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2014.08.16 01:32 genron1111 Letterkenny

Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. These are their problems. Canadian TV series. CHECK THE STICKIED POSTS FOR IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS.

2011.06.09 03:29 o_Oskar Professional eSports in a Bar

----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal]( ----

2023.06.01 18:36 queenannechick What's your favorite CHEAP farm stand or farmer's market in the metro?

I live on the Eastside but we hike a lot so I end up all over and don't mind doing big stock ups and freezing/canning/etc.
Farmer's markets near me are basically street fairs with 90% hot food vending and a veggie stand or two of very overpriced stuff. Love them for community vibing and hot food. Not so much for actual cheap veg.
I know ( and love ) Carpinito Brothers in Kent. Definitely stop in when I'm near there. What are some other ( cheap! ) farm stands, farmer's markets in the metro?
I'm from Chicago and we had some Hispanic grocery stores that had cheap veg. I'm open to groceries too!
Its rough out here. Girls just trying to eat and my annual attempts at gardening are not going so well ( as usual ).
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2023.06.01 18:35 AgencyOk8200 JOSEPH is to JESUS as JESUS was to MOSES. A 'for what it's worth' rant.

Moses built a religion and it was quite successful.
Jesus came, built his own religion, claiming to be the rightful leader of the existing religion. Rather than "perfect" or fulfill the Law of Moses, he directly contradicted it. "Eye for an Eye" is not extended or expanded by saying "Turn the other cheek" by any definition. It is a completely opposite law. You don't help people attain Godliness by giving them a sinful law just so that later you could show them a better way haha! Most of the villains in Jesus' story were those most trying to follow the Law of Moses! We've accepted that the Pharisees and Sadducees are basically the worst. Think of them what we will, they were living Moses' teachings to the best that men left alone are able to do in any dispensation.
Joseph came and built on what Jesus had done. He saw that the result of Jesus religion was a huge opportunity, because nobody could OWN it. He built a church where there was one prophet on the Earth, that he was it, and that he could claim that there was only one correct Christian church, and it was his own.
I know we love the idea of Jesus.
If you're going to contrast your religion with that of Moses, it's got to be empathetic, inclusive (you need to appeal to those disenfranchised with the current religion), focus on growth.
But Jesus being that same Jehovah that killed all those people, all those times? That TOLD people to stone adulterers? That TOLD people to do eye for an eye? Because "the people weren't ready"? People today are no different from those of old in nearly any way. For EONS they weren't ready? That's nonsensical.
It's nonsensical for an unchanging being to be so completely self-contradictory.
The ONLY reason it makes sense to any of us is that we've been taught some things that made it into our minds before we were thinking critically, and those ideas are still available to us, although we should have rejected them.
Jesus is to Moses as Joseph is to Jesus.
I know we love love. And I know that Jesus taught love. But for Jesus to be who he claims, he also has to be Jehovah. Because that was who God was to those people.
Does the God of the old testament sound like Jesus AT ALL?
And for that to make sense, we have to accept nonsense, such as teaching the direct opposite isn't "doing away with the law, but fulfilling it."
But, but there were animal sacrifices, and they pointed at Jesus' sacrifice.
There were animal and human sacrifices across the world since the world began.
And Jesus' sacrifice appears on the outside to appear that he was killed for treason/blasphemy. You know, like happens to people TODAY in some less developed countries.
But it was a willing sacrifice because he could have stopped it at any time! Oh really? Based on what? That he allowed it to happen?
But they sacrificed animals without blemish. That was their law, doesn't that point to sacrificing a perfect God?
You know WHY they required without blemish? Because the priests would otherwise be given the runts, the three legged goats, the worst of the crops, and whether they just burnt everything, or ate off the top, that's not what they wanted, either to eat or for the optics of the altar, plus it indicated that the offerings otherwise didn't represent any allegiance to the priest class, it was just an opportunity to get rid of unwanted things.
But Jesus was without sin!
Jesus, who contrary to honor they father AND mother, left her to supposedly to teach, and she had to go across the city dragging Jesus' younger siblings along with her, he hadn't bothered to tell her where he was going! And we're supposed to be impressed by "My *OTHER* Father told me I had stuff to do." THAT unblemished Jesus?
But, he has no form of beauty, and would be despised and rejected of men!
He seems to have gathered thousands, who would feed him, follow him, serve him. The people who rejected him were those that would say "It SOUNDS like he's telling people what they want to hear, and telling sinners they're forgiven just that easy, and in this way, gathering a following." Doesn't that sound just like the bad guys in the Book of Mormon, telling the people easy things?
I'm going to build a following among the poor, the outcast, the sinner, and that's the people who are going to like what I teach.
You mean like Philippines, Chile, Ghana?
But only because Jesus was rejected by the elite in Moses' church, and killed for it, "He was despised and rejected of men"?
Looks like much of that was done reluctantly by the Romans, always had friends, was thronged throughout his journey, his parents loved him, never had to live on the streets, had a profession.
So much of this is retconning the Law of Moses.
So much of this is us being given the idea that the faithful leaders of the time (who were no more immoral than today's LDS church leaders, which is to say, the common immorality known to religious leaders of any time) are the absolute epitome of Evil.
And you can see that it must be, because they saw Jesus as not being the Messiah at all.
So there's nothing else they COULD say about them.
Just as we ANXIOUSLY AWAIT JESUS 2.0, they awaited 1.0.
And we wait, and wait, and wait.
Joseph is to Jesus as Jesus was to Moses.
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2023.06.01 18:34 Former-Counter-9588 Happy Pride!

On this first day of Pride, I thought we could have a thread going to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ members and to discuss issues and concerns for us within that community.
As a queer individual, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to remain a strong ally in these trying times. I’m not talking the performative, yay let’s wear rainbows this month, kind of ally. I need the kind of ally who does not speak for me or on behalf of me just because they think it’s right or they see an opportunity to win points and earn karma on the internet. I need an ally who stands by and allows actual members of the community to lead the way.
But also understand that members of the LGBTQIA community, like the world in general, are incredibly diverse.
So while this month will be filled with lots of color, lots of memes, gorgeous drag queens and handsome drag kings, I ask that you also look to participate in charity events, protest marches, etc. Read some books or do some Research into the movement!
LGBTQIA+ members are in extreme danger within the US, especially our trans brothers and sisters.
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2023.06.01 18:33 InTheSkyCity 5/31/23 (After Tokyo, Los Angeles.)

