on your computer, you still need to download it before it leaves Netflix (June 4, 2023.)
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2023.05.30 03:15 technowalrus2712 [US][Selling] Lots of English and Japanese manga and artbooks

All prices include Paypal fees and shipping.
I am open to price offers, but I’m not willing to split sets.
Here are pictures of everything + timestamps, and there are better pictures with more details in each listing.
Japanese language items are marked with (JP).
Item Count Price Condition
Attack on Titan Vol. 1-34 + special editions $235 G3-G5
Noragami Vol. 19-22 + Stray Stories $28 G3-G5
The Quintessential Quintuplets Vol. 13-14 $14 G4-G5
(JP) The Quintessential Quintuplets Character Books SOLD Artbooks 1-5 $32 G4-G5
New Game! SOLD Vol. 1-12 $100 G4-G5
My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness Oneshot $10 G5
Girls’ Last Tour Vol. 1 $9 G4
Seven Little Sons of the Dragon Oneshot $10 G4
To Your Eternity SOLD Vol. 1 $9 G4
Kaiju Girl Caramelise Vol. 1 Free with another purchase G4
Kubo Won't Let Me Be Invisible Vol. 1 $8 G4
(JP) Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible Vol. 1-9 $52 G4-G5
The Duke of Death and His Maid Vol. 1 $9 G5
NE NE NE SOLD Oneshot Free with another purchase G4
Restaurant to Another World Manga Vol. 1-2 $13 G4-G5
My Dress-Up Darling Vol. 5 $8 Printing error, G5
A Silent Voice Vol. 1-7 $42 G4-G5
Horimiya SOLD Vol. 1-15 $110 G3-G5
(JP) Horimiya Vol. 10.5 SOLD Artbook $14 G4
Bloom Into You SOLD Vol. 1-8 $58 G4-G5
(JP) Bloom Into You Astrolabe SOLD Artbook $38 G5
(JP) Laid-Back Camp Vol. 1-12 $65 G4-G5
(JP) Shark na Kanojo no Territory Vol. 1 Free with another purchase G4
(JP) Giji Harem Vol. 1-5 $28 G4-G5
(JP) Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu Vol. 1-8 $36 G4-G5
(JP) Futari Ashita mo Sorenari ni Vol. 1-5 $28 G4-G5
Futurelog Artbook $45 G5
The Art of Posuka Demizu SOLD Artbook $20 G5
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2023.05.30 01:04 LoveMangaBuddy Read Silent Lover - Chapter 152 - MangaPuma

The cruel and lecherous prince x The meek and mute servant.The Prince of Zhen Bei has his eyes set on the gold and riches of the Chen Family, and wants to take their daughter as a side concubine. In order to reassure his adoptive mother in her old age, the mute, male servant Chen Yu conceals his gender and takes the place of the daughter to be sent to Prince Zhen Bei. Chen Yu is afraid that once h ... Read Silent Lover - Chapter 152 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.30 00:36 LoveMangaBuddy Read Director Kim - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma

"Please don't touch the guy wearing glasses…" Department head Kim, who quit his job as a special agent only for his daughter Minji and chose to be normal. Then one day, Minji disappeared silently, and Manager Kim began to find his daughter by turning the country that monitors him into the enemy. ... Read Director Kim - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.29 23:32 LoveMangaBuddy Read Manager Kim - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma

“Please don’t touch the guy wearing glasses…””Department head Kim, who quit his job as a special agent only for his daughter Minji and chose to be normal.”Then one day, Minji disappeared silently, and Manager Kim began to find his daughter by turning the country that monitors him into an enemy.[Lookism] [How to Fight] and [Life Destination] The world view of spinoff! (notice the description was mt ... Read Manager Kim - Chapter 88 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.29 20:06 LoveMangaBuddy Read I Levelled Up by Becoming an Influencer - Chapter 28 - MangaPuma

In a world where your ability to take on dungeons reflects in your status, Akisora Shuu was given the class “Appraiser”. It’s a never seen before class that’s not suited for fighting, so nobody cares about his ability. Thus, he lives a repetitive and mundane life. Then one day, after he posted a video sharing the information of a monster he had appraised in the dungeon, he suddenly leveled up. It ... Read I Levelled Up by Becoming an Influencer - Chapter 28 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.29 06:05 NikuNikuNii- [US][Selling] Cleaning up before school, 50%+ Off Light Novels/Manga!

