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2010.09.06 20:36 Ph0X osu! — circle clicking conundrums

osu! is a rhythm game based on the gameplay of a variety of popular commercial rhythm games such as Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents.

2023.01.31 21:55 gregrektsnoobs Aw hell yeah, Pat rock visitin’ Crazy Dave’s twiddydinkies- what he gonna but??

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2022.10.25 21:28 jMCs1 I would pay considerable money to see Muse open the vaults for the 20th anniversary of Black Holes and Revelations

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2022.10.05 16:56 JoeDooder1029 Outer Banks Blue

Has anyone had an experience with this company? My father in law is hesitant to book through them since they aren’t BBB accredited. We’ve always went with Twiddy or Carolina Designs but are finding it impossible to find what we need the week we need it next year.
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2022.09.27 07:05 BigImprovement2406 Kimmron Durrant

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2022.09.06 12:53 Due-Refrigerator-431 Relating to Synesthesia

I have been blind since birth, but I have light and shadow perception. Ever since I can remember, I have had experiences that are envoked by music, shades of light, smell, and sound, and I am wondering if I might be a synesthete. My family is so judgemental, and if, indeed, I have this, I am afraid that, if I tell them about it, they might think I am mentally ill and have me put away. Really, I like the fact that I can experience so many things. Being a fan of ambient music, I find that some of the music is a journey of the senses. I wrote about these experiences in my journal, and I decided to paste that excerpt in this post. It reads as follows:

