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Florida Man!

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News about the world's worst superhero "Florida Man" and his latest misadventures!

2020.05.20 08:44 smokingbootz DuvalCounty

This community is about the drill rap culture/Beefs in Jacksonville, Florida between groups such as ATK, 6Block, 1200 (S4C), Y&R, Headfirst and many more.

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A place to talk about making an income online. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites. These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves.

2023.06.01 17:10 bushums Locator 63 - still processing with 6/5 travel date

Sent my wife's passport through the mail for renewal... praying for something to move today or tomorrow! I'll update if anything changes.
3/14 - Passport received for regular processing with expedited shipping. Location number 63.
5/22 - Spent all day calling 877 number, eventually told to call back 5 days from travel, date of travel noted and marked as urgent
5/26 - Spent all day calling 877 number again, told that there are no appointments and we will probably not be able to get one. Started calling Senators and state Reps. We live in Florida.
5/30 - Heard back from Senator Marco Rubio's staff and provided an itinerary. Received an email late at night from Rubio's staff that they could not get an appointment but asked for her passport to be prioritized.
6/1 - Still listed as "In Process," and no updates from Senator! 6/5 travel date is right around the corner!
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2023.06.01 17:06 Tasty-Rutabaga1822 How much should I expect rent to increase?

Been living here for 2 years, rent didnt increase after each 1 year lease in the same apartment.
Lease is up soon and still waiting for a response from property manager. This particular property management company doesn't like to tell you what the new price will be until 30 days out, which is also the minimum time they want to inform them of not renewing. Pretty scummy honestly.
On a fixed income so we need to figure out if we should start looking for other locations ASAP, which we have already been doing.
Anyone have input on how much their rents were raised recently?
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2023.06.01 17:05 justin_quinnn Florida Reports Rare Case Of Locally Transmitted Malaria; Alert Issued In Two Counties

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2023.06.01 17:05 Tomasfoolery June Subreddit update - A discussion with Mark Ziegler, Interim City Manager, and talks about the subreddit!

