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2023.05.28 04:46 InvaderWeezle The leading receiver of each division every year since the merger
Breakdown by number of different players on each team:
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2023.05.28 04:03 juansolo298 (selling): Shazam 2 4K, Shrek collection, John Wick 4K, Mission Impossible 4K, Captain America 4K, Mission Impossible 4K, Minions, Kung Fu Panda, Lilo and Stitch, Zootopia 4K, Snow White

Payment method - PayPal
1.- 12 Monkeys 4K (MA): $4
2.- 3 From Hell 4K (iTunes only): $4
3.- Arrival from 2016 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
4.- Baywatch from 2017 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
5.- Boyhood HD (Vudu only - split): $3
6.- Captain America trilogy 4K First AvengeWinter SoldieCivil War (iTunes splits - will port in 4K): $15
7.- Carol ‘15 HD (Vudu only): $3
8.- Crawl HD (Vudu only - split): $3
9.- Deepwater Horizon 4K (iTunes only): $3
10.- Doctor Strange from 2016 + Multiverse of Madness HD (Google Play splits - will port): $6
11.- Frozen HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
12.- Ghost in the Shell live action 4K (iTunes only): $4
13.- I, Frankenstein HD (Vudu or iTunes only): $3
14.- John Wick 1/2/3 4K (iTunes only): $12
15.- Kung Fu Panda trilogy HD (MA): $10
16.- Lady and the Tramp HD (MA - split): $5
17.- Lilo & Stitch 1 + 2 HD (MA - splits): $10
18.- Love & Mercy HD (Vudu only): $4
19.- Lucy HD (MA): $3
20.- Maleficent 1 + 2 HD (Google Play splits - will port): $6
21.- Minions ‘15 HD (MA): $3
22.- Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation 4K (Vudu or iTunes only): $5
23.- Mission: Impossible 6 - Fallout 4K (Vudu or iTunes only): $5
24.- Noah ‘14 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
25.- Pet Sematary remake HD (Vudu only - split): $3
26.- R.I.P.D. ‘13 HD (MA): $3
27.- Shazam 2 Fury of the Gods 4K (MA): $10
28.- Shrek 1-4 HD (MA): $12
29.- Silent Night, Deadly Night 3-Film Collection HD (Vudu only): $9
30.- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs HD (Google Play split - will port): $5
31.- Star Wars Force Awakens + Last Jedi + Rise Skywalker sequel trilogy 4K (iTunes split - will port in 4K): $12
32.- Star Wars Rogue One HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
33.- Stillwater ‘21 HD (MA): $5
34.- Suburbicon ‘17 HD (Vudu only - split): $3
35.- The Perks of Being a Wallflower HD (Vudu or iTunes only): $3
36.- Thor: Love & Thunder HD (Google Play split - will port): $3
37.- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets HD (Vudu only): $3
38.- Zootopia 4K (MA split - Disney points included): $6
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2023.05.28 03:49 IonicBreezeMachine Freddie as F. R. O.7 (aka Freddie the Frog) (1992) review

A messy and confusing family fantasy James Bond spoof that has clear effort, but lack of structure or direction.
In Medieval France, a young prince named Frederic (Edmund Kingsley) is taught by his father the Magician King (Michal Hordern) various spells and lives a happy life with him. Unbeknownst to Frederic and the King, the King's jealous sister, Messina (Billie Whitelaw), is planning to kill the king and usurp the power of the throne having already arranged for the death of Frederic's mother some year's back using her black magic. Messina disguises herself as a serpent and scares the King's horse and the King dies as a result of her actions. Messina is left as the kingdom's ruler with Frederic as his ward til he comes of age, but Messina uses her magic to transform Frederic into a frog and reveals her true intentions. Frederic is saved by a chance encounter with the Loch Ness monster, Nessie (Phyllis Logan), and Messina is forced to retreat. Sometime later Frederic has grown (now voiced by Ben Kingsley) and is now the French Secret Serivde's top secret agent Freddie aka F. R. O.7. Britain is beset by a series of disappearances of its most famous monuments and with the British Secret Service lacking in manpower, its head Brigadier G (Nigel Hawthorne) requests the French government loan Freddie to them. Freddie is teamed with two other agents, martial artist Daffers (Jenny Agutter) who also has a crush on Freddie, and weapons inventor Scotty (John Sessions). As the group investigate the disappearance of the monuments they come to discover the culprits are a criminal organization known as The Snake which is lead by Freddie's aunt Messina and her husband El Supremo (Brian Blessed) who are bent on taking over Britain using the latent energy hidden within its monuments with grander sights on world domination.
Freddie as F. R. O.7 (aka Freddie the Frog) was one of many animated films released throughout the 90s that tried to capitalize on the revised interest in theatrical animation that began in the 80s with Don Bluth's films An American Tail and Land Before Time and exploded with the likes of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and The Little Mermaid. While many animated Disney films were massively successful such as Aladdin which became the highest grossing film of 1992, non-Disney productions tended to struggle with misfires like Ferngully: The Last Rainforest and An American Tail: Fivel Goes West failing to light any fires at the box office, or foreign animations like Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, The Princess and the Goblin, or The Magic Voyage primed for international appeal only to fizzle out due to either distribution problems or production issues. South London-based Hollywood Road Films was an independent animation studio whose writeproducedirector Jon Acevski based the film off the bedtime stories he'd tell his child about the adventures his stuffed animal frog toy had and unfortunately that becomes really apparent. While as an animated production it doesn't carry the same weight and polish as contemporary Disney productions or even Amblimation movies of the time like Fivel Goes West or We're Back, it does look a cut above some animated features I've seen, but the script is a mess and there's only so much that the bevy of high profile British talent can bring to get a purse from a Sow's ear.
To describe the plot of Freddie as F. R. O.7 (or Freddie the Frog as it was called in the SGE re-edit in 1995) is akin to describing a fever dream. What starts in a typical "fairy tale kingdom" goes to a jazzy community of anthropomorphic frogs, which in turn goes to a fantastical take on Bond/eurospy tropes and finally to borderline Star Wars type settings that if you were to show individual stretches of this film out of context to someone unfamiliar with it, odds are they wouldn't believe those segments were from the same film. The movie has a very loose narrative and that makes sense considering Acevski told these kinds of adventure stories to his young child about his stuffed frog toy, but that kind of loose narrative is okay when it's being told to a half-asleep child whose age is in the low single digits and not for a theatrical animated film that needs to have a greater sense of cohesion for the audience to grasp onto. With its mixture of spy tropes, fairy tale tropes, and some rather questionable innuendos, double entendres, and some jaw dropping scenes involving (no joke) dancing Klansman and foot soldiers dressed in Nazi chic, it's the kind of movie that's too busy and complicated for kids to follow, but it's also too shallow and non sensical for adults to get engaged with either. Speaking of the dancing Klansman and Nazis, the movie is also a musical and quite a bad one at that. Most of the songs are either bland or forgettable, and when they do happen they're usually dead stops that do absolutely nothing to further the story (what little there is anyway). Evilmania is the song featuring the Klansman and Nazis and outside of the "What!?" factor it's a pretty shapeless song where Billie Whiteclaw isn't even really singing and is more speaking while the song plays with no sense of rhythm or melody.
I will say there's an impressive cast on paper. The movie features an absolute dream cast of some of Britain's best with the likes of Ben Kingsley, Brian Blessed, Jonathan Pryce, Nigel Hawthorne, and a few others and you couldn't ask for a better line-up of talent. Kingsley sounds like he's having fun playing up the French "hon! Hon! Hon!" stereotypical voice which is like a more restrained Pepe le Pew in terms of subtlety, but most of the other members of the cast are just filling types and places. Nigel Hawthorne's character Brigadier G has a particularly bad running gag of constantly getting tangled up in phone cords and inadvertently insulting high ranking government officials or foreign dignitaries and they do this gag four times and it never builds upon it or does anything different with it. Most of the set pieces that aren't related to the monument thefts just feel like "visual noise" that's well animated enough I suppose, but there's no narrative drive pushing us through these set pieces and the emotional core is rather lacking with Messina having killed both of Freddie's parents but Freddie doesn't seem all that engaged with her as an antagonist.
Freddie as F. R. O.7 has remained relatively obscure since its financial and critical failure in 1992 and that's rather unfortunate because while the movie doesn't work, it's utterly fascinating in why it doesn't work. With head scratching creative choices, a story that feels like it began as a mad lib, a cast made up of some of Britain's finest actors, and elements like dancing Nazis and Klansmen odds are you've never seen anything try so hard while falling face first. In an era where many European produced animated features are thinly veiled Shrek knock-offs there's something almost nostalgic about movies like this that serve as a reminder of how much the animation landscape has changed. I can't say it's "good" but you'll remember it. To date the movie hasn't been released on DVD, Blu-ray, or digital storefronts, but the film does survive from the old VHS rips on Youtube. It's only about 79 minutes long so not a terribly costly time investment.
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2023.05.28 03:38 DanielMcLaury Will Ferrell reportedly set to play NFL legend John Madden in upcoming feature film 'Madden'