Thursday, December 24, 2020
9:29 AM
I think I might have a cool idea for my next podcast, and it doesn’t have a thing to do with politics, but a rather awesome phenomenon that occurs when one sense crosses paths with another. Something that I haven’t told anybody about is that, for years, even when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have had this wild thing going on with music, touch, smell, and even sight in some cases. I don’t know why, but certain sounds make me either see, feel, or smell different things whereas touch, sight, and smell can make me hear certain sounds or even words. An example is the sound of a high-pitch piccolo. Whenever I hear it, I feel something made of brass, with its smooth surface and that tarnished smell to it. Yes, brass has a smell. Certain chords also pull up different smells. For instance, the lush sound of a harp being strummed from the bottom string clear up to the top is like the scent of a springtime flower garden with lots of roses and other flowers there. Some smells can even pull up these chords in my mind. It’s weird, and for years, I thought I had some sort of schizo thing going on. However, I was listening to a program last night on my clock radio, and they talked about this same thing. I was floored to find out that there are others, who can sense different things when they hear a sound. Why is it that the soft white noise of a radio out of tune with a station, you know, that continuous hiss, puts me in the bathroom of a house we used to live in when I was a toddler, across from the phone company? I see the different shades of light given off by the walls, the tub, and even the towels and packages of toilet paper on the shelves bathed in the soft white light of the ceiling fixture, and I can smell the aroma of the soap and the scented toilet paper? It’s weird. I don’t know why this is, but I swear with God as my witness that it is true. I can even smell baby powder and different things related to babies with certain chords of music. I think it’s pretty cool myself. It’s as if I can go on an endless journey through the world of touch, sight, sound and smell in my mind just by changing chords. Earlier, I mentioned the high-pitch note of a piccolo as being like the smell and feel of brass. Well, a rapidly warbeling piccolo gives me a wavy light in my mind, sort-of like someone is holding a mirror in front of my face and rapidly tilting it back-and-forth, thus causing the reflected light to shift. The sound of a banjo, for some reason, is like one of Mom’s small metal deep pans. The suspended chords in The Outfield’s “Voices of Babylon” feel like metal fan blades. A distorted guitar is like sunlight on concrete. The high notes played one string at a time on a distorted guitar is like a baby’s voice, and depending on how it’s played, it can either sound happy or sad. Chris Stapleton’s low guitar in his song, “Nobody To Blame But Me,” is like the barrel of a shotgun. I can feel the steel. I can smell the mixture of gun powder from the spent shells and the freshly oiled wood of the gun. This same sensation is brought by the sounds of Waylon Jennings’ songs, both his voice and the guitars. Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” is like bars of steel. Some chords can even feel like the sharp blade of a meat slicer, with its honed edge and its smooth flat surfaces. The high-pitch tinkle of small wind chimes or Christmas chimes fills a room with bright, shiny sparkles, like little flakes of gold everywhere. Breaking glass is a sudden flash of bright light followed by a long fading light as the sound dies down. Clattering dishes evoke bright flashes of light. Somebody clapping their hands in a room with a long reverb is white light that isn’t bright, but fluorescent, if you will, and it fades with the dying reverb until it becomes infinite darkness. It is so weird, and I have yet to tell people about it. I don’t know if I should write about it or not because, knowing my family, they’ll call me ignorant and say all kinds of crap. Some spoken numbers have these same effects on me. For instance, the number 1 is a squat, fat, fledgling toddler whereas 2 is the kick of a baby’s foot. The number, 4 sounds like one of those African flutes that are low and have kind-of a whispery sound to them. Why does the number, 12 feel like a baby bottle? I cannot explain, though I wish I could. The only thing I can say is that it is all synesthetic. The number, 10 is the fender on a bicycle whereas there are no real connections with other numbers than the ones I mentioned? Even certain names of people can bring on these sensations. For instance, the name, Matthew, is soft like velvet. The name, Eric (I swear to God) is like a piece of cake. Why is that? It’s fricking weird. the nickname, Wes is like a pigeon or some other small bird. The name, Bruce is the feel of a chain-link fence. When I hear the name, Mitch, I can smell the inside of a mechanic shop. The name, Debbie is like one of those flat, plastic makeup cases. Kylee is rough and rugged, like a mountain trail with trees all around and the morning sun in my eyes. The name, Sinbad is a very chunky baby, who hasn’t crawled or walked yet. The name, Ruth, I associate with the smell and feel of a dining room during Thanks Giving. Mary is the scent of my grandma’s house and the feel and shine of one of her round mirrors with a long handle on it. The name, Laura is a gentle family setting - an evening living room atmosphere, the TV on, and light shining from a lamp on an end table. However, Lori is the atmosphere of a ball room, large crowd, music, cigarette smoke in the air, etc. Toby feels like the handlebars of a bicycle. Josh is like the tray of a baby’s walker or that on the front of a baby swing whereas the name, Cody, when spoken or read, feels like the round piece you use to bat an air hockey puck around on the table. The name, Jesus is like a man’s hand, tender, but calloused. The name of the car, Chrysler, believe it or not, feels like one of those disposable Bick lighters. The name, Pat feels like a pack of cigarettes in my hand whereas the name, Patrick is a heavy backpack on my back. Gabriel is like one of my mother’s old skillet lids, shiny and smooth. The name, Mark is like the feel of an old phonograph record whereas the nickname, Joe is like a man’s fist. Roman is the smell of a public swimming pool. Steve is the feel of a bare bed mattress wit those thick, foamy material-coated squarish patterns on it. Either the word, Less, or the name, Les, is like the shape of a saxaphone whereas the name , Ester is like those flat metal s’s that you would see on porches with those aluminum decorative support pieces at the corners and near the steps. Dudley is a man’s hand holding a cigarette between the thumb and finger whereas Paul is a large dog with a thick coat and Joel