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2023.05.28 04:10 cosy-a [30F ᐧ AEST GMT+10] Looking for a Study Buddy for weekly virtual study sessions.

👩🏻 About Me: Hey there! I'm 30 and juggling work while studying part-time for my post-grad (UX Design). I find myself lacking motivation to keep up with my studies while balancing work. That's why I'm looking for a study buddy or a tiny study group to virtually meet up with and have longer study sessions together (On Fridays). Besides studying, I would love to support and encourage you with your own goals and habits.
My current routine includes exercising (3-4 times a week), daily journaling, and reading for pleasure in my downtime. I'm also interested in incorporating a short daily meditation or mindfulness practice. I'm all about taking small steps to build positive change (atomic habit philosphy) 📚 Study Accountability: The main reason for this ad is to find someone (or a couple of people) who would like to join me for virtual study sessions on Fridays. Studying alone can lead to procrastination and sometimes it gets lonely. But when you have someone keeping you company, it's easier to stay focused and much more fun as it feels like you're in this together. So, if you're the type who works better with a study buddy, then keep reading and reach out if you feel we would be a right fit :) 🍃 Life Accountability: Are you someone who's determined to adopt healthier habits or working on personal goals/hobbies? I would love to support you with text message check-ins. 💭 The Accountability Plan:
  1. Virtual Study Sessions on Friday: We can meet up in a private virtual study room using the StudyVerse desktop app. We'll take a few minutes at the beginning to discuss the tasks we'll be working on during the study session. Then, we'll dive right into studying. These study sessions can go on for 2-5 hours.
  2. (Optional) Frequent/Weekly Check-ins: If you have specific habits you want to keep track of during the week, we can do frequent text message check-ins.
⭐️ About You: Ideally, you're in a similar timezone (AEST / GMT+10). Around the same age range (late 20s-30s but not super important as long as what I've described here resonates with you). You should be comfortable with being on camera during our virtual study sessions and would like frequent/weekly text message check-ins. You appreciate having a support system/friend (me 🙂) to keep you accountable for your goals and habits. You find comfort in routines and schedules. I believe these accountability buddy systems thrive when we're open to engaging with each other, sharing bits of our lives, and building a connection that creates a supportive environment with open communication.
🫘 Are you a keen bean? If you're interested you can DM me here and tell me a bit about yourself. If you'd like, we can hop on a call to talk about your goals/habits and go through the details of an accountability system that works for both of us ☺️
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2023.05.28 04:09 burn-account2344 (Update) My (23M) best friend (22F)flashed me

Link to original post: https://www.reddit.com/relationships/comments/13nr3ks/my_m23_best_friend_f22_accidentally_flashed_me/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
So earlier this week I made a post about how my friend flashed me and claimed it to be an accident. I’ve talked it over with my mother and have told her I’m planning on having a talk with her. Her reaction was basically telling me it’s about time. I plan on telling her after a dance social next Wednesday. I have never been more terrified in my life. Anybody got any tips on what would be the best way to do this? We carpool to dance so I’m gonna drive like always and after when I go to drop her off before she goes I’m gonna ask if me and her can talk first. I’m so stressed lol. I can’t even think about what to say. Any advice you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated
TL;DR I’m planning on talking to the girl from my last post about our relationship and would like some help
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2023.05.28 04:09 Hefty-Elephant-6044 Rant: Dont hold bugs in ID Photos

Maybe I’m crazy, and most of the time it is fine, but if you don’t know the species please don’t hold it in your hand.
I love bugs. Bugs are cool. Holding cool bugs is fun. But I swear sometimes I’ll see a photo of someone holding a random centipede or a caterpillar or a spider and it makes me nervous.
Most of the ones I see here on this sub are not dangerous, but there are many species which look similar which are.
It is always best practice to ID from a distance if you do not know what it is. It might be harder to take a good photo, but a good photo isn’t worth a sting or a bite or a rash.
I love this community, and I’ve learned a lot here. Please be safe out there.
TLDR: Don’t touch or hold bugs unless you know they are safe.
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2023.05.28 04:09 The_Jellybane So you want to make a roguelike deck-builder: Part 5 - Hand sizes and game feel