About to start grad school so cleaning up the last of what I'm not keeping. I used to sell books so for some titles I have multiple copies. All items are 50%+ off retail. Items are sectioned by New/Used, Light Novels/Manga. Most items are in G5 condition but I'll send over pictures for condition as needed.
Shipping free for orders over $50 otherwise $4 flat! Thanks for looking!

Light Novels
Berserk of Gluttony 1 (2 copies available)- 7
Trapped In A Dating Sim 2- 7
Tales of a Silent Witch - 7 has a bend on back cover
I'm In Love With The Villainess 1-3- 22
The Girl I Saved On The Train 1- 7.50
Spice and Wolf 1- 6.50
Eighty-Six 1- 7
Solo Leveling 1- 7
The Night is Short Walk On Girl- 10
Three Days of Happiness- 10
The Miracles of the Namiya General Store- 7
I Want To Eat Your Pancreas (2 copies available)- 7.50

Trinity Seven 23- 6.50
Mars Red- 6.50
GTO 5- 5


Light Novels
Night On The Galactic Railroad- 5.50
I've been Killing Slimes 1-2- 14
Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers- 5, G3
The Detective is Already Dead 1- 7
The World's Strongest Rearguard 6-7- 14
My Youth Romantic Comedy 2-3- 14
Eighty-Six 9- 7
Konosuba 12- 6
Reborn As A Space Mercenary 1-2- 15
The World's Most Notorious Talker 1-2 - 15
The Haunted Bookstore 1 - 7.50
Chitose is in the Ramune Bottle - 7
Bofuri 1 - 6, slightly water damaged spine
I Shall Survive Using Potions 1 - 6
The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter 1 - 6
Berserk of Gluttony 1-4 - 28
Your Name - 10
Weathering With You - 10
SAO 21-24 - 28
SAO Progressive 1-6 - 36
Reign of the Seven Spellblades 1-2 - 14
Arifureta 1 - 7
I Will Forget This Feeling Someday - 7

Monster Girl Encyclopedia - 10
MHA Vigilantes 1-3 - 15
The Beginning After the End 1 - 7, has 2 minor bends
Nights With a Cat 1-2 - 20
A Returner's Magic is Special 1 - 10
How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You List 1-9 - 58
Sakurai-san Wants to Be Noticed 1-3 - 21
Miss Kobayashi 1 - 7
Reborn As A Space Mercenary 1 - 7
Keep Your Hands Off Eiozuken 1-2 - 13
Saikano 1 - 5
JJK 1 - 5
Horimiya 1 - 6
Air Gear 32 - 6
My Little Monster 1 - 5
Horimiya 4 - 6
Undead Unluck 1-2 - 10
Blue Box 1 - 5
Bofuri 1 - 6
The Maid I Hired Recently is Mysterious 1 - 5
Minami Nanami Wants to Shine 1-2 - 12
Toilet Bound Hanako Kun 1 - 5
Soul Eater 24-25 - 10
Eminence in Shadow 2-3 - 12
Blue Period 7 - 6, factory misprint (cover is yellow insides are fine)
Welcome to the Ballroom 1 - 6
Drifting Dragons 1 - 6
Rent-A-Really Shy-Girlfriend 1-2 - 12
Tokyo Ghoul 1 - 6
How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend 2 - 5
Initial D 9 - 6
Zelda Set - 35
The Voynich Hotel 2-3 - 12
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2023.05.29 05:29 Licensedhonda Thought's on Soukoku? Minor chapter 101 spoilers.