is a young toddler on a rocking horse. The name, Alice is like an apple, round with its smooth skin and ripe smell. The last name, Monroe is like the rounded edge of a kitchen counter with its smooth laminate. The name, Misty is a tube of lipstick. Vanessa is like an antique wooden banister. Vera is a pair of glasses whereas Allen is a man’s hairy arm. The last name, Fauci, like Dr. Tony Fauci, is like a cocoon, like that on a caterpillar or moth larva. Not all words, smells, names, numbers, or colors can evoke these senses. For instance, I have no connection with the name, Jason. However, the nickname, Jake is a wiry, strong, muscular man. But then again, the name, Jace is like the feel of something made of hard plastic that is in the shape of a zucchini squash - long and fat. Whenever I hear the name, Ernie spoken, or if I read it, it is like the high-pitch cry of a steel guitar whereas Ernest is the feel of an incondescent light bulb. Norma has no synesthetic effects, but Shirley does. When I hear or read the name, I feel one of those chairs you’d find on a patio or in a yard. They are the kind with the wide, flat, iron arms that are bent like a u on each side of the chair. The bottom part of the curve, that rests on the ground, helps to stabilize the chair. the springy metal allows the chair to rock when you sit in it. That’s the name, Shirley to me. The nickname, Mike is like a vice on a wood shop table, like those little ones you’d see in a school shop. The name, Michael, however, is a boy on a bike. The name, Sady is like one of those Skittles candies whereas Lacie is an M. & M. Holly tastes sweet, like a cherry, where as Melany is sour like a lemon. Delbert is a leather belt. The last name, Blevins is the spread wings of a bird which is weird being that Wes feels like a bird to me. But the only difference is, Wes isn’t a bird either in flight or about to fly whereas Blevins is. Whenever I hear the name, Linda, I feel one of those little pinwheel things kids play with, and the last name, Miller is like a plastic windmill. Nancy is the knob on a stove whereas Sylvia is one of those little sleigh bells some people put on Christmas reaths. The name, Reba is a frisby, and the name, Olivia is one of those buttons covered with course material you would see on a couch or living room chair. The name, Casey feels like one of those old boom box radios that were around in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The name, Troy is a long, narrow strip of leather. The name, Phillis, I associate with the feel and the smell of a bar of Ivory soap, and the word, fellow has the feel and the scent of a bar of Dial. Then again, the word, baby feels and smells like a bar of original-scented Irish Spring whereas the name, Shelby feels and smells like a bar of Dove. The name, Cayla smells like dish soap. Yet, Michaela is the girth of a baby’s belly. The name, Marcy, to me, feels like one of those older baby high chairs with the metal trays and the vinyl seats and backs. Marcy feels like that slick vinyl on the seat and the back of the high chair. The name, Tom feels to me like one of those tall, skinny pressure cylinders used for holding propane or gases used for welding whereas The name, Rachel feels like a baby stroller. Amanda feels like a child’s arm. Randy feels like a wooden hand rail, one of those round ones with the flat bottom sides that are screwed onto the metal brackets along the stairway wall. The name, Velma is like a corduroy jacket. Why does the name, Stacy feel to me like that fat piece of the spring-loaded puller on a storm door, Why does the name, Seth feel like the leaf of a tree in the spring whereas the nickname, Beth is the feel of a tent or a parachute. The name, Elizabeth is the tip of a baby’s index finger, Lisa is a flower vase, Alonzo feels like the leg of a dog, and Lorenzo is the single lens of a pair of glasses. Augusto feels like a gentle breeze whereas Dierdre is the lathery feel of shampoo in my hair. Claudia is a beauty salon, Brent feels like one of those chalk board erasers. Why does the name, Moses feel like the warm breath being exhaled through a baby’s nose? The name, Phil is like one of those small, flat, boxy, tin cans of oil that have the long, skinny metal tube sticking out of the cap on top. The name, Jeff is like one of those tin boxes of pepper with the flip tops. The name, Shorty feels like one of those cylindrical cardboard salt containers. The name, Keith feels like a tool box to me. The last name, Richie is a wrench whereas the last name, Mosier is like one of those school chairs made of molded plastic with the metal legs. Milsap is a can of Pepsi. Rush, used as either a name or an action word, is like a giant ocean wave. Barbara is the feel of a thick, hairy dog’s tail that curves upword over its back. The name, Douglas is one of those big, glass jugs with the little loopy handle on top and the long neck, like the ones for holding homemade wine. The name, Richard, to me, feels like the crook of a wooden cane. Why is it to me that the name, Clifford is the firm grip of a man’s hand whereas the word, love is the grip of a woman’s hand? Henry feels like a glass dinner plate. Helen feels like a dinner plate made of plastic. Chandler is a coffee cup. 
The name, Peter and the nickname, Pete are both situated around one of those whistles with the little bead inside it that are used by your fricking P.E. teacher or a band director. Pete is a short blast on the whistle whereas Peter is a long blast. I cannot begin to explain why all of this is, but I swear on my soul that it’s true.
When I hear the name, Covid, you know, the virus, I feel a piece of thin plywood. Even some names of states have synesthetic effects when I hear them. For instance, the spoken name of Wisconsin feels like the brass eagle head handle of my grandpa’s cane. I don’t know why, but it does. However, if I was to feel anything else made of brass, like the long twist knobs on a bath tub faucet, or any brass that is accompanied with the tarnished scent, I hear the sound of the high notes of a piccolo. I cannot explain it. Hearing the name, Colorado has the feel of a maraca. Nebraska feels and tastes like a mouth full of warm grits whereas Iowa is the lens of a camera. Not all of the states have synesthetic connections just as not every word does. California, when spoken, is the feel of a sponge. New York tastes like coffee cake whereas Denver smells like a lime margarita. Onawa is a flashlight with the top removed and nothing inside it. Omaha has the texture of cranberry sauce. The name of the country, Brazil, when spoken, feels to me like a baby seal, which I got to feel when I was a kid on a field trip to a zoo. In my descriptions of my synesthetic experiences, you will read about the word, stock as being related to a woman’s hair. Well, the name, Amy also has relation. However, the name, Amy feels like a pony tail whereas the word, stock feels different. Stock is a long braid of hair. 