Hi everyone!
We are slowly approaching 700! Tell your neighbors! Friends! Enemies! Pets! Join shelton and let's keep informing each other! Let's build an online community and then reflect it in our every day life.
Let me ask right now - do you want more posts from me about Shelton, less posts, or am I doing alright finding content and sharing? We are lucky to live in an area with lots going on, but not really a lot that is overly newsworthy (without crossing into possible pearl clutching). So I sometimes find myself either missing news, or worrying that I am at "Peeking over my neighbor's fences" level of reporting ... if you can call what I do reporting, which I don't really think it is.
Anyway, your two cents are valuable to me! Please let me know.
A HUGE thank you to those that have been active in posting. Also, as always, PLEASE report any questionable content. I mean, don't report content you disagree with (unless it is also questionable) and please help keep the ugly parts of our online forum for our town clean and clear of hatred and bigotry and unjustified fear. Let's work to be inclusive of as many people as possible. Even if we don't agree with everything.
Anyway, enough of that. I still want to thank everyone who has posted about things going on in town, because an informed citizenship is an active citizenship.
Speaking of informed, I was wonderfully lucky to have a chance to exchange emails with Mark Ziegler, who is our City Manager! Now, his email says he is interim, but I am not sure if that is accurate? I thought he was appointed permanently, but I am not sure how that all lays out. I suppose I should have asked when we conversed, back in early May.
Anyway, here's the discussion we had (I have slightly edited my words to make me sound SMRTR, which to say, I deleted a lot of extraneous text explaining who and what I am, what reddit is, some justification for my role, etc. etc. and left the parts Mark is responding to. He was delightfully patient. If you want, I can repost with the original email unedited, but trust me, I am embarrassingly a Shelton fan.):
TOMAS: I find the best way to fight predisposed notions of a place is to just post news that fights as much of the "Oh. Shelton." B.S. I have run into these past ten years. People here sometimes don't really know what they have, and nothing bothers me more than people "supposing". I fell in love with Shelton back in 2013, and things are not the same (they are better!) as that time. Anyway, enough about me and my motivations.
To start, a simple request - where can I go for resources on volunteering in Shelton, and does that include trail work/cleanup? I will most likely make a reddit post with your response included, either whole cloth or edited. Let me know what you would prefer.
MARK: I appreciate your direct approach and your view on “supposing” as this can be one of our biggest obstacles to providing factual information to our community. I certainly feel the same as you do about Shelton, although I realized it much earlier, in the late 70’s.
The typical volunteer opportunities, or those that are coordinated by the City, are project based or an advisory capacity. Project based opportunities are typically in parks and trails either via the City’s Adopt-A-Park(policy here) program or a specific park project, such as the play structure install scheduled for this fall at Northcliff Neighborhood Park. If individuals or small groups are interested picking up garbage or something simple, that can happen informally and staff can assist in removing the collected litter or providing equipment.
The advisory opportunities occur with permanent committees such as the Shelton Arts Commission, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, Lodging Tax Advisory Committee, and the Civil Service Commission. These committees are of various sizes, comprised of City residents(some allow for a minority of County residents) that advise staff and Council on defined roles as established by ordinance. I can provide additional information on any of those if it of assistance. There have also been temporary committee such as the Homeless Task for and the Financial Sustainability Task Force that are limited term and more specific in task and responsibilities.
As far as where to go. There is not a clearing house per se. These opportunities are advertised as needed or solicited through the City’s media outlets.
TOMAS: Is there a point of contact for the simple litter control for Parks and Trails? Is there a "Invasive Plant" control point of contact for helping remove scotch broom/English Ivy on trails ? Like I said, email has not been the best way to communicate in a quick manner in some cases, so is there a suggested way to communicate? I see Shelton Rotary has picked up the Huff'npuff. If my organization, whatever it might be, would be interested in an adoption we would need to contact Jordanne Krumpols, correct? Actually, my guess is Jordanne Krumpols is the answer to all of my questions here.
MARK: Correct. Jordanne can assist with any parks or trails related projects regardless of tasks. We would greatly value work parties related to invasive plant control. The Theresa Johnson Trail is always in need of more public usage and some litter control at a minimum.
TOMAS: Any person or group can say, "Hey, I am headed to such and such location to pick up trash, is that ok? May we have some trash bags, and we will leave them at X location for pickup?" and possibly mild PPE (reflective vests?) if near a roadway? I am supposing it is based on a "Needs of the event" type thing, and what might be available for use, correct? Jordanne or some other city supervisor would need to understand and approve the plan for safety reasons, correct? Park litter cleanup is markedly different from roadside cleanup when it comes to liability. We've had one or two people ask about volunteer opportunities, and I currently have a "stickied" post about volunteer organizations.
MARK: Again, correct. We have some vests, pickers, bags, and can pick up at a designated location(s) when complete. The “rules” for park property and streets or right of ways can be different. Typically we ask that individuals honoobey pedestrian and traffic laws and do not enter private property. The City can only remove trash/litter from public properties unless through an abatement program.
I don't think there are any trails with any current trimming or building needs, but if there were, that would be advertised on the SheltonWA website or the twitter page? Or any event looking for volunteers? I am thinking something like the oversized trash collection day, for example (if that uses volunteers). It actually looks like the open seasonal position is pretty much what I was looking at as a volunteer option! I suppose I am just asking to make sure I understand what you have shared.
MARK: In the past we have coordinated with Mason Conservation District for invasive removal projects that have been an open invitation to the general public to attend. These are promoted through local media and the City’s traditional media outlets. The property above(west) of Kneeland Park is one such property that we have been discussing for such a project to remove ivy and clean up litter. The seasonal positions do perform some of this but we really cannot keep up with all of the necessary work that limits liability, cleanliness of restrooms, mowing, and the highly visible areas once the weather improves.
TOMAS: Last question (and an oddball one, I suppose!) - Does the city permit or have any issue with magnet fishing in the public waterways?
MARK: No. I believe that would be limited to access of a body of water rather than the action itself. The only formal public shoreline access that the City maintains is at 6th Street Park and very limited.
TOMAS: Is there anything you would like me to share for [THE JUNE] post?
MARK: I appreciate the opportunity. I believe the City (government) needs to build and maintain partnerships throughout the community, whether with groups or individuals. In my previous experience, when building these partnerships to construct the playground at Kneeland Park, construct the clock tower, Callanan Park renovation, or individual work parties we come to better understand the common goals and similarities in working to make Shelton a better place, to live work and play.
It was very nice to have a chance to ask questions like this of a city official, and Joe and Mark have been wonderful.
PLEASE let me know who you would like me to try and reach out to next, be it a Road department person if I can, or a PUD3 person, or even a business person in town. While I am actually a horrible introvert I do pretty well via email, if I can keep my wordiness to a minimum!
If you have any questions you want me to ask, please either post here or send me a direct message. I will pass it along!
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2023.06.01 17:03 crudbasher A quantum travel improvement proposal

