Toilet fill tube replacement

Looking for recommendations.

2023.06.01 17:17 snoosh00 Looking for recommendations.

Mostly to be used with a ball vape (freight train) I have a sneaky petes mega globe and a tornado recycler with a small hole in it (got a refund, mostly looking to replace this, to have this one as a backup). I also have a tall tower bong and a short tiny triple honeycomb tube bong.
I like bongs that have a "dry landing" (the area below the bowl piece isn't in water, the tube bends then goes into the percolator)
Anyone have a good suggestion for desktop use?
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2023.06.01 17:17 DillonFromSomewhere Resignation Letter in Academic Essay Format

I know quitting your job as a cook usually simply comes with two weeks notice or a ragequit walkout, but for eleven months I worked at a new franchise that had such potential which was being squandered by the incompetence of upper management. I present the nearly 6000 word thesis I turned in on my last day. Locations and names have been changed to cartoon references. Brackets represent ambiguous information in place of specific details.
Krusty Krab Careers Jobs
Opening in [Month/Year], Krusty Krab (KK) Bikini Bottom is on its 4th kitchen manager in less than a year. Krusty Krab O-Town has recently let go its inaugural kitchen manager and sous chef. Almost no member of the Bikini Bottom opening management team remains employed by KK. There is a pattern developing where one must question both the choice of employee and the directive given to new franchises. These lingering issues I brought concerns about in the first weeks of opening but was disregarded at every turn despite my experience with festival traffic. As a result I decided this was not a place I wanted to advance, but with a good-enough paycheck I’d be a lowly grunt in the kitchen four days a week, at five days a week I would have quit or been fired over a public outburst long ago. If Krusty Krab alters course slightly while being true to the brand this could be a successful chain.
My unique employment history in brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, pop up culinary concepts, trade shows/conventions, and the film industry make me an ideal candidate to be on the opening team for new KK locations. My outgoing nature and foresight are valuable assets. For example, on training week before opening when I was standing around idly without a task I took it upon myself to organize the disarray that was dry storage. Overhearing Krabs tell another manager where he wanted the cleaning products placed, I had a jumping off point and the organization I created nine months ago is still largely in place. Since returning from my vacation in early February I have made it my mission to keep the storage area organized because it was again starting to resemble a hoarder’s house rather than a commercial kitchen. This is now part of my weekly routines because every time I turn my back there is more product being placed haphazardly just anywhere with little regard. I also recently reorganized the walk-in cooler because of problematic stocking with items being placed on the same shelf or below raw proteins. I also simply put all the like products together such as cheeses or fruits that were scattered amongst several shelves. With recent overordering I cannot keep up with the organization of the walk in cooler. The pattern recognition of food types and even simple shapes appears to be lost on the Bikini Bottom crew. My daily reorganization of containers is proof of this. Most days I’ll take a few minutes to put all cylinders together, all cambros together in descending volume, all deep and shallow pans next to each other rather than intermixed. My decision to be a kitchen manager at age 19 from 2005 thru 2008 and rarely enter restaurant management since is very calculated.
With my prior knowledge of professional kitchens I was becoming Bikini Bottom’s resident nag to coworkers as I made note of health department violations on a daily basis. I stopped after being largely ignored for two weeks. My regular health department nags include; a battle with jackets and hats being placed only in the designated area (a designated area that did not exist until I created a place for personal items a in January by neatly organizing the dry storage area again), waiting until prepped items are cooled before a cover is placed on top, placement of raw seafood, open containers (very often sugar, flour, and pancake mix bags ripped open and left), and dirty dishes/containers placed back in rotation. The dirty dishes and containers in rotation with the clean ones are at an atrociously high number. I have given up on making the 4th fryer seafood allergy safe too. With the low volume of seafood allergy safe items Bikini Bottom should purchase smaller baskets to visually discourage cross contamination with the other fryers and baskets. My skills to organize the kitchen do not end with simply where to store products to meet minimal health department standards.
Half of the space in the Bikini Bottom kitchen is completely wasted on an ill-advised walkway to the dishpit. An intelligent design would place a second doorway directly to the dishpit connected to the bar or where the bathrooms reside. Numerous times during the opening week of KK Bikini Bottom I said, yelled, sang, and muttered that we have too many food items for the amount of space we have. Icus stated that there was more space than Bluffington. Is Bluffington intelligently designed? Because Bikini Bottom most certainly isn’t. So Bikini Bottom actually has less space even if there is more square footage. See the attached diagram for an intelligent design that could potentially house a menu of this size. Bikini Bottom forces a line design on this kitchen when an open concept is needed for this menu. It’s as if this floorplan was created by a person who had only ever seen one commercial kitchen previously and couldn’t think 4th dimensionally to understand the needs of the workers to smoothly serve customers.
There is not enough counter space for pizzas without getting off the line, the microwave is placed completely out of the way, the freezer’s curved design is a waste of potential counter space and a falling hazard for containers stored on top of it, the toaster is an overcomplicated and overexpensive piece of machinery that serves exactly one purpose when a flat top could be used to toast bread and other purposes like a quesadilla special, sautee was designed without an overhang for spices, the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter for seafood allergies, there are no Frialator fryers which I have worked with at every single kitchen job previously instead we got the cheap Vulcan model (is that logical), the cheap low boy in pantry that doesn’t drain excess water anywhere it’s just supposed to evaporate somehow but doesn’t, the grill and fryer should be placed next to each other (with a higher volume of crossover than other stations), the floors are flat instead on having a mild decline towards the drains (just look at the standing water residing behind the oven right now), in the dishpit the spraying area and the filled sinks are backwards of a logical dipshit, the ramp to the back door is on the wrong side, there is no refrigerated place downstairs to stage extra food for busy shifts (the beer cooler is once again used for such food items because of this massive oversight), the prep station is an afterthought and miniscule, the dishes on the line are difficult to grab for anyone under 5’11” and inaccessible for anyone under 5’6” (instead of putting them underneath tables that also give that desperately needed counterspace I spoke of), there is not enough space to store to-go containers or boats behind the line, expo is lacking a low boy for the numerous items that are supposed to be cold but are instead kept at room temperature all day long, no one in management thought about buying shelves until right before Bikini Bottom opened as a result the clean full sheets sat on the floor for days, we had only the exact amount of 1⁄6 pans for an absurd amount of time making it impossible to rotate and clean them when necessary (which is daily), we still struggle with 1/9 pan supply. And just when I thought I documented all the poor design choices possible I stumbled upon a person whose office holiday party was booked at KK Bikini Bottom. The deck space works just fine as a deck. It does not double well as a gathering space. The space is too long and narrow for parties, it promotes little splitoff groups rather than a coming together of a larger gathering. It may be advantageous to contact a social psychologist for help designing a private party space that promotes intermingling rather than enforcing small pockets to form. The reorganization of the physical kitchen isn’t all that screams for an overhaul.
There are six positions on the line at the Krusty Krab; expo, oven, grill, sautee, fryer, and pantry. But the pantry and fryer positions are forced together like a bad remix. Everyone who mainly works pantry deserves a $6 raise immediately because it is a station and a half. Both Icus and Krumm, while kitchen manager, kind of acknowledged the pantry is too big for one station without outright mentioning the lopsided distribution of work. I imagine in the only location where this works, Bluffington, a second person joins the pantry at noon because of the unreasonable amount of items one person is tasked with. Bikini Bottom only has one person in this position at all times, maybe modify it for one person? The excess of items on the pantry position largely resembles a position I would call “set-up” or “build” at a previous job that made sensible choices. This build position should have tostadas, tacos, butcher’s blocks, toast, salads, lettuce wrap set ups, and preparing plating for whichever station is most bogged down. I have absolutely lost my mind yelling about salads at least once a month, ranting that they do not belong on the fryer position because of how illogical it is that five salads are included on the mountain of other items the pantry has. I have always considered working in a kitchen a kind of dance, and the pantry station demands an unnecessarily convoluted dance to keep up with the demand. Without the salads, tostadas, and tacos the station is already the busiest. Do we really need to combine ballet and swing by including these extra awkward dance steps in this single station? For a kitchen designed this poorly I suppose it is. Again, see attached document for an intelligently designed kitchen that might be able to accommodate this menu. Unless Bikini Bottom is going to close for a month to fix the baffling floor plan design the menu is shouting to be reduced to 30-36 items.
The menu is too big. Krusty Krab is the jack of all foods, master of none. In general I believe individual locations should be allowed 18% omissions, and 18% unique items to this wildly unwieldy menu sitting around 50 food items including sides. The insistence on keeping menu items that don’t sell at Bikini Bottom because of Bluffington is mind boggling. Chicken tenders do not sell at Bikini Bottom. fried sushi does not sell at Bikini Bottom, not enough to justify their place on the line. I don’t care how well these items work in Bluffinton. They. Do. Not. Work. At. Bikini. Bottom. If the KK location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sells an incredible amount of live krill does that mean Bikini Bottom and O-Town must sell live krill too? Take the fried sushi off the menu. I had a complete meltdown about this during a Dimmadome service and my valid point was met with indifference. Replace the kid’s tenders with a kid’s fish sticks. We already have the tilapia fish sticks on the line for tacos. Or make the kid’s fish sticks cod. We cut cod to order for fish tacos in spite of health code violations because it is too rare of an order to make beforehand. Saffron in mashed potatoes? If you must. Why are green tomatoes only on the menu during lunch? Bikini Bottom throws away a sizable amount of spoiled green tomatoes each week. Have green tomatoes on the menu all day long or don’t have them at all. The smoked salmon could go on salads or a special taco to justify its place on the line. The corn pico’s place on the line is unjustified. It only goes on one item, tostadas, which are not particularly popular. If we had a taco salad we could throw the corn pico on there. We also have unreasonable waste from unusable taco shells, smash up those imperfect taco shells and throw them on said taco salad. But before we add salads, let's get rid of the pear and kale salads. The pears' position on the line are unjustified, if we threw them on a taco variation maybe their place on the Bikini Bottom line could be argued but for now they only go on a salad that isn’t particularly popular. The kale salad is an issue of space for a 4th green for salads is too much. The krusty salad is my most hated house salad of all time. And it comes down to the toast with goat cheese. This ancillary step of spreading goat cheese on a cracker is an unnecessary step for an overly complicated dance and should be part of the expo dance if expo wasn’t a shoddily designed afterthought lacking a low boy.