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2023.05.28 03:34 Nahan843 [GM4A] John Wick inspired RP

Hello, I am a 24 year old female who searches for a partner to play a John Wick like character in a plot where he is hunted by female assassins.
In the plot, you are a retired assassin needing to protect your wife and child from the assassins your old agency sent.
I have many refs so this will go long. Please consider this to be long term. You should be literate and active.
Dm me with more than one line. And maybe with a plot idea.
See you soon.
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2023.05.28 03:33 daryans4 musician trying to quit music

Hi everybody this might be a little long but I will try my best to keep it short so that I can get some advice or even to see if anyone relates to me.
Back in February I discovered this sub and I was amazed. My entire life I had been doing this and I had no idea a name existed for it. I just figured it was something different and I didn't realize how much it really has negatively affected me. For myself and what seems like a ton of others on this subs main trigger is music. And I pace around my room or the park listening and daydreaming. I am not trying to quit but I would like to go into detail on my situation…
I’m 22M and for as long as I can remember music has been my entire identity. However I never listened to music for just the enjoyment of music but rather to simply fuel my daydreams. I would listen to love songs mainly that related to my life and imagine that I was the one who wrote it for this girl and everybody's watching me perform it and is so impressed. Sometimes I imagine a crush watching an imaginary music video I am in and being impressed. I noticed it mainly happens when I get rejected by a girl or when I am faced with a situation I don't like. (maybe to cope with the embarrassment?).
I went through phases with artists as well:
ages 6-9 with Elvis: I became obsessed with his music and my parents bought me costumes and I would pretend like I was him.
age 9-10 with Micheal Jackson: I also bought costumes and started taking dance classes to learn how to dance because of him.
then ages 11-15 with The Beatles, Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones and most other classic rock acts: I began to learn the drums, bass and guitar and imagine I was Ringo John Bonham or Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. I even grew out my hair like most of the 60s British bands and had to buy the exact same drum or guitar brand these artists had.
Age 16-18 with Tame Impala/Mac Demarco: I discovered these indie acts who incorporated the sound and style of the 60s-70s artists I like with a modern twist and recorded all of the instruments themselves. Something I could relate to as I owned and kind of played all these instruments as well. I would save up to buy the exact same gear as Mac or Kevin Parker even though that's not the reason they wrote these great songs.
then age 18-19 with John Coltrane: This one was a brief period but I couldn't relate to love songs or songwriting stuff anymore during this period because I got a girlfriend and so I picked up a saxophone and became obsessed with Coltrane and jazz improv. After she broke up with me I quit..
Age 20-22: tons of “bedroom pop” who are a one man band: It seems like the past two years for me I have just been finding all these different artists who play all the instruments and write the songs as I feel an identity to that. I guess I think its really cool and impressive and others would think that too. I go as far as getting into an artist I like and researching their home studio and buying similar gear to that then getting into a different artist and then returning or selling that gear for a loss and the cycle continues. I have gone as far as using a credit card that I can't afford to pay off and putting my account in the negatives just to get this gear. It's sickening..
I know none of this might not make any sense to people here and you might not want to take the time to read this (which I totally understand). But I need/want to change; however I am aware this is not going to be easy. Music has literally been my entire identity as you can see and I dont know what to think anymore. However, my social life and ego have suffered because of this. After high school I studied music at a community college for a bit but then quit and went to different majors or got random jobs for a few months then quit. I am not sure if I ever wanted to pursue music. I just want fame and to be liked and be ‘cool’. That's not a reason to do music and I can see that clearly now. I am now in my early 20s with no direction, I’m currently not going to school or working and some of my friends are already graduating college.
I am writing this because if anyone out there can give me advice or can relate please respond or PM as I would love to talk or possibly quit music together as I feel it would be easier done with someone else. We need to make a change! Thank you!
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2023.05.28 03:31 BeachNuts2000 Wrestlemania 40 Fantasy Match Card Day 1 and 2

