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[Sell][Canada to Anywhere] Hex, D&F, Alkemia, Ghoulish, Andromeda, and many more

2023.06.01 16:27 Affectionate_File438 [Sell][Canada to Anywhere] Hex, D&F, Alkemia, Ghoulish, Andromeda, and many more

Shipping $3 within Canada lettermail International with tracking $13
Mailed within 48 hrs Payment via PayPal G&S
Andromedas Curse:
•The Call Of The Void: 10ml $15 (Nag Champa, Lavender Vanilla) *Original label lost in purchase, made new one.
•Fairy Circle- 1ml sample $3 (Ferns, flowers,fungi,sandalwood,amber)
•She Dreams In Digital- 5ml $8 (Blueberry, lavender, oakmoss)
•Vampire Blood- 10ml $15 (Red fruit, dragon's blood and blood orange)
•Death- 1ml sample $2 (Lily, tea, soil, frankincense, black musk)
•Scrying Orb- 1ml sample $2 (sandalwood.moss.smoke)
Death &Floral
*Sold•The people you love become ghosts 4ml decant $8 (funeral flowers, heavenly musk, vanilla, empty coridors, handprints on a foggy window)
•I Could Never Stay Long Enough On The Shore 5ml roller $8 (beach, salty boardwalk wood, smoke)
•She Poisoned The Strawberries 5ml roller $8 (strawberries, musk, champagne)
•Osmanthus absolute- 1ml sample- $2 (apricot, honeyd peach, leather)
•Champanilla 10ml - New $17 (nag champa, vanilla liqueur, vanilla bean, musk)
Velvet Cocoon: 5ml vial $16 (Labdanum, benzoin, frankincense,burnt caramel, guaicwood)
Ghoulish Goods:
•Nordic Nightwalker - 0.75ml $2 Juniper berries, cypress, snowy mountains
•Kiss of Death - 0.75ml sample $2 Mistletoe, Faint pepper berry, Snowy birch
•Coconut Chalice-0.75ml $2
Imaginary Authors:
•Fox in the Flowerbed - 1.5 ish ml $3 (jasmine, tulips, frankincense, thistle, peppercorn, alpine air)
•Coconut Chalice- 1ml sample $2 (Green coconut, coconut husk, rich Cuban vanilla, dark Muscovado sugar, and Lamb's Breath accord)
Nocturne Alchemy
•Hedgehogs and Happiness 1ml $3 (Plum, lemon peel, mandarin, pink pepper, black cherry skin, strawberry accord, spices of clove and cinnamon, vanilla bean, bastets ice cream accord,Australian sandalwood
•Macadamia nut 10ml roller $8
•Soft Tuberose 10ml roller $8
•Salt Water Taffy 10ml roller $8
•Sex on the Beach 10ml roller $8
• Kapnobatai 1ml sample $2.50 (Cannabis Accord, Royal Frankincense, Oud, Galbanum Afghan Pine, White Copal, Nicotania Bakhoor)
Lurker & Strange
•Veronicas Virtue- 1ml sample $2.50 (Banana Cream, Caramelized Muscovado Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Fluffy Whipped Cream)
In Repose: 5.5ml roller $10 (Casketwood, labdanum, amber, frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood)
Sanctum: 5.5ml roller $10 (Palo Santo, myrrh, cistus by labdanum, sandalwood)
Incogni cognati: 5.5ml roller $10 - Sweet Coconut Milk, Rich Coconut Cream, Vanilla Bean, Coumarin, Almond Milk, Marshmallow
Sample: 1.7ml $3 Dweller Within: (Vanilla, cinnamon, pink peppercorn, clove, ambretto)
Lovesick Witchery
•Planchette 8.5ml rollerball $10 (Lavender, herbs, milk, sugar, vanilla Incense,labdanum,heliotrope,cashmeran,black musk)
Also available: Decants I bought to try but weren't my vibe
Nest Madagascar vanilla 2ml -$4
Alien 2ml-$4
BR540 Extrait 2ml -$12
Juicy Majestic Woods 5ml-$4
Coco Mademoiselle 5ml-$10
Narcissio Rodriguez for her 2ml-$4
Orientica Rouge (clone if BR540ext) 2.5ml-$8
Viva la juicy Parfum 2ml -$3
Vanillary by Lush 3ml -$5
Xerjoff Dama Bianca 1.7ml -$5
Pear inc- JHAG 3ml -$5
Molecule and mandarine 3ml-$5
Alien by Mugler 2ml -$3
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2023.06.01 16:09 UnDead_Ted Daily Spurgeon Devotion Thursday, June 1st 2023

Daily Spurgeon Devotion Thursday, June 1st 2023


Everyday Verse

Psalm 34:18
  • The Lord is near the brokenhearted; he saves those crushed in spirit.
  • The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.
  • The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.
  • The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
  • The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.

What does Psalm 34:18 mean?

In this verse David writes how God understands our feelings and helps us bear the burden of sorrow. In contrast to pagan deities, or the unfeeling universe of atheism, the biblical God deeply cares for our pain. When Jesus knew His friend Lazarus had died, He went to the home of Lazarus's grieving sisters and comforted them. When He saw Mary's tears, "he was deeply moved in his spirit and greatly troubled" (John 11:33). When He approached Lazarus's tomb, He wept (John 11:35) and was "deeply moved again" (John 11:38). Jesus experienced all of this, though He knew all along He would raise His friend from death (John 11:11).
Hebrews 4:15 assures us that Jesus, our Great High Priest, sympathizes with our weaknesses. That includes both the meaning of human suffering and the struggle against sin. He was tempted like any other man but remained sinless. Knowing that He understands and cares, we can "draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16).
It has been quipped that "prayer is the place burdens change shoulders." Our Lord's shoulders can bear our burdens when we are brokenhearted and our spirits are crushed (Matthew 11:28–30; 1 Peter 5:7).

Today's Quote

Matthew Henry
"No sin is so great, but there is a remedy in Christ blood which atones for it. No corruption is so strong, but there is a remedy in His grace can subdue it."

Spurgeon's Daily Help

One of the marvels of the Bible is its fullness. It is not a book of gold-leaf beating thin, as most books are as to thought; but its sentences are nuggets of unalloyed truth. The book of God is the God of books, for it is infinite. Well said a German author,
"In this little book is combined all the wisdom in the world. We search the world for truth; we cull. The good, the pure, the beautiful. From graven stone and written scroll, from all old flower-fields of the soul; and weary seekers of the best, we comeback laden from the quest, to find all the sages said is in the Book our mothers read."

The Spurgeon Birthday Book

See how the little children weave garlands and chaplets, and are has happy as the merry birds, while arrayed in collars and gridles made of the flowers of the field. Will they be any wiser when only diamonds and gold will serve their turn? Is it not a simple taste which loves nature the best afterall? So, too, in reading the Scriptures, it is better to revel in its plain promises and precious privileges than to pine for erudite criticisms and theology disputations.

Daily Spurgeon's Quote

Charles H. Spurgeon
"There is enough dust on some of your Bibles, to write "Damnation with your fingers."

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2023.06.01 14:33 Inboardzeus99 What is this atrocity...

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2023.06.01 14:12 HamGoblin81 Happy birthday, Tyson! My sweet old man turns *12* today! 🎉🥳🎊

Happy birthday, Tyson! My sweet old man turns *12* today! 🎉🥳🎊
The many faces of #HeckinAdorableStinker
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2023.06.01 14:06 Outside-Material-571 My uncle's funeral is being postponed for a sweet 16.

My uncle has passed away a couple of days ago. They were going to host the funeral this weekend in another city. Unfortunately someone in the happens to be hosting a sweet 16 this weekend. They were very upset about having to cancel this event to attend the funeral so they gave in to their Demands. The thing is that people have already flown in from out of state and country to attend this funeral. Now thanks to the crybaby's these people. Wont be able to attend since they can't afford to stay untill the next weekend. It not like everyone is even invited to this birthday party. What do ya think.
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2023.06.01 12:49 GreaterBlueEvil [Event] Mountain Home Open RP, Year 6 of the Rule of King Artys VIII. Arryn

Starting 1st Month 7114 AL (After the Landing)/Year 6 of the rule of King Artys VIII. Arryn

The Eyrie

Floorplan of the Eyrie and the mountain below
Various additional information, including the Eyrie residents
The Eyrie is a unique castle, built of white stone on top of the mountain Giant's Lance. It is quite small, especially compared to seats of other Great Houses, and considered impregnable due to its location. The castle consists of seven main towers, each with a different purpose.
Summons and Petitions Thread
Previous Eyrie Open RP Thread
Dragonstone Open RP Thread
The Vale Calendar


Teleportation is currently allowed in the Vale, so feel free to stop by - but make sure to come in properly:
To get to the Eyrie, one must pass first the older castle, Gates of the Moon, and then navigate along a narrow mountain path through the three Waycastles, Stone, Snow and Sky, before finally arriving to the castle of House Arryn.
The journey can be RP'd, or doesn't have to be, but the appropriate people must be tagged.
Gates of the Moon: GreaterBlueEvil & t3m3rair3
Snow: GreaterBlueEvil
Eyrie (Crescent Chamber in Warrior's Tower): GreaterBlueEvil & lagiacrus2012
Only 10 MaA can be allowed into GoTM, no MaA can be allowed into the Eyrie. This doesn't apply if specifically given exception.
Access to Moon Tower, Smith's Tower and Maiden Tower is restricted to those actually residing in these towers. The Mountain Below is generally not accessible to visitors.
Arryn household guards (wearing sky blue cloaks) and Winged Knights (wearing white cloaks with stripes in the colour corresponding with their rank, and winged helmets) man the castle and protect the residents.
Rookery use is possible, but requires Arryn permission.

Arryn PCs

King Artys VIII. Arryn (36)

The Eyrie
The monarch of the Vale, more comfortable on the throne as years go by. He had learned to rely on his advisors and his closest family in managing the affairs of the Kingdom, and once again found time for some more entertaining pursuits.

Crown Prince Aladore Arryn (16)

The Eyrie
The heir to the Kingdom. Quiet and pensive boy, Aladore prefers books to people, and does not enjoy the attention that comes with his prominent position.

Alisabeth Arryn (13)

The Eyrie
Young girl, first daughter of the King. Feels a little forgotten amongst her siblings, and often wonders whether she is invisible. Likes to paint.

Alysanne Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Little girl, second daughter of the King. Cheerful and attention-seeking, and the favourite of her father. Collects crowns, or aspires to.

Oswell Arryn (6)

The Eyrie
Little boy, second son of the King. Named after Queen Myranda's father, he has a big legacy to live up to.

Ambrose Arryn (34)

The Eyrie
The King's younger brother, raised to follow and aid the eldest. Doing what he can for the Kingdom, taking up some of the duties of his brother and still hoping for a family of his own one day. Helping teach the Crown Prince.

Arwen Coldwater née Arryn (31)

Coldwater Burn
The only daughter of the late Queen Myranda, Arwen is a beautiful woman, stubborn and intelligent, ambitious, even ruthless if need be. Enjoying married life, Arwen is still most smitten with her husband, the charming Lord Criston Coldwater, and adores the pair's two children with all her heart.

Albar Arryn (21)

Heart's Home
Youngest of Myranda's children, Albar felt the loss of their mother the most. The boy focuses on playing his lute and taking care of his pet, a little red shoulder-bear called Scarlett. A squire to his cousin, the Lord Corbray, he is slowly learning how to be a knight, but his future plans include more dancing with bears than swordfighting.

Alyssa Arryn (54)

Adventurous, rebellious and rainbow-haired, Alyssa lives in Tyrosh, having refused to return to Westeros to a life at court she hated and husband she felt no love for. Instead, she lives with her lover, Lucas Ruthermont, and the only thing she regrets is the time away from her elder children, Shiera and Friedrich.
Or perhaps at some point, a mysterious woman by the name of Nalyssa could be found in Westeros, for whatever occasion that might happen. She is, however, most definitely Not Alyssa.

Shiera Durrandon (34)

Borrowed character
Daughter of Alyssa and Monfryd Durrandon. Adventurous and free like her mother, Shiera dreads growing old or having to act her age. Currently spending time on Dragonstone along with her best friend Meera Grandison. Shiera loves animals and bright colours and despises the very idea of marriage. The only relationship worth keeping is friendship... even if it feels like something more. She has a very grumpy cat named Barracuda and a brightly coloured parrot she taught to say "Help, I was turned into a bird!"

Alfrid Arryn (40)

The Eyrie
The only son of Osric Arryn, Alfrid is deeply religious, and strives to prove himself in the eyes of Gods and men, as a knight, and as man of the Seven. He had married lady Lorra Templeton, though still couldn't rid himself of thoughts of another... Which led to some rather curious consequences.
SCC'd by garintheadequate

Mylenda Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Daughter of Alfrid Arryn and his wife Lorra. Little girl, talkative and bright.

Myrielle Arryn (10)

The Eyrie
Child of Alfrid Arryn and his lover, Cassandra Bracken. The girl was passed off as a trueborn daughter of Alfrid and his wife, as a twin to Mylenda. She is the gloomier of the twins, with a more negative attitude and a fear of animals.

Alicent Royce née Arryn (36)

Married to her complicated love, Royland Royce, and fiercely protective of her young Royce sisters, Alicent is doing what she can to help Lady Ayla with rulership, and lady Eugenie with courtship - one appearing significantly more problematic than the other. Raising her little daughters Roslin and Rowena, she wishes that Royland would stay in Runestone with them, or at least accept her choices that led to the pair leading their lives apart.

Amallia Corbray née Arryn (34)

Heart's Home
Once wild and rebellious, Amallia seems to have settled down with her marriage to Lord Lyonel Corbray, content to protect and raise their two sons and little daughter. After the loss of her first child, she is ultimately grateful that her children are safe and healthy.

Aveline Grandison née Arryn (31)

Beautiful and kind-hearted, Aveline might not be the brightest, but she does her utmost to bring light and cheer wherever she goes. Married to Beric Grandison, she couldn't be any happier - what more could she ever want for than having a loving husband and two wonderful children? A part of her little family is also her dog, Socks, named for a fondness of chewing people's clothes, and Periwinkle, the stubborn and finicky cat.

Garrick Arryn (70)

The Eyrie
Feeling the effects his advanced age is taking, not even his wife and children seem to make Garrick feel any better. His children were all grown now, soon to be married and gone from his life, and what then? He spends more time with his sister Cynthea, reminiscing of the old times and people long gone.

Septa Cynthea (34)

The only child of Garrick from his first marriage, Cynthea the Younger was sent to the Starry Sept in Oldtown when she was ten, and had since taken her vows upon the Seven-Pointed Star as a Septa of the Faith.

Helena Prester née Arryn (28)

Eldest daughter of Garrick and his second wife, Helena is a confident young woman, stubborn and determined. Married to Triston Prester - a man she chose against the wishes of her family - she struggles between the girl she used to be, and the woman she is now, or at least that she feels she should be. The duties of a wife and a mother don't sit so well with her, even though she loves her two small children dearly.