The name, Cledith is like that small metal basket that goes inside a deep frier. The name, Miles is like a smile on my lips. The last name, Wurtele feels like one of my grandmother’s glass bells whereas the last name, Roumpf feels like a snare drum. Why does the name, Sebastian feel to me like a skateboard, or the last name, Twiddy like the bill of a man’s hat? The name, Rover is like that coarse vinyl they put on car roofs whereas Grover feels like a street in a small town. The last name, Boley is an arm bent at the elbow and held out to the side with the hand in front of the person.
Why is it that, out of all these things I mentioned, there are no synesthetic connections with other words or names? For instance, I have none with the names, Rhonda or Wanda. Jessie or Jesse, Jessica, and Jack have no synesthetic reactions, but Elsey does. When I hear Elsey, I feel a baby, whose body is long and thin. Elsa is a baby being rocked back-and-forth in my arms. Other things that have no synesthetic effects on me are hospital, dog, burn, bun, hotdog, letter, check, wax, wain, will, won’t, don’t, do, can, can’t, bubble, bottle, fish, car, truck, boat, house, cow, horse, pig, etc. The names, Smith, Snyder, and Jean have no effect, but the name, Warren is the smell and the feel of an onion that had been cut in half. How come the letter, a is like one of those stirofoam bubble-shaped things that kids use to make things with yarn in art class? Why does the name, Reynolds look to me like two shiny metal spheres? Or even more baffling, why does Asia feel like a fricking metal coffee can with the label removed? The letter, b feels like an ink pen whenever I hear it. The word, god is like a piece of bread. the word, lady is like a purse strap. The word, seizure, to me, feels like a fricking piece of cheese. How can you explain that? I can’t even begin to try. The word, “Culvert” has a unique feel to it, too. It is one of those big, round flower pots you would think of being put in front of businesses and things. Though I know what a culvert really is, the word alone conjures up this image. The word, twirl is like that round bottle of underarm deodorant with the ball that you roll under each arm when applying it. When I hear somebody pronounce the word, aunt, like it was pronounced eons ago, “awnt,” it’s like that loud klaxon horn on a score board in the high school gym, or like the tornado alarm we had in my school when I was a kid. How come the word, climate feels to me like one of those round, plastic mustard bottles, kind-of short and semi-football shaped, with a flat bottom and the long spout on the cap? The word, pusher, you know, like a drug pusher, is a push mower. The word, coaster is a fricking cardboard toilet paper roll. East is like staring directly into the sun whereas west is a tree blowing in a brisk breeze in late afternoon. The words, peace and peaceful have a sound with them. It is that high-pitch squealy weeze of an excited infant. How come the word, wart feels like the bottom part of an onion with that little bump on it? The word, bile is like one of those square plastic aspirin bottles whereas the word, vile or the word, vial feels like one of those glass test tubes, like the ones used for drawing blood. The word, ether feels like one of those galvanized rubber hoses, like those used on car radiators. The word, nucleus is a big, metallic, boxy structure, like a central air unit. The words, blue and who have the same shape. However, one is just the feel whereas the other has an appearance. “Blue” is a round disk with thicker edges than the rest of the disk, and it has a murky appearance. “Who” is the same disk, but without any appearance, but just texture. The word, glycerine is a small, smooth glass bottle. The word, was, for some reason, is one of those molded plastic booster seats a kid sits in at a restaurant table. The words, help and hope have the same texture and feel, like a pealed banana, whereas the word, “cope” is like that rubber piece on a crutch, the part that goes beneath your arm. Why the hell does the word, hydrate feel to me like that little can of freon one would use to charge their car’s air conditioner? Even the word, hydra, which is the Greek mythical monster or an actual sea creature with filaments, has a similar feel. However, whereas hydrate feels smooth, hydra feels rough, like a container that had been allowed to sit and rust out in the weather. The word, grace, to me, is like one of those flat, disk-like, smooth, brass door knobs whereas the word, month is like one of those big, round, metal gas cans you’d find in somebody’s garage. Why does the word, stanch, like “to stanch the bleeding,” have the strong smell of Clorox bleach? Why does the word, stave, you know, like “to stave off the pain,” why does that word feel like one of those flat cardboard straps that are about half an inch wide, like the ones they put around cardboard boxes before shipping? Why, when somebody says, “Commir,” which is “come here” for those, who may not know how to spell the contracted form, why do I feel the fricking metal pull handle on a dresser drawer? And even stranger, why does the word, nature feel like an elderly person’s walker? The word, stay is like a plastic hula hoop whereas doctor is like the long, thin line of light cast from a single fluorescent light bulb. The nickname, Hap is the feel of the long fluorescent light bulb with its metal prongs at each end. However, the word, happy is like one of those boppy pillows you put a baby on. The words, owe and oh, or the letter, o is like that PVC trap on your sink drain. The word, stop feels like that smooth step on the inside of a public pool whereas the word, stock is a long braid of hair. The word, poison feels like a hairspray can whereas the word, long feels like one of the black keys on a piano or electronic keyboard. However, the word, along is like two black keys side-by-side. The name, Ella is like the bellows of an accordion. The word, speed feels like a bicicle tire. The word, child feels like a pair of those flannel sleeper pajamas with the plastic feet. The word, enough feels like the bars of an oven rack. The word, studder is a loose floor board. 
The word, hold feels like a wallet. The word, comfort feels like a cinnamon roll.
Feel and smell can even conjure up sounds in my mind. For instance, the smell of an orange is the name, Dorine. The smell of nail polish is associated with Kim. The smell of an old building, that quaint, slightly musty smell that is unique, but pleasurable, is the name, Emma. It’s amazing how this stuff works. 
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2022.09.04 02:53 Diligent_Tackle5335 Can I record PRO-Level Reel to Reel to a VHS tape

