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2023.06.01 16:55 nsstatic Potty training SOS: What would you do?

My toddler (2 years, 8 months) is currently potty training and it is not going well.
We tried potty training using the Oh Crap method back at 22 months and decided to pause on day 3. It was just full meltdowns for hours a day. We left her little potty out and read potty-related books when requested, but haven't pushed any potty-related material up until this past weekend.
For a couple of weeks ahead of time, we told her things like, "Starting on X day, you're going to get to learn to use the potty! Are you so excited?" She seemed so ready!
Then on Saturday, we got started and holy hell she hates it. We're mostly bare-bottoming it, because when we put potty-training undies or actual undies on her, she always pees in them. The whole week has been fighting, fighting, and more fighting. Every time we mention the potty, she yells, "ME NO WANT TO PEE OR POOP IN THE POTTY!" While we don't normally use a reward system, we've established one for this. (One Skittle for trying, two for a pee in the potty, and a lollipop for pooping) Even with that though, she's fighting us at every opportunity. Last night, at bedtime, she said, "I made everybody sad today." I didn't even think we were projecting our frustrations, but I guess we were?
She's one of the most stubborn toddlers I've ever encountered. No matter how fun we try to make things, she puts up a consistent fight for tasks she doesn't want to complete, such as teeth brushing. I don't see there being a time when she suddenly decides that she's ready for the potty like some toddlers do.
What would you do here? Would you add another pause, switch to a more casual approach, or push through and just deal with the fights?
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2023.06.01 16:54 Previous-Fun-4152 How I hit Master Rank on just my 4th day playing!

How I hit Master Rank on just my 4th day playing!
Games played = 146 Win Rate = 60.2%
To start I feel I should let you guys know I came into this game with years of moba experience mainly with league of legends. Ive hit master rank in LoL PC and grand master on LoL wild rift a few years ago.
Downloaded and started playing the game three days ago. Got hooked immediately. I have an addictive personality so l've been going pretty hard and will be taking a break for a few days now lol.
Played all my games solo but it was still a really enjoyable experience most of the time.
Surprisingly though I found the quality of games got worse the higher I climbed. A lot more trolls/ego's causing pointless chaos.
Now for the tips I have for other new players trying to climb ranked
The biggest tip I have is to 1 trick
I suggest sticking to one character as often as possible. Ideally a high tier character AND one you enjoy.
I’ve always loved Charizard and he’s one of the better characters but is by no means S tier. So don’t worry too much about tier lists. But definitely try not to pick a character with a poor win rate unless they have a high skill ceiling.
Besides that it really is just the classic moba rules
  • learn matchups/counter-play
  • don’t tilt - be consistent
  • be locked in early
  • always ask yourself what you could do better game to game
  • play easy meta characters when your mechanics are off
  • only fill in holes if your team roles are severely under balanced
  • never give up
  • watch mini map constantly
  • always be on time for team fights/obj’s
  • don’t greed
  • identify high priority targets/carrys for both teams game to game
  • almost always fight when you have number advantage
  • steal enemy jungle camps and deny xp
The only other huge tip I have is to learn how to last hit. Especially Rayquaza. ALWAYS TRY TO STEAL RAYQUAZA. You can win many games you have no business winning.
ALSO sometimes the best offense is a good defense! If you’re up 5 circle things to 3. You don’t have to risk dying trying to score. Just keep farming experience and extend your xp lead while defending your zones. Keep defending and farming until obj team fight time. Make sure to have your unite move in those moments.
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2023.06.01 16:54 Dry_Comfortable_6989 100 Kills Part 1

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2023.06.01 16:54 kingspiffyyy Stuck in Silver Was previously Plat. Happening to anyone else?

Hello i am currently stressed out with how my competitive journey is going in overwatch and I’m a bit confused. For context i was Plat 3 last season but currently stuck between Silver 3-1 on all roles. I have over 230 hours in the game so i am pretty well versed on movements, placement and overall gameplay.
Lately i have been playing with team mates who have not been good . They either leave the game or just dont get kills and have no damage. I primarily play tank and usually do anywhere from 13-18k damage a game with 30+ elims but still cant win due to either bad tanks pushing and dying, Other DPS who cant land a shot or supports who wish they were DPS. I know what everyone is going to say “You are there because you deserve to be” yeah yeah but here is what is confusing me. Most of the time i do play with at least 2 friends. We play almost every match together but they are ranked diamond and high gold. We play at the same level get the same wins/loses and they rank up but i stay the same. Its hard to win against a team who plays their roles when you have teammates who claim “its my first game of the day” , troll, leave etc. I’m sorry for rambling just a bit frustrated. WHAT DO I DO?
when i play support i usually do 10-20k and 6-10k damage depending on the support, and with DPS 10-15k
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2023.06.01 16:54 videogame_retrograde As someone who worked in F2P/Mobile games, the BB change is concerning as it seems like a classic "Pain Point" strategy