There are a plethora of squeeze bottles on the pantry station that have no place on the overloaded station. They belong to an expo station with a low boy to keep them cold. Pantry has an overwhelming ten squeeze bottles: chipotle crema, sweet chili vinaigrette, buffalo, korean bbq, ranch, caesar, wine vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, honey mustard, and lemon aioli. Only the first four are justified on an intelligently designed fryer section, the second four belong on the build station, the last two have no place anywhere but expo. With this extra space sautee could keep their bottles and two purees cold in the fryer's lowboy instead of leaving them at room temperature all day inviting a pathogen party. This theorized intelligently designed expo would have room to keep these four squeeze bottles and a double of every sauce chilled to pour them into ramekins, a move that is highly common in the expo dance. The fact that expo doesn’t have a double of all squeeze bottles is foolish. Expo has to bother an overloaded station to pour these side sauces instead.
How many gallons of basil aioli has Bikini Bottom thrown away in 11 months? Four aiolis in general is way too many and most go on a single item; basil aioli on the incredibly unpopular veggie burger, lemon aioli for calamari, sweet chili aioli for the BLT that is only served half of the day, and garlic aioli actually goes on two items…I believe. What a colossal waste of precious little space, lose two aiolis and then you can sing the logical song with me. Perhaps we can put garlic aioli and sweet chili vinaigrette on the BLT separately and accomplish the exact same thing the sweet chili aioli does. The wings too have unneeded complications. Having worked at a sports bar specializing in wings for the better part of a decade I find KK’s plating of wings to be overly pretentious. The carrots, celery, and blue cheese have lost function. Heffer Wolf always said no one eats the carrot/celery julienne with blue cheese. It’s a complete waste of all the ingredients because you’ve gone too far with the presentation. Wings aren’t fancy. Wings are supposed to have a small pool of sauce and be sloppy. It’s like a sloppy joe that’s not sloppy, an unsloppy joe is a failure to sloppy joes just as the KK presentation of wings is a disparagement to the dish. Ever since training week back in 2022 I have used a scale to give Bikini Bottom a passing or failing grade.
Chokey Chicken to Chum Bucket is the scale I use to judge efficiency and sanity at Bikini Bottom. Both establishments are upscale casual dining experiences in Capitol City in the same vein as KK. Chokey had high employee retention and relatively smooth openings for new locations. Chum Bucket’s employee turnover was high and every location opening was chaotic. Which one sounds closer to KK? Chokey Chicken was filled with chefs I respect including Chef Ren Hoek who remains a close friend to this day. Ren lost his lifelong passion for kitchen work after working management at Chum Bucket. He’s actually seeking work in Bikini Bottom. Call him up at [phone number], but KK will give him Nam’ flashbacks of why he chose driving for a living rather than cooking for five years. The pair of us together helming Bikini Bottom with the ability to omit and create 18% of the overloaded menu can bring success to this franchise. We have worked well numerous times in the past on various concepts in the past including creating The Attack of the Pickled Tomatoes Burger for [Promotional live performance of a TV show] at the Capitol City Theater. We served 100 people in 60 at the [sitcom filming] lunch. That’s physically impossible but somehow we did it quite a few times.
A fun anecdote about Ren Hoek’s KK experience from the soft launch; on training week numerous times I brought concerns about being seafood allergy safe that were dismissed. As mentioned earlier the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter, one each of which seafood never touches. Before the soft launch Chef Stimpy from Bluffington insisted all customers just kind of know everything is prone to be seafood contaminated. Well, chef Ren was a customer that night and this absolutely was not communicated to customers. He claimed to have a slight seafood allergy and was not informed of what the crab soup was. In reality he does not have a seafood allergy. I didn’t discuss the seafood issue with Ren, separately we noticed egregious violations of food safety standards and we each responded in our own way. The soft launch service was so awful that night Chef Ren walked out of a free meal to pay for some ramen, never to return to Bikini Bottom. I attribute this oversight, and many of Bikini Bottom’s (and probably O-Town’s) problems to hubris over the Bluffington location.
Chef Chokey would also be hesitant to join the KK team. It will cost a finder’s fee just for me to reveal Chef Chokey’s name. Chef Chokey was a lead in the rapid expansion of Chokey Chicken restaurants. He opened numerous restaurants and was big on the philosophy that each restaurant must have its own personality in order to fit the unique local culture and the variety of working spaces. This is in direct conflict with the KK way that everything must be exactly like the Bluffington location no matter what. There was only one Chokey Chicken location that had the full menu, Chokey Springfield. Chokey Springfield had a large space which was intelligently designed to accommodate such a large menu. The KK menu is all over the place, closing in on 50 menu items which comes up as a failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale. This is not the only area KK comes up as a major failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale.
Has anyone in this company ever worked festival traffic before? Does anyone have the experience of working next to a major venue with 8000 seats before this one? The way Bikini Bottom handles Dimmadome services it certainly appears that the decision-makers fall on the wrong side of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Having all 50 items available during such massive traffic is completely asinine. An unwillingness to serve a partial menu is hindering the Bikini Bottom kitchen staff. I have worked festival traffic before, and Dimmadome events bring in festival traffic. I’ve worked inside a festival whose line never ended but every customer got their order in 5 minutes or less because the line kept flowing with only four items on the menu as that’s what was warranted at the B-Sharps Music Festival. I refuse to be set up for failure the way Bikini Bottom sets up Dimmadome services for failure. The entire week of concerts in [summer] 2022 I was set up for failure every day (it was after this I modified my availability to keep my sanity and my paycheck). When I brought my concerns about running efficiently during Dimmadome services I was labeled a B-worker for the first time in my employment history by Icus and Krabs. It is that moment which I was either going to holler at them both for being 2-dimensional thinkers who were obviously unqualified for the positions they accepted in this company, or just put my head down. If Bikini Bottom has a successful concert day service, hail your team because they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. They swam with concrete shoes. I often wonder how many customers had bad experiences and never returned after concert days. A Dimmadome service should have no more than 25 items and have one or two specials to divert traffic towards an area the kitchen can keep moving. An Open Cup Open Plate (OCOP) special for foot traffic is absolutely needed. When I suggested OCOP special, Heffer was intrigued by this idea and immediately named burgers as the special to keep foot traffic flowing. Smithers wouldn’t hear this idea, babbling on about what’s advertised instead of hearing out a sound idea. This prattle despite radio commercials having inaccurate hours and social media promoting Bikini Bottom’s steak tacos to this day. I always found Smithers to be a better fit as a middle management office pencil pusher than as a hands-on restaurant manager. Overall I find KK managers are selected to be automatons not to question their orders rather than critical thinkers who could take the restaurant to the next level. During brunch service is another period of time that must be modified to lessen the heft of items. Having a full menu that barely works plus brunch is so deep into Chum Bucket territory, in my opinion we now have to use the Tropic Thunder scale of full retard to describe a 60-plus-item brunch. Chef Ren hired back a Chum Bucket cook who had a mental breakdown and stormed out during brunch (plus full menu) service because Ren knew the employee was justified and upper management was completely unreasonable in their brunch requests. It’s not just questionable decisions that hinder KK staff but improper equipment as well.
This is the first restaurant I have worked at which uses a touch screen on the line rather than tickets. From day one I found this to be technology for technology’s sake inferior to tickets. Chef Ren forced a new Chum Bucket location to rip out touch screens from the line and bring in ticket printers because of the higher efficiency. The touch screen is a great idea for expo, not the entire line. My biggest gripe is that each station does not get all the information. Early on I was regularly yelled at for not staggering my items, well I can’t see the rest of the order; a problem I have never had with a ticket system. Touchscreen software is also much more prone to errors and glitches. When I reported an error during a heavy service Icus and Krabs blamed my skills on the line without looking into the malfunctioning screen further. It was glitchy for weeks before the two finally investigated and corrected the issue I brought to their attention long before. Those two gave me an immense amount of ammunition to dislike them in the opening weeks until I stopped caring. The issue I had with being unable to scroll beyond the bottom of a completely filled screen has returned and is still there as of [my last day]. There are also important details that get buried. A frequent meltdown I have is that sauce on side requests and other important modifications are not capitalized or in red to catch the eye as they have been at jobs with tickets. These details get lost on Bikini Bottom’s touchscreens. A sauce on side salad made by me will be wrong 50% of the time because of the instructions being camouflaged in a word salad. This goes for coleslaw on the side and drizzle on the side too. Drizzle in general I dislike because of the pretentiousness, but whatever, drizzle it on top rather than putting it in a ramekin if you must. There are numerous places where Bikini Bottom overcomplicates matters for reasons I cannot ascertain.
