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Old homes for sale. Looking for a place to share and find old homes for sale…. This it the sub….

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Listings of new homes for sale.

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2023.05.28 06:01 dirtysmurf88 Content

I'm looking for fresh ideas to create engaging content for my jewelry page. It seems like my audience is getting tired of me simply talking in videos, and since my sales are mostly custom orders, it's challenging to showcase my work. I would appreciate some suggestions on what type of content I can post to generate more interest and sales.
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2023.05.28 06:00 pastalot T avoiding in-person requests?

Towards the end of last year my T (who, during our sessions, works from home) said she was figuring out what in-person was going to look like for 2023 because she wanted to start getting clients in-person to build stronger relationships etc and I told her I was interested and she said we'll figure out what it will look like.
So in February I was like uhh soo.. in person? And she said "I've been meaning to ask you!"
So I went in-person the following week. I emailed her later letting her know it was nice to finally meet after a year and that I would enjoy more in-person sessions as I think they would be easier for me to open up. She never responded to the email, which I thought was odd, considering she responds to just about every single one of my emails ever.
Since then, there has been no mention. I'm considering bringing it up, but it seems like she reserves in-person spots for people on certain medication (she mentioned late last year some people have to go in-person). I'm just a little disappointed because what she said at the end of last year, and then just now ignores it. It feels like she ignores very specific things rather than just telling me, and this is one of those things.
Have any of you navigated something similar? How did it go?
P.S. - Could be totally wrong, but there have been signs throughout the past year that she could have motherly feelings towards me and I have a great relationships with her. Is it ever possible a therapist may keep a client to video sessions rather than in-person because of countertransference or the client's transference?
I'd rather be told the real deal instead of sugarcoating or having a question/topic be avoided. 🤷‍♀️
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2023.05.28 06:00 Exciting-Top988 Best AI Based Chatbot to Generate Potential Leads

How AI Chatbot Helps To Generate Potential Leads?

AI chatbots can play a significant role in generating potential leads for businesses. Here are some ways in which AI chatbots help in lead generation:
  1. Lead Qualification: AI chatbots can engage with website visitors or users through conversational interfaces. By asking relevant questions and analyzing user responses, chatbots can qualify leads in real-time. They can gather information about the user's needs, preferences, and demographics, helping businesses understand the potential lead's suitability and relevance.
  2. 24/7 Availability: AI chatbots can operate 24/7, providing round-the-clock support and engagement. This availability allows businesses to capture leads and engage with potential customers even outside of regular business hours. Visitors can interact with the chatbot at any time, providing their contact information or expressing interest in products or services.
  3. Lead Nurturing: AI chatbots can initiate and maintain conversations with potential leads, guiding them through the sales funnel. By delivering personalized content, answering queries, and offering relevant information, chatbots can nurture leads and provide them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. This helps build trust and keeps leads engaged, increasing the chances of conversion.
  4. Automated Qualification and Routing: AI chatbots can automatically qualify leads based on predefined criteria and route them to the appropriate sales or marketing teams. By analyzing user responses and behavior, chatbots can determine the lead's readiness for conversion and direct them to the relevant personnel or resources. This streamlines the lead management process and ensures prompt follow-up with qualified leads.
  5. Data Collection and Insights: AI chatbots can collect valuable data during interactions with users. They can capture user preferences, contact details, and other relevant information, providing businesses with insights into potential leads. This data can be used for lead segmentation, personalized marketing campaigns, and overall lead generation strategy optimization.
  6. Lead Generation Forms and Surveys: AI chatbots can be designed to act as lead generation forms or interactive surveys. Instead of traditional forms, chatbots can engage users in conversational interactions to collect lead information. This interactive approach makes the lead capture process more engaging and increases the likelihood of users providing their details.
  7. Integration with CRM Systems: AI chatbots can integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems or lead management tools. This enables seamless transfer of lead information captured by chatbots into the business's existing lead management infrastructure. The integration ensures that leads generated through chatbot interactions are effectively tracked and followed up on.

Best AI Based Chatbot to Generate Potential Leads

LeadFoxy is the best lead generation tool. LeadFoxy provides the best services. The key features of LeadFoxy is given below :
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2023.05.28 06:00 RemoteRocketship The Prugar Agency is hiring a SALES REP - WORK FROM HOME in the United States

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2023.05.28 05:59 keahk896 Landlord tricked my dad into signing a new lease for a 46% increase in rent.

Long story short. My parents have been renting a home for $2400 a month since 2017 (before the rent increase cap situation).
The landlord has always raved about how amazing my parents are. They have done a lot of work on the property and treat the home like they own it. Best tenants, always pay on time and no issues since they have moved in.
My dad and the landlord have gotten close (buddy buddy). The rent is paid in cash (with receipt) and the landlord comes to collect it on the first of every month.
This turned into the landlord hanging out with my dad for some beer and snacks in the garage and shooting the shit.
A few months ago the landlord asked my dad “why do you guys never go on vacation?” My dad said they haven’t been able to afford it for a long time. The landlord bought a trip for my parents to the Dominican Republic because he wanted to do something nice for them.
My parents were thrilled. My mom (who is very street smart) was a bit skeptic.. They went on the trip. All was great. They felt indebted to landlord for such a kind gesture.
Then the landlord had tried to convince them to move into one of his other properties for $3500 a month. They said they would think about it but ultimately decided to not move.
Couple months later, the landlord comes over for his rent. Has beers and shoots the shit with my dad. I want to add that my dad is very physically disabled, can barely walk. His hands and feet are all bent from arthritis since birth.
My dad got a little drunk and didn’t have his glasses. The landlord asked my mom for some paperwork (rental insurance) so that distracted my mom to go upstairs and find some paperwork.
At this point, he asked my dad if he could sign a few papers to “update his information”. Usual stuff like place of work, phone number, etc. My dad said he needed to get his glasses. The landlord said it’s fine he doesn’t need them, it’s just an update of information.
The landlord took my dad to his car and pulled out one piece of paper at a time and asked him to initial and sign on several things. In the midst of this, they were having a light convo and chatting away and the landlord was going “your place of work is still x? Ok good just initial here” “your full name is still x? Ok good just initial here”
7 pages later and the landlord said thanks I’ll send you a copy.
A couple days later my dad told my mom what happened because he was still waiting for a copy and was now feeling uneasy about the situation.
My mom completely LOST IT on my dad saying she believes he signed a new lease.
They called the landlord and he said he would bring a copy of the documents over on the first of the new month now.
When he came he said that the document was a lease for $3500 rent on their current address but he just needed that for records purposes with Remax. He explained he would absolutely not raise the rent on my parents and still only charge the $2400.
My mom who is street smart feels the landlord groomed them into signing a new lease once they agreed to not move into the other house.
The landlord would not be able to raise the rent by 46% since they moved into his property before 2018 so I believe and my mom believes this was his plan to get them to pay the $3500 a month he wants.
My question is how feasible is this lease that he scammed my dad into signing?
Both my parents were not present for this new lease, nothing was explained to them and he pulled one page out at a time in front of my intoxicated dad who he drank several beers with just before.
My dad cannot sleep. He feels like a complete idiot. They are scared. They cannot afford $3500 a month.
What can they do in this situation?
Thanks for reading!
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2023.05.28 05:59 Maleficent-Pen-674 Runaway 😂