Hello everyone! My day job has been keeping me down, but I am back! You can find the last post here.
Today we are talking about hands and starting to think more about our overall game feel.
What do we need to think about when deciding on a hand size and method of refilling our hand?
The main factor we want to think about is game pacing, a common trope in this genre is aiming for 45 minute to 1.5 hour runs, meaning there is only so much time you want your players to spend on a turn, and even if you are planning a more longform game there is only so much time you can ask your players to stay focused on one fight (look up Exit Points for more information on this).
Because of timing, and not wanting people to be paralysed by having too many choices, we want to limit the number of options our players have.
There are also technical limitations to think about, how are you going to have people see and remember all of those cards on screen at the same time? (You can cheat a bit like this) How are you going to show your hand size limit? If your cards change during play, can people easily see this?
People will start recognising your cards by their art, you can see how Star Vaders is able to just use small icons, but you will know every card in your deck by sight by the end of a run. This allows room for the board and the fire effect when a card will be burnt, but cards that change over time are harder for people to see (for example Rampage increasing in power each play in Slay the Spire).
How does the game feel?
Let’s look at the “Slay the Spire” feel. You draw five cards and have enough energy to play about half your hand at a base level and every time your turn ends you draw a new hand and you have a ten card hand limit. This means every turn you are generally thinking about a new tactical situation, it is very easy to pick up since people can just think about doing the best in the now.
The recent Wildfrost has a hand that persists between turns, you can play one card at a time and you use an action (or get it for free by using enough cards) to get a new hand. This promotes the timing on playing cards, do you save this card for a later use? Should you sacrifice a turn to get a new hand? A lot of people found this game very difficult and I think the need to be quite precise with your hand added to this vibe.
In Sentinel Point Heroes you have a hand of five that isn’t refreshed until you press a button to draw two cards which takes time, giving your enemies a chance to strike at you. This method let’s you hold cards in hand to combo or holding cards to defend yourself with and giving you an interesting choice on when you can afford to refill your hand.
Here are some general tips for adjusting your hand to adjust your game feel:
- Larger hands mean longer turns, which is worse if you have many fights but give your players the option to make more interesting turns (note that StS does this at the end of a run when you have fun cards, not the start with boring cards).
- The more cards you can play, the more you can impact the game and the more powerful you will be and feel
- Being able to preserve cards in hands means longer turns, more ability to combo and more forward planning required
- The more complex your cards/battles or the more battles you have, the simpler you want your hands
I really wanted to talk about deck sizes and more on game feel but it turns out there is a lot to think about with just hands! Expect another post soon. Until then post in the comments about how your choices have affected the feel of your game.
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2023.05.28 04:09 KirisameNeko Introducing two young chinchillas

I’m getting a new chinchilla next month!! My current chinchilla, Mikumo, is around 6 months old and I believe the new one, Freyja, is 3 months old. How should I introduce them? How should I introduce them?
Freyja has been growing with other chinchillas and Micchan is apparently very sociable. I don’t know how it will be between them, so what’s the best way to do so?
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2023.05.28 04:07 Aggressive_Mistake47 In My Dreams…

idk if i’ll be alive for much longer but below is what i wish my life looked like.
In my dreams i am a wife. I wake up next my best friend in the whole world every single day. We aren’t morning people so we don’t do much talking as we do 5 minutes of cuddling before it’s time to see him off for the day. In my dreams I send him on his way with a light lunch of grilled chicken salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and bocconcini (he doesn’t like anything too heavy bc it weighs him down, he’s blue collar and can’t get too tired from a heavy lunch), water, a slice of peach crumble cobbler i made the previous day, and a secret note with a stupid joke written inside. he says they’re cornet but i know he secretly loves them. In my dreams, i send him off with a kiss.
In my dreams my marriage is happy - not perfect. I’m forgetful and i lose things and sometimes it makes us late to outings. sometimes he leaves his clothes on the bathroom floor instead of the hamper. but in my dreams we laugh so hard our stomachs cramp and i have to leave the room because just looking at him will keep me laughing, we hold one another’s hands during difficult conversations, and we spend time together separately: him reading, me painting - together but separate. in my dreams we have a healthy sex life. at least 3 times a week; it doesn’t feel performative or like a chore. we kiss, we giggle, we lose ourselves in the moment, we sigh and sweat, and moan into one another’s mouths. in my dreams we satisfy each other.
In my dreams we have community. i don’t have family as i grew up in a toxic household but i have my chosen family/friendship. i’m close with his mother and his little brother comes over to hang out with him because he looks up to him. in my dreams we host dinners every few months with our loved ones. the lighting is low, the record is a jazz vinyl, everyone’s telling stories and listening intently, his hand is on my leg under the table.
in my dreams, i am a mother. i get to spend my time at home with my kids(s) 2 maybe 3. but i’d be happy if it were just one. i’d be lucky. in my dreams we are making mud pies outside and talking about the sensory aspects of it: cold, wet, gritty. in my dreams we take walks to the brook and hop along the rocks and use our binoculars to watch birds and squirrels in the trees. in my dreams, i get to watch my kid(s) be kids. to run, jump, play, scream, laugh, cry. i get to put bandaids on their knee caps and teach them to ride a bike. in my dreams we finger paint during rainy days and sing karaoke in the car on the way to the grocery store. i read bedtime stories from the books i saved in my closet from my childhood. they like the same stories but also have their own favorites. in my dreams, i do night checks: all clear, no monsters! i’ll leave the door cracked in case you call for me. in my dreams there’s matching PJs on Christmas morning and hot cocoa on the stove.
in my dreams my husband, my best friend, my rock, life partner, my mountain of a man yet also my sensitive sweet man returns from work. i kiss him like i haven’t seen him in 3 days (i’m wearing the perfume he likes). he hands me flowers (white roses and pink gladiolus). i made beef ribs that had been cooking for 3 hours with mashed potatoes and grilled broccoli. in my dreams our child(ren) reach for him and they share highlights of their day with one another. i watch lovingly from the doorway. in my dreams we sit down to eat as a family and talk about maybe adopting a rescue pup this weekend.
in my dreams we clean up the kitchen and watch a little TV before bed, we get through two episodes of our current show. we turn out the lights, i check for monsters and leave the door cracked. we head to bed, we giggle and sigh and satisfy. we fall asleep and begin to dream. in my dreams…. (start from the top)
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2023.05.28 04:07 SuspectNo7031 He pretended to forget my name?