“My energy kinetic, the fitted hat by Ebbets. Yessir. DJ Drama. Yeah.”
“I like sugar, I like sweets, I don't like the spicy eats. I need bridges in my beats and Campana Brothers seats. The heaven part for me is knowin' I can. Wake up when I'm finished with my sleep, ain't no kids to feed. No stress I bleed, I don't got a boss. I go wherever and don't care 'bout the cost. Gas money was stark for me, uh. Now I got so many cars I could start up. We nappin' in parks, we in the sun gettin' darked up. Chillin' with my suit on. Travel trunk is either Moynat leather or it's Vuitton. Sippin' mint tea like we know the tree the leaf fell from. We come from them tiki punch drinks. Had animosity for dinner, El Pollo Loco. That was in the past, now I parmesan my bolo'. Half a million driftin' and the tire readin' "Toyo". Prefer the alligator logo on my cotton polo. Livin' it up, my nggas is up. Y'all nggas is salty peanuts, we ain't givin' a fuck. 'Cause I'm blessed as hell and I ain't next to jail. Ain't got no psyche hiccups, plus I dress this well. My heaven 24/7, that's heaven.”
“That's heaven to me, yeah. What's heaven to you? Yeah. That's heaven to me, yeah. What's heaven to you, to y'all? Because that's heaven to me, aw-aw. You gotta love it.”
I had trouble sleeping that morning. I woke up at 3 AM. I woke up sweating, I instantly went up to get some water to drink. I then took ten minutes to open the pain of an ass window that I have in my bedroom.
I assumed that it must’ve been my meds that kept me awake. On the second day I started taking them, I was up until 3 AM. I slept for another hour at some point. I gave up on trying to sleep once it was 6 AM. I took a shower. Not because I wanted to wake myself up, but to get myself ready for work.
I got to work around 10 AM, luckily didn’t deal with the stranger from the day before. I was going to work a lunch buffet at my new job. I’ve done those before, but it’s much more people than Im usually used to. I’ve met some more servers, and I kept ‘training.’ It’s pretty much what I’m used to, but I have a feeling that things are a bit more disorganized.
With my uncle and brother, we pretty much have a strict way on doing things. But nearly everyone here kinda does their own way of doing things. It still gets the job done, but it would be nice if there was a way of doing things.
I was shocked by how the servers were making it more difficult to work by bringing all the plates to the back with their own hands instead of using trays to carry everything.
Doing the buffet wasn’t difficult, well, the only really difficult part being the guests who can be picky. Or the guests who are being smartasses by ignoring me whenever I asked if they’re finished with their plate. It went pretty well though, my supervisor (the family friend who got me the job) seems to be happy with my work so far. He mentioned how I work similar to him, which was a big compliment, I’ve heard from many about how my father was one of the best employees. He also says I resemble my father a lot, but I don’t really see it. People usually say my brother is the one who looks like him. I’m the one that’s the most like my father the good and the bad. I’m pretty sure my mom has even noticed.
I ended up clocking out at around 2 PM. I didn’t actually get home until 4 PM since my manager wanted to speak to me about getting me a schedule. I get to pick any of the shifts I want to work, which is very nice. I soon went on my way home.
I then got an email. “Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival returns to Dodger Stadium November 11-12, 2023.”
Shit. I might actually have a chance to go. I return from Japan on November 8. The original plan was to head home through taking a flight from LA to here since it would save more money. But fuck… I might change my plans.
November 8 is just literal days away from Camp Flog Gnaw. I started thinking of a plan until I noticed my best friend had the same thought once he started messaging me about the news. I was probably making a rushed decision that could cause some consequences. But I was listening to No More Parties In LA, so could you blame me.
Once I started thinking about the lineup that could possibly show up, and the surprise guests that could possibly show up. Tyler is definitely going to be there. Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem are pretty much confirmed. There’s a good chance Steve Lacy might be there. I was pretty much sold on the idea once I let my imagination running, especially since I originally planned on going to both Kendrick and Steve’s tours last year, but both were sold out.
Shit, it was an easy decision. I’ll be chilling in LA for a bit until the festival. Fuck, I guess I’m going to be having to save NMPILA for my SOTD when I actually arrive to LA in November. I’m hyped.
I should be good with my family about it. I never exactly told him how much time I’d be gone. So this could work in my favor.
I then got home and instantly ordered some shit for me to eat because I was starving and didn’t feel like making myself something to eat. I then started doing my laundry before heading to the shower since I needed it.
I was actually going to game a bit with my new friend until my father and his girlfriend came in. I was about to bite into my food as well. Nearly screamed into my pillow for a moment once his girlfriend pretty much demanded that we go to Costco. Pretty sure I might’ve upsetted my friend once I told her that I won’t be able to play mortal kombat, so that’s nice.
So we went to Costco. I bought some sandals that didn’t even end up fitting me. I would return them, but I lost my fucking receipt at some point before I got home. I bought this very nice button up. I also bought some groceries as well, the usual stuff my family eats.
I didn’t really do much after that besides actually getting some time to rest. I finally got a chance to eat. I then finished my laundry. I didn’t really do much besides watching some more Boardwalk Empire, I’m reaching the end of season 3. I then finished up my journal, which ended up being one of my longer ones in months. It was a nice surprise. Today was a decent day.
Song Of The Day: Tyler The Creator - HEAVEN TO ME
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2023.06.01 18:33 jsure6 Choosing A Gym In NYC [Does Renzo’s Vibe Feel Off To Anyone Else?]

Hey everyone I will be moving to NYC soon and am currently looking for a new gym to train at.
I had previously done 1 trial class at Renzo’s in NYC (Midtown) and although the instruction was good I felt like the environment was very serious - no one was talking to one another and there seemed to be no sense of community at that gym - it came off as very uptight. Has anyone had a similar experience?
However, I am at a crossroads because the location is only a 5 minute walk from where I will be living and their 7am schedule fits my workday the best. They also offer Muay Thai which is a big plus since I cross train.
Side Note: I’ve heard that you have to buy / wear their academy t-shirts for Muay Thai, and Gi’s for BJJ which honestly seems sleazy to me - another reason why I am more hesitant to go to this gym.
Alternatively I am thinking of signing up at Marcelo’s (also a few minute walk from me) as I heard vibes here are great - also offer 7am but I would have a hard time to completely drop Muay Thai.
Would love to hear anyone’s experiences at Renzo’s / Marcelo’s and also open to other gyms near midtown if they offer 7am classes & Muay Thai + BJJ.
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2023.06.01 18:31 garlicpowder1989 AITA for saving a raccoon?

