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2023.05.27 15:42 SalmonTheSalesman Customers coming in past closing time.

Anyone else encountered this? I live in Houston, TX (Been working for walmart for only a month and a half at this point) and we close at 11pm. There's been instances where people come at 11:05 and are shocked we're closed or they'll ask if we're still 24hr. One lady actually walked through the side door as I was leaving and asked if she could come in cause she was just getting one thing. I told her "We're closed and the managers probably won't let you buy anything." and she still went in. Anyone else come across these situations before?
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2023.04.14 04:03 Superb_Row_1699 Advice needed!!

Hi! I am *hopefully* about to start my Mounjaro journey, and wanted some advice.
I am a 24F, 5'8", CW 240 (on a good day, lol), GW 165ish, LW 145lbs (good ole days). Have tried and tried and tried to lose weight, but nada! PCOS, BED, insulin resistant, pre-diabetic, the list goes on... got a script for MJ through Push Health, PA submitted, but insurance denied (UHC Choice Plus), and I've already sent in my appeal, but not totally confident.
Formulary covers MJ and Ozempic with PA (probably for T2), but does not cover Wegovy or Saxenda. I'm also allergic to Metformin, which I conveniently forgot when talking to Push health provider, until my mom told me a few days ago. I did include this in my appeal letter though.
So, here's my question:
Do I bite the bullet, budget like crazy and pay OOP for MJ for 3ish months, and then wait for July 1 to see if my formulary changes? Or should I take MJ for a month or two to get me started, and then switch to Ozempic (am I making it up that it's slightly less than MJ?)
Or should I wait to see what my insurance says whenever they decide to get to my appeal, and just sit on my hands until then? (Patience is not my strong suit, obviously)
Also- Walgreens has already straight up denied the EL coupon... I have another script at a 24hr CVS near me (they're completely out of stock), but I was thinking of gathering the courage to call and ask them about stock and the coupon tonight. Would Walmart possibly be a good option? UghhhhhHHhhhh!
I've gotten completely obsessed with MJ and finally being able to go to out in public without feeling embarrassed of my body/having to wear a huge sweatshirt just to cover myself, but is that just my ego getting in the way of rational thinking??
Sigh. Just curious what strangers going through similar things to me would do!
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk!
EDIT: I also obviously want to improve my health, T2D runs rampant on my mom's side of the family, and anything I can do to help avoid that is at the core of this... just wanted to add that after sounding completely out of touch!
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2023.03.04 05:40 rakka099 Is there ANYTHING to do late at night by yourself around here?

I used to work overnight and I've always been a nightowl, I feel like the entire nocturnal world just evaporated in the wake of covid. Walmarts, CVS, Harris Teeter etc are almost all closed by midnight, Honey Pig is no longer 24/7, even some bars close at 10pm now. Is there ANYTHING to do after 11pm besides catching some late movies? I feel like I'm going crazy, at least when I was at GMU there was a 24hr Starbucks you could hang at.
Preferably I'd do something that's not just barhopping, I can only go to Fats so many times before I need a change of pace, any ideas?
EDIT: I appreciate the helpful responses, there's a few things I wasn't aware of that are worth looking into. However a lot of these are food related, what about stuff that's NOT like Crucible in DC? I don't always want to eat or drink, any suggestions for odd things the night owl can go to?
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2023.02.18 11:03 Potential-Doubt-9199 Stalked my freshman year of college

Hi, Courtney! this is kinda long, so I hope this is an easy read. I am a 23 yo woman, for reference, 18 when this all happened. This all started in 2018 when i moved to a new town to go to college. I didn’t know anyone prior to moving there and I’m not very social so making friends was hard. I’m the type of person to engage in a conversation with a stranger, but I will never start the conversation. I was studying psychology and had previously taken the required intro classes my senior year of high school, so going into my freshman year of college i was taking classes with upperclassmen who were also psych majors. I also decided to take french, since I had already completed all of the spanish courses. Bad idea. In my first semester in french, i sat in the middle of the classroom because i’m too nervous to sit in the front and didn’t want to get distracted by sitting in the back. I had an open seat next to me for the first few classes. A guy in the class who sat in front of me decided to sit next to me one day. I thought “oh no, here we go”, lol. He seemed like an okay guy. He wore a suit and tie everyday, had nice hair, somewhat conventionally attractive. He started a small conversation that i didn’t think much of at first. I asked what he majored in and he said english, i let him know i was a psych major. He then said “yeah i’m thinking about changing my major to psych!” i didn’t think anything of it, a lot of freshman switch majors multiple times. *Let me remind you, i am not in any intro psych classes at this time. As the semester carried on, i noticed that this guy would be sitting in the back of every single one of my classes. Classes he had no business being in, such as all of my psych classes and art history. We ONLY had french together at the beginning of the semester. It must have taken awhile to notice he was there, sitting in the back. He would show up every time i went to the library, no matter the time. 12pm or 2am, he was always be there. He would “run into me” as i was walking back to my dorm and ask to walk me to my dorm. I always said no, but unfortunately i couldn’t lie in which dorm i was in because i was in a sorority, and having to wear sorority shirts, he knew where i was living. After i spotted his behavior, i emailed my french professor and asked if she could assign me a seat away from this guy because i believed he was stalking me. There were no more open seats by the end of the semester and everyone had “their” seat so i couldn’t just sit anywhere. She took matters into her own hands and the next day in class she had me move seats in front of the class. I didn’t care if it seemed embarrassing i didn’t want him next to me. She informed the dean of the school and they took my statement and confirmed he and i had no classes together and didn’t even share the same building during the day except for our french class. They gave the option for a campus “no contact order”.
It gets worse.
One night around 2am, me and 2 other girls in my sorority went to the 24hr walmart in the college town to get ice cream. on our way back to the dorms we noticed a truck began to ride us. I am super observant and picked up on it quickly, so i told the girl driving to turn right immediately. The truck behind us sped up and made every turn we did. I’m talking left, right, right, left, left, going in circles. I end up calling campus police and they tell us to drive into the parking lot of campo asap and they will have a cruiser sitting ready to follow the truck. we waited inside while the police got his information and came back with shocking news. it was the guy who had been stalking me all semester. he was a serial rapist who had warrants out for him in another city.
So, Conan Grey look alike in my french class, let’s not meet.
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2023.02.14 18:49 hyperpolaris Carrington level CME event planning