I have been contemplating this topic for some time, and I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on it. Recently, I came across a comment on another post that resonated with the way I felt about the Soukoku ship: "They're more than friends, less than lovers." The real-life Osamu Dazai wrote about a boy he was in love with, although he ultimately married a woman. While I understand that the anime may alter certain aspects, I have heard that bisexuality is often regarded as a spectrum. Therefore, is it plausible that these two characters could have a close connection that holds potential but would not quite work out romantically?
After looking further into the situation from both Chuuya's and Dazai's perspectives, it becomes evident that there are multiple factors to consider. Personally, I am not inclined to "ship" friends together. However, after reading Dead Apple and Chapter 101, I began to perceive the possibility of something more between them. Nevertheless, I believe there are numerous reasons why they should not be together. These reasons include the lack of sufficient information about their relationship, the fact that BSD is not primarily a romance-focused series, the toxicity between them even when they are joking, and so on.
I came across a Tumblr post that aimed to address the question of Dazai's past partnerships in the manga. It explained his tendencies towards womanizing and manipulation. It is evident that he has flirted with women solely to fulfill his own desires, although the precise implications of this behavior may vary.
“Chuuya also confirms that Dazai has broken many women’s hearts. But we don’t know how far those interactions went. We don’t know if he only flirted with them, if he had a romantic date with them, or if those were one-night stands.”- along-came-atsushi on tumblr
“However, Dazai is mostly seen flirting with women to:
a) gather information (e.g.: when he put the transmitter in Higuchi’s jacket to spy on her, because he already assumed that she was with the PM. Another example is Sasaki, the girlfriend of the Azure King. But more on that later.)
b) get something he wants
(e g.: when he flirted with the nurse who took away his phone, so he used flattery to change her mind and get his phone back from her. Another example is the waitress he tries to distract, so he doesn’t have to pay his tabs. But she isn’t taking any of his shit and he knows it XD)
c) simply for fun (or out of boredom). He asks random women to commit suicide with him or to kill him, even though he exactly knows they won’t do it (the waitress is an example for this again).”Osamu Dazai wrote about his experiences of being in love with a boy in his book "Memories." This narrative unfolds during his 15th year, coinciding with the age at which Chuuya and Dazai initially met and developed a relationship founded on trust."By that time I was nearly sixteen. Blue blood vessels stood out transparently on the back of my hand, and I could feel my body grow strangely heavy. One of the other students in my class, a small dark fellow, and I had a secret crush on each other. We would invariably walk home together. If even out little fingers happened to brush against each other, we would both blush. Once when we were walking back along the road behind school, he found a newt swimming into he waterweed-choked ditch between the fields, and he caught it and silently gave it to me. I hated newts, but I stuffed it into my handkerchief, pretending to be delighted."
While I don’t think there is supposed to be obvious romance involved in their relationship, or maybe any at all I do find it interesting and a bit heartwarming.
After Chapter 101, we know that Chuuya is seen alive and sent to finish off Dazai. Dazai recalled several memories of when they “connected”.No matter what, Chuuya said he’s always believed in Dazai’s “craftiness”.Dazai seems to target those with obvious qualities that he hates about himself. Fyodor is just like him, but all of the parts he hates about himself. He hates him, and wants to defeat him so badly that he’d be willing to kill his best friend/ ex-partner. Since this is just a theory, it can’t be used as evidence to support or negate the claims that they are more than friends. Though, this is what originally made me go and look back throughout the chapters and do some more research on the real Osamu Dazai.No longer human:When Dazai uses his ability on others, he doesn’t do prolonged contact. When he is deactivating Chuuyas “tainted” they seem to be longer scenes and at some points in time, more intimate. In the dead apple movie, Ango warns Chuuya that it was unlikely that Dazai was alive and that he’d be throwing his life away. Chuuya proceeds to say “I don’t care” “That dimwit Dazai is still in there, I have no doubt about it. I’ll give him a smack or I’ll never get over it”. After coming into close contact with Dazai, he punches him which releases the antidote that Dazai previously took in the form of a capsule. Dazai strokes his face and says “You used corruption believing in me? How beautiful.” (This can certainly be platonic, and Dazai does make a lot of jokes targeting Chuuya as a person. Some of which to intentionally piss him off.)
I think they are an amazing pairing as partners, friends, or whatever they see fit really. Bungo stray dogs is not a romance series by no means, but even so, I don’t think that completely eliminates the chemistry between certain characters. The official art also seems to be rather suggestive at times, but this may purely just be fanservice. With all of that said, I would love to see your guy's take on this.
Edit: I remain neutral on this topic, I'm not for nor against it. :) So, if you leave a comment please keep that in mind.
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2023.05.29 02:46 masakochannya [US][SELLING] "My Bookshelves Are Collapsing Beneath The Weight of These Shelves" Sale! New & Used Manga!