Jeyne Arryn (27)

The Eyrie
Daughter of Garrick Arryn and Andrea Talon. Beautiful and curiously still unmarried.
Borrowed by banterisdrunk

Andrew Arryn (24)

White HarbouThe Paps?
Son of Garrick Arryn and Andrea Talon, doted on by both his parents. Squire to Ser Jayce Manderly, and perhaps visiting a certain island off the Vale's coast?

Cynthea Harroway née Arryn (69)

The Eyrie
The Dowager Lady of Harroway's Town is a kind, loving woman, who enjoys baking sweets and playing the harp. She cares dearly about her children and her grandchildren and various other kin, family always being the light of her life.

Waltyr Harroway (50)

Borrowed character
Waltyr travelled around the world only to find that what he desired most was home and family, which he found with the Princess Sylvia Stark. He couldn't be happier, married and with twin children.

Lucas Stark (Harroway) (15)

Waltyr and Sylvia's son, twin of Lily. Training with a sword, though he is still letting his blond locks grow long, and diligently shaving the few whiskers sprouting on his upper lip. It is getting harder to look like his twin sister (and best friend), but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Anastasia Manderly née Harroway (49)

Borrowed character
White Harbour
A beautiful woman in her youth, Anastasia finds it difficult to make peace with the fact that she is getting older, and her children are growing up so fast. She is content with her husband, Ser Jayce Manderly, and most of all wishes for more time with her family.

Alysia Harroway (31)

The Eyrie
The youngest child of Cynthea Arryn and Howland Harroway had never known her father, growing up in the Eyrie after her mother and siblings escaped from Lord Harroway's Town. She is raised as a noble lady of the Vale, serving as lady in waiting to the royal Princess Arwen Arryn.
SCC'd by dbone256

Meredyth Arryn (61)

The life of Meredyth Arryn was never short of dramatic twists and turns. After eloping with the love of her life who also happened to be the Crown Prince of Dorne, Meredyth gave birth in secret to his daughter. Forced to fake her death to escape the arrangements her family had planned for her, Meredyth watched over young Alarra under the guise of a mysterious Septa Marissa. When terrible news came about the death of Nymor, she had to suffer in silence. But when the time was right, Princess Meredyth Arryn re-emerged triumphantly from the shadows as she appeared at the court of Sunspear in the company of the heiress to Dorne, Alarra 'Silverdove' - or, as she is now known, Her Radiance Nymeria Nymeros Martell.

Sharra Arryn (49)

The only legitimate child of Prince Benedict Arryn, Sharra keeps many secrets, involved in an elaborate life-long scheme by her aunt Alerie. Former regent to her daughter, the convenient rightful ruler of Dragonstone, Sharra spends much time with her close companion and secret lover, Alayne Hunter, in their new home in the far South of Westeros.

Rhea Targaryen (30)

The Princess of Dragonstone took over her lands after the Vale's conquest. Presumed daughter of Sharra Arryn and Jaerys Targaryen, she rules the Island as her father's rightful heir. Married to her love, Nymos Dayne, who provides invaluable support as the young woman tries to balance the tasks of a ruler and a mother.

Jaenara Targaryen (10)

Daughter of Rhea and Nymos, heiress to Dragonstone. Owner of a blue-and-silver dragon egg that used to belong to her mother, and to her grandfather before that. Bright and inquisitive little girl. Staying in the Eyrie to learn about life at the Arryn court.

Daenys Targaryen (8)

Daughter of Rhea and Nymos. Owner of a violet-and-gold dragon egg.
Played by House Dayne of High Hermitage, ranger_from_th_north

Marq Arryn (55)

The Eyrie
A promising tourney knight in his youth, Marq's life was marked by misfortune and tragedy. He loves his wife and sons deeply, seeing them as his anchor in the storm of circumstances, but he still feels a crushing amount of guilt for the pain he caused, especially since his wife almost died giving birth to their second son. An excellent warrior - one of the best on the entire Continent - though he takes little pride or comfort in that skill, and rarely ever enters tournaments anymore.

Rupert Arryn (28)

The Eyrie
Marq's firstborn son, struggling to live up to the shining example of his sire and eager for his approval. Rupert had already proven himself capable in melees and jousts, and recently he was knighted and bestowed the right to bear the Valyrian sword Iridescence, and take his father's mantle as the famed Iridescent Knight.

Yoel Arryn (24)

The Eyrie
Second son of Marq Arryn and Ysilla Royce. Somewhat socially inept, but close with his elder brother.
Borrowed by thinkbrigger

Alannys Manderly née Arryn (54)

The Eyrie/White Harbour
Identical twin of Alerie, she was always the wilder, more adventurous of the sisters. Alannys was knighted at her wedding (by her husband, no less), and with Loras by her side she had gone through a multitude of adventures. She holds a resentment for her brother Marq for being respected for his prowess where she needs to hide. However, after her husband's death in the battle of Dragonstone, she had not quite been herself, her strong spirit nearly broken with the love of her life lost forever.

Alerie Waxley née Arryn (54)

The Eyrie
Identical twin of Alannys, Alerie is the more delicate of the sisters. Deaf, but sharp of mind, Alerie was able to find her niche, prospering in the shadows and manipulating events of the world without being seen behind the schemes. She is married to Willam Waxley, Keeper of the Gates of the Moon, and cares for their son, whom she considers the perfect little boy, though she worries he will grow apart from her as he grows older. In addition to manipulating the events of the world, she also found herself able to control animals to a certain degree, and works to gain more control of this ability.

Harold Arryn (40)

The Eyrie
Eldest son of Luceon Arryn and his second wife. Functioning alcoholic and once a child soldier, Harold is maybe a little disappointed he didn't die in any war. Married to lady Jowenna Egen, Harold might be starting to find a place for himself in the world with the help of his wife and children.

Alaric Arryn (38)

Longbow Hall
A knight in service to House Hunter, Alaric had forgone his royal title to marry a girl by the name of Sybell, a commonborn daughter of a merchant, whom he had loved dearly ever since he saved her from some bandits many years ago. Serving as a Marshal in Longbow Hall, he is determined to earn his place.

Matthos Arryn (33)

Formerly warded in the Stormlands, Matthos returned to the Eyrie to marry lady Alyssa Azure. He was not happy with the arranged match and the control the head of House Arryn exerts over his life, but he does genuinely care for his wife and their little daughters.

Argella Arryn (4)

Daughter of Matthos and Alyssa, little girl.

Aemma Arryn (1)

Daughter of Matthos and Alyssa, little girl.

Alester Arryn (32)

The Eyrie
Lonely, stubborn and somewhat spiteful towards his family. Married to Mya Finch, but in love with her brother, Ser Mychel.

Martyn Arryn (28)

The youngest of Luceon's many children, he is perhaps the only one to have truly loved and respected their father. Squire to a western knight, he is not quite sure where his home lays and where he would feel at peace.

Petyr Stone (38)

Former squire to Prince Marq Arryn, who tried to remedy his older brother's misdeeds, now a promising warrior and a knight in his own right. Petyr serves as the Captain of Guards on Dragonstone.
SCC'd by klrpizza

Arielle Stone (35)

Daughter of Prince Benedict Arryn and Gwen Storm. Sent to Strongsong to be raised and tutored by lady Ursula Belmore, along with her half-sister Deidre. Astonishingly beautiful and appropriately arrogant. Occasionally following around her aunt Alerie.
Played by House Toyne, principality_of_pan

Beric 'Blackmoon' Storm (33)

Son of Prince Benedict Arryn and Gwen Storm. Benedict was unaware of his existence, as Gwynevere left him before he could learn she was pregnant. The boy lived in Braavos with his mother, terrified of her drunken excesses, before lady Lucinda Grandison saved him and took him with her.
SCC'd by ranger_from_th_north

Elyse Greywing (29)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Olivia Prester. Utterly disappointed by her mother, she and her brother Edrick had ran away from their family, and found refuge on Bear Isle in service to Queen Talia Stark. They followed Talia to Winterfell, only to be kept there for reasons they don't quite understand. What is even happening in her life these days, where is she heading?

Celene Featherfield (29)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Margret Snow, a Woolfield bastard, though legitimised through the kindness of House Grandison. Celene stays in Grandview and learns from her aunt what it means to be a proper lady. Close friends with Edmund Prester, a person who shows her kindness not usually seen towards one of illegitimate birth.

Nathaniel Stone (26)

Son of Benedict Arryn and Ella Ryston, along with his cousin Alec Stone sent to Gates of the Moon to be raised after his mother joined the Silent Sisters. Formerly squire to Ser Petyr Stone, whom he admires greatly, Nathan was recently knighted for his service.

Vorian Blackstone (26)

Son of Benedict Arryn and Cissy Blackstone. Staying in Gulltown with his mother.
Played by lagiacrus2012

Myranda Blackstone (24)

Daughter of Benedict Arryn and Cissy Blackstone. Somewhat rude and blunt, Myranda is taking after her mother in many ways.

Steffon Storm (18)

Last of Benedict's bastards, son of the Stormlander lady Joy Redaxe. Staying in Grandview with his mother.
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2023.06.01 10:14 sylvaron Suddenly said goodbye to my baby girl (a sweet old cat)

I know this is obvious, but content warning on this post: I talk about a lot of diseases here and I don't want anyone to freak out if they have health anxiety for themselves or their pets.
I had to say goodbye to my cat of 8 years. She was 16 years old, roughly, my wife and I got her from a shelter so we aren't sure. She was kept in the cages, seperate from other cats as she hadn't been acclimated yet. When they opened the cage she jumped into my wife's arms and started purring. We knew she was our cat at that very moment and that we would love her completely.
I really just want to chronicle my experience with her here, including all of her health issues because I need to validate myself for putting her through euthanasia.
This cat was an outstanding companion. She was the best companion I could ask for, and I was there for her through an enormous amount of health issues. Within a week of us adopting her from that shelter, she became very sick. Labored breathing, looking away from us, hiding as much as possible. She had an ear polyp that had grown so large it was hurting her greatly. The adoption center told us we could give her back and they would take care of her surgeries. We declined, told them we would keep her, and they told us they would pay for the main surgery. We took her to a multitude of appointments and a surgery center and helped her recover. She was great for a while. A few years, 2015 to 2019 everything was pretty golden with her and it was the best time of my life when I got to spend time with her.
In 2019 we received the worst possible news, she had mammary cancer on her left chain of breasts. They told us it had a high chance of mortality within a year, but that we could slow it down with surgery in case it hadn't spread to her lymphatic system yet. We opted to do the surgery and she came out on the other side doing wonderfully. We waited that year, upset as the date approached when it would be the 365th day. That came, and she was fine. Another year passed, and she was fine, or so we though--I felt more bumps, but on the other side of body. The cancer had infected her right mammary chain. We were worried about her surviving the surgery, as she was 14 and had already been through a few. Luckily she came out of it just fine, the recover was a bit rough but she was back to her old self within two weeks! Around this time we also found out she was deaf and most likely had been the entire time we had had her--haha! Everything, once again, was amazing for a while.
2021 hits and she has a massive eye ulcer. Her eye is clouded and bloodshot. The vets treat her for an eye ulcer as if it is bacterial for two weeks and it gets worse and worse. I take her to an emergency vet and they state she clearly as FHV and the infection is viral--it needs antivirals, not antibiotics. It clears but her eye is permanently damaged and she is probably 90% blind out of it.
2022 comes, and we notice some stuff changing in her--the vet lets us know she has kidney disease. It's relatively early, it'll probably give her another two years. I assume the cancer will get her before the kidney disease will, and just adjust the way I take care of her to fit her new disease.
Enter 2023, everything is still going well. She is slowing down a little bit day by day, sleeping more, probably up to about 20 hours a day by April. But she loves us, and she is so, so happy. Always purring, eating well, keeping herself hydrated despite her kidney disease progressing. May 28th hits, she's crying out at night and seems a little confused. I keep trying to bring her into bed but she gets down in really odd ways that aren't normal for her. I don't think too much of it. I wake up the next morning to my wife telling me that our girl was inconsolable last night and was crying out even when she picked her up to love on her. I go check her out and immediately notice something odd--she doesn't seem to see me. I walk around, wave my hand in front of her face, no registration. I pet her and she purrs. I get her to walk and she will walk-- into very odd areas of the house, into walls, into corners, trying to scout where she is. She's repeatedly trying to walk into walls on her right side. Her left side also has a bit of a limp to the back leg, it's constantly touching her front paw when she walks. She cries out and I go to her, she registers I'm there but wants to keep walking into things. We assume she is totally blind and are extremely unsettled as she is also known to be deaf. We go buy a laser point and she can see it! Three inches from her face, and only on her right side. So much so on her right that she won't register it if it's on her left at all--even if her right eye can see it. She doesn't register our other cat even though it is immediately to her left and she bumps into her, freaking my other cat out.
We take her to the emergency vet and wait for hours. The vet comes out and gives us some mixture of terrible news, starting with some small things--She has an ear infection, she has periodontitis, she has a galloping heartbeat, and it's starting to get worse, she has a blood pressure reading of 250 even after letting her rest for a bit. Anything over 180 is hospitalization for a cat (and for people fyi). To top it all off, they tested her in an empty room and determined she had a great deal of mental deficiencies. She was "a-visual," or lacking vision, she would constantly try to turn into walls even when she knew they were there, and she seemed to not recognize her left side of her body as I had mentioned. They figured, without testing to confirm, that she probably had a stroke or a tumor so advanced that it had affected her brain function. They were leaning towards stroke. They wanted to keep her there overnight for further tests and then recommended hospitalization as it would be unsafe to bring her home given her blood pressure. My wife and I looked at eachother and had the same thought, as unsettling as it was. We asked the vet to step away while we discussed--euthanasia? Could we really subject her to further testing, staying in a hospital for who knows how long when chances were she wouldn't get better? And if she got better, if they lowered her blood pressure and got her stable for us to bring home, how much longer would she have lasted given that she also had advancing cancer and kidney disease? I was willing to go to any measures to make her comfortable due to the lack of vision, hearing, and lack of awareness of her left side. I can deal with that. But I can't deal with her sitting in a hospital for so long, so confused and scared why we aren't there, when the only way she can recognize us is through touch and smell and those things aren't there with her. We told the vet we wanted to euthanize, through heavy tears. The vet had never mentioned this option (I don't know if this is normal, I think maybe it is usually left to the owner to come up with the idea maybe?). But she told us we could euthanize there, that we would get a little room and as much time with her as we wanted. We went to the room, our baby was brought to us and of course she couldn't see us. But there she was, and we were able to bring her out and cuddle her. This is the worst part. She was there for us. She licked my wife, and layed in my lap, she seemed relatively normal and loving. I just can't wrap my head around it, she had so many things going wrong and here she was giving us love. This is the part that hurts me and makes me feel like I did something wrong. How could an animal that needs to be euthanized still be loving on us? With everything listed though and me being utterly terrified of her having to stay in a hospital and possibly dying there, we went through with it. I held her until the very end, knowing I was never going to be the same person.
I am devastated, lost, confused, and searching to figure out if I made the right decision. The thing is, given the information and the number of systems failing in her body, logically it should be. But to know she still had fight in her, love in her? Love for me? To end her like that, was it mercy? Should I have let her continue, with the chance that maybe I would get to have her back in my arms at home, with things being relatively normal for a little while longer? What if things got way, way worse, would I feel even more terrible about myself to have let her go too far and to have her in too much pain? I think so, but I don't know as I chose to "early" option, if it was early. I'm just at a loss without a pet that I loved as much as my very own child. She was my everything, my comfort after work, after a stressful event she was there for me and now she isn't, and I cannot process that.
On a happier note, let me talk about her demeanor for a bit because that's what I loved about her! She was a deaf cat, an old cat, and a sickly cat as I listed above. This means that I was responsible for her well being much more than a normal animal. It was like taking care of an elderly parent, or a baby. Constantly monitoring her, helping her eat, go to the bathroom, waking up 10-15 times a night to collect her as she cried out for me. These things strengthened my bond with her enormously. She was such a sweet girl, always wanting in my lap or to lay beside me. If I laid in bed for one minute, or sat down for one minute, there she was! She had places she loved to sleep, including on the beanbag in my wife's office. She would sleep there for 6-8 hours at a time, and then come around the corner to the living room sniffling (she had FHV so constant sniffles and sneezing), and we'd greet her with such excitement. She would follow me everywhere when she was awake, never ever wanting to leave my side. She would lick me any time I pet her (and continue licking me until I stopped). She would bite my nose when I put my face up to her face, lovingly. She had stinky breath from the gum disease but I didn't care. She loved using a heating pad we had sitting on the ground for her all year round as it helped her joints. She just loved heat--she would constantly try to jump into the oven when I opened it, or shove herself into the air fryer. Sunlight was king in her eyes and she would find it and camp it all day. She was nothing but purrs and love--immense, intense love for me that I gave her in return. I miss her, I miss her more than I could ever fathom. My love for her was so incredibly deep that it scares me to think I may never get to feel that with a pet again.
Thank you for listening to me if you read this though I don't need anybody to, I just really needed to get this off my chest somewhere and to have a written record of my time with her somewhere besides my heart. I know a lot of it is health concerns, a lot of it sounds negative, but the health issues I faced with her through the years were ways that I grew closer to her, and it is only the end that hurts me. The rest is simply a history of my love for her.
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2023.06.01 09:54 devin0835 Scorsese Music List for Goodfellas