This is my first post here so I hope I make an impression
Day 1:
Andre the Giant Memorial BR -Winner: Bronson Reed
First Chyna Memorial BR: -Winner: Raquel Rodriguez
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Brock Lesnar (Singles Match) -Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
Finn Bálor (The Demon) vs Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) Cinematic Match -Winner: Finn Bálor (The Demon)
Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way -Winner: Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell of The Way
Johnny Gargano vs Austin Theory (C) for the US Championship Title -Winner: New US title Champion Johnny Gargano
Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey (c) for the Raw Women’s Championship -Winner: New Raw Women’s Championship Becky Lynch
Seth Rollins vs Gunther (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship -Winner: New WHC Seth Rollins (again)
Randy Orton vs John Cena aka Cena’s Retirement match MAIN EVENT for Day 1 -Winner: Randy Orton
Day 2
The Miz vs L.A. Knight -Winner: The Miz
Men’s Tag Team showcase: -Winner: The Usos
Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre (c) for the Intercontinental Championship Title -Winner: New Intercontinental Champion Sheamus (Grand Slam!)
Logan Paul vs Bad Bunny -Winner: Logan Paul
Men’s Tag Team Titles (S) New Day (Xavier and Kofi) vs Judgment Day (c) (Priest and Dom) -Winner: Judgment Day
Charlotte Flair vs Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley (c) for the Smackdown Women’s Title TRIPLE THREAT Winner: New Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair
Asuka vs Iyo Sky (Singles Match) -Winner: Asuka
Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship MAIN EVENT for Day 2 Winner: New Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes
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2023.05.28 03:20 LookingForTheGirl25 30 [M4F] Florida/USA - Looking to make a special connection with my person out there!

Hey there everyone, I never know how to start these, so I am just going to jump right into it! My name is Austin, I am 30 years old and I live in Orlando, FL!
I am trying to find my person! I want to be able to create a safe emotional space for the two of us in the relationship and to be able to have so much fun together. From being vulnerable and open by talking about our feelings to silly and fun watching YouTube or sharing memes! I want to have a family and kids so if that isn’t for you no problem, it isn’t for everyone!
A quick breakdown of things I like:
Video Games
Going to the gym or Batting Cages (I used to play baseball)
Playing with my cat and dog (Licorice and Wade)
Playing my trumpet (recently started again from high school)
Music is a huge part of my life and always will be. If it could be considered a love language it would be my number one! I love sharing playlists or being excited to talk about artists we both love etc. My favorite genres would include (but are not limited to); Rock, Metal, EDM, Punk, Musicals. What are some of your favorites? Top 3 artists?
We are two humans spinning on this rock we call "Earth" looking for our person, don't waste your time nor mine with simple responses or not reading my post please. I cannot handle those that just respond with "Hey" and expect me to do the heavy lifting in conversation.
Here is me!
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2023.05.28 03:20 LookingForTheGirl25 30 [M4F] Florida/USA - Looking to make a special connection with my person out there!

Hey there everyone, I never know how to start these, so I am just going to jump right into it! My name is Austin, I am 30 years old and I live in Orlando, FL!
I am trying to find my person! I want to be able to create a safe emotional space for the two of us in the relationship and to be able to have so much fun together. From being vulnerable and open by talking about our feelings to silly and fun watching YouTube or sharing memes! I want to have a family and kids so if that isn’t for you no problem, it isn’t for everyone!
A quick breakdown of things I like:
Video Games
Going to the gym or Batting Cages (I used to play baseball)
Playing with my cat and dog (Licorice and Wade)
Playing my trumpet (recently started again from high school)
Music is a huge part of my life and always will be. If it could be considered a love language it would be my number one! I love sharing playlists or being excited to talk about artists we both love etc. My favorite genres would include (but are not limited to); Rock, Metal, EDM, Punk, Musicals. What are some of your favorites? Top 3 artists?
We are two humans spinning on this rock we call "Earth" looking for our person, don't waste your time nor mine with simple responses or not reading my post please. I cannot handle those that just respond with "Hey" and expect me to do the heavy lifting in conversation.
Here is me!
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2023.05.28 03:15 CelticGaelic Bad Horror Sequels with Good Ideas

This is something I think about a lot with any kind of movie series, but it seems to come to my mind more with horror and sci-fi movies, and that is when a movie sequel is really not good, even in a fun way, but still does something really memorable, with those little touches sometimes even being referenced in better sequels and reboots.
What are some horror movie sequels did you think were terrible, but they still added something memorable that you appreciated, perhaps in the way of lore, a new characteristic of one of the recurring characters, or the start or continuation of a running gag? Reboots can be included as well I'll start!
Pumpkinhead 2: Bloodwings didn't do much that I appreciated, but it did bring a couple of things in that I gladly make part of my headcanon at least! One that gets into Lovecraft, though a detail that's inconsistent, is that people who witness their loved ones being tortured and murdered by the demon are pretty much driven to a catatonic state. Actually, that's all I can think of.
Terminator: Dark Fate plays with an interesting idea, that being SkyNet can't be circumvented, as humanity will keep trying to make AIs like it, but SkyNet also can't be circumvented because it turns out learning how machines and software work isn't exclusive to John Connor.
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2023.05.28 03:06 ImpishMisconception I have theory that the whole Addams Family are all on the Autism spectrum.