So I was on my way to get smokes, nothing but concrete and buildings here. On my way I see 2 homeless meth heads poking a small fur baby on the hot hot sidewalk. Immediately scooped him up and went home. Called wildlife rescue, they said they'd be a few hours, which was fine (I have cats but they're up to date on shots and kept them away from the raccoon in another room).
When I was telling a few friends this morning at breakfast they called me names for taking the raccoon away from its natural habitat and probably his mom. I'm sure his natural habitat isn't hot sidewalk concrete, and there wasn't any other raccoons near by.
Did I make a mistake and should have left it? Or is it okay to help an animal? I'm so confused now.
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2023.06.01 18:31 Willyouwork My Delicate 5-year-old

I'm not talking emotionally. I can understand being emotionally sensitive at her age.
I'm talking physically. I give her a plastic bag with a couple of composition notes (5) and 2 small tubs of foundation to carry to the car, and she's near dragging it on the ground as if I gave her two gallons of milk to carry. Whining that it's 'sooo heavy'. And she's not short mind you. She's just shy of 4 feet. That's no reason she should be dragging that bag.
I tell her I'm going to be vaccuming her room and to put the things she can lift on her bed. She puts her American doll jeep and a wicker basket filled with stuffed toys that is almost as wide as she is tall. But leaves the empty plastic and canvas shoe rack and near-empty foldable mesh box with a small blanket and kickball inside on the ground by her bed. There was still plenty of room on her bed. And she claims they're too heavy. The jeep and basket weigh more than those 2 things combined. Not to mention not even 5 minutes later she's picking up and carrying around her 30 lb little brother.
Now she gets bumped by a empty plastic laundry basket, the cheap ones you buy at Walmart or Target. Because I slid it down the stairs, which she happened to be standing in front of, unbeknownst to me. And then has a breakdown because the basket hurt her ankle. There is not a mark on her. Not even a scratch, and she's crying and wailing like she just fell off her bike into gravel.
And this is just today. I don't want to sound insensitive but if she doesn't toughen up it's going to be a very long summer for both of us.
Please, someone, tell me this is just a phase, and I'm not going to have a kid that turns into one of those whiny-ass adults everyone wants to throat punch because the simplest thing is so hard to do. And no, she has no physical conditions. She is perfectly healthy, her last Dr visit confirmed it.
Sorry to put this hear. But my husband will just logic his way through the conversation, which in turn pisses me off. Because I just want to be heard, not lectured about my inability to handle my child's whining and meltdowns.
Thank you
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2023.06.01 18:30 Malnurtured_Snay Where to Buy Schleich Smurfs in the US?

There's a new "Sustainability Smurf" that I'd like to buy. I don't want to pay $8 shipping from Schleich, and he's not currently listed on Amazon. The toy store near me doesn't carry them. Any idea what stores, if any, might sell these? I've never noticed them at Target.
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2023.06.01 18:29 Temporary_Spring9605 Cliff jumping

Me and a couple of my friends will visit Trieste soon. We would be intrested in cliff jumping so if anyone knows good spots near Trieste those would be appreciated. We are going to rent car for few days so anything nicely drivable distanced can be considered.
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2023.06.01 18:29 Wolf1135 Can I use this for the txv?

Can I use this for the txv?
I can't find any tape near me specifically labeled "Cork" which my system originally came with my 1994 Nissan. Says it's rubbery? Feels very foamy. Can I trust this? I wouldn't want to take everything apart again to put another tape later
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2023.06.01 18:28 QueenArtichoke what's happening?

Mixed vibrations from SP from gym. Never have spoke to him, but see him almost everyday.
Some days I leave the gym feeling so giddy from our interactions (catching him looking at me, smiles, etc.) but other days we dont have those little interactions. Usually its because we're at opposite ends of the gym, but I find myself getting upset that he doesn't make the effort to come be near me... I used to script and I let go for a while, but I find myself thinking and desiring him more recently... any advice? I want to focus more on those good days that I have with him and there's no doubt that I am thankful for those. But I'm getting greedy maybe... I want more haha.
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2023.06.01 18:28 alaric422 Pain Psychologists? any positives? far as im concerned just another fake "help" offer.

yet another Dr. wont addrress pain but wants me to talk to and what does that solve? beyond heaping more cost, inconvenience and hurdles to BASIC treatment. EVERYONE punts me.
I can not think positively when im vomiting due to vertigo to say nothing of the fact that I have next to no quality of life. I have a bobblehead I CANNOT physically support my head. I lay in recliner in the dark, due to photesensitivity , ringing ears, spinning room, heart rate jacks through the roof triggering a PHYSICAL/visceral panic attack, at all times must be supporting the natural Upper cerbical curvature which i have been physically unable to maintain for nearly two years.
Denied my ablation due to high blood pressure which is pain response? That was the final straw, I gave up three months ago, my wife is in charge of appts. ill do what she says because i love her and my suffering breaks her heart.
Why is a structural failure and a traumatic injury when it occurs is a referral to mental health?
How are multiple dr.s refusing to listen or treat the issue at hand? I should have been put in HALO collar immediately at first dr visit post 9/21/21 spontaneous fractures. Instead my former neuro refused to see me and said "i cant help you you need a teaching hospital."
11 Years of history with neuro due to my ankylosing spondylitis. HE COULDNT CARE LESS. Had to start from 0 crippled as my "medical team" just ignored my pleas.
NO one will authorize a standing flexion and extension xray. Ive given up any dreams of standing mri flexion and extension so they can FINALLY understand that my spinal canal is being impinged due to unstable C2/C3 vertebra. Vertebrae are misaligning with any rotation of skull or head tilt.
I am tired of it all. Two year anniversary in September from onset injurt and I am just baffled at how any human being is supposed to survive this butchery of a medical system
EVEN broken spine is MY responsibility to fix with psych? its just beyond illogical nonsense.
LIGATURE RUPTURED. wait 3 months, see me again in 3 months.
IF i get medicare maybe ill see a dr again but at least 7 have utterly failed me. Most shut down IMMEDIATELY when i discuss litany of symptoms. URGENT CARE- SENDS ME TO ER- ER Sends me to Dr who refused to address in the first place.
Rambling nonsense but i think thats it. Ill tape and strap my broken body together once a day to see my wofes smile then i will resume my slow rotting to death in fetal position waiting for myself to "heal".
Dark comedy
Honestly i should have just sold everything and live on the streets with fentanyl where at least i can get a temporary respite from my personal hell.
I am morally opposed to suicide but we now need to support a patients RIGHT TO DIE.
All i care about now is lowering the potential trauma of my disability and eventual death will wreak on my wife.
She shouldnt have to bear me screaming for death for decades.
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2023.06.01 18:28 GoldImportant7628 FIX CREDIT SCORE HIRE A HACKER

