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2014.09.21 06:16 MadeofMillions Made of Millions - Cool Geeky Gadgets and More

Made of Millions is the ultimate buyers platform for cool geeky gadgets, inspiring ideas, luxury travel, up to date fashion, home decor and quirky gifts.


Founded in 2012, by Ashish & Raagii Bhatnagar, Store Indya is home to a range of delicately carved and intricately designed handmade products which range from decor, gifts, accessories to fabrics and more.

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2023.06.01 16:36 MurmuringWall10 Experienced host willing to chat and offer advice?

Hi all, I’ve been considering buying a car to start hosting on Turo, but I’ve ran into quite a few questions that I’d love to get some advice on from an experience host.
Some of my questions are 1. How do you do remote handoffs and still get before/after pictures of the car? 2. How are you sourcing vehicles? 3. What avenue do you pursue first when reporting damage (Turo protection, customer insurance, host insurance).
If an experienced host would be willing to call or text I’d be happy to pay for your time (Venmo or gift card as a thank you)!
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2023.06.01 16:35 Never-Ducks Arch or not?

So we are more then likely getting married under a pergola we have 20 minutes to decorate. (Our mother's will decorate) however I've always saw myself getting married under an arch and the location for my mom is 4 and a half hours away and his mom it's 5 hours. My fiance and I are getting there to a cabin the night before. Do we set up the arch the night before? Or do we pay for our moms to come a day earlier and have them set up the arch. But then how will they transport it to the venue? Am I overthinking this? please help! Or we could just not do an arch
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2023.06.01 16:35 Ok-Sundae-1096 First birthdays and opening gifts

This may be a weird question but how have you all navigated the gifts for first birthday party. Do you have little one “open” them at the party so you can thank the guests in person or do you just open them afterwards and send a little thank you text?
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2023.06.01 16:35 PastorNTraining Something historic is happening this weekend, and I desperately need to find a gift.

'siyo (ᎣᏏᏲ, Hello) my realiatives,
This week something historic is happening. The Presbyterian Church of Canada who had eleven (11) residential schools, this weekend will officially install their very first - First Nations leader, a Cree woman, who is also my auntie and elder.
This is a small, but significant step towards further reconciliation. It signals growth within the Presbyterian community toward Creator's love and unity. And my auntie is the right person to take the lead and bring some much needed visibility,leadership and healing. To honor her upcoming post I am looking for some thoughtful gifts that reflect the story of the Humming Bird and Crane.
Trouble is the few Native artist collectives I found in Vancouver often require shipping, and I need to grab the gift before I leave for NS on Saturday. Does anyone have a suggestion for local shops in Vancourver? Or do you know of an artist I can buy directly from?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.01 16:34 dflow2010 Casual, Not Too Touristy Brunch?

Former NOLA resident here. Visiting with some family in town and looking for a good Sunday brunch option that isn't touristy and is not too fancy/expensive either. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 16:34 goonyoung 메타버스 메신저 이프랜드 나만의 공간 꾸미기 즐겁땨........Metaverse Messenger efriend Have fun decorating my own space.

📷이프랜드에서 나만의 공간 이프홈을 만들어보세요!
"ifland - 새로운 메타버스, 이프랜드 꾸미고, 배치하고, 이프랜드의 새로운 서비스인 이프홈에서 나만의 공간을 만들어보세요! 모던하게, 시크하게, 내추럴하게 아니면 아이돌처럼 귀엽게! 나의 이프홈을 꾸밀 수 있어요. 이모티콘을 사용하여 감정표현과 꾸미기가 가능해요. 나를 표현하고 기록을 남겨보세요. 다른 사람이 만든 이프홈도 구경하고 나의 게시물도 친구들에게 자랑해 보세요. 이프홈에서 즐거운 스몰톡도 나눠보세요!

요즘 10대 친구들은 오프라인 약속 장소가 아닌 메타버스 메신저에서 만나자고 약속한다고 해요.
그 안에서 가상의 나와 나만의 공간을 꾸며 친한 친구들뿐만 아니라 취미나 관심사가 비슷한 전 세계 사람들과 교류한다고 하는데요.

저 같은 경우도 10대 때 여러 메신저를 통해 실제 친구가 아닌 가상의 친구들을 만들어 소통하는 재미를 느껴봤기 때문에 요즘 아이들의 이러한 관심사를 이해하는 편이기도 합니다.