So, I am Autistic and I have a brother that is Autistic as well.
I also love The Addams Family the original series starring John Astin and Carolyn Jones and The Addams Family movies starting Raul Julia and Angelica Huston.
I am only basing this theory on that particular series and those movies, nothing else. So this not including other Addams Family movies or series since this family never changes, there is little need to go into other series or movies.
Besides that original series (which went from 1964 - 1965 as it only had two seasons) was the best series and the two movies starring Raul Julia and Angelica Huston were the best movies in my opinion so that's why I'm only focusing this theory on that series and those two movies.
To demonstrate why I think the whole Addams Family is on the Autism spectrum, I will need to explain what Autism is and the signs of Autism.
Autism is a social and learning disorder and is a spectrum affecting many people in a variety of ways.
People are born Autistic, it's not a disease one can catch. Right now there is no conclusive cause for Autism, although there are many conspiracy theories, none of those conspiracy theories have any conclusive hard scientific evidence for the cause of Autism. I am not going to go into those theories because that's not what this post is about.
People born with Autism will die with Autism as there is no known cure. I know of some conspiracies claiming people have been cured of Autism but again not hard scientific evidence for any cure. I won't go into those theories either as again that's not what this post is about.
Now on to the signs of Autism, the signs of Autism are many.
The most notable ones in no particular order are...
There are a lot more, and I don't want to list them all as that's not what this post is about.
If you are curious here is a Twitter thread that really expounds on the signs of Autism -
A list of signs and symptoms of Autism from the CDC -
List of signs of Autism from the National Autism Association -
So, now on to why I think the whole Addams Family is on the Autism spectrum, which is what this post is about.
Firstly, it's because of the way the Addams Family dresses and I am not speaking of the gothic look.
Autistic people dress in what is comfortable for them, we don't follow trends. So, what we wear tends to stand out even if we don't mean it to.
Gomez Addams's stripped suit always looks to me as if it's a bit too big for him, maybe he prefers loose-fitting clothing. Some Autistic people prefer loose-fitting clothing. Plus he has a pocket watch that he does not need since he has wrist watch. He probably likes the pocket watch because it's like one a train conductor would wear (more on the train thing further below.)
Morticia's dress is always a black very tight-fitting dress. She probably likes the feel of the tightness of the dress. Some Autistic people enjoy the feel of tight-fitting clothing, I prefer very tight skinny jeans as I like the sensation of wearing tight jeans.
Also, notice that this family always wears the same stuff? Other families in sitcoms and movies, change their outfits at least once but never the Addams Family, they are always wearing the same outfits.
Gomez is always in his stripped suit (I think he only had three costume changes in the Addams Family movies. One was where he wore a top hat and Victorian suit to Uncle Fester's wedding, the second was when he did a salsa dance with Morticia in a restaurant, I will also address the dancing further below, and the third was in the morning scene of the first Addams family movie and Gomez is wearing a Fez hat and robe) otherwise he just wears the striped suit.
Morticia is always in her tight black dress. Pugsly is always in his stripped t-shirt and black shorts. Wednesday is always in her black dress. Uncle Fester is always in his frumpy robe. Grandmama is always in her black dress and shawl. They don't change their outfits.
The only time Wednesday and Pugsly changed outfits was once for swimming when they were in summer camp, once for Uncle Fester's wedding and even then Pugsly just wore a black coat over his outfit and Wednesday's dress just had longer sleeves, and the only other time was when Wednesday wore a black ninja-like outfit when trying to break out of summer camp. (I am purposely not including the costumes Wednesday and Puglsy had to wear in summer camp for the Thanksgiving play because they were forced to wear them, it wasn't a choice and I am only talking about clothes they chose to wear.)
I am not including Lurch and Thing because Thing is a hand and doesn't wear clothes and Lurch isn't family, he's the Butler. The Addams treat him like family but genetically, Lurch isn't family. I also am not sure if Thing is genetically family, he could be, but I am not certain of it.
Autistic people usually wear the same outfits every day and the Addams family also rarely changes what they wear.
The next thing is the Addams do keep to a strict routine.
Notice that in the series Gomez Addams stops to check his pocket watch often and Morticia often notes that it's time for a meal or the mail or time to feed her plants. In the movie after the clock strikes on the mantle, Thing appears and goes straight to Gomez as it's morning and time to wake up Morticia. Also, after Wednesday and Puglsy are done playing William Tell, they are heading out the door and off to school with their lunches in hand while Gomez plays golf while Morticia drinks her coffee.
Autistic also keep to a strict schedule that might look bizarre to some but we need that structure.
The Addams Family morning scene -
I also want to point out that in that morning scene above, Morticia shows sensitivity to sunlight. Maybe it's because she is supposed ro be a Vampire but Autistic people are known to be sensitive to bright lights and sunlight.
The next thing I noticed was the dancing. Gomez and Morticia love their waltzes, but ever notice that they even waltz differently than others?
Autistic dancing also can look a bit different than other dancing, it's just how we like to move.
Gomez and Morticia teach Lurch how to dance -
Morticia and Gomez dance scene -
The Mamushka -
Addams family dancing -
Next on my list, Wednesday has an aversion to hugging which most Autistic people also have an aversion for.
In the movie The Addams Family Values, while at summer camp a camp counsellor suggests a group hug and Wednesday replies, "We don't hug."
Also, as far as I know, Wednesday still has an aversion to hugging in the Netflix series named after her, I don't know though as I haven't seen it so correct me if I am wrong on that.
I also noticed Pugsly rarely talks, he does, but it's very rare in both the series and the movies that Pugsly says anything. I am thinking he has some speech issues because he doesn't speak very much. Autistic people also struggle with speech.
Now I come to the love of trains, in both the series and the movies, Gomez Addams has a train set that he plays with. In the series, he plays with them for fun, in the movies he plays with them as a release for stress and anger.
Most Autistic people like trains, but not all of them, some Autistic people have no interest at all in trains but most Autistic people love trains.
Addams family train wreck scenes -
Gomez train scene -
Wednesday and Pugsly play different games than most other children, which is the next thing that caught my attention.
Autistic children often play different games and play with toys differently than non-Autistic children do. Although it's often not as dark and macabre as the games Wednesday and Pugsly play from their William Tell game to playing "Is there a god", it's still different than what is typical.
The last thing I will bring up for my theory is stimming which is very common in Autistic people. Every Autistic person stims differently and so it's no surprise that the Addams family stims are very different.
With Gomez Addams, I think his stims are his trains, playing golf, the swordplay/duelling, dancing, and the way he kisses Morticia. He doesn't just kiss her on the hand, he goes all the way up her arm.
I think Morticia, I think her stims are dancing, knitting, and chopping the heads off roses.
I think Wednesday's and Pugsly's stims are the games they play, playing with their food, and taking down stop signs.
I haven't mentioned Grandmama or Uncle Fester much because they aren't shown very much so very little is known about them, besides they aren't the main characters. Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsly are the main characters.
That is why I think the Addams family is on the Autism spectrum.
For more on Autism please check out the following sites and social media.
Autism Self Advocacy Network -
WrongPlanet -
Twitter People to follow:
Autistic Voices: Cheshire Cat -
The #ActuallyAutistic Coach -
You Might Be Autistic -
Autism-101 -
Thinking Person's Guide To Autism -
OMG I'm Autistic AF -
Also here is my Twitter list of all the cool Autistic people and Autism advocates to follow -
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2023.05.28 03:00 SocialDemocracies Hundreds of Thousands Have Lost Medicaid Coverage Since Pandemic Protections Expired (New York Times)