I can see a modified VHS recorder with something
like an 8-track head inside.. and the ability to place
8 hours of audio onto the VHS. is anyone interested in
helping me try this? IF INTERESTED pls email [r_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2022.08.17 05:36 65TwinReverbRI American wanting to know what UK beaches are like - can you swim, surf, etc?

TL/DR skip down to the line. Thanks to those who read and respond.
Hi, US citizen here. Limited worldview, so here, my concept of a Beach - like you might visit on holiday - is sandy beaches with fine sand and temperate waters where you can swim and surf, lay on a float, and so on, on the coast of an "ocean" or "sea" (i.e. not lakes or river beaches, which we do have as well).
I live in the mid-atlantic region, and we have a stretch of beach that is sandy, and during the summer months the waters regularly average above 68o F (sorry, yes, I'm American) and can even get fairly warm - to a point where the air temp and water temp can be the same - like 85F.
The waves aren't huge here, but during storms can get large, and we do have Surfing championships here.
But you can get in the water and swim, with just shorts/swim trunks on, from June through early September (and sometimes later, and even in May sometimes).
Most of our beach locally has actually been ruined by development and greed, and our sand is actually either dredged up from offshore and replenished, or even shipped in from other places (the natural sand is not unlike Play Sand you might buy at a hardware store for a kid's sandbox).
South of us there are some beautiful wide, and secluded beaches in addition to developed tourist/vacation areas that run the coast of North Carolina. They run from fairly populated to secluded and remote, and even some you have to get to by ferry.
(this would be "crowded" for that region, while the one above is like a "typical summer day" on the main beaches where I live)
In South Carolina we vacationed in Myrtle Beach when I was a kid and you could walk out for hundreds of yards (or meters, close enough) in water only up to your knees! South of that, Florida is also known for its sandy beaches (and "Florida Man").
North of us, things change a bit - you get more rocky coasts and "sand" and cliffs, and places where the water temp doesn't get as warm and the water can be a lot rougher - not as well known as surfing destinations and so on. There are still sandy beach vacation spot places where you can swim and whatnot but you start getting more and more of this:
We don't have rocks and hills/cliffs like that where I live.
I know our West Coast has sandy beaches in California especially South towards Baja California, but I know there are also high cliffs that drop to the ocean, sometimes with a little bit of sandy area at the base, but are not tourist/vacationer destinations or places you can really swim etc. I know as you head further north it gets even cliffier and rockier - Oregon has black sand beaches that are volcanic rock - and I'm not even sure you can walk on that without slicing up your feet.
It's more common to see west coast surfers in wetsuits - at least partial ones even in California, so I'm assuming the water temp is also pretty chilly. It also seems like it's generally rougher and there are absolutely things like Mavericks that have record-breaking waves that we just don't get here outside of Hurricane (even then, it's not common to be that size).
I like to watch a lot of British TV shows and I see a few places that look like my idea of a beach, as well as ones that are more like our northern east coast or west coast beaches (there's one with a big pier that seems to show up in a lot of shows - might be in Wales or Cardiff or something like that).
But I'm curious if you have any sandy beaches like the first couple of pictures I posted (posted above as links if you skipped here), and how big they are, if you can get in the water and swim - I mean I know people have swum the English Channel, but are there beaches where you can swim (or surf) there?
I'm looking at a map without knowing Geography, but Dover, Southend-on-Sea, Grimsby, Scarborough, Sunderland, Blackpool, Liverpool, Holyhead, Aberystwyth (this might be where that one beach is I see in a lot of shows), Swansea, Cardiff, Newport, Penzanze, Plymouth, Torbay, Weymouth, Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Hastings?
I've seen the Cliffs of Dover and that's a cliff!
We're more like Mont St. Michel where the tide comes in slowly and you can walk for miles on mudflats and so on (I know some places in UK have more drastic tides - I've seen where the Thames can actually have a wave on it as the tide goes and people have surfed that)
I would guess once you get further north into Scotland, and even Northern Ireland as well as the west coast of Ireland you're probably getting cold currents coming down from Iceland water - the North Atlantic. I'm guessing cliffs, rocky coasts, and cold water.
This maybe looks a little like my home beach:,1000x1000,075,f.jpg
Oh yeah, def (with lot fewer tattoos!)
I tend to think more this:
With David Tennant investigating a murder with the current Doctor Who being a bad actor still :-)
From those pictures and more I am finding things similar to what we have, but I guess I'm curious if you have large swaths of coastlines of nothing but beach like we have here on our East Coast that run for miles/km - this gives you an idea
and that's probably just 1/1000th of the length of the coastline there - or I'm probably way underestimating.
Just have always been curious.
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2022.08.06 22:53 Diligent_Tackle5335 C64 Book of Collected cheat POKE codes