무엇보다 저도 직접 메타버스 메신저에 들어가서 일상의 내가 아닌 힙한 나를 꾸며보기도 하고, 좁은 아파트가 아닌 가상의 큰 집을 꾸며보며 대리만족을 느끼기도 하는데요.

요즘 떠오르는 메타버스 메신저 이프랜드(ifland) 소개해 드릴게요.
ifland는 SKT에서 만든 메타버스 플랫폼인데요.

이 안에는 가상의 집인 이프홈(if home)과 가상의 캐릭터(if me) 그리고 다양한 나라의 사람들과 소통할 수 있는 if square도 있답니다.
들어가서 보니 편의점, 대학교, 도시 등 다양한 컨셉의 공간이 있어 여러 가지 성격의 모임이 가능해 왜 사람들이 실제 오프라인 장소가 아닌 이프랜드에서 만나는지 이해할 수 있었어요.

특히 내 감정을 표현하는 데 있어 이모티콘으로는 확실한 표현이 어려울 때도 있었는데요. 이프미가 내 표정을 따라 해서 메타버스 모임 시 더 재밌게 소통할 수 있더라고요 ㅎㅎ

이렇게 핫한 이프랜드에서 이번에 새로운 기능으로 이프홈을 선보였는데요 :-)
현실 세계에 내 집은 없지만! 메타버스 메신저 내에서는 아주 으리으리한 집을 만들 수 있답니다.

해변과 우주, 숲, 도시 중 원하는 곳을 고르고 집 모양도 현대식, 유럽풍, 한옥풍 등 취향에 맞게 선택할 수 있었어요.

모던한 전원주택은 제가 꿈꾸던 모습이라 바로 골랐고 제가 가장 것들로 가득 채웠답니다 :-)
이렇게 꾸미고 나니까 내 공간을 자랑하고 싶은 마음도 막 생기더라고요?ㅎㅎ

이렇게 ifland의 if home을 통해 내가 표현하고 싶었던 나만의 공간을 꾸며 다른 사람들과 공유할 수 있는데요.
다른 사람의 이프홈에 놀러 가 게시물을 구경하거나 발자국을 남길 수도 있고, 내 이프홈에 초대해 소통할 수도 있어요.

실제 오프라인에서 알고 지내는 친구들만 놀러 오는 게 아니라 다양한 나라의 사람들과 소통할 수 있어서 더 재밌게 느껴졌는데요.

저도 다른 사람의 이프홈에 놀러 가 게시물도 구경하고, 발자국을 남기는 등 존재감을 드러내보았답니다 ㅋㅋ

이렇게 이프홈에선 나의 흔적만 남기는 것이 아니라 실시간 스몰톡도 할 수 있었는데요.
음성 대화도 가능하다는 점!!

특히 이프홈이나 이프스퀘어에는 노래방 기계도 있어서 코노가 아닌 이프랜드 안에서 노래를 부를 수도 있는데요.

진짜 반주가 흘러나오고 내 목소리를 녹음할 수 있어요 ㅋㅋ
진짜 노래방에서 노래를 검색하듯 요즘 핫한 아이브의 Kitch를 소심하게 불러보기도 했다져 ㅋㅋ
이렇게 노래를 부르면서 이프미의 이모티콘을 눌러 짧은 춤도 추게 할 수 있어 나 홀로 있는 이프홈에서도 즐거웠다며!!
가상의 내 집에서 노래를 부르는 것도 재밌게 느껴졌는데, 이프홈에 친구들을 초대해서 다 같이 노래 부르고 놀아도 되겠죠?

이프스퀘어 중에는 아바타 노래방도 볼 수 있었는데요. 관객이 되어 앉아서 다른 이프미의 노래를 들을 수도 있고, 직접 노래를 부를 수도 있었답니다 ㅎㅎ
마치 전국노래자랑 같은 너낌!

요즘 어딜 가든 돈 없으면 못 하는 세상이라 더욱 이러한 메타버스 메신저가 핫한 것 같은데요!
ifland 안에는 다양한 공간이 있어 지루하지가 않더라구요 :-)
실제 현생의 친구들로만 소통하는 게 아니라 다양한 사람들의 이프홈을 방문해 발자국도 남기고 스몰톡도 하며 다양한 친구를 사귈 수 있어 너무 재밌다며!