As we all spend a lot of time in Quantum doing nothing I have been thinking about how to build game play into it. CR has said he doesn't want any loading screens in his game and I am all for that, however there is about the same amount of activity currently as with a loading screen. Namely, none. Of course with larger ships you can get out of your seat and walk around but I'd like to focus on the game play opportunities of flight itself.
Here are some suggestions for improving the Quantum Jump experience.
  1. Your ship should have a navigation computer. Depending on its capacity will determine how many jump legs you can fly in one shot. So a single seat fighter for example can plot a route but has to stop after each leg (like we do now). A higher capacity nav computer will let you fly multiple points in one jump. So you don't have to stop after each leg. You can also adjust certain parameters. For example you can tell it to avoid areas of known pirates, or you can have it fly closer to planets so you can pickup on comm traffic on your way by. I know I'll take a lot of crap for this. Some people just want to point and go. That should still be an option. Anyway it's just an idea and not a hill I'm going to die on. My other ideas are better lol.
  2. You should be able to change your route in mid flight.
  3. Quantum Speed should be variable. Right now when you press GO on the Quantum Jump it will accelerate, hit cruise and decelerate automatically where the same trip will take exactly the same amount of time each time. I propose that when you activate the QD your throttle control becomes a quantum power control. It will have a "safe" cruise power setting indicated and an ability to exceed this if you want to. You can adjust this as the journey progresses, so if you decide you need to get to a location faster you can increase speed mid journey. Exceeding recommended power limits will cause increased wear on the drive. As the drive wear increases you are more likely to damage or even burn it out. The engineer can monitor certain parameters of the drive and can even do maintenance to remove some of the wear.
  4. Quantum speed should also be affected by mass. Right now your speed in quantum is based entirely on what drive you have equipped. So ships of different sizes will go exactly the same speeds if equipped with the same drive, even if loaded with cargo. What I propose is to use the mass of the vessel as a factor in speed. More mass requires more power for a particular speed. If your power plant runs short on energy you can shut down systems to free up more power. Since weapons have mass in some safe areas cargo haulers can choose to leave their weapons at home. This will get you a faster speed for the same power setting (and less wear on your QD). This provides opportunities for stripping down a ship and making a fast blockade runner. It also allows cargo missions to move a certain amount of cargo in a certain amount of time. Ship configuration can make a difference. How much fuel can make a difference as it has mass also. (a racer might take the minimum required)
Together these improvements allow intersystem races and other game play opportunities. For example you might plot a route to pass near a comm station to gather the latest messages. Then, upon reading those messages you see a new cargo just popped up for the first to arrive. You change course mid flight and boost your power levels to increase speed as much as you can. You also dump half your hydrogen fuel to get your weight down and get the maximum speed out of your ship. Your engineer starts monitoring the drive performance closely...
To me that is fun.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to your constructive comments.
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2023.06.01 17:03 QuarterComplete4818 Will Obsidian change too much in the future?