Since we are entering solar maximum (and the sun is currently chock full of sunspots), has anyone given thought to planning if/when a solar storm knocks out network and other equipment? I realize that it's a small chance, but wondering what could be done in the 12-24hr window that a storm is predicted to when it arrives.
My thoughts (assuming a predicted 100% chance of a Carrington-level event):
This might be overkill, but since we haven't had a large CME directly earth-faced since 1859, there are a bunch of unknowns. Since the covid Chromebook crunch was like a Walmart on black Friday, one could assume that the production of fried replacement equipment would easily overwhelm manufacturers. Also, it's not certain that insurance companies would quickly pony up on a natural disaster like a CME.
Thoughts? Other ideas? Bueller?
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2023.02.12 22:08 Ok-Ticket3531 Where to car stealth camp around the city? Theoretically of course…

Have to come back into my job’s offices in SLC for March and don’t want to pay for a whole month in an Airbnb/hotel to save some cash. Where would you guys recommend to car camp these days? Years ago I used the Walmarts/24hr gyms but seems like 24 hr grocery stores are now non existent in slc…
Additional info: my offices are on the east side above the U. Closer to that area would be preferable. Thought of just parking in the Avenues at night, but would like some extra options. Thanks!
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2023.02.11 11:36 Psycho697186 Weekly New Release Thread - February 10th, 2023


Paramore - This Is Why
Pierce The Veil - The Jaws Of Life
Narrow Head - Moments of Clarity
You Me At Six - Truth Decay
Big Laugh - Consume Me
Postcards - Heaven
Bilk - Bilk
Boss' Daughter - Bouts With Bummers
CIVIC - Taken By Force
Quasi - Breaking the Balls of History
The Dickies - Balderdash from the Archives
Square Loop - The Longest Distance Between Two Points
The Great Awake - Quit
Shortwave - Dark Green Spirit
Bikini Beach - Appetizer
Cosse - It Turns Pale
Wombo - Fairy Rust & Selected Demos
The Clever References - Hamish's House (Live)
Motionsick - The Inner Side
Otra - I'm Not That Way
Bullet Machine - Phase IV
B Murph - home away from home
Grin & Bear - Playin in the Mud (EP)
crushed - extra life (EP)
Sleep/Less - Bring Back Movie Quote Song Titles (EP)
Quinn Cicala - Gold (EP)
Hotspit - Memory of a Mirror Image (EP)
Halloween - Self Titled (EP)


Bartees Strange - Tisched Off / Keekee'in (feat. Daniel Kleederman)
Plain White T's - Spaghetti Tattoo
Trash Boat - Delusions of Grandeur
Can't Swim - Nowhere, Ohio
Carly Cosgrove - Don't Lick The Swingset
Magnolia Park (feat. Ethan Ross) - Do Or Die
The Get Up Kids - Home on the Range (Frank Sinatra Cover)
I Call Fives - Honest & Only
Samiam - Crystallized
The Plot In You - Left Behind
Thanks! I Hate It - Disney Bland
Enter Shikari - It Hurts
Flogging Molly - 'Til The Anarchy's Restored
Purling Hiss - Baby
Dead Lakes - strange juice
Rookie Of The Year - Stupid Song
The Hold Steady - Sixers
Kicksie - You're On
SUDS - Entropy / My Own Mind
Humble Abode - Apathetic Aesthetic
Brooklane (feat. Jessie Paege) - Love Is Bullshit
LIES - Resurrection
Pile - Lowered Rainbow
DRAIN - Evil Finds Light
LANNDS - Bonfire
Teenage Joans - Wine (Live Acoustic)
Rivals - They Won't Love You
Poeta - Stella (Lampshade Sessions)
Headstrong - It's Fine (I Wouldn't Hang Out With Me Either)
Catapults - Pessimist
Pictoria Vark - bloodline iii (Rian Johannes Remix)
Scowl - Opening Night
AARCADE - Honeymoon
Dead On A Sunday - Sometimes I Think I Hate Myself
Beach Riot - Tramlines
Stoned Mary (feat. Up from Here) - Don't Make Me Laugh
Grenade Jumper (feat. Dear Seattle) - Fluorescent
Cawston - DFYF
Anthms - Post
Sleaford Mods - Force 10 From Navarone
Casino AM - Puppy Boy
Junior - Saved Me Again
Dream Wife - Hot (Don't Date A Musician)
Guardrail - Down At The Bottom
Taylor Acorn - I Think I'm in Love
Secret Keeper - Snow in Tokyo
Coach Party - Micro Aggression
OK Cool - normal c
Surf Rock Is Dead - help me understand
MusicForCars (feat. Thief Club) - Sea of Sheets
Summer Heights - BORING
FLAKE - Pieces
Shalom - Soccer Mommy
Squid - Swing (In A Dream)
Gilla Band - Sports Day
HOLYFANGS - This Might Take A While
Sleep Braids - Uncle
Ten Tonnes - Monday Morning
MID CITY - Compromise
Cameron Sanderson - The Airport
Sessions - Sorry Not Sorry
Object of Affection - Con-Man
Svetlanas - Coca-Cobra
FACS - When You Say
Photographic Memory - IRIS (Goo Goo Dolls Cover)
Liars Academy - I'm Not Really Here
Shallowdiver - Bad Feeling
Nightwell - TKO
Spotlights - Algorithmic
DURRY - Bubble of my Gum
sweetmess - static
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Halfway Crooks
Modern Crooks - Your Voice
Spiral XP - Free Thinking
Occult X - Overrated
Ivri - infinitesimal
24hr Video - Sex Song
Stock Manager - eel
Now More Than Ever - Heels Up+Head Over
The Enthused - Blondie
Ugly Flannel - Jamie
Buddie - Take What's Left
Phantom Youth - Dear October
Superocean - Cool Colors
The Lost Days - In the Store
People R Ugly - I Love Myself
Hello Ground - Set Me On Fire
moshimoshi - These Days
Passionflower - Amor
Minority 905 - Bloody Mary
Twice Bleached - Stuck In Transit
In Lieu - AttaBoy
Pierre Flew (with Dory-Loup) - Fireflies (Owl City Cover)
Bemo Rouge - Jaded
Truth Cult - Clearskin
Mikey And His Uke - Back To The Motor League
Saint Young - If You Need Love
SNAYX - Buck
Musical Charis - Steal My Sunshine (Len and Marc Costanzo Cover)
The Jack Knives - 805
Sluice - Fourth Of July
gloomy june - The Middle (Jimmy Eat World Cover)
Algiers - 73%
Bleach Garden - Manic
Trainfantome - New Mistake
Garden Centre - Shock Site
Treepeople - Andy Warhol
7xvn (feat. ZANDV) - This Part of Me
The Frenzy of Tongs - fun, fun, fun