남의 이프홈 놀러 가서 소파에 앉아 쉬는 중 ㅋㅋ
저는 밖에 나가면 좀 쉽게 지치는 사람인데 이렇게 소통하니 더 재밌게 느껴졌답니다 ㅎㅎ

이렇게 새로운 서비스를 선보인 기념으로 이프랜드에서 If home 챌린지를 진행한다고 해서 소개해 드려요 :-)

꾸며줘! If home 챌린지 당첨자 발표 : 2023년 06월 13(화)
꾸며줘! if home 챌린지는 내 마음대로 꾸밀 수 있는 공간인 if home을 다양한 소품과 가구를 활용해 꾸민 후 제출하는 챌린지예요 :-)

[ 꾸며 줘! if home 챌린지 참여 방법 ]

1) ifland에서 회원가입 후 나의 이프홈 꾸미기
2) 완성된 이프홈의 오른쪽 상단 스크린샷 버튼을 눌러 캡쳐하기
3) 오른쪽 하단 공유 버튼 클릭해 이프홈 공유 클릭해 나의 이프홈 URL 복사
4) 이벤트 참여하기 버튼 눌러 스크린샷과 복사된 URL 제출 시 응모!

당첨자 발표는 6월 13일에 예정되어 있는데요.
if home 챌린지 경품이 정말 대박이랍니다 +_+

베스트홈 수상자 : 맥북 에어(M2) (1명)
최다 발도장 : 아이패드 Air WIFI(64GB) (1명)
최다 방문자 : 애플워치 시리즈8 (1명)
창작상 : 에어팟 Pro 2세대 (3명)
참여상 : 배달의민족 상품권 1만원 권 (300명)(랜덤 추첨)

맥북 에어, 아이패드, 애플워치, 에어팟프로라니..!
이 중에 하나만 돼도 얼마나 좋겠냐며 ㅎㅎ
사실 배민 상품권만 받아도 엄청 좋을 것 같아서 바로 응모했답니다!

이프랜드에서 나만의 이프홈을 꾸미는 것만으로도 진짜 언젠가 이런 집에서 살 수 있을 것 같은 기대감에
기분이 좋아졌는데요. 현생은 갓생이 아니지만ㅎㅎ 메타버스 메신저 내에서라도 갓생 살고 싶어 즐기고 있는데요. 여러분들도 나만의 이프홈 꾸며서 챌린지 참여하시고 경품도 노려보세요 ^^

📷이프랜드에서 나만의 공간 이프홈을 만들어보세요!
"ifland - 새로운 메타버스, 이프랜드 꾸미고, 배치하고, 이프랜드의 새로운 서비스인 이프홈에서 나만의 공간을 만들어보세요! 모던하게, 시크하게, 내추럴하게 아니면 아이돌처럼 귀엽게! 나의 이프홈을 꾸밀 수 있어요. 이모티콘을 사용하여 감정표현과 꾸미기가 가능해요. 나를 표현하고 기록을 남겨보세요. 다른 사람이 만든 이프홈도 구경하고 나의 게시물도 친구들에게 자랑해 보세요. 이프홈에서 즐거운 스몰톡도 나눠보세요!


Create your own space ifhome in ifland!
"ifland - new metaverse, decorate, deploy ifland, create your own space in ifland's new service, ifhome! Modern, chic, natural, or cute like an idol! I can decorate my if groove. Emotional expression and decoration are possible using emoticons. Express yourself and leave a record. See ifhome made by someone else and show off my posts to friends. Enjoy Small Talk on If Home!

These days, teenagers promise to meet at Metaverse Messenger, not offline.

It is said that in it, I create a virtual space between me and myself and interact with not only close friends but also people around the world who have similar hobbies and interests.

In my case, when I was a teenager, I also had fun communicating with virtual friends, not real friends, through various messengers, so I understand these interests of children these days.

Above all, I also enter the metaverse messenger and decorate my hip self, not my daily self, and I feel vicarious satisfaction by decorating a virtual large house, not a narrow apartment.

Let me introduce you to the emerging metaverse messenger ifland.

Ifland is a metaverse platform created by SKT.