Hi friends.. I am printing a C64 book for collectors which
will feature 1400 games and their silly 'POKE' codes..
which give you Unlimitted Lives, invincibility and
other things.. Some games are unplayable without these.
I know you can find a pre-hacked .PRG file for many games
onb the csdb website.. but if you are running actual disks
on actual hardware, you need these codes. It took literally
10 years to collect them.. and now, they are all in one book
with a flashy color cover. Thanks.. Any questions, please email me @ [r_[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for how to get one.. Thanks.. Also, could you guys mention it in a Weekly roundup- video... Just a thought.. I will post a video of what
the book looks like when it is ready.. P.
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2022.07.08 21:32 Sku11AndBones Can anyone recommend a realty company? I have had no luck with Dodson and Twiddy, due to no returned calls. I am looking to move to the williamsburg/surrounding area

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2022.06.06 20:01 i_eat_babies_TASTEY Here’s a theory:Crazy Dave from Plants VS Zombies is the one who started the apocalypse and is now ruling the world.

There are many pieces of evidence that support this. Ever wonder why there are tons upon tons of zombies? Well,Crazy Dave is a literal genius who simply likes to goof around,making a giant dinosaur with items others would consider as junk,meaning that he has more than enough supplies and wits to make special type of “virus”. And in the games,looking through the dialogue in “I,Zombie”,we find out that he can,in fact,talk and communicate with the zombies.Not to mention he can make the cardboard cutouts live! But,if he talked to them face to face,why would they not eat him? Because of the bacon supply in Twiddy Dinkies,so they can’t kill him because he is the only person with meat and food thats actually cooked! He is a mastermind and has the entire world eating out of the palm of his hand.LITERALLY!
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2022.03.18 17:47 pqmIII Cancellation policies and opinions on Vacasa?