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2023.05.28 23:20 SortOfHauntedPeach Stuff!

I found the Silent Hill comics on the internet archive! There's tons of old-school games and Legend of Zelda stuff. I also found a Mario manga based off of the live action movie. I also also found craft magazines and books.
...I wonder if you kept that poster? Ha. I feel so stupid when I think about you sometimes. I can't let go no matter how hard I've tried because I love you. I've made peace with that. It just hurts sometimes because I feel worthless but I know that's not true. I can be used as a bad example! XD nah. I'm an excellent mom. I try to be anyway.
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2023.05.28 21:44 IreyimikaTheLost Karna (Santa)'s Profile (FGO Material XII)

Karna (Santa)

Class: Saber
True Name: Karna (Santa)
Gender: Male
Source: Glorious Path to Santa Claus
Region: India
Alignment: Lawful-Good
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Strength: B
Endurance: A
Agility: EX
Mana: D
Luck: C
Noble Phantasm: A
Character Creator: Hazuki Minase
Character Design: pako
Character Voice: Koji Yusa
Appearance in Main Works: Fate Grand/Order

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: A
Nullifies spells of A-Rank or below. In fact he can't be harmed by modern magi. As a result of the Saber Class and the protection of Santa Claus the rank has increased compared to when he was a Lancer
Riding: -
After adopting a boxing combat style, he lost his Riding skill, despite being a Saber class. He's Santa, but he doesn't ride a sleigh. Being the boxer that he is, all he can do is to silently keep on jogging (roadwork) to train.
Divinity: A
The fact that he is the son of Surya, the god of sun, does not change even after he has turned into Santa.
"Santa is like the sun to children. So it's more sensible to say that Surya is Santa," says Karna rather matter-of-factly in the cafeteria. However, Arjuna, who was eating curry behind him, just looked puzzled when he heard that.
Hard Puncher: EX
A skill that demonstrates the raw strength of his punches. A deadly strike that can KO an enemy with just a single blow.

Personal Skills

Footwork Santa: A
An astounding skill that combines footwork and being Santa, and it is the foundation of Santa Karna’s fighting style. It’s a skill that demonstrates footwork and stepping techniques in boxing that not only maintains appropriate distances for various situations, evading attacks, and finding even the slightest openings in enemies' defenses, but it also allows him to trek as Santa Claus to ensure that he can deliver gifts to anybody, even in dangerous places such as lava fields or areas with heavy snowfall.
Flash Fist: A
This Karna does not wield a spear. The only thing he wields is his fists, but that doesn't mean his combat prowess has declined. Because he was trained by Drona, his master who was gifted in all forms of martial arts, he is accustomed to fighting barehanded. In fact, his memories of training with Arjuna and Aśvatthāman brought out a new sensation for him, and it has made him feel lighter than when he wields his spear.
His hand speed exceeds the speed of light, and those who face it can only see his fist as a trail of light...probably. His fists are as keen as a true blade.
"And that's why I'm a Saber, right?" says Santa proudly at the cafeteria. However, Aśvatthāman, who was eating a piece of chicken behind him, just looked puzzled when he heard that.
Hero of Benefaction (Holy Night): EX
One of the reasons Karna was chosen to be Santa Claus. If the hero who always gives generously when asked, is given a mysterious gift bag filled with Santa Power then we have nothing to fear anymore. Well, it's not like there's much to be scared of anyway. A skill of similar nature to "Saint's Gift"