I am 39 weeks pregnant and my first is 16 mo. He is having chickenpox and his first rash spots appeared yesterday. Last night he pooped his diapers for the first time since he was a newborn and after that he puked his dinner out. Now it's 6am here, for the last hour he just wanted to sleep in my arms.
Part of me wishes to go into labor and go to hospital. But I do realize ideally it would be better if my newborn and I can come home to a healthy big bro, so there's no risk of my newborn getting the chickenpox too.
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2023.05.28 05:59 onebuddyforlife Post Draft

I rested my chin on the palm of my hand, overlooking the serene, green scenery of the rice fields outside of my classroom. The mountains stood tall and unmoving from afar, dividing the clouds that pass through its summit. I sigh in relaxation, appreciating the peaceful surroundings that one cannot find in the cities.
I snapped out of my quiet trance as a small truck carrying hay passed by the road, and I once again noticed the faint yet consistent mashes of buttons coming from my only friend in the province. Since our teacher announced that she had to leave class early, leaving us in class for the rest of our last period today, my friend over to my right has been playing the newly released game nonstop. The new MMORPG game, Alterra.
My blonde-haired friend Hirato was playing on a portable gaming console. His back has been arched towards the console for the past 15 minutes, his eyes are practically glued to the console’s screen. I inched my seat toward him to take a closer look. He was trying to defeat a monster resembling a three-headed snake—a Hydra. His character’s health was one hit away from hitting zero, but the Hydra was practically undamaged.
“Hey, Hirato,” I called him. “How long are you going to play that game?”
“Awww, I died!” He says exasperatedly, leaning back on his chair in annoyance. “I’ve been trying to beat this boss since yesterday and there’s no luck at all! I even have my gear maxed out for this level, and still...”
Hirato continued speaking as he packed his console into his backpack, “I wouldn’t have any problem at all had you continued playing video games with me. You could help me beat the boss, you know."
Then, Hirato started to make some "drama" in a weird, playful manner. "Come on, Naruki! We were best buddies since we were kids! Whatever must have happened between us, my best friend?” The bell rings across the school building, indicating the end of classes for the day. At the same time, I made a disgusted look at him after saying something corny that must have come from some TV show.
“Stop it with that little skit of yours. We are still best buddies, but I’ve grown up from playing games. Remember, we’re going to college next year and I’ve been preparing for it ever since.” I grabbed my bag from beneath my seat, and just as I stood up, the wooden plank I stood on creaked.
"That's not true, and there's no way you'll pass up on an MMORPG like Alterra! There's no way you stopped playing just for college." Hirato claimed, but he quickly switched into a pondering tone. “Though you made me think about college. You want to go to Tokyo University from what I recall, but I thought you were tired of the city because it’s too crowded there?” He asked.
“It’ll give me a greater chance to get hired for a job with a high salary. My dad also said that it takes some time to get used to the city when I’ve been living all my life in the rice fields.” I ignored Hirato's first statement--but it's true. There's no way I can quit gaming, so I lied to him about it, but I also don't want to take precious time off when I'm studying for a test that will literally decide my future.
“You’re already thinking of your future far ahead.”
“Well, do you want to stay in this school?”
As I took another step towards the door, the wood plank creaked again, filling the short silence in Hirato’s pause.
“...You make a point.” He uttered in agreement.
My school was a single-story building with multiple rooms, occupied by a few students in different grades. To add, we were also the only third-year high school students in the school. Everything here is made of thin wood and paper, and the wooden flooring creaked ever so often that if we step on it the wrong way, it might literally collapse the floor. This building was so old that I’d be having a family reunion with the souls of my family from five generations ago every school day.
The cool breeze of the late afternoon blew toward us as we made our way to the paved dirt road.
"By the way, Hirato."
"I lied. I'm actually playing Alterra. Since it released."
"Wha-- Then why won't you play co-op with me?!" Hirato was almost screaming in my face, taken aback by my lie.
"Because you're stupid. Why would you cast "Damage Reflect" on Hydra's one-turn kill when you're barely alive? Plus, it won't even damage the Hydra because the game recognizes the reflected damage as an effect, and the boss is immune to any effect."
"Urgh... Watch me beat that Hydra tomorrow, you'll regret not playing with me!"
"Do your best, Hirato. See you tomorrow," I sarcastically said to him as I watched my best friend run to his home, probably excited to try out what I just said. After all, I'm way past his level, so I can't even play with him without ruining his casual experience. It's time to go home for me as well, but the next bus stop is an hour from now. Maybe I'll play for a bit while waiting.
It was the scent of fresh air and the quiet atmosphere that separates urban life from rural life. Most people prefer convenience, while the minority prefer peacefulness. I'm part of the latter, but I still want to get a job in the city. Even if I'm still unsure what I wanted to be in the future.
“Hey, you brat!” A faint, old man’s voice screamed from the rice fields beside the paved road. “Watch out, the ground is dangerous there! Didn’t you see the sign?!”
My thoughts were cut off as I heard him shout at me with great urgency. After my eyes dart to the old man, I abruptly turn to see that there was a sign on the side of the road on both sides that said [ENTRY CLOSED]. Why wasn’t there any blockage? But it was my fault for not paying close attention to my surroundings.
“I’m sorry, mister. I didn’t see it earlier.” I apologized in a nonchalant manner, mostly because I still didn't realize the gravity of the situation at this time.
“Let go of your bag. Climb over the fence towards me. Now,” says the man.
While I didn’t know what could be so dangerous about this road that warrants an urgent reaction, I trusted him. But before I could even drop my bag, the ground starts to sink with me in the center.
It was only then that fear started to settle within me. My heart sank from my inability to do anything as my mind tried to process what was happening and what was about to befall. My legs shook from the sinking ground as well, to control my balance. I cannot feel the center of gravity in my feet anymore.
In a desperate attempt to escape from the sinking ground, I jumped, trying to outrun the sinking before I go along with it.
Yet it was too late.
The ground crumbled beneath me, revealing a sinkhole. All the adrenaline in my body surges instantly, slowing down time and making the fall to my imminent death seem like an eternity. The rocks from the ground begin to break apart and fall as if it wants to bury me as well if I wasn't dead yet from the fall.
Strangely enough, I thought that when my time comes, I’ll accept Death and warmly embrace it, but it’s too soon and unfair. My arms are both outstretched to the sunlight above, as my mind screams, “I don’t want to die yet!”
The falling rocks fully cover the sunlight as I fully plunge into the darkness, and along it with me as well. Thankfully with the darkness blinding what seems to be my body being crushed and mutilated by the heavy rocks, it only felt like I fell asleep, never to wake up again.
Good night, world.
My eyes slowly fluttered open to a familiar ceiling; particularly, my bedroom. The dark blue-painted star walls and the transparent curtain were both familiar, yet in front of me was some child using my computer. The window outside is also blindingly bright which made it seem impossible to peek outside.
“Um...” I didn’t know what else to say, so I tried to get the young girl’s attention
“Mhmhm!” A proud, laughing sneer came from the child. Still sitting on my gaming chair, she turned around to face me, her shoulders crossed and an arrogant expression that ticks me off for some reason.
“Welcome to the afterlife, Naruhaya Tabito. I have chosen you to–wait, who the FUCK are you?!” Her arrogant expression transforms into a mix of confusion, panic, and surprise after she opened her eyes.
“I should be the one saying that!” I exclaimed back, but I did not get a response because she quickly turned to the monitor. Upon standing up from my bed, I notice that the sounds of mouse clicking and keyboard pressing were all attributed to her--playing Alterra?
If this was the afterlife... It didn't look too bad. The events that transpired earlier haven’t registered in my mind yet.