I'm very confused and honestly pretty hurt. This is a very long vent post mostly because I don't have anyone to talk to about all this, advice is welcome though.
I've know this guy for a little over a year now, he's the drummer in my best friend's/coworkers band. The first night we met we hit it off really well smiling/joking the whole time and we even hugged which I never do when I first meet someone.
The next day my bestie talked a bunch of shit about him. That he said something like "she's going to ruin someone's life" about me and that he's actually a misogynist and a player and blah blah blah
A week after that my bestie confesses that she has feeling for me. I always knew we'd be better as friends plus I would never date someone I work with and told them that.
I would see my crush around town but wouldn't pay him any mind because of all the things my friend said plus I didn't want to hurt her by pursuing him.
6 months later we're all going to a party together with another guy in their band in two cars. Before we leave my friend makes a joke when they ask who wants to ride with me and I made a joke about how I've been told I'm pretty scary. My crush then said that he thinks I'm scary, I get a bit flustered and knowing my friend still had feeling for me at the time I just say "oh".
I rode with the other bandmate which was fine as he's very polite and happily married. It ended up being a weird night where I got hit on a lot by other people, got very anxious, and we didn't get to say much else to each other. On the way back we all stopped at a rest stop where he decided to practice his jujitsu moves conveniently right in front of me. I thought it was sweet watching him show of like that.
The week after that my friend was having a Halloween party with a costume contest and I was super excited and worked really hard on my costume. Two days before she tells me that I'm exempt from the costume contest because she already gave me a CD which was the prize.
I was sad but went anyways, never got the opportunity to talk to my crush but he spent the whole night glancing/staring at me. While I was walking home that night I saw him standing out of the window of his friends car as they drove right past me. He didn't like yell anything or even really look at me, it was more like he wanted ME to look at him?
A while after the party I confronted my friend about some things including the party. She said that I would've had an unfair advantage in the contest because my crush thinks I'm hot. I got mad and told her that's not fair to me, that if I wanted to ask him out that I had the right to do so as her and I are only friends/coworkers. She called my bluff and gave me his number but then proceeded to talk me out of it. Mentioning all the differences we have(making me feel like I'm not good enough for him) and saying that he just started seeing someone anyways(she's done that before).
Low and behold I chicken out and delete his number to avoid embarrassing myself incase I felt impulsive later. The next time she asked me about it I said it was stupid and she said something along the lines of "he wouldn't be interested in girls like US anyhow".
Since then my friend has gotten a really wonderful partner, they go perfect together and I am genuinely happy for her. Our previously rocky friendship has gotten really strong and she's even now my upstairs neighbor.
My crush lives across the street from the bakery my friend and I work at. I literally can't ignore him as I see him or his car everyday. There have been several times I've been walking and see him drive past checking me out which would be creepy except he pretty much can't leave his apartment without me checking him out either.
It's like we're constantly orbiting each other, but rarely do we ever get a chance to actually talk. The last time we "interacted" was a couple months ago my friend and him were standing on the porch of my apartment and he looked in my window at me and waved. I was so caught off guard I got flustered and looked away.
FINALLY THE MAIN POINT: Last week I went to a house show with my bestie's roommate to see their band. It was another costume party but I found out last minute and ended up wearing this stupid fucking pickle costume.
As we're checking out the place my crush comes through the back door of the steps we're on again catching me off guard. I go down to the basement to look at the set up while everyone follows behind. My crush asks the third bandmate if he wants to jam. I ask my friend if she wants to check out the balcony.
We go up to the balcony and start chatting and a couple minutes later the guys come into the balcony and my crush stops right infront of me and just stands there. After a minute I gather my courage and greet them.
This is word for fucking word: "Oh don't tell me, ugh I forgot your name, it was something really unique, like uh uhhh..."
His bandmate flatly said my name and mentioned that my bestie talks about me all the time. It was so obvious in his behavior that he was bullshiting but I still felt so small and stupid in that goddamn pickle suit.
I tried my best not to react and try to carry on a casual conversation with the group but it was probably pretty clear I was uncomfortable. He was nice again after that and then spent the rest of the night glancing and staring like usual. I left immediately after their set and now we're back to our usual orbit.
At first I was really pissed that he would act so childish towards me. Now I kinda feel like it was a reaction to me being so standoffish to him before and I feel bad that I hurt his feelings. From what I've heard and observed he's actually a very sweet guy who normally wouldn't act like that.
Thank you if anyone's actually read this far, feels good to finally get all this off my chest. I guess I'm just wondering if this is a hopeless situation? Would there be any way to detoxify things between us or am I truely delusional? Help.
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2023.05.28 04:07 Alex9433 How often do you worry about it happening again?