From my time working in F2P and Mobile games a change like the BB change that was announced would be called a "Pain Point"
Pain points are changes to these games to inflict pain in such a way that the player feels obligated to spend money to alleviate their pain. It's very successful, it is a reason why many of those games make companies millions or billions.
This kind of game design is troubling when I worked in the games as as service industry. It's taking the levers that games use to reward our brains to instead inflict pain. It's incredibly successful, I know of instances where changes like this have actually killed whales for video games, because it slowly bankrupted them. I don't think this will happen with Hunt, however the other ramification is one I do see happening, which is it slowly kills your DAU over time.
People should be concerned because this kind of design doesn't end here, it continually looks for other areas of the game that has happiness or complaints (seriously how much of the subreddit are people complaining about the quests? That's like chum in the water to a mobile PM) in its design so that pain can be added to it for money.
I think this is concerning because it is a sign of what is to come. This goes through and the community accepts it, you will see more monetized pain points in Hunt.
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2023.06.01 16:53 juffp SPAC tickets on lot

Hello heads! SPAC 6/17 is sold out but there a bunch of overpriced resale tickets for lawn. I can’t justify spending $200 on a lawn ticket, been striking out on COT… but I really want to get to this show!! This will probably be my last chance to see this band that changed my life in so many beautiful ways!
What do you think my chances of finding a ticket on the lot are? It’s a 5hr drive, but I’m gonna make a little camping adventure out of it, so worst case I’ll hang out on the lot if I don’t get in. Any advice?
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2023.06.01 16:53 Ill-Head-7043 First adventure went great.

Thanks to everyone here, my first adventure went great. All of your advice really helped with things. This is now officially my favorite gaming subreddit, since instead of basically calling me a n00b and telling me to 'Git Good,' or otherwise mocking me to shit for being new, or just downvoting me to shit, y'all were friendly and actually gave me advice.
As for what I went with and how things went: -The story: Rewrote a Dark Heresy 1e adventure, Edge of Darkness, into a 1920s Cthulhu adventure changing the victim from an underhive ganger killed by a Heretical Implant to an Irish Mafioso that was ritually sacrificed and dumped in the heart of an Irish Ghetto by a cult ran out of a Catholic Medical Charity, the setting from a hive's Habblock to an Irish Ghetto of Boston.
-The hook: The PCs were residents of Arkham, a professor of Anthropology and his friends, brought in as consultants to help the investigation.
-How the Story Went: The PCs started their investigation arriving by train and getting taken to their motel by a police liason to dump their bags before being taken to the Morgue. Examining the body showed post-mortem tattooed eldritch runes that the Professor could not identify and the ME's report showed that the heart was cut out while he was still alive and replaced with an altar idol.
After the examination, the characters went to visit the victim's sister, who sang at her brother's speakeasy. She revealed that the Italians had recently tried to make a move on the speakeasy, and that the Catholic charity had made an offer onto the building. After a trip back to Arkham to translate at Miskatonic, and nearly causing a gang war and narrowly avoiding getting whacked by a made man while chasing the red herring (The Made Man's wife was a Strega pagan-style witch), they discover that the sister was last seen with the Catholic Priest (The Cult Leader's lieutenant), when he came by looking to collect alms for the Catholic Medical Charity.
Breaking into the charity's building, they found a damaged copy of the Necronomicon in the doctor's private office, as well as a journal. Heading downstairs, they discovered a charnal house's worth of pickled organs, bones, and muscles. Whereas in the original story the BBEG was a chiurgion/heretek testing heretical implants, in this version, he was a doctor trying to build his dead son a new body and bring him back from the dead. Promising to do the same his cult's loved ones, he raised them from among those who were grieving their dead.
The sister is to be sacrificed to kickstart the body's new heart, which the PCs managed to arrive just in time to interrupt. As they fight their way to the Doctor, he stabs the sister in the heart and the body arises as a zombie. Two characters fail their madness checks, and a third failed their corruption check. Escaping, they barricade the basement entrance and burn down the building.
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2023.06.01 16:52 Mtnskydancer Dirty or clean fasting concepts in shorter IF