Inside, there is a virtual house, if home, if me, and if square where you can communicate with people from various countries.

When I went in, there were various concept spaces such as convenience stores, universities, and cities, so I could understand why people meet in Ifland, not in real offline places.

In particular, there were times when it was difficult to express my feelings with emoticons. Ifmi imitates my expression so I can communicate more fun during the metaverse meeting

This hot ifland introduced ifhome with a new function. :-)

I don't have my own house in the real world! Inside the metaverse messenger, you can make a very elegant house.

I was able to choose the beach, space, forest, and city that I wanted, and I was able to choose the shape of the house to suit my taste, including modern, European, and hanok style of hanok.

The modern country house is what I dreamt of, so I chose it right away and I filled it with the most things :-)

After decorating like this, I wanted to show off my space?Haha

Through ifland's if home, I can decorate my own space that I wanted to express and share it with others.

You can visit someone else's ifhome and look at the posts or leave footprints, or invite them to my ifhome to communicate.

It felt more fun because I could communicate with people from various countries, not just friends I know offline.

I went to someone else's Ifhome, looked at the posts, left footprints, and showed my presence lol

Like this, I could not only leave my traces on If Home, but also do real-time Small Talk.

Voice conversation is also possible!!

Especially, ifhome or ifsquare have karaoke machines, so you can sing in ifland, not in coin karaoke.

I can record my voice with the real accompaniment lol

I even timidly sang Kit from Ive, which is hot these days, as if I were searching for a song in a real karaoke room

You said you had fun even at If Home, where you are alone, because you can make me dance for a short time by pressing If Me's emoticon while singing like this!!

It felt fun to sing in my virtual house, so can I invite my friends to Ifhome and sing and play together?

I could see Avatar Karaoke in If Square. I could sit in the audience and listen to other IFME songs, or I could sing myself Haha

It's like a national singing contest!

These days, metaverse messengers seem to be all the more popular because it's a world where you can't do without money wherever you go!

There are various spaces in ifland, so it's not boring. :-)

You said it was so much fun not only to communicate with real-life friends, but to visit various people's If homes, leave footprints, do small talk, and make various friends!

Going to someone else's If Home and resting on the sofa lol

I get tired easily when I go outside, but it's more fun to communicate with you like this Haha

To commemorate the introduction of this new service, I am introducing the If home challenge in Ifland. :-)

Decorate it! If home challenge

Winners announced: June 13, 2023 (Tue)

Decorate it! The if home challenge is to decorate the if home, a space where you can decorate it as you want, using various props and furniture and submit it :-)

[Decorate it! How to participate in the if home challenge]

1) Decorating my if home after signing up for membership in ifland

2) Tap the screenshot button in the upper right corner of the completed If Home to capture

3) Click the Share button at the bottom right Click Share If Home Click Copy My If Home URL

4) If you press the "Participate in the event" button and submit a screenshot and a copied URL, apply!

The announcement of the winners is scheduled for June 13th.

The if home challenge prize is amazing +_+

Best Home Winner: MacBook Air (M2) (1 person)

Most footprints: iPad Air WIFI (64GB) (1 person)

Most visitors: Apple Watch Series 8 (1 person)

Creative Award: AirPods Pro 2nd Generation (3 people)

Participation Award: 10,000 won gift certificate of Baedal Minjok (300 people) (random lottery)

MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods Pro!

How nice would it be to be one of these

Actually, I thought it would be great to get a Baemin gift certificate, so I applied right away!

Just decorating my own If Home in Ifland, I thought that I would be able to live in a house like this one day

I feel better. I'm not a newborn, but I'm enjoying it because I want to live a newborn life even within the metaverse messenger. Make your own if home and participate in the challenge and aim for prizes ^^


Create your own space ifhome in ifland!
"ifland - new metaverse, decorate, deploy ifland, create your own space in ifland's new service, ifhome! Modern, chic, natural, or cute like an idol! I can decorate my if groove. Emotional expression and decoration are possible using emoticons. Express yourself and leave a record. See ifhome made by someone else and show off my posts to friends. Enjoy Small Talk on If Home!