Sorry, this is one of those posts.
I've been looking for something like Obsidian for a very long time.
Like many others, I love its simplicity, and at the same time how deep it can be.
I am not obsessed with organizational strategies, and for me, folders and tags do exactly what I need.
I do creative work: film directing and film workshops.
Over the years, I have tried and used basically every app and method you could think of: OneNote, Evernote, Notion, Scrivener, pen and paper, notebooks, physical folders, etc..
Here's the one problem I have had with other programs: they change.
They grow and bring in more complexity.
I don't like that, it affects my concentration and my workflow.
Example: I gave another try to Evernote months ago, and to Notion weeks ago too. In both, the new AI features are, in my opinion, absolutely horrible.
I get they can be useful for some people, but to me they seem unnecessary. I am also a writer. I don't want that in my system, and if it's there, because I am also a very curious person, I will click on it and try things.
Evernote was bought by another company and they increased prices.
Microsoft developed for some time two different versions of OneNote. One was announced to be the future proof one. Then they stepped back, and said that original was the one they would stick to.
So... All a big mess.
And I was adding my data to this platforms.
Forward to finding Obsidian.
In a lot of ways, it feels like a back to basics.
That is just great.
I know the story behind the developers and have seen the interviews with the actual CEO.
I like his answers about future developments, and support completely his "local first" thinking.
But at the same time, I know about the pressure they have to satisfy the needs of some users.
A lot of people want collaboration, web access, and some kind of AI implementation.
The reason why I am trying Obsidian is precisely that it's local and not designed for groups.
The question, will they resist the pressure to add this features a lot of people want?
It seems like they really want to.
I am doubtful about really embracing Obsidian because of that.
Before you tell me, and rightly so, that I should not waste time with this worries, let me clarify that I am in the process of changing my professional activity, and I am dedicating a total of two weeks to plan simultaneously plan what I need to do, and the workflow I will use, including software.
I am just tired of investing energy and adding knowledge to systems, to then see how they evolve, and turn into things that are not for me.
I need my writing software to change the minimum that it's possible.
So I can concentrate on the craft.
Will Obsidian remain true to the core and values they display today?
Again: they want to.
But will they?
For me, right now, the alternative to using Obsidian is going to be to simply use folders on my system, and a file based workflow. Then, go back to using more pen and paper. And finally, for the actual writing, go back to Final Draft, which, in case you don't know it, it's a traditional program designed to write screenplays and text documents.
Would you share your thoughts with me?
Have you been using Obsidian consistently, for at least, let's say, a minimum of two years, without any disruptions?
Thank you all for reading.
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2023.06.01 17:03 descending_angel Flesh-Eating Bacteria Found in Sargassum Seaweed on Florida Beaches

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2023.06.01 17:02 Trick-Ad9660 My (38F) boyfriend and future fiancé (44M) won’t come visit my family with me. Even during a crisis.

TLDR: I always come spend time with his family no matter what - even if it’s uncomfortable or they treat me badly. He almost never comes with me despite my family pretty much worshipping him and me needing a bit more emotional support from him. We just had a death in the family and he’s refusing visit with me because he “doesn’t like the vibes”. I’ve told him I’m seriously doubting his commitment to me.
My Uncle just passed away under tragic circumstances. He’s refusing to come with me and saying he isn’t obliged to visit my family with me ever at all. We’ve been together 7 years and he says he wants us to get married and have children. He gets on very well with my family, they adore him. They even treat me better when he’s around. He is incredibly self centred when it comes to supporting me or visiting them. Members of my family keep asking me why I’m always there alone and my mother has started to feel disrespected that he wouldn’t come visit with me despite him being in town. I have to keep making excuses for him. Not only am I becoming embarrassed I’m starting to doubt his sincerity towards me and our relationship.
I’ll preface this by saying I’ve been to visit his family many many many times. There has been some occasions where a certain (extremely mentally ill) member of his family had been verbally abusive towards me, he didn’t have my back in these situations that were clearly not my fault. Although I appreciate and respect them, his family has caused me a notable amount of upset but A couple of times he’s admitted it was him causing conflict. For example: coming home drunk and acting abusive while I tried to sober him up and calm Him down. He then blamed me it for causing trouble with his mother. He apologised and admitted fault MUCH later on but it caused an insane amount of trouble. He seems to revert to acting like a child around his family and Ive told him I find it distressing and uncomfortable to be around. Despite things like this I still always come, always offer support and friendship because I was under the impression that these people are my future family also and I’m duty bound to treat them with kindness and respect.
I’d bought us a car because he was complaining he didn’t get to see his family enough. One day he awoke me to say his mother had taken ill and was in a coma. I awoke immediately- packed our bags. I booked hotels and transport. She died so helped his family arrange the funeral, even helped out buying everyone clothes to attend the funeral in. It cost me well over £1000 and I was there with him every step of the way.
Now I’ve just found out about the death of my uncle. He asked me to buy him another car. I said this time I will loan you the money but I’m return I’ll need you to take me to my family so I can help make arrangements. He said fine I’ll drop you off then leave. I said no please come with me for the day (I have many siblings and I’d like him to not only support me but also get some time in with my family as we’re supposed to be getting engaged. He said no. He can’t be bothered. I’m literally asking him to just be by my side through this - he shouted at me that it’s a waste of his time and he’d rather be doing something fun.
I have no words. I told him I’m saying to think about us splitting up over his selfishness and disrespect. I love him and want us to be together but I’m turning 39 this year. I don’t have time to plead with him to do the bare minimum. It seems like everything’s perfect but only as long as he always gets his own way and never has to make any effort. I honestly don’t understand why he’s behaving this way and I’m deeply upset. I’m going through a deep feeling of grief right now and thinking I’m going to have to leave the man I’m supposed to be marrying is starting to become an unbearable weight upon me. I don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.01 17:01 just_a_dev_here Monthly Who's Hiring Thread - June 2023

