A histogram shows _____ and _____.


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2023.05.28 04:40 Ivar_Boneless_8016 18M [friendship] I would like to talk to someone

I enjoy playing videogames and chilling to some music orchestra mostly, watching movies TV shows and I'm soon going to college Learn computing. I'm introverted too and I enjoy reading alot. it would be great to have someone to chat with (everyone ik is either working or busy) I am a talkative introvert. I indulge in a lot of hobbies as I like to spend a lot of time on my own: I play video games on my PS4. Games I have played from start to finish are The Witcher, all Tomb Raiders, and Uncharted. I wasn't brave enough to finish The Last Of Us, but I'm working on that. I also play ColdWar Zombies quite a lot. Though it does not mean I am any good at it. I read books. have been looking into thrillecrime books. I have read most classics in my younger years and I do enjoy poetry and a couple of self-help books.
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2023.05.28 04:40 dpgoverride Mesquite & Resin Case Water cooling done!

Mesquite & Resin Case Water cooling done!
Swipe 👉
Thanks to all that followed me along this journey and showed support and ❤️. To any that were or still are interested in a case like this I will post when I start making the next ones.
Project Mesquite & Resin SFF case is finally complete! All hand built, brass hardware AND this is my first water cooled build, totally diggin' it so far. Inspiration largely came from the Xproto L.
Specs > Team Red
5800x3d w/ -30 PBO XFX 7900 XTX Overclocked G.Skill B-Die 32g 3600mhz, 2000 flck Asus x570-i Gaming Corsair sf750 Barrow Rads, Fittings and Combo Pump Block Primochill PMMA Tubing Alphacool GPU Block Noctua NF-A12X25 Fans
Running on a 32" Viewsonic 4k 144hz Monitor.
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2023.05.28 04:40 Sam_in_peas Entitled “Celebrities”

Im not even saying this person is massively famous. Just fucking annoying. If someone was asked who this person was outside my country I be 99/100 no one would know who he was.
I work in a very popular chain here and it’s a pretty big building so we get a lot of regulars. One of them being this person who we will called Ted. Ted was on a well known tv show here and then moved onto social media and continued his career there. Online he seems like a sweet, kind and humble person. However meet this man in real life. Entitled, rude, loud. He’s the opposite of what he’s like on social media. Oh and he definitely does sniff, (I’ve kicked out 3 of his friends out because of that). Everytime he comes in I instantly just get the ick.
Today Ted decided he was going to scream the motherfuckin building down and use the inside as a free smoking area. I approached him politely and said that his volume needs toning down and that if he would like to vape he needs to go outside. He then put his hands up like I was going to shoot him (oh how I wish) then shouted “SORRY SIR, PLEASE DONT UPSET MY 1. Whatever it was million followers for KICKING ME OUT. Sorry what? Shut the fuck up. Then for some reason decided to chew in my face and then shouted some word fucking salad in my face. I then yelled at him to sit down, shut up and stop making a fool or I would throw him out and Bob him from the premise. He definitely shut the fuck up after that however made stupid faces at me until he left.
How this man is even a man is beyond me. What a fucking child. I hate people who have a limelight who act like this. Grow the fuck up and fuck off.
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2023.05.28 04:39 Consistent-Long62 Claiming your website - ETSY/Pinterest

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2023.05.28 04:39 Blonde_Curvy_2023 42 [F4M] Mountain Time/Online/Anywhere, Would you like to watch one of these movies or shows together online now? :)

Hi! Hope you’re having a great night/day! :) Single 42/F/US, I’d love to watch one of these shows or movies together with a great single guy right now (each on our own devices) while we chat! :)
Here are the shows/movies I’m interested in, please let me know your age, location, whether you’re single, and which one you’d like to watch together in your intro. Looking forward to hearing from you! 😊
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2023.05.28 04:39 qqcase Louis Vuitton iphone14 15pro case Galaxy S23/S23U case brand

Louis Vuitton iphone14 15pro case Galaxy S23/S23U case brand

Louis Vuitton iphone14 15pro case Galaxy S23/S23U case brand

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Louis Vuitton iphone14pro case ladies males popular iphone14 14plus 14pro max cover shockproof durable