Why is there such a large variety of plates? Why do we have a medium circular plate for salads and a large bowl for salads with protein? This just confuses the simplest of matters. I was told this is done because of the high price hike with protein, a larger presentation was desired. But that price hike is the price of protein in 2023. Bikini Bottom should put all salads in the large bowls and use all the circular salad plates in a skeet shooting promotion. I understand why we have both a circular platter plate and a pizza plate but in my restaurant the circular platter plates must go...or maybe the large platter plate instead. Is the large platter used for anything besides fish and chips? That extra space on fish and chips plates are only used for side sauces which can easily be delivered to customers on small circular plates. What is the medium oval plate doing that the medium rectangular plate isn’t? And vice versa. Why do they both exist when they are approximately the same size? Let me write an internet commercial where we break a lot of plates so we can get some logical use out of the superfluous plates. I don’t care which one is destroyed, the ovals or the rectangles but one of them is an unnecessary redundancy in excess done again. Speaking of commercials, the unimaginative radio advertisements for Bikini Bottom are doing little to lure new customers to the restaurant.
The three radio spots I have heard on KBBL all sound like they were produced by a marketing 101 student who wasn’t a natural in the field. The voiceover actor was so uncharismatic I was certain someone from the office was chosen at random to read the copy. Then I heard that same voiceover actor selling pool supplies on another radio station so I concluded that Bikini Bottom must have hired the cheapest guy in town to produce the most basic of commercials. Perhaps there is someone else you could hire more qualified to voiceover these commercials, an actor with experience on an Emmy award winning cable program whose unique place in the film industry was written about on [website] would be a much wiser choice to be the voice of the KK? (See external link). In the ad there was no catchphrase, no jingle, no music whatsoever. This simple approach to commercials lacks the pizazz to catch the attention of radio listeners. The first two commercials I heard would get a C in marketing 101 as they were nearly the exact same and accomplished the bare minimum to sell wares, the third one would maybe get a B- because there was some sort of attempted gimmick with the voiceover whispering to represent thinking inside his head about what he was going to eat later at KK. Not only does this commercial give no reason for the man to think inside his head, the outside world still and unpopulated. To see what a creative person would do with this concept see the attached script. There is an attempted slogan that could become part of an ad campaign. Commercials aren’t the only lost opportunities in promotions.
There are numerous promotional celebrity tie-ins at Bikini Bottom’s fingertips with Dimmadome performers. The restaurant could have a Phish sandwich as a OCOP special on [Phish performance dates], or a pretentious Jelly Roll on [Jelly Roll performance date]. Has anyone reached out to the Dimmadome theater or talent management for approved special menu items to be promoted inside the dome? Perhaps a special 20% discount to ticket holders? Is Bikini Bottom capable of getting permits to extend Open Container hours beyond [cutoff time] for an afterparty or block party throughout a Dimmadome concert? I see additional marketing opportunities left on the table for all new locations.
I believe new KK locations are missing out on a marketing campaign by opening with the entire cumbersome 50 item menu. This is a staggering amount of menu items which is too much to ask new staffers to perfect all at once. After a few months expanding the menu by approximately ten items is catching to customers who haven’t returned after a single visit or infrequently stop into KK. There are ten new food items that might appeal to them. Just like it appears KK doesn’t know what it’s looking for in a good commercial spot, this company doesn’t appear to recognize a talented from an untalented worker until it’s too late.
It is my understanding that KK had a headhunter to find Icus, the first Bikini Bottom kitchen manager. If it were up to me I’d hire someone to break the legs of that headhunter for bringing in a subpar kitchen lead. We are still attempting to recover from the lousy choices she made in the floor plan. If anybody responsible for Bikini Bottom’s floor plan is still giving input, stop them immediately. Once the doors were open to the public Icus had his head in the clouds to a point where I questioned if he saw the writing on the walls of an imminent demotion and stopped trying as a result. I had a full deck of 3x5 cards in an archaic powerpoint presentation bringing numerous concerns to light that he kept putting off listening to until he was fired. Those same cards were broken out for this essay. The second kitchen manager, Krumm, is a good lesson in honesty. According to Heffer, Krumm was given a bill of goods about how smoothly KK Bikini Bottom was running. Since Krumm stepped into a latrine pit which he was led to believe was a heated pool, he left in short time. Krumm also had plans to modify the menu but when his bosses told him to be a rodeo clown rather than a cowboy Krumm didn’t take too kindly to that. Meanwhile Heffer was the savior of the Bikini Bottom kitchen. I didn’t agree with every single decision he made, but I did with a majority of them. Heffer’s overhaul was such a blessing so I didn’t have to fiddle with the organization of 60% of the equipment anymore, only about 20% now. Too bad Heffer’s crippling depression came back after bashing his head into the wall out of frustration with the shackles KK restrained him with.
The current management team is enthusiastic but inexperienced. I see an accumulation of small infractions that might bring down Bikini Bottom’s health department rating significantly. I see the entire management team being inattentive or unaware about organizational issues. Whatever bureaucratic nonsense corporate tasks everyone with from the original sous chef Skeeter to Patty Mayonnaise that makes them walk away from the line between 11am and 1pm especially is infuriating. I have never been left alone on a multi-person line during peak hours so regularly, and I won’t tolerate it anymore. As much as I believe in his drive, I imagine our current kitchen manager SpongeBob will be let go after a disastrous service during the Dimmadome concert season that someone has to take the fall for. Chef Ren and I could help bring experience in management and dealing with festival traffic...if corporate does not force us to follow a failing strategy.
After working nearly a year at KK you may ask why I’m not proficient on more than one station. Excellent question. First, when I move over to another station the squeeze bottles are never labeled (until Stu Pickles was hired, now they’re sometimes labeled), so I always looked at the glut of unlabeled sauces and I’d go back to my station because the basic information is missing (also a health department violation for having numerous unlabeled, unchilled bottles). In his first week the new general manager Stu Pickles pulled out 90% of the containers under the grill station because they were lacking labels despite an expected health department visit. The second reason for my menu ignorance is the mountain of prep for my own and upcoming shifts I have piled up on my station throughout service. My attention to detail appears to be next level with my ability to anticipate stocking all items for all shifts including the weeknd. The third reason I wouldn’t learn multiple stations is a defense against the afternoon conference calls. In [month] the Bikini Bottom line was unprepared for a busy post lunch because one cook was cut and our expo person was busy with a conference call. The two of us remaining on the line had a miserable slog through an unexpectedly busy afternoon. When I brought this up to Krabs he disregarded me, being a good bean counter he quoted the cost percentage. What he didn’t take into account was the missing expo person who could have jumped on the line and expo to help the understaffed two man team. That person was stuck on a conference call. Just recently I saw the company actively lose money because of this poorly thought-out meeting during business hours. A customer wanted to order a dessert that was 86ed but had been restocked by our prep cook an hour before. The server was unable to sell them their dessert because the only person in the building who could help un-86 an item was on a conference call. This conference call calamity is another bone-headed choice that speaks to a larger decision-making problem within the corporate structure. Finish the conference calls by 10:45 am eastern.
In conclusion, I quit my position as a lowly grunt for this company because of its unwarranted perplexing dance steps and below average management. I don’t care how much varnish and lacquer is supplied, I refuse to polish this Bikini Bottom turd as a manager or full-time employee under the current circumstances. You would have to take a pickaxe to the floor, possibly relocate the bathrooms to add a door to the dishpit, get rid of the cheap low boy that doesn’t properly drain excess water, and Mr Gorbachov knock down that wall in the middle of the kitchen to give the proper amount of space to work. Or simply reduce the menu to 36 items (including sides) because that’s the amount of space this dreadful design can comfortably output. Would Gordon Ramsay compliment KK for all the unnecessary convoluted complications abound, or would Chef Ramsay yell about keeping it simple and demand KK chuck it in the flip? Thanks to the numerous pop up restaurants I have been a part of and the hectic world of trade shows/conventions, I may have more experience than anyone else employed by KK in smoothly opening a new location. I would enjoy being part of the opening team to ensure new locations have an efficiency Bikini Bottom lacks, and to keep upper management away from their worst instincts. Work with me and Chef Ren and we will help you become a well oiled machine like Chokey Chicken instead of the Chum Bucket cesspit Bikini Bottom currently embodies.
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I do Yoga to Chief Keef. I order iced matcha with no ice. I use Hello Kitty scissors to cut out my mole. I wash myself with Spiderman shampoo. I melt my left airpod in the dryer. I throw up at Starbucks. I take a shit in the secret toilet in the basement of Parsons. I try to kill my roommate. She’s a rat and that’s no insult but a fact. I have 97 cents in my bank account. I did not realize the rice was extra. I smell like Poison. By Dior. I bring a guy home, I lose my key. I shrug when he calls me crazy. I collect my plucked eyebrows. A bunch of them. Half bleached, half Black, like a garden of thorns in my plastic bag. I scan my boobs. My electricity gets cut off. I smear period blood on my lips. I sue my neighbor. I smell her piss through the door. I love being goofy, I prefer being strange. I sleep with no cushion and snore like a buzz saw. I order a new Macbook. They give me the wrong keyboard. I could complain, but I’m lazy. I hate to walk, I always sprint. I once joined a marathon on a whim. I was on crutches for 2 weeks. I ghosted my therapist, I owe her money. I replaced her with omegle. I miss him, so I call him. Then I block him. I sell a sweater on Vinted. I give it to a homeless man instead. I tell the buyer that I lost it. I sit in cafes and eavesdrop on boring people talking. They argue about their wedding invites. It’s almost comically disgusting. I go to the movies, I sit in the last row. I throw single popcorn sporadically into the air. I duck, when they stare. I apply to jobs I don’t want and cry when I don’t get them. I complain when I’m broke. I write essays for others. The grades are correlated to the cash. I hotbox my mothers’s bathroom. I let him eat my boogers. I call it love. I add two zeros to my 1%. That makes me a 100. I dye my dog’s hair blue. I match my own. I am swag on steroids embodied. Side effects included. I will crash, but make it suave. My friend tells me she feels like me for once “ Like a magnetic bull on dope”. I laugh, but I don’t think it's funny. Full Speed, I turn Chief Keef off. Pull up Beethoven. Let me get my Zen on.
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2023.06.01 17:01 just_a_dev_here Monthly Who's Hiring Thread - June 2023