Jessie Murph - drowning
Eric Bellinger - 1(800)HIT-EAZY: Line 2
Chase Rice - I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell
Sabrina Claudio - Archives & Lullabies
Spacey Jane - Here Comes Everybody (Deluxe)
BigXthaPlug - AMAR
Grabbitz - Time Isn't Real (Deluxe Edition)
Priscilla Block - Welcome To The Block Party (Deluxe)
Tennis - Pollen
Yo La Tengo - This Stupid World
The Academic - Sitting Pretty
Jill Barber - Homemaker
Kelela - Raven
Andy Shauf - Norm
Kash Doll - Back on Dexter: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape
Rebecca Black - Let Her Burn
RIZ LA VIE - Haven
Isaia Huron - LIBBIE 02
Afternoon Bike Ride - Glossover
Rei Yasuda - Circle
Black Belt Eagle Scout - The Land, The Water, The Sky
Maps - Counter Melodies
Amber Arcades - Barefoot on Diamond Road
Beyoncé - CUFF IT (EP)
M83 - Fantasy: Chapter 1 (EP)
Matt Nathanson - The Lexington (EP)
Zolita - Falling Out / Falling In (EP)
Mia Wray - Stay Awake (EP)
Taylor Swift - Lavender Haze (Felix Jaehn Remix)
The Kid LAROI - Kids Are Growing Up (Part I)
Marshmello - Eternal
Jason Derulo & David Guetta - Saturday/Sunday
Central Cee - Me & You
d4vd - Placebo Effect
Lizzo (feat. SZA) - Special
Daniel Caesar - Let Me Go
MEDUZA x Eli & Fur - Pegasus
French Montana (with 2Rare) - RATATAAAAA
Luke Combs - Love You Anyway
Tove Lo - Borderline
Jax Jones (feat. Calum Scott) - Whistle
Jeremy Zucker - internet crush
Logic (feat. Norah Jones) - Paradise II
Mau y Ricky - Miami
Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again
Dove Cameron (with Khalid) - We Go Down Together
YG (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Lambo4oe & Ty Dolla $ign) - Let's Ride
NAV - Lately
Ali Gatie - All Comes Back To You
BoyWithUke - Rockstar
Gracie Abrams - Amelie
LUM!X & Alida (with Gabry Ponte) - Forget You
Sam Hunt - Walmart
Ayra Starr - Sability
Bailey Zimmerman - Fix'n To Break
Lauren Spencer Smith - Best Friend Breakup
Lucky Daye - Careful
Masego - Two Sides
BENEE - Green Honda
Kevin Gates - Breakfast
Ashnikko - You Make Me Sick!
Beck - Thinking About You
Ari Abdul - Bored
JAWNY - fall in love
Roy Woods - Don't Love Me
Bakar - Good News
Daughter - Party
Megan Moroney - I'm Not Pretty
Jessie Ware - Pearls
slowthai - Feel Good
Yaya Bey - exodus the north star
grentperez - Old With You
Amber Run - Honeylight
RINI - My Luv
Babyface Ray (feat. 42 Dugg) - Ron Artest
Lovejoy - Call Me What You Like
St. Paul & The Broken Bones - Sea Star
Leith Ross - (You) On My Arm
Jack Keys - The Voice In My Head
Billy Raffoul - Bliss
Chiiild - Antidote
Ghostluvme (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) - Fact
Zacari (feat. Ab-Soul) - Motions
Maeta - S(EX)
Eddie Benjamin - All for Nothing
Harriette - Goodbye Texas
GG Magree - Be Careful What You Say
Indigo De Souza - Younger & Dumber
Jordan Ward - CHERIMOYA
Savannah Conley - More Than Fine
Barrie - Races
salute - Wait For It
flowerovlove - Love You
Mae Stephens - If We Ever Broke Up
Boyish - Girls Are Mean
Betcha - I Wish You Would
Sidney Gish - Filming School
bdrmm - It's Just A Bit Of Blood
Ging - Grief
Great Gable - Dancing Shoes (Acoustic)
Saint Harison (feat. Tiana Major9) - homies
Los Yesterdays - Who Made You You? / Louie, Louie
Abraham Alexander - Tears Run Dry
HOKO - Hazy
Miss Grit - Nothing's Wrong
Devon Gabriella - get clean
Rowena Fysx - I Love Being Invisible
Tycho Jones - Risk to my Reward
Kate Davis - Call Home
Roller Derby - Always on My Mind
ryman leon - march in colorado...
Rocket Pengwin - Heaven
Yndling - Once or Twice
Alexander - Wrinkled World
Cherry Angel - Cherry Dream
Forty Elephant Gang - Miss You
Oceans - Soft
Count Vernon - Heavyduty Incandescent Streetlights
Toby McAllister - Headlights & Fireflies
The Rolling Stones - GRRR Live!
In Flames - Foregone
Dream Theater - Lost Not Forgotten Archives: Distance Over Time Demos (2018)
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Future Is Your Past
Distant - Heritage
Delain - Dark Waters
Element Eighty - Mercuric
El Ten Eleven - Valley of Fire
Aphyxion - Ad Astra
the GOLDEN DREGS - On Grace & Dignity
Honest Crooks - The Sounds of Hell
hubris. - The One Above
Flub - Dream Worlds
Unwed Sailor - Mute the Charm
Stormo - Endocannibalismo
Carnosus - Visions of Infinihility
Fredlös - Fredlös
Oak - Disintegrate
Frozen Dawn - The Decline of the Enlightened Gods
Venamoris - Drown in Emotion
Thin - Dusk
Dragoncorpse - The Drakketh Saga
Wounds of Recollection - Warm Glow of the End of Everything
Ghosts of the Mud - Scalp Sermon
Veilcaste - Precipice
Nameless Mist - Lifeless
My Hair is a Rat's Nest - Fragment
Show Me Your Universe - Coma (EP)
View From The Soyuz - Immaculate (EP)
HATED - 9411 (EP)
Sail's End - Live and Die (EP)
Feed the Addiction - Rebirth (EP)
Dead Sun Rising - A Soft Decay (EP)
Mourning Sun - Second Skin (EP)
When the Broken Burn - NEW ERA (EP)
Feyn Entity - Débordement (EP)
Linkin Park - Lost
Mareux - Night Vision
Our Last Night - Darkness Turns to Light (Opening Theme Song)
Friday Pilot Club - Life Support / Ms. Supernova
Attack Attack! - Dark Waves
First to Eleven - Here I Go Again (Whitesnake Cover)
Veil Of Maya - Godhead
Berried Alive (feat. I Set My Friends On Fire) - PURÉE EVIL
Aranda - Cielo Azul
Ankor - Oblivion
Those Damn Crows - Takedown
Tony Molina - The Mask Of Silence
Judiciary - Paradigm Piercer
The Funeral Portrait - Alien
Seventh Day Slumber - Surviving The Wasteland
Mike's Dead - #1 Crush
Classic Jack - What I've Lost
Heirloom (feat. Judge & Jury & Taylor Barber & Left to Suffer) - ROMANTICIZE
Scarlet House - Ghosts
Vain Valkyries - Cadillacs Set on Fire
JJUUJJUU - Nowhere
Isotopes - Critical Condition
Initiate - Alone At The Bottom
Time Thieves - Eye In The Sky
Ashley Purdy - No Easy Way Out
COMMANDO - Diet Soda
EUX - S'y jeter
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2023.01.16 01:02 freebee271 [Gshock] Happy 18th Birthday !