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LUXURY CHANEL GALAXY S23/S23+/S23U CASE ladies males fashion galaxy s22/s22+/s22u cover soft durable
chanel galaxy s23 case paris made of white leather material, soft,durable and very easy to clean. galaxy s23+/s23u cover made with leather back cover and hard polycarbonate inner cover , Galaxy S22/S22+/S22U Case provides good shock proofing and anti-drop protection, Protect your phone from daily wear and tear.
Chrome Hearts apple watch se2 strap leather wristband apple watch 8/7 belt women men popular
chrome hearts apple wacth 8 band brand uses fashionable leather style design with stainless steel buckle, comfortable touch feeling on your wrist, simple but attractive, look fantastic and fit your needs of sports and leisure wear. wrist strap apple watch se2 belt has an ergonomic design to allow you to adjust the strap easily.
We have many similar popular items. Please click to enter our store, and we will tell you the unique styles and special products.https://www.qqcass.com/
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2023.05.28 04:38 Hard2handleme Why can I move on from a narcissist?

Why can't I (M47)just give up and forget her? (F44)
We have been dating for over 5 years now and it's been rough. She is a narcissist and at times bipolar. We got into a fight about 3 weeks ago because she just disappears for days and then just shows up like nothing is wrong. Now granted she has her own place but she won't answer her phone or return any texts. She did this a long time ago when we where in our first year of dating but not since then.
So I confronted her about it and she just gets defensive and some how it becomes me doing something wrong. She also doesn't understand why it's not ok to hang out with ex boyfriends or a man that proposed to her while we are dating. I know she is the wrong person for me but I don't know how to say goodbye and give up. Why? Why is it so hard knowing she isn't honest with me? Any advise to get over her? I need it...
Tl;Dr dating a narcissist that disappears and then shows up and doesn't understand why? I need to move on but can't get over her. Why?
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2023.05.28 04:38 noddingstrength Attention Veteran War Update Enjoyers

Many months ago on a talk radio show I heard that Ukrainians (Azov I believe but not 100% sure) had shot several Russian POWs in the testicles, point blank. I didn’t believe this statement, it sounded extreme and besides - who would do such a thing?Well unfortunately I was made to believe it when I saw the video with my own eyes. I think it was close to ten, but definitely more than five Russian soldiers. They were bound up, with many on their knees. And the Ukrainians shot them in the testicles. They used mostly pistols, but also a couple rifles.
After several hours searching I am unable to find the video, as it seems Google has wiped it from existence. I even tried DuckDuckGo but had no luck. Whenever I search it up - a video of Ukrainians shooting Russians in the kneecap comes up. This is a separate video and not the one that I originally saw. The video I saw happened months before the Russian guy in the hat castrating the Ukrainian guy with the green razor came out.
If any of you guys know the video I am referring to, can you please link it or PM me? I have told people about this video but every single person calls me a liar or a Russian shill. Guys I saw the video with my own eyes but can’t find it anymore! Can you please help? Thank you.
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2023.05.28 04:38 BeautifuIBoi [Question] Is there any way to see the files of individual apps on an iPad?

Bit if an weird request here, I had a Spotify account a few years ago when I was studying abroad, but lost access to it because I used Facebook to sign in and didn’t set a password. And also because I made the mistake of settling my playlists to private and now I can’t remember my songs.
I downloaded all my songs on my iPad, I just want some way to see what they were, tbh I know nothing about jailbreak but I thought maybe jailbreak allows me to see the files of Spotify and maybe the names of each individual songs downloaded shows what they are.
After I came back i spent months trying to remember all my songs as best I can, I ended up remembering about 300 out of 400 something in total. But just the feeling of something is still missing is driving me nuts😂. I tried everything with Spotify and Facebook but because I no longer have access to the phone number I used to register Facebook with, it’s just a dead end. I even thought about hiring someone to hack my Spotify account or somethin💀💀💀
Any information would help, even just to tell me that this would never work just so that I can finally forget about this and move on😭😭😭
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2023.05.28 04:37 slugtone Adult yellowjackets are boring