You must have heard much about legitrosehacker2AT GMAIL DOT COM
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‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
SIGNAL +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.01 18:28 Printinguae Print Shop Near Me You Can Order Online Free Design

We provide all types of printing services, You can work with us with confidence, Our office is located in Sharjah, You can order from us online or come to our office If you don’t have time, call us and we will come to your company and do your printing. Talk about work and get work done.
One of the most cost-effective forms of printing is the offset printing press. We use the latest technology in offset printing for the best possible results for clients. Low cost: Medium to large volume printing is best used with offset printing. The higher the quantity produced, the lower the price per unit. It is typically used for mass production, such as printing large amounts of
View Poll
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2023.06.01 18:27 FaintedMcGoat Iphone, AirPods, and Bluetooth shenanigans

Seriously Apple?
When I am in an active call (or stream, or any other ongoing activity) with my AirPods, why in the holy hell would you program the iPhone to forcefully connect to other paired BT devices when they come into range? Even then, why is there no audio cue in the AirPods when a transfer occurs? On what planet would I EVER want to automatically transfer an ongoing call to anywhere else if I’m wearing both my AirPods?
I have my ears plugged with the AirPods using ANC and end up talking to myself for a long time because I never know the call was transferred because I walked within 50m of my idling truck.
Yesterday I had three tractors running doing checks, and trying to maintain a call with a customer while still doing my job was near impossible because every time I’d step between any of the tractors, the call would silently transfer to the closest paired stereo even though none of them were in BT mode.
How about taking the Android approach and let me select between calls audio or both when pairing? Because more than half of these devices in my list I don’t ever use for calling as they’re just stereos. sigh
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2023.06.01 18:27 Sahil-2901 A small rant about an interview incident

So yesterday in this scorching heat I was asked to come for an interview at around 3pm. The one who called me was from a recruiting company and later the representative from the hiring company came to take my interview. She asked me if I would like to have tea coffee or water. So far so good. Now starts the part called "welcome to the roast" show. She didn't care to ask me about my previous company or what I use to do, rather said I speak in a very bad English, I dont have any accent, my CV is bad, her son's CV is better than mine, she did many remarkable stuffs and blah blah blah, I am not anywhere near her or the kind of candidate she is looking for. Asked me to show any of my previous work, so I showed her a blog I wrote on "Sinterklaas". When I spelled the word "Sinterklaas" she thought I don't know how to spell Santa Claus and made fun of me. I told her they are two different entities and Sinterklaas was the inspiration for Santa Claus. She didn't care to know anyway. She showed that blog to one of her writers and both were like nothing out of the box, very basic. Then asked me to leave.
For some reason I couldn't stood up for myself or behaved rudely and walked out of the interview. I was just calmly sitting and listened her insulting me for a straight 10-15 mins. Maybe she killed the confidence beforehand so that I couldn't defend myself or maybe I was at fault that I couldn't show my previous work on the website of my previous company. Anyway I was heartbroken, angry wanted to lash out so shared my experience here. If anyone goes through this from this sub, please don't be me and stand up for yourself.
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2023.06.01 18:26 speedcreature Speedtagging: a powerful way to tag Pokémon in your storage