Rules for those posting:
Rules for those responding:
Posting Template for those posting jobs: . Those not filled properly will be removed.
Location (Province is minimum, if US, please put US) :*
Position Title*:
Remote Status* (Office, Hybrid, Remote):
Salary range:
TN Visa friendly?:
Link to job post (if applicable, otherwise please fill out details of the position):
Interview Process: Optional (if applicable)
If you as a responder to a post find the position to have been presented falsely, please reach out to mods.
For Referral links, please just mention it is a referral link.
As this is a new thread, there may be some rule changes to the thread as we go, so any feedback is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 17:01 AutoModerator [230602] Weekly deals thread

Hi collectors! This is the place where you can share good deals you've seen for albums, PCs, or other official merch. This includes merch by official partners (e.g., Nacific PCs) or magazines in which Stray Kids members have had exclusive shoots/content.
You may only post listings from the following platforms, provided they meet the following minimum requirements and are visible to anyone (ie. without requiring membership, etc.):
Platform type Sites Minimum requirements
A. Selling platforms with direct buying option and buyer protection Depop*, Ebay, Mercari*, Vinted* none
B. Selling platforms without direct buying option and/or buyer protection Bunjang (KR), Carousell (SEA), Ebay Kleinanzeigen (DE), Gumtree (UK, AUS), Leboncoin (FR), Marktplaats (NL) 5 star rating with more than 50+ reviews
C. Social media Instagram, Twitter 15+ verifiable proofs (ie. from named accounts which can be contacted for verification) or 50+ unverifiable proofs (with no username shown)
D. Reddit kpopforsale post must follow kpopforsale rules
* sometimes listings in these stores may encourage buyers to not buy the listing but contact the seller via another (e.g. social media) platform to circumvent selling fees - in this case, the listing should be regarded as a selling platform without direct buying option (type B) or a social media listing (type C) and the respective requirements of these categories apply.
Note: If you would like the mods to consider adding a platform that has not been listed yet, please feel free to send us a mod mail and we’ll consider adding it.
Please specify the following in your comment if possible: Country Platform Brief description of item(s) Price e.g., US ebay: Levanter lenti Han for 15USD
If you notice that the deal is gone, you may want to edit your original comment or respond to your original comment to avoid disappointment for others.
/!\ Please always take precautions when buying from platforms that do not offer buyer protection. You may want to: double-check the seller’s reviews and/or proofs, request to pay with paypal goods & services, contact previous buyers and/or ask for more proof. /!\
/!\ The sub, its mods, and its users are not responsible for any adverse consequences suffered as a result of anyone taking steps to contact sellers and/or purchase items listed here. /!\
Please do not post your own sale and trade requests here, these need to be submitted as self posts that follow the rules.
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2023.06.01 17:00 No-Climate-7779 Lawn Reno coming along hope it survives the summer!