[Gshock] Happy 18th Birthday !
I bought you in 2005 at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere Texas. My only watch (a Timex) fell apart on my wrist that afternoon.
I told my wife to look at this one for $40, she rolled her eyes and said “It looks a little Young for a 50 y.o”.
I chose you because my employer used 24hr. time exclusively, and my in head math sucked. Coupled with the fact that you lit up at night and were waterproof.
You had no siblings, you were an only watch for the next 10 years. Preforming flawlessly, surviving everything an OTR trucker could could throw at you.
I thought about buying you a new bezel and band for your birthday, but nope just a battery.
I’ll leave you cosmetically imperfect as a reminder.
In the end you and I are lot alike, showing our age, beat-up, scarred , but still preforming as intended.
There was no “God Tier” watch back then, but over time you’d change that !
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2023.01.15 22:09 freebee271 DW-5600. Happy 18th Birthday…Thank You

DW-5600. Happy 18th Birthday…Thank You
I bought you in 2005 at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere Texas. My only watch (a Timex) fell apart on my wrist that afternoon.
I told my wife to look at this one for $40, she rolled her eyes and said “It looks a little Young for a 50 y.o”.
I chose you because my employer used 24hr. time exclusively, and my in head math sucked. Coupled with the fact that you lit up at night and were waterproof.
You had no siblings, you were an only watch for the next 10 years. Preforming flawlessly, surviving everything an OTR trucker could could throw at you.
I thought about buying you a new bezel and band for your birthday, but nope just a battery.
I’ll leave you cosmetically imperfect as a reminder.
In the end you and I are lot alike, showing our age, beat-up, scarred , but still preforming as intended.
There was no “God Tier” watch back then, but over time you’d change that !
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2022.12.22 03:10 Low-Ambassador-8094 Looking for a SCUHS roommate

Hello, if any incoming students are checking this Reddit out and need to find a place to live around scu, I know someone (male) moving into the apartment complex where I live who is looking for a roommate to split the rent with. Preferably someone who is currently a student or an incoming student. The apartment complex is 8mins away from campus with no traffic and 20ish mins away with heavy traffic. The neighbors are quiet and nice and the complex is well kept. We are just across the street from a 24hr fitness and there is a Walmart on the corner which is very convenient since it takes longer to drive places than walk sometimes in LA.
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2022.10.25 07:26 BeautyofPoison Help With A Strong Hold Brow Gel?

My brows aren't very thick, but they grow downward and that's not ideal when they're already thin to begin with. The only thing I've used that's been able to hold them up for more than a couple hours is Benefit 24hr. I'd love to find a tinted gel or fiber gel with good hold, but since my brows change color all the time anyways, I'll settle for anything that gets the basic job done. Bonus if I can get Walmart to deliver it to my house, but that's probably asking way too much.
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2022.10.14 14:39 DeeGrooot PSA: QUIT Canceling your online orders

Ffs people. Just because your order is delayed, you want to cancel? Then replace it a day later expecting different? YOU are the problem. If you place an order expecting it to be on time after being delayed a day prior, guess what? YOU ARE DUMB AF. What makes you think we can have someone hired and trained in less than 24hr. Quit being a dick and wait til its ready. Thanks, from every digital associate in walmart
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2022.10.07 23:16 o_0dk-frlsyall314 Years of unrelenting stress