Before tagging, we had naming. Those 12 unicode characters allowed to us can only convey so much before our intentions for each Pokémon break down.
Tagging Pokémon for most of us should be a fairly simple concept, but because we have other responsibilities apart from Pokémon GO, we can sometimes commit "mistakes"—bad actions in our Pokémon storage. Thus, I made speedtagging. Be warned, this will be a fairly long read. At first glance, this seems unnecessary, but for Trainers with at least 1000 Pokémon storage, speedtagging will be very helpful. I even covered Swag IVs and GBL team roles. Let's just say that you'll be better at speedtagging the more you use it.
I color-coded the functions so that it's easy on the eyes.
RED - PokéDex-related
BLACK - trade or transfer
ORANGE - meta-related
VIOLET - shadow-related
GREEN - power-related
YELLOW - moveset-related
BLUE - IV-related
WHITE - miscellaneous
You will shortly notice that I did not arrange all tags by color. That's because I placed the most common tags near the top where you can easily access them when speedtagging. I personally do a lot of evolving and transferring to level up quickly, but you do you!
The 91 tags I'm recommending are:
chk (RED) - checked
rg (RED) - registered
td (BLACK) - trade
XP (GREEN) - 2x Evolve XP
tfA (BLACK) - transfer A
dx (RED) - PokéDex
tfB (BLACK) - transfer B
tfC (BLACK) - transfer C
kp (WHITE) - keep
PvE (ORANGE) - Player vs Environment
PvP (ORANGE) - Player vs Player
/p (VIOLET) - never purify
p1 (VIOLET) - purify 1,000 stardust
p3 (VIOLET) - purify 3,000 stardust
p5 (VIOLET) - purify 5,000 stardust
/e (GREEN) - never evolve
CD (GREEN) - evolve during Community Day
e1 (GREEN) - evolve to Stage 1
e2 (GREEN) - evolve to Stage 2
tdcx (BLACK) - trade for Candy XL
tdlucky (BLACK) - trade with Lucky Friend
tfZ (BLACK) - transfer Z
/home (BLACK) - never send to Pokémon HOME
home (BLACK) - send to Pokémon HOME
/bdy (GREEN) - never buddy again
bdyA (GREEN) - buddy A
bdyB (GREEN) - buddy B
eberries (RED) - evolve after feeding berries
ecatch (RED) - evolve after catching
edxcostume (RED) - evolve for dex costume entry
eheart (RED) - evolve after buddy hearts
eincense (RED) - evolve after using incense
elure (RED) - evolve near special lure module
eraid (RED) - evolve after raids
eregion (RED) - evolve to regional forms
ethrow (RED) - evolve after throws
ewalk (RED) - evolve after walk
eweather (RED) - evolve at certain weather
L50 (ORANGE) - cap at Level 50
L40 (ORANGE) - cap at Level 40
L35 (ORANGE) - cap at Level 35
CP25 (ORANGE) - cap at CP 2500
CP15 (ORANGE) - cap at CP 1500
CP5 (ORANGE) - cap at CP 500
def (ORANGE) - gym defender
atk1 (ORANGE) - attacker first charged move for gym battles and raids
atk2 (ORANGE) - attacker second charged move for gym battles and raids
TGR (ORANGE) - for Team GO Rocket use
ML (ORANGE) - for Master League
UL (ORANGE) - for Ultra League
GL (ORANGE) - for Great League
LC (ORANGE) - for Little Cup
?GBL (ORANGE) - team role unknown for GO Battle League
GBLchk (ORANGE) - GO Battle League, team role checked at PvPoke
/GBL (ORANGE) - not Top 100 in any team role in GO Battle League
Overall (ORANGE) - Top 100 Overall in GO Battle League
Lead (ORANGE) - Top 100 Leads in GO Battle League
Closer (ORANGE) - Top 100 Closers in GO Battle League
Switcher (ORANGE) - Top 100 Switchers in GO Battle League
Charger (ORANGE) - Top 100 Chargers in GO Battle League
Attacker (ORANGE) - Top 100 Attackers in GO Battle League
Consistency (ORANGE) - Top 100 Consistency in GO Battle League
/emg (GREEN) - never mega evolve once or ever again
emg (GREEN) - for mega evolution
/up (GREEN) - never power up
up (GREEN) - to power up or max out
/ncx (GREEN) - does not need Candy XL
ncx (GREEN) - needs Candy XL
/m (YELLOW) - never update moveset
Δm (YELLOW) - moveset changed for current meta
na (YELLOW) - add new attack
eftm (YELLOW) - use Elite Fast TM
ectm (YELLOW) - use Elite Charged TM
ctm (YELLOW) - use Charged TM
/mrt (YELLOW) - never remove Return
?sg (BLUE) - IVs not yet recommended by RyanSwag
/sg (BLUE) - not Swag IVs
sgatk (BLUE) - attack-weighted Swag IVs
sgdef (BLUE) - defense-weighted Swag IVs
sghp (BLUE) - HP-weighted Swag IVs
sgSP (BLUE) - Stat Product Swag IVs
sgBP (BLUE) - Bulk-weighted Swag IVs
sgMS (BLUE) - Mirror Slayer Swag IVs
SP1 (BLUE) - Rank 1 Stat Product
IV100 (BLUE) - Hundo
/IVfx (BLUE) - not functional hundo
IVfxL50 (BLUE) - functional hundo at Level 50
IVfxL51 (BLUE) - functional hundo at Best Buddy Level 50
IV0 (BLUE) - Nundo
Flex (WHITE) - for flexing
Rare (WHITE) - rare including regionals
I have an in-depth explanation for most of my tags, but for some reason reddit won't let me post the rest. If you're interested in my in-depth explanations, then please give suggestions on where I can put it.
I did eliminate some tags that are redundant with existing search functions. I apologize if I cannot make it any shorter; that's how I play this game. If I helped your speedtagging in any way, then any improvements to speedtagging, dare I say version 1, would be appreciated! If there's anything I forgot, please let me know!
You may also make your own versions of your speedtagging and recommend it to your friends! I know that majority of us are PvE players, but I did not forget the PvP players. I'm simply suggesting a futureproof method for tagging. I believe the tag feature is an underrated feature of the game, and tagging in and of itself is a minigame for organizing the mess that is Pokémon storage.
I have a small YouTube channel where I do whatever. Visit if you like:
My future long post will be about speednaming. Please look forward to it!
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2023.06.01 18:25 MathNo5413 AITA (23F) for not making a sandwich fast enough for my mom's liking? (49F)

Hi reddit. Throwaway here. (23F) I have a really complicated relationship with my mom (49F). Both of us get angry really easily. I have diagnosed autism and an anxiety disorder.
So my whole life, she's sometimes gotten really mad at me when I just have walked in and simply asked her a question. When she's really mad she'll imitate how I sound in a high pitched, shrill voice. She'll full on scream me out of the room.
As of recent, I've been trying really really hard to appease her. I clean up everything, I get good grades in college, I don't party or do drugs, I don't have boyfriends over, I always make sure she's the most comfortable.
On Friday, after I came home from work, I wanted to make myself lunch. I hadn't eaten in 6 hours and was very hungry. I offered for her to make her lunch first because I know she gets meltdowns and hangry. She said no and that I could go ahead. About a minute into me making my sandwich she storms into the room and starts screaming at me for making a sandwich with a bagel instead of bread. I tried quietly explaining to her that I already had toast for breakfast. She then cut me off mid sentence and said "blah blah blah I don't care." Then she began lashing out at how "You take SO Fing LONG to make FOOD" as I was practically running to make my food as fast as possible so she could gorge herself. She often makes herself complicated lunches. I was in near tears at that point and told her to not speak to me that way. I finally broke down and told her how about SHE eats my sandwich then and ran out of the room crying. She then screamed at me that it looked absolutely disgusting and horrible.
My dad kept trying to defend her saying "Your poor mom is in a lot of pain from her dentist's appointment" yet I noticed whenever i have a meltdown none of the excuses are used and I'm told I'm a "mentally ill psychopath who won't be successful in life". Nobody ever cared when I was in pain from having my wisdom teeth taken out.
She kept doing these half assed "apologies" where she said "Welll it's just SOOOO hard to live with other people!!!". We live in California and have a whole house with my own unit in the backyard. There's families here crammed into little apartments who don't act this way.
She keeps claiming I'm a grudge holder who can't let things go. But who'd want to deal with a literal game of Russian Roulette every time you talk to someone. It legitimately gives me anxiety now every time I try and make myself food.
A few months back she told me "Oh don't go to the car wash, just ask me while I wash my car in a few days if you can join and wash yours too". Well.....a few days later I ask her while she's doing it and she screams at me and lashes out how I'm pestering her. I feel like I can't win at this.
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2023.06.01 18:25 valkenar Why is fighting game culture so sexist?