The modern day timeline has no reason to exist. It’s boring. The wilderness timeline is better in every way, but is ruined every time they cut away to 40yr old Shauna and her soccer mom, dead marriage.
The wilderness has a much more interesting atmosphere, it’s exciting, dramatic and full of character.
Modern day yellowjackets cheapens the show. The setting looks dull, the plot is meaningless. It often tries to parallel the emotions from the wilderness timeline, mixed into the useless plot of modern day, but never has the same impact.
The wilderness mystery is dampened. We know at least a certain amount survive and the general extent of their trauma. It makes me care less about a characters conflict or emotional struggle when it cuts to them 25 years later, mirroring the same obstacle but now as a less interesting character, in a less interesting environment, pushing a less interesting plot that only serves as a shitty excuse for the modern day yellowjacket timeline to exist.
Nothing to do with the cast or any performances.
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2023.05.28 04:37 Noremac1234 Amphibia Blu ray boxset

if we want Amphibia in our homes where it belong, we need a boxset, so keep sending messages to disney and shout factory to show the series is still beloved.

Here the message I sent, feel free to use it.
Hello, I was wonder if your company could consider creating a box set of the complete series of Disney's Amphibia. It's my favorite animated series and I'd love to own it physically on blu ray. Matt Braly, the creator of Amphibia told us fans that with enough support this could happened to reach out to your company about it. Also if bonus content such as deleted scenes and crew commentary on the production of the series could be included that would be incredible. There's so many fans like me out there dying for a box set of this series. I would pre order this immediately. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you would have a set for the fandom.
Send it here: Contact Us – Shout! Studios (shoutfactory.com)
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2023.05.28 04:37 HerrLanda Some thoughts on Persona 5 Royal after finishing it

I finished Persona 3 years ago and I enjoyed it. So jumping straight to Persona 5 Royal was a bit of a surprise, yet still familiar. Its clear that Atlus made a formula that worked, and P5R is best version of the formula that has been modified each game. I genuinely wonder how are they going to improve from this (gameplay-wise), if Persona 6 ever come out. I know this is just a rumor, but Persona 3 remake makes perfect sense to me. Put that game into this new Royal gameplay and I think it will be received well just like Yakuza Kiwami series.
Anyway, the thing that surprised me the most is the writing. I can only remember bits of Persona 3, but from what I can remember it was mostly straightforward. Persona 5 surprised me with the nuance, maybe because I just didn’t expect a high school sim+demon pokemon game combo to talk about these mature/adult subjects.
There’s the big picture of “adults always mess things up” which spread out to some other topics like physical and sexual abuse, bad parenting, forced marriage, blinding ambition, etc. Its all nuanced, real world topics I like but it require time to unfold. Which the game provides, but the game has tendencies to either oversimplify or overcomplicate things.
Kamoshida’s palace for example. The game showed how Kamoshida abused his students, butthat’s not exactly a “real” abuse because that was in his palace. We did see the victims outside of it, but not really in action. Im not saying the game has to show real abuse by him, but since this is a real world topic they’re talking about, to me the game felt half-hearted in bringing it up. Things happened on the background then a change of heart later, Kamoshida himself admitted to it. So it worked out in the end, sort of. It was good to see it happen but the way it unfolds, not really.
Madarame’s palace went the other direction. I think it’s enough for the players to see Madarame as greedy person who used people for his gain, but the game somehow went deeper by telling the players that this old man is so sick in his heart, he doesn’t care he inadvertently kills people. I mean I agree this old man needs a change of heart, but I just think it could be done quicker. Even though they’re trying to further story while introducing new character.
More or less, same things happened with other palaces. But I think they aware of this. Which was why they switched things up with Futaba’s palace, we changed her heart not to stop her being evil but to open her heart and start living. Interesting thing also happened with Sae’s palace, because we didn’t actually steal her heart. She changed outside of her palace, because Makoto knows full well of her sister and she knew what would it take to change her sister. It proves that people can change, without the intervention of the phantom thieves.
I also like how the confidant system works. Despite there’s no wrong answer, choosing the right dialog does help significantly. There are multiple characters that I just don’t get at first, which pushed me to hang out with them more. For what its worth, it made me understand them better and that’s cool. I got invested in some characters early and some grew later on. The game wants the player to feel like they’re building a relationship, and it worked to a certain degree.
Another thing I have to mention is how LONG this game is. If you don’t enjoy the normal, school life side of it, I don’t think you’ll get much fun from this. The game has so much content on this side that I missed some of it. I didn’t know about the jazz club until much later in the game. And If I know some characters will give you social stats while hanging out with them, I wont focus so much increasing it. In the end I managed to get most characters to max confidant rank (2 are at rank 8), but if I knew what I knew earlier, I can get them all.
There are 2 thing that I don’t really have any complaint about. The first one is the persona design. They just know how to make cool shit. I mean if they’re going to make persona 6, they should invest the same amount of time designing the personas as much as they design the gameplay or writing the story. The second is the music. Maybe not for everyone and I don’t know what genre these music are (i’d just call it pop, pop-rock) but I do think its refreshing to hear. I guess im just a bit tired of orchestra and stuff.
Lastly, the graphic. The game has great design and as you know, very stylised graphic. The game distinct character and it even managed to make loading screen looks cool. I’m not a game dev, but I assume this stylised graphic means the game is somewhat easier to run. These last few years AAAgames are moving toward photorealistic graphic which for me, isn’t entirely exciting. I would love for AAA game devs to take more Persona approach, doesn’t necessarily have to be anime style graphic, but just more distinct look on their game.
All in all, I enjoyed the heck out of it. There are inconsistencies here and there, but the game is just unapologetically being itself that I just accept and enjoy. I fully understand why this game is considered to be a modern JRPG masterpiece. I’m not trying to convince anyone, but even if you don’t like it, this is still a memorable game. It sets the bar high, for other games and for itself. Only other Persona game can top this one.
Would love to hear your thoughts about the game, and if im missing something.
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2023.05.28 04:37 BigSolution7321 Rave it up after a Show One night