Lawn Reno coming along hope it survives the summer!
Nearly there with the lawn renovation we bought the house in January and I started renovating in April brought in a load of too soil did a terrible job of leveling I now realize also planted the wrong time of year they say..
I’m from scotland and we do seeding of fescue in the spring as we don’t have severe summers im hoping it makes it through the Virginia heat 😬
After watching virtually every YouTube video on lawn are I realize I did a terrible job of leveling so fall overseed, airate and leveling are on the cards
The yard was basically all wild violets and Creeping Charlie so I’ve been waging war against them I still have one more tzone app left to do but I think I’m going to wait until before my fall Reno to do that.. thoughts?
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2023.06.01 16:58 John13265 The New Monster Assault or: How I Learned How Bad a Flavor Can Be

So, I live in Florida, and for those who don't know, Assault was discontinued in FL for some reason. Earlier this morning, I'm at the gas station near my job, getting myself a couple energy drinks, and I see this can of Assault. I was SO FKING HAPPY... for a moment. I even waited to drink it so I could savor it since it had been like 10 years or so since I last had it, so I was STOKED. I cracked it open and took a sip... and... why the fk does this taste like cherry cough medicine?
Like, I legit thought I was remembering the flavor wrong for a sec until I saw that a bunch of other people are in the same boat. I'm sitting here at my desk thinking "Do I just have a really shit memory? Did my taste buds change? What happened?" But, glad to see I'm not the only one who bought this going "Wait... what the f**k is this shit?"
I finished the can, and after getting over the initial shock, it's not as bad as the first sip. But holy f**k, this is NOT the same flavor AT ALL. I was expecting a sharp, almost fruit punch, but more sour-ish, flavor. NOT this super sweet monstecherry-cola shit. Needless to say, I'm not buying Assault again until they fix it.
And it's such a bummer too, seeing this flavor took me right back to the good times, which there weren't many of, in high school for a moment, and then trampled all over those fond memories when I tasted it. It just makes me sad man.
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2023.06.01 16:58 PikesHair Economy Thread - How do Factories Work?

In this thread I'll run some tests to see exactly how factories work. There are a few old threads on the topic on the Paradox forums but the details appear to be incorrect, at least for the latest version of the game.
These are the questions I want to answer (initially):
Playing as Japan in 1935, I take the Bonin Islands as my case study. There are only two factories: luxury goods and glass.
In the first test, there are no capitalists, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, and no social reforms. In this scenario the craftsmen and clerks earn 100% of paychecks paid by the factory but nobody earns the daily balance, i.e. the profit.
I suspect that the daily balance will fill the factory budget until it reaches the maximum, but if no capitalists exist that balance will simply disappear(!).
In the second test, there are capitalists in the same state as the factory, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, 22.62% effective tax on rich classes, and no social reforms. In this scenario the capitalists earn 50% of the factory paychecks plus the daily balance, i.e. profits. If you add those numbers then subtract 22.62%, it matches exactly the daily income for capitalists on the pop screen.
In the third test, there are capitalists in the same state as the factory, no taxes on lowemiddle class pops, 22.62% effective tax on rich classes, and I passed the first minimum wage law. There was no noticeable change in incomes. Capitalists still earned 50% of paychecks plus the daily balance, minus the taxes they paid.
What I suspect (and this is also stated on the Vic2 wiki) is that the minimum wage laws only take effect if wages fall below a certain level. If the factory is profitable and workers are being paid above a certain limit - minimum wages will not have an effect on the distribution of factory incomes.
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2023.06.01 16:58 AshRaeJasmine 24 [r4r] Orlando Florida introvert interested in talking to like minded people

What up. Queer enby lookin for like minded people to talk to who also like weird fun shit. Agnostic atheist but I like high strangeness and conspiracy theories. It's pretty entertaining. Also like weird history, horror, fantasy, and scifi. Weightlifting and hikes (less people, better hike) are my hobbies. Video games are cool too, though I'm casual as hell (and not very good) and only ever play on a computer. So yeah, maybe we can talk if we get along. If not, no hard feelings bud.
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2023.06.01 16:57 jonospark What is this bug and how do I get rid of it?