Do you personally have a concept of dirty fasting v clean fasting in OMAD or shorter?
I’ve always had it in the back of my head, and the sugar in coffee/will this break a fast questions always make me think about dirty fasting (which I know as 50 cals or less per day, I’m positive there are many numbers in play), and I wonder for the weight loss only folks, if they see this as an option.
So I’ll ask us all to chime in.
My view is I’m fasting to retrain snacking habits and for hormone levels (focus on insulin and developing the sensitivity into a safe zone), so I’m just undoing my wait.
Not a big deal, but not optimal. At the same time, I take a few supplements in the morning when I wake, and the fillers could add up to 10 cal or so. Making my fast “dirty.” Again not a deal breaker, but maybe it puts the brakes on slightly. Overall my A1C is trending downward, away from the danger line. (I was approaching prediabetic after some dumb choices for too long a time)
My general attitude to what I do is, I could do a bit better, and dirty isn’t serving my goal. But I’m still slimming down. A tertiary goal.
What about you?
Why did you take up IF, do you allow any measurable calories, and how’s that going?
Especially interested in those who didn’t increase activity significantly!
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2023.06.01 16:51 betrayedbuttrying When do I stop being an anxious paranoid mess?

It's been around 50 days since D-day. I'm still very regularly checking all his socials, seeing if he followed anyone new. Checking their profiles. Stalking his AP. Randomly getting that feeling in my gut that something isn't right.
He's sorry, he's doing better. If I ask to look at his phone he hands it to me.
There's still a lot of problems. Our relationship wasn't perfect before and it certainly isn't now. Every argument, disagreement, problem etc turns into a huge ordeal. He freaks out and starts crying and talking about how he's "never gonna be good enough" and says he should kill himself. My feelings about whatever started the problem never matter because he completely loses it every time. Last time I didn't appreciate something he did, he cried and freaked out and everything for 7 hours. My feelings never get addressed, he just loses it. It's always been bad, but it's gotten so much worse since everything happened. He's petrified I'm going to pack his things and tell him to get out the moment I'm upset about something and just spirals.
Our communication sucks even though I try so hard. He gets complacent so quick.
He'll never let me leave. I've tried packing his things and telling him to go numerous times. He just sobs and bawls and hits himself and threatens suicide and begs for however long it takes for me to give in and let him stay. I've tried everything. Being scarily calm and cold, screaming (I had never yelled at a partner before in my life.), crying, begging him to just let me go but he won't.
I've accepted that this is it. He's never going anywhere. So how do I make the paranoia and anxiety go away? How do I work through it so I can just get through my work day without feeling like I'm going to puke and obsessively checking things?
Please help me
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2023.06.01 16:51 Cold_Communication60 am i in the wrong or is my mum

so it all started 2 days ago when i called my mum out on how it isn't normal to feel uncomfortable when she shows affection and stuff and about how she gaslights me like for example i asked her to get something from the shops and she said it wasn't a problem and when she came home and forgot to she said "i told you to remind me". This has happened many times before. Other things have also happened like for example it all turned into an argument and as of now she has come in my room 3 times soo far.
the first time, she apologised for the 1000th time and started saying how she's sorry and stuff even after on text she was invalidating my feelings by saying shit like "im sorry you feel that way" and "you are the one who is always hurt" on messages.
The 2nd time she came back and started talking about how i've always rejected her efforts to spend time with her
and just now. The third time she started saying things like "but it's okay i'll work my ass off so you can go out with friends and spend money" and "while you wake up late go out or study all day without thinking about the rest of the family" she also started talking about how i apparently have bad relationships with other family members like my grandad when in reality im pretty sure he's just a hothead and gets angry. She also started talking about how she can't wait to see me as a father so that i can see how i'll mirror what they were doing. She was also talking about how bad her childhood was compared to mine and how i always see myself as the victim and how i always blame others when this is one of the few times i've ever stood up for myself like this. Another things she said was "not once do you ever think about asking me if i need help with something"
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2023.06.01 16:51 Comfortable-Bat-4072 A Practical Tourist Guide to Pyrrhia. Part 3: Wallowing with the Mudwings

Dear tourists of all types, today we are here on a special visit to the Mud Kingdom to start our lessons on the single tribes of Pyrrhia.