People who have lost a partner in the past - if you've connected with anyone else, how do you cope with the fear of losing them, too?
Especially if you lost your partner to Covid, which is still around. It's still possible to lose someone several years into this pandemic even when you take every precaution you can.
It happened to me once. There's technically nothing stopping it from happening again. For all I know, I'm next.
How do we live with that fear?
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2023.05.28 04:07 Careless-Cause438 how to meet ricter in dictator path

I know there a way to bribe ricter in dictaor path but I can't get a metting with him even I have 6 wealth do you need to do something special to meet him beacuse I always lost assembly by 1 vote
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2023.05.28 04:07 oopsxxspaghet MIL Thinks We are Horrible Parents, Apparently

MIL has this ridiculous phobia about alligators. We live in a state where there are no alligators because it’s too cold, but we travel down south where alligators live, typically 4-5 times every year. MIL also travels to the same resort area a couple times a year and even lived down there for a while.
We visit a resort that has a man-made lake and beachfront. You aren’t allowed to swim in it due to potential wildlife in the water, according to the sign, but it’s small and has little Swan boats you can peddle around in. There is even a playground and hammocks. One afternoon DH brought our toddler to the beach area to play in the sand with her beach toys. She knows to never go near the water and my DH would never allow her closer than she was, which was at least 50 feet away from the water.
DH made the horrible mistake of wanting to share vacation pictures with MIL. He sent her a picture of our toddler laughing on the beach, having a wonderful time with dad. She sent the following vicious texts in response:
“The fact that GD is running along the water is fucked up.
You are re***ded I’m pretty sure. And OP is just letting this happen? What does the fucking sign say DH? Maybe you better read it aloud a few times to refresh your memory.
I’m so disgusted with you I can’t speak. The alligators are in the pond watching her run around waiting to snatch her. So great parenting DH. Don’t send me anymore pics. I have nothing to say to you.”
Silent treatment for a couple of days.
And then later…
“The gators are not only in the pond though. They do get out. Very dangerous. Please don’t let her be there. It’s not worth the risk. They are wandering around. It’s mating season. Please.”
Yeah MIL, the alligators were crawling all over the resort! We’ve stayed at this place dozens of times over the years and there are always so many gators EVERYWHERE! In fact we just couldn’t wait to have kids and bring them to this gator-infested resort! After all, they just WANDER AROUND hundreds of people on a daily basis, looking for children to bite! She’s right though, we should all be exceedingly paranoid and never let our children near water ever again.
What a stupid cranky bitch.
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2023.05.28 04:06 NostalgicPoodle Bluey Blokes and an Aussie Word