Rules for those posting:
Rules for those responding:
Posting Template for those posting jobs: . Those not filled properly will be removed.
Location (Province is minimum, if US, please put US) :*
Position Title*:
Remote Status* (Office, Hybrid, Remote):
Salary range:
TN Visa friendly?:
Link to job post (if applicable, otherwise please fill out details of the position):
Interview Process: Optional (if applicable)
If you as a responder to a post find the position to have been presented falsely, please reach out to mods.
For Referral links, please just mention it is a referral link.
As this is a new thread, there may be some rule changes to the thread as we go, so any feedback is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 16:58 georgex7 Why I Quit Dating Apps

I tried using Tinder as well other dating apps, but I gave them up because of the reasons I detail below. I am not writing this from a supercilious place--I have friends and family who have found long-lasting love off of the apps--but only as a document of my experience. I hope you enjoy it. (You can also read it here for better formatting.)
I met Anna atop a toilet seat. You see, I met Anna on Tinder, when I was atop a toilet seat. Anna was the first girl I ever met atop a toilet seat. She was a Swedish girl who stood a self-reported five-foot-five. She had cold crystal blue eyes and blonde hair that fell in waves past her shoulders. Evidently, she had been surfing—though she was still learning—and liked dogs. She also seemed to like tight black dresses that emphasized her dimensions. I was an Indian-American boy who stood a slightly fabricated five-foot-eleven. I had bright green eyes and brown hair that curled above my ears. Evidently, I had several friends and liked poetry. I also liked tight black dresses and attractive Swedish girls, but I only implicitly revealed this information. Likely, it became explicit soon after, although I cannot remember exactly what I said to her because I felt nothing when I said it. However, I do remember that our conversation was both brief and curt: some chatter and then a sporadic series of “where are you?”s. § Two hours later, we were together. I met her by Union Square’s subway steps on a warm October night. She had her phone in her hand and was wearing a tight black dress and black boots that came up to her knees. “I thought you would be taller,” she said. “Thanks,” I replied. We walked five blocks to an apartment party. She had a few drinks and I had more. Ninety minutes later, we took an Uber Pool in the direction of my apartment. To the ire of our driver, she refused to stop fiddling with his music. Three or four times, he scolded her when passion prompted her to turn up Avicii’s latest radio hit. “There are other people in the car,” he said. But Anna really could not help it. Eventually, he gave in and all of us—her up front, me in the back with a couple who did not care for Anna’s fidgety fingers—drove up Tenth Avenue listening to electronic hit after electronic hit. Upstairs, everything proceeded quickly along the expected lines. Once we reached the end of them, I took out a book of TS Eliot poems I had recently purchased. I read her The Waste Land while she checked the quality of her manicure and tried to discern the exact white of my walls (eggshell) and listened to the slight hum of my refrigerator to determine if it was a signal of dilapidation. “I had not thought death,” I continued with ardor growing by the word, “had undone so many—” “Can we go back to bed?” she asked, her lips in a pout, her head cocked to the left. I read the next line to myself—“Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled”—and looked up at her. “Sure,” I said. She left at eight o’clock the next morning in the same dress and heels of the night before. We never saw each other again. We never spoke again. Expected lines. But I do still think of Anna fondly from time-to-time. She was my first and only experience on Tinder. She was the girl who inadvertently showed me that I should never use dating apps, not because the experience was bad, but only because of what constitutes their foundation. § The definition of bravery is the ability to face danger, fear, or difficulty. Before Anna, I had always needed to take a risk with an attractive girl. Anxiety would climb up from my stomach to my throat—sometimes my voice would quaver, sometimes my hands would shake—and I would be full of an atavistic fear that still arises today. I am not alone in that fear. Nearly every man I’ve spoken to is still filled with it—in spite of the eight beers sloshing around his stomach—because of how risky approaching a woman was in tribal times. Not only could rejection lead to a social ostracization that would make it harder to mate in the future, but the very act of talking to a taken woman could lead to a caveman depositing a rock on your head. Despite the irrationality of the fear in today’s context, most men still feel the boulder looming, which was the insight that made Tinder successful. With Anna, there was no nervousness to speak of: technology had finally helped our brains catch up with the abundance of modern society. I could not feel rejection from her because of the application’s design: had Anna not responded, it would have been another. Tinder showed me that there was a sea of Annas, all accessible as long as you were equipped a well-tuned profile and a sinewy thumb up to the challenge. Dating apps are similar to other modern “innovations” from the junk food that plays on our desire for the once-scarce sugar to the social media platforms that play on our craving for social validation and acceptance. Though there are certainly positives to these technologies, the removal of evolutionarily-coded frictions often has adverse consequences. Now, we die of obesity not starvation. Now, we feel alone despite having thousands of followers. Since the advent of the internet, we’ve learned that it is easy to hijack our lizard brains, but it is not easy to do so satisfactorily without insidious effects. When technology makes pleasure more accessible or discomfort less painful, the negatives often flow from one place to another. By removing much of the traditionally-required courage from dating, Tinder has made us weaker because bravery—like any other muscle—atrophies when one does not exercise it regularly. Avoiding opportunities to develop courage is a terrible idea. Bravery is more important than other qualities of body and mind because it is the cornerstone of a well-lived life. Courage enables us to uphold other virtues, and it is the defining factor of potential: much of the difference between what your life is and what it could be comes down to your valor in trying moments. But all forms of modern technology make it easy to live a life that is entirely uncourageous, and it is no coincidence that we’ve reached the nadir of our collective heroism. Societies break down when courage is winnowed out of them—should we be surprised that our world is in pieces? § The definition of romance is a feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life—an explanation so reductive that it is useless. Romance, like many sensitive emotions, can only be understood through experience. Unfortunately, dating apps in tandem with modern culture and technology are making it more and more inaccessible—not only in sexual relationships, but in all aspects of life. In the past, young adults went out to hear live music that played with their heartstrings—now it’s grinding to the Blue Remix. In the past, we stopped strangers to ask directions—now it’s Google Maps. In the past, we stumbled into small alluring restaurants—now it’s DoorDash. Our distaste for immersing ourselves in the intricacies of life does not stop there. Dating—once the nucleus of the romantic experience—has been reduced to one million faceless faces; countless one-night stands under the guise of sexual empowerment; calculated dating decisions based on curated photographs and physical dimensions; the quota of flirtation before the bedroom. As romance can still exist after the first encounter, perhaps it is possible to design a dating app that encourages it as Keeper is attempting to; yet in their current iteration nearly all of them are training us that sex without connection is the expectation, not the exception1. For a platform to successfully regain what we’ve lost, they must not only open us to emotion and train us out of our societal fetish for “body counts” the length of laundry lists, but also curate experiences that send butterflies fluttering with the same passion that used to be found in the Ritz Bar. Until that day—if it ever comes—Hinge, Tinder, Bumble and the like will continue to be partially responsible for the death of romance, a genocide we must take seriously as it is one of the core reasons to live. Without romance there is less love, regret, remorse, happiness—at times exhilarating, at times painful—but always bringing us in deeper connection with the feelings that make us human. Today we are moving towards a world where many of us only have a seed of this spirit inside of them, locked up in a solitary walled garden, nearly impossible to reach. § Bravery and romance are forces that are too strong to be wiped out at once. Instead, they will die the death of one trillion cuts. Every swipe is a cut. Every one-night stand without a trace of connection is a cut. Dating apps are responsible for billions of them.
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2023.06.01 16:55 Minimum-Education-16 Recovery When Family Don't Get It

Sorry, this might end up being a really long post because I am really feeling lost today and it seems like a lot to explain at once. I began to develop my BED when I was fifteen, by the time I was eighteen it had become fully-fledged and a big issue. I am now 26.
Since I was around seventeen/eighteen my family began to fight for me to get help with this. At first, I was seen by a psychologist whom I saw for about six weeks, who gave us some very basic ideas on how to prevent this from becoming an eating disorder. This included things like making sure I always had access to food that I might want to eat.
At this point, no one explained to me or my family why this was a good idea, and why we should be curbing the ED by allowing permanent access and replacing the mentality of starvation in the brain. Needless to say after about two weeks my Mum decided that this was ridiculous and we had to stop this because it just meant she was having to spend loads of money on food that I was just going to eat incredibly fast.
About a year after this, I was admitted to the hospital with almost DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis) - I have been T1 Diabetic since I was 10. I didn't have acidic blood and was released the following day thankfully. In the hospital I was visited by one of the diabetes nurses, my Mum explained to her how much I was struggling and that my food issues seemed to have been the reason I ended up there.
From there I was sent to see a psychologist through the diabetes team. She was hopeless and knew nothing about eating disorders or my other diagnoses (I have a bit of a list but here the relevant ones were ASD and ADHD).
After this time there was a huge overhaul in the adult T1 diabetes team and I lost any type of contact point for the diabetes side of things.
From then I was placed on ADHD medications - after I asked my psychiatrist about it, he had no idea t could be used for EDs. Despite the reason I had asked to go on it I was trialled on two different drugs before I was given Vyvanse, the one which might have helped.
Despite the drug having no effect whatsoever on my ED it proved to be immensely helpful for my ADHD - I hadn't had any medication for this since I was maybe 7 or eight, and we had no idea it could be so helpful.
Back to the main story lol, I was then put on the waiting list for psychology again but through mental health, like the first time. A pandemic happened. I waited nearly five years to be seen by psychology again. (I may have the dates a little mixed in terms of when I was put back on the list but I know it was nearly five years)
I was filled with hope when I was first seen in September of last year but I came quite quickly back to realising that this, once more, would be no use. My psychologist is preparing to discharge me - and yes I have tried to make it clear on several occasions that I don't feel like I have got a lot better and that I don't feel they have given me any type of steps or structured guidance at all.
We looked at perspective-taking. We determined that it felt better to eat when I felt the desire to binge than it did not eat. We once looked at some of my positive traits and we have done a couple of sessions on mindful eating. They had an appointment with my mum where the purpose was to try and clarify all of the things we had looked at and discussed with her specifically. This was meant to help my mum to understand where she could help me and what would be of use.
My Mum has never really spoken to me about this appointment, but she has equally not begun to make any changes in the house as were previously suggested - like food I always have access to.
A few months ago in the height of some very bad anxiety - Anxiety which was based on the fact I was not getting the specific help I needed and was soon to be discharged yet again from psychology - I was hit with the realisation that the only way I might be able to fix this could well be by myself.
I have been passed around for so long, I have had small sections of help now and again but nothing concrete enough to really give me a chance and it's becoming more and more clear that there are no experts at all in my area and that they have no interest in finding them. I Have learned more about eating disorders on my own than I have from any of the professionals, I have been enlightened about things such as restriction - which was never discussed in much detail and is something I definitely have a problem with.
I was beginning to have a more positive outlook on it all but after spending 4 days in a spiral over what I should be doing and when; trying to work out which thoughts I am supposed to try and override and which to hold onto I feel really helpless again.
I live with my parents, I have never been able to live independently so far due to my combination of conditions as well as the ED being a danger to my health (thanks to diabetes). Many years ago we agreed that my Mum would keep control over most of my money, giving me what I needed/wanted as requested but preventing me from the option of continually eating all the money I had.
In the past year I got my first job, and each month I have been keeping a small amount of what I am paid for myself. I end up spending all of this usually on food.
And here's what started this post:
- I have read that I should avoid going out to buy food when I feel the desire to binge.
- If I don't go out to buy food when I have the money to do so then I have no access to food in the way it is advised - the whole thing of craving something that is rare and then when the brain realises its not rare it will calm down.
- My family has never had any form of useful support to explain why I need access to desirable food all the time, so they don't give me this option.
Then is there really any point in me trying to help myself? Is it actually possible to find a successful way through all of this without the help of my whole family?
I need some form of framework. I can't continue to try and help myself when I don't have steps I can work on one at a time. I need objectives and goals and I can't find a way to achieve all of these as needed without my family doing the things they should be doing. I feel stuck, constantly stuck, with no way of making my way out and there seems to not be any options to support me.
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2023.06.01 16:52 wetfloor2 A dumb programming mistake

A dumb programming mistake
So I was making a game (not a game for public for a school project) I was the programmer (as stated in the title). It was the last day for the turn in and my group had someone to qa (quality assurance) test the game. So they tried to exit the used the built in exit and it didn’t work. So when I saw that I was so angry and annoyed at my self because I added one letter to the code which prevented them from exiting the game. And before hand I thought I tested and fixed the bugs and glitches. When they finished qa testing and filled out a form (things like thoughts on the game and if there were any bugs/glitches while playing) and I fixed my mistake I made and luckily everything worked.
For those who are confused about the photo on the left it has “player” but in the code I have it as “if _body.get_name() == ‘playerF:’” which should be that but instead of playerF it should be player
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2023.06.01 16:50 Voodoodriver Replacing a pump in less than a year.