Any EDM lovers in the giz crowd out here? Thinking about bringing my nice JBL speaker and dropping some wubs off a Playlist. Unless anyone going to the caverns is a DJ and wants to drops some sick shit around the campground them self. Flame me if you want but this four day camp and shows is Def giving a festival vibe.
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2023.05.28 04:37 Ok_Version_6248 Help please! Getting losses after opp. RQs.

I’ve played 2 games of FUT champs so far. Both times, my opponents quit after I took a significant lead, but after they quit, I see a loading screen that eventually ends in a message saying “trouble connecting to the EA servers.”
When I go back to my champs screen it shows the game as a loss for me.
This is definitely not my connection…
Game 1: opponent pauses right after I go up 3-1 in the second half of extra time and quits.
Game 2: opponent paused right after I go up 3-0 in the second half and quits.
Both times have counted as losses for me.
I don’t know what to do, as I’d like to finish champs given the rewards this week, but if I am going to get a loss after every RQ, it’s not worth it.
Really a massive bummer given this is French league rewards week and I’ve gotten rank 4 the past 2 weeks…
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2023.05.28 04:37 Cultural_Stomach_455 Hijabis wearing jeans

Hijabis wearing jeans
Can I as a hijabi wear baggy jeans like business jeans that have no shape to the legs showing the figure or cargos that are baggy too. Examples shown. I’d obviously be wearing tops that are long and baggy like blouses that cover the shape of my arms, torso, and butt.
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2023.05.28 04:37 vltnrizzo YouTube keeps showing me ads that hurt my self-esteem and mental health

I must've looked it up a few times and now these ads keep showing up, it's obvious scams trying to sell a way to "fix" my "issue", every time I see it all it does is remind me of it and hurt my self-esteem again and again and again, I've reported it several times, I've filled the form to block it more than once, first camly and then angrily and pleading for it to stop, and now while angrily trying to click to stop seeing it I accidently played it out loud and it made me embarassed in front of a family member, I fucking hate this, it's so extremely cruel that they'd collect this kind of info and show you fucking scams, fucking scams because there's no "fix" for it, it's quite literally IMPOSSIBLE to do what their sham "product" promises, it's such a inhumane thing to do all in the name of fucking using someone's data to try to make fucking money, pieces of shite, fucking pieces of shite.
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2023.05.28 04:37 UpsetBadger How long to wait before attempting bonding