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2023.06.01 16:34 somewhatmorespecial Pre-6th Anniversary Livestream announcements!

who's ready for year 6
First, the reveal of our next ranking event!
Second, news on the next gacha, SONG FOR YOU! Gacha Vol. 41!
Third, news on the 6th Anniversary event!
Fourth, there will be a special 6th Anniversary Livestream on 28th June, 1800 JST! The guest list will be as follows:
Here are the links to the livestream:
Fifth, news regarding the annual Akihabara collab!
Sixth, news about Act-2 of 10th Live Tour, "5 TO [email protected]!!
Seventh, some anime news!
Eighth, Million Live! will be collaborating with Itotsune! They will be selling special collab fan designs based on Hanasakuya! For more info, you can refer to their Twitter account.
Ninth, Million Live! will be collaborating with COTORIDO a crepe brand! During the collaboration period, special crepes with the featured 6 idols' designs will be sold, along with special novelty goods! For more info, you can refer to their Twitter and Instagram.
Tenth, as announced earlier, Million Live! will be collaborating with the Rakuten Eagles! Subaru, Julia and Megumi will be the featured idols for this collab, where they will appear in a baseball game against the Seibu Lions on August 30th! More news, including the key visual, to come soon.
Eleventh, Round 3 of the dinos collaboration is ongoing! This round features Haruka, Yukiho and Minako promoting kitchen tools!
Twelfth, MILLION [email protected] VARIETY 03 is now currently on sale! It features "Shunpuu Manpan Starting" and "LiberaSing/Along", along with their instrumental versions!
Thirteenth, a reminder that pre-orders for the SUNRICH COLORFUL BD are currently ongoing until 4th June!
Fourteenth, the Onkiyo collab's 2nd wave has begun! It features new voice lines from Mirai, Shizuka and Tsubasa for the ANIMA Studio app. There will also be special wireless earphones released to celebrate this soon; refer to their official social media for updates.
Fifteenth, a reminder that these figures of Makoto and Ayumu will be released on October and November 2023 respectively. You can also get special items by pre-ordering the items from either Tamashii-Web or AsobiStore.
Sixteenth, a reminder that the webcomic "Ama-iro no Asterism" will be getting its first physical volume printed on 27th July!
Seventeenth, to recap all of the above, here is the schedule for this summer:
Eighteenth, those in Japan can retweet the given hashtag for the chance to win these special illustrations.
Nineteenth and lastly, 390 FREE Jewels!
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2023.06.01 16:33 sajtosrolo From ZLC to ASC, just before the Artifact Mission sensor update

From ZLC to ASC, just before the Artifact Mission sensor update submitted by sajtosrolo to EggsInc [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:33 elliebelly90 found this browsing ikea website.. thought of you guys ✌️❤️

found this browsing ikea website.. thought of you guys ✌️❤️ submitted by elliebelly90 to h3h3productions [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:33 ewbankpj Is this area safe?

How do you know if you are moving to a safe area?
When making a decision on where to buy a new house, we would like an insight on the neighborhood especially the level of crime.
Below are some useful online tools to better gauge a potential neighborhood:
Community Crime Map- powered by LexisNexis, this site provides multiple filters and breakdowns of crimes that have occurred in specific locations. You can use this to view cities all over the country.
Crime Dashboard - "This dashboard tracks major crime incidents as reported in NOPD’s Calls for Service database." This site is more for statistics while the Crime Map is more of a location based tool.
Sex Offender List - New Orleans's law enforcement utilizes OffenderWatch to manage and monitor the whereabouts, conduct and compliance status of the registered offenders in New Orleans. You may enter any address in the county and see real-time information on the publishable offenders within the specified radius of the address you enter.

While Real Estate Agents cannot outline which areas of a city have more crime than others, they can share tools for clients to learn on their own.
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2023.06.01 16:32 ballsupbitches Tech deck vs Fingerboard

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I just got started fingerboarding, my friend gifted me some tech decks and I'm really enjoying it. What I wanted to ask the community is, what is the difference between a tech deck and a wooden fingerboard? Should I get a wooden fingerboard right now? Or should I practice and get one later?
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2023.06.01 16:32 foxandbearcams [Offer] 29 year old gal into RPGs, tabletops or video games. Looking for a player 2!