The pump quit last week. We didn't use the Lettuce Grow over the winter. We started it up about a month ago. Came home after 4 days away and the pump wasn't able to get water up the column without a jump start. (pouring water down the pipe.)
This is the 2nd pump replacement.
The latest dead pump is basically factoring spec. Danner Manufacturing, Inc, Fountain & Statuary Water Pump 290 GPH, 01723 from Amazon.
The new one that hasn't arrived yet is a two pack! $15 a pump. Probably will use flexible tubing if the pipe doesn't fit. Will follow up with pics.
GROWNEER 2 Packs 550GPH Submersible Pump 30W Ultra Quiet Fountain Water Pump, 2000L/H, with 7.2ft High Lift, 3 Nozzles for Aquarium, Fish Tank, Pond, Hydroponics, Statuary
It's variable speed, so I should be able to turn it down to match flow rate.
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2023.06.01 16:50 Serrasalmuslife42 The Stretching Guide

The Stretching Guide
Wearing quality jewelry is one of the most important parts of the stretching journey. The best material(s) for stretching first and foremost are “Single-Flare Glass Plugs” or just glass jewelry in general; while single flare implant grade Titanium and Niobium are safe to use it is important to get it from a trusted makeseller to ensure the grade labeled is true to the product. Acrylic, silicone, cheap metal, double-flared as well as natural (e.g., wood, stone, horn) jewelry should never be used to stretch piercings let alone in freshy pierced flesh. Here’s why!
Acrylic: Materials like acrylic are quite easily scratched and dented even in packaging which can lead to irritation, and while acrylic is sold as jewelry it is not currently available in a biocompatible or “medical grade” version(s) in the jewelry trade, this means it is extremely hard to know the actual quality and with all the additives used to cheapen the product and worst case scenario leach these chemicals out of the jewelry. This honestly makes them a poor choice in all scenarios. Cheap Metals: Cheap metal jewelry can be safely presumed to be low quality in many ways, either being low polished, coated in low quality metals or just not the proper grade in general. This can lead to swelling and irritation in most cases. If you are going to choose to wear cheap/low-grade jewelry it is important to be sure the area for it to be used in is fully healed beforehand. Silicone: In this case there is a medical grade silicone jewelry provider, ‘Kaos Soft Wear’. Silicone is a poor choice for stretching as it can easily lead to micro-tears, blowouts, irritation, and infection. High-grade silicone is an excellent choice for healed piercings and after stretching has healed but not during either process. Natural Materials: These materials include wood, horn, stone, bamboo, and bone. Though these materials may surpass many types of jewelry in aesthetics they make a poor choice to stretch with and for initial piercings due to their porousness. This aids in trapping bacteria which of course can lead to the worst case, infections, if a blowout were to occur and irritation because of the larger pores in the surface. Having this happen during a stretch or initial piercing can make for a very poor experience which is why it is only recommended to wear these pieces in properly healed holes.
We always recommend buying your jewelry from a well-known manufacturer. Here are some quality jewelry manufacturers:
· Anometal

Why Glass Single-Flare Plugs?-
Single-flare glass plugs are the best choice due to having a gentle but steep tapered end making insertion of the jewelry easy and comfortable when your body is ready. Being extremely smooth, non-porous, weighing less than other metal jewelry and with the ability to be autoclaved make it an excellent choice for stretching and fresh piercings alike!
O-rings are regularly available in Nitrile and Silicone. Though usually safe, some people may have allergies to either of these materials. Signs of an allergy from your O-ring will usually result in redness or itchiness at the location of the O-ring, but it’s important to note not to confuse an allergy irritation with your ears not being ready to stretch as blowouts usually result in the days to come and not so much immediately after stretching. People who do use O-rings can often have trouble keeping them on, whether it be while sleeping or throughout the day, but there is a hopeful fix! The X-Ring - Nitrile No-Roll O-Rings. These O-rings stay where you need them much better than normal O-rings... Unfortunately, they only come in sizes from 8g to 1"(25mm)
Stretching Basics-
Keeping your Piercings Healthy:
Lubrication is necessary when stretching and with everyday maintenance/care. The products below are particularly good for keeping your lobes healthy & moisturized and when mixed with beeswax, they will work for twice as long!

Always keep your lobes well lubricated!
Especially when inserting jewelry! This helps keep your skin happy and healthy, along with this the process of massaging the area is also beneficial in itself!
-How to Make "Ear Butter"
It is incredibly simple to make your own ear butter.
For it you’ll need the following ingredients:

1. You will need two pots, a large pot filled with water, and a small pot to set inside the larger pot which will float on top of the water. This is how you make a double boiler.
2. Place pots on stove, on Low heat.
3. Add all ingredients to the small pot.
4. Slowly allow all the ingredients to melt together.
5. Stir thoroughly & pour into small mason jar or other container and allow to cool at room temperature.
6. When cooled, it should be creamy to slightly firm depending on the amount of beeswax you decide to use. *If it is too hard for your liking, melt mixture back down and add more oils. If it is too soft add more beeswax.*
When you’re stretching your ears and the area has healed, it’s important while oiling and massaging them to also practice being without them. This helps promote a healthier lobe by helping with circulation and prevention of thinning. However, some people may not be able to leave their plugs out for long periods of time but the point is to allow your lobes to rest each day while still being able to gently insert your jewelry again after said period of time. There are of course exceptions such as when you are planning to or have recently stretched already. You should be leaving your jewelry in while you sleep for two to four weeks before and after stretching but should still be removed for about an hour after showering or cleaning once a day to massage and lubricate them. While youre lobes are initially stretching try not to sleep on them and instead sleep on your back if possible or use a specially made pillow like a travel pillow.
· Ear Piercing Pillow
If you happen to have had a blowout that has healed and are trying to reduce the “cat-butt” look, lubricating, and massaging your lobes three times a day may prove to be beneficial, as well, downsizing, may prove beneficial and may also help thicken lobes!
How to stretch your Piercings:
When on your stretching journey patience is a virtue!
The longer you wait in-between stretching your newly loved piercing the better the results!
Below is an approximate timeline you can follow for soft tissue such as earlobes. Remember when in doubt, wait longer.
The following is the approximate time needed to wait in-between stretching softer tissue:
Fresh Piercing 6+ months 14g-12g 1+ month 12g-10g 1.5+ months 10g-8g 2+ months 8g-6g 3+ months 6g-4g 3+ month 4g-2g 3+ months 2g-7mm(1g) 4+ months 7mm-8mm(0g) 4+ months 8mm(0g)-9mm(00g) 4+ months 9mm(00g)-10mm(00g) 4+ months
When it comes to piercings located in cartilage and or other thicker tissues it is recommended to at least double the table above. To reiterate these are just general approximations. It is important to note that some people may need to go slower. It can be VERY hard to tell if you are going too fast sometimes. Stretching is not a race. The question should never be "How fast can I go?" But rather: "How slow should I go to avoid doing any damage."
Everyone’s body is different, the same goes for various locations of the body and stretching them. The smaller the increase in size the safer the stretch will be. You should never stretch more than 1mm at a time especially since it’s become quite easy to acquire glass plugs in 1.0mm and even 0.5mm increments. You can find incremental jewelry sizes here:
Snap-Plugs are a not mentioned very often now adays but are a safer alternative to tapers when/where they can be applied. These plugs snap together in small increments, more so than tapers. For example tapers in mm starting from 4g-0g would be 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8mm with half sizes, whereas the snap-plugs from 4g-0g would consist of ten steps making it less likely for blowouts or tears when of course used properly.
Stretching Cartilage and Other Areas:
When considering stretching cartilage and other tougher areas it’s important to note that this is quite a different experience than stretching tissue like the standard earlobe. As mentioned above, healing and stretching time is about doubled when it comes these tougher areas whether it be septums, upper portions of the ear or even genital piercings like the apadravya. If you plan to stretch these areas you should consider how large you want to go with your stretching journey. If you only plan to go up a couple sizes from the initial piercing, stretching over time is definitely feasible where others who may want to go larger may consider a larger needle gauge or even get it done with a dermal/biopsy punch, area dependent. When it comes to these piercings it’s always recommended when stretching to see your piercer to make sure this is done properly even if only to get a feeling of how it is supposed to go. Stretching these areas even when going about it properly you can and usually will experience some slight pain and thereafter, redness along with tenderness in the area. Just the same, stretching these areas should never involve bleeding, swelling, consistent sharp pain, and shouldn’t feel tender for more than a week or so depending on the person and location. Using tapers should be done slowly, and with respect. Most of you have at least witnessed what happens when ears blowout and the damage improper taper use can cause, adding that experience to cartilage or other tougher areas and you can see why we are so strict with how/when tapers should be used.
Gauge and Sizes:
Once you reach about 2g you should realistically ignore “gauge” sizes as well as fractions of an inch and focus on using millimeters (mm). You can get yourself a decent caliper to measure your jewelry diameter as well as its overall and wearable area to be sure youre receiving and ordering the correct products.
There is nothing worse than buying a new set of plugs or other body jewelry only to find out it doesn’t fit properly.
Remember: It's Not a Race! Be Safe!
* I do not claim to be a professional piercer nor do I work in the body modification industry. If you are a professional and there are any improvements which could be made to this guide, PLEASE message me!* *Some additions may be made to this guide in the future* *Special thanks to TribalMethods who made the original stretching guide we have built upon! It was a huge help to a plethora of people through the years and we know it was greatly appreciated*
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2023.06.01 16:50 Remarkable-Carpet-35 Windscreen repair Barnet

Windscreen repair Barnet

Expert windscreen repair Barnet: Restoring Clarity and Safety

The windscreen of a vehicle is a vital component that ensures driver visibility and protects passengers from external elements. However, it is prone to damage, such as cracks, chips, and scratches, which can compromise both safety and the structural integrity of the vehicle. In Barnet, a bustling borough in London, residents can rely on expert windscreen repair services to restore clarity and ensure safe driving. In this article, we will explore the importance of windscreen repair Barnet, the available services, and the benefits of addressing windscreen damage promptly.

Importance of Windscreen Repair

Clear Visibility: A damaged windscreen, be it a chip, crack, or scratch, can obstruct the driver's line of sight and compromise visibility. This impairment can be particularly dangerous during adverse weather conditions or when facing glaring sunlight. By promptly repairing windscreen damage, drivers in Barnet can restore clear vision and maintain optimal safety on the road.