I've had strange considerations going through my autism brain lately, mostly based on what I hear Aussies saying in more loose and open contexts, and especially blokes.
I eventually considered most of the men, but started with two. Bandit and Pat. They're mates. Big time mates. They will do anything for each other and seem to be the best of friends. And because of that... do you think they call each other c--t? They're long time, true blue mates. And Aussies. They have to. Not when the kids are around, but they have to, and say it in unguarded moments.
I considered the other Heeler boys first. Stripe says it less, and VERY much not in front of the girls. Because if Muffin ever picked it up, it would be yelled at every bin chicken, ice cream lady, and stranger in all of Brisbane. Rad works on an oil rig. He probably says it more than the names of his fellow rig workers. I'm willing to bet he has to be reminded not to call his brothers that.
I started thinking about other dads and men in general, and will do quick rundowns.
Marcus (Honey's dad): No, he's a toff, very posh, he seems to be British. He might go with b-a-s-... well, that, with Bandit because they work together. If he was Scottish, yeah, of course.
Chloe's dad and Jack's dad: Nah, they're very soft, very kind, not as rough and blokey as Bandit or Pat.
Coco's dad: No, but he seems like a show biz type, probably drops the odd f-bomb from frustration.
Rusty's dad: He's a soldier. That's probably the least harsh thing he says.
Mackenzie's dad: No, super no. He has big goodest boi hunk himbo energy. He's too pure and maybe a tiny bit stupid to do it.
Fido: He and Bandit are at this stage. They were talking taking out the ol tennis balls. They're close enough for c-talk.
The Poffertjies guy: Unlikely. But he does probably call Indy's mum something interesting and Dutch.
Sparky and Chippy: 24/7/365, they're tradies. It's another Uncle Rad situation. But I have this idea that Chippie tries to do it less in front of Cherry, but Cherry doesn't mind.
Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Mort: You WISH this was the most they would say. But both are shown to have very old fashioned and ornery streaks. This may be half the words that pass between Grandpa Mort and that fellow that works for him.
Busker and Alfie: No. Like Mackenzie's dad, they are sweet, pure bois, but less himbo hunk. They're hipster cute.
Just a weird thought that grabbed me and didn't let go.
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2023.05.28 04:06 urmomisverygayforme bad trip

i’m not sure why i’ve decided to share this, for reassurance? i think i’ve messed my brain up but i also think i’m just overthinking. for starters i’m 16F (almost 17) and i don’t do drugs, and this happened in mid April. i drink sure but i don’t even smoke weed (i just don’t like how it makes me feel) and i have ocd which means i tend to obsess over irrational fears which will make sense why i’m telling you later on. please no one judge me for being irresponsible, i made a mistake!
so my best friend started doing shrooms about a year ago, and i told her i probably was never going to do them or at least not for awhile. i made a new friend in january and we got very close very fast, and she loved acid and shrooms. i introduced the two and they hit it off and before i know it they had gotten me to agree to trip for the very first time.
now i have a lot of anxiety and like i said i have ocd really badly which means i’m constantly in war with my own mind. but i had been in a great headspace recently and so i decided fuck it, try it a little bit one time and see how you feel!! we got to my newer friends house who i’d known for a few months at this point and greatly trusted and we got everything set up. i thought i was being responsible, i had a trip sitter (friends sister), i was doing it in a place where i was comfortable and with people who i was comfortable with!!! i took a few shots beforehand i must admit which is where all this extra courage came from and why i kept agreeing to take more. I KNOW IRRESPONSIBLE.
so i started off with .5 and they started with 1.5 i think. about 30 mins goes by and everyone takes a bit more, and same thing after another hour. i ended up taking around 3-3.5 they believe. 4g at the most. kept taking more because they kept handing me more and idk i trusted them?? this is when it really hits me i start feeling like i’m going through my whole entire life and my body. i got up to go to bathroom because i was feeling nauseas. my friend comes in there and i start to feel very sleepy and the whole room started spinning so i decided to get some fresh air. nothing changed. i started panicking and my body began to feel limp. my trip sitter had fell asleep. i go to my friends room and lay on her bed and i kept asking my friends dad if i was going to be okay and he kept telling me i was fine. i started going through intense waves of every emotion at once x10.
one second i would be coming down from my panic attack and feeling sleepy and calm and the next i’d be overwhelmed bawling my eyes out rocking myself back and forth. and the visuals hadn’t even STARTED yet. i kept thinking “what if i am stuck like this forever” and “what if i’m dying” and i felt like i was going crazy. i was going through all of my childhood traumas mentally and every single chapter of my life against my own will. after awhile (like 2 hours of this) i calmed down and started to hallucinate visually, things would just change size or look l brighter than normal or move a little like swirls, i saw a couple “bugs”. anyways i was fine the next morning and then 3 weeks later i experienced derealization for like a week.
it’s been a month and i keep having such intense anxiety that i had friend my brain, or got sent into a coma and i just don’t know it, and simply just questioning reality. has anyone else had an experience like this?? i feel like everywhere is unfamiliar and foreign and i just want this feeling to be GONE. did i fuck up bad??
also, like i said previously, i know i did it irresponsibly. i made a mistake and i don’t plan on taking psychedelics anytime soon lol. just please don’t be an asshole about it in the comments.
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2023.05.28 04:06 pushin_ How do you get over something like this (23f&24m)