In the “Made Men” book by Glenn Kenny from a couple years ago, there’s a page that shows a page of Scorsese music notes from Goodfellas. It lists the following:
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2023.06.01 09:34 Infiniterocket My girlfriend who I knew for almost a year left me and it has left me mentally damaged

We dated online for almost 3 months and we were very good friends for a year.. we considered each other as our best friend and everything started out great. We were gonna meet as soon as this summer or next year when we begin our college and had lots of plans..
We had an amazing start since we already knew each other for very long. we made 5 rules among each other. 1. Mutual respect 2. Always being there for each 3. No lying or cheating 4. Studies before anything 5. Giving time to the other person if needed... She was 1 year and 8 months elder than me and im 16, She had autism and sometimes didnt know what was right or wrong but that didnt stop me from loving or caring for her. I would research on it a lot and hopefully try to understand her better, I knew for a year so I knew what she liked. Those little details which made her happy and everything I could do for her. We used to play a lot of roblox together and talk a lot everyday

We had a few low points however. I got to know about her past and it involved her being in a fwb for a little bit with someone irl and some "action" involved last December but nothing big at all.. she didnt want it and was always asked for it so they did only a little.. It was hard for me because I had a pretty bad past too which leaves me with flashbacks about it and it took me time to let this process within me.. I had asked a lot of questions to her and I made her feel bad..I felt guilty about it because she didnt want it and she had gone through some stuff when she felt lonely and the worst part is that I was her friend during then and always told her that she could talk to me..I also felt really bad because I had feelings for her since last year summer and then I just didnt tell her...I could really help her out there because she told me I made her realize what she had done was very wrong and hated herself for it and she also swore on me that she had changed and it motivated me to help her out.

We got over it together in the end and she thought i felt disgusted by it, I did tell her once that I was but then apologized the next day and always reminded her that I still love her which grows day by day. This was online but I had real feelings for her and since we were already gonna meet as friends earlier I really thought of giving this a chance and committing to it and by the looks of it we were doing great..

Another low point was me becoming very upset when she called herself someones ekitten while being with me, She had his account for safekeeping and put it in his about me saying it. that "someone" also would not behave well with her, I just hated the way he would. I told her that it really made us look like a "joke" but she told me it was all in for jokes and well I just told them to not do it again.

But ofcourse it had happened again a few weeks later when we both were playing and that guy tries to "rizz" her saying welp, words which really made me specifically look like a bad partner and yeah I told her about it but didnt blame her for anything because she didnt do anything this time. I then told him to not behave like he does to her and he agreed to and that was the end.

Some context about us when we were friends. My parents arent the best sometimes and well give me a really hard time, I also have had 2nd thoughts of my career change where I need to change my subject in high school and thats another problem with me, secondly, Im not able to score well because of it and it really makes them angry. They understand sometimes but when they dont, theyre the worst and tell me a lot of words which demotivate me, they have even wished me not being there sometimes which really made me upset and the only person I used to talk to about this was her and she was always there and would help me. This is when I suddenly started having feelings more than ever for her and I knew I had to tell her. I did and we got together and everything was going great, I tried my best with keeping this and it looked like everything surely was going amazing. She was like the most beautiful person I met in my life and she really understood me a lot and I did too for her.

And well now comes the very hard part.. A month ago was my birthday and she made it very special and memorable and we spent a lot of time together. But that was like the last time we spent quality time because after that I was gone for a week due to my tests and another week for my career errands I had to deal with, I didnt play with her but talked to her saying that Id be there with her soon and just needed some time and she agreed.

On 11th I was almost done with it and came back from a school trip and checked my phone and well.. I saw a message from her saying that she doesnt think shes ready for a relationship and prefers us being as friends instead and well. And wanted to be single... To me that was a disaster, losing her was my biggest fear and I just was really attached to her, I told her to not jump to conclusions and well Im here now and we can work on what she feels and improve it. She told me that she lost the "feeling" and maybe had feelings for another girl. The worst part is that she thought she lost her freedom.. when I asked her about it she meant that she couldnt "fuck" her friends and I fucking cried when I read that message. She told me that it would be cheating if she did it while being with me, but it seemed like it already maybe was since she liked another girl while she was with me...I told her that fwb was NEVER a good thing because first of all her friends are terrible irl, whenever she talked about them to me it wasnt good, they dont respect her opinion or her will. I told her that she would be used by them even if it made her happy in the beginning because in the end when they start expecting more and leave her noone but HER would be the one devasted...they wouldnt even love her. She was very beautiful and smart and noone deserves to go through that. She even mentioned that I could be her fwb. But I told her that if she wanted to do it with me later on, I would only if we were together because I loved her a lot and wouldnt want to make her feel bad later on. I sent her voice messages explaining her everything and I was tearing up at the same time. I told her if thats what she wanted then she could just wait until we meet and Id do anything to make her feel happy..

That day was very bad for me. I became desperate because I didnt want her to suffer later on. I started messaging her friend who she was close to and tried to explain it to her. I even fucking went to the guy who I didnt like because of his behaviour explaining him the situation, because we had been cool after I told him to not do those anymore. but he instead made it worse, he told me I was giving way too much personal info about someone he didnt "care". But she had told me that he was a close friend but not that close apparently.. The most crazy part is he randomly asked me a picture of me which i said no to but is so fricking stupid considering he told me I give out personal info. I only told him the main things about her autism because I didnt want her to think shes crazy. I didnt badmouth her and only explained the situation in hopes of getting advice or help.. I didnt tell him what she was gonna do as a single. Instead of helping me he told HER and she thought I was backstabbing her..she called me insane and about the part that she lost feelings..

I told her losing feelings was common when you get to know the person more and that if we both worked together on it we can fix it, she included that our personalities didnt match but that is not true, we had similar interests, same taste in things and same opinions and we just got along in every single factor well. I told her that shes overthinking and should take it slow. She told me that she tried to keep this relationship by herself but I told her that trying to fix a relationship alone never works out unless both the people work on it together. When it came to her having feelings for a girl.. I asked her why because she was with me and that really seemed like her cheating on me..She told me more that the girl admitted to her and everything happened naturally because the 2 weeks I was gone they spent more time together. I told her why didnt she try to defend our relationship by saying no and instead focus on fixing it by talking to me

she told her that it wasn't her intention in the beginning to leave me. But it pretty much was obvious what would happen if she didnt try to defend us, I told her that not everything is lost and that I am here now and we can work on this together. I just needed that chance from her and I knew for a fact that it would work out because I knew her better than anyone after her family. She didnt give me that chance and kept saying she lost that feeling. I told her that I didnt want to force her to love me when she said so, I told her we could start fresh and work on this from the beginning. She didnt want to try it out.

The next day when I started losing hope I told her id become her fwb if thats what she wanted. My real reason for that is so that I could make her realize it and maybe change her to a better person. Maybe save our relationship too.. I didnt want to changer her decision but make her realize it herself. But then she suddenly became a follower of true love and told me that now she has genuine feelings towards that "girl" and wouldnt do those. But the worst part she told me after that is...

She hid from me that it was actually a BOY. She said she didnt tell me that one little "detail" I got furious and heartbroken at the same time..I didnt know what she had in mind but she sent me a pic of him and to be honest it made it funny and I felt a lil bad for her...But she hid so much from me, I told her that this is considered cheating even though I hate saying it and she told me it wasnt. At the same time I talked to her other friend who really understood me and knew that she was doing the wrong thing.. She told me a lot of bad things and I took them all in me and focused on trying to help her more.. the reason why we did so well was because we knew each other well. She was in 2 relationships infront of me as a friend and it started quickly and ended badly because they just didnt care for her. When we got together she told me that I was the "one" and she actually felt love for the first time... We really did great together and I genuinely loved her wholeheartedly . The worst part is that now she told me that felt "love" for the first time with HIM. That made no sense. This "new" person she liked, this was no different then the previous 2 relationships she was in. I feel like she just told me she'd stay single so she could later be with him.. I just dont know.

She told me that she removed her mask, I knew she had autism and told her why she did it and she agreed to it. I told her I understand her and the reason why I havent yelled at her or become rude is because I know this isnt how she is despite her telling me she removed her mask. She was the same as a friend and a partner. She then made me talk to him...the person she liked.

He was total garbage. I asked him why he didnt tell her to talk to me, he called it fucking "influencing". Said it as if he didnt make her like him instead. She is pretty sensitive and if someones gets in her mind its hard for her. I told her that SHE is the one being influenced here and she shouldnt do this.. She hated me for talking to her friends and called me insane and backstabbing. She told me she didnt wanna be friends anymore now. I knew her for a year and this was how everything was ending. She told me she didnt want to give me any problems and thats why she didnt say about her feeling to me.. I wouldnt get angry or upset because when it comes to us I really would dedicate to helping us..

All this time I talked to her I made a group with 3 of my close friends who would help me say what I should to her so that it makes a point and maybe helps her realize what shes doing. I talked calmly to her and really kept my cool even though in the other side I was crying over the fact that Im losing her. She had blocked me the first day because I panicked and sent her a lot of messages, I messaged her on WhatsApp telling her that what she is doing isnt right.. She told me she was trying to get feelings for me and I thought maybe things might work out and she added me back everywhere.. This was on the first day. But then she blocked me again sometime in between and then I talked to some mutual friends about what happened and every single one of them agreed that she had cheated on me and done something very bad by seperating from me. The next day she seemed furious and sent me messages saying Im lying to people about her cheating on me. I took some time and gave her a respone in a calm and straightforward way..I told her every fact I knew and she didnt talk back and told me she knows she hurt me.. I thought maybe I made her realize it but I didnt..She told me she talked about it to him about us, but she forgout one detail. HE WANTS HER TOO and theres something called a biased opinion, I know when she messaged me about me lying about her cheating those words were definetly those very biased opinion from him and when I talked to that person she liked...

He told me she never loved me and loved me out of pity. I knew he was fucking getting in my mind and lying because that wasnt true. He didnt know anything about how we were. She told it to me herself that it wasnt true about what he said, she just lost that feeling at a point..I even made her a letter a week ago for our 2nd month anniversary and she loved it so much.. This was when I was away and knew I had to do something. She kept telling me that she removed her mask.. I reasoned with her and she always talked to me in a bad way as if I was the wrong doer here.

One day I told her to say me about what she really felt and what problems she had.. she told me that she wasnt able to joke and she hinted to the fact that she called herself someones ekitten as a joke and she told me I didnt trust her. I apologized even though I told her it just didnt seem well.. I told her that she wont feel it that way again, She told me she wanted to well "sleep" or jokingly flirt with her friends which she couldnt do... I calmly explained her how it was wrong, she told me she knew she was a bad person and didnt want to change..she tried to. I told her she can because I see it in her.. she really was a caring person.. Her "mask" cant change that. When she opened up about what she felt I thought maybe things would work out but it didnt.. I even had give her a break for sometime in hopes of he maybe understanding but she always insisted on this.. I just cant watch her suffer later..I can confirm that I really love her a lot and would never do anything to hurt her..let alone watching her suffer.. I even mentioned that she had broken her own rules and maybe try to make things right now..

She kept asking me how I found her friends contact and everything. I answered her but she didnt answer me properly...I thought she might just leave me when she got her answers..I even asked her that and she replied with an "i dont know"..I knew this wasnt the "real" her and she clearly was being influenced by that guy. I was losing a lot of hope and when she told me that she just didnt want to do it anymore. As an act of me loving her and giving her whatever she wanted.. I let her do what she wanted.

I told her I wouldnt come in her way and I would still care for her like my own...I knew she didnt want to be friends with me anymore. I told her that despite me loving her she was also my best friend.. And if she ever needed me or changed her mind she could reach out to me. I knew this was not going to end well for me at all so I just gave her a goodbye and told her that she could do what she wanted to and that was block me...She just said "as you wish" and did it like we were nothing..She didnt say any goodbye and that was 10 days ago, Im alone now without any close friend because noone was like her. I worry everyday if she is alright and despite my life on the other side going terrible I just miss her a lot...I just cant believe she hates me so much now, I only did it because I didnt want to watch her suffer later. I trusted her a lot and she just broke my heart this way.. Before she blocked me I asked her to promise she wouldnt do anything bad like she told me before and she didnt promise it..I really hope she is doing alright now.

I really miss her a lot and the crazy part is despite what she did to me..I still love her because I know for a fact that this isnt her even though she says she removed her mask.. I knew her very well better than anyone. She was very beautiful and I just cant believe we seperated, she was my first love and deep inside I always hope she realizes what shes doing is wrong..Many people have called me insane this past week and Im starting to feel like I am. Im in really despair right now because of this one thing because she really motivated me a lot..