The last almost decade of my life has been one hardship after another. No matter what I do, or how I try to navigate my way out of it, it only gets worse. I'm literally sitting here sick to my stomach with stress. My father is almost on his deathbed, and my daughter's mom doesn't give a shit. I do what I can for her and my daughter, but my dad needs 24hr attendance. We're having to decide right now at this moment whether to bring him home from the hospital and let him die, or give permission to perform procedures might cause needless suffering. He could go at any moment because we already had to decide not to resuscitate him because of the further damage and trauma it could cause. She doesn't care about any of that. Not even enough to ask about his condition. She wants me to abandon him and go back to work.
She and I have child. We got pregnant on our last night together. We were together for about 4yrs. Then exclusive (in my case) fwb for another 5. I asked and begged to just be together, she said no. The night we conceived was supposed to be it. Done and over. I didn't find out she was pregnant until almost 4 months later. Her literal words being she had to decide if she wanted me to know or not. I dropped everything. The new relationship I was starting. My plans to move out alone. Moved her in to my parents home because at the time, she was sleeping on an air mattress with her sister in a loft that reeked of cat piss and shit. She was stressed out arguing with a kid that lived below her and could've miscarried.
My family made a room for her and the baby. Bed, furniture. At the hospital, she asked me to stay with her instead of going to work. I did. Let that job go. They were trying to fire me anyway, and she said she needed me. Then we decided that I should stay home and raise the baby for a while. She didn't trust daycares and didn't want to pay the money. She had a better job with benefits and already 10yrs of seniority. It was only supposed to be temporary. She disrespected our home, pissed off my parents, and soured all relations. Things like refusing to help clean, eating other people's food and leaving the empty packaging out in plain sight. Spills on the carpet that she walked away from. Bleeding all over the toilet and floor, and going to work like it didn't happen. Leaving her dirty panties turned inside out on the bathroom floor, and then leaving for work. Guests and family had to pretend they didn't see it when using the bathroom. This is also the first time she threatened to put me on child support and take our child away from me. Before the kid could even walk. While I'm at home, not working, can't take care of myself or buy anything.
We agreed that I should stay home. It was supposed to be temporary. She threatened child support, told everyone I wasn't working because I'm lazy, called me a glorified baby sitter. Meanwhile, she neglected the baby. Didn't feed her, play with her, put her to bed. All of the baby's stuff was eventually moved to my room. I put them to bed at night. I bathed them in the morning. Fed them, played with them all day. I taught them colors, numbers, letters. How to tie their shoes, how to brush their teeth. There were entire days where I was the only person our kid saw. The car seat and stroller were taken from me because she didn't want me to use them. She'd come home from work, go straight to her room, and watch tv or read. Most days wouldn't even ask about the kid. She got to go out. Parties, dinners, shopping. I mentioned once that if I was the one who kept working, I'd see my money as our money. She flatly told me that she didn't see it like that. Her money was her money. She got to keep her job, claim the child on her taxes. I ended up on food stamps to feed the kid and myself after she moved out.
When she said she was moving out, I asked her to wait until I found a job close to where she was moving. Said I'd walk to work or catch the bus. I wanted us to raise the kid together. I wanted to help. She agreed, then immediately changed her mind. Because, like she had said many times at that point, she doesn't need my approval or input, and she doesn't care how I feel about it. I tried to go back to work, but couldn't because she owed daycare money. I was back taking care of our child all day long. For almost 3yrs. In all of that time, nothing but pettiness and disrespect and threats. Told me I owed her part of my food stamps. Said she wanted me to bring the kid over to see her at the apartment more often, but didn't feel she should have to drive herself or give me gas money. So I'm unemployed, no car, begging my family for gas so that she could see her child. Weekends, or her off days, weren't enough anymore, so I was spending entire weeks at her apartment. Impossible to get a job like that. Still telling me I have no rights, but also that we need to agree when she wanted something.
She wanted to pierce the kid's ear. I said it's too soon. Her sister and friend disagreed. Ear pierced. Also had to go to the ER and have the earring back removed. Because mom was too lazy to remove the backs every night, the earlobe got infected and swollen over. She promised I could potty train because day care would be cheaper. Then changed her mind because she doesn't owe me explanations. Her sister potty trained my kid. She makes decisions, and I just have to go with it. Even financially. Soon as I started working again, she demanded 400 a month. I had to put my life back together. I had no clothes, car, toiletries. I was coming back from nothing. No one was helping me. She maintained her income and got a few raises. She didn't care. I gave her what I could when I could. That was never enough for her. If I didn't give her exactly what she was asking for, I wasn't doing anything at all. Still that attitude to this day.
We split daycare. We split summer camp. We split either basketball or gymnastics. We split her braces. I took over her school lunch at one point. I pay for all of the streaming services. I've bought every cell the kid has had, like 6, and paid every bit of the bill. She and I have cell phones on the same plan. I was paying my part and a little extra to help her out. She said since she can't get her 400 a month from me (that number never changes) that I should pay the entire phone bill. Outside of a few hiccups, I've paid all three phone bills. I even bought her phone from the company for her. Paid it off because she said she intended to switch carriers. That never happened. Anytime she asks me for money for something specific, I try to have it for her. 90% of transporting the kid between houses is me. Because she doesn't feel like she should drive or spend her money. I do it. Even when I was coming off of the road having driven 7+ hours, it was on me. I try not to fight or argue and just keep her happy because of the kid. The kid that she mentally and emotionally abuses.
I have a text on my phone from my kid when they were younger, asking me when I'm coming home "because mommy doesn't care about how I feel when she's choking me". Told me once that the kid likes me more because I don't beat them enough. Often when I pick the kid up from the apartment, they vent for 25mins straight. All the crazy new rules and ridiculous things they put up with from their mom. They pass out for the next 20mins from peace and exhaustion. When I get them on the weekends, it's like a vacation. I have to temper the way I parent them because of how stressful it is at the apartment. Everytime I try to move into an apartment so it can just be the two of us, something happens. I can't save money or buy a car or get an apartment. I've tried to fix my credit in different ways only to have it explode in my face and cause more debt. I was never truly able to get back on my feet. That's my fault, I know. She does not care at all and she never has.
When we were worried about losing my mom and the house, she told that she doesn't care about my personal problems, and that everything I say is an excuse not to give her 400 a month. We had a house fire, got taken advantage of by a restoration company, and were out of our home for over a year. I lost my work vehicle and the car I was driving. My dad and I put our money together and bought a used car. Paid and full. It's always had problems and I've never been able to fix them all before more pop up. My mom was very sick. Dementia, immobile, 2x cancer survivor. Being out of the house like that hit her extremely hard. My dad was going downhill too. Stress from losing so much, being helpless. His age caught up to him. We finally got back into our home, lost my mom a month later. Right when quarantine started, we laid her to rest. That's when my child's mom filed child support on me. The day before I got the paperwork, I was at her apartment. I bought lunch and dinner for everyone, went out a bought her a new router. She had opportunity to say it then but didn't. I got the papers, then called and asked if she filed. She said yeah, but in a really smart and snarky way. I hung up and didn't say anything else.