As you may have understood from the flyer delivered to you before the visit, today we are here to talk about the Mudwings, Brown Dragons, Swamp Dragons or whatever you want to call them.

(Disclaimer: due to various problems with the sources received, some information may be outdated or incorrect. The Mudwings public and any other species or tribe are asked not to be offended but to report various errors to the reception - the comments. Our director will take care to send apology letters and correct. Thank you for your support)

Mudwings are by far the largest and most massive tribe on the entire continent, thanks to the large amount of muscle mass, adapted to move in the difficult swampy environment.
They're easy to recognize by their Gigachad-like square jaw, armor-like scales, and brown, very brown colors (there are many shades of brown, but it's always brown).
They are, in biological terms, very close relatives of Skywings and Icewings, notable by the shape of the wings (no patagium attached to the body).

Their powers and abilities are very similar to what a human being would imagine thinking of the word "dragon".
In fact they are incredibly strong and resistant to blows and can breathe fire (only in hot environments, for adaptive factors). They also have amphibious capabilities such as being able to hold their breath for exactly one hour (not a second more or less).
Furthermore, they are the only species capable of withstanding fire. Or at least, some of them. Mudwings hatched from a blood-red egg have great heat resistance on their scales (up to 1500°C, don't ask where we got this data from), but they can still get burned if the wound is too deep or too extensive. There is no genetic correlation between red eggs and two normal Mudwings will still lay a blood red egg.

Since they're unlucky and it didn't serve the plot, they don't have Animus.

The Mudwings company is peculiar.
In fact, these dragons live in well separated social groups, made up of brothers and brood mates. They are born together and take care of each other, staying together for life. A Mudwings without a group can still join another group or create one with other outcasts like him (no offense)
At birth, the parents leave the unattended nest and the cubs are already independent of them, since they base their survival on the help of brothers and sisters.
The first born of the group is usually the leader ("Bigwings", which denotes a particular lack of imagination for names without the word "wings") and helps the other eggs to hatch (absolutely dangerous, not to be done at home).
Sibling love is so high that the Mudwings queens trust their group more than their advisors, and we've never heard of queens being challenged by their own sisters (but I'm pretty sure it's happened sometime in 5,000-odd years ).

Mudwings houses are bizarre egg-shaped dormitories that one would say, "Aren't they kinda small for a dragon?", only to find entire groups living inside a single one. In these safe dormitories mothers lay their eggs, making a last charitable gesture to the puppies before abandoning them to their fate.

The Mud Kingdom is a huge swamp east of Pyrrhia, next to the Sky Kingdom and above the rainforest. It extends to the Diamond Spray River Delta (in the north, where the lower class Mudwings live) and exists for the many emissaries of the river.
A kilometer swamp of mud, weeds, water reeds, gurgling rivers and small clods of earth on which sad trees grow. The proliferation of mosquitoes exceeds the limits allowed by the WHO, so diseases such as malaria and yellow fever abound among the few humans who live here.
Animals like hippos, alligators and snakes abound, although some talk about crocodiles as big as full-grown dragons (isn't a dragon essentially a crocodile as big as a dragon in fact?).

-For new Mudwings groups, there is a practical PDF format that can be downloaded from the Human-Dragon Interspecies Government Body website (Languages and Names section) with numerous tips on how to live in peace with your group

Thanks to all our dear tourists for your attention and participation.
See you at the next guide with "Tribe of Pyrrhia: Skydiving with Skywings"
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2023.06.01 16:51 AntonioS3 Main Story Chapter 11 Summary: Grand Sea Return