I have many ways to talk to her. But I just prefer not to..Its her birthday in a month and I really wish I could do something for her. Im in a terrible condition now and dont know what to do.. I just cant believe that this was how it ends or it really had to happen. It was just a problem in which if she talked to me it could be fixed. I hate that guy because he didnt even tell her to talk to me and called it "influencing" he literally took her away from me and doesnt think that is influencing. Ofcourse because he likes her too.. I cant believe that she actually believed him.. She just changed suddenly.. I told her about what was happening to me and also the fact that I wasnt able to sleep when I thought I was losing her and she told me that isnt her fault.. She was never like this

Its been 10 days and I really miss her a lot and everyday I just hope maybe she realizes it and reaches out to me. I told her Im ready to forgive her as long as she knows what she did was wrong and wants to become a better person and im more than ready to help her in it.. Im feeling very lonely since losing her, ive never cared for a person this much. I dont know what to feel of her... after what she did to me but I truly still care for her like my own. I just dont know what to do.

I get bad thoughts when I feel like everythings going downhill in my life. She really motivated me a lot. I trusted her more than anyone. She was just precious to me.. I think of her a lot everyday and I just cry every night because of this.. have trouble falling asleep and well as if this wasnt a big problem I got other very big things like my career change and well a lot of pressure on me. I dont know what to do. I feel like she took how I was to her for granted or i got replaced..Even though she told me she would stay single but she also likes someone so this just dont fit into it..I knew her for a year and this is very hard for me. I just cant believe that this happened..Im worried about her.

Thank you for reading this.. I dont know if I did anything wrong here.. is there anyway I can help her or is there any hopes of us ever coming back? or what I gotta do.. I tried my best because I care for her a lot.. I told her she could always reach out to me. I always wish we could get back because we were doing so well together..If she did have feelings towards me then it would certainly be worth starting over this time with everything improved and us understanding each other a lot better..I told her that too..I know that this isnt how she is. But im just so lost now.. I dont know what to do. I just want her to realize it, I dont want anything bad to happen to her..I really love her. Any advice is appreciated
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2023.06.01 08:55 thebleepingcat For Matcha Fans in the City

For Matcha Fans in the City
Hello, everyone. Posting this in case there are matcha lovers in the city who want to enjoy authentic matcha drinks. I'm one, and I'd like to share the information with anyone who might want to give it a go. It's an experience, I promise.
If you're interested, kindly check out Okaeri Cafe (FB Page: Okaeri Cafe). They're currently a pop-up (i.e. they only open shop during specific dates, so check out their FB page for their schedules, including the locations that they will be at). OC's matcha is the BEST that I've I've had in years.
I only discovered OC a few months ago, but when I'm downtown and they're open, I make sure to visit them. True matcha lovers will appreciate their drinks. The cafe uses ceremonial-grade matcha, so you get that bright, umami flavor that tells you that you're getting an authentic, delicious matcha experience. And for those who want the same kick provided by coffee, except without the palpitations, and disturbances made to your sleep, matcha can give you the option that you need. Matcha also sustains energy for longer, and lets you down gently (unlike a coffee crash). So, yet another reason to go with matcha (aside from the fact that it is, ahem, matcha-rap).
-Sweet Cream Matcha. My go-to. For matcha drinkers, 50% sugar is the perfect balance of sweet and the earthy umami of their matcha. The sweet cream gives a delicious, creamy texture to the drink.
-Matcha cake. The right amount of sweet and soft, with a lovely cream, and powdered matcha on top to give it that bright, slightly bitter taste. You get a beautiful contrast in flavors.
Okaeri Cafe's Sweet Cream Match (16 oz.) and their delightful matcha cake. The absolute best ever.
They also offer drinks, such as their Soft Matcha Latte, Cold Whisked Matcha, Red Bean (Azuki) Matcha, Orea Matcha, Matcha Lava (with chocolate), and Strawberry Matcha. They usually use full cream milk for their drinks, but there are options for both soy mil and oat milk (at an additional cost).
Try their matcha. You'll enjoy it, plus the staff are ultra friendly, kind, and welcoming.
Sharing this as a fan who is absolutely happy to have discovered OC. :)
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2023.06.01 08:22 thembobean birthday boys!! (bit emotional)

hi everyone, it's my and techno's birthdays today! when i found out i share a birthday with techno i was SO excited! finally a reason to be excited about my birthday!!
i don't have a very good track record when it comes to my birthday for various reasons. one of these being the fact that my step dads birthday is 3 days after mine. because of this, my birthday was never really MY birthday. i didn't have a birthday party of my own til i was 16, and even then i was so desperate for his validation that i planned it to center around his interests so he wouldn't be bored. i didn't experience a birthday that was really mine until i moved away from home.
but sharing a birthday with techno doesn't make me feel this way.
sharing a birthday with him is bittersweet. it's so nice to know that there are millions of people around the world celebrating him today, it truly makes my heart so happy. /gen but there's also the reminder that, with me turning 23 this year, i'm going to be older than him one day. and that thought absolutely shatters me. it hurts so very much.
i miss techno so much, more than words could even begin to describe. and the grief is still so fresh so missing him this much on the first birthday without him is normal.
i've decided that today i'm going to do everything i can to honor both techno and myself. i'm going to hang out with friends and my partner. i'm going to watch techno's videos. i'm going to eat sushi. and if i need to, i'm going to cry.
the main reason i'm making this post is because i wanted to remind you all that it's okay to be going through a hard time today. like i said, the grief is still fresh and it's the first birthday without him. everyone deals with grief in different ways and there's no right or wrong way to do so. it's okay if you cry, it's okay if you shut down, it's okay if you take the day to yourself, it's okay if you ignore what today is for your own sake, and it's okay if you're okay.
my heart goes out to everyone today. celebrate how you deem fit, and take care of yourself first. sending virtual hugs to everyone who consents <3
and technodad if you happen to read this, i wanted to say thank you for everything you've been doing recently. i'm so excited for the festival of voices on saturday! take as much time as you need to process everything. we all care about you so much!
much love and i'll see y'all in the next post <3
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2023.06.01 06:30 MarlenePB My boyfriend (25) acts like a child when he argues with his parents

Tldr at bottom
My boyfriend (25) and I (29) have only just started dating. I love so much about him and he says the same for me. At 25, he is still very young, spontaneous, energetic and silly. Those are very endearing traits even when they are sometimes a little childish. He has gotten himself into trouble his whole life (reckless driving, a DUI and being sent to Juvenile detention for two years when he was 16-18yo) and I am trying to add up how all of these events and his character might relate back to his upbringing. Especially after I saw him negatively interact with his parents.
For context: He is an only child. he speaks very highly of his parents, they do not struggle with money and are on the whole very kind people. He claimed they tried to raise him to be Christian but he resisted that. He was given a lot of medication growing up to help with ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’. Now he smokes a lot of weed only occasionally will take a pill for anxiety.
The event with his parents: this happened on his BIRTHDAY, but i have seen him act similarly since. We took a trip with paddle boards down a local river. We parked my car and got on the water and drifted down for about 2 hours. I had already asked how we planned on getting back to the car (there was no way we would be able to paddle up the river again) and he was sure we would be able to call an Uber. I didn’t question it too much, but I did think that was a strange solution. We had plans for dinner with his parents. By the time we were done paddling, we had an hour and a half to make it to dinner.
We tried to call an Uber, but there were none. Instead of us figuring out our own way to get back to the car he basically said ‘whatever, my parents will get us’.
I felt embarrassed because I did not want to put his parents out. We’re all adults, we are planning to meet for dinner, we should be able to take care of this ourselves. He calls his parents nonetheless and their reaction was the same as mine! His father told him he should have planned better. I am not familiar with the area, so I was under his guidance. It was his idea to go on the paddle boards yadda yadda- and even so his parents said they would come and get us, and not to worry, even though we were clearly doing what I had feared and putting them out.
Why i need help with this: he reacted like a spoiled, entitled brat. While he spoke to his parents he dropped the phone several times from his ear so that he didn’t have to listen. He was so frazzled by the timing and the situation that he had to tell everyone to ‘wait’. He started blaming them for the reservation they made because it wasn’t the place he wanted to eat in the first place, and then started to say he didn’t want to go to dinner anymore. All in front of me. He then admitted that he felt embarrassed because he hadn’t planned properly and apologised, but the way he threw his tantrum and the fact that he was so angry at his parents was really off-putting and a little disturbing.
I have since seen him be very short with them and give them the same attitude when things don’t go his way. He has a huge victim complex, but at the same time is very sweet and caring. His emotions in those moments are so extreme I don’t really know how to deal with them because he’s an adult. I don’t mind talking him down but I’m not going to indulge his childish reactions.
I would really appreciate if someone could help me dissect these reactions. I want to help him. What kind of parents could they be if their boy reacts like this?
Thank you so much.
Tldr: my boyfriend (25) acts like a brat to his parents when he doesn’t get his way. He is bad at planning and acts very defensive instead of thinking through situations that they are involved in. He is also only embarrassed that he shows this side of himself in front of me after the fact. I love so much about him but when he gets into those tantrums I feel like I might be letting myself sink into a hole that doesn’t have a way out. I need help navigating the behaviour and figuring out how to help him change it for his own sake and for mine.
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2023.06.01 06:28 SwissCheese4Collagen The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour-Part 2: Rimmy J Gets A Fresh Hit of Youth HE IS HERE! (Official Birth Vlog)

The Nostrils McBeardsley Power Hour-Part 2: Rimmy J Gets A Fresh Hit of Youth HE IS HERE! (Official Birth Vlog)
Alright y'all, Actually Gunner has arrived and now begins the parade of family members to see the baby. When we last left OfNostrils, Actually Gunner had been born and placed on top of his mother. Actually Gunner gets wiped off, weighed, and wrapped up in a blanket to be passed around to his father, siblings, aunts and grandparents.
This reboot of A Baby Story suuuuucks.
Getting his stats
Now I want to watch Monty Python to see what we do with witches...
Austina's here to take control, Giddy-Up is here to name the baby
Nostrils The Next Generation arrive to welcome their newest member to the ranks, Giddy-Up climbs into his mother's lap as Austina climbs up on the bed to take possession of her new buddy. I mean it, she immediately grabbed hold of the baby, refuse to let go and didn't quiet down until she was holding him on her own. once Giddy-Up is securely on his mother's lap, and Actually Gunner securely on his sister mom's lap they asked, again, what they wanted to name the baby. Giddy-Up has changed his vote to David, Austina doesn't have an option for the name, she's just happy to finally be holding her brother.
Giddy-Up thinks he's got his spot back on OfNostrils' lap.
\"Do I want to hold the baby, what a stupid question...\"- Austina
\"I'm not squeezing, I'm holding him tightly\"- Austina
OfGrandNostrils gets her updated phone background
Rimmy J appears, walks in with three bags from tropical smoothie Café, leans towards OfNostrils for a semi-hug type thing, then bares his teeth towards his grandchildren. Austina is excited for food, Grandmother Nostrils rocks Actually Gunner. Rimmy J is handed his 30th grandchild, and holds him like he's some crusty Fundie White Walker going to sacrifice the poor thing on an altar of ice. Rimmy J states that when Ra! appears she will be the 16th granddaughter, to apparently break the tie between the 30 grandchildren. Meech comes over, looking like a prequel era Macbeth witch. Rimmy J guesses that he weighed 7lbs 11 oz, so he's way off. They are amazed that he is sucking on his fingers and thumb, like they haven't had 19 children, and now 30 grandchildren. I guess they'll never learn how to actually handle or pay attention to babies.
He had to bring food or no one would have been happy to see him.
\"Wow\" is the sound his brain makes when he stops that creepy chuckle. Guess the kid looks like Giddy-Up/Nostrils...
He must hold the baby just right so he can get the maximum hit of youth.
Breaking News, baby sucks thumb...more at 11
Hansel juggles, The Tontitown Gruesome Twosome shotgun some youth to each other.
J 16 finally gets to put down the camera and hold the baby, "her first full birth experience". Of course Meech hovers, covers, corrects something and shuffles off.
Is Baby Orson going to be the new Rosemary's Baby????
Now we have some weird culty newborn dedication of Actually Gunner, who the captions call baby Orson, as he is held by Meech while both headships hover over their sacred vessel helpmeets. the baby seems to be perfectly healthy so I'm not sure why they have to have a dedication service in the hospital.
Nostrils is punch-drunk
Or maybe actually drunk if they got a bottle of $4 champagne with their New Parent meal.
OfNostrils feels great after this baby she's up walking around, discussing names. Nostrils says they can name him "Cannon because of the camera 4.2 x 15" and...do they think they will get a new camera if they name him Cannon? Honestly I think if I had to pick I would pick Cannon over Gunner.
Is Austina a Snarker????????
It's her baby, thank you. OfNostrils is just a live-in surrogate as far as Austina is concerned.
Austina settles in to begin her reign as Official Sister Mom.
OfNostrils goes to wash off the hospital and take advantage of Meech for once.
Back to the McBeardsley cabin, where Nostrils The Next Generationis waiting with Meech and J16. Giddy-Up and Austina jump up off the chairs and dance in place when their and alerts them that their parents and brother have returned home. J 16 asks them if they know his name. Austina says Bowman, that they should name him Bowman. J 16 has them sit back in their chairs, as Austina insists on pushing the stroller in the front door. Nostrils makes her wash her hands as she demands to hold her buddy. OfNostrils says they're going to tell the name once he sat on Austina's lap. Apparently they tell them because she doesn't tell us, it's too important to show off the stuffed lion pacifier all three of the children have used. OfNostrils goes take a shower since Meech is staying to help this evening. We will see what she has for us next week.
That's all for Actually Gunner's birthday, and now we wait for the documentary. Catch you guys later!!
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2023.06.01 05:22 Lucy_Starlight I don’t know if my (F32) relationship with my fiancé (M28) is normal.