“Hey, am I really dead?” I asked her.
The young girl was typing before she exclaimed in panic, “No no no...! You’re really dead! I killed the wrong person!”
“I see.” I didn’t know how to react to my death, but I also didn't feel sad or sentimental. I didn’t have much going on in the real world before I died, after all.
The young girl paused her game as she turned around to face me. “It’s because you aren’t supposed to die! I may have pressed your name accidentally while I was looking for a suitable candidate in the Living Database...” She sighs as she sinks into her chair. “Well, I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.”
The girl stood on the gaming chair, clad in a red-colored robe with a two-pointed hat that almost resembled horns. Her red-toned eyes glinted with the light of the bright window.
“Naruki Haruhito, sit,” With one downward motion of her finger, I immediately felt a strong, compelling force that made me sit on the bed.
“My name is Filya, and I am the Goddess of Creation! Your Creator, and the One Above All!” She introduces herself with her arms crossed. It appears to me that she was trying to act superior and intimidating, but her haughty attitude, matched with her small stature, made it seem like she really was someone’s kid lost in my bedroom who was cosplaying as an anime character.
“You’re a child,” Even at this point in the afterlife, I do not believe her being the world’s creator for a bit.
“Wha–” Filya is taken aback by what I said. “I'm not a child, I'm a goddess! Respect and worship me, you dimwitted mortal, should you desire not to die a second time and leave your soul wandering in the empty void of space.”
While she was speaking, I couldn't move a single inch from the bed. Even if she was a goddess, it's impossible not to take her seriously because she looks like a child scolding her older brother.
Filya raised two fingers before saying, “As a token of apology for wrongfully smiting you, I’ll give you two choices. First choice: You can return back to the real world as a baby of a rich family, and you will be a prodigy who will basically have an easy life from that period until his death of old age. Of course, you won’t remember everything that happened here and in your past life. But that’s basically the same as having a guaranteed GAME CLEAR, in your terms.”
Having an assured future was my long-term goal when I was alive back then. It seemed like a compelling idea until I heard about the second choice.
“Second choice: You will be reincarnated in another world with all your memories intact, and I will grant you a power unique only to you, and it will help you fulfill the condition that comes with this choice.”
Curious, I ask her what the condition is.
“The condition?” A crooked smirk appeared on her face, turning her haughty tone into something vicious. “Conquer the world.”
My eyes widened in surprise, the weight of her words starting to add to my fear-turned-excitement.
“There is a prophecy in this world that if the reincarnation of Typhon–the cataclysmic world-ending being of the past–attains something of unimaginable power and influence, he will destroy the world.”
Filya speaks with complete urgency, “You must conquer the world to stop Typhon’s reincarnation from attaining such power because, at this point, no one in this world is showing promise to become the world’s strongest."
After a small pause, I asked her, "What do you mean?"
"The throne is empty and he can take it anytime.”
After she finished explaining, I was given some time to think about my decision.
A safe, fulfilled, and assured life? Or a dangerous life with a chance for absolute glory?
I could never pass up on this opportunity, I said to myself, and I thought I'd never hesitate. I can return back to the real world and be born to rich parents. I’d have tasty food to eat every day, get the games I want, and in the future, I’d die of old age with my life fully satisfied and fulfilled until the very end. While my life in provincial Japan was a bit bland and boring at times, it was a life I'd want to return back to.
But the concept of determinism disgusts me.
“Can you tell me more about which power you'll give me?” As soon as I asked her that, her lips curled into a smirk as if she already knew what my choice was.
“I can’t tell you which power because the World Administrator grants it to you. I'm simply the overseer of this world, I cannot decide things for you.”
“Ughh shut up!” Filya gritted her teeth at my continued barrage of questions. With one flick of a finger, I stood up on my two feet as she pushed me outside the door. “I’m giving you some traits to make your life in this world easier, on top of what you’ll receive.”
“Hey–” I tried to stop my legs from moving while she was pushing me, but I couldn’t. I should probably learn to stop resisting in the presence of this goddess. “I haven’t chosen yet!”
“But you’ve already made up your mind, right?” I could feel Filya using all of her body weight to push me towards the door, with her light grunts indicating her struggle. “Good luck-urgh, Otherworlder! May the Aether guide you among the river of stars.”
“H-hey, what does that mean?! Are you wishing for me to die again?”
“It’s a saying, dumbass!”
The door opened to a blindingly bright light, causing me to close my eyes. I could feel my body hover in the air, the strong gust of wind making it seem like I was flying. Wherever it will take me, I hope it wouldn't be somewhere dangerous.
The light seeping from my eyes significantly dimmed, and the cool breeze of the tropical, rural area that’s so familiar to me blew across me. Opening my eyes, I am greeted with a sight of a forest clearing and the chirping of the birds. I found myself still wearing the same black hoodie and gray pants from "heaven," or wherever I was reincarnated with the goddess, along with a pair of rubber slippers.
At the center of the clearing was a freshwater lake reflecting the afternoon sun. White ducks with yellow beaks are swimming gently above the lake–the kind that exists on Earth.
As I observed my surroundings, the thought that this was another world flew out of my mind. So far, there was nothing notable that separates this world from Earth.
I noticed a cold, slightly heavy weight of metal in my hoodie pocket. I pull it out to see a strange metallic plate with letters I haven’t seen before, but I could somehow read it. “Status Plate” is what it said.
The Status Plate glows blue for a quick moment before three holographic interfaces popped up from within it.
Lots of terms I don't know here. And my name in this world is Luck? Ironic, considering my luck stat was basically negative.
From what I can understand, my unique class, Dicemaster, doesn’t have too many special skills to begin with. “The power I get should give me an advantage when starting in this world,” said the goddess. And the backpack that should give me a guidebook and a weapon wasn't granted. What kind of fuckery is this world playing at? Not that it might be useful after all, since my passive skill [Gift of the Goddess] didn’t allow me to use any weapon. That said, how am I supposed to fight monsters with a die?
I put the Status Plate back into my pocket before attempting to test my only skill.
And... I don't know how to cast a skill yet. Do I press it while my interface is active? Do I cast it verbally? Hoping it's the latter, I verbally spoke the name of my skill, “Dice Roll.”
A formation of blue crystals suddenly accumulated at a single point above my palm. I hovered my hand below the blue crystals that looked like it was materializing something, all while doing so instinctively.
“This must be aether, then?” I presumed as I carefully observe the translucent crystals.
The aether above my hand slowly faded into the air as the die materializes fully. It starts to spin quickly before coming to a complete stop as soon as it landed on my palm. The number on the top of the die is... one.
Unlucky... I muttered a curse under my breath before pocketing the Status Plate and retracting its holographic menu back into itself.
Suddenly, I heard a high-pitched clicking noise coming from the other side of the forest clearing. Emerging from the forest is a beetle that was nearly as big as a dog. It stared at me for a few seconds before it clicked once again--this time, it was more high pitched that it hurt my ears.
The clicking noise soon multiplied exponentially from the background of the forest, and as if that isn’t enough to knock me to my senses, the beetle charged toward me, along with probably its entire family emerging from the forest. Without a weapon or even a viable skill for protection, there was only one thing I could do in this situation.
I started to run as fast as I can into the forest, relying on the belief that I was faster than the beetles and that I'd find help along the way. While running, it didn’t take long for me to assume what my dice roll skill does.
“What the hell, Filya, this class is fucking shit!”
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2023.05.28 05:58 Comfortable_Pass_124 Best AI Tools For Lead Generation Software