Hundreds of Thousands Have Lost Medicaid Coverage Since Pandemic Protections Expired (New York Times)
Link to article:
Hundreds of thousands of low-income Americans have lost Medicaid coverage in recent weeks as part of a sprawling unwinding of a pandemic-era policy that prohibited states from removing people from the program.
Early data shows that many people lost coverage for procedural reasons, such as when Medicaid recipients did not return paperwork to verify their eligibility or could not be located. The large number of terminations on procedural grounds suggests that many people may be losing their coverage even though they are still qualified for it. Many of those who have been dropped have been children.
In Arkansas, more than 1.1 million people — over a third of the state’s residents — were on Medicaid at the end of March. In April, the first month that states could begin removing people from the program, about 73,000 people lost coverage, including about 27,000 children 17 and under.
Among those who were dropped was Melissa Buford, a diabetic with high blood pressure who makes about $35,000 a year at a health clinic in eastern Arkansas helping families find affordable health insurance. Her two adult sons also lost their coverage.
Like more than 5,000 others in the state, Ms. Buford, 51, was no longer eligible for Medicaid because her income had gone up. A notice she received informing her that she did not qualify made her so upset that she threw it in a trash can.
But a majority of those who lost coverage in Arkansas were dropped for procedural reasons.
Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas, a Republican, has framed the unwinding as a necessary process that will save money and allow Medicaid to function within its intended scope.
“We’re simply removing ineligible participants from the program to reserve resources for those who need them and follow the law,” Ms. Sanders wrote in an opinion essay in The Wall Street Journal this month. She added that “some Democrats and activist reporters oppose Arkansas’s actions because they want to keep people dependent on the government.”
What has played out in Arkansas so far offers evidence of the widespread disruption that the unwinding process is likely to cause in households across the country in the coming months, forcing Americans to find new insurance or figure out how to regain Medicaid coverage that they lost for procedural reasons. The federal government has projected that about 15 million people will lose coverage, including nearly seven million people who are expected to be dropped despite still being eligible.
Among the biggest looming questions is how the process will affect children. In Florida, for instance, a boy in remission from leukemia and in need of a biopsy recently lost his coverage.
Researchers at the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families estimated before the unwinding that more than half of children in the United States were covered by Medicaid or CHIP. Many children who lose coverage will be dropped for procedural reasons even though they are still eligible, said Joan Alker, the center’s executive director.
“Those kids have nowhere else to turn for coverage,” she said. “Medicaid is the single largest insurer for children. This is hugely consequential for them.”
In Arkansas, many of the children who lost Medicaid were “the poorest of the poor,” said Loretta Alexander, the health policy director for Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. She added that losing coverage would be especially harmful for young children who need regular developmental checkups early in life.
Other states have also removed a large number of Medicaid recipients for procedural reasons. In Indiana, nearly 90 percent of the roughly 53,000 people who lost Medicaid in the first month of the state’s unwinding were booted on those grounds. In Florida, where nearly 250,000 people lost Medicaid coverage, procedural reasons were to blame for a vast majority.
Debra Miller, 54, of Bullhead City, Ariz., lost Medicaid coverage in April after her roughly $25,000 annual salary as a Burger King cook left her ineligible. Ms. Miller, a single mother with diabetes and hypothyroidism, worked with an insurance counselor at North Country HealthCare, a network of federally funded health clinics, to enroll in a marketplace plan with a roughly $70 monthly premium.
“It’s a struggle because it’s a new bill that I haven’t had before,” she said. Her new plan, she added, does not include vision insurance, leaving her worried about paying for eye appointments she needs as a diabetic.
Ms. Buford said that for some people in Arkansas, marketplace coverage would be too expensive.
“You have a car, mortgage, kids, food,” she said. “You really don’t have that much left to pay that much for health insurance.”
Ms. Buford said that her job helping others find health insurance in underserved areas was a calling inspired by watching her grandmother struggle to afford her medications and rely on food pantries. Ms. Buford went to a community college near her hometown so she could take care of her sick father, who passed away in his 40s. “I love my job because I’m able to help people,” she said.
Now that she has lost her Medicaid coverage, Ms. Buford said she hoped to find an affordable marketplace plan in the near future. The family plan offered by the clinic where she works is too costly, she said.
“I’m grateful for what I have because someone else doesn’t have what I have,” Ms. Buford said. “I just wish I could have kept my Medicaid.”
'Enormous Policy Failure': States Throw Hundreds of Thousands—Including Many Children—Off Medicaid (Common Dreams)
Link to article:
With a green light from the federal government, states across the U.S. have thrown hundreds of thousands of low-income people off Medicaid in recent weeks—and many have lost coverage because they failed to navigate bureaucratic mazes, not because they were no longer eligible.
More than a dozen states, including Florida and other Republican-led states that have refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, have begun removing people from Medicaid as part of the "unwinding" of a pandemic-era federal policy that temporarily barred governments from kicking people off the program.
In a bipartisan deal late last year, Congress agreed to cut off the pandemic protections, giving states 12 months to redetermine who is eligible for the healthcare program that covers tens of millions of Americans.
The process differs in each state, but Medicaid enrollees are typically required to complete paperwork verifying their income, address, disability status, and other factors used to determine eligibility for the program.
While some states have undertaken public outreach campaigns to ensure Medicaid recipients understand what they need to do to continue receiving benefits, most enrollees across the country "were not aware that states are now permitted to resume disenrolling people from the Medicaid program," according to new survey data from the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).
As a result, The New York Times reported Friday, "many people lost coverage for procedural reasons, such as when Medicaid recipients did not return paperwork to verify their eligibility or could not be located."
"The large number of terminations on procedural grounds suggests that many people may be losing their coverage even though they are still qualified for it," the newspaper added. "Many of those who have been dropped have been children."
Early data released by the state of Florida, for example, shows that more than 205,000 people in the state lost coverage for procedural reasons after April eligibility checks.
"We knew this was coming. But we still treat these burdens like they're unavoidable natural disasters," said Pamela Herd, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University. "We need to be much more explicit about these failures because we're making a choice to allow this."
Joan Alker, executive director of the Georgetown Center for Children and Families, said she is "very worried about Florida."
"We've heard the call center's overwhelmed, the notices are very confusing in Florida—they're very hard to understand," said Alker.
In a recent letter to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, a 2024 presidential candidate, more than 50 advocacy groups demanded a Medicaid redetermination pause, pointing to "reports of Floridians being disenrolled from Medicaid without having received notice" from the state's Department of Children and Families (DCF).
"One of these individuals is a 7-year-old boy in remission from Leukemia who is now unable to access follow-up—and potentially lifesaving—treatments," the groups wrote. "Families with children have been erroneously terminated, and parents are having trouble reaching the DCF call center for help with this process. Additionally, unclear notices and lack of information on how to appeal contribute to more confusion."
"We are deeply concerned about those with serious, acute, and chronic conditions who will continue to lose access to their lifesaving treatments during this time, along with people who risk substantial medical debt, or even bankruptcy, as a result of coverage loss," the groups added.
What if instead we just gave everyone health insurance coverage??!! — Ady Barkan (@Ady Barkan) 1685130002
The Times highlighted the situation in Arkansas, which is led by Republican Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders—a supporter of Medicaid work requirements and other attacks on the program. (Work requirements were briefly tried in Arkansas in 2018 and 2019, with disastrous consequences.)
"In Arkansas, more than 1.1 million people—over a third of the state's residents—were on Medicaid at the end of March [2023]," the Times noted Friday. "In April, the first month that states could begin removing people from the program, about 73,000 people lost coverage, including about 27,000 children 17 and under."
An Arkansas law requires the state to complete its Medicaid eligibility reviews in six months instead of 12.
In a Wall Street Journalop-ed earlier this month, Sanders wrote that her state is booting people from Medicaid at "the fastest pace in the nation" and claimed those being removed are "ineligible participants"—ignoring evidence that many being stripped of coverage were technically still eligible.
The U.S. Health and Human Services Department has estimated that upwards of 15 million people nationwide could lose Medicaid coverage during the redetermination process.
"This is such an enormous policy failure—profoundly cruel and will contribute to furthering inequities," Dr. Cecília Tomori, a public health scholar at Johns Hopkins University, wrote Friday.
While some who lose Medicaid will be able to access insurance through an employer or the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, KFF found that more than four in ten people with Medicaid as their only source of healthcare "say they wouldn't know where to look for other coverage or would be uninsured" if they were removed from the program.
"This is about to happen to a lot of people," warned Larry Levitt, KFF's executive vice president for health policy.
The Times pointed to the case of 54-year-old Arizona resident Debra Miller, who "lost Medicaid coverage in April after her roughly $25,000 annual salary as a Burger King cook left her ineligible."
"Ms. Miller, a single mother with diabetes and hypothyroidism, worked with an insurance counselor at North Country HealthCare, a network of federally funded health clinics, to enroll in a marketplace plan with a roughly $70 monthly premium," the Times reported.
Miller told the newspaper that the new plan is a "struggle" both because of the new monthly payment and because it doesn't include the vision coverage she needs and now may not be able to afford.
The Congressional Budget Office estimated earlier this week that states' Medicaid eligibility checks will likely leave 6.2 million people without any insurance at all.
Our work is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Feel free to republish and share widely.
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2023.05.28 02:41 827xxx I just paid $31.50 total for these.