Had them in side by side cages for a week and a half but 2 cages in that room means i dont have access to my closet anymore.
They have been showing happy noises and both roam their cages freely. They show interest in eachother. They are both happy and healthy.
But is there any specific clear sign to wait for? I understand how to do the bonding session but not how to know when.
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2023.05.28 04:36 pbjclimbing The Evolution of DOGE Pronunciation

The Evolution of DOGE Pronunciation
DOGE got its start in 2013 and there has been conversation since on how to pronounce it.
Slate ran a poll in 2014 on how to pronounce DOGE
It was split about 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 for dohj, dohg, and two-syllable close to dog-ee.
A Reddit poll in 2015 showed some change in the perceived pronunciation
Dohj took the lead with 43%, then dohg with 38%, and 11% with two-syllable close to dog-ee. It was clear that dog-ee was falling out of favor fast.
Fast forward to 2023 and it is known that it is pronounced dohj. There is no debate anymore. Jackson Palmer, one of the founders, put out a YouTube video with the "correct" pronunciation.
I still think it should be dog-ee/dog-eh/dough-eh and am glad ~1/3 of people in 2014 shared my viewpoint.
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2023.05.28 04:36 Additional_Gap2510 Understanding the Psychology of Enmu…

You want to know why he is sadistic, and masochistic at the same time?
The answer, he has a psychological problem of knowing the difference between reality and fantasy (dreams).
That makes me wonder what his psychological disorder was.
There is a name for it, but I do not remember what the name of such a disorder is exactly.
It could explain why Enmu since birth was not able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy.
What do you guys and girls think?
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2023.05.28 04:36 troysstory Waxxing Lyrical - My vinyl collection Instagram page

Hey everyone! Just like all of you, my love of Wax is endless, My collection is 407 records strong and growing every week. To showcase my collection, I've set up a dedicated Instagram page to proudly show off my stacks of wax. Please give me a follow. My aim is to not only show off my super eclectic collection, but also to spotlight some lesser known tracks within the albums (as well as celebrating the BIG songs too!). Some of my recent posts include Sir Sly, Troy Sivan, Shakira, Editors, The Weeknd, Twin Atlantic, Spoon, The Chicks, Peach PRC, Lady GaGa, Stand Atlantic and Gorillaz... I told you, It's a real mixed bag haha. Who knows, you might find a new artist you love or a new song you haven't heard before that's your absolute jam! Hope you can join me on my collecting journey.
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2023.05.28 04:36 IAMTHEBENJI Warehouse told me I was 31500. After 3 minutes of driving I had a feeling. And so I went to the nearest scale. I went back to the now completely unsecured warehouse and unloaded 2 stops to drop my weight down. Supervisor wasn't happy. Manager wasn't happy with supervisor

Warehouse told me I was 31500. After 3 minutes of driving I had a feeling. And so I went to the nearest scale. I went back to the now completely unsecured warehouse and unloaded 2 stops to drop my weight down. Supervisor wasn't happy. Manager wasn't happy with supervisor submitted by IAMTHEBENJI to Truckers [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 04:36 Sapphiretheagency How to keep/retain my fans?

Retaining your loyal OnlyFans fans is crucial for long-term success. Here are five effective strategies to keep them engaged and coming back for more.
  1. Consistent and Quality Content: Deliver high-quality content consistently to keep your fans hooked. Whether it's stunning photos, captivating videos, or personalized messages, prioritize both consistency and quality.
  2. Engage and Respond: Show your fans that you value them by actively engaging with their comments, messages, and requests. Respond to their questions and make them feel heard and appreciated.
  3. Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes: Share exclusive behind-the-scenes moments to make your fans feel like insiders. These glimpses into your life behind the camera create a sense of exclusivity and connection.
  4. Offer Special Deals and Discounts: Surprise your loyal fans with exclusive discounts or limited-time offers. Rewarding their loyalty not only shows appreciation but also incentivizes them to stay.
  5. Foster Community Engagement: Encourage interaction among your fans by hosting live chats, creating fan groups, or organizing virtual events. Building a supportive community adds value and keeps fans engaged.
Remember, consistency, engagement, exclusivity, rewards, and community building are key. Cultivate a strong bond with your fans, and they'll eagerly continue supporting your content for the long haul.
What are you doing to keep your fanbase engaged? Is there anything you're struggling with?
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