Structural Integrity

The windscreen is an integral part of a vehicle's structural integrity. Even minor damage can weaken the windscreen, reducing its ability to withstand impact and potentially compromising the overall strength of the vehicle's frame. Timely repairs can prevent further damage and ensure that the windscreen retains its structural integrity, providing crucial protection during accidents.

Windscreen Repair Services in Barnet

Windscreen Chip Repair

Chips in the windscreen, typically caused by small stones or debris, can be repaired effectively if the damage is not extensive. Expert technicians in Barnet utilize advanced techniques to fill the chip with a specialized resin that restores the strength and clarity of the windscreen. This process prevents the chip from spreading and eliminates the need for a full windscreen replacement.

Windscreen Crack Repair

Cracks in the windscreen are more severe than chips and require immediate attention. In Barnet, professional windscreen repair services employ cutting-edge technology to repair cracks using resin injection techniques. This method involves injecting resin into the crack, which bonds the glass and prevents the crack from spreading further. By addressing cracks promptly, drivers can avoid the need for a costly windscreen replacement.

Windscreen Replacement

In cases where the windscreen damage is extensive or beyond repair, a complete windscreen replacement is necessary. Expert windscreen repair Barnet can efficiently replace damaged windscreens using high-quality glass and following industry standards. They ensure proper installation, guaranteeing a secure fit and optimal performance.

Benefits of Timely Windscreen Repair

Enhanced Safety

Repairing windscreen damage promptly in Barnet ensures the safety of drivers and passengers. A structurally sound windscreen provides crucial protection in the event of an accident, preventing the roof from collapsing and ensuring airbags deploy correctly. Moreover, unobstructed visibility reduces the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision.


Addressing windscreen damage at the earliest opportunity can save drivers money in the long run. Small chips or cracks can be repaired swiftly and affordably, preventing the need for a full windscreen replacement, which is significantly costlier. By choosing repair over replacement, Barnet residents can keep their vehicles roadworthy without breaking the bank.

Time Efficiency

Professional windscreen repair services in Barnet understand the value of their customers' time. Repairing minor windscreen damage can often be completed within a short timeframe, allowing drivers to quickly return to their daily routines. In contrast, a windscreen replacement usually takes longer due to the intricate installation process.
Timely windscreen repair is crucial for ensuring driver safety and maintaining the structural integrity of a vehicle. In Barnet, residents can benefit from expert windscreen repair services that address chips, cracks, and other damages promptly and efficiently.
By restoring clarity to their windscreens, drivers in Barnet can enjoy unobstructed visibility and peace of mind, knowing they are prioritizing safety on the roads. Remember, when it comes to windscreen repair Barnet, it is essential to choose reliable professionals who offer quality services for optimal results.
Certainly! Let's delve deeper into the importance of windscreen repair in Barnet and elaborate on the services available and their benefits.

Importance of windscreen repair Barnet

Clear Visibility

A damaged windscreen can significantly impair a driver's visibility on the road. Chips, cracks, or scratches can create obstructions that distort or block the driver's line of sight. This can be particularly hazardous during challenging weather conditions or when facing bright sunlight. Prompt windscreen repair Barnet ensures that drivers have a clear and unobstructed view, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall road safety.

Structural Integrity

The windscreen is not just a piece of glass; it plays a vital role in the structural integrity of a vehicle. A compromised windscreen can weaken the overall strength of the vehicle's frame, making it less resistant to impacts and potentially jeopardizing passenger safety. By addressing windscreen damage promptly, residents of Barnet can ensure that their vehicles maintain their structural integrity, providing crucial protection during collisions.

Windscreen Repair Services in Barnet

Windscreen Chip Repair

Chips are common windscreen damages caused by small stones, debris, or even temperature fluctuations. In Barnet, professional windscreen repair services utilize advanced techniques to repair chips. The process typically involves injecting a specialized resin into the chip, which bonds with the glass and restores its strength and clarity. This repair prevents the chip from spreading and eliminates the need for a full windscreen replacement, saving time and money for vehicle owners.

Windscreen Crack Repair

Cracks in a windscreen are more severe than chips and require immediate attention. Expert windscreen repair services in Barnet employ resin injection techniques to repair cracks. A specialized resin is injected into the crack, which bonds the glass and prevents the crack from spreading further. By addressing cracks promptly, drivers can avoid the need for a costly windscreen replacement and maintain the structural integrity of their vehicles.

Windscreen Replacement

In cases where windscreen damage is extensive or beyond repair, a complete windscreen replacement is necessary. Professional windscreen repair Barnet offer efficient windscreen replacement using high-quality glass that meets industry standards. They ensure proper installation, guaranteeing a secure fit and optimal performance. While windscreen replacement may be costlier than repairs, it is essential for severe damages to ensure safety and maintain the integrity of the vehicle.

Benefits of Timely Windscreen Repair

Enhanced Safety

Prompt windscreen repair in Barnet prioritizes driver and passenger safety. A structurally sound windscreen provides crucial protection during accidents by preventing the roof from collapsing and ensuring airbags deploy correctly. Additionally, unobstructed visibility reduces the risk of accidents caused by impaired vision. By addressing windscreen damage promptly, Barnet residents contribute to safer road conditions for themselves and others.


Repairing windscreen damage at the earliest opportunity can save vehicle owners money in the long run. Small chips or cracks can be repaired swiftly and affordably, preventing the need for a full windscreen replacement. By opting for repair rather than replacement, Barnet residents can keep their vehicles roadworthy without incurring the higher costs associated with extensive damage.

Time Efficiency

Professional windscreen repair Barnet understand the value of their customers' time. Repairing minor windscreen damage can often be completed within a short timeframe, allowing drivers to quickly resume their daily routines. In contrast, a windscreen replacement usually takes longer due to the more intricate installation process. By choosing timely repairs, Barnet residents can minimize disruptions and get back on the road swiftly.


Windscreen repair in Barnet is a vital service for maintaining driver safety and preserving the structural integrity of vehicles. By promptly addressing windscreen damage, residents can enjoy unobstructed visibility
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2023.06.01 16:48 Enderghast77 Was bored so I made a Villain Asgardians team (Mystic Raids)

Members: Villain Asgardians (VA) - Loki - Hela - Sylvie (Mystic, Brawler, Cosmic) - Enchantress (Mystic, Support, Cosmic) - Skurge* (Mystic, Protector, Cosmic)
*(I know Bio or Skill would probably make more sense for Skurge, so you can mentally replace him with the Destroyer if you want)
Loki - Basic: In raids, always gain Evade. - Special: In raids, this also applies disrupted for 2 turns to the primary target. Defense Up 1 & Disrupted 1 will also be applied to the Mind Controlled enemies. - Special: If Sylvie is an ally, gain +5000% focus for this attack. - Ultimate: All Asgardian allies gain Evade. - Ultimate: In Raids, summoned allies do not gain stealth. - Passive: When any non-summoned VA ally gains stealth, summon a Mirror Image. - Passive: On ally death, fill SB by 10%. In raids, fill non-summoned ally SB by 10%. - Passive: In raids, on summoned ally death, grant 1 energy to 1 random non-summoned VA ally without full energy - Passive: All other VA allies also get the 10% SB on spawn and the 20% focus + 20% resistance.
Hela - Ultimate: If any enemy had deathproof and if there are 3 or more non-summoned VA allies, apply +1 deathproof up to a max of 2 to all non-summoned VA allies. - Passive: In raids, on Undead Asgardian death, apply deathproof to the lowest health VA ally and self up to a max of 3. - Passive: In raids, VA allies with deathproof gain drain. - Passive: In Raids, if this character drops below 50% health for the first time, summon another Undead Asgardian. - Passive: In Raids, VA allies gain damage.
Sylvie - High Damage/Focus - Basic: Attack primary target + bonus attack. - Basic: Gain assist from Loki. - Basic: 50% chance to gain Evade. - Basic: In Raids, always gain Evade - Basic: In Raids, bonus attack a third time. - Basic: In Raids, gain assist from a random cloned ally. - Basic: In Raids, apply 1 bleed on each attack. - Special: Attack primary and adjacents + apply Ability Block 2 to the primary target + Offense Down to primary and adjacents. - Special: In Raids, Ability Block 2 is applied to adjacents. - Ultimate (Memory Manipulate): Steal all Deathproof from primary target. Gain +5000% focus for this. - Ultimate: Attack primary target for high piercing. - Ultimate: On kill, clone that enemy. (Clones stats scaled to Sylvie’s.) - Ultimate: This attack is unavoidable and cannot be blocked. - Ultimate: Characters killed by this attack cannot be revived. - Passive: In Raids, on spawn, apply Speed Up 2 to self and all VA allies. - Passive: Heal 5% + 5% per non-summoned VA ally. - Passive: Gain +5% dodge chance per negative effect on the attacking enemy. - Passive: In Raids increase crit chance of self snd all allies
Skurge - High ArmoHealth/Damage - Basic (Executioner’s Axe): Flips Defense Up - Basic: On counterattacks and assists, apply Defense Down for 2 turns instead. - Special: Gain Taunt for 1 turn + Defense Up 2 + Counter 2 + Deathproof 1. - Special: Heal for 20% max health. - Special: If Enchantress is an ally, gain Safeguard 1. - Special: In Raids, apply Counter 2 + Defense Up 1 to all VA allies. - Ultimate (Des and Troy): Damage all enemies + apply bleed to all enemies for 2 turns. - Ultimate: In Raids, this applies trauma to all enemies, if Hela is an ally, Trauma for 2 turns. - Passive: Heal 5% + 5% per VA ally. - Passive: While has counterattack, gain additional damage. - Passive: While has Defense Up, gain additional resistance. - Passive: In Raids, while this character has Taunt, gain 100% chance to counterattack at 75% damage. - Passive: In Raids, increase Armor for all non-summoned VA allies.
Enchantress - High Health/Resistance - Basic: In raids, if primary target has Defense Down, mind control the strongest enemy to attack the primary target. - Special: Extend all positive effects (except for Stealth & Taunt) on self and all VA allies twice. - Special: Apply Stealth 1 + 3 regeneration to self or lowest health, non-summoned ally. Apply 1 Regeneration to all other allies. - Special: Call assist from a random Skurge ally. - Special: Revive a dead Skurge ally. - Special: In Raids, barrier self and all VA allies. - Ultimate: Heal VA allies. - Ultimate: Attack all enemies + increased damage for each non-Clone Summoned VA ally. (All Non-Clone VA summons are killed). - Ultimate: If this character has 4+ non-Summoned VA allies, flip immunity off each enemy + apply Disrupted to each enemy with a positive effect. - Ultimate: In Raids, apply 2 Disrupted on all enemies + 2/4 positive effects you to each enemy for 2 turns (Heal Block, Blind, Defense Down, Slow). - Passive: On VA turn, apply Assist Now to a random Skurge ally. - Passive: When an enemy attacks a VA ally below 50% health, Mind Control Skurge to attack that enemy. - Passive: Heal 5% + 5% per VA ally. - Passive: In Raids, on spawn, apply Revive Once to all VA allies at 100% health. - Passive: In Raids, on summoned ally Death, give barrier to the lowest healing VA ally.
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2023.06.01 16:48 Due-Key-4832 Driver told me not to tip him?