I just paid $31.50 total for these.
$200 worth of cards here right?
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2023.05.28 02:38 Rhyis I guard the rock. I just hit 69,420 hours! :D

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2023.05.28 02:37 meepo23 How does one improve themselves who has "some friends" but still zero social life?

I am kinda stuck, I get to the point straigth away and then telling the long story after so I am not completly wasting your time and if you are interested you can read the whole story. The question of my problem is after the story. The thing is, I feel like I am always second or even third option for my friends when it comes to hangout, doing plans for summer, doing trips etc. I really love traveling, I love seeing new places, I have dozens of dreams to visit, I have money for it as well, what I don't have are people to come with me, and I don't enjoy it as alone. Whenever I tell about my friends about these plans, like visiting Slovenian mountains on a trip and similiar to these, they are always excited and say its amazing, but when the time comes that I'm actually making this into a reality, they all back down instantly. What do I do to not feel this way? I have dozens of things I want to do, but I don't have the pleasure when I'm doing it alone, for example I want to try salsa dancing, try baseball, trip alot, visit foreign cities, but none of my friends join me.
Longer story:
I was always very introverted, had close to zero friends and I had no interest in getting a few either. In the later stages of high school, I fell in love and started realising how a few friend would be good now to talk about the feelings, get advices, and just overall have fun with, listen to their problems, etc... I got a few and I was very happy for them, sadly I got rejected by my love (big surprise after 0 social skills) and eventually my friends left me as well. All I had was like 2 friends from discord who I talked to at every night and one of them always mocked me that I have no life, which always hurt me. In 2020, I finally graduated from high school and started college in september, at the summer while I was waiting for the university to start, I decieded that I will improve and get alot of friends, buddies to do things and try out alot new. It actually worked, when I started I got alot of friends, I had a week where I went out almost every day, until covid lockdowns became more restriced, but even then we still went into the forests or mountains nearby, it was one of the best years, only one was better, which was 2021. I had a guy I befriended so hard, I ended up talking to him ALMOST everyday for HOURS, like I met my soulmate but as a friend. He had a uni friends who I befriended as well becouse of him call him John, and I already had a girl I befriended in the first semester, and we became a very fun group of 4 doing alot of things, such as trips to mountains, board gaming and just talk nights, movie nights. I was never really the alcohol type of guy, so this was the best thing ever.
Eventually this came to an end, my best friend started acting differently, and John didn't like how he turned out, so he started ignoring him, inviting only me and the girl friend to hangouts, I tried talking to my best friend for months, trying to pretend nothing has changed, but eventually he started dropping me slowly for his new buddies. I lost him completly.
Beside this sad news, this summer was one of the most eventful ones I had, with this girl I went dancing alot as 2, with the guy I was drinking and talking in beautiful sitting out places, talking about future plans, etc. University came and we were in different classes, eventually I became pretty far away with this girl who I considered one of my best friends and also in the same time, John has got a girlfriend, which obviously resulted in much-much less hangouts, like close to none from september to december, we hangout once and there was a time in november, when I told them they can stay at my place, becouse they had some unviersity work nearby my village.
By mid 2022, I didn't even meett the girl friend anymore, we talked once or twice monthly in messenger for about half an hour to 2 hours, it was depending on what we could tell eachother and I didn't meet John since march, and I am at november now.
Finally, after a hard work of getting them together, I could do a together hangout, with the girl, John and his GF, sadly it didn't go as I planned, with John's we still had the best-friend chemistry, sadly the girl almost completly ignored me, she never asked me anything and when I had a question specifically towards her, she barely gave an answer, while she was super talkative and fun towards John and his GF. It felt so bad. It still feels incredibly bad I can't tell. How I was ignored by someone I thought is a very good friend of mine, and she's an angel, she's just not interested in my anymore at all. Can't be worse right?
It can :). John and this girl friend decieded that they will celebrate new years at the girl's place and she decieded to invite me as well, I don't know why honestly, I am betting it was John getting me into it, becouse I wasn't invited to a similiar thing but just before christmas, it hurt again whatever, be happy I was invited this time. Well, she was playing the ignoring again, we were playing a board game, I usually play these very silly, I made John and his gf laugh ALOT, but this girl never, she always stared me with dead fish eyes, like if she would want to tell me to get the fuck out, and it feels so fucking bad. Worse comes to worse, she was incredibly welcoming, she was cooking, she made us feel very-very confortable, and I don't know why, I never felt like this, I started having feelings towards her. I talked about this with John after new years, and he was very happy, becouse he thought this girl likes me back, which I was obviously very hardly doubtful of, looking at how ignoring she was always in the last two hangouts, but he insisted it was just becouse she's nervous around me etc etc. Well he eventually convinced me to confess and.. guess what, she didn't like me back. I haven't talked to her, not even on messenger since the confession in february, I still talk to John sometimes, I even asked about the girl asking anything about where am I, or does she even remember me, but she doesn't say a single word about me, I am inrelevant to her and I want to pretend like I don't care about it, but I do, and I cry about it alot, how can she not care about me at all, not even as a friend, after all those dances, hangouts, drinkings, pool game nights, movie nights, trips, cavings. I miss 2021 more than anything
How can I improve to not care about this thing anymore and get rid of this hard feeling? The feeling that people don't care about me, not even my friends? The feeling that I am always alone, no matter what I do, not matter how much people I talk to, when it comes to serious plans, I am always alone? If I talk to many people, why do I still feel lonely? Why do my friends leave me out of their plans when they tell me they will invite me?? Why?
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2023.05.28 02:36 Tarantino_Sucks Just a few reasons why Pulp Fiction sucked. And I mean: suuuuuuuucked.