I loved SF2 as a kid, returned for a while with V and was thinking about buying 6, but after seeing some of the character designs and posts like the one currently enjoying hundreds of upvotes salivating over Cammy's gratuitous crotch shot... man I'm so put off and would just be embarrassed to be part of this scene.
Why are ya'all like this? Gamers are notoriously sexist, but other game communities aren't quite this gross. Lots (probably most) competitive, violent games have at least some sexist shit,but nowhere near as absurd as this. You don't see anywhere near this level of nonsense in mobas or shooters. You don't see those communities being openly thirsty about the costumes all the time. Guys, it's honestly pathetic.
And the irony is that people will defend it with the most ridiculous takes. "Well women don't play these games." Yeah, well look at the scene you've created. "The men are sexualized equally!" you can't be serious.
It's sad, SF6 looks like it's addressing a lot of what made me lose interest in 5 from a gameplay standpoint.
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2023.06.01 18:24 M_Tootles The Eminently Hoare-ish Lord Quellon Greyjoy (Spoilers Extended)

As I will never tire of pointing out, it's my belief that (seemingly endless) 'rhyming' recurrence is baked-in to and at the core of the Song we're reading — ASOIAF — as is foregrounded in A Feast For Crows, when Arianne explains House Toland's sigil to Ser Arys Oakheart by telling him "all things come round again". (AFFC The Soiled Knight)
We see this in the countless 'rhymes' between ASOIAF's invented histories (as conveyed in AWOIAF and Fire & Blood) and ASOIAF proper, and in the parallels and 'rhyming' reversals between the storylines and characters of ASOIAF and one another, which follow and extrapolate on the formula laid out for us when Areo Hotah foregrounds the 'rhyme' between himself and the aforemention Ser Arys:
The white knight. The captain frowned. Ser Arys had come to Dorne to attend his own princess, as Areo Hotah had once come with his. Even their names sounded oddly alike: Areo and Arys. Yet there the likeness ended. The captain had left Norvos and its bearded priests, but Ser Arys Oakheart still served the Iron Throne. (AFFC The Captain of Guards)
Here I want to dedicate a post solely to drawing attention to one such 'rhyme' — a 'rhyme' I've frequently pointed out in passing in service of this or that 'greater' point.
I want to talk about the fact that Quellon Greyjoy is very clearly written so as to seem "Hoare-ish": to be a Lord of the Iron Islands who recalls in various ways everything we're told about the Hoare kings of the Iron Islands.

The "Quellon Greyjoy" of A World of Ice & Fire

Consider first everything AWOIAF tells us about Quellon Greyjoy:
Near the end of Haereg's great work you will come to Lord Quellon Greyjoy, the wisest of the men to sit the Seastone Chair since Aegon's Conquest. A huge man, six and a half feet tall, he was said to be as strong as an ox and as quick as a cat. In his youth he earned renown as a warrior, fighting corsairs and slavers in the Summer Sea. A leal servant of the Iron Throne, he led a hundred longships around the bottom of Westeros during the War of the Ninepenny Kings and played a crucial role in the fighting around the Stepstones.
As lord, however, Quellon preferred to walk the road of peace. He forbade reaving, save by his leave. He brought maesters to the Iron Islands by the score, to serve as healers to the sick and tutors to the young; with them came their ravens, whose black wings would tie the isles to the green lands tighter than ever before.
It was Lord Quellon who freed the remaining thralls and outlawed the practice of thralldom on the Iron Islands (in this he was not wholly successful). And whilst he took no salt wives himself, he allowed other men to do so but taxed them heavily for the privilege. Quellon Greyjoy sired nine sons on three wives. His first and second wives were rock wives, joined to him with the old rites by a priest of the Drowned God, but his last bride was a woman of the green lands, a Piper of Pinkmaiden Castle, wed to him in her father's hall by a septon.
In this, as in much else, Lord Quellon turned away from the ancient and insular traditions of the ironborn, in hopes of forging stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. So strong a lord was Quellon Greyjoy that few dared speak openly against him, for he was known to be strong-willed and stubborn and fearsome in his wroth.
In short, Quellon Grejoy pretty much acted exactly like the historic kings of House Hoare.
How so?

Wives & The Faith

Where the Hoares "took maidens of [Andal] ilk to wife" and were proclaimed "ungodly" by the priests of the Drowned God for (among other things) tolerating and even welcoming the Faith of the Seven to the Iron Islands, Quellon not only wed a non-ironborn maiden of House Piper of the (formerly Hoare-ruled) Riverlands, but was wed to her by a septon of the Faith "in her father's hall" on mainland Westeros (rather than on the "holy islands" of the ironborn). These actions were surely seen as "ungodly" by the priests of the Drowned God.

Anti-Reaving & Pro Cultural and/or Commercial Exchange

Quellon "forbade reaving, save by his leave". Sounds like the Hoares:
The Hoare kings… discouraged the practice of reaving. And as reaving declined, trade grew. (TWOIAF)
(No, we're not explicitly told that "trade grew" under Quellon, but it is pretty much impossible to conclude that it didn't, given that Quellon was dedicated to "forging stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms" and to "[tying] the isles to the green lands tighter than ever before".)

Bringing In Outsiders

When Quellon "brought maesters to the Iron Islands by the score", it was an echo of the Hoares opening the Islands to the septons of the Faith:
[I]t was under the Hoares that the Faith of the Andals came to the Iron Islands for the first time. (TWOIAF)

Thralls & Salt Wives

Quellon "freed the remaining thralls and outlawed the practice of thralldom", while taking no salt wives and "heavily" taxing those who did.
Both the substance and verbiage of these policies 'rhyme' with those of Handsome Harmund Hoare, who banned reaving, "outlawed" salt wives and was about to "end the practice of thralldom" when he was overthrown by a priest-led rebellion. (TWOIAF)

Fearsome In Their Wroth

Quellon probably wasn't loved by all for his liberal policies, given the widespread influence of the Priests of Drowned God and the deep-seated ironborn predilcection for reaving and war, but…
…few dared speak openly against him, for he was known to be strong-willed and stubborn and fearsome in his wroth. (TWOIAF)
This, too, compares neatly with the Hoares:
Few of their subjects ever loved them, but many had good reason to fear their wroth. (TWOIAF)

Quellon & Qhorwyn Hoare

We're told that Quellon was "the wisest of the men to sit the Seastone Chair since Aegon's Conquest". Since the Hoares, then.
We're told that wise Lord Quellon raised taxes, "forg[ed] stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms" (surely entailing trade), and "spent most of his long reign avoiding war".
In these things he clearly 'rhymes' with "shrewd" (see: "wise"), "avaricious" (see: raising taxes) Qhorwyn Hoare, who "spent his entire reign… avoiding war":
A shrewd and avaricious king, Qhorwyn had spent his entire reign accumulating wealth and avoiding war. "War is bad for trade," he said….
Where King Qhorywn said "War is bad", but spent heavily preparing for it just in case, Quellon fought in "the War of the Ninepenny Kings" (get it? a war named after money…) but "as lord… preferred to walk the road of peace."