Hi all. I am a part time driver. I work nights after my fill time job a couple times a week but mainly on Friday and Saturday night when the clubs are busy.
I decided to call an Uber to work today because i woke to find one of my tires flat and didn't feel like putting my spare on for a 40 mile drive. I paid like $60 to get to work today and have plans to get home with a coworker and will get the tire fixed or replaced tonight.
I know Uber takes a huge portion of that for themselves so I was going to tip $10 in cash for his service. When we were pulling into the parking lot 45 min later I went to hand him the $10 bill and he told me he doesn't accept tips from people. I told him I'd do it in the app instead but he told me he gets support to refund all the tips he makes. I was stunned. I didn't know what to do for a good min so I asked him why he refused tips when Uber pay is trash.
His response to me was "Uber thinks they can walk all over us because they expect us to be tipped. If we work to remove the tips they will be forced to pay us more."
I live in Florida. Brevard county to be exact. I really didn't have the time to argue his point but I can't imagine in what reality where that would work. Especially in Florida. My only idea I could come up with is he is working a promotion where you're guaranteed a certain amount for x amount of trips and feels he would be paid better if he doesn't get tips. I also didn't know you could ask support to refund tips but if that was the case why not accept a cash tip. I get excited when a pax tips me over $3 which is rare enough as it is. Did I insult him. Or is he actually under the impression refusing tips will make Uber any better?
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2023.06.01 16:44 Pantsu-King My new CRT setup after a month of hunting!

My new CRT setup after a month of hunting!
So I've owned a SONY PVM 20M4E for years and use a Bandridge manual Scart switch and a small Ali amp connected to 2 speakers.
Totally happy with it has perfect convergence and geo but you know...I've just got that itch.. So as you do, I decided to expand my CRT family around 3 weeks ago. I needed just ONE for my non RGB consoles and stuff and before I knew it I got myself three CRT's 😂 Had to get new TV furniture (need to replace the top for something a bit wider).
I noticed that second hand shops etc. don't accept CRT's anymore so people tend to bring them to dumps so I just wanted to stock up on some for the future.
Below are the "just the one baby I swear" CRT's I've been able to get my hands on in 3 weeks of daily monitoring our version of 'craigslist' in acquisition order:
  1. SONY KV-14FV1B
  2. LG NeTee CE-20J3GGX
  3. SONY KV-21FQ10B
So here's some (probably obvious) buying tips: - Don't be stingy; Ask what amount the seller has in mind on a bidding ad. When I found this TV some one had already a 5 buck bid on it. Now I could up it by 2,5 and we could have had a bidding war but I just immediately asked what the seller wanted and 20 bucks was a no brainer for this set and I just snatched it under the other fella's nose.
  • Do not search only for super specific model numbers or terms like CRT or tube etc. I found this 14' KV-14FV1B]( under 'old tv'. Just think like some one would do that really does not give a sht and just wants to get rid their set.
  • Always ask the seller if they can provide some info on usage, there's always some cosmetic indicators like worn paint on the power off button on the TV that tells you it has been used A LOT but I always ask before I bid, what you like to hear; It's been untouched for 15 years and not; Yeah we've been using it since 2003 till last year.
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2023.06.01 16:39 Altruistic-Till-3381 Urine dipstick tests reliable??

Hi everyone good late late evening!! R dipsticks reliable?? Especially At picking up protein in urine?
I had an AKI that took my eGFR down to 38%
They're much much better now.. 120 gfr
But I have foamy urine now.
My last urine sample a few days ago even bubbled in the cup lol. Then in toilet after I filled cup. but was negative for anything on the hospital dip stick test aside from blood.. but I've had that since I was about little and I'm in my late 20s now (docs couldn't fin a reason)
I also was given a CT with contrast and everything looks great.
If I had a small amount would it have been picked up??
Even with an egfr of 38 and +3 protein I had no bubbles!!
Now I'm scared..
Like could me kidneys be over working??
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2023.06.01 16:27 Alarmed-Kiwi4748 Sharing an app I built to boost productivity

Sharing an app I built to boost productivity
Hello, fellow productivity enthusiasts!
After countless rejections by Apple, my app is finally on the App Store now!!
Link to the app:
Initially, I wanted to offer this app for free and let users use their own OpenAI Key, but for some reason, Apple does not allow that. So I have to use my own OpenAI Key and limit the number of requests for the Free Plan, or I’ll go bankrupt.
Generated using TypeAce ⬇️ ⬇️
"I'm thrilled to introduce you to TypeAce, an intelligent co-pilot powered by OpenAl's sophisticated GPT models to boost your productivity! Directly integrated with your keyboard, TypeAce is always ready to navigate through your digital chores, whether you're typing in a note-taking app, crafting social media posts, replying to emails, or interacting in any other app!
Here's what you can look forward to:
  1. Universal Access: TypeAce's keyboard extension is like having a smart co-pilot always ready for assistance. Whether you're crafting a captivating blog post on a writing app or replying to a friend's message in a chat app, TypeAce is there, making every word count.
  2. Saved Prompts: Need to regularly switch the tone of your text? Want to convert a paragraph into a different language frequently? Customize your co-pilot by saving frequently-used prompts and creating your own set of commands for the tasks you need most. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Clipboard Usage: Got a text from another app you want to work on? No problem! Simply copy the text and TypeAce can use the clipboard text as context for the Al, giving you the freedom to work across apps seamlessly
  4. History: Never lose track of your favorite prompts and past requests. Quickly recall a great tone shift or a useful translation from your history for future use.
From drafting a text in a professional tone while you're in a hurry, to translating a foreign restaurant review while you're exploring a new city, TypeAce, your dependable co-pilot, is there to make the journey easier and more enjoyable.
Link to TypeAce:"
I have been using TypeAce for the longest time (since I built it), having it reply to most of my work emails, translate, summarize, answer questions from clients, and generally replace most of the repetitive and mundane work I do with my phone, and I have found it incredibly useful. I'll absolutely love for you to try it out!
I'll be continually improving and adding new features based on user feedback and I would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and questions here! Here are some areas you could talk about:
  1. User Experience: How do you find the interface of the app? Is it intuitive and easy to navigate? If you've tried creating and using custom prompts, I'd love to hear about your experience.
  2. Features: Are there any features you feel are missing or could be enhanced? I have tried to include powerful features to streamline your writing process, but I am always open to suggestions!
  3. Pricing: I've introduced a Pro version of TypeAce to provide unlimited prompts and requests. Do you feel the pricing is fair and provides good value?
  4. Use Cases: In which situations do you find TypeAce most useful?
I have also created a YouTube channel and posted some tutorial videos to help you get started, feel free to check them out:
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post!
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2023.06.01 16:26 sufinomo What will be the future of undisputed?

The show averages 150k viewers along with Colin and first things first averaging the same. Fs1 paid alot to get skip but it's clear that they have built a strong enough brand around him to the point that they don't need him anymore. They needed him at first to get fs1 relevant exposure , and he served his propose. I don't think they need him anymore because he's obviously aged alot in the last 10 years. He looked and seemed so much younger back in the lebron heat days. Also I don't think fs1 predicted the decline of cable shows when they made this big investment back in 2016.
I honestly don't know how profitable these types of shows will be in a few years. I would love to see these sports shows stick around because these shows are way more structured and will written than the typical podcast or YouTube show.
I think the Chris Carson show sucks and wouldn't like to see it replace undisputed.
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2023.06.01 16:21 pshaffer Now released - Patients at risk Vol 2 - official name: "Imposter Doctors"

This is Dr. Bernards second book on the subject of physicians being replaced with lesser trained people. I think it will be more impactful than the first. As physicians have awakened to what was happening, the resistance has increased, and there have been many who have started to come forward. This book is filled with the evidence developed through the past 2-3 years about this subject.
Dr. Bernard summarizes all of this in the podcast episode released today:
Here is the amazon page for the book.
Yes, available on kindle, Yes, there will be an audiobook version soon.
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2023.06.01 16:20 Praying4progress23 Taking a break..

I want To spend as much time off the internet as possible and that’s gonna include here, YouTube and Google. I spend way too much time watching videos and researching endlessly that it’s affecting my sleep and mood. I’m going to continue to work on my breath and get my mental back on track. Dealing with this room filling chronic bb has turned me into a total virtual only person and that definitely isn’t helping my depression. I’m open to still message anyone or maybe we can email. I just need a break. I’m overwhelmed with taking in so many tips and information on ways to get rid of this problem that I haven’t even really started anything yet outside of regular brushing and flossing. I’ll be back soon though guys!
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2023.06.01 16:19 pzonee [S] [USA-NJ] Fuji GW690II medium format film camera, Fuji Instax Wide 200 instant camera - PRICE DROP