Good afternoon all,
I am trying to put togetheorganize a family get together in Corolla the first or second week of September and wanted to complete my due diligence by asking the subreddit for their thoughts.
My wife and I have been to OBX and Corolla multiple times and when we do we normally go with Twiddy. However, the provision of a cancellation policy is important to members of our party given COVID and their risk appetite for the "re-market" option via Twiddy is limited. Additionally, since our rental will be during shoulder season, that might put added risk that the house might not be rented out and we would be stuck with the entire week if we are not able to go.
I was going through alternative rental companies through Air BnB and it seems that outside of owner rentals, Vacasa had the most generous cancellation policy with 50% refund if cancelled a month prior to our intended vacation date. I was just wondering if/wanted confirmation that my thoughts are correct with regard to Vacasa being the most generous. It seems that the cancellation policies with other companies (Kees, etc) are 50% if cancelled two months out.
Additionally, I just wanted to source any opinions on Vacasa as a rental provider. They seem to have captured most of the higher-end waterfront properties outside of Twiddy within our budget, but there have been some reviews online about sub-standard cleaning and lost reservations without refund. Normally we would have gone with Twiddy as we have had positive experiences with them, though the last house we stayed with them needed some TLC and additional cleaning (we gave them a pass given it was September of 2020 and I assumed that their cleaning crews were stretched to capacity and we just wanted to get out of the DMV for a week after being cooped up in our apartment) but the lack of cancellation is a big issue. Just given that we have had no prior experience with them I just wanted to get an idea if renting from Vacasa is a riskier proposition than others.
I also understand that no company will have perfect reviews, but just wanted to see if there were any red flags that the subreddit would know of.
Thanks for your replies in advance and much appreciated!
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2022.03.02 17:00 beeemmmooo1 Bonk twiddy - Live from the Bowling Alley [Timmy's 10th Birthday Party!!!] +HR 649/668 FC #10 117.28 UR First HR FC on cs 6.9!!!

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2021.10.20 00:50 ShoeLace1291 Rental beach house assets?

I've searched high and low on the steam workshop and havent been able to find any good ones. I'm looking for rental type beach houses, kinda like the ones you would find at the Outer Banks, NC. I'm trying to make a beach town. Anybody know of any good ones? Or if you'd be willing to make some that would be awesome.
Something like this is what I'm looking for:
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2021.07.17 18:15 eh3945 Twiddy rental

Long time OBX vacationers- this is our 16th year. We have an upcoming rental through twiddy and our house it too big for early check in 🤦🏻‍♀️
Last year was our first year without it and with COVID it was a kind of a nightmare that they couldn’t even guarantee that we could get in at 4pm
Has anyone been able to get in before 4pm this season? We have two little babies and a dog coming with us so trying to beat the traffic and get to OBX early but then the struggle is “what to do all day while we wait”
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2021.02.10 08:02 01Ouroboros Home Time, Iain Twiddy, Digital, 2021

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2021.02.09 04:43 zzfarzeeze Late for summer rental

I know it's a bit late to rent for the summer, but I was wondering if there were any rental companies that I can work with to find something. We're looking for a 5-7 bedroom, oceanfront. I've checked Twiddy and Carolina Designs but nothing is available. Any suggestions or hidden websites that I can check out? Thanks in advance!
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2021.01.30 02:11 inemeph Coptic 1/4 sleeve by Andy Twiddy at Vertigo Tattoo, Manns Harbor, NC

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2021.01.25 18:40 ScCloudy [FRESH VIDEO] Rare Americans - Knives, Guns & Beds feat. Clare Twiddy

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2021.01.23 23:08 leejtam The Conway Twiddy cutaway in the OJ Simpson episode

They really want to torture us with the entire song don’t they?
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2020.08.07 21:54 DangerRacoon [Chapter 3]: The beginning of adventure mode (Small) + Quick notes + More updates mentioned + World Functionality + Features and gimmicks

Quick notes as usual:I tried to contact George Fan The Other day over a whole different topic and I asked him about if he is open for Q&A's seems no response so far hopefully one day we get to ask him some questions related to pvz
Other note:Well this thread be long? Kinda,Well it explain most of the stuff not really,Then why is it long? Il have to explain some new mechanic,Gimmicks,And features also some mention some stuff removed in the remake
And please keep a note why there is always a delay in the chapters is because of brainstorming and the fact I dont wanna flood PlantsVSZombies
And one more thing is that again still open for this to become a reality just hit me up in the dms if you want to help out and we will discuss about getting newer members and plans
So lets just head straight through:
So before we head into story mode and what not I wanna mention on how I plan on fusing pvz 2 c with pvz 2 but more fixes and changes to pvz 2c side of thing since most of the plants there either act the same aka too useless,Too weak,Or too strong and some of the zombies and worlds seem to be out of place (Ski zombie for example) there will be my own fanmade zombies and plants but some of pvz2c content will probably head to the remake
I also forgot to mention how the zen garden would look like it would have a far future tab with a moving image of marigold original pvz animation
Processing img 1ulf8aqarmf51...