Previous chapter:
In this chapter, the Wanderer and Nemesis return to Mirroria to rest for tomorrow's meeting with Archon Larsen. Nemesis comments that she still cares about the Angels of Clemency, and the MC replies that she will be fine though comments on her confidence.
Later, after the meeting which didn't have much besides Lan and Archon Larsen telling each other what they knew about the entities, MC and Nemesis goes to the security room and catch up a bit with Ruby as well. Lin talks to Rubilia privately; she has finally obtained a device that would interfere with the Hive Mother's ability to see through her eyes, though Lyra needs to test the effects by being near Ruby, who is a Grayspace entity. Rubilia is still determined to go to the Confounding Abyss and find answers there, meanwhile Ruby has kept her promises made toward Lin, in fact she even exclaims that if she grew up then she would be able to do missions with her as well.
Lin gets a call from Fiona, the abyss current has gotten less stable and they need to figure out a plan. So they go to Innars after saying bye to Ruby. At Innars, from Fiona's words, the Mooke Squad says that the entities has become active recently. Lan is worried that the areas can become abyss current at any time due to distortions in timespace. Rubilia wonders if the timestamp from the Nine Realms is related to the black stone due to the similar materials, which can be found in the Abyss, though 9R people refer to it as the black jade, a byproduct of another civilization.
Rubilia guesses that the Abyssant can exert influence on the spacetime barrier, though suspects that the spacetime in underwater was always unstable, and thus suggests to create a cause or effect by bringing the energy with her Grayspace abilities.
At there, she can feel the surge of energy inside the current, and the Hive Mother calling out to its offspring to rescue it. Therefore, the other Executors go to protect her as she works her energy through the current, after a few minutes of combat, Rubilia manages to turn the abyss current into a kind of portal. They return to Breezy Isle to hear from Ms. Lyra, who says that it is a result of the manipulation of spacetime. Lan proposes to use the timestamp which allows them to unlock the entrance to the ruins, though after entering they seem to lose contact with Lyra, with their devices malfunctioning.
The device seems to react to Lan's timestamp which means they are connected, and she mentions that there is the same device in Nine Realms. Afterward, they see a mirror, but it doesn't seem to imitate their actions... rather,, due to the distortions in the timespace, the mirrors are showing the events of a few minutes later, as well as the events that happened a few seconds ago. After activating a few mechanisms, the statue in the middle opens up along with totems; it looks to be part of an alien civilization, but they don't know what one, regardless Rubilia suggests that they can use what was left behind.
Another totem later, Lin suggests that the totems could actually be recording the development of the Mirroria and Vera people, in which case they will need to prepare for that day. The next totem seems to have the implication of the development and evolutions of the Grayspace entities in line with their knowledge. But Lan comments that she has seen the pattern before, interpreting it as suppression or sealing, Rubilia thinks the totems might either have functions or are just summaries. (The MC complains that they want a simpler explaination...)
However, after opening the last puzzle, the puzzles suddenly come in place, and they are transported back outside. Unexpectedly, Hanlu has news regarding the development of the spacetime fluctations and Lyra comments that it is improving steadily. At the zone, Hanlu says there was a kind of neutralization of the energy, making it possible to close the current with the timestamp or even transform it into a celestial gate to their needs, though Lan thinks it is risky. But she waves farewell for now as he goes to investigate it, while the group return to report their findings to Larsen.
Later, Lin takes Ruby to Innars to let her come along and see the exhibition of the fishes, though Gunonno seems to trouble Fiona, since the physical girl doesn't really get to play with others due to parents not allowing children to play with her. Lin decides to try something different, asking Ruby for a plan. Ruby decides to ask Gunonno to come down, and the latter does, thinking the flame girl wants to come on adventures with her. She explains about the shark, about its characteristics, about being gulped down and exploring its stomach (Uh, slow down, Gunonno...) Lin does seem glad that Ruby is making friends, though she will have to explain the truth to her in a future time.
Seeing how the two children are bonding, Fiona wants Ruby to come over more often, though Lin hopes she doesn't get sick of her too quickly. Shirli likes the tour too, and Li nshows gratitude to MC and Shirli for the help with grayspace entities. After taking a photo shoot, they say bye to Fiona, and Lin takes back Ruby to Mirroria, hoping for good news from Hanlu regarding Nine Realms.
And thus, this concludes the Vera arc. In the next chapter, the group will connect into the Nine Realm arc. If you have any new theories or lore about this one, feel free to share.
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2023.06.01 16:51 Suzy-Skullcrusher If there’s one thing I’ve learned about dating is

That if a guy can’t text me every day then it’s going to bother me and it will never not bother me. I need consistent communication so it doesn’t matter how kind he is, how genuine he seems, how good of an excuse he has, how apologetic he is, or how many great qualities he has. All that matters is his behavior hurts me and either he needs to stop doing the thing that hurts me or I need to leave. Because at the end of the day my feelings don’t give the slightest of a singular fuck what this guy’s excuse is. This is especially true because I’ve only been in long distance relationships so that make communication even more important than it already is
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2023.06.01 16:51 pruvias how many uwhirl questions per day?