OK. We know it sucks. But that might be just our opinion, man. Why does it suck?

Let's start with the basics: the story.What is the story about? Besides a bunch of losers, I mean. Is it a "slice of life" story meant to depict accurately life in LA? No. Is it supposed to teach the viewers anything? No. Is it supposed to show them a world they otherwise couldn't experience? Not really. I mean, Tarantino is just using stock characters from throwaway dime-store novels. He expects that the audience is aware of the tropes: Mob Headpin, Hitmen, Down-on-his-Luck Boxer, Two-Bit Criminals, Struggling Actress. So he's gonna mix them up and tell a story made up of stories that have all been told before, and then somehow be heralded as the most unique voice in Tinseltown? I don't get it, either.

No, he didn't invent jumbled timelines. And, no, jumbling the timeline didn't serve any true narrative purpose. It was just a gimmick. Now, Momento's timeline inversions were a fun and interesting way of telling that story. And, as evidence that the chronologic manipulations added to the story: the DVD includes a version of the movie cut in chronologic order, and the story is still engaging.

Inverting the timeline includes setups and payoffs that work because the audience knows things that the protagonist doesn't. And, as every Film 101 student will tell you, that's the setup for dramatic tension.What purpose does the inverted timeline serve in Pulp Fiction? None. Other than to take three totally boring, irredeemably awful individual subplots and stitch them together to make them somehow slightly less boring than the sum of their parts. I mean: where did Jules and Vincent get those T-shirts, right? That question's gotta keep the audience on the edge of its seat.

Whose story is Tarantino telling? It's a serious question.It must be Butch's, right? Because he's the only character who comes close to accomplishing anything. And scenes about him are the earliest and the last, so it seems that maybe it's his story.

But it's not a very good story. Down on his luck fighter. Sure. Agrees to throw a fight. Yep, we know right where this is going. Then he doesn't throw the fight? Picachu shocked face! A little obvious, but sure, Tarantino warned us he was only going to deal with tropes when he titled his movie, so shame on us for expecting anything more. OK, but that's the inciting event, right: Butch's ordinary world got upended by his decision NOT to throw the fight, and now we are going to see him come to terms with the effects of that decision. Seen it a million times, but okay.What's that you say, he kills his opponent in the ring? Well, I hafta admit, that's going to change things. I thought that we would only have to worry about how he would escape the Mobster. But, sure, if the cops, the boxing commission, AND the mobster's goons are going to close in on him, that might be interesting. Especially if we see Butch grapple with having taken a human life. We haven't seen Butch's love interest, but I'm sure she could be written into the script if for no other reason than to humanize Butch, and how even a split-second miscalculation can have lifelong consequences.

Don't order any popcorn, you say, because Tarantino doesn't deliver on any of that? That's a shame. The cops don't get involved? Nor does the boxing commission, or even the fight promoter? Butch just waltzes out of there and grabs a cab, and that's the end of that?

So then what happens to Butch? Surely he doesn't just get out of town and live happily ever after? That'd be lame.

Oh, you say he goes back to fetch a family heirloom (stupid set up, sure, but I guess Tarantino had to figure out some reason for Butch to go back), and it just so happens that Vincent and Marcellus, having gone to Butch's apartment and found that he left in an awful hurry, figure that he's gonna come back, eventually. So they'll just sit here until he does. Seems a little improbable for a busy mafioso who is too busy even to take his ladyfriend out for the night.OK, these are idiot gangsters, so they aren't supposed to demonstrate good logic. But their actions need, at the very least, to be plausible. Why would Marcellus decide that he and only he can be trusted to get coffee and donuts? He trusts Vincent to take his wife out on his behalf, but he doesn't trust Vincent to get donuts? Puh-lease.

OK, OK. I'm nitpicking. Convoluted and implausible though it is, it allows Butch to return so that he can get the jump on Vincent and kill Vincent without any drama or tension whatsoever. Why? Because fuck you, that's why. Tarantino was obviously inspired by John McClane firing his last two bullets dramatically at the end of Die Hard, so I guess he thought he could just script the same actor grabbing a gun and firing all but willy-nilly and the drama would be the same. But he was wrong.

Shots fired. Now the cops will be involved, right? Wrong! Because now it's time for some depraved vigilante sadism. It's obvious that Tarantino is still in the anal stage of development. Yes, the gold watch hinted at it. But the pawnshop gimp buggery cinched it. That most pawn shops aren't open in the morning is entirely beside the point. That the pawn shop owner doesn't recognize Marcellus, who's a flashy mob boss, whose minions have probably fenced a lot of goods at every pawn shop on the strip is of no consequence, because this scene existed in Tarantino's brain long before anything else, and concocting a reason for Butch to go back to his apartment to unceremoneously dispose of Vincent, before "coincidentally" encountering Marcellus was all just bolted on, rough edges and all, to allow Tarantino his gimp rape scene.