Forging Stronger — Hoare-ish — Bonds

Consider again the line about Quellon "forging stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms":
Lord Quellon turned away from the ancient and insular traditions of the ironborn, in hopes of forging stronger bonds between his own domains and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. (TWOIAF)
That line 'just so happens' to neatly embody the sigil of House Hoare, which depicts literal forged bonds — silver chains, like the "forged" chain of a maester, bound to serve — connecting symbols of the Arbor, Oldtown, Bear Island and the Iron Islands: that is, visually embodying the connection of and ties between the Iron Islands "and the rest of the Seven Kingdoms", so to speak.

'Rhyming' Youths

The one line describing Quellon's youth—
In his youth he earned renown as a warrior, fighting corsairs and slavers in the Summer Sea. (TWOIAF)
—'rhymes' with Qhorwyn Hoare's son Harwyn Hardhand's youth from TWOIAF:
A belligerent boy by all accounts, and third in the succession, Harwyn Hoare was sent to sea at an early age. He sailed with a succession of reavers in the Stepstones, visited Volantis, Tyrosh, and Braavos, became a man in the pleasure gardens of Lys, spent two years in the Basilisk Isles as a captive of a pirate king, sold his sword to a free company in the Disputed Lands, and fought in several battles as a Second Son.
But where "As lord… Quellon preferred to walk the road of peace" (like Qhorwyn), as King Qhorwyn's son…
Harwyn had no use for peace, but much and more for the arms and armor that his father forged.

Qhorwyn's Son & Quellon's Sons

Qhorwyn's son Harwyn was in that respect just like Quellon's son Balon, then, the story of whose youth is told in a manner whose form/structure is borrowed for Harwyn's story, above:
Balon the eldest and boldest, a fierce and fearless boy who lived only to restore the ironborn to their ancient glory. At ten he scaled the Flint Cliffs to the Blind Lord's haunted tower. At thirteen he could run a longship's oars and dance the finger dance as well as any man in the isles. At fifteen he had sailed with Dagmer Cleftjaw to the Stepstones and spent a summer reaving. He slew his first man there and took his first two salt wives. At seventeen Balon captained his own ship. (AFFC The Prophet)
At the same time the details of Qhorwyn's third son Harwyn's time spent abroad in Essos feel like they're also a recursive, 'rhyming' iteration of Quellon's third surviving son Euron's exile to Essos. (Where Harwyn was captive of a pirate king before returning home to overthrow his older brothers, Euron, a king who looks like a stereotypical "pirate" and who likely was "The Corsair King", seemingly overthrows his older brother and takes his brother Aeron captive.)
Qhorwyn's eldest son died of greyscale:
When Harwyn returned to the Iron Islands, he found his father Qhorwyn dying, and his eldest brother two years dead from greyscale.
Quellon's eldest son was likewise dying of greyscale—
Nine sons had been born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, the Lord of the Iron Islands. Harlon, Quenton, and Donel had been born of Lord Quellon's first wife, a woman of the Stonetrees. … Harlon [the eldest] he recalled but dimly, sitting grey-faced and still in a windowless tower room and speaking in whispers that grew fainter every day as the greyscale turned his tongue and lips to stone. (AFFC The Prophet)
—when Quellon's third surviving son Euron murdered him, recalling the fratricidal treachery that brought Qhorwyn's third son Hardhand to power:
A second brother still stood between Harwyn and the crown, and his sudden death even as the king was breathing his last remains a matter of dispute to this day. Those present at Prince Harlan's passing all declared his death accidental, the result of a fall from his horse, but of course it would have been worth their lives to suggest otherwise. Beyond the Iron Islands, it was widely assumed that Prince Harwyn was behind his brother's demise. Some claimed he had done the deed himself, others that Prince Harlan had been slain by a Faceless Man of Braavos. (TWOIAF)
That story of Harwyn's fratricidal treachery toward his older brother is also clearly contrived to 'rhyme' with what we've been told about Euron killing Balon to take power, right down to the older brother dying in a fall and the rumors that a Faceless Man was involved.
The detail about the brother dying "even as the king was breathing his last" reworks Euron murdering Harlon by "pinch[ing] his nose shut" so he could not breath. (TWOW The Forgotten)
The way Qhorwyn Hoare died "even as" his son died a "sudden death" 'rhymes' with Quellon's wife dying even "as the midwife drew a stillborn daughter from her womb". (The phrase "sudden death" evokes "sudden infant death syndrome".)

Summing Up TWOIAF & Its Hoare-esque Quellon

So clearly Quellon Greyjoy as described in TWOIAF is is blatantly Hoare-esque, not just because his policies recall (both in their substance and in how they are written about) those of the Hoare Kings but even inasmuch as certain actions of his children evoke the actions of Qhorwyn Hoare's Hoare sons. And clearly we're supposed to notice this.

The "Quellon Greyjoy" of ASOIAF Proper Is Also Hoare-esque. Or Rather: A Bit Whore-esque

If TWOIAF makes it abundantly clear that Quellon was Hoare-esque, AFFC makes it abundantly clear that Quellon was nothing if not a prolific sperm cannon, siring nine sons on three different wives:
Nine sons had been born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, the Lord of the Iron Islands. (AFFC The Prophet)
Nine sons had been born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, but only four had lived to manhood. (AFFC The Prophet)
Nine sons had been born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, and Victarion was the strongest of them, a bull of a man, fearless and dutiful. (AFFC The Prophet)
Nine sons were born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy, and I was the least of them, as weak and frightened as a girl. (AFFC The Prophet)
"Nine sons were born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy. One was mightier than all the rest, and knew no fear." (AFFC The Drowned Man)
It would seem that Quellon Greyjoy liked to have sex rather a lot . . . which might make him seem (to someone not perversely committed to language-policing in the name of said sex-positivity [or whatever]) like something of a whore (or 'man-whore' or whatever).
And thus it turns out that what we're told about Quellon in ASOIAF proper in its own way paints Quellon as every bit the figurative Hoare/whore that AWOIAF does.

Why Paint Quellon As A 'Hoare'/'Whore'?