How AI Tools Work For Lead Generation Software?

AI tools play a crucial role in lead generation software by employing various techniques and algorithms to streamline the lead generation process. Here's an overview of how AI tools work within lead generation software:
  1. Data Collection: AI tools gather data from various sources, such as websites, social media platforms, online directories, and public databases. They may utilize web scraping techniques, APIs, or data integrations to collect relevant information about potential leads. This data collection process ensures that the lead generation software has a comprehensive database of prospects.
  2. Data Cleaning and Enrichment: AI tools employ algorithms to clean and validate the collected data. They remove duplicate entries, standardize formats, and verify the accuracy of the information. AI tools can also enrich the data by supplementing it with additional relevant details, such as job titles, company size, or industry classification. This ensures that the lead generation software has reliable and up-to-date information for lead profiling and scoring.
  3. Lead Profiling and Scoring: AI tools analyze the collected data to profile and score leads based on predefined criteria. They employ machine learning algorithms to identify key attributes and characteristics that define a potential lead, such as industry, job title, company size, location, or specific interests. Lead scoring algorithms assign a numerical value or ranking to each lead based on its likelihood of conversion. This helps prioritize leads and focus efforts on those with the highest potential.
  4. Predictive Analytics: AI tools utilize predictive analytics to forecast lead behavior and conversion probabilities. By analyzing historical data, user behavior, and other variables, they can predict the likelihood of a lead taking a specific action, such as making a purchase or becoming a long-term customer. These predictions assist in formulating targeted marketing strategies and optimizing lead nurturing efforts.
  5. Automated Outreach and Engagement: AI tools enable automated outreach and engagement with leads. They employ chatbots, email automation, or other communication channels to initiate personalized interactions with potential customers. AI-powered chatbots can engage in natural language conversations, answer queries, and collect relevant information. This automation saves time and resources while ensuring consistent and prompt engagement with leads.
  6. Continuous Learning and Optimization: AI tools continuously learn from patterns, user feedback, and historical data to improve their lead generation models. They adapt and refine lead scoring algorithms, targeting strategies, and communication approaches over time. By analyzing the outcomes of previous lead generation campaigns, AI tools can optimize future efforts and enhance lead generation outcomes.
  7. Integration with CRM Systems: AI tools often integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems or lead management platforms. This integration allows seamless transfer of lead information and data between the AI tools and existing lead management infrastructure. It ensures that leads generated by the AI tools are effectively tracked, managed, and followed up on by the sales and marketing teams.

Best AI Tools For Lead Generation Software

LeadFoxy is the best lead generation tool. LeadFoxy provides the best services. The key features of LeadFoxy is given below :
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2023.05.28 05:58 InterchangeExchange Looking for some insight before considering putting my cat down.