As for zen garden it would be the same size as the original pvz zen garden and you can use fertilizer and buy zen garden upgrades just like the original
And speaking of buying, Crazy daves twiddie dinkies is back and more better (No dont worry no microtransctions or separate currency Getting gems gives you a 1000 coins)
But its back just like the in the original you get coins to buy upgrades like zen garden upgrades,plants,plant food,First aid nut,and more
But each world have their own twiddie dinkies
For example:
Wild west would be a wagon
Pirate seas would be a pirate ship
Each world would have their on exclusive temp defenses,Power ups (Like first aid nut),Plants,And more
But those would be explained when I start working on seperate worlds
Another thing to mention is that torch wood can burn anything that shoots directly or shoots like rotobaga
For example Primal peashooters burnt projectiles are like burned rocks instead of having the usual burning like Peashooter's
Bowling bulbs would burn similarly like Tumbleweed but with their faces afcourse and each deal more damage than the other
Star fruit would have his projectiles turn into shooting stars
Red stinger would have burning pellets (I might rewrite red stinger and few other plants attacks later if you guys want to)
Few more stuff to plants before we start talking about worlds and the beginning of adventure mode
There would be some plant upgrades will only 3 and Il hint one for now:
A shooting starfruit that freezes zombies (Found in far futures twiddie dinkies)
And now to the worlds they have two new features and gimmicks:Neighbor years and Different lawns
Neighbor years is when two worlds have the same timeline similar to each other:
For example
Frostbite caves and Jurrasic marsh are near each other,Dark ages and Roman Times (Roman world),Neon mixtape tour and New age (I made new age based of the 90s),And finally Lost city and Sky city
This would make zombies from vice versa worlds appear on those worlds so you might see a roman zombie in dark ages or a cave zombie in jurrasic marsh and might have special zombies that come to each world you can see they are both connected to each other in the world map
Another thing to add is that when I replayed Plants vs zombies I noticed how the game changes each section to backyard,Roof,And what not and has a day and night feature
This might be a good idea to have a thing similar to plants vs zombies 2 were each world have things like for example you will be fighting frostbite caves original lawn then head to a cold mountain with snowballs falling over and being a bit more colder and some rocks blocking paths
Or a night version of Big wave beach and a morning version of Dark ages
Wish I can give out an example on that but morning version of dark ages in eclise (Good mod I recommend checking out) has that
Same can be applied to alternate places having the same thing like a night version of the mountain I mentioned in frostbite caves
And finally one more thing:
Adventure mode now were to start it off after you click adventure With a time portal opening in the background and a swash buckler raising his hand up and saying yaarrr
After finish tutorial introducing you to plant food and what not (Mind you swipe and other powers are removed you can play them through minigames tho)
After you acquire the hot sauce and dave using it on his taco and eating it zomboss shows up and says he is going to acquire your brains through time showing his army of zombies from each time
Dave remembers and introduces to penny as penny introduces herself you time with dave to ancient egypt and go on from there
Thats the introduction for the story and thats it sorry if it was too big
Thank you all and stay tuned there will be more
Edit:Forgot to mention whats going to be removed:
Ice bloom: Will be replaced with none other than Ice shroom
Mints:Leveling system is removed so they wont have any use now
Powers like fling,Zap,And snowballs:Will be used in minigames only
Pvz2c that are not coming to the remake:
Sunflower singer
Might as well remove all premuin chineese plants expect
Alarm Arrowhead,Icy Currant,Chestnut,Snowy cotton,Pumpkin Witch,R.A.D Missiles,Magic Mushroom,And pyro and cryo shroom

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2020.07.03 19:11 Bayer-Lederhosen Cute Art by @TwiddyBolt on twitter! Give the dude the attention he deserves.

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2020.07.01 03:11 Free_Responsibility2 What to do if Dare county shuts down again

We are scheduled to go to Corolla the week of 9/5 and while we are dying to go, I know there’s still so much that could happen between now and then.
Just curious because I cannot get a hold of my realty company, twiddy, if NC or PA were to be shutdown during the time of my travel, what are my options? I have travel insurance, can I get refunded? Move my week to 2021, or am I fully out of the money for that week?
Thanks and fingers crossed we all make it to over vacations this year 🤞🏻
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