What is this bug and how do I get rid of it?
I'm in central Florida, and I've been seeing them often in my house over the last months. I remember seeing one or two last year, but I've been seeing dozens over the last couple of months (two or three at a time), often in the kitchen or near doors.
What is it, and how do I rid myself of them.
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2023.06.01 16:57 Streetlight37 Insurance premiums

Most people I know recently had their premiums doubled, give or take.
I am currently paying $512 a month on a 25 year old Honda that has been paid off for 7 years. complete minimum coverage and that's the cheapest I could find.
I am so tired of companies in this country constantly putting out their hand and saying hey I want more money give it to me or else. it reminds me of the fucking mob
While at the same time refusing to pay us anything more than scraps.
This is 1/4 of my monthly income. Between this, rent, and everything else I literally don't know what I'm supposed to do
I want to know how many others are experiencing this or if it's just the local people around me
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2023.06.01 16:57 HandsomeTar In Defense of SEE, Gucci Mane Wants to Be Your Friend

The SEE journey guide is a pathway to a GL that many in the community consider to be unnatural. In my opinion, this is folly.
First - This is all contingent on you farming Executor before / after / in tandem with SEE. I believe Vader, Piett, and Tie Bomber is the overlap, but there is more overlap w the Thrawn fleet that we will get into here that make this a great farm. Here's why:

Imperial Trooper team -
With SEE you now have a minimum r5 Piett, r3 Veers, & r3 Stark. If you add a r3 Dark Trooper to this team, you now have an absolutely elite GL cleanup team. Throw whatever datacron on them you want, you can now get through any GL you want.
Yes he sucks in Conquest. That sucks. But the detractors of the past of raid viability no longer apply. SEE is a monster on offense and at the midgame level, can take down just about every GL.
Does he need Wat? Yes. Does he need the armorer? Yes. Is Wat a kenobi requirement? Yes. Is the armorer now key to the Krayt raid? Yes.
In the arena, Territory Wars, and in GAC, my lineup of SEE, Wat, Armorer, Royal Guard, & Thrawn have taken out Kenobi, Jabba, Rey, JML, & SLKR. LV doesn't seem possible, but that's where your troopers come in. As a midgame player, I don't know where else I'd even put Wat, I don't see why it's such a pain to use him w SEE.
Thrawn -
With Thrawn at r6, Vader at r7 w 7 star Tie Advanced, 7 star Tie Fighter w TFP r5, and 7 star TIE Bomber, you have the starting lineup for a great Thrawn fleet. Adding the Defender & Interceptor to this squad gives you an absolute unit of a fleet. You are free to put Executor on defense with whatever other fleet you want, while bringing in your Thrawn on offense to take down Executor. It's amazing how simple it is to take down the Exec with this Thrawn lineup.
At 4m GP i'm now in mid Aurodium and absolutely holding my own. I don't set a defense besides Executor & Malevolence. I beat ACTIVE 7m GP teams over and over as I typically don't see more than 2 GLs on defense. SEE takes care of one, and one of 501st or whatever team you want plus Troopers cleanup takes care of the other. I don't believe that people have the combination of competent ships and competent rosters until low aurodium / high kyber.
All in all, SEE is cheap and is a pathway to a GL that supports & encourages you to have two of the best fleets in the game. You can get him fast and easy, and his impact will let you climb the ranks of GAC and punch up well above your means. Don't be discouraged, and let yourself be seduced by the darkside.
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2023.06.01 16:56 EZSwarm [REQ] ($60) - (#Jacksonville, Florida, USA), (6/08/23), (CashApp) (Repayment of $75)

In a bad situation right now in terms of abuse I just need to get myself some groceries before I get paid next week. anything will be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.01 16:56 kdj00940 Sam Jones Deep Dive?