Species: Feline
Age: 15-ish
Sex/Neuter status: male, fixed
Body weight: 15 lbs
History: Has his shots up to date, had him since he was a kitten. no health issues upto this point
Clinical signs: Distended abdomin, eating/drinking less and lathargic
Duration: Owned him since he was, at most, 1 year old. But this issue sprang up overnight on monday (22nd)
Your general location: GTA, Ontario, Canada
Links to test results, X-rays, vet reports etc:
Hey, so as the title states, Ill probably be putting down my cat. Before doing so, I wanted a second opinion. and quite honestly, I felt better getting a bunch of eyes on it before considering a 2nd vets opinion.
So, I first noticed something up on tuesday, I woke up and my cat was bloated in the gut. Emailed my vet, took him in the next day. got a comprehensive blood test and xrays. (linked above) Long story short, they feel like since it sprang up so fast, and his age, its terminal. I understand they're pros. and we did talk about his lifestyle/behavour abit. But for me it didnt feel like enough.
I took him home, got him some aafco wet cat food for senior cats. been spoon feeding him. He eats about 1 teaspoon a day. He goes to the water bowl, but doesnt drink much. he has started peeing near the bowl, but lastnight he came in, pee'd his bed and walked out.
He has always been rather active, and doesnt show his age at all. he started liking hugs more as he got older. they dont know what exactly is wrong with him. they mentioned his blood tests shows hes doing pretty good in that regard. But they dont know what the bloating is, or whats causing it. part of me feels like because of his age, they are dismissive of him being strong enough to get better, given the help. (im also probably grasping at straws, since I love the guy.)
I do have a biopsy scheduled on the 6th (the guy that does it is out for a week.). but im not sure if he will be in nothing but pain by then... Ive honestly been thinking about putting him down soon.
But no needle to see if its effusion, or a mass. no urine analysis. is stuff like this normal in these situations? are his xrays so dire its just not worth the time for that stuff? is his condition that malignant? should I take him elseware for a 2nd opinion in hopes of giving him a few more years?
sorry, if this is allot. Im guessing this sub is more for simpler questions. but Id just like some more input. because Im not 100% sure if this has all been handled correctly.
TL;DR: not sure if vets where dismissive of finding underlying cause because of rapid progression of bloating and cats age.
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2023.05.28 05:58 Twistymammal5 Monitors crash in middle of use, computer is getting unusable, PLEASE HELP

I have 2 monitors hooked up via display cable to my pc, and they recently have been cutting out saying no signal in the middle of things. However what is wierd is if for example im watching a movie I can still hear the movie playing. I have changed the cables, checked monitor drivers, check graphics card driver, tried with just one monitor (does it for both), i dont believe jts overheating its pretty cold in my room. I am completely stumped and cant figure it out. I cant even do my timesheet some days before it crashes. The follow are my specs, CyberpowerPC Gaming Desktop Gamer Master GMA560V3 Ryzen 7 3rd Gen 3700X (3.60 GHz) 16 GB DDR4 1 TB HDD 500 GB PCIe SSD NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
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2023.05.28 05:58 glenlassan My Memories as a Manic Mormon Missionary in Maricaibo.... Or how my missionary service chemically rewrote my personal identity.

Are we ready for Storytime? Cool. Let's have a Storytime.
My personal medical & mental health odyssey, since 2001, has been dominated by a singular event. My LDS mission in Maracaibo Venezuela.
Before I dive into it, here is some basic info about Mania. Mania, is a state of being in an elevated high-energy mental state, typically for weeks or longer at a time. Hypomania, by contrast is when the same occurs for a lesser period of time, such as days.
While commonly associated with Bipolar disorder, Mania can in fact, be caused by other environmental factors. Environmental factors such as:
Anyone who's ever been on an LDS mission can tell you, that being a missionary checks off quite a few of those boxes. So with that in mind, my story can begin.
I am on the Autism spectrum & have ADHD. I was undiagnosed at the time, but needless to say, I didn't have a strong social toolkit for dealing with neurotypicals when I went on my mission. Compounding matters, was the fact that I was sent to the Spanish speaking Maracaibo Venezuela mission in 2001. So not only did I have crazy culture shock, but I was also forced to socialized with Neurotypical (NT) Utah elders, and had no idea on how to do so successfully, being an Neurodivergent (ND) from Northern New York.
So let's put a huge-ass check on "difficult life conditions" as yes, I was alone in a crowd, so to speak at the time. The mission itself expected us to be preaching about 60 hours a week, so we can definitely check off "High level of stress". Changes in sleep patterns? Super check. My MTC group had the honor of being the first group allowed to wake up at 6:30 AM rather than 6 AM. Seasonal changes? Super check. I'm from NNY. We have a 5 to 7-months of snowy weather per year. Maracaibo, on the other hand, has two seasons. "Hot summer" and "Hellish summer". Significant change in my life such as moving? I did that every few weeks as an elder. Extra super-duper check. Not to mention the whole culture shock thing. Loss or Bereavement? You betcha. I lost my entire world in one go. Trauma and abuse? Extra check. The mission itself is inherently abusive. High levels of stress? Goes without saying.
In other words, even in SNAFU conditions (Situation normal, all fucked up) missionary service is a literal incubator for manic situations. It of course hits some people more than others, due to various other factors, but inherently, missionary service is objectively a high risk factor for developing manic symptoms.
And then, on top of all that. I caught a goddamn tropical disease, and lost visible weight in three days. I was probably hypomanic, or manic before that point, truth be told. After that point, well. I was full on psychotic. I suppose that needs a sperate bit of medical explanation. Our current understanding of how psychotic & delusional & schizophrenic medications work, was based on the observation that many of these mental health conditions are nearly indistinguishable from the symptoms of taking too much speed. Once that link was discovered, many anti-psychotic meds were developed, that (more or less) functioned largely by acting as a downer, to reverse manic states, and by extension, pull people out of delusional psychotic states.
So with that in mind, is it any wonder, that when I was manic already, that tropical disease pushed me over the edge, into full on insanity?
I was in that state over a month. Stark raving mad. Working a 60+ hour workweek, in the hot deadly Venezuelan sun. In what was simultaneously a politically unstable 3rd world nation, and the nation with the 6th highest violent crime rate in the world at the time. I was malnourished. Overstressed isn't even the word for it.
And then, I got scared, and ran away from my comp for a day. And on top of all that, became even more stressed, even more malnourished, and dehydrated. Went from being mildly psychotic, to majorly psychotic, and three quarters dead in the span of a day.
Got sent home after that. But my doctors..... Well they ignored all of the above context. And put me on some rather nasty pills, known as Remeron and Haloperidol. As you might imagine from my description of how typical anti-psychotics work, these pills, individually and in combination, were basically tranquillizers.
For years, my nickname became "Sleepy" Life was living death. However, I persevered, my psychotic symptoms lessened, and I was weaned off both meds.
Unbeknownst to me at the time, anti-psychotics are a perhaps the most dangerous class of drugs to wean off of. Quite ironically, one of the major withdrawal symptoms of Haloperidol is manic symptoms, and rebounding, and more intense psychotic symptoms.
Did my doctors pay any attention to the consequences of taking me off those pills?
Nope! I was told that the mania and psychosis I experienced when I got off those pills meant I was schizophrenic, and would likely need to be on pills for the rest of my natural life.
My new cocktails? Risperdal, Effexor, Singular, Benztropine. The important one to pay attention to there, is Risperdal. Risperdal is the one that makes CIS men grow breasts and lactate. My asshole doctor went years without giving me the blood tests that were recommended monthly while on that pill. When I finally got one, he asked me if I could lactate, because my prolactin levels were higher than a pregnant woman's.
So I was switched from Risperdal, to Abilify. What a change! My sex drive turned back on! I had a second puberty in my late 20's! Very fun (not really) As I grew progressively more capable, and able tto intellectually and emotionally function (at all) I decided enough was enough, and weaned off all my meds, AMA, which happened to line up with my leaving the LDS faith.
Silly me. wanna know what one of the withdrawal effects of Abilify is? Mania! a So on top of leaving a toxic faith, and getting rid of toxic doctors, I had to put up with yet more goddamn manic episode.
Fun fact: Mania isn't just trying to do everything all at once. Mania can also turn into irritability and rage. Stack on top of that the heaps of abuse that my church, and parents had heaped on me, and well, I was a bit of an angry asshole at the time, to put it mildly.
And yes. My good old friend, mania induced psychosis popped up again. Another trip to the psych ward. Another misdiagnosis. My mania was such, that I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar disorder, and given Depakote.
Depakote, is an instant old age pill. It'll kill you to stay on, and will destroy you if you get it off wrong, and it'll take months to recover even if you get off of it right. It's a rather nasty pill. I got off it as quickly as I could, but yeah, you guessed it. Depakote withdrawal also includes agitation and irritability.
For the longest time, I thought that the angry asshole I was, when I left the church, and the not-great things I did and said to friends and family on the way out was a choice. Turns out I was wrong. It wasn't a choice. It was literally a chain of dominos, that started with my mission, and was carried along by a successive string of literally incompetent doctors, none of which who could be bothered to pay attention to the chain of events as a whole.
And yes. During the whole process, my parents, and my doctors kept telling me that I was the broken one. That I was the one in the wrong. That they knew what was best. It turns out, that it was the other way around. They were breaking me, and blaming me for being broken. Trying to take accountability for what they had done to me, tore me apart. Destroyed my sense of self confidence, and self worth, from the inside out.
I'm 41. I'm still living with the repercussions of all of the above. I'll never stop really, at least not till the day I die anyways. I'm starting to make peace with it somewhat. Because holy fuck. At no point, in the entire process, was my agency respected. At no point in the process was my human rights respected. Between the church, and my asshole doctors prescribing pills like they were candy, at no point was I fully and truly responsible for the state of my mind and body, because fun fact. Our brains are just big computers, with a lot of chemistry in them. The church and my doctors robbed me of control over the chemistry end, and decisions I made that I thought that were fully my own, weren't actually. I still feel guilt for the parts that were in my control of course. I won't ever stop feeling that. But at least now, knowing what I know, I know that a lot of that, was not me. Not things I had chosen. It was things, the church, and my shitty doctors chose for me. And that helps.
I'm not going to lie. It took me decades to figure all of this out. Hopefully, some young people can read my story, and realize how much agency the church stole from them, and use that information to improve their mental health, and sense of self-worth. Hopefully.
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2023.05.28 05:57 WESandCASEYtruther This series is over. How worried should we be about Denver Vs Boston?