The question, of course, is "to what end?"
Is it just a little joke? 'Ha ha, Quellon is Hoare-ish and whore-ish', and that's all there is to it?
One thing I will note apropos of that question: ASOIAF loves to use the term "whoreson". Once we're aware of the existence of House Hoare, though, the term makes us think of Hoare sons.
Could Quellon be a Hoare son, of sorts?
While we can presume Quellon's father was a Greyjoy, we have no idea who his mother was. Regardless of her family name, might she have descended from House Hoare, making Quellon a Hoare-ish Hoare son? Was she a Volmark? The Volmarks descend from Qhorwyn Hoare's daughteHardhand Hoare's sister—
Qhorin Volmark, a minor lord on Harlaw, was the first man to claim the kingship [after Aegon's conquest]. His grandmother had been a younger sister of Harwyn Hardhand. On the basis of that tie, Volmark declared himself the rightful heir of "the black line." (TWOIAF)
—and some say they are the "true heir[s] of the black line" of House Hoare:
"Tarle the Thrice-Drowned was heard to say that Maron Volmark is the true heir of the black line." (AFFC The Iron Captain)
Volmark is a callow boy, but he has Black Harren's blood in him through his mother. (AFFC The Reaver)
(It's unclear whether Victarion is thinking that Volmark's mother is a Hoare, or whether he is confusing and conflating the Volmark's older maternal Hoare lineage with the blood of Volmark's mother.)
Thus setting sex aside, the Volmarks may well be as much "Hoares" as they are "Volmarks".
So perhaps Quellon being Hoare-esque and a bit of a 'man-whore' might have something to do with his having a Volmark mother. Maybe that's what calling Maron Volmark "the true heir of the black line" is about: suggesting it's the Volmarks, not hte Greyjoys, who are truly 'Hoare-ish', notwithstanding that Quellon was a maternal Volmark and hence Hoare-ish.
Or maybe it's (also?) about something else . . .
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2023.06.01 18:24 Nickum1002 That was insane

Just had my first breakthrough dose. It was around 40mg.
I was pretty much instantly teleported to a room. It was black and white and everything was moving & interwoven. Very geometrical and intricate. I didn’t encounter any entities or have any major overarching messages.
It was really intense and I could feel the “ego” slipping away but I couldn’t seem to let go. I was nearly convinced that I was the room and not a human. But grasping on to reality kept me from letting go.
How common are entities in breakthrough doses? I’ve seen a small study done where it shows they’re very common but don’t show up 100% of the time. I’m curious about how often they show up in an individuals repeated breakthroughs(if that makes any sense)
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2023.06.01 18:24 MinimumArmadillo2394 Hey Shortsqueeze, Let's talk about Reddit's upcoming API changes

For the uninitiated:
tldr; On July 1st, Reddit is changing their API terms so large apps and services require $2,000,000 or more per month to run. 3rd party apps and services used to moderate and interact on mobile as well as protect communities like ours will no longer exist. RIF is fun, Reddit Entertainment Suite, and Apollo are expected to be impacted by this, for a short list. As a result, a mod strike is expected in the near future. If this happens, this subreddit will participate. If you see our subreddit go private, know it is in protest, nothing else.
Hey Redditors. It's me, MinimumArmadillo2394 here. I've been a mod on this platform across multiple accounts for a few years now. I've moderated small local communities that are for my local area and larger communities like this one. I've been on reddit for almost 10 years now, since highschool. Passions and interests of mine have grown and shrunk with things I've seen happen on this very platform. Software Development, creating bots, even creating small projects to solve real world problems have all come because of this website. I care deeply about the future of this platform as it's one of the few places where people can actually discuss things in long text on almost any subject that you could think would exist across the world.
For a while now (mainly since new reddit), Reddit has taken the stance of being somewhat anti-consumer. They've introduced issues with new reddit that weren't present with old reddit. They have introduced things that have completely contradicted the original visions for reddit by the founders. Visions for companies are allowed to change over time, but the recent decisions related to APIs have broken the trust in reddit to ever make the right decision.
First they started by hiding massive changes by no longer mentioning them in changelog. They opened up reddit to discuss these, which has been extremely silent since the news of the reddit API changes were released.
Then Reddit started taking away basic features like sorting your home feed. They put the sort option in the settings rather than a reasonably accessible place, then removed it later citing lack of use.
Over this time Reddit's video player has been destroyed and re-built, only for it to work poorly.
They've recently made analytics for moderators to see traffic on their site unavailable on anything but new reddit while their mobile app solution is coming soon™. This makes it harder for us to protect our community from brigading and spikes in spam.
Reddit created popular, which is all/best and has any NSFW content filtered out of it. Then they promptly banned NSFW content from all, thus removing the whole purpose of the distinction anyway.
Reddit has separated new.reddit and old.reddit content feeds, so subreddit changes (like sidebars, flairs, CSS changes, etc) need to be duplicated across eachother in order to remain consistent across all apps, clients, and devices.
Most recently Reddit has announced they are killing 3rd party apps and systems. They're not exactly pulling the trigger and stopping traffic, but they're making the costs for these apps unattainable for anything but a multi-million dollar business. Third party apps and extensions like redditisfun (Now known as RIF is fun due to a cease and deist) on Android, Reddit Entertainment Suite on web clients, and /apolloapp on Apple devices are now suffering with this change. In addition, services to protect the platform like u/BotDefense and PushShift which allows deeper integrations into reddit account history to make more informed moderation decisions and protect users against spam and illegal content. It's estimated that the current traffic on these apps would cost upwards of $2m per month, something none of these apps or services bring in, including reddit. Most of these apps have no price tag and have little to no advertisements. Reddit's estimated cost per user per month is 1/20 the size of these fees or just over $100k/mo. This is clearly just a cash grab to try and shut down apps that aren't official so Reddit can get ad-revenue on these "new" users.
Without these 3rd party apps and systems, [the main Apollo Dev mentions that] over 7000 moderators on over 20000 subreddits will be impacted by this. Reddit as a whole will change fundamentally, and this is just on one app. WSB mods like Opinion is Unpopular have stated that 95% of their moderation and interaction is through RIF is fun.
Reddit as a whole is under threat. The fire is coming from inside the house. I cannot let admins make a decision like this which would gut the entire platform.
As a result, there is expected to be a moderation strike. We are not paid individuals. Most of us are not compensated in any way for moderating subreddits we are passionate about (including me and Jimmi). However, with these changes, moderating will be extremely difficult and much less accessible to mods without a physical computer infront of them. The current mobile app is not ready for wide moderation use nor is it friendly to use. If our subreddit goes private, do not be alarmed. This API change is why. We here at shortsqueeze do not know when or even this this is happening, but we will participate if it happens.
If there are any other moderators here, I urge you to do the same on your subreddits, for the betterment of the platform you are helping to upkeep for free.
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