My fiancé (28M) and I (32F) have been together for six and a half years. Before this, I have been abused in every possible way you can think of. I've asked friends if they think our relationship is normal, and if how he treats me is normal. They all say no. I wanted to ask everyone on here because you don't know us and you're not inclined to lie and make me feel better. I get called names on a weekly basis. Things like "miserable fck. If things aren't going his way, he'll freak out and I will wince or flinch. He hates that and says that I’m overreacting and he’d never hurt me. I try to explain to him that that's not what it is at all. Another example is when he took me to my favorite place for a late birthday present, I got "too loud" because I was excited. We were outside and I saw something I thought was cool so I pointed at it and my voice did raise but it was because I was happy. He told me to calm down and lower my voice, and then I got upset he said that so he told me to "drop the fcking attitude and fix my tone." Then we went to a ba restaurant. I have seizures and cannot drink, so I asked the waiter if I could have a ginger ale and I guess I said it like a btch? I think it was because I wasn’t sure if they were going to have regular drinks. Because he walked away and my fiancé was like "wow, I would have definitely just thought you were a stuck up btch if I was him." excused myself and cried in the bathroom. We then went to my favorite store. I was so excited. It was the first time I had been there because they had just opened up a storefront where I live. I’ve been buying online for years. I wanted to take a picture with him in their mirror that is for selfies. We took a couple, I looked at them and didn’t like them, so I asked if I could try again and he said I was “being ridiculous and really annoying him.” Once again, I held back the tears. Then today, he was showing me a video on his phone. He knew I was trying to read so i wasn't that interested, and he was like "you don't get it, she's a powerful singer" and I was engrossed in my book and I said "I don't know babe" and he jumped off our bed, I heard a crack and I was like "Jeez, I think you might have just busted a board" and he said " don't give a fck, you're a miserable f*ck" and hasn't talked to me all night. I cried myself to sleep and just woke up. When he's not like this, he's very sweet and my best friend. I just want to know if this is normal relationship bickering or if I need to really talk to him about it. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had so I don’t want to be acting like a child and having my feelings hurt when this is just a normal thing. He never used to do this, my friends say he’s gotten too comfortable. Thanks for listening to my rant!
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2023.06.01 04:19 Complete-Thing9164 I slept with my bestfriend’s boyfriend and now she hates me

Ok, hear me out Reddit because this is long and is as bad as the title sounds. When I was 15 I met a guy and we hit it off real quick, we were very good friends and used to make our sometimes. I was very much in love with him but never told anyone anything, then wen I was 16 he started dating my best friend, she’s the most beautiful person ever. About a year later they were still together in the most toxic relationship and we were just graduating school. She left to live in another country for sometime and while she was there (they were on and off for those 6 months) I slept with him (instantly regret it). I told some of my friends but of course I wasn’t proud of it, I kept it a secret. It was bad because after that I used to comfort him when he did bad things and I felt like a traitorous (and I was), I just was to afraid to say anything and hurt her.
Now, in 2021, about 2 and a half years after everything happened (we were 19 going 20) I had a disagreement with one friend about a misunderstanding and she told everything to my best friend out of spite. My best friend told me a week later that she found out about everything, she was heartbroken but she behaved like a queen. I wanted to die. She spoke to her boyfriend that day as well and apparently ended things with him.
After sometime they come back together for a while but didn’t last that much. After that, my best friend and I talked sporadically and in our birthdays but nothing much. I was fine with it, I grow a lot in this years and of course absolutely regret hurting her but I forgave myself and was perfectly happy with my life. Now I found out that in the last 6 months she started hating me very much and I think is specially because she was expecting that our mutual friends turn their back to me and be in her side but non of them did, no one made me feel bad even though I probably deserved it. It makes me sad that she’s been dealing with this hatred and resentment this last 2 years and her support group is not that great.
I never had the opportunity to speak to her, perhaps I never tried that hard thinking that giving her space was the best move, probably not. I don’t want to try to justify me, I just want to say to her that that’s the worst thing I’ve done and I completely regret ever hurting her. I am happy now, more than ever before and I just want her to be like that too.
Now, my question is: ¿should I talk to her? Or just leave things as they are.
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2023.06.01 04:10 kyrene520 Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens

Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens
Build a platform
Significantly reducing the vacancy rate of advertising screens is not only a marketing method issue, but also requires breakthroughs in technology, as well as innovative incentives in concepts and systems. Programmed purchasing has tasted the sweetness of online digital media advertising practices and opened up new niches for big data-based marketing. However, the fragmentation integration of digital outdoors scattered everywhere, first of all, requires a programmed purchase platform (APP) that can easily purchase vacant time slots and quickly launch advertisements anywhere, at any time, by anyone and for any reason (Any Place, Any Time, Any One, Any Thing). The cancellation of outdoor advertising registration in Shanghai Pudong, approved by the State Council, has created institutional conditions.
Reduce energy consumption
Logically speaking, there is nothing in the world that cannot be sold. Many large screens have a vacancy rate of over 70% because their advertising prices cannot attract enough brand advertising. The fundamental reason for the high prices is not only the high purchase price at the beginning, but also the high cost of electricity and energy. LED billboards in the United States have also been questioned by environmentalists, stating that these all-weather LED billboards consume 30-46 times more energy than ordinary American households. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has issued a warning to reduce electricity consumption by five sixths, which requires a reduction in electricity consumption per square meter from 660 watts to 110 watts. Today, some LED screen manufacturers in China are capable of achieving 100 watts. Mesh Screen is a good option.
Self media
LED electronic displays in outdoor spaces have localized attributes and information radiation service radius. Any large screen has the intention of becoming a visual coordinate in that area. Why isn't everything satisfactory? The relevance of the content is insufficient. Many of the content has nothing to do with the audience of passersby passing by, and even has nothing to do with small and medium-sized shops in the surrounding area. It is also known as the power of forced viewing by outdoor media. At present, the industry generally values big customers, but the advertising presence of big brands has fallen short of the media volume. The key to the improvement of China's general consumption level lies in the improvement of small companies and individuals' consumption levels. With the outdoor screen program purchase platform, LED screens can be cut and filled with fragmentation vacant time with more customers, less frequency and low price through smart phones, attracting a large number of residents, shops, restaurants, etc. in surrounding communities to become advertisers of self-produced content, adding a heavy touch of color to everyone's Chinese dream, and making the Chinese etiquette of "birthday, congratulation" on the big screen, Make the consumption of large screen happy information a shared economic habit for residents' daily consumption.
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2023.06.01 03:55 nicoleecat Jenelle's Malingering Timeline Part 3 - 2022 to Present

Alright y'all... here's the final piece. It's 15 Google Docs pages, so it's a long one. If you don't want to read and are wondering what the takeaway is, it's this: Jenelle has so many different health "issues" that have popped up and disappeared over the last 10+ years, received diagnoses for some, has had tests done for most, and has ultimately ignored all of it. Sometimes she focuses on her esophagus. Sometimes it's her neck cracking. Sometimes it's her lungs. Sometimes it's her bloodwork. Sometimes it's her hemangiomas. Nowhere in any of the testing, medications, unofficial or official diagnoses is there a solution she's happy with. It never ends, and it never will. I'll eat a very tall sandwich if she ever announces (another) official diagnosis that explains all of her ailments (not necessarily one blanket one) and demonstrates treatment or lifestyle changes that she's making to try to make herself feel better.