Noble Phantasm

『The Saint's Torrential Fist.』
Rank: A
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 2
Maximum Targets: 1
Winning Arkaputra
Santa Karna's finishing combo. After quickly bobbing and weaving to keep his opponent off target, Karna steps in with a series of left and right hooks, followed by two left jabs and a straight right, then finishes with an uppercut to send his opponent flying.
These blows are obviously filled with the power of Santa and the power of the son of Surya. What should be especially noted, is that when he strikes with his finishing uppercut, the excess energy he has manifests into feathers of light and a divine halo. The combination of these powers is beyond galactic comprehension, and his opponents claim to feel like they were struck by a meteor. They immediately drop onto the mat.
The word "Arkaputra" is Karna's other name, meaning "the sun's son."
『The Saint's Intersecting Fists.』
Rank: A
NP Type: Anti-Personnel
Range: 1 - 2
Maximum Targets: 1
Graharaja Santa Claus
A one-hit killing cross counterpunch developed by Karna as his finishing blow. In addition to Karna having been inspired by boxing the moment he became Santa, Karna learned that boxing has a knockout punch called a cross counter, and for some reason Karna came to the conclusion that "Santa uses a cross counter as his finishing blow, which must be why he is named Santa Claus!" This utterly nonsensical notion is what led to him coming up with this technique.
It is not possible to actually see this attack. His fist perfectly aligns with the enemy's strike and smashes through the enemy's jaw like a beam of sunlight. It's as if a sacred sword of the stars slashed through the air... This move is both a deadly fist and a sacred sword.
The word "Graharaja" means "lord of the planets," and it is another name for the sun god Surya.


First-person pronoun: Ore
Second-person pronoun: Omae
Third-person pronoun: Kare/Kanojo/Master


It's pretty much the same old Karna
However by switching to a bare-handed martial arts style he now recalls his tough training days and even if only a little, he has started to enjoy martial arts training and the growth it brings
"I don't have Indra's spear, so I'll just clench my fists and we'll exchange blows. It'll be just like those times I used to exchange blows with Ashvatthaman and the others"
Basically the above
He wants to train harder, he wants to improve his fighting skills and he wants to fight strong enemies It may look like nothing much has changed, but in some ways he's gained a younger mentality. He retains his normal level-headedness, but he also sometimes says and does things that make you think he's a passionate protagonist straight out of a shonen manga.
"I love roadwork"

Motivation and Attitude to Master

He has no particular wish for the Holy Grail.
All he wishes for is to complete his job as Santa Claus (while also training his boxing skills) He treats the Master as an advisor who is familiar with Christmas. He knows he lacks common sense so he is going to be relying on them.

Dialog Examples

"I didn't expect to be chosen as Santa but i'll do my best"
"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Wonderful! What an excellent quote."
"I'd love to encounter someone stronger than me but I have Santa Business to attend to, so excuse me"
"My fist is my sword now, but you don't have to do the same. You can use whatever weapon you like."

Figure within FGO

Karna has become Santa. Because of reasons.
Once a year during Christmastime, everyone wishes for presents. Karna learns Santa Claus is the one who grants these wishes, and the moment he realizes he has the power to do so himself, he does not hesitate to take on the role. And so, whenever the children ask, "Santa, please give me a present," this new Santa Claus simply replies, "Very well. Here you go," and grants their Christmas wish. He may seem a bit frosty, but he's far from coldhearted. He just has a hard time smiling.
Stoic in a way, not over-enthusiastic, not having fun, but perfectly fulfilling the role of Santa.
But by the end of the day when he has fulfilled his duties as Santa and receives a big smile and a "Thank you" from the children he feels a different sort of happiness than when he does his usual charity work.
That's to be expected. After all he isn't the usual Karna right now, he is Santa Karna
For some reason he has taken up the masculine sport of boxing. He is an all-rounder who can do either in-boxing or out-boxing depending on his opponent (or his whims)
In most cases his choice of fighting style is either because "it looks like fun" or "it looks like I can grow stronger" never because "it will be an eazy win" . Sometimes it's necessary to have a hard fought fistfight.

Standard Weapons


Related Characters

Since Karna is closer in mentally to his training days, they are slightly closer than usual.
Although they are "rivals who killed each other in the Great War," now they are more like "students who studied under the same master"
Same as above. This one has more of a delinquent feel to it
"You still have that spark from when we first met ... Heh it's starting to get fun. Alright I'm in. Let's go"
The enemy of Christmas, the mighty evil dragon.
A being "no weapon can harm" Santa Karna might have born a boxer as a result of that
The only man who helped me when I was laughed at for my status. A benefactor and a friend
From the general public's point of view, he may be an asshole, but I trust and respect him
The Roman Branch of the Heracles school is a rival

Comments from illustrator

Usually when you look at the ingredients of a dish, you can tell if it's going to be a meal or a dessert, right? Then we have this year Santa, Karna, who is both a Saber and boxer right? Wasn't it supposed to be a space cat? Anyway I'm so excited (pako)
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