Celtics do have home court. It’s not inconceivable that they could go up 2-0. Marcus Smart is not D’Angelo Russell. He will make it a lot tougher for Murray. Who can bother Tatum and brown? Denver’s defense has never scared anyone. All we as a sub has left is being confident Nuggets beat Boston. But when the Sox came back from 3-0 they swept a 104 win cardinals team in the World Series….
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2023.05.28 05:57 nooneishere33 Really ready to get sober

I absolutely know I have a problem just don’t know where to begin.
I’ve been telling those closest to me for a few months now that I have a problem and I need help. Maybe not their fault that I’m very high functioning and the consequences of my substance abuse hasn’t made obvious issues. However, I’ve never felt so alone and it’s getting worse. I had an absolute mental health episode last night coupled with alcohol and besides the two people who will probably never talk to me again. My family was oblivious to it. I think they chalked it up to me being drunk and emotional. As much as I wish I could go to a facility to get help, unfortunately I am the main financial provider of my home and family. Going away for any extended period of time to get the help I need is not possible. Also I don’t have the ability to attend meetings right now.
Looking for any advice, ideas where to start, encouragement, how to find a sponsor…
I posted this in AA, however without the ability to go to rehab or meetings the feedback was a bit negative (which I understand)
Thank you in advance.
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2023.05.28 05:57 jb126798 Power rings for sale!

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2023.05.28 05:57 My-pswd-is-pswd (F25) (M27) Toxic relationship, please helppp