So I’m having a hard time moving on from a situation with this guy I knew for 5 years. We were best friends and he wanted to date me but I’d never done anything with anyone before him. Eventually I had all my firsts times with him bc he really buttered me up. He didn’t treat me like how I thought he would. Didn’t buy me flowers after my first time or anything nice. We had tons of arguments about how he treated me but he wasn’t willing to fix anything. I saw him recently and he basically was blaming me for everything saying it’s my behavior as if he did nothing wrong. Then he told me how I don’t deserve flowers and dates from him. I feel super betrayed bc he was saying how much he cared about me and loved me but this is how things ended up. For weeks he was saying how he wanted to do all these things with me then he came back in town and said he doesn’t want to do anything with me bc I have an emotional attachment to him. It feels super unfair and I feel led on. How am I supposed to move on from this? He barely says anything to me and anytime I talk to him he calls me annoying and hurts my feelings. Now he just pushes me away and I’ve never seen him act like this.
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2023.05.28 04:06 breakfastsandwhich2 24 [M4F] Houston - Can we just meet and fall hard for each other? I promise to catch you!

Hello, this is for you: 🌹
I'm 24 and I live in Houston, TX. I'm a recent college graduate and I'm planning on pursuing a higher degree this fall. Some things about me: I love music, I play a few instruments with my main one being guitar. I enjoy a nice walk/hike and camping, although I haven't been camping in years. I also love to cook, read and play video games. I like going out and doing things like concerts and restaurants, but a nice night in with good food and a good movie is also fun as well! I love coffee and I love trying different coffee shops! I have also recently started learning to code with Python, just so I keep learning something new even though I'm out of school. Currently, I don't have a car, but I absolutely hate this and I'm striving to change that as soon as possible. Despite that, I still get myself where I need to go. I'm right leaning politically and I was raised Catholic but I'm not strongly religious.
Honestly, being single sucks. I want someone to share the excitement of each other's victories with. I want someone that I can lean on and who can lean on me when things are hard. I want someone to fall asleep on calls with, I want to smile like an idiot when I know you texted me. I want someone to share all life's intricacies with. I want my partner, best friend and lover all in one person!
What I'm looking for in a partner: Someone between the ages of 18-30 I'd prefer someone right leaning and either christian, agnostic or jewish. I HEAVILY prefer someone in Houston, the next best thing would be in Texas, if you're not in Houston, you should be willing to relocate if need be. I don't want a long-term LDR, one year at the most, with visits. Someone who's emotionally mature, who values trust and communication. Someone who shows interest and effort (showing a lack of interest/effort is a big turn off for me) Someone who's monogamous, none of this ethical nonmonogamy nonsense I've been seeing lately.
If you made it this far, send me your favorite food if you decide to reach out so I know you read! I look forward to meeting you!
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2023.05.28 04:06 Lonely_Race5995 I'm finally back!! :) (vent)