Updated timestamp & photos
Been 2 weeks so I'm reposting with a price drop - old post here
For sale is my Fujifilm GW690II 6x9 medium format camera. The camera is in very good working condition and produces massive negatives filled with detail. This is the standard version of the GW camera with a 90mm f3.5 lens; it can also shoot 220 medium format film. Selling because it has not seen much use and it is better off in the hands of someone will enjoy it!
Here are the details on the condition of the camera:
-Viewfinder & Rangefinder are accurate & clear of imperfections
-The Lens is clear of imperfections save for some dust; no haze, fungus, etc.
-Shutter and all functions work great
-The hood is a little loose, it doesn't really snap into place either way
-Some cosmetic blemishes here and there like paint chipping on the edge of the door and scratches on the body; nothing major or out of the ordinary for a camera made in the late 70's
-The previous owner packed in a lot of light seal foam so the door sticks a little but it’s certainly light tight! Light seals can be replaced easily, its like a standard camera just bigger
-The counter is at 476 (the pics will show 475 but I fired the shutter a few times to ensure the speeds are accurate) but is in my opinion irrelevant, I never once thought about it after the initial purchase, you may feel differently though!
-Comes with a lens cap and UV filter (which I have always used during my ownership of this camera
Price is now $680 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
I am also selling a Fujifilm Instax Wide 200. Camera is in good condition and works great. It takes (you guessed it) instax wide instant film and produces really fun results. Won't come with batteries but it takes standard AA's, the battery compartment is clean. Selling because I picked up an instax printer instead.
Price is $40 shipped anywhere in the CONUS.
I also have a Canon P + Canon LTM 50mm f1.8 for sale and will be editing the post with a price drop. you can check that out here
I will only be accepting payment through Paypal G&S. As always, please comment before you send a message, happy to answer any questions!
I have several verified trades here as well as on hardwareswap. I also sell on eBay and have a 100% positive feedback rating as both a buyer and seller and can provide my account if needed.
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2023.06.01 16:12 Important_Cell_3037 I messed up

So, I made a massive mistake and accidentally threw out my box. I'm usually not a ditz and this is the first time I've ever done something like this so I'm really beating myself up about it. I'd been using the coupon and apparently my insurance literally just started covering mounjaro. So, last night I called my insurance and got an override so I can get a replacement box (yesterday was supposed to be injection day). Called the pharmacy so I can get it filled (Walgreens) and they said every dose is currently on backorder (I'm on 15 right now) and they had no estimate on how long it will take to get my meds. Has anyone recently try to fill a script for 15 through Walgreens/ remember how long it took?
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2023.06.01 16:06 MizEducated1 How do I replace obsidian with colored concrete

I am kind of new to commands in Minecraft, I am trying to build a mini-game in the end using the obsidian towers. I wanted to replace the towers with certain types of colored concrete and make it into a capture the flag type game. I was trying /fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z3 concrete 10 replace obsidian And it says the 10 is causing a problem. I really don't want to break every single block for every tower, so if anyone knows a way I'd appreciate it
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2023.06.01 16:04 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Delicate Weapon [6]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15. I hope you enjoy (and if not, I'd love to know why).
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Tressa, Venlil civilian
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: Upper layer of City 23, Venlil Prime
In the shadow of a concrete tower, on a rusted walkway which hadn’t seen regular use in years, a small interspecies group of dissidents were locked in a furious debate.
“Every second we spend here is another second they have to find whatever’s stowed there. Hell, they might’ve already found it, and that’s why they’re all gathered and waiting.”
“Maybe we should just… let this one go?”
The rest of them stared at Burai, unwilling to dignify the proposal with a response. “What? I’m just floating the idea, no need to get all prickly about it! Besides, if they did already find it, we’d just be risking our necks for nothing.”
“We can’t assume that. We have to know for sure. Give me a sec, I’ll take a look through their cameras.” Trish pulled out her pad, unfolded an attached keyboard, and started attacking it with fervor.
Sasha pulled herself to her feet by the metal railing, and pulled Burai up with her. “Make that quick, got no idea what our timeline is. Here, me and Burai can go scout. We’ll see if we can find any entrances that they haven’t sealed off. Tressa, James, you cover her.”
And just like that, they tore off, leaving a mist of sour-tasting water in their wake from a rust-filled puddle Sasha had been standing in. Tressa and James dodged to avoid the spray, but Trish didn’t seem to notice in the slightest. She was in her own world now; if exterminators came, she wouldn’t notice being burned until her pad stopped working. Her claws were a blur across the keys, tapping a furious drumbeat.
If she was making any progress, she didn’t show it.

Tressa sighed, letting some of the tension ease. After making sure they weren’t watched once more for good measure, he pulled the pistol from his coat’s inner pocket and checked it over quickly in case the spray of water had damaged anything. If that exterminator patrol found them all crouched in this alleyway, this was their final desperate bid for survival. The noise it made would catch the attention of every silver-suited bastard in a mile radius, so it was truly a last resort if they couldn’t run. With his thoughts lingering on that final note, he slipped the gun back into his coat.
“Hey, Tressa? I, ah… wanted to talk to you about something. One to one.”
Tressa glanced back. Their shadowy Venlil friend was still in a world of her own, completely unhearing. This was as “one to one” as they were likely to get. A wave of apprehension swelled in his throat at the thought of why James in particular might want to speak with him privately, but he pushed it back down and made his voice casual.
“Sure, shoot.”
“Why, uh… why’d you come out here?”
“You know, I could ask you the same. At least I’ve got— well, more of an excuse than a reason, but something at least.” He patted the metal lump in his coat. “If things go wrong, I’m their insurance. What about you? Why risk your neck?”
James scratched at his neck nervously, though his expression was hidden by the mask. “I just… needed a change of pace? I’ve been stuck in the Den for weeks, ever since… y’know. Since then.”
Tressa was already quietly burning up in guilt, but he could see James wasn’t quite done. He fought with what to say next for a few seconds, dense silence filling the air as he struggled with the words on the tip of his tongue. Then, his shoulders untensed as he found his phrasing, and Tressa braced for impact.
“...and it’s just not the same since you’ve stopped coming. It’s so… so quiet down there.” He shifted his stance nervously, as though trying to wring emotion from his body like water from a rag. “I don’t know why you’ve been gone so long, and if it’s something you don’t wanna talk about, I get it. But you haven’t been acting like yourself at all.
“You thought this mission was a terrible idea, and now you’re here acting like nothing’s wrong. Every time someone asks you where you’ve been, you dodge the question. And you’ve been so quiet, avoiding anything that isn’t small talk… Tressa.” James’ tone took on a pleading quality, though his expressive eyes were still shrouded in metal. “Please, talk to me. Be honest. What happened? What can I do?”

Each word stung more than the last, shattering Tressa’s casual facade like a pane of glass. His ribcage felt like a vice around his heart, the world around him fading into a soft blur as tears forced their way out of his eyes. He smacked his tail as hard as he could against the rusted metal rail of the walkway, but the pain failed to shock him out of his spiraling thoughts. He’d abandoned James when he needed help most, and now… and now James was asking what he could do to help. Why? Why would he even care about such a worthless fair-weather friend?
He couldn’t make himself speak. He tried, several times, but words did not come. Instead, a high-pitched and inarticulate noise tore itself from his treacherous throat, prompting James to rush over in panic.
He tried to push the human away, to no avail. Arms wrapped around him, pulling him into a comforting embrace which he didn’t deserve but couldn’t reject. His mental freefall began to slow, the warmth and pressure easing his agonized thoughts like salve on an open wound. After a couple more failed attempts that only produced a whining noise, he finally found his voice.
“James… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to…”
He stopped himself. He did mean to run away, chose not to comfort James when he needed it. It was a mistake, not an accident. No excuses, no lies.
“I’m sorry for running away. I fucked up. I should’ve been there for you.”
“I— I didn’t know how to comfort you, so I just… I just ran… I couldn’t even—”
James’ sharp bark pulled him out of his daze. He followed where the human’s line of sight should be, down to the worn concrete they sat on. He saw what drew such a harsh, panicked shout.
The claws on his left paw were dripping orange, some twisted and one torn off entirely. In his emotional outburst, he’d absentmindedly pressed claw to concrete with such force that every one was bleeding at the root. The pain of his self-inflicted injury hadn’t yet fully hit, but the wound was a nasty sight. He winced out of apprehension and anticipation more than true pain.
By the time he stopped wincing, James was already applying a numbing cream and bandaging the wound. A small medical pouch, apparently concealed in his clothing, was now unpacked on the ground beside them. A tube of burn cream rolled lazily until it made contact with Trish’s foot. Incredibly, Trish still took no notice of them, so absorbed with her sabotage efforts that she couldn’t even hear the rough noise of a human yelp right next to her usually sensitive ears.
“Tressa. N-never do that again.” James’ firm command was slightly undercut by a slight shake in his voice.
“I’m sorry… I didn’t—”
“No. Don’t apologize to me. Not for your paw, not for any of it. I’m serious, Tressa, don’t… don’t hurt yourself like that. You won’t make anything better by hurting yourself, not physically or mentally. Just… promise me you won’t do that again, OK?”
“I won’t… I won’t do it again, I didn’t mean to. You know, you don’t have to point at my paw when you say that. I can hear you just fine.”
“I can’t physically point at your self-isolation too. Promise me you won’t keep hurting yourself that way too. We’re here for you.”
“I— right. You’re right. I’m sorry—”
“Unless you’re apologizing to yourself, I don’t want to hear it.”
Before he had a chance to respond, James poked his outstretched hand into the dense, tangled fur around Tressa’s chest. He splayed his fingers, gently rubbing his hand through the unkempt wool in a comforting motion which elicited an involuntary beep. Or perhaps more of a squeal; either way, the noise cut clean through the tension like a fireaxe.
After a moment indulging in the comfort, Tressa rapidly drew to his feet with a jolt of alarm and took stock of the situation. James did the same, both of them apparently realizing at the same time how much noise they’d just made.
Miraculously, however, it seemed that nobody on the main road had heard anything. If they had, explaining why a human was standing over a bleeding Venlil would be a fruitless task, and they’d have to make a break for it. They might’ve had to physically drag Trish out with them, so captivated she was by her work.
As he considered this, something in her demeanor visibly shifted as if on cue. The sound of typing slowed to a stop, and she simply stared at the screen for a couple seconds. In a rare display of body language, her tail signaled a burst of emotion.
“I’ve found it. The package, they haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s waiting in the third floor’s lobby, just sitting out next to— James? Tressa, what happened to your paw?”
“I-It’s nothing. Continue.”
Trish paused, clearly not believing them, but continued anyway. “Right. Third floor lobby, out in the open. Exterminators haven’t made their way up there yet. We can’t get there in time, but Sasha and Burai are already in the building; they must’ve found a way in.”
“Have you let them know where it is?”
“I can’t. They didn’t bring anything they could be tracked with, meaning nothing I could contact them with either.”
“We need to let them know somehow. Every second they spend wandering is a second they could end up dead. Trish, you got any bright ideas?”
Trish paused for a moment, then scrambled back to her keyboard. Another rapid-fire rattle of keystrokes, and her eyes widened in surprise. She tried to speak, though her first few words were somewhat incoherent before she regained her composure.
“I... Yeah, I've got something. Can you two bear covering for me a bit longer?”
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