Sam Jones Deep Dive?
I’ve scoured the internet for YouTube videos or a storied, in-depth blog/article, but alas, not much has been garnered. I’m often so curious about Samantha Jones. I think she’s a fabulous friend, an uncompromising woman, and adamant in her pursuit of all things personal pleasure. But even all these years after the series wrapped, Sam Jones remains such a mystery to me. We all know about her motivations for sex, but do we know why? The most I know about her background from the show is that she’s from the Florida Everglades, she worked at Dairy Queen as a teen, and had a pregnancy removed when she was young. (I’ve heard about the SATC prequel series, and how it adds a bit more backstory to Sam. But really, do we count this prequel as SATC series cannon?) Has anyone ever done a real deep dive into this character before? Am I the only one so obsessed this fictional character? What do you love most about Samantha Jones?
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2023.06.01 16:56 KalgiPagg Buying Paggs/Turbans online!

Hello Sikh Reddit!! We’re Kalgi Pagg! We’re two friends from Los Angeles that didn’t have any options to buy Paggs locally, or any reasonably priced options online, and so we decided to make our own Pagg store.
Why start a Pagg store? All the online options we found were quite expensive (~$6/meter), charged for stitching, and some charged upwards of $35 just for shipping. Another big hurdle with working with Indian websites/stores was that some would only ship with a minimum order weight of 5 kg. So like many other western/diasporic Sikhs, our only opportunity to get new Paggs was when we had family visit Panjab.
We believe finding your Pagg should be a lot more accessible.
It took a while, but we were able to come up with a viable solution after partnering with a Pagg store in Punjab, who has since employed additional workers to help with our demand. We are selling these Paggs at the lowest price we possibly can (giving ourselves a small margin to account for fluctuating exchange rates, shipping rates, and website hosting costs) and we promise to keep Pagg prices low to make good on our mission to make Paggs as accessible as possible.
We currently offer a variety of colors of highest quality Full Voile fabric and continue to expand our selection every week. We also plan to offer Rubia fabric early this month. Paggs are sold in 0.5 meter increments (starting at 4 meters) and we even go up to 15 meters in select colors for those that tie dumallas.
If you tie a double Pagg, we offer free stitching on all our paggs.
We also offer free shipping on all order amounts of $30 and above.
Currently, we ship to USA/Canada/UK. We plan to ship to the rest of Europe along with Australia/New Zealand, but are still working out the best shipping options.
Economics permitting, we are working on a discount code for Sikh Reddit, but currently are running a promotion of buying 2 Paggs and get a third half off.
We plan on expanding what we currently offer, if you have any suggestions or requests, please let us know.
Until then, you can find your next Pagg at You can also find us on Instagram and other social media at: @KalgiPagg
Bhul chuk maaf,
Harman Singh and Jaspreet Singh
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2023.06.01 16:55 ArisLikeTheGreekGod Was anyone else ever paid a "starting minimum wage?"

My first job was working for my dad at his restaurant, and he said a teenager's first 200 hours of work were at a lower minimum wage. This was back when minimum wage was $8 an hour, and I was paid $6 an hour. I'm not trying to sue my parents, I just want to know if they lied to save a couple bucks or if this was true 😂.
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2023.06.01 16:55 Itsfox08 My friends are getting married abroad and unsure whether to go or not

Hi all, So two of my close uni friends, the guy and the girl, are getting engaged abroad in the Middle East and have sent me an invite to attend. I was super happy about it and excited to attend until I saw the financial hit I will endure if I was to go. Return flights will cost me a minimum of £850 and accommodation is likely to be around £200/£300 for 5 days. As you can tell, the place is not really expensive but flying to it is. Adding to that, they have planned activities over these 5 days from hikes to buggy rides to sea ventures but apparently we will be paying for it ourselves depending on what activities do we choose to reserve and go to. So that alongside food and drinks will be an estimate of £400-£500. So we're talking a total estimate of around £2,000 or close if not more to attend.
I love them both but it does not seem likely that I will be able to attend. I do not want to miss it as I value both of them a lot but I am worried it will end up ruining the friendship. I am probably the only person coming from afar as most people attending including the couple live close to the destination engagement. I've read about a lot of people using credit cards or buying flights/holidays in installments but even with, I have to take 6/7 days of annual leave to attend an event I cannot afford its finance. Whats your take? I know the answer seems obvious but I feel bad about it all. Is it also reasonable to have expected them to pay for the activities they want us all to do or not? I initially thought if the activities are covered then I can ignore the crazy flight prices but now i am discouraged. What would one tell them in such situation?
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