I don't know what happened with that. I know I called social services and family services, and even a lawyer. I ran down the entire history and list. Everything I do, everything I offered, every way I've failed. They actually told me that I have a case against her. I said no. Never heard about again until recently. In that time, my dad got worse. Dementia, loss of mobility, heart condition, pacemaker. No friends or family coming over because of covid concerns. Brother still working. My non essential job kept going and putting us in danger. Whether you believe it our not, they weren't being safe. I traveled for a living. Always in a different town, in a different store, around different people, in a van full of workers driving down the highway for hours. Dad is a senior, at risk. My kid was at my home and doing internet learning. I couldn't afford to get sick and bring something back. Especially because their mom refuses to get them vaccinated. I told the job that I could only work jobs I could drive to myself. That's when I discovered all of the care my father actually needed, and that no one was taking care of him. So I took more time off of work trying to get him and the house together. A mandate came down from corporate to cut the dead weight. Any not coming in because of covid were let go. So started taking care of my dad full time.
Since the pandemic, my kid's mom has flat out said she doesn't want to work anymore. Said she was gonna use child support and her 401k to float her while she starts her own business. Tried to get medical leave off of a note from her acupuncturist, and eventually left her job. Her job that she been on almost 20yrs, where she had good benefits and making over 20/hr well before wages went up. Knowing I wasn't working and taking care of my dad. That's when she quit. She's since told me to my face that I'm using her and taking advantage of her, I think what I'm doing is ok because she makes more money, another few rounds of not caring about what happens at my home, and I'm full of excuses. While trying to bully into resuming work, told me that our kid is more important than my dad, and that she's going to make sure our kid never ends up with someone like me. That's after telling our kid she dresses like an uber dyke, threatening to sign over parental rights, and threatening that the kid couldn't live with me. You read that right.
She once threatened to "make" me take our kid to teach me a lesson. Said they couldn't move in with me full time during the pandemic. Then threatened to give me custody. Basically using the kid as a pawn and a weapon. All of this in front of them. Because she doesn't care. She's angry, she's a victim, everyone is against her. So everyone can get it. Mental and emotional abuse. Right now, I have no clue if my dad is coming home or not. That's a lot of stress. We're getting affairs in order and preparing for the worse. With no money, nothing to fall back on for me. I just got a text from her saying it's not fair to her and I need to take my fucking ass back to work. She knows the situation. Knows I'm all my dad has right now. No one else can do this for him. He deserves this. My dad has been a hero to so many people. Fixing cars for next to nothing. Fixed her car a lot for free because of me. Working on people's homes, lending money, being on call for friends and family. I watched my dad run into a burning house when I was a kid. To save an old man and his wife. In his late 60s, my old man was still fixing cars, mowing grass, taking care of the neighbors. Seemed like he'd never sit still. The fire happened, he lost almost everything. He had no choice but to sit down. His age caught up to him and never let go.
He's not perfect. No one is. He's an asshole most of the time if I'm honest. He has one of the biggest hearts though. Once told me it's my responsibility to have money so I could help people when they needed it. He was all about helping people. When he needs the most help, no one is there. He was fading away in silence and I'm the only one who noticed. I made a decision. I'm sacrificing for him because he's done so much for others. I have no income, no insurance, no way to fix my car. Clothes falling apart, house falling apart. I'm falling apart. My stomach has been in knots since he's been in the hospital (about a month). Constant migraines, not sleeping or eating right. I'm a mess. "Get off my fucking ass and go to work". She herself owes this man a lot. Gave her somewhere to live, she shit all over it left. The whole time bragging about how good she has it and how we needed her. Then needed to move back in a few years later. He could've said fuck off. Probably should've. That's not him though.
He cares too much. He loves that grandbaby. He's probably not gonna be around for the high school graduation. Both grandparents. I told my kid recently that I have to give them extra hugs and kisses and I love yous because her grandparents can't anymore. Said how extremely proud they are and would be of every accomplishment. I walked my dad to his room one night. He moves so slowly now. I made sure he didn't fall. Looking back at him, I wondered if this is how he watched me when I was learning to walk. Straight waterfalls. Dam broke. I'm tearing up right now. This is too much. I have no words for how much I love that man. How thankful I am for everything he did for me. How ashamed I am that this is the only way I can pay him back. "I don't care about your personal problems. Your kid is more important than your dad". My kid sees what's happening. This is the first home she's ever known. She came straight here from the hospital. She's lived with us her entire life. I talk to her. She talks to me. We have a bond. We're friends. She knows when I can and can't do something. I have no secrets from her. She understands I have to do this because she's seen the condition her grandfather is in. It's not fair to her. It's not right that I can't do for her right now. I understand that. She understands that. Life is not fair. After all the love and sacrifice my parents gave us, it's not fair that we turned out this way. It's not fair that only 10 people were allowed at my mom's funeral. That no one visited her when she still had her mind. Not fair that the exact same thing happened to my dad because of covid. One person visits. One. It's been me and my dad in this house together for almost 3yrs. If life was fair, they'd get to see their grandbaby graduate from high school and college. Be great grandparents. Be surrounded by lived ones at the end and have exceptional care. Nothing on this fucking rock is fair. Only fools except it to be.
This burden on me is not fair. Physically disabled now. Can't work a normal job. Couldn't get my car straight to drive for a living. Scammed on the last repair and had money stolen from us. No money to fix it. Not fair that I ended up with such a monster. That she takes it out on her kid. That she's had a vendetta against me from day one. People have seen my relationship with my kid, know what I do and what I can't do, and still wish they had me as their child's father. I talk to my kid, engage her, listen to her, inspire her. I'm her safe place. Meanwhile, her mom watches YouTube videos where they flash confiscated child pornography evidence across the screen, while the kid is sitting there, and doesn't flinch. Doesn't care. She's watching what she wants to watch. She does what she wants. She makes the money, so she owns me and the kid.
She's one of the first people I told about my dad being in the hospital. All she said was good luck. Hasn't asked about him or any updates. That's almost been a month ago now. First thing I hear from her is "I don't care what's going on at your house, you need to go back to work". Threatened to put me on child support again. I'm like ok then, why are we still talking? I don't care what happened the first time. I'll fight it again or I won't. Just do what you're going to do and leave me the fuck alone. I'm still biting my tongue and trying to keep things as peaceful as possible for my kid's sake. I just walk away instead of blowing up. She doesn't want to have a conversation. She doesn't want to work on anything. She wants to talk down to me. She wants to dictate to me. She wants to belittle me. Telling me everything I say is an excuse, and fuck my personal problems, doesn't leave me a lot to say. Mom is buried, "here's your child support papers". Dad fighting to live "fuck him, I'm tired of paying for stuff".