January 2022 - Posts a TikTok video saying she’s been taking things easy lately and has lost her spark and motivation because of her health issues. She says, “I’ve recently been diagnosed with two tumors in my spine, and they recently found out that I also have a tumor in my neck, which hurts pretty bad. We don’t know what we’re doing about this yet, but I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately. My neck is just killing me.” She hashtags the video "syringomyelia," "hemangioma," and "spinetumor." In another video, she says these tumors are different than the cysts she’s previously mentioned and lists out what she has: cysts in her spine and head, two small tumors on her vertebrae and “thoratic” spine, another tumor at C3 in her neck, called hemangiomas. More on that in a bit.
January 2, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “I have a cyst on my brain. Actually, a lot of people do. They call them ‘don’t bother me cysts’ because they are so common. Your absolutely fine.” Sarcastically, Jenelle says, “You know what you’re so right; it doesn’t cause any issues until you go paralyzed or can’t hold your bowels anymore or have left arm weakness like I do, or have a nerve study done and show left side weakness in your body.” She says we shouldn’t compare whos worse and that it’s not a competition, and wants to clarify that she has cysts and tumors. She says cysts elsewhere aren’t a big issue, but they are when they’re on your spine. “Just use Google.” She points out that the video is shaking and says it’s because of weakness in her hands. She says the commenter is right that they won’t do anything about it until the symptoms get worse.
Posts another response to a different comment that says, “I know it’s been a long road to this discovery. Can you share with us the journey such as exams they had to conduct to find these tumors?” Jenelle says every time you get an MRI/CT scan done, you should ask for the image disk and bring it with you to every doctor you go to, as long as it has a diagnosis. She shows a picture of her “thoratic” spine and points out two little tumors and a cyst. She shows the MRI of her sinuses and shows us that cyst. She says she got another MRI that she doesn’t have the image disk for, but it showed she had another hemangioma.
January 5, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with someone else’s audio that says, “how do you know you can’t OD on cannabis? Because I try! I try every fucking day Barbara.” It could be argued she only posted this because her mom’s name is Barbara, but her cannabis addiction is well documented.
January 6, 2022 - Posts a dancing TikTok and a commenter says, “That’s good for the back.” She responds, “Staying positive and dancing until I can’t anymore.”
January 8, 2022 - Says in a TikTok comment that she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and just has anxiety.
January 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “When your husband asks if he got you sick,” and the audio says, “Umm… yeah.”
Random thoughts YT January 2022 - talks about her implants and says, “They say to get them redone every 10 years, but I don’t have any problems right now.” She says she asked 2 different doctors, and both told her that she has so many other health issues that they don’t think she has BII and aren’t concerned about it.
January 2022 - Seventh video, with footage starting in October and going through January. It’s been six months since she found out about the cyst. Her back hurts really bad, yet still went on a fair ride (which made her nauseous, despite her “never” having motion sickness before). She has nerve pain in her shoulders, back, and ribs. Headache, neck cracking, ear popping, feels like she can’t breathe. She Googled what she shouldn’t be doing: no trampolines, no scuba diving (“which I’m certified in scuba diving, so that really sucks”), and no roller coaster riding. So. ENT said to see the neurologist again; the neurologist suggests seeing a new ENT. The neurologist assumes the neck cracking isn’t caused by the cyst. Goes back to the neurosurgeon - they’re going to repeat the MRI and look for any changes. The results show it’s getting longer but is the same width. Mentions her heat issues again; she’s getting red patches on her chest and breaking out and itching when she’s in the sun. She says she’s getting neck tightness, extreme pressure headaches, and blood pressure rising when she stands up and sits down. The doctor suggests an MRI of her neck. Now claims arm & fingertip numbness. Refers to her cysts as tumors, benign vertebrae tumors, and hemangiomas. The neurosurgeon suggests pain management, but she wants to try herbal remedies and some fruit that cures cancer. The neurosurgeon says the hemangioma is fine and that her neck is normal. Jenelle suggests she may have thoracic outlet syndrome. She thought her neck was cracking due to the hemangioma, but the doctor tells her that wouldn’t cause the neck cracking. She has an EMG scheduled and will get a blood study done to detect her blood circulation.
February 2, 2022 - Posts a negative review for another doctor on Facebook. She says she was told by the PA to “go to the ER if you become paralyzed or lose bowel movements due to the cyst in your spine.” She was referred elsewhere for TOS syndrome (thoracic outlet syndrome). She says she’s been crying for months about her problems, and the practice didn’t care to look into it further when her problems are “very apparent” on her MRIs. She doesn’t recommend this office and ends the review with, “Not to mention my cyst in my spine is growing in length 1mm per month.”
This same day, someone comments on a TikTok video asking how her back is doing. She responds by saying, “Lots of pain, and my neck always cracks but waiting on second opinions.”
February 8, 2022 - Posts a TikTok with the caption “Nerve Study Day” with star emojis. She starts her voiceover by saying, “Time for another dottor’s appointment.” She explains the nerve study tests her nerve impulses with shocks and acupuncture pokes. She says, “Don’t worry, I wore a mask, I was sick.” She says she felt like shit after and took a bath and then laid down after because she had a bad headache. She had to help Kaiser with homework, though, because being a mom doesn’t stop. Ate dinner but still didn’t feel well, so she went to sleep.
February 2022 - Eighth video. Got a new opinion from a new neurologist who sent her for another MRI and a nerve study. Claims her symptoms have gotten worse. Says her cervical MRI was at C3, C5, C6, & C7. She has a hemangioma in her neck, degenerative disc disease, and a disc bulge. The thoracic MRI showed T7, T8, & T9 - has a syrinx & hemangiomas there. And the cyst in her sinus. Says her thumb on her left side is losing grip, and her arm doesn’t feel like it’s attached to her body. Her brain pain has been getting worse and worse. Claims the new doctor says it’s weird no one is doing anything. She looked at her CT myelogram scan from 2021 and says spondylosis is her new diagnosis and that the neurologist didn’t tell her about it. Her neck has been cracking even louder - she’s being referred to another neurosurgeon for her spine cyst. She’s going to have her lungs checked for more cysts. After the nerve study, says she has problems at C6 in her spine and is waiting for the neurologist to look at the results. She has had nerve pain in her arm and back since the study, as well as double vision.
February 20, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about her health and mentions she will get checked for ALS and has been crying a lot. She’s getting all of her tests redone and her nerve study redone. She says she’s having trouble breathing, and since she has cysts “popping up everywhere,” they want to check to see if they’re also on her lungs. She hashtags the video “ALSAwareness” and “PrayersNeeded.” Responding to comments, she says, “Yeah, I asked my doc about MS, and she said nope, I don’t have that based on my brain MRI” and “I wish I did have MS and not ALS… but she said she looked at my brain MRI and there were no lesions.” Someone comments that the shaky hands and poor thumb grip could be caused by phone use and gaming controllers, but Jenelle says, “No… I’ve had a nerve study to prove weakness. I am having atrophy in my thumb. My thumb is losing muscle.”
February 23, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie from a doctor’s office captioned “Good news but bad news… blood work is normal”
February 24, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “freaking out on the inside” and “Life tough at the moment :( #NerveStudy.” She says she had to get another nerve study done because the other person who did it wasn’t her doctor’s office. She shows us her medical shorts and her laughing at herself but says she was “tearing up.” She says the electricity part was good but waited on needles. She shows us the equipment they used. Then she shows us herself crying when she got home because she had such bad nerve pain and then went to bed. A comment asks what she takes for the nerve pain, and she says, “Hot baths.” Another asks if she has fibromyalgia, and she says, “Nope.”
March 6, 2022 - Asked in the comments on a TikTok video how she’s been feeling and when she’s going to the doctor again. She responds, “Thanks for asking! Have a lot of double vision, neck pain, and headaches everyday.. Going this week for my check up.”
March 10, 2022 - Posts on Instagram that she has a diagnosis. The next day she sold the story to E! News and said she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From the article: “For as long as I can remember, I would get extremely bad tension headaches and full body aches - like I had the flu, but was not sick. My entire body gets in so much pain, and sometimes I lay in bed and cry.” She says, “Living life every day is challenging because of having only a little bit of energy to be able to get my work done and then having to go to bed early due to headaches or body aches.” She claims to be changing her diet to manage her symptoms.
March 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I’m still so sad. Even tho I have a diagnosis… still doesn’t explain my neck cracking, double vision, and throat pain. I feel so hopeless. Something is def wrong with my neck, and it’s severely tight 24/7.”
March 12, 2022 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Hiii #LungCheckup #HealthUpdate #fibromyalgia.” She says she hasn’t been feeling good and took a break from TikTok for a few days. She shares her diagnosis and says she told her neurologist a few months ago that she couldn’t breathe, so she had a checkup with a lung doctor. They did a FeNO test on her, and her score was abnormally low, like “way too low.” She exclaims it measures the nitric oxide that you exhale on your breath. She’s now been prescribed an inhaler, nitroglycerin for her esophagus spasms, and a full lung checkup. She was going to skip her lung appointment, but good thing she didn’t! A quick Google search tells us that a high FeNO score is when you should be concerned.
March 13, 2022 - Posts a TikTok showing off weed merch someone sent her. In the comments, someone asks, “But do you think smoking is contributing to your lung problems? Hope you get answers soon!” Jenelle responds and says, “.....yeah I know :( but thank you.”
Same day - Posts a TikTok discussing her health, and in the comments, someone says one of her results can indicate a certain type of asthma. She responds, “or COPD, anemic, cystic fibrosis, etc. lots of issues.”
March 14, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok says, “My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I tell him my health issues.” Jenelle responds, “David does too.”
Same day - A commenter asks why she doesn’t feel good, and she replies, “The middle of my chest has been hurting for days extremely bad.”
March 16, 2022 - She posts a video captioned “Peak Flow Meter - Lung Reading” and starts it off by saying, “This is your sign to get your lungs checked.” She said she just woke up and has been told to keep a diary of how her lung function is and is going to see how good it is based on her age and height. She blows into the device for about a second and coughs afterward, gasping for breath. She shows us her level is at 410, and for her height and age, it should be at 475. She says she has the lungs of a 70-year-old. She’s going to continue to do readings 3 times a day and report back to her lung doctor. In the comments, she mentions her average is 400. There are multiple comments telling her the correct way to administer this test and that she’s doing it wrong.
She posts a second video responding to a comment telling her to stand up straight, take a big deep breath and blow out as fast and hard as she can. She does it three times and shows it’s 410 each time. Someone comments, asking if she’s sure it’s not stuck, and asks if she quit smoking. She responds, “I’m going to try breathing exercises.”
March 17, 2022 - Posts a video in response to a comment saying, “I thought you said you had a stiff neck and couldn’t breathe?” She’s lipsyncing to Eminem’s “Hailies Song,” specifically the lyrics “I act like shit don’t phase me, inside it drives me crazy. My insecurities could eat me alive.”
March 20, 2022 - Makes a video responding to a comment saying, “Whatever treatment plan your doctor has you on must really be working. You went from uncontrollable neck pain to this in no time at all.” Jenelle says she’s not going to be the most depressed bitch on this app every single day and is going to show us good and bad days. She says some people are in pain more than others. She says she’s been up since 1 in the morning because of her esophageal spasms, feeling like she has a heart attack. She’s not going to film herself every single time she feels like shit. There’s no treatment plan because they don’t know what’s going on. The only treatment plan she has is for her esophagus. She’s going to dance until she can’t no more.
March 26, 2022 - Makes a video with the caption, “I’ll give y’all more of an update soon. If you see bruises on my arms… you know why #myastheniagravis.” She’s crying and breathing heavily and captions herself saying her chest hurts. The text on the video says, “2 months ago: can’t breathe when waking up.” A clip of her in the bath says, “Tried to relax and rest since this began.” Posts a clip of herself in the ER that says, “2 days ago: hospitalized for extreme chest pain and difficulty breathing” and shows off her IV and pulls down her gown to show the monitors taped to her chest. The first clip is taken at 3:05 PM, and the second is taken at 3:49 PM. This one says, “Recently had 2 antibodies related to Myasthenia Gravis show up on blood tests.” Another says, “Had 2 EKGs, they stuck me 4 times for blood, stuck me 2 more for IVs, chest x-ray, CT scan,” and shows off all of her taped IV/blood draw locations. She posts another clip in the hallway outside of the x-ray room that says, “My blood clotting test came back high, but they said images looked ok.” We got a full picture of her IV in her arm that says, “resting for now but following up with neurologist ASAP”
March 27, 2022 - A commenter on TikTok mentions that weight gain can affect her mobility and says it happened to someone they know. Jenelle responds, “I can’t hardly walk 5ft without my legs burning like I’m doing squats, but I have been trying to take walks around my land lately.”
March 28, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story of someone else’s video explaining Epstein-Barr and Jenelle captions it “Yes, I do have Epstein Barr nuclear in my system too lol. This is crazy to think about yall… I had mono in middle school and was hospitalized for it (mind blown emoji)”
April 3, 2022 - Posts on her (shortly thereafter) defunct blog that she’s switching to wine from beer. She says, “With all my health issues happening my stomach and esophagus have not been agreeing with me. Since possibly having Myasthenia Gravis, there’s a huge diet and foods to avoid that can trigger GI symptoms and/or problems.” She claims that “Since switching to wine, my stomach has been a lot calmer, and my burping also has decreased significantly! Super happy I’m making healthier choices for myself.”
April 4, 2022 - Posts a video making and eating a homemade breakfast sandwich (English muffin, bacon, eggs, mayo).
April 26, 2022 - Shows her coffee order again - trenta iced coffee with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, classic syrup, and sweet cream.
May 2, 2022 - In an Instagram Q&A, she's asked how she’s doing lately and asked for health updates. She responds, “Health? It’s put on hold until June when I see my new neuromuscular doctor.”
Mid May 2022 - Starts her OnlyFans.
June 3, 2022 - Posts a picture in her pool exposing her entire rump and captions it “Summer tip: Idk why but switching from beer to wine has shrunk my stomach sooo much!”
June 3, 2022 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that said, “weren’t you almost paralyzed a month ago? It’s a miracle you’ve recovered.” She says you can’t recover from a cyst in your spine. She says she needs an MRI check up to see how long it’s gotten. She clarified that she said she could go paralyzed any day now. “If I go paralyzed or lose any bowel movements without trying, then I have to immediately go to the hospital and get emergency surgery. So yeah, really, I’m like a ticking time bomb over here, just waiting to give up, I guess you can say. So next week, I’ll be going to see my new neuromuscular doctor. Still have a lot more genetic testing to do and blood work, so we’ll see what’s going on, but they’re thinking an autoimmune disease.” She hashtags it “syringomyelia” and “syringomyeliaawareness.” She also clarifies that she’s leaving health content on the back burner until she has answers.
June 7, 2022 - Posts a video once again showing her scans of her spine and sinuses. She hashtags this one “syringomyelia,” “sphiehemangioma,” and “sinuscyst.”
End of June 2022 - She and David go to St. Thomas. In the Youtube vlog she posts, she explains she’s wearing a portable fan around her neck to help cool her down since her various illnesses make her sweat/hot. In the airport, she mentions she’s relieved that she’s “so far not sick,” or in other words, not experiencing esophagus spasms. Once they land, she tells us she didn’t get sick on the flight.
June 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok explaining the wearable fan more. She says she’s been having an overheating issue and that her face has been red, so if she looks burnt, she isn’t. Nevermind the fact that she posted pictures of herself extremely burnt from their vacation.
July 1, 2022 - Posts a video of her on an alpine coaster.
July 4, 2022 - Takes the kids on a trip to the mountains. Posts TikToks over the week of herself hiking and reaching the top of a lookout point. No health mentions.
July 22, 2022 - Posts about her Invisalign. Responds to a comment saying her jaw and teeth hurt and that she has headaches at night.
August 9, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story selfie showing a heart monitor taped to her chest and captions it “Heart monitor for 48 hours :(. This is following up from a high D Dimer test.”
August 10, 2022 - Posts a health update to TikTok. She reminds us she went to the ER in March and that while she was there, she had a high D Dimer test. The text on the screen says, “also had abnormal ECG in ER, sinus brachycardia (sic), & sinus arrhythmia.” She explains D Dimer tests are for blood clots or heart disease. They saw she didn’t have a blood clot and that her “lungs were fine” but told her to follow up with her doctor. She says the chest pain has been on and off for the last 3 months so she’s been ignoring it. She finally got ahold of her primary care doctor, who told her the chest pain is still happening, told her about the test results, and got a referral to a cardiologist. She shows us the heart monitor she has to wear for the next 48 hours (her exact words are, “so now, I’m on a chest monitor for the next 48 hours”) and says she has a heart ultrasound tomorrow and a stress test in September.
August 11, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story that says, “I told the tech ‘I feel like it might be stress from my kids but idk…’ She said ‘no you’re not crazy when it comes to your pain, I see it happening right here.’”
August 24, 2022 - In another Instagram Q&A she’s asked how her health is going. She says, “Just taking things easy and trying to stay stress free but waiting on test results from my cardiologist still and stress test next month.”
August 31, 2022 - Takes a big bite from a tall sandwich.
September 27, 2022 - Posts on Instagram/TikTok that they’re flying to Bar Harbor for their “honeymoon.” No mention of esophageal spasms on the plane. On this trip, she completes the Beehive Summit hike in Acadia National Park. She also showed us when she took a ginormous bite of a lobster roll and a breakfast sandwich.
October 1, 2022 - Rants about her golf cart that broke. Explains that she needs the golf cart so she doesn’t have to “break her back” “running” to the kids. No mention of mobility issues or because of her illnesses. Does mention her life was at risk since the brakes went out.
October 16, 2022 - Buys herself & David new dirtbikes. Bought herself two - one that is too big and powerful for her to ride yet and another that is more manageable for her.
October 19, 2022 - Posts a TikTok about getting mono in middle school. She explains her throat was so swollen and inflamed that she went to the hospital and was admitted. She had IV steroids. Said her body “could not handle” mono and that she was severely sick. She says mono is REALLY severe and that it is the Epstein-Barr virus. She’s “stitching” someone else’s video and references it when she says that E-B can cause so many other diseases when you’re older without you realizing it. There are 3 blood tests that can see if you actively have E-B. Jenelle says it’s crazy to think it can cause all these health issues. She says she can’t breathe and has bad mucus problems lately in the morning. She’s on an inhaler and seeing her lung doctor. They’re going to do a “bronoscopy” and she’s really scared. She tells people she thinks all of her health issues are from E-B. She must’ve forgotten she already explored this avenue in March. And in August of 2021.
October 26, 2022 - Posts a TikTok that says, “My stomach feeling great… but then… *warning triangle emoji* Esophagus Spams *warning triangle emoji*” and the video of her like errors out? The audio that goes with it says, “Everyone underestimates me but then…. *error noise*” so this is a trend that Jenelle is jumping on to make her esophagus spasms relevant again.
November 2, 2022 - Posts a selfie to her Instagram stories and captions it “sick with the flu..”
November 8, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “In bed today, feeling bad AF. Had 4 lung biopsies yesterday and SO sore :(“
Same day posts a TikTok saying, “y’all have you ever had a bronchoscopy where they stick the camera down into your lungs and they take biopsies?” and tells us she had 4 biopsies done yesterday. She’s lying down with her heating blanket and says she feels sore on the inside. She asks again if we’ve ever had it done before, again. She says she had one taken on her voicebox as well, so 4 lung biopsies and that. They did something to her right lung and they cleaned it out with saline water. She says she’ll get results this week. She has mucus built up in her system, and they don’t know why. She captions it, “I can’t stand this #lungbiopsyrecovery”
She got her hair done for 4 hours the next day.
November 12, 2022 - Posts on her Instagram stories, “Connecting the dots with my health issues. One more blood test, hopefully that’s it. :(“
November 14, 2022 - Posts a TikTok of her using her inhaler. The caption says “#Combivent Inhaler hopefully some of my mucus production is cut down” She’s making goofy faces while she puts her inhaler together and looks giddy to have an actual physical toy to play with.
November 17, 2022 - David posts a picture of them and captions it “Yall pray for my beautiful wife, she has been pretty sick lately”
November 17, 2022 - Posts an Instagram story “Y’all, Predisone (sic) is working wonders right now for my entire body, thank god! #Grateful”
November 27, 2022 - Takes the kids to the mountains for Thanksgiving.
November 28, 2022 - Went tubing in the snow. Snow tubing?
December 2, 2022 - Posts on Facebook “Sorry if I haven’t posted much lately. I’ve been in so much pain with my health. Not feeling good enough to make any content.”
December 9, 2022 - Says she lost 20 lbs without trying and thinks it’s from health issues. She says she’s had a harder time eating and is eating smaller meals. She then goes on to explain how she’s been losing weight and says, “So if you’re wondering how I’m losing weight: smaller meals, eating healthier, cutting out fast food.”
December 15, 2022 - Posts on Instagram “If I could find the smartest doctor on this planet, that would be fantastic.”
December 19, 2022 - Her birthday. She and David fight, she calls him a “narcissistic asshole” and took off her wedding ring. Two days later, posts a TikTok and claims the argument was about luggage. There’s speculation this fight was drug related. In her TikTok defending their argument, her pupils are huge. They’re at the mountains with the kids when all of this is going on. She posts another video saying she has PTSD from past relationships and always assumes David’s cheating because she’s been cheated on in the past. She asks if she’s the only one that experiences this.
December 26, 2022 - Posts a selfie and captions it “I think I’m sick FML”
December 28, 2022 - Posts another selfie and captions it “Still sick AF. Yeah.. y’all are right I’m always sick idk why”
January 10, 2023 - Posts a video eating a chia bowl and captions it “Happy dance after fasting for 12 hours.” She has what looks like a blood draw wrap around her arm. In the comments someone asks if it helps and she says she’s doing it for blood work.
January 12, 2023 - Posts a picture of a digestive system poster from a doctor’s office and captions it “FML.”
January 14, 2023 - She and David take a trip to New Orleans. Posts an entire TikTok of what she ate and drank. She takes a giant bite of a crepe. She had 8 alcoholic drinks throughout the day.
January 17, 2023 - Posts on Instagram, “I have mycoplasma pneumoniae” and asks if anyone else has ever suffered from it.
February 2, 2023 - Lipsyncs to a song about smoking weed.
February 4, 2023 - In comments on another video, someone asks if she lost weight, and she responds, “Eating smaller meals, honestly haven’t been trying. I have a hard time eating.”
February 4, 2023 - Posts a TikTok captioned “Weirdest medicine I’ve ever taken! #MethyleneBlue #mycoplasmapneumonia.” She explains she’s trying to figure out her lung problems and says she found out she has long-term pneumonia and has had it for “pretty long.” Her antibodies are pretty high. Treatment is antibiotics for three months, then retesting her antibodies. She calls methylene blue her other medicine/treatment and says it’s an antioxidant if you use a little and if you use a lot it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and boosts serotonin and dopamine. She’s also using a redlight watch that is supposed to kill the bacteria in her veins once the dye is in her system. She claims in the comments this was all prescribed by her doctor.
That same day she posts another TikTok where she says she’s been seeing a functional medicine doctor out of Nashville that she found on YouTube. She had one video call visit and said the doctor sent one test to LabCorp and found her diagnosis. She was diagnosed with mycoplasma pneumonia, as mentioned in the previous video, and neutrophilic asthma. He’s who prescribed the methylene blue and wants her to use it with a nebulizer. She says she’s done a lot of research on it and that it has more pros than cons and seems very beneficial. She says she has shortness of breath but is hoping the combination of antibiotics, methylene blue, and redlight therapy will help her feel better in the long run. She’ll let us know how she feels in 3 months. In the comments she claims she wakes up in the morning with panic attacks because of clear mucus.
February 7, 2023 - Answers a question on Instagram from someone asking how her breathing treatment is going and says, “It’s helping a lot! Since I’m gaining back my ability to fully breathe I’m about to sign up at the gym next.”
February 8, 2023 - Posts another video responding to someone’s comment that asks who diagnosed her and says that before she says who it is she wants to make sure that all of her problems are taken care of and that it’s the root cause of her issues. She found out with a blood test. She shows us her results and that her count for mycoplasma pneumonia antibodies is very high. You can see a doctor’s name on the page, which I’ve covered to protect their privacy. She says if this treatment doesn’t work, next to try is IV antibiotics.
February 10, 2023 - Posts another video referencing smoking weed/being high all the time.
February 10, 2023 - Posts a picture of Ensley and says, “She told me she’s sick… idk if she’s lying, off to the doctor we go.”
February 14, 2023 - Answers an Instagram question where someone asks about her health with “Getting much better!”
February 20, 2023 - Posts a picture in gym clothes outside the gym with the caption, “Here’s a cheers to my new journey to lose my ‘Mommy Pouch’ and love handles. Started working out today and it feels great!”
February 23, 2023 - Takes a giant bite of a birria taco.
February 24, 2023 - Posts a TikTok that she captions “#GymDay.” Based on what she’s wearing & her hair, this looks to be from 2/22. She says it’s an arm and chest day. We see the chocolate peanut butter protein shake she gets after and the Epsom salt bath she takes to soothe her muscles from yesterday’s workout.
March 1, 2023 - Posts a TikTok response to a comment that says, “Hope all is well. Miss ya video’s.” She says she’s been in a shitty mood. She thought her health was getting better, it was getting a little better, and she interrupts herself with a big cough. She says she’s finally seeing her new lung doctor and is having a sleep study done, is on a new inhaler, is having old CT scan results looked over, and her mind is “boggled” because she has to redo all of her esophagus tests again because they’re so old. She has to redo the catheter test with it down her nose/throat.
March 13, 2023 - Posts a TikTok with text on it that says, “Won’t be available in 1 week because I have esophagus testing but still drinking this alcohol like I’m A-OK” and captioned “#truth but kidding at the same time.” She says in the comments that it’s a trend. I don’t know or understand the trend, but she said it herself, truth.
March 22, 2023 - She and David take a trip to Key West without the kids.
March 23, 2023 - In response to criticism of her stomach, she says she had three kids, had her appendix removed, and had a hernia repaired. Her last child was born in 2017, her appendix was removed in 2013, and the hernia was repaired in 2018. Her significant weight gain started around 2020 and was unrelated to any of these events.
March 25, 2023 - Posts on Facebook that she had an esophageal spasm episode from deep sea fishing and wants to know if anyone else has experienced this so she can share experiences.
March 26, 2023 - Shows pictures on a TikTok video of how sunburnt she and David both got. She says she used “so much” sunscreen.
March 27, 2023 - Posts a TikTok telling us her seasick story from when they went deep sea fishing. She says they chartered their own boat and were talking about how neither of them had ever experienced seasickness before. She says they have their own 18 ft boat, and she’s never gotten sick on it. She says the waves were super choppy, and they were rocking so hard that her esophagus started acting up. This was around 12:30, and she just laid on the boat until they docked at 6:30. She tells us to be careful if we go deep-sea fishing because we can get seasick. She thinks that’s what happened to her, anyway. In the comments, someone tells her to take Dramamine, and she says it makes her sleepy. Which like, yeah…
April 6, 2023 - Posts on IG “Been MIA for a few days because my breathing isn’t so great and random chest pain as usual. Literally been resting for 3 days now.”
April 9, 2023 - Posts on Facebook “Positive ANA. Maybe there will be answers soon.” Someone responds in the comments that it could mean Lupus or Sjogren’s syndrome and said a rheumatologist can do further testing. Jenelle responds, “yes, being referred. My endo found out for me.”
April 17, 2023 - Posts a TikTok going to get Vitamin B12 injections. She says she has to give them to herself once a week for 4 weeks, then once a month after. Her vitamin D is also low. She went to the store to get syringes and stopped for her usual coffee. She shows us her order, which is now a Trenta iced coffee with no classic syrup, hazelnut syrup, ½ sweet cream, and vanilla sweet cream foam topping. Someone in the comments points out that a doctor on TikTok said those injections are just to make money, and she responded, “well, my vitamin B12 and D is low, and my ANA is positive, which means now I go to see a rheumatologist.”
April 18, 2023 - Posts a TikTok this day and the next day with her catheter in for her acid reflux test. She posted a picture on Instagram where we can see she’s driving 80 mph and captions it, “Going alone to get a procedure done for my esophagus today and I’m really scared. Have no support so any prayers are appreciated.” Through her postings about this procedure, we learn she stayed in a hotel by herself overnight.
In the video from the 19th, in the comments, she says she has a spot on her lung that hurts. The doctor says it’s caused by vaping, but she claims she never vapes. She’s definitely posted videos and pictures of herself with weed vape pens and has been a known weed smoker for over 10 years, as well as smoking cigarettes throughout the years and smoking heroin out of wooden pipes, which she had addressed by a doctor in 2012. Curious if she mentioned that this time. She’s up and down the comments claiming she doesn’t vape weed because that’s illegal where she lives.
April 24, 2023 - She and David travel to Virginia to buy a boat and start their multi-day journey sailing through the ocean back home. She claims she purchased this $57,000 boat with money made on OnlyFans.
April 30, 2023 - Posts on Instagram that they made it back home. Someone commented asking how long until she has esophageal spasms again. Jenelle responded, “I’ve had them the whole time I was gone…”
May 2, 2023 - Not health related but still fun; she posts that the turbos need to be replaced.
May 4, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “Good news: I don’t have acid reflux. Bad news: they still don’t know why I have esophagus spasms”
May 7, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate Found out I have thymic hyperplasia and lesions on my liver, and no I don’t have MG like they thought. Don’t know why this is happening. Discussing these results next week with my doc and the next steps.”
May 16, 2023 - On an Instagram Q&A, answers two questions about her health. To the first generally asking how she is, she says, “Seeing my rheumatologist this week for a positive ANA. Maybe I’ll get an answer.” To the second that says, “Any word on your liver results?” she says, “My doctors do not care at all. Told me I’ll get another CT scan in a year to check on that and my thymus.”
May 19, 2023 - Posts on Instagram “#HealthUpdate: My rheumatologist is retesting me for things like arthritis, lupus, etc., for having a positive ANA. Might be referred to another lung specialist soon. We will see what my results show in 2 weeks.”
May 28, 2023 - Answers two more questions in an Instagram Q&A about her health. One asking how she’s doing, she says, “I’m doing good, just not feeling too great lately.” The other asked about her health, she says, “I had DNA testing done and honestly shocked but will share the news soon.”
May 31, 2023 - Posts a TikTok of them taking their smaller boat out onto the Intracoastal Waterway. In Part 1, posted on the 30th, she says she was starting to feel seasick. We learn their “new” boat is still not working.
submitted by nicoleecat to TeenMomOGandTeenMom2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 03:47 ItsEsmeJones [MMM4F] Must Love Dogs [Waiter Speaker][Dangerous Himbo Speaker][Twin Brother Speaker][Mistreated Listener][Birthday Blues][Family Drama][SPICY][Meet-Cute?][Comfort][Cute][Asking Out][Flirting][Protective][Maybe a Lil Yandere][CW: Narc BS/Mistreated Listener/Mentions of Drugs]