And it's so stupid that the audience doesn't think Butch would be considering a version of the following: "Hold on, Marcellus thinks he's only mad at me for costing him money in the fight. Wait'll he finds out that I killed Vincent, too. Oooh, boy, is he gonna me mad about that. But, c'mon, even though I've already killed two people without a pang of regret, I'm now, under the immediate threat of buggery, with my adrenalin racing, I'm gonna slow down and consider that perhaps this is the time to play nicely with Marcellus. Gee, I sure hope he is a man of his word and not just agreeing to anything to save his skin, because when he finds out about Vincent, hoo boy."

So, yeah, for no reason whatsoever, Butch decides to save Marcellus. I don't know if the audience is supposed to believe that Butch's troubles are all over with Marcellus walking free, or not. But I guess they are, because he steals a motorcycle (excuse me, the nerd Tarantino figured out that a subset of motorcylces are called "choppers" and he's going to have Bruce Willis mumble it incoherently no fewer than three times so the audience knows that the video clerk nerd knows his way around tough guys), grabs his cardboard-copy of a love interest, and motors away, presumably happily ever after.

But fanboys use this to say that it is a movie about redemption. I guess they think Butch is now redeemed.

And maybe they also argue that Jules found redemption. But Jules was never more than a prop to allow Tarantino to spew N-words, so it's not like the audience really cares what happens to Jules. In the chronology of the tale, even the audience doesn't see him after he leaves the deli, so it's clear that Tarantino doesn't care about him, either.

Speaking of unnecessary characters: The Wolf. It's more believable that he'd be wearing a tuxedo early in the morning and yet have nothing better to do that get his fingerprints all over a murder, than it is that Tarantino thought anything to himself besides: I could squeeze in here an unnecessary scene with a down market Robert DeNiro to make sure the audience thinks this is a serious gangster movie, and not a spoof.

As superfluous as The Wolf was, he was more valuable (and slightly less annoying) that Tarantino's own cameo, when he prattles on about gourmet coffee beans. Good lord, that man is insufferable. And a terrible actor. And difficult to look at. And difficult to listen to.

And then there's Hunny Bunny and What's-His-Face. Needless. In some versions of the screenplay, of course, Hunny Bunny was going to help the audience appreciate the value of the MacGuffin. But, of course, Tarantino couldn't deliver the goods on what was so valuable, so he just ignored the question altogether. (The most satisfying fan theory is that the briefcase held the dog-eared shooting screenplay of City on Fire that Tarantino had used beat-for-beat (right down to the camera angles) when making Reservoir Dogs.)
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2023.05.28 02:13 BusyWriting5872 After 32 Years, ‘Ghostbusters’ Pinball Machine Is Worth the Wait

After 32 Years, ‘Ghostbusters’ Pinball Machine Is Worth the Wait
In an industry that produced a pinball machine for such underwhelming movies as Congo, Barb Wire, and Johnny Mnemonic, it’s almost criminal that a Ghostbusters pinball machine was never produced…until now. Yes, after months and years of speculation, Stern Pinballdropped an ectoplasmic bomb on the world by announcing a ghostly trinity of arcade-quality Ghostbusters pinball machines. For those folks who have been waiting the thirty-two years since the 1984 feature film’s release, the first images of the new Ghostbusters pinball machine prove it was worth the wait.
Designed by legendary pinball designer John Trudeau (Creature From the Black Lagoon, Wrestlemania) and software designer Dwight Sullivan (Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Simpsons Pinball Party), it seems as though the new table will be an instant classic. While theme, layout, and rules are always important aspects in a pinball design, the scene stealer here has to be pinball newcomer Jeremy Packer, artist at Zombie Yeti Studios. Expectations have never been higher for such an iconic theme for a pinball machine and Packer knocked the visuals out of the park! It seems every square inch of the machine’s surface was utilized to showcase iconic Ghostbusters imagery — everything from Slimer and Ecto-1 to the firehouse and, yes, even a Twinkie.
In addition to the pinball-standard flippers, ramps, and pop bumpers, the new Ghostbusters machine features the following:
  • Color-changing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man toy
  • Motorized animated interactive Slimer toy
  • “Public library” and “Stacked books” Newton ball features
  • Custom speech and narration by Ghostbusters actor Ernie Hudson a.k.a. “Winston Zeddemore”
  • Hit theme song “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker Jr.
In what has become a standard marketing strategy by Stern, the new table is available in Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition (LE)models. While most folks will be happy just to play a Ghostbusters pinball after all these years, collectors and operators will have a tough decision to make. Priced at $5995 MSRP, the Pro model offers the most value, but the $8795-priced “Slimer Green” LE model is clearly the star. With a release perfectly timed to coincide with the heightened nostalgia and new excitement from the upcoming female-led Ghostbusters film this Summer, Stern has released a machine people have been dying to get their hands on for a long time.
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2023.05.28 02:11 Calvith One take *WHO*?

One take *WHO*?
Face/Off is ripping off Mary J Blige, I think!
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2023.05.28 02:06 Trick_Bluejay4822 John’s Best Guitar Playing Is RIGHT NOW

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2023.05.28 02:06 defourkev What do the stars next to songs mean? Sometimes the star shows up after I’ve played a song s couple of times. Is it based on overall popularity across the platform or does my playtime come into play as well?

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2023.05.28 02:02 acerthorn3 We should come up with a generic term for a main event superstar who clings to his spot like his life depends on it.

Hulk Hogan was infamous for this practice, burying anyone and everyone around him to ensure he stayed the top guy in whatever promotion he was signed to, refusing to put over new talent at the expense of the promotion's longevity.
Recently, however, John Cena has come under fire for allegations of doing much the same thing. Triple H is often accused of doing that during 2002-2005, as was Steve Austin during the Attitude Era.
Since there are now plenty of wrestlers who have done that (or at least are alleged to have done that), maybe we should come up with a generic term to describe the conduct.
For example, when wrestlers criticize each other for "tater-sacking" them or "stiffing" them during a match, we all know what that means. There isn't any one wrestler who is infamous for doing that on a regular basis.
Any suggestions on what we should start calling the hogan/autin/hhh/cena behavior?
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2023.05.28 01:53 Far-Campaign-3790 The Video Game Apology Tour

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