I met him when I was 19 and he was 20 about to turn 21. I fell for him hard, I was so in love with him. A year into the relationship he became really bad alcoholic (finishing off a large bottle of vodka in a day) he would invite me over and want me to drink with him, his house mate and his brother. He would always urge me to keep up with him in drinking. I was a very easy going person who had a hard time saying no. I would drink until I got the spins and was sick to my stomach. A few times I got really sick at his house and throwing up and he would get mad at me and be mean to me while I was sick. I started to realize this was an issue, he was irritable most days (we went to college together) he would complain about his stomach hurting him. When I tried confronting him about with concern and care, he denied having any issue and gaslit me. He would hide his bottles. He would come to school drunk or hung over. He got in an accident (no other cars involved) and totaled his car. His mom had not listened to me when I brought up him having a drinking problem, after that happened his mom sorta acknowledged that there was something wrong there. He admitted he might have a problem. I poorer out all his bottles and cleared out his room of all the empties too and helped clean up his room (it had become a pit) he was not feeling well enough to do most of it because he was very depressed about his car being totaled (he really liked his car) I thought he was on the road to recovery. He started getting better at sneaking. I found him out a couple of times when he would basically treat me like a booty call. I would only go because I wanted to spend time with him. One time when I found out I had a long talk with him and he agreed to give me his ID because he didn’t feel like he could resist going back to booze. He ended up snagging his passport from his moms file cabinet. He got found out again. He started distancing himself from me even more and I was hurting so bad by this point. I had started isolating myself from friends because I didn’t want them to ask where my bf was. I just started throwing myself into my studies. I was on the brink of breaking up with him. His mom called me crying saying that he was drinking mouth wash and she thought he was possessed and he had tried to hit his brother. She told me he locked himself in his room and was laying down and they couldn’t tell if he was breathing. She begged me to come over and try to talk to him. I was so mentally distraught and I loved him and didn’t want him to die. I rushed over and when I got there he was not responsive and locked in his room. I wasn’t sure if he was breathing. His brother and mom were crying. So I climbed in through his small window (I’m 5’3 so I’m pretty small) I got into his room and shook him awake. He was hostile with me and told me to go away. I told him I didn’t want him to kill himself and told him he was hurting his family. After an hour of trying to get through to him with reason he finally agreed that the way he was living wasn’t good. He decided that day to try to get sober. I stayed with him at his house for a couple weeks to help him detox. He was having a lot of withdrawal symptoms. (Ps while he was an alcoholic I had found that he was texting a bunch of chicks trying to hook up with them. None of them were receptive to his advances) I had a long talk with him one night about all the cheating behaviors, I told him I loved him but I couldn’t stick around for that. I had every intention of breaking up with him after he got done with his withdrawals but he cried and pleaded with me that he was sorry and that he was drunk and didn’t mean to do any of it. I decided to forgive him because he claimed he wanted to be a better boyfriend. It took a long time and a lot of long talks for me to start rebuilding trust with him. I come from a dysfunctional family with a mom who is very controlling. When I didn’t come home for two weeks my mom started calling me telling me that if I was moving out I needed to come get my things. Meanwhile his mom was being toxic and saying things like “I liked you better when you were a drunk” and “why don’t you go get a job you lazy fuck?” So I decided he needed to get away from that for a bit so I arranged a trip to visit my brother who lived 6 hours away.
Not long after that trip I moved in with him and his family. Things were really good for a long time and it seemed like he was really trying to be a better person. Covid happened, he dropped out of school and I kept going. He asked me to marrying him (proposing with a piece of twine) he had no plans on when, where or how to save up for it. But then he chose to work at a bar as a bouncer with his brother and his friend and I told him it made me uncomfortable. Since he is a recovered alcoholic and had a history of cheating. I had a long talk with him about working towards a career and working towards a future together. Then that’s when things really spiraled out of control. He decided to run off to the navy, I begged him not to and tried to help him explore other avenues of ways to get into a career. I literally sobbed curled up on the floor in a bawl begging him not to do it and he coldly patted me on the back and said he was going. He left to boot camp making all these promises about sending me money while he was gone to help me with school and that he would buy us a house and we would get married after he finished boot camp. He didn’t want to get married before he left which gave me little security in the relationship. This move made me very worried about him relapsing on alcohol and also cheating. (People in the military drink a lot) btw we had been together for 4 1/2 years at this point.
He went to the navy for boot camp, I wrote him letters the whole time. I took care of his extremely needy mother. I cried a lot and was very depressed. I failed a couple classes because I couldn’t focus. (I’m an A-B average student, my gpa was 3.9) I wasn’t able to actually talk to him for 3 months. When he graduated I paid to fly out with his mom to see him. He seemed very traumatized when I saw him, he had lost a lot of weight. After that visit things long distance we’re very difficult. I came to see him as much as I could. I finally had come to terms with him being in the navy and I had decided to try to be more supportive and put my feelings aside. The second time I came to see him he started telling me that he wanted to get out and that he was anxious and depressed. So trying to be supportive, I told him if he wanted to get that he should try to get out. He was worried about what his mom would think of him. His mom had run around bragging to all her friends and coworkers. I told him he shouldn’t worry about what she thinks.
Well he decided to tell his mom about his choice to try to get out and she instantly called him a pussy and ridiculed him for wanting to leave. Probably because she didn’t want to have her bragging rights taken away.
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2023.05.28 05:57 QuaLia31 What was oda thinking about when he was making this arc

Sometimes I really get the feeling that oda is just having fun making manga he doesn't care about sales or popularity otherwise why would he make an entire 20 chapters arc about a gag characters like (foxy)! Seriously tho long ring long land arc didn't prograss the story in anyway shape or form and even the people who complaine about strawhats not getting enough screen time in new world wouldn't give this arc a chance not mention having the greatest and most well written villain ever our boy foxy lmao!
I think an arc like that just makes me understand why oda would make an entire chapter focusing on the straw hats being lost in a yonko Forest for no reason(chapter 831)
or why would he waste an entire section (act 2 of wano) having fun introducing new characters that would lead to nowhere (the samurai)
My speculation is that oda is expansionist worldbuilding writer he just can't tell himself to stop fooling around (that's why he toke a month break) but he also said that he should have fun in the same interview so we don't know if that is going to continue lol.
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2023.05.28 05:57 Comfortable_Sea_5468 SD is pressuring me to break a major boundary—should I end the relationship?

I’ve only been sugaring for about a year. I met up with a POT SD in the fall. I have only seen him three times, including this weekend. He demonstrates a lot of qualities I find attractive, like consideration. For example, buying me a museum pass after I mentioned wanting to be able to go back to see a particular future exhibit that he wouldn’t be available to take me to.
That being said, I’m not entirely comfortable with him—to be honest, I think this SD is a little odd. We’re from two different cultures and I’m also AuDHD to boot, so I don’t always have the most accurate read on people or their behaviors. I’ve tried to keep this in mind, and generally, I can and will make compromises. But something I don’t want to compromise on is staying at a hotel by myself as part of our arrangement.
Since our last meet-up in the winter, he’s been pressuring me to come his house. He’s complaining about the cost of my hotel stays—but to be fair, our arrangement involves a lower than average PPM and so we agreed on a travel stipend, including gas and hotel fee because we live two hours apart. I stick to budget hotels and more affordable restaurants and never ask for gifts to save him money where I can.
Anyway, he has a live-in partner and going there to carry on our arrangement that feels so disrespectful of her space, even as he assures me she knows about his dalliances and doesn’t mind. And second, maybe this is my history of trauma talking, but when I consider going to his home, or staying overnight with him, it doesn’t feel okay to me. I can’t even articulate why—just that it makes me feel very afraid, and unsafe.
I think that underlying feeling means I should end this relationship. Or does that seem like an overreaction?
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2023.05.28 05:57 SassTheFash Top Conspos join Top Arcons in celebrating Bud Light’s demise

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2023.05.28 05:57 princeofokay High blood pressure with mysterious cause