I'm a social worker during the day, but I have time to chat normally! My evenings are filled with video games, movies/TV and a bong rip to settle after work. My weekends are either Dungeons and Dragons games, comic book store runs, hiking, camping and once a month it's LARP! Which is basically Dungeons and Dragons, but I dress as my character and camp 3 days as her.
I'm looking for a nerdy boyfriend into similar stuff, or at least finds it cute and/or interesting.
I'm seeking $80 weekly, and I also have a Amazon wishlist if you're into gifts for bdays and stuff.
I can take cashapp (preferred) or paypal, Google pay or (least preferred) Amazon giftcards.
If you like my profile and wanna connect k-i-k is foxandbearcam or dm me!
I am a +18 adult offering sfw companionship to another +18 adult.
submitted by foxandbearcams to HireAGirlfriend [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:31 JAIROD3 Looking to exchange friend codes with some A.C.N.H Addicts :)

My Island is named: Long Island and my friend code Is: SW-4804-8477-0303 DA- 3013-4800-7765
Hi. I Hope we can be friends. Please send me your own friend code when you add me so we can be friends and send each other messages and gifts in the game. I play a lot and like to visit Islands and have visitors come over. I don’t steal from any trees or rocks and always ask to catch bugs or fish or to buy stuff at Nooks or Able’s. I respect everyone’s Island and I would appreciate the same. I like helping new players with fruits, vegetables and DIY’s or fossils, even Bells to build up your home. Anyone can add me. In case you’re new and don’t know, both players have to add each others friend code to be able to be on each others friends list.
How do you become friends with another player in ACNH? 1) Select the "Friend List" category within your account page, and tap "Add Friend," 2) Then "Search with Friend Code." 3) After you've entered their code and found the other "Animal Crossing" player you want to invite to your island, shoot them a friend request, and upon their approval, they'll be added to your Friends List.
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2023.06.01 16:30 lifesutra_co The Ultimate Amazon Product for Couples married for more than 10 years

Couple Reconnect for Couples more than 10 years

Are you married for more than 10 years and are trying to rekindle the spark? 😉
This is the best game for you!
200 cards discussing 13 important life areas. Designed by a US Psychologist - based on scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR, and mindfulness.
When you play our game, you create a dedicated space in your day to deepen your bond connect, pay positive attention, and make each other feel special.
Even the best gift for Mothers Day, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, and any other holiday especially for date nights!
Key points in the product:
Based on psychological research, it helps elicit meaningful conversation to improve closeness, and appreciation in a relationship.
Lifelong lovebirds alike will find this deck of 200 cards fun and will reinvigorate your love with healthy, vibrant conversation.
Express yourself freely, understand deepest emotions, respect boundaries, appreciate love languages, grow together, and feel connected & happier.
Set the mood for date nights. Nurture your relationship with a satisfying romantic life by consistently saying and doing things that you both enjoy
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2023.06.01 16:29 Impossible-Animal-60 [WTS] HULL D with starter pack LTI - 370 $

[WTS] HULL D with starter pack LTI - 370 $
hello everyone, i want to sell this hull d LTI with the game at 370$ only people verified with historial.
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2023.06.01 16:29 nancybaker_ Google Play Store Gift Card Free

Ways to get Free Google Play Store Gift Cards, explore the world of free gift cards, from understanding what they are to discovering ways to obtain them without spending a dime. By signing up on these GP giveaway or apps, users gain access to a variety of tasks, surveys, and offers that enable them to accumulate points towards free gift cards.
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2023.06.01 16:28 sadghost1894 Could anyone invite me to campfire please?

I still couldn't get in and would really appreciate if anyone have a extra invite to give away! My friend code is 5664 9045 8921 I play everyday and will send daily gifts! :)
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2023.06.01 16:28 InjurySavings2995 Honestly I just need to vent...