Context: You are one of a set of twins, and your family has never made it hidden that they like your brother more. You've been mistreated most of your life, but you'd hoped you could have one birthday celebration on your terms. Naturally, your brother has ruined your night. It seems like someone besides you might have taken offense to that... and intends to do something about it.
Setting: Zach's diner
Tags:[MMM4F][Waiter Speaker][Dangerous Himbo Speaker][Twin Brother Speaker][Mistreated Listener][Birthday Blues][Family Drama][SPICY][Meet-Cute?][Comfort][Cute][Asking Out][Flirting][Protective][Maybe a Lil Yandere][CW: Narc BS/Mistreated ListeneMentions of Drugs]
Usage: You may tweak or record this script. Gender flipping is OK! Please credit me if you use this script in any of your projects. If you would like to use this script for a paywalled recording, please note:
Monetization: All forms of monetization are OK with me! Youtube, Patreon, etc. I would appreciate being able to listen to the recording, if possible. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Check out the rest of my scripts by using the Script Directory
[T] = Tony, a very nice waiter, bi-icon
[Z] = Zach, master chef, danger himbo, hair like an auburn-headed Raditz
[C] = Chris, your twin brother. Fuck that guy
[Scene opens in a nice diner]
[SFX: Diner ambiance and approaching footsteps]
[You sit, staring at what’s left of your meal, as your waiter approaches again]
[T] “How’s the food, Miss?”
[T] “Great? Excellent! Did you want me to pack the rest away or…?”
[T] “Sure… We can pack up the birthday cake if, um…”
[He glances around the empty table for ten. It’s just you]
[T] “Don’t want it anymore? Ah… I can take it off the bill?”
[SFX: Cash rustling]
[T] “...Um, you just handed me three-hundred dollars…?”
[The young waiter looks uncertain]
[T] “I-I, um… Ma’am, this tip is more than generous, and offering to let us eat the cake is angelic - seriously, Zach makes the best cake. Dude is a mountain with a glam rocker mane of hair, but the man can cook with the best of them.”
[T] “Hey, yeah! He did just adopt a little dog recently. Hot Dog! Wait, how’d you know that?”
[The waiter looks stunned for a moment before he turns to maximum deviousness]
[T] “...Holy shit, it’s you… The lady that walked him through the adoption… Oh my God, no way, this is perfect. Please, sit RIGHT there for one sec!”
[SFX: Tony hurrying off]
[Pause, filled by:]
[SFX: Diner ambiance]
[Confused, you sit and wait, trying to keep composed. A familiar, surly, mountain of a man emerges from the kitchen, looking cross]
[Z] “What, Tony? It’s the end of the dinner rush and I’m the only cook back… there…”
[He freezes when he sees you, eyes widening]
[Z] “O-Oh! It’s… Y-Y-You’re the nice lady that works at the shelter!”
[T] “And, with that, you owe me a beer. Good luck, Casanova! I’ll handle the food!”
[The younger man practically skips off, quite pleased with himself]
[Zach beams with a wide smile and approaches]
[Z] “H-Hey! I, ah… I didn’t expect you to, um… T-To come and dine at my diner here!”
[Z] “Huh? Yeah! Yeah, Hot Dog is doing great! I got him some of those toys you recommended, and the anxiety meds have…”
[He pauses, cocking his head]
[Z] “Have… Have you been crying?”
[SFX: Zach pulling out a chair and sitting his massive self down]
[Z] “Talk to me.”
[Z] “Nuh-uh. I don’t want to hear ‘It’s no big deal’. You’re sitting at a table for ten by yourself, sobbing your poor little heart out, and-”.
[Again, he freezes]
[Z] “...The birthday cake Tony asked me to bake… Oh, shit…”
[Z] “...Your whole family was meant to be here?”
[Z] “But your twin brother threw a party instead…”
[Z] “And all of ‘em, even your friends, decided to go there instead since it’s his birthday, too…”
[You try to smile but more tears come tumbling out until you finally just hide them behind your hands]
[Z, soothing] “Hey… Hey. I’m glad you thought my food was excellent but… Jesus, that is so low. Did he even invite you? Or were you under the impression that this was the plan and he just swept the rug out from under you?”
[The behemoth of a cook sits silently by your side while you try and cry it out with some dignity. It’s surprisingly difficult]
[Long Pause, if desired, filled by:]
[SFX: Diner ambiance]
[Z] “You look so familiar, even outside of our first meeting. Something about those haunting eyes...Is your brother’s name Chris, perchance?”
[A truly wicked smile crosses his lips as you confirm]
[Z] “...Hehe, I know Chris. He’s one of my best customers…”
[Zach reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone, flicking through contacts]
[Z] “At this diner? Hee hee, no… no.”
[Z] “Here we go. I have him under ‘Bitch that owes me money’. Watch this, eh?”
[You watch as he dials your brother. After a few moments, the call is picked up. You hear your brother laugh before he finally answers:]
[C] “Hang on, hang on, I gotta take this! Hello?”
[Z, cheerful] “Hey, buddy! Glad you finally answered my calls?”
[C] “Huh? Hang on, hang on, I can’t hear you over the party. Let me put you on speaker!”
[C] “Alright, alright. Chat at me, you got Chris!”
[Z, grinning] “Aw, no worries, buddy! Can you hear me better now that you’ve put me on speaker?”
[You’re not even there and you can physically feel your twin brother die inside]
[C] “Z-Zach! I-I, uh…”
[Z] “What’s wrong? Why are you so worried about a friendly conversation with your favorite buddy?”
[C] “Dude, keep it down! My mom is right-!”
[The party on the other side stops almost immediately, and you hear your mother gasp. None of the other diners seem to mind all that much, though]
[C, desperate] “Zach, please-!!”
[SFX: The call ending]
[You stare in disbelief as Zach tucks his phone away, an odd mix of livid and smug]
[Z] “... Happy birthday?”
[You burst out laughing and his grin widens]
[Z] “A pretty laugh, a pretty smile, and a postponed ass-whooping for her shitty brother. That’s what a lady like you deserves… I know Chris. I know sides of him that someone like you doesn’t need to be exposed to.”
[He goes stiff as a board as you lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek]
[Z] “W-Wuhbuh… kiss… on cheek… Kiss there? On me? From you?”
[Pause <3]
[He’s blushing, which seems illegal on a man that large and imposing]
[Z] “Y-You’re welcome… H-Hey, um…?”
[He gawps at you as you make your move, even his ears turning red]
[Z] “Y-Yeah? Yes! Yes, I would LOVE to see a movie with you this Saturday! Absolutely! Yes!”
[SFX: Them exchanging numbers]
[Z] “Wow… Tony had been gassing me up for ages, saying: ‘Go ask her! Go ask her! Betcha two hundred she’ll say yes!’.”
[Zach laughs]
[Z] “I guess it is lucky you asked me out instead, huh? Two hundred dollars and it’s not even being spent on the pretty lady? Like, Tony’s a looker but, c’mon.”
[You share a smile with your new friend. It’s not exactly how you saw the night going but… it might be better]
[Z] “Yeah… I’ll text you the second I’m off shift… Thanks for taking the lead and asking me out, Sweets.”
[He winks at you, running a pierced tongue over very sharp canines]
[Z] “Means I can take the lead from now on…”
[You shiver. It’s not a bad one]
[Pause <3]
[Z] “Heh, yeah… I’ll see you around. And, hey…”
[He leans over. You think he’s going to kiss your cheek but he tilts his lips into your ear instead, whispering:]
[Z] “Happy birthday~. Remind me I owe you some spankings, hehe.”
[With that, he stands, gives you one more wild grin, and lopes back into the kitchen]
[You might just be in danger…]
[SFX: A diner bell as the Listener exits]
[Oh well~]
[To be continued]
Note: If you want to fall in love with Zach immediately, just know that this is exactly how he would announce that the Listener is his girlfriend. Witness him. Also, no joke, that show is awesome and you should watch it. And Rise of the TMNT. Rise Donnie is best Donnie :3
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2023.06.01 02:00 BlueArchiveMod Daily Questions Megathread June 01, 2023

Please use this thread to ask any questions you have about the game. Please search though the comments section as your question may have been answered already or through the search bar.