im testing in mid-july and was wondering, how many uwhirl questions should i aim to get through in a day? so far i have 2804 unused questions.
should i be doing question sets by subject (ex: 10 questions of bio, 10 questions of biochem, 10 questions of behavioral sciences, etc)?
this would also count reviewing the questions in depth as well and making anki flashcards of concepts i didn't know/got wrong.
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2023.06.01 16:51 Pristine-Cookie-2172 Alcoholic spouse

I've been scouring through posts looking for someone with a similar situation. Many of you have tolerated much more and stayed the course. I'm feeling drained and I'm feeling guilty that I'm feeling drained. Like I need to be there for my struggling husband. The positives: he is a very successful professional and an amazing provider to our family. To outsiders our life looks wonderful. He is a workaholic and does not spend a lot of time with his family. A demon I've accepted because he works so hard- a demon in itself. I bust butt at home with the kids and home and working part time and he busts his butt working- he is the main provider.
My husband has always had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. Its how he copes with his stress. We've been married for 15 years. He's always been a weekend drinker, so to speak. He binges and acts like an emotional angry wreck when he drinks liquor. I've banned him from drinking around me and the kids long ago. So he drinks at his office alone. Beer is milder but beer always leads to liquor eventually. He's tried AA in the past and admitted alcoholism. It's a slow progression. He has a big bad night where he drinks too much and blacks out and there is usually a fight or run in with me or a friend. He is apologetic and backs away from alcohol for a while or a few months. Then a beer here and there, everything is ok... but then he starts back up with the liquor and within a few months there is another big bad night. He even stopped drinking for 5 years- yay- success, right? Liquor came back with a vengeance this past year and he just earned his first aggravated DWI. (Enter big bad night) I had been warning him that he shouldn't be driving and it's going to be a huge problem. Well he finally got caught. Now he is paying the legal price. He is willingly going to AA (that I have to drive him to for 30 days because he has a conditional license), he is sober and is promising to stay sober forever. Can he do it? Stay sober forever? Because I'm feeling like I've had enough. Its like a rinse, wash, repeat scenerio. Our kids are 10 and 12 now and it's getting harder to hide the bad things about dad lately. But we are. This is fresh and right now, I'm mad. But maybe this is really it. Maybe it's sobriety from here on out...
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2023.06.01 16:51 Financial_Classic_32 Scared i wont get anything i actually need from my baby shower

I have 17 days left until my baby shower, and so far the only things that have been purchased off of my registry have been from both of our parents/grandparents 🙃 i feel bad saying it because i am so so thankful for everything that we will get regardless, but i know people have a bad habit of buying cute little baby clothes instead of buying the boring things we really need from the registry. Again im soo grateful, but i REALLY do not need more clothes. We have So. Many. Clothes. Like so many that i just took three bags to Once upon a child because we quite literally do not have the room/ it would be impossible for him to wear all of the clothes we have been given even if he was going through 5 outfits a day. Did any of you experience this?? It makes me so anxious because I spent so much time, thought, and research into putting a registry together and all i hear is what cute outfits people have picked out for him. Im really really hoping i end up getting things i need. I just foresee how expensive things are going to get so quickly for us if we have to go rebuy all the necessities 😭
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2023.06.01 16:50 OneHourRetiring Unscientific comparison of savings in r/retirement sub

I went back and updated the table I created on u/scftnsguy4 's post "What is your age and how much do you have saved for retirement" (about four months ago), updated with the last entry from margot6767. Yes, this is very unscientific and from like-minded savers who were willing to put their information down. Yes, this is not your father's Vanguard or Fidelity studies (only 140 data points).
Averages are as follows: (total amount for each age group is computed by taking mid savings of each grouping and multiply by number of entries, ex: (30-39 for B) = $150k *4 = $800k); then the average of each age group is taken across all savings groupings.
20-29: $700k (this group's number was skewed up by the last two entries of >$2M savings)
30-39: $701k
40-49: $1.287M
50-59: $1.384M
60-69: $1.307M
As with Vanguard's and other studies, the prodigious savers move the averages upwards. Taking the means (middle numbers) would be a better representation; however, actual savings were not provided. The 40-49, 50-59 and 60-69 age groups are where the majority are prolific savers reside which correlate well with the expectation of higher salaries and the awareness of upcoming, impending retirement? Since the upper end is not defined and thus only $2M is being used as the lowest savings and thus the averages are not quite as skewed. Needless to say, interesting data from like-minded folks on this sub.
Credit for the original post goes to u/scftnsguy4 .
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2023.06.01 16:50 derpityda NC is crazy because it feels like a battle between you and your ex’s willpower