I do have sympathy and empathy. Had it at least. It's not that I don't want to do more. It's that she doesn't care when I can't. Told me that she's been "begging" me for help this entire time and I've done nothing. NOTHING. I buy clothes for here. Bought an xbox for here. I buy food for here. I entertain my kid here. There's two households. Rent needs to be paid here. Work needs to be done here. Bills are here. My sick parents were here. My kid has a fully furnished room to herself here. That was never my call. She chose to leave and leave without me. She chose to move almost an hour away. She chose to make every decision and tell me my feelings don't mean shit. She got what she wanted. Split houses and split financial obligations. Even that back and forth about whether my kid can move in with me or not, that's her doing. I'm not allowed to have a say. Now I'm being unfair. I was fired from my job. She made every excuse to leave hers. I'm being selfish? My job was shitty. I made way less than she did. I'd still be there to this day. They were paying me, I needed money. More dangerous and stressful than her job by far. She ran, I was forced out. I'm the asshole? I could've sued her and countered that child support but said no. Now she's telling me fuck my dad to my face. And getting mad because I won't give her more opportunities to brow beat me. Not being morbid, he probably doesn't have a lot left. Of course I'm going back to work when he's gone. Of course I want to, and have been doing for my kid. Even now I'm going to donate blood to buy her Halloween costume. Because I promised her. She asked me. Nothing to do with her mom. Every phone bill is paid without worry. There's food and clothes at my house. I'm doing the best I can with what I have. The truth is that her mom is obsessed with money and trying to get over. That's more important to her. Not me.
She truly feels like she owns me and all the money I'll ever make. Tries to snare me. Make excuses for me to spend on top of what we've agreed on. "You can't pay me 400, so pay the whole phone bill from now on". Done. "You've never done anything for me". "Drive your car, your dad's car, your work car, I don't care how you do it. I'm not driving or paying for gas". Done. "I don't care that your dad is sick and your car is busted. I'll bring her over if one of you pays me gas money". When the kid was younger, my mom and I bought her a few outfits for our house. Because we were nolonger allowed to keep clothes we didn't buy. Everything she bought had to be returned immediately. Was missing a pair of shorts from our clothes. Asked about it, she said they're probably in a bag on the doorknob. Kid pooped in them. She didn't care. Stain was set. She didn't buy it so who cares. That's the attitude she has overall. That's the disrespect. To me, my family, her child, her family. It's all about her and her emotions and how she feels and her money. Always money. I've never stopped spending money on the kid. Even now. Never stopped. She doesn't know everything I buy because there's no talking to her. She doesn't care. She doesn't need to know. Two houses. Sometimes I buy stuff before the kid needs to ask her mom. NOTHING. NEVER. Begging for years. If it's not 400 a month, I'm doing nothing.
The cat. There's a cat that I'm financially responsible for. Her sister got kittens for her kids, she asked if there was one more. We were already planning on getting a cat. My mom hated pets. Mom passed. Plans start. Kid wanted to pick out here own kitten. I wanted to have everything in order before we got one. Mom just drops one on us. Had to hurry up and make space for it and make sure we could afford it. She did promise to pay for getting the cat fixed when it was time. Then she said no. Said she's not going to and shouldn't have to. My kid is only here on the weekends. I have a cat now. A cat that destroys things, pees everywhere. I just bought more food and litter for the cat no one asked for. Is that considered? No. Why would it be? So I have no money, feeding myself, dad, kid, and a cat. Putting gas in my car to drive the kid back and forth. Paying for three cell phone bills without a hiccup in well over a year. Streaming services that everyone uses (I know, 1st world problem). My own Christmas and birthday presents to the kid. Because two houses. Misc purchases for the kid. Maintenance on the house, my car, and things I need for ME. Because I exist. All of that, and she thinks I'm holding out. Twice this year, I drove my kid out near her mom's so she could hang out with her friends. Twice I had no money and nowhere to go, so I sat in my car and waited. For hours. About 5hrs the last time. Because my car is shit, gas is high, and it probably wouldn't make two trips. I sat sweating and bored in a hot car for hours for that kid. She thinks I'm holding out. I've gotten too fat for half of my clothes. The other half ripped apart because a nail got stuck in the washing machine. Just my clothes. Nail was lodged under the tumbler. I buy myself one or two things once a month when there's money for it. I just splurged on bath soap. One pack of bath soap. Next month is neosporin.
I've got really bad sciatica, a knee that swells if I'm on it too much, and a foot injury. I can't get up work just anywhere. I'm not a "good talker" so phone work is hard for me. That's the likely outcome. Wanted to drive uber, lyft, instacart. Was getting everything in order on my car. Passed inspection but never got my registration. Chased that down, put insurance back on it. Got the tires fixed along with the air. Air went out again and started having what resembled transmission issues. Weary of paying that, I got a 2nd opinion. Guy says the transmission was fine, but my shafts were going out. He fixed the air, but broke my wipers. Kept my car for weeks doing it too. Almost a month. While he's hounding me about paying the rest of the bill and additional work, I discovered that he over charged me initially. Like, I had paid for all the work the first time, and gave him another partial payment. He actually owes me money. When he found out, he disappeared. Now my shafts are going out, wipers don't work, transmission needs flushing. Fixed tire still seeps air. Put a can of fix a flat in. It's only supposed to last until you get your tired fixed. I've been driving on it all year. Fingers crossed that it doesn't blow out. There's no money to get it fixed or a tow. The money that guy stole was the last I had to give. The last thing I needed to use my car for work. Now sometimes I have to drive in the rain with no wipers because "everything I say is an excuse and it isn't fair and I don't care about your personal problems".
I just needed to vent that. There's so much more. I'm not the angel here, but fuck if I'm not trying to hold it together. When you say you're doing what you can and it's never enough. Nothing is ever enough. I haven't eaten today at all. Stomach in knots about my dad and this confrontation she wants. Migraine. Feel sick. It doesn't matter though. Yes I'm depressed, anxiety, a lot of other things. I'm not fishing for comments or DMs. If you made it this far, I'd be an ass to say nothing. You can take her side too. I don't care. What's one more? She also said I'm the reason she has no relationship with her daughter. Because she's been mad at me this whole time. Im to blame for EVERYTHING. Everyone I said that to, said it's the dumbest load of bullshit they've ever heard. I mean, I've been mad at her this whole time. I love the fuck out of my kid. That's my heart.
She also never wants to spend time with her. If the kid is out of school, she's with me. Doesn't matter. Winter break, spring break, summer break. Every weekend. Lived with me the entire quarantine period. Moved back into this house. No furniture. Screws and staples everywhere. Carpets needed vacuuming. Everyone got sick because there were no filters on any of the furnaces. She asked when I was picking the kid up immediately. Said I don't think it's a good time, she launched into a tirade about it not being fair and she needs time to herself. So I picked the kid up, went to Walmart, spent all the money I had on inflatable mattress, sheets, blankets, sleep wear, toiletries. She later asked why I didn't tell her about the problems. When did I have room to? My kid stays to herself. In her room watching YouTube with headphones on. Doesn't bother anyone. Likes being alone. I know because I know her. And still, her mom can never wait to get rid of her. And still, pogos between "take your kid" and "she can't stay with you".
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2022.06.26 09:30 vendo232 [ Fraudulent order ] Somebody logged into my Walmart account and placed an order to their address. ( different then mine ). We caught the order due to an confirmation email. Called Walmart and canceled the order. in 24hr later the order has been shipped.