ETA: sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile!
I am 29F, 5’8, 145lbs. I am currently exclusively breastfeeding my four month old. I do not drink or smoke. My medications include 150mg Sertraline and oral contraceptive Slynd (drospirenone), and recently I have also taken Claritin (loratadine) for seasonal allergies and a generic women’s once-a-day. I have a history of anemia that has previously been managed by iron supplements, but I have not taken those in some time as my anemic symptoms disappeared while I was pregnant.
Speaking of that, I am four months postpartum with a healthy baby. I have recently begun exercising again— spin class has become my exercise of choice and I go twice a week. My pregnancy was uneventful and considered ordinary risk despite my only other pregnancy ending in ectopic surgery in which my left fallopian tube was removed. In my 37th week of pregnancy this past January, I had a vision tunneling event upon getting out of the car that revealed that I had severe sudden onset preeclampsia, and I was admitted to the hospital to be induced later that day. The doctors had me on a cocktail of different medications during labor, including magnesium to reduce risk of seizure, misoprostol and pitocin for induction, and after delivery (40 hours of labor?) ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain, and Labetalol (500mg 3x a day) and later also Nifedipine (50mg once a day) to manage blood pressure. I was on these two blood pressure medications with BP check appointments once or twice a week for about a month postpartum until I was cleared by my OB to be off them. As I never had any issue with blood pressure before this, I assumed that would be the end of that.
WELL…. Now, threeish months after coming off the blood pressure medications I went to a routine physical to discuss my SSRIs with my doctor (not to adjust amount but to fix a clerical error that was not being addressed in my clinic’s internal e-mail communication system) and the nurse took all my vitals and discovered that my blood pressure was elevated again, in the 140/90 range.
My doctor elected not to do anything reactionary over it, and told me to monitor at home for a couple of weeks and then send it to him, which I have been doing. Here’s my log since my appointment last Tuesday 5/23:
5-23-2023 8:30 PM: 136/95 pulse 71 8:40 PM 132/93 pulse 70
5-24-2023 8:30 AM: 120/76 pulse 84
5-25-2023 3:30 PM 131/92 pulse 77
5-26-2023 12:00 PM 130/92 pulse 70 (just got back from spin class) 1:45 PM 147/92 pulse 78 2:30 PM 141/97 pulse 90 4:45 PM 122/90 pulse 94
5-27-2023 8:45 AM 125/79 pulse 76 8:55 AM 114/79 pulse 85 3:45 PM 140/86 pulse 82 3:55 PM 130/88 pulse 73 6:00 PM 142/93 pulse 81 (just woke up from long nap) 7:00 PM 134/93 pulse 75 8:45 PM 146/89 pulse 63 8:55 PM 125/89 pulse 68
I absolutely plan to work with my doctor to find the root cause of this, but I’m wondering if anyone has any insight into why this might be occurring in the meantime. I am generally health conscious and try to eat a balanced vegetarian diet, and am exercising regularly. Probably my biggest vice for the moment is coffee, being that I sleep poorly due to having an infant, but I don’t think I go very crazy even with that- I try to limit to one cup of home brewed coffee and then one espresso based drink a day.
I do have two stepsons, 12 and 4, who we have most of the time. The younger one has Down’s syndrome, and requires quite a lot of attention, comparable i would say to the infant. I would not say this is a low-stress household. I am on maternity leave until July, at which point I will return to my remote WFH job. I have been feeling balloon-headed and overwhelmed.
Any ideas?
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2023.05.28 05:57 ZeroSpaceGaming Scalescourge (XI)

They came in swarms. Almost like flies.
Falcon had always pictured himself either fighting the human Patians head-on with his sword, but never had he expected anything like this. Instead, Falcon was being led by one- a girl of all cases!- to a nearby village. Much to his pride, Falcon wanted to crush his captive and skin the bitch alive. Perhaps her flesh would sell well if he came home. If He came home.
But right now, he was in no mood to think. He had blood on his mind and the only blood he wanted to taint his blade was the girl, who had his wrist held together with rope.
Just wait until I get ahold of you, the prince thought. I will strangle the life out of you and cut you up into a bloody mess. Bake your intestines into a pie and feed you to the wolves
Weirdly, the girl hadn't looked at him once as he tried chewing his way out through the ropes. Even weirder, she allowed him to wear his sword, which was still strapped to his back, and no one seemed to care he was trying to escape.
As for the village itself, one thing Falcon was astonished to see was how well-kept it was. Everything was clean. There was no debris anywhere, almost as if it was illegal to have trash laying about. Despite being a tiny village, snug in a valley and hidden away, this place wasn't Indestructible; Grime, dirt, and the smell of urine were commonplace back home.
Even the villagers here were clean, though they strangely had hair on their faces. Falcon's eyes grew when he saw one Patian with a bright red bushy… Chin fur on his face.
Hypocrites and modest, great…, Falcon thought with a grumpy grin. They're still savages, the whole damn lot of them.
In a fit of rage, Falcon tugged back at his enemy, who almost stumbled to the ground. However, she stood her ground, and in retaliation, she tugged back hard. Falcon landed face-flat in the dirt. A few natives took pleasure in laughing at him.
That diminished Falcon's pride entirely. With no other choice, the young prince walked his distance behind his captive, though he gave an occasional snarl to anyone who snickered. At least they knew he didn't like to be messed around.
Just as it seemed like they trekked a mile, Falcon was even more surprised when the girl led him up a hill. This was when Falcon finally witnessed flowers, as the sweet smell of Lilac graced the misty air. Though it was rather hard getting to breathe. However, the sight he was next took his breath away.
A manor stood proud on top of the hill, though it wasn't as extravagant as his home. For starters, his crib was massive compared to the dinky place. Despite the place seeming bigger than the village's paper huts, this place seemed more like a garden home. Falcon wasn't impressed as he disrespectfully scoffed at the sight. If anything, the place would make a good bonfire.
The townsfolk who followed Falcon in pursuit immediately halted at the presence of the gates. It was here Falcon laid his eyes on a new set of weaponry, their staves. While they didn't resemble any halberds Pyrrhia had, they did have a sleek design that Falcon couldn't help but wonder about. He hoped he would get one, after killing a guard.
The guards made conversation with Falcon's captive and the boy caught the eye of one curious guard. Falcon, pretending to itch his eye, did a clever trick he learned from his mum: flick the bird.
Although it had no effect, Falcon had a feeling they understood the meaning.
After walking through a peaceful garden, Falcon was pushed into a room that reeked of old spice and jasmine. Oil incense fumed the chamber and glowed a vibrant sunset red. It took a minute for Falcon to realize there were floating candles that gave off a red aura. But Falcon had no idea where he was. All he could guess was he was at some… Living room, but just lacking any home commodities. Well, except for a giant pillow in the middle, where a statue lay.
The girl that had Falcon stood before the statue and immediately fell into a bow, speaking in her tongue. Falcon mused at the idea of being a sacrifice to a statue.
To his utter horror, the statue moved its head slowly before and laid its eyes on Falcon.
Little did Falcon know that these eyes would stare at him the same way six years later, into the future…
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