Hi friends! Awhile ago, I made a post titled "Open Letter to Regal :)". I'd first like to thank everyone for all the support and advice I was given. 🩵
This is kind of a rant, so if you don't want to read it, feel free to scroll past.
I want to share my experiences so that if anyone is going through anything similar, they know they are no alone. My Regal was run extremely unprofessionally. I can barely even remember a time where I was not constantly pulling all the weight and doing all of the work. Over the summer, it became clear to me that I was the only person doing any of the work. Whenever a customer would come by, all my coworkers would collectively move to the back and leave me doing all of the work. And management did nothing about it-- even after I complained and told them what was happening. Sometimes I would come in a few minutes before my shift, and before I even had time to clock in, my coworkers would vanish and leave me at the register working off the clock. There were even times management asked me to perform minor tasks off the clock (restocking candy, cleaning the back, etc). For useful context, I was 16 during all of this. At one point I was working 15 days straights covering coworkers because management let them call out without an excuse just because they didn't want to come in (and I know this because they would literally come in and visit their friends during their own shift that I was working). But this isn't even the worst of what I went through.
Management at my location continuously spread rumors about me and others. For starters, my assistant manager treated me terribly and ignored me for around two months. I tried to talk to him about this, but every single time I tried to talk to him about this, he went further out of his way to avoid me. Since Regal was like a family to me, this completely destroyed my mental health. I was severely depressed and dreaded going to work. I was eventually told by other floor staff that he told them he thought I had a crush on him (I literally did not). I eventually reported this to management, but AM and I talked it out and I chose not to go forward with an HR report or anything.
Now here comes the worst part. I had a TL who told me multiple times that I was his favorite worker. After the situation I mentioned prior, this TL began treating me poorly-- snapping at me a lot and overall treating me badly. Now some background on this TL-- he talked shit about quite literally every floor staff and manager to me (a floor staff) and spread rumors about others. It got to the point where I was also scared of being around this TL. I also was terrified that he was saying bad things about me behind my back as well, since he talked about everyone to me. I'd also like to mention almost all of us are teenagers while this TL and well into adulthood. Anyways, he made everyone think that two of my coworkers were dating (which caused a shit ton of drama), turned me against people in manager by talking bad about them and CONSTANTLY talked bad about one girl who we worked with. I also watched him straight up lie to employees. For example-- he would tell me "____ is an awful employee; she doesn't do any work" and then tell that same employee straight to her face "you're one of our best workers!!".
Finally, everyone at my work place was constantly depressed. The atmosphere is awful and literally every employee there has told me that they were so much happier before they started working there. I cannot even tell you how many times I sat in that break room crying because of how I was treated there.
This is just the surface. It would take pages for me to write out everything I went through. And now, 3 months later, I still haven't gone a single night without having a nightmare about Regal. I am currently being treated for PTSD from this place.
But like I said in the title, I am finally back in the movie theater business! I am now working at a much better theater and I am treated so much better by management. All the employees there are so positive and make it clear that they love their job. I'm so thankful I found a much better movie theater :)
If you read all of this, thank you so much; I really appreciate it. And if anyone is going through anything similar, please quit. It's really not worth it and you deserve so much better. Please know I am here to talk if anyone needs to. 🩵
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2023.05.28 04:06 Dazzling-Object-4596 When a sweaty goes to the grave

When a sweaty goes to the grave
That feeling when you come back and force overtime against a super tryhard pc bot player 😍 If you know, you know...
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2023.05.28 04:06 florglespore Best strain for headaches?

Hey guys. I have a horrible headache today last night - Panadol doing zilch. I thought it might be Covid but tested negative. Just wonder what is the best strain for helping headaches, as Afghan haze hasn’t really helped. I used to use blueberry for headaches When I was in Canada but we don’t have that here. I think shishkaberry is the closest to that strain but I don’t have that.
I have zour apple, skywalker and solace also (don’t like solace though but will have it if it helps headaches!). Thanks 😊
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2023.05.28 04:05 yoshimitsu123 Any app that can have some calls come in with sound and others on vibrate?

I keep my phone on vibrate but I'd love it if I can possibly have some contacts still be heard. I know the Do Not Disturb feature exists but that seems to completely block out a call rather then vibrate it, while also having all texts on vibrate. I was told there's no way to do this on default android phones and my best bet would be an app. So is there any app out there that will do this?
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2023.05.28 04:05 Severe_Conflict4552 Possible hearing problems

I lost partial hearing in my right ear and idk what to do about it cause I can still hear from that ear, I just can't hear much but I haven't told anyone because I don't want anyone to worry. What do I do?
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2023.05.28 04:05 Farvacus2nd Questions about becoming a helicopter pilot