I (29f) am currently dealing with a physical condition that has been very triggering of past traumas. I've spent the majority of this last year either disassociating and devoid of emotion, or reliving painful flashbacks of abuse when the condition flairs up. My mom has actually been helpful for a while through some of this- helping me get around after my latest surgery, making me soup when I could only keep down broth (even glossing over the fact that she didn't help me with dishes as promised, I'm not even upset about that one). So I started to open up a little more with her, ask for advice or just have an ear to vent to when I'm feeling so overwhelmed that I want to end it all. During one of these moments, alone in my apartment less than a week after returning from the surgery, I'm dealing with a crisis in the after math of that. More venting and panicking, I text her explaining what's going on in hopes of a little bit of sympathy. Guess I overstayed my welcome in her good graces; "F*ck off and figure it out yourself" was all I read of the text before I shut down and deleted the message history from her. Had my bf delete the 20 minute long voice-mail she sent 5 minutes later with her sobbing about how she's not feeling well and-- well, there wasn't really an apology so I'm glad I didn't listen to it or it probably would have made me feel even worse.
It's hit me really hard this time around. I feel like a moron for thinking I could actually open up and talk to her about anything, because this is always what happens. She's nice and agreeable when she thinks it'll get her something, but as soon as she's tired of the charade or gets whatever payout she's seeking, it snaps like a feeble twig. Then she comes back like she did nothing wrong when she wants more, texting me and calling me constantly; I've ignored most of her communication since then but she always pulls me in with "something important" or offering "gifts" (like bringing me weed and then asking for the $40 after dropping it off, so not really even gifts just delivering shit and seeking praise. And I'm a monster if I don't tell her to be safe while she's taking a trip to see my brother, right?). I want to go nc after this, but I loathe the thought of putting too much on my boyfriend and sending him running for the hills. I'm working on seeing a therapist but even my doctors can't seem to find an opening for me anywhere in the area. I'm currently unemployed and don't have the funds for those crappy online therapists like betterhelp (my bf has talked about this as an option, but I'm making so little in comparison to him right now that I feel like that's just a huge waste of his money and I cannot bring myself to become a bigger burden than I already am for him). I miss being almost mentally stable while on medication, but my last psychiatric got all buddy-buddy with my mom and dropped me like a hot potato about 3 years ago; my mom still texts him on a weekly basis, but guess my issues aren't important enough to get me in or on any medication again.
Then, one shitty thing after another. I decided to get rid of my 2 cats of 3 years; had them almost as long as I've been with the current bf. All of the hair has been hell on my recovery and I can't even bend over for simple tasks like feeding or cleaning litter. The bf understood and reassured me my health was more important, so... We rehomed them, and I made sure they were going to a good home so I have that peace of mind that they'll be loved and taken care of. I just watched my bf mourn the loss of our cats more than I mourned the loss of both my grandparents (who raised me over half of my childhood). I feel like a monster after witnessing him break down like that; I have no idea how to comfort anyone and it felt like he was shutting me out anyway. I am the reason he's crying so why would he want my comfort? We had to get rid of the cats because of me and it made him cry. I suppose it'll make the decision easier for him when he finally gets fed up with my shit as well and leaves me, but I just feel so... lost. I know it's not healthy to live only because of one person, but I can't go back to my abusive family if he decides to leave. I'm better off dead in the street than suffering like that again. Even if I could physically handle working full time, it isn't enough money to sustain a person living by themselves; not with any job I'm able to get in this shitty economy. I'm just a pathetic sack that's failed as an adult and just wants the pain to stop for five fucking seconds; to feel like I have some value even when I know that's bullshit and anyone who tells me I do is just lying out of fear that I'll off myself and they'll be stuck cleaning it up. A part of my mind is telling me I should do everything in my power to be happy and healthy for my bf after causing him such anguish, but I'm so sick of lying and saying I'm okay. I'm sick of smiling when I just want to ugly cry. Everyone is telling me that I need to be more positive about life but literally the only thing I've wanted since I was 5 was to not be forced to live in this awful world and I'm just so tired of all this bullshit... I think I've ranted enough, not expecting anyone to read through this crap anyway;; Just needed some outlet while I'm stuck alone with my shitty thoughts...
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2023.06.01 16:28 demon_slayer_002 Giving Gifts to myself.

Giving Gifts to myself.
Buying gifts for myself because:
  • I can and I will
  • To keep myself motivated
  • Shonk paale jaate hai unko maara nhi jaata
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2023.06.01 16:27 Dubpgh Mold in strainer, cast iron pot

Mold in strainer, cast iron pot
As the title states, we accidentally left moist tea in the strainer for a little too long and when I remembered I found white mold growing through the infuser. Now, I tossed the infuser because I can replace it but what about the pot? What’s the best recommendations on cleaning it? It was bought as an anniversary gift so, I definitely want to get it done properly and quickly! Any help appreciated!!
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