General Resources

REMINDER: Bind your account!

Please remember to bind your accounts and take note of your UID, member code, server location, and any information related to your account (e.g. amount spent, student roster, etc). If anything happens to your account (e.g. losing access, unauthorized access), you will need to provide as much info as you can to Nexon's customer support email. Guest accounts that are unbound will be extremely difficult to recover, perhaps impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[01] When does the server reset?
For global, dailies reset at 19:00 UTC and weeklies reset on Sunday.
[02] Should I re-roll this account?
This will depend on your priorities with PvE, PvP, or both, but you can generally see the “ideal” units as Iori, Hibiki, and Tsubaki for most content, while Shun and Haruna are great for PvP.
[03] Who should I spend my elephs on? Who should I mystic unlock?
At the start, prioritize spending your blank elephs on getting Serina to 2-star for the increased healing stat, Tsubaki to 3-star for the extra tankiness when she is reloading. It is generally advised not to spend your elephs on increasing characters to 4-star and 5-star ratings, since there is only a stat increase and the amount of elephs needed is quite high.
[04] What do my support students’ stats do?
Aside from increasing the stats of their own skills, support students will provide additional stat boosts to your striker team. The specific increase(s) can be viewed by clicking on “Support” on the right side of the team formation screen.
[05] What should I buy in the shop?
[06] What does the “leader” position do?
This is purely cosmetic, as it changes which student’s chibi shows up on the map.
[07] What benefits are there to joining a club?
  1. Students assigned to assist with TA cannot also be selected to assist with JFD.
  2. 20 credits are rewarded every minute by setting assistants.
  3. The specific unit that is borrowed can be only used once a day.
  4. There's a fee of 40,000 credits, when borrowing a assistant student.
  5. The donor receives 50,000 credits instead; even though the fee is 40,000 credits.
  6. The fee can only be received 20 times a day.
[08] How does the pity system work?
You need to pull, at a minimum, 200 times in order to get 200 recruitment points that are redeemed for the character you want. The recruitment point system does not carry over from banner to banner, it is only shared between banners that are concurrently running.
[09] Why can’t I find my friend’s club?
While the servers’ updates are separated from JP and global, the global servers are separated further into smaller divisions. You need to be on the same server as your friend, which you can check from the home screen: top-right menu button > account > version info. The server must be the same.
[10] When is X banner coming? Should I save for X student?
We never know for sure, due to the fact that global servers are on an accelerated schedule compared to JP. Please refer to this guide for some more info.
[11] Should I use Pyroxenes to refill my AP?
If you want to prioritize progression, the first three daily refills are decently valuable, this is because the Pyroxene cost of refilling will increase for every three refills. If you are focused on character collection or future banners, you should be saving your Pyroxenes.
[12] Why can’t I buy X student’s eleph in the shop?
You can only buy elephs of students you own.
[13] What should I craft?
At the start, prioritize crafting cafe furniture until your comfort is maxed out, then students’ gifts, then whichever upgrade materials you need. The crafting system is the only way to get furniture and gifts at the moment.
[14] What is the “Anniversary” in account settings?
This is your birthday, used for characters to wish you happy birthday.
[15] When will the beginner guide missions for Nonomi end?
This is a permanent addition, so feel free to take your time with the tasks.
[16] What is the best place to farm EXP?
You can run any map to farm EXP, as the EXP gain is equal to the amount of AP spent (i.e. 10 AP spent = 10 EXP gained). You should be looking at the stages that drop the equipment upgrade materials that you need.
[17] What is the “Secret Tech Sheet” in the Total Assault shop?
This is used to upgrade a student’s (non-EX) skill to level 10.
[18] Is it worth doing a raid if I can’t pass X difficulty level?
It is always more efficient to clear the highest difficulty you can finish instead of failing/forfeiting a higher difficulty.
[19] Can I claim the Limited Students through exchanging Expert Permits? How often does the Expert Permit shop resets?
You cannot get the limited students via this method. You will still need to pull for them. There's no specific mentioned but it's expected to be monthly.

OthePast Megathreads

Please have patience with other members of the community and be as polite as possible. Everyone has to start somewhere!
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2023.06.01 01:35 AValentineSolutions My Coming Out Story

This is a sad story. I know some people don't like those, so I don't blame you for scrolling. But I just watched this young man's amazingly brave regaling of his life as a gay kid, and since Pride Month begins tomorrow, I thought I would tell my story.
I grew up in a state as red as Texas, but with snow. So much snow. Growing up, I was raised strictly Catholic. I wanted to my my parents happy, so I attended Mass, prayed, got baptized, attended confirmation, and would have gotten around to my eucharist, had things gone a different way.
By the time I got to high school, I knew that I was supposed to be into boys. I got the talk from my parents. Sex education? Funny. I could regale you with how bad that was, but I will spare you. Just know that it was very clear that girls who have sex before marriage are tainted and likely will have STIs.
When I was 15, not long after my birthday, my best friend asked me out. He was a sweet guy, and I cared about him so much. But I didn't feel the love emotions the way he felt for me. Figured that maybe it was all too new, so the feelings would come. We went out on a couple dates, and he even kissed me. My first kiss. It was actually sweet. I still care deeply for him. But the feelings still didn't come.
Then I met this amazing girl. She was so beautiful. She wore a jean jacket, long skirts, and had this amazing slowing hair. I couldn't stop thinking about her. One day, I accidentally stepped on that back of her skirt, which gave me a view of her underwear. I was red as a beet when she turned around. All apologies. But she laughed it off. That was how our friendship started. Every day, when I wasn't talking to her, I was thinking about her.
My bestie, God bless him, noticed. But he wasn't mad. Instead, he helped me realize that I had more than friendly feelings for her. I was into her. I wanted to hold her. Touch her. Kiss her. When it finally hit me, I was scared. That couldn't be me! It couldn't be! I am a good Christian girl. I believe in God and follow his teachings. So why was I feeling this way. I was also afraid that my bestie would be mad at me. He wasn't. He was bummed, but understanding. Even swore that he would never tell a living soul. At least before, if ever, I decided to come out.
The feelings for this girl started to morph into dreams, fantasies. We were talking more and more. I didn't know at the time, but she was dating a guy. Every moment I was with her, there was thos invisible wire pulling on me. I asked her what she thought about people being gay, and I had hope! She said that it was fine, that she didn't care how other people felt. So I decided, right then and there, that she would be the first I told. I figured that even if she didn't feel the same way, she would have the decency to keep it a secret.
She didn't. She told everybody. Well, first hee boyfriend, and from there the game of telephone started. It almost got impressive how insane the story of me telling her how I felt was. You can muse on that on your own. Needless to say, it reached my parents. The fight that followed was as brutal as it was painful. Lots of screaming. Lots of anger. Lots of being told that I am going to Hell. They had apparently been told one of the exaggerated versions of the story. Really exaggerated.
So I was kicked out, told to never come back. I only had the clothes on my back. Only place I could think to go was my bestie's. I knocked on their door, late at night, soaking wet from the downpour I was caught in as I walked down the road sobbing. His parent brought me inside. I got cleaned up and warmed up. Got to sleep in their guest room. Even though we weren't dating anymore, bestie held me close. The next day, his mom told me she had tried to talk to my parents, but they wouldn't hear it. I was a...colorful word for lesbian, and that's all there was to it.
Managed to sneak back into my room and grab a few things. My school books, bag, some clothes, and my orca plush. My sister told me she wouldn't be like them and throw me away. Those words aged like milk, but I have talked about that.
At school, it wasn't any better. I was a pariah. Got beat up by a bunch of girls' boyfriends, because being a colorful word for lesbian means you deserve it. Someone even spray-painted my swim team uniform that they were going to r*pe me. I droppednout after that, and got my GED. I was a straight A student, so I had no problem getting into a decent college. Even more with grad school after I got my BS.
Sorry if that was too long. That's my "uplifting" coming out story. Just thinking that I wish there had been a teacher or two who said that being gay isn't wrong, growing up. I hope you are all well, sisters. 🫂💙
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2023.06.01 01:02 lixxie_lx AITA for telling my mom i won’t squeeze into a dress?

Hi, im going to be 15 soon! oh how exciting im hispanic too you know what that means! a Quince which is basically a hispanic version of a sweet 16. Here’s some background info, i don’t know if i have an ED or eating problems but when i was 11 i randomly developed a pain whenever i ate it hurt so bad i can’t describe it so i rarely ate. by the age of 12 i was 70-80 pounds my tan skin had gone pale and my period was no longer existent. i couldn’t even drink water or i felt sick to the stomach a horrible pain. I’ll admit i looked beautiful, but i was not healthy, after my 13th birthday, i remember this day so clear too, my mom brought us to eat breakfast, per usual i got what i usually did an italian sub that was 12 inches split into 2 and i could only eat half of the 6 inch without pain starting. So while i started to eat i noticed i ate the full half and no pain, i pushed it a little and ate more and more, i finished the full sandwich, then managed to finish the fries and no pain! It was gone this raging pain was gone, but out of fear that it would come once again i ate and ate scared i wouldn’t be able to enjoy food again or even we’ll sit down at family dinners or parties. That made me gain up to 100 pounds, im 170 now got no shame about it, my dad loves how i look he knows i feel healthy, well my doctors like me this way,but my mom hates it. You’d think me having my tan skin back and well my period would excite her but no the fact i’m chubby is what she’s concerned about, im not insecure of my body at all,but she’s insecure for me. My mom isn’t even skinny too i thought she’s understand the pain her comments make. Well to spare you time,she’s forcing me to go to the gym 3 times a week for 2 hours this whole entire summer to get me into a dress by septemeber. i told her i don’t want that i love my body, she called me ungrateful and said i’d look ugly in a dress while so fat and that if i didn’t go well she’s take my phone for every day i didn’t go to the gym, today was my first day going and i want to cry she finally made me insecure of my body. i feel bad i cannot make her happy and we’ll look pretty, AITA?
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2023.06.01 00:53 pugdogsarecool I wish my mom was somewhere far away

This is a long story so buckle up. I've always had a bad relationship with my mother. I'm her youngest child she had on accident when she was 41. (I'm 22 now) my siblings are both 30. She's always treated them so well. She'd never out right say she didn't love me but she'd always say "I have 2 kids I love so much" "my 2 kids are everything to me" and stuff like that. After my older siblings moved out (I was 12 at the time) my dad left her after enduring her abuse for 20 years... but he didn't take me with him. Which may have been for the best as my mom had convinced me he was an addict and I was scared of him. My mom would sit in her room and scream for hours on end calling him every name in the book. It was super scary to see because she wasn't talking to anyone. I'd just be in my room and hear her screaming like she was dying for HOURS everyday when I came home from school.
Soon this escalated to her hitting me everyday and then telling people I would hit her? She'd scratch her arms and say I did it in a rage when even when she was hitting me I never hit her I'd usually just take it until she'd start choking me and then I'd push her away because I didn't want to die. She's broken 3 of my toes pretty badly from stepping on them on with all her body weight and when I cried she laughed and said I deserved it. Cps showed up twice and ultimately made things worse as when they left she'd freak out at me and call me a liar and say im "evil and not of Jesus christ" my moms a mormon but she really doesn't practice very religiously. We only went to church sometimes so I never took it super seriously but she'd act like we were a super Christian godly household.
She would take me to so many therapists and psychiatrists saying that there was something wrong with me. The psychiatrists were very prescription happy. But the therapists always tell me when I was alone with them that my mom was seriously mentally ill. When they'd try and have her work on herself too she'd rage quit therapy and go find another one. Last time I talked to her she was telling me about how hard it is having a mentally ill child "I've spent so much money on therapy and pills for you! My other children didn't need any of that!"
I ended up going to live with my dad when I was 14-16 but my step mother took issue with me. To this day im unsure why. I was always nice to her and helped around the house, did well in school. She was constantly mean. So they sent me back to live with my mom and the cycle of abuse with her started again.
I got through my senior year and she kicked me out without notice on my 18th birthday. I was going to move out once school was out but she demanded I left sooner. So I did. I had to live in my car with everything i owned for a week before I found an apartment. She told everyone that she kicked me out because I hit her and threw a book at her face and that just didn't happen. I did throw a book but it wasn't at her or anywhere near her.
Shortly after my senior year I ended up getting pregnant. Really stupid move on my part. I still feel guilty and it's been 3 years. I tried my best to keep my birth son but i was homeless and working 10 hour days at 7 months pregnant. So I ended up asking a nice infertile couple who I knew were looking to adopt if they would adopt my boy. They did and they have been amazing. At first my mom was like "oh my daughters so great she chose life" and all that BS. (I'm not pro life. Just her) The adoption is open so we both get to see him sometimes and she's kind of like an extra grandma to him and I'm like an aunt maybe? But it eventually turned to her shaming me for being an unfit mother. Calling me fat because of baby weight. Shaming me for getting pregnant by a guy who hit me. (He didn't start till after I was pregnant)
It's gotten to the point where she legitimately tries to make me jealous by going on about how she's my birth sons favorite person. I've never seen them together and if that was the case I wouldn't care but her trying to use my baby as a pawn weirds me out so much. He's only 2! She also didn't see him for months because she told his adoptive parents "you guys seem stressed Maybe you should give him to someone better fit to parent" when the adoptive mom was struggling a bit caring for a new born because it's so hard!
She's taking my siblings to Italy this summer for a big trip and told them that she can't take me because I'm mentally ill. I told her very respectfully that I was very hurt I felt like the "redheaded step child" to which she just said I was a spoiled brat and she doesn't owe me anything and that it's my own fault I'm "miserable" and that ill never heal unless i got on medication again and stop blaming her etc. She has them over every weekend to do stuff and not me.
For the most part I'm no contact with her. I still am around my siblings. They have helped me immensely and I love them. But I just am so lost on how to handle my mom. My son's birthday is on the 3rd and she's gonna be there. I'm so nervous. She makes me physically ill to be around. She's accused me of hitting her even as an adult and runs around like she's a victim of abuse. She tells people that I hit her and her stories don't line up at all and are so blatantly fake and then says the stories I've told of my childhood are made up in my mind because I'm mentally ill and that I abused her from the ages of 10 and up. Even sometimes tries to shame me for temper tantrums I had in my terrible 2's.
Idk whats wrong with her. She's been diagnosed with autism and depression but that's it
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