What should we do?
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2022.06.23 04:40 Hairy-Excitement1886 Help me find this old YouTube video

I’m trying to remember the name of an old YouTube video (potentially a channel) from late 2000s/early 2010s, around Charlie the Unicorn era. All I can remember from the videos is a dude talking in front of a white sheet and he would do comedy sketches
Quotes/themes I vaguely recall: - “do you have any low fat yogurt?” - Shark bandanas - Bartering with baby legs - Being in a 24hr walmart or grocery store late at night
Please tell me someone else remembers this lol
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2022.04.29 23:25 Ok-Ad4375 What would you take for a 24hr+ hospital stay? (Toddler)

We have a at least 24hr hospital stay coming up next week for my 2.5yr old. Our last hospital stay went absolutely terribly for her which resulted in minor injuries to herself and me due to the stress it caused her.
So far I’ve gotten a couple crayola grab and go coloring packs, some Melissa and Doug on the go coloring packs (a couple water coloring kind, the wonder wow type and a new velvet coloring book) some fidget toys including the asmr bars from Walmart. We’re going to also be taking her iPad I have videos and games downloaded on.
I just want this visit to go smoothly and have the least amount of stress for her as possible.
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2022.04.22 17:21 DonJuansCrow Amazon warehouse in the area?

I got a text from people ready the other day advertising a warehouse job for Amazon. I didn't see anything in the news about Amazon actually deciding to build in the area and I haven't seen any hiring blitz from Amazon either. Anyone working there? How's it going? It's awesome to see big companies move to the area👍 Though it's sad to see Walmart and Walgreens closed at nights now! Feels like we're a big enough community for some 24hr stores. ✌️
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2022.01.24 16:33 SnacKEaT Just remembered something fucked up

I used to work at Walmart last year and overheard a conversation about one of my coworkers having a 24hr shift and was only paid 1 extra hour (a whole $12 for their sacrifice).
Fuck Walmart.
Have other scandalous stories about working for Walmart including wage theft.
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2021.12.19 16:31 Insomniakk72 Questions from a new shopper....

Unfortunately, I work 2 jobs and time is impossible to come by. I've tried Instacart as a shopper and it's a life saver. Would like to continue!
I tip as much as I can afford. Sometimes it's as low as 10% (I just placed a $200 grocery order) but if I can spare more I go higher. Is this a decent tip? Honestly with all other charges and a tight budget, I'd just need to keep shopping for myself in the wee hours if that isn't enough (I'm also restricted at that time to just going to a 24hr Walmart).
I charged a $5 long distance fee as well (Publix is 7 miles). Does that go to the shopper? Seems they're the only ones impacted.
Can shoppers accept cash tips as well?
Do's and don't's for me as a new customer, as far as etiquette towards shoppers? Examples?
Thanks in advance for your help. I deeply appreciate this service, and the shoppers that make this happen.
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2021.10.27 08:19 Apprehensive-Lion-21 Where can I find a pumpkin carving kit?

Evidently I haven’t done this before. Where can I buy this from? Walmart and Superstore say they don’t have them. Any other suggestions Vancouver?
Edit: Thank you everyone. We found a kit at a 24hr SDM tonight!
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2021.10.11 02:54 patrickd175 Car Parking Question

My girlfriend and I are both coming to hula from different cities and and only have 1 car pass. The plan is to leave one of our cars in a parking lot somewhere for the weekend but there aren’t any 24hr Walmart’s in the area - which would be my go to. Has anyone done this before or have any suggested locations around Live Oak?
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2021.09.20 03:58 user365735 What ever happened to 24hr locations?

Are businesses ever going to go back to being open late? Diners, Walmart, gyms?? I'm a night owl. Denny's closes at 8 around me. I wanna grab a bite but all I have is Wawa. Oh, dominos. No thanks. A 24hr diner near me opened back up 7am-3pm, and been like that ever since..
I suspect covid has changed things for good....
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