Only in week 2 of NC and so far so good for me (I’ve had practice with other relationships).
It gets me thinking though why isn’t my ex reaching out? Why does it feel like they are doing NC too?
I can’t know what he’s thinking but as we were distant before the breakup I like to think the relief stage is moving quicker than typical. His friends say he’s been grumpy and withdrawn. I guess there’s a possibility he’s in stage 2 of curiosity and preoccupation, but this stage is confusing to me.
If they’re past feeling relief, and they are thinking about you, why don’t they reach out then? Why does it take more time for them to get into the “oh shit I could lose this person” phase? Are they still sort of expecting you to reach out? What is their thought process of them thinking about you but not willing to reach out yet? How long does this phase usually last?
Anyways, it helps me to journal like this Reddit so thank you for giving me this space. Comments appreciated :)
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2023.06.01 16:50 ranestonet Sunforger canvas waterproofing advice

Greetings! With summer upon us comes the opportunity to attend camping events! I have a yurt with a sunforger canvas which I would like to do maintenance on. Sunforger is not a type of canvas, but rather a type of silicone waterproofing for canvas. I noticed water drips the last time it was used, so am looking for solutions to retreat it but don't know for sure which products to use. Some anecdotal debate exists about which types of products go well with sunforger, so wanted to ask the community their thoughts.
What's a good waterproofing spray solution for Sunforger treated canvas?
Will the waterproofing also seal the seams, or do I need a separate product? There are many yards of seams, and seam sealer usually only comes in teensy nail polish sized bottles; is there a better option?
Thank you for your consideration and knowledge!
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2023.06.01 16:50 Bee_Reel Are there any players on the roster who you feel like don’t fit Monty Williams “system”?

Monty seemed to get the most out of Suns players and his firing seems to just be a knee jerk reaction (because somehow every coach of the year didn’t make adjustments in the playoffs according to users online).
Do you feel like there is any player on the roster that NEEDS/would want to be traded because they won’t be able to get with the new coaching program? Last season I didn’t see too many egos flair up so I’d like to think our roster doesn’t really undergo any extreme losses and only will add players this offseason.
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2023.06.01 16:50 girl0888 please help

I will seem like the most entitled person in the whole entire world but pls help:((( I've been in uni for 300 years and I've been failing so much and so hard. I was depressed majority of my life and I started therapy about two years ago and I tried antidepressants and they made me feel worse lol and then I freestyled and stopped them. I took a add assessment and my dr said she cant diagnose me with adhd because I cant recall how I behaved as a child, and then I talked with my psychiatrist and was then finally put on adhd meds this may and I moved out to the dorms (this may) too so I can at least be done with my 200 assignments and focus on my studies because I am 26 (27 in a few days) I honestly dont know if this is the community for this but I still live with my family because this is how it is in our culture. and its so hectic and toxic at home so I managed to move. being on add meds made me feel so productive I would work and work and work for 8 hours or more a day and my problem is I get stuck at questions and feel the need to research the hell out of them and then now its 200 days past the deadline. I was already given 3944 days to submit and so far I have only 1 assignment of the 9 completed. the rest are all half done I dont know what to do with myself. I really love my major and I wish I moved out sooner and that I was on meds earlier but I couldn't and I wasn't. im glad I am now but it doesn't even matter because I still didn't submit my assignments they hold a gigantic percentage of the total grade and I really want to submit them so I can focus on studying for my finals. I tried studying last year without submitting them but it is such a slim to zero chance of passing without them. I really dont know what to do with myself. I really cant cut my losses either but even when I try to make time blocks for each assignment I find myself nowhere near done when the time is over. pls help I really cant stand me
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2023.06.01 16:50 twattyprincess Question for anyone who studied S209

Wondering just how difficult this is as a first second stage module? And also whether you feel it would be manageable to study at the same time as my last level 1 (S112)?
I WFH and do a very easy job which leaves me with plenty of free time. Also have no kids or other commitments. I really want to crack on with full time study.
Thank you for any responses!
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