I have tons of questions on the path to be a pilot for Army National Guard. I have thought about becoming a pilot for the past 2 years (regret not jumping on it sooner). I have done deep research for a while but I just figured it would be better to ask personally on a fresh update. I just turned 24 years old and a FirefighteEMT. I tried to get interested in Paramedicine but I just have no desire to become a Medic. And even if I did become one its not fair to our patients. Luckily, my fire department does not require it anyway. But I want to move forward with my life. I do plan on starting a degree probably aiming for aerospace engineering B.S. I am aware of the 10 year requirement and it doesn't bother me.
  1. If I wanted to fly mostly helicopters what is the best branch to join? I am hearing "Army".
  2. Do warrants fly more than commissioned? How many hours average of flying with both?
  3. Is it worth it? I definitely want to serve my country but mostly in the flying section. And I want to fly a black hawk.
  4. If I want to have the best opportunity to fly often would Guard be the best? I live in Florida.
  5. I have no military experience can I just go straight to warrant officer flight school in the army national guard without enlistment?
  6. Are you restricted to fly sometimes? Could you be like: "I feel like flying today. Let's go".
  7. Do you fly more on deployments? What would a warrant officer aviator be doing mostly on deployments?
  8. Who to contact for this path? I heard "recruiters can't help you effectively".
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2023.05.28 04:05 Freudian-Fall My Biggest Takeaway From Watching The ECF

I can't help but think of the Magic when I watch this current Celtics squad. In my opinion, our current core could be (key word "could") a better version of them. But our front office has to do absolutely everything right.
Boston has built an incredible core with JT and JB and a nine-man rotation filled with quality defenders and former all-star veterans. The NBA seems to be shifting into a league built around athletic, versatile wings that can score from midrange at will rather than one built around high-volume 3PT shooting like it has been for the better part of 6 years. Brown and Tatum fit that mold perfectly as wings with high athleticism and scoring chops, with just enough defensive versatility to not be a liability on that end of the floor. And Boston has done an absolutely fantastic job building a championship contender around their talents, mainly focusing on guards that can defend the perimeter at an elite level and lengthy, high-motor bigs that can out-rebound pretty much any frontcourt and shoot from 3PT range at low volume when needed.
Paolo and Franz' respective ceilings remind me of the Brown Tatum duo in all except two regards: playmaking and length. Both Paolo and Franz are between 3 to 5 inches taller than the Boston duo with similar ball handling ability and potential to score at will from inside, but the playmaking upside of Paolo and Franz compared to the Boston duo is night and day, at least to me. I don't think that Paolo at his best will be as much of a scoring threat as JT, but our current squad has seemed to run as smooth as an offense can get when Paolo makes the simplest of passing decisions: throwing occasional lobs, dishing the ball out to the arc and finding occasional cutters. And in the case of Franz, I think our ceiling becomes disgustingly scary when you factor in WCJ, his most efficient and effective pick-and-roll partner this past season. There’s pretty much no equivalent to that in Boston except for maybe Rob Williams, who seems to be a lot more dominant on the defensive side of the ball compared to Wendell, who is still an above-average defender already. I don’t think Franz and Paolo will be quite as athletic or midrange dominant as the Brown-Tatum duo at their peak, but their playmaking upside, ability to play off the ball, and higher defensive IQ seems to be the thing that can really put us over the hump and into Finals contention within the next 6 or 7 years.
But again, this is if the Front Office does absolutely everything right. They can definitely look at what the Celtics have done as inspiration for our blueprint.
Let me know what you all think.
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Excuse me my friends if my prices are off. It has been a while. I’m not sure if these ones are popular anymore but they were my favorites at one time. If sold will ship out USPS Tuesday morning (Happy Memorial Day). Not sure what I would be looking for in a trade. Maybe another EXK or LEXK plus in a different style? Knifeart Sebenza 31? P365 or P365XL Icarus grip module? Trijicon RMRcc?
YOLO takes priority. If have a trade offer please post on page and then send me a PM or chat. I will not add cash.
Timestamp/Videos: https://imgur.com/a/bwTkMbY
First Up
(SV975TV1000) Demko AD20 - Cruwear - Shephard CC Marble CF Scales and Backspacer (Scales and Backspacer cost me $240) - Anthony Griffin Regrind and added Fuller. I have carried on and off. Used a few times to open some boxes. No scratches or rolls in the blade. Centering and lockup are typicall demko. Same as deployment. I will be losing some money on this one but was a joy to have and talk to some of the great custom knife guys that do amazing work Comes with OEM small box.
(SV475/TV500) TREVOR BURGER EXK PLUS - CARBON FIBER & MICARTA (CUSTOM) - Stonwashed M390 Blade. Best front flipper on the market (IMO). I have its larger non plus brother that I carry more. This one is in fine shape. Has been carried. A few trails on the clip. Micarta and CF feel great. Sheepsfoot blade. Liner lock. You know the routine. Comes with taco, do not